Thomas & Friends/Season 21

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Thomas & Friends Season 21


Season 21

Springtime for Diesel [21.1]

Daisy: I know you feel bad for what you did and I do want to be friends with you but I don't like being bumped. No one does! If you want to make friends, Diesel, you need to change your ways.

A Most Singular Engine [21.2]

Dowager Hatt's Busy Day [21.3]

James: This is absurd! None of us know what job Dowager Hatt wants us to do next!
Henry: We’re all stuck here, waiting for her to finish pruning her pelargoniums!

Stuck in Gear [21.4]

Thomas: Harvey, no one makes fun of a broken down engine and, sometimes, a bit of a fuss is what's needed to get the job done!

Runaway Engine [21.5]

Stephen: Oh, dear! I never meant to upset her. What if I've upset her so much that she's run away?

PA Problems [21.6]

Edward: Just because they're old, doesn't mean they're not useful!

Hasty Hannah [21.7]

Toby: [to Hannah] A carriage like you isn't built to go so fast!

Henrietta: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down. So what’s happened to this other coach?!
Toby: I... I left her on a siding.
Henrietta: Toby, you shouldn’t done that. You need to go back and collect your coach or you’ll be in trouble with The Fat Controller.

Cranky at the End of the Line [21.8]

Salty: [about Cranky] He thinks if he works twice as fast, Sir Topham Hatt won't replace him with a... [under his breath] big new fancy crane.
Edward: Replace him with a what?
Salty: [whispers] A big new fancy crane.
Edward: A big shoe zebra plane?
Salty: No! A big new fancy crane.
Edward: A pig stew dancing lane?!
Edward: Okay! Okay! No need to shout!

New Crane on the Dock [21.9]

Salty: There you go, shipmates. Communication. It's a wonderful thing.

Cranky: Carly, let go.
Carly: I can’t, I’m stuck.
Cranky: Pah, this is all your fault.
Carly: Me!? What have I done?!

Unscheduled Stops [21.10]

Thomas: Bulgy!? But... I thought you'd been turned into a hen house.
Bulgy: Well, only for a while, then I was a mobile vegetable stand. And now I am back in service! [laughs] And if you don't mind my saying so, we'd all be better off if everyone simply used roads instead of railways.
Sir Topham Hatt: Now, now, Bulgy. Don't go getting all anti-rail again, or I might find some chickens who need a place to live.
Bulgy: [nervously] Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir.

Philip's Number [21.11]

Gordon: Ah, here comes #68! Really slow and always late!

The Fastest Red Engine on Sodor [21.12]

Rosie: Are you okay, James?
James: I think so. How's my paint looking? I'm really in trouble now.
Sir Topham Hatt: You can say that again, James.

A Shed for Edward [21.13]

Philip: It's a shame you don't like staying in my shed anymore.
Edward: It's not that! It's just, well… I really need my sleep and I can't stay up all night talking!

The Big Freeze [21.14]

Paxton: Diesel engines to the rescue!

Emily in the Middle [21.15]

Emily: Go on, Douglas. You take the front of the train, please?
Douglas: All right, but only because you asked nicely, Emily.
Donald: I said "please"!
Douglas: You didn't!
Donald: Well, I was thinkin' it!

[after Emily's derailment]
Douglas: It wasn't my fault!
Donald: Yes, it was!
Douglas: It wasn't!
Donald: It was!
Douglas: It wasn't!
Donald: It was!
Douglas: It wasn't!
Donald: It was!
[Emily blows her whistle to silence the twins]
Emily: For goodness sakes, you two! I was trying to help you out! If you would just stop arguing for one minute, you'd see it's me that needs some help now!

Terence Breaks the Ice [21.16]

[flashback from Thomas, Terence and the Snow]
Terence: Hello! I'm Terence. I'm plowing.
Thomas: I'm Thomas. I'm pulling a train. What ugly wheels you've got!
Terence: They're not wheels. They're caterpillar tracks! I can go anywhere, I don't need rails. See? It's easy when you have caterpillar tracks.
Thomas: I don't wanna go anywhere, I like my rails.

Thomas and Terence: You have to be sensible if you want to stay safe!

Daisy's Perfect Christmas [21.17]

Ryan: Today wasn't perfect like it used to be. It was a new kind of perfect!

Confused Coaches [21.18]

[after Gordon and Spencer's race ends up at Callan Castle]
Duke: Spencer! Explain yourself at once!
Spencer: Thomas and Phillip must've got our coaches mixed up, sir!
Sir Topham Hatt: Is that what happened, Gordon?
Gordon: Yes, Sir. But it wouldn't have happened if Spencer hadn't been at my platform!
Spencer: Well, you told me that special engines always leave from platform 1!
Gordon: Well, I may have given him that impression, Sir, but I didn't...
Sir Topham Hatt: Oh, enough excuses. You are both to blame. Your arguments and racing have caused confusion and delay. And you brought the express passengers here where they didn't want to go!
Gordon: Sorry, Sir.
Spencer: Yes. Sorry, Sir.

Sir Topham Hatt: I hope you two know how silly you've been. Go on, apologize to each other. It's a new year and new start for you both!