Thomas and Friends/Season 23

Season of television series

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Season 23 is a 2019 television series of Thomas & Friends.

Free the Roads

Bulgy: This is much more like it! No more railways! The buses have finally won!

Bulgy: Why did I let that bag of soil contaminate the water tower?
Sir Topham Hatt: Bulgy!?
Bulgy: Oops. Did I say that out loud?

Crowning Around

Rajiv: I'm useless without my crown!
Ashima: It did look great on you, Rajiv, but you don't need it.

Chucklesome Trucks

Troublesome Trucks: Rebecca's pulling us along, Rebecca's pulling us along, Rebecca's pulling us along, we'll give her a bump!

Rebecca: See you guys! [leaves] Look forward to working with you again soon! [giggles]
Troublesome Trucks: [confused] Huh? [a tanker blinks it's eyes] What just happened?

The Other Big Engine

Thomas: Who does he think he is calling me little? He can't tell me what to do. It's bad enough being told what to do by one Gordon!

Gustavo: Thomas, you silly little engine.
Thomas: It's not my fault. I didn't mean to. I, I, um, well. What kind of railway has no coal hopper and no water tower?
Gustavo: An electric railway.
Thomas: Ooh.

Heart of Gold

Toby: But they keep saying how much I look like shed on wheels.
Glynn: [chuckles] And I'm called a Coffee Pot.

Sir Robert Norramby: If it wasn't for Toby's heroic actions, King Godred's crown would have been lost. He is indeed a remarkable engine with a heart as golden as this crown!


Thomas: I was happy to be really Really Useful pulling goods and taking passengers and it was like I had my very own musical soundtrack!

Gordon Gets the Giggles

Gordon: I can't behave like this! I'm not a silly little engine, I'm pulling the Express! Pull yourself together, Big G.

Thomas Makes a Mistake

Charubala: Everyone makes mistakes, Thomas, but you should have told me sooner. I could have helped you sort it out before the problem got bigger!

Diesel Do Right

Diesel: It's not fair. I make one teensy weensy little mistake and suddenly I'm the bad one. I'm just as important as any other engine, maybe even more important!

Sir Topham Hatt: [enraged] Diesel!! Oh no, you don't! You come out here, and face the music!
Diesel: Not again! It's not fair! I can't do right even when I haven't done anything wrong! Well, not much.

Grudge Match

Thomas: Hey! I thought we were keeping the ball in the air, not score a goal.
Raul: Well tough luck, I scored one anyway!

Raul: Thomas, you could have won.
Thomas: I know but you were in trouble and some things are more important than winning.
Raul: Thank you, Thomas.

Steam Team to the Rescue

Thomas: Gordon! Gordon! Stop! Gordon! [pants] You've forgot your coaches.
Gordon: Ha. Silly little tank engine. I've forgot my coaches? [looks behind him to see that he did forget his coaches on the platform] I've forgot my coaches!

Big Mickey: Someone's coming.
Cranky: Is it Thomas?
Big Mickey: Uhh, there's too much steam. I can't see.
Carly: Thomas and Gordon maybe?
Big Mickey: There's even more steam than that. I think it's the whole team!
Carly: It's the Steam Team!

Panicky Percy

Percy: Help! Help! Emergency! Thomas has had a terrible accident!

Laid Back Shane

[after Shane runs out of coal]
Aiden: What did we tell you, Shane?!
Aubrey: Nobody listens to us coaches!

All Tracks Lead to Rome

Stefano: You're curious, aren't you? Careful though. You don't want to end up like the lost engine.

Mines of Mystery

Jack: You're our very own legendary adventurer, Thomas!

Rangers of the Rails

Emily: Sorry. It's been a while since I had a big adventure. If only I had a story like Thomas and Nia's to tell.

Wish You Were Here

Thomas: I know you can't hear me but good night to you too, Percy.

Yong Bao: I think Thomas must be missing his friend, Percy, a lot.
Hong-Mei: Well, I know something that will cheer him up.

Out of Site

Brenda: None shall Pass!

Miss Jenny: You know, there's nobody that can keep things level better than our Brenda.

First Day on Sodor

Darcy: I take aim and... [merely hits James]
James: Aaaaaah!

Miss Jenny: As you can see, Darcy is a very special digger and we're lucky to have her here to finish our road.

Lorenzo's Solo

Lorenzo: I know why they didn't choose me. It's because of you!
Beppe: Me?
Lorenzo: Yes! It's always Lorenzo and Beppe this, Lorenzo and Beppe that! If they saw me as just Lorenzo, I'd have been picked!

Deep Trouble

Monty: We'd be better going the other way around where it's more spacious.
Darcy: But that's where the old mine shafts are, Monty. The ground isn't safe. You might be too heavy.
Monty: Huh! And how would you know?
Darcy: I'm a tunnel boring machine!
Max: Exactly! You're boring!

Too Loud, Thomas!

Lorenzo: What did you do that for?"
Thomas: What?
Lorenzo: Make that noise.
Thomas: I was trying to sing in that way you two sing.

Diesel Glows Away

Paxton: I sometimes wonder, Nia, if it might be easier to be useful if Diesel wasn't around.

[Paxton snoring]