Thomas & Friends/Season 12

season of television series

Thomas & Friends Season 12

Thomas and the BillboardEdit

Thomas: I've never been on a billboard before!

Steady EddieEdit

Edward: Edward the Steady, is at the ready!

Rosie's Funfair Special (UK) / Rosie's Carnival Special (US)Edit

Rosie: Hooray! I'm pulling the funfair/carnival special!

Rosie: He's whistling at my funfair/carnival special!
Stepney: Oh, my! (US only)

Mountain MarvelEdit

Peter Sam: We are all stars of the show!

Henry Gets it WrongEdit

Henry: I wish the wishing tree would last forever and ever!

Heave Ho Thomas!Edit

Hank: Howdy, everybody. Thomas is overloaded right now. I'll whistle for him!

Toby's Special SurpriseEdit

Whiff: 'Hello, Toby! Why you looking at old tin cans?

James Works it OutEdit

Trucks: James is silly!
James is slow!
James has got us stuck in the snow!

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