Calling All Engines!

2005 film by Steve Asquith

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Calling All Engines is a 2005 direct-to-video special of Thomas and Friends. The film was produced by HiT Entertainment and released in the United States on September 6, 2005. This special takes place between Season 8 and 9.


  • If the airport doesn’t open, it would be bad all the engines. Both steam engines and diesel engines need passengers and freight to be useful.


  • The diesels ruined our sheds!

Sir Topham Hatt

  • You have caused confusion and delay. The bridge isn’t painted, and we will not be able to open the airport. No holidaymakers will come to Sodor this year.


  • Lady: We always finish our jobs when we work together.


[Thomas and Percy puff across the Sodor Suspension Bridge]

Percy: Look! The bridge isn't painted!
Thomas: And the airport is only half-finished!

[Thomas and Percy arrive to find Tidmouth Sheds demolished]

Narrator: And when they arrived at Tidmouth Sheds, they discovered that they had been knocked down.
Thomas: Cinders and ashes! What's happened to our sheds?
Diesel: Building the new ones was our important job. But we were delayed, so we couldn't finish it.
Sir Topham Hatt: [holding a bunch of bananas] And bananas are no good for building sheds!
Narrator: The steam engines were cross at the diesel engines. The diesels had ruined their home. But Thomas was sad. He knew it was his fault.
Henry: Now where will we sleep?

Diesel: I'm not talking to you. You played a trick on me. You gave me bananas!
Thomas: I'm not talking to you either!

Emily: Be quiet and go to sleep.
Narrator: She just wanted peace and quiet.

[Thomas starts to whistle in his sleep]]

Narrator: But when Thomas fell asleep, he started to sleep whistle. It kept Emily awake. Emily really wished Thomas could go back to Tidmouth Sheds.

Diesel: I'll do it. I'm the strongest, much stronger than this steamie.
Foreman: No, let Thomas try. He's already proved how strong he is.

Narrator: But Diesel was in the yard, too.
Diesel: Now I'll show Thomas who's best. [proceeds to bump the flat bed loaded with paint cans]
Narrator: ...and he gave his trucks a bump. Paint pots flew into the air and splattered down all over Thomas. There was green paint, yellow paint, and red paint. Thomas looked very silly indeed.
Diesel: Stripy boiler! [reverses away]
Thomas: I'll show those diesels!
Narrator: So the next time Thomas saw 'Arry, he gave him a biff.

[Thomas pushes 'Arry into a pile of stones]

Narrator: And when 'Arry saw James, he gave him a bump.

['Arry pushes James underneath the coal hopper. Then Gordon crashes into Bert]

Narrator: Soon the diesels and steamies were biffing and banging...

[Diesel pushes Toby underneath the coal tipper]

Narrator: ... and being bumped all over the island.

[Emily then rams into Diesel, who rolls into a shed. 'Arry is then seen slamming Henry underneath a leaking pipe, and then Henry pushes Diesel off the rails. Then the engines, all shown dirty, are waiting to be washed.]

Narrator: The engines were in a terrible mess! Everyone needed a good wash-down, and no work had been done.

Narrator: And that night, they dreamed about what might happen to them. "If no holidaymakers came to Sodor..." The engines were all very worried that they wouldn't be useful again. James was dreaming about the fairground...

[James' dream sequence is shown, him being a coconut shy]

Narrator: James dreamt that he was a coconut shy! Lots of children were lining up, and so was the Fat Controller.

[The children start throwing balls to knock off coconuts]

Narrator: The children threw lots of balls at James, and one even knocked the coconut out of his funnel!
James: I don't like this! I was much happier when I was a clean and shiny engine!
Narrator: But it wasn't only James who was having a bad dream. Gordon was having a bad dream, too!

[Gordon's dream is shown, being dressed as a playground]

Narrator: Gordon dreamt he was put in a playground. Children were swinging on him. They slid down his slide, and they climbed all over him.
Gordon: The indignity! I wish I was a proper engine again!
Narrator: Edward dreamt he was a scarecrow. [Edward's dream is shown. He is dressed as a scarecrow in a field] He sat in a field, up to his axles in mud. And Farmer McColl didn't seem to care!

[Scene cuts to Percy]

Narrator: But Percy had the worst dream of all! [Percy's dream is shown, him as a roller coaster] He dreamt he was a roller coaster ride. He rattled up the rickety rails and all the way down again.
Percy: Bust my boiler!

'Arry: Trust a steamie to be late.
Bert: This whole mess is the Steamies fault.
Percy: No, it’s not! The diesel engines started it.
Narrator: This made the diesels cross.
'Arry: Maybe we should teach the Steamies a lesson.

[Thomas puffs into the coaling plant]

Narrator: Thomas finally puffed into the coaling plant. He blew his whistle and all of the engines went quiet.
Thomas: Steamies and Diesels need to work together.
Diesel: We don’t want to work with Stinky Steamies.
James: We don’t want to work with dirty diesels either!
Thomas: If the airport doesn’t open, it would be bad for all the engines. Both steam engines and diesel engines need passengers and freight to be useful.

Sir Topham Hatt: Why are you all here?!
Thomas: We're going to work together and get the airport open on time.

Thomas: Excuse me.
[Diesel 10 growls]
Thomas: Uh, excuse me.
Diesel 10: What do you want?! [gets told by Thomas about the blocked tracks] Why would I help a steamie?!
Thomas: Because if the airplane doesn’t land, there will be no holidaymakers, then none of the engines will be useful.
Diesel 10: Hmmm, maybe I will help later.
Thomas: [gasps] But we need your help now, or all of the engines will have work for nothing! You’ll be the most useful engine of all.
Diesel 10: Oh, all right! I will help!

[The Steam Team arrive to find Tidmouth Sheds rebuilt]

Thomas: The sheds have been built again!
Henry: They look beautiful!
Edward: Better than ever before!
Gordon: I was just starting to like my tent!
Sir Topham Hatt: And now you can all come home.
Narrator: But Emily was sad. She liked sharing her shed now. She was going to miss Thomas. Then, Percy noticed something.
Percy: There's an extra space! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven!
Sir Topham Hatt: The other space is for Emily. From now on, she will stay at Tidmouth Sheds!

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