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Thomas & Friends Season 9

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Season 9

Percy and the Oil Painting [9.1]

Percy: [to the artist] Everywhere on Sodor is special, and so are the people and the children and the engines! We are all special!

Artist: I have found the perfect thing to paint.
The Fat Controller: What is it?
Artist: I am going to paint Percy!
Percy: [surprised] Bust my buffers! You want to paint me?!
Artist: Percy is honest, hardworking and helpful - and he is not afraid to speak his mind. He is surely the Spirit of Sodor.

Thomas and the Rainbow [9.2]

Thomas: [noticing the rainbow] Look at all those colors, Edward!
Edward: That's a rainbow. An old story says you'll find something magical at the end of the rainbow.
Thomas: Something magical! That sounds wonderful! I must find the end of the rainbow right away!

Thomas: [after being put back onto tracks] Thank you for rescuing us, Harvey.
[Harvey explains to Thomas about the mess]
Harvey: All of your friends have helped rescue you.

Molly's Special Special [9.3]

Thomas: Hello.
Molly: Hello.
Thomas: [worried, noticing Molly looking sad] What's the matter?
Molly: Emily laughed at me because I have to take empty trucks to the coaling plant. I want to take full trucks like a really useful engine.
Thomas: [to himself] How can I make Molly feel important?
[he sees some flapping tarpaulins, Molly reverses her trucks to a siding, and her driver puts the tarpaulins on Molly's trucks]
Thomas: With your trucks covered up, no one will know they are empty. We can make everyone think you're carrying a special delivery.
Molly: Then I will feel important!

Emily: She looks magnificent!
[one of the tarpaulin's on one of Molly's trucks blow off]
Gordon: Those trucks are empty! I knew it couldn't be as important as the Express!
Percy: So it isn't a special special.

Thomas' Milkshake Muddle [9.4]

Ice Cream Factory Manager: [looks inside the shaken milk churns] This milk is almost butter! If you shake milk for long enough, it turns to butter. You must go back to the dairy, and get more milk! And remember to go slowly this time.

[after Thomas brought all of the completely shaken milk churns to the baker for the cakes]
The Fat Controller: Thomas, you have saved the children's party! So today, that makes you the most reliable engine on all of Sodor!

Mighty Mac [9.5]

Thomas: Hello.
Mighty: Hello I'm Mighty!
Mac: And I'm Mac!
Mighty Mac: And together we're Mighty Mac!
[The Thin Controller arrives]
The Thin Controller: Mighty Mac, you are to take holidaymakers to the mountains campsite.
Mighty: We've always worked in the shunting yard.
Mac: How will we find our way over to the passengers?
Thomas: It's simple. Look at where you want to go, then follow the track it will take you there.

Mighty: We have to get there before dark so we'll have to work extra hard!

Thomas and the Toy Shop (UK) / Thomas and the Toy Workshop (US) [9.6]

Thomas: [noticing a broken crate] What happened, Cranky?
Cranky: That crate slipped off my hook!
Thomas: What if the toys arrive late for the grand opening? The children will be very disappointed.
Henry: I'll go as soon as the line's clear.
Thomas: I know! I can collect the toys from the factory then I'll pick up the children.
Henry: You won't be able to pull all the trucks of toys as well as Annie and Clarabel!
Thomas: Don't worry, I can do it!

Thomas: [stuck on Gordon's hill] You were right, Henry. This load is too heavy. I should've listened to you. And now, I know I need your help.
Henry: What can I do?
Thomas: You take the trucks to the toy shop, and I'll pick up the children. But we must hurry.

Respect for Gordon [9.7]

Percy: Rattler Gordon's keeping us all awake!
Gordon: The only engine's keeping the other engines awake! The little engines have very bad manners!
Narrator: But secretly he felt rather embarrassed.

Emily: Oh, look rattler Gordon's here! He's pulling the "click-clong express"!
[Diesel arrives]
Diesel: I hope your "click clong" gets better soon. See you later, rattler. [leaves]

Thomas and the Birthday Picnic [9.8]

[after Thomas fails seeking a place for Dowager Hatt's picnic]
Thomas: Nothing went right.
Percy: Don't worry. I'm sure The Fat Controller's mother enjoyed the cake!
Thomas: [shocked] The cake?! I steamed off before they could unload it! Now The Fat Controller's mother won't even be able to have her birthday tea!
[he lets out a big cloud of steam]
Thomas: I think hard enough. Another idea will come.
Percy: Of course it will!
[he tries whistling, but it is clogged]
Gordon: Blow hard, Percy. Like this. [whistles low and long]
Emily: I find "toot! toot!"'s much better. [whistles]
Henry: [makes a long whistle] No, no, no! Slow and strong is always best.
Thomas: That's it! Our whistles! I've had another idea.

[all of The Fat Controller's engines are whistling "Happy Birthday To You"]
Dowager Hatt: This is the best birthday picnic ever.
The Fat Controller: Thomas, this is your best idea yet!
Narrator: Thomas was delighted.

