Hero of the Rails

2009 film by Greg Tiernan

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Hero of the Rails is a 2009 CGI television special Thomas & Friends. This special takes place between Season 12 and 13.

Dialogue edit

Spencer: Dear, oh, dear! It only takes 2 engines to push and pull 1 flatbed and freight car. I'm pulling 5!

Gordon (furiously at Spencer): Thomas is NOT a toy!
Edward (crossly at Spencer): He's a REALLY USEFUL engine!
James (angrily at Spencer): And he's VERY strong!

Spencer: Is this what have you been doing, Thomas, making a heap of scrap for the smelter's yard?! Because that's the only thing that this engine’s good for. The Fat Controller/Sir Topham Hatt will make sure of that.
Gordon: I'll race you to Maithwaite, Slowcoach Spencer. I'll win.
Spencer: [gasps] Oh, no. You won’t, Gordon. I'll win.

Cast edit

US dub edit

Original US dub edit

  • Martin Sherman as Henry

UK dub edit

Original UK dub edit

  • Kerry Shale as Thomas and Spencer

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