Tuneful Toots [9.9]

Thomas: [hearing Rusty's horn] What was that wonderful sound?
Peter Sam: That was Rusty. He thinks his horn is special. But we don't.
Thomas: Well, I think it's special.
The Thin Controller: Rusty, the brass band are ready for their tour of the hills.
Rusty: Yes, sir.

[after Rusty breaks down]
Thomas: That's Rusty.
Duncan: And the brass band.
Thomas: They must be in trouble.
The Fat Controller: If the brass band is with Rusty. we'll have the concert there.

Rheneas and the Dinosaur [9.10]

[after Rheneas and Skarloey's mishaps with the trucks]
The Thin Controller: Rheneas and Skarloey, you are NOT careful engines! I will have to choose 2 other engines to collect the dinosaur.
Rheneas: But I can be careful. Let me try again. Please?
The Thin Controller: Very well, but this is your last chance.
Rheneas: Thank you, sir.
Skarloey: I'm sorry I biffed the trucks, but I'm sure we could take the dinosaur together.
Rheneas: No! I'll show Mr. Percival I can do it on my own!

[after Rheneas causes an accident with the dinosaur]
Rheneas: [to Skarloey] I was silly to think I could pull this on my own. It needs two engines, and I need you. From now on, I'll always want us to work together.

Thomas and the New Engine [9.11]

[while Neville is backing to his trucks]
'Arry: Nearly there!
Bert: Nearly there!
[Neville bumps into his trucks hard]
'Arry and Bert: Watch where you're going, clumsy wheels!
Bert: It's not our fault. You're a silly steamie.

[after Neville has been saved from the damaged bridge]
Neville: Thank you.
Thomas: I should've warned you, but I was too busy believing silly stories. I thought you didn't like steamies, but now, I know I was wrong.

Toby Feels Left Out [9.12]

The Fat Controller: The new Sodor Museum opens soon. Lots of very important people will be coming to the island for the grand opening.
Percy: What's a museum?
Gordon: It's a place where they put old things so people can stand and look at them.
The Fat Controller: I want you all to look your best so that everyone is to have a repaint.

Toby: [after hitting a rock on the track] Bust my cowcatchers!
[The Fat Controller arrives]
The Fat Controller: Why have you been running away from me all day?
Toby: I don't want to be put in a museum.
The Fat Controller: Why would I do that, Toby?
Toby: Because a museum is full of old things. I'm an old steam tram and I'm not really useful anymore.
The Fat Controller: Toby, you may be old but you are far too useful to be put in a museum. You have worked harder today than any other engine, and a Sodor's only steam tram I have a very special job for you. First, you will have a special polish. Then, you are to take all the visitors to the museum for the grand opening. I've been trying to tell you that all day.

Thomas Tries His Best [9.13]

Gordon: [after hearing Thomas' story] You wouldn't have a problem if you were an Express engine! You'd go really fast and get the job done in double-quick time like me! I'll be in time to see the fair!

Dock Manager: The generator at the fair has broken down. So there are no lights and all the rides have stopped working.
Thomas: The children will be very sad.
Dock Manager: Cranky has just unloaded the new generator. You must take it to the fair.

The Magic Lamp [9.14]

Rusty: Listen, Thomas. Skarloey is telling a story from the hills.
Skarloey: Long, long ago, there was an old engine called Proteus. His lamp was so bright you could see it from miles around. Proteus said it was a magic lamp. He promised that if any engine ever found the lamp, their wishes would come true.
Duncan: How would you know it was Proteus' lamp?
Skarloey: First, you feel a rush of wind whenever the lamp is near, then you'll hear a strange creaking sound. And finally, you'll see it flicker on and off, off and on.
Peter Sam: I don't believe there's a magic lamp!

Peter Sam: The magic lamp, I know isn't true! It's just an old story, and quite silly too!

Thomas and the Statue [9.15]

Thomas: Are you looking forward to seeing my statue?
Edward: It might not be your statue.

Gordon: That's not Thomas!
Percy: No, it's of all of us!

Henry and the Flagpole [9.16]

Salty: [after running over the flagpole by mistake] Oops. Sorry, matey.
Henry: I wasn't expecting to see the flagpole down here!

Trevor: Hello, Henry.
Henry: You're very nice, Trevor. But you wouldn't make a very good flagpole.

Emily Knows Best [9.17]

Percy: Look at the castle! I wonder who lived there!
Toby: A king and a queen, they rule the island and told everyone what to do. Percy, come along. We've got a lot to do today.

[after Percy and Mavis cause a severely critical accident]
Mavis: PERCY! You're not supposed to be on this track!
[Toby arrives at the junction, but collides with the telegraph pole and derails]
Emily: I'm sorry, Toby. I can't be a queen. I don't know what to do. I don't know best.
Toby: I know what to do. You must go and get help.

Thomas' Day Off [9.18]

Thomas: I thought you broke down at the junction, and where are the trucks of tiles?
Dennis: I tricked you. There was nothing wrong with me at the junction. I just didn't want to pull these heavy trucks. I'm a really lazy engine.
Thomas: I'll pull you back onto the tracks, then I'll be your back engine. That way, we'll get the tiles to the school in double-quick time.

The Fat Controller: Dennis, you have caused confusion and delay!
Dennis: Thomas has shown me that being a Really Useful Engine is much better than being really lazy. Thank you, Thomas! From now on, I'll try to be a Really Useful Engine!

Thomas' New Trucks [9.19]

Thomas: [showing off his new trucks] I've got new trucks too!
Bill and Ben: They're ever nicer than James'!
James: Your trucks may be nice and new now, but you'll never keep your trucks as clean as mine!
Thomas: Yes, I will. I'll have the cleanest trucks on the island.

James: [covered in melon] Bother!
Thomas: James, I think trucks like to be useful rather than clean.
Narrator: And all the trucks agreed.

Duncan and the Old Mine [9.20]

Rusty: [after Duncan pushed his way through the barrier] Look what you done, Duncan.
Duncan: I wanted an adventure.
Rusty: This isn't a time for an adventure. We've got work to do.

The Thin Controller: [upon hearing about Duncan's antics] Adventure can be full of surprises, Duncan; some good, and some not so good.
Duncan: So next time I have an adventure, I will know to think clearly all the time.

Bold and Brave [9.21]

Diesel: You're looking very cheerful, Thomas.
[Thomas explains about his given job]
Diesel: Haven't you heard about the curse and the cliffs?
Thomas: [nervously] No.
Diesel: Whenever the first engine of the holiday season goes around the headland, a terrible fault comes down over the cliffs. The engine loses its way and nobody knows where it goes.

Thomas: [sees Ben looking unhappy] What's the matter?
Ben: I was enjoying myself until I met Diesel. He told me a monster lives in this tunnel. Now I'm too scared to go through.
Thomas: I'm sure Diesel can't be right about the monster. Why don't I go into the tunnel first? Then you can follow me.

Skarloey the Brave [9.22]

Skarloey: [to Rheneas] You are such as scaredy engine. I'm not scared of anything.

Skarloey: If went up the hill on the winch, then everyone will see how brave I am.
[The winch hooks up to Skarloey and his trucks and together are pulled up the incline, Duncan and Rheneas arrive]
Rheneas: Look at where Skarloey is!
Duncan: That is the bravest thing to do!
Skarloey: [proudly] Look at me! Look at me!
[suddenly, the winch breaks]
Skarloey: [racing down the incline] WEE!

Saving Edward [9.23]

The Fat Controller: [seeing Thomas pulling Edward's train] Thomas, this train is late, and why are you pulling it? Where is Edward?
Thomas: Edward took on the wrong sort of coal, sir.
The Fat Controller: The wrong sort of coal?! What nonsense, Thomas! I'll find out what Edward has to say about this later.
[he gives Thomas another job]
Thomas: Yes, sir.

Edward: It's all my fault, sir. I asked Thomas not to tell you I couldn't work. I was afraid of going for scrap. I'm very sorry. I should've talked to you this morning.
The Fat Controller: Yes. You should always tell me if you have a problem. You are a loyal hardworking and Really Useful Engine. I will send you to the fitter's yard straight away.

Thomas and the Golden Eagle [9.24]

Thomas: My train is long and heavy. If you take half of my trucks to the docks, I can go and find the golden eagle.

[while Thomas is searching for the golden eagle]
Bertie: The golden eagle has been seen on Gordon's Hill!
Thomas: How exciting. I must get there right away.

Keeping Up with James [9.25]

[James and Edward's trucks are filled with coal]
Edward: You must slow down and take care!
James: I am taking care, and taking care is finishing the job first!

The Fat Controller: James and Edward, the tracks were icy and you were not taking care! You have caused confusion and delay!
James: Edward wanted to slow down, but I wanted to go fast so that I could pull the presents train.
The Fat Controller: You will not be doing that now, James. Edward, you are a reliable engine. You can pull the presents train, but you can't pull it alone. It's a very long train.
James: Sir, if I promise to go slowly and take care, can I be Edward's back engine?
The Fat Controller: Only if you can puff slowly and carefully.
Narrator: James felt pleased.
James: Edward, I will learn to take care just like you!

Flour Power [9.26]

The Fat Controller: [to Thomas] You are to collect flour from the mill and take it to the bakery. You must work with Diesel. The island needs it's morning toast, and Lady Hatt and I need our crumpets. So I'll have no mishaps tonight.

[after Thomas delivers the flour to the bakery]
Diesel: It's the ghost engine, sir! And it's come to get me!
The Fat Controller: It's not a ghost engine! That's Thomas! He's a Really Useful Engine! Thomas, you have done a splendid job! You deserve a special washdown!
Thomas: Thank you, sir.