Thomas & Friends/Season 17

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Thomas & Friends Season 17

Kevin's Cranky Friend

Cranky: [to Kevin] I told Sir Topham Hatt and I'm telling you. I don't need any help, especially from a funny little crane like you!

Scruff's Makeover

Scruff: I can't stay clean while I'm working at that dirty, smelly, oily, dusty, old dump!

Wayward Winston

Gordon: Young Winston is heading for trouble… Big trouble.

Gordon Runs Dry

Paxton: Umm… Gordon? Have you got your, uh… brakes on?
Gordon: Maybe…
Paxton: Well, take them off, will you? How can I push you with your brakes on?

Gordon: Let’s see… Tidmouth, Knapford, Crosby, Wellsworth, Maron, Cronk, a lake? [gasps]

Paxton: Sorry, Gordon, are you okay? That stone gave you a nasty thump.
Gordon: Yes, Paxton, I’m fine. You can’t damage a big strong engine like be so easily.
Paxton: You should be checked for damage though, Gordon.
Gordon: Nonsense! I have to hurry. The Express must not be late!

Calm Down Caitlin

Gordon: Don't you streamlined engines ever stop?

Steamie Stafford

Stafford: Puff-puff-puff-puff, chuff-chuff-chuff-chuff, wheeeeeeeesh! WHOO-WHOO!

Henry's Hero

Hiro: Well done, Henry! Keep on puffing!

Luke's New Friend

Rheneas: Honestly, Luke, the quarry is no place for an animal.

The Switch

Sir Robert Norramby: The passengers don't like being bounced around like peas in a pod!
A little boy: Again, again!

Not Now, Charlie!

Charlie: There's an elephant on the line!

The Lost Puff

Paxton: Hi, Stephen. Thomas lost his puff and I'm trying to find it and... well, I thought that might be... the lost puff... up there...
Stephen: Up there? Well, that's just a cloud...
Paxton: Yes, of course. I knew that. A cloud. Okay... got to go. Great to see you. Bye, Stephen.

The Thomas Way

Duck: You know something, Thomas? I think there might be 3 ways of doing things.
Thomas: Really?
Duck: The Great Western Way", the wrong way and... "The Thomas Way"! But "The Great Western Way" is usually the best.

The Phantom Express

The Fat Controller: Come on then, James. Let's go on a ghost hunt!

Percy's Lucky Day

Percy: Bill, why don't you try and pull Ben back to safety?
Bill: I tried that, Percy, but Ben is too heavy.
Ben: I'm not heavy!
Bill: Yes, you are! You weigh tones!

Bill or Ben?

Bill: Oh, dear. What's happened here, sir?
Ben: Oh, no. Has Connor broken down, sir?
Connor: There are two of you! You played a trick on me. You aren't really faster than I am!

Too Many Fire Engines

Flynn: Maybe those inspectors were right. Maybe the Fat Controller doesn't need 2 fire engines.

No Snow for Thomas

Percy: Hello, Edward! All ready for the snow?
Edward: Oh, yes, Percy. Better to be safe than sorry!

Santa's Little Engine

Sir Robert Norramby/The Earl of Sodor: It's Thomas the red-nosed engine!

The Missing Christmas Decorations

Percy: Christmas is a time for being kind and giving presents!

The Frozen Turntable

Gordon: I am not sleeping at a smelly waste dump. It's simply out of the question.

Away From the Sea

Salty: [singing] Don't take me away from the sea, boys…
Don't take me away from the sea!

The Smelly Kipper

Trucks: James is scared of the smelly fish, James is scared of the smelly fish!

No More Mr. Nice Engine

Narrator: The Fat Controller was covered in cream, he was very cross indeed.
The Fat Controller: Hiro, you have caused confusion and delay, and terrible to my trousers.
Hiro: I’m so... uh, so sorry, sir.

Hiro: Right! That's it! No more Mr. Nice Engine! I am Master of the Railway!

Gone Fishing

Porter: Water off a duck's back, remember!

Thomas' Shortcut

Bertie: Don't be cross, Thomas. Should I tell you my secret?
Thomas: What secret?
Bertie: I've been re-routed. Now I take a shortcut, so my route is much quicker!

Narrator: The Fat Controller was very cross.
The Fat Controller: Your passengers don’t like to be late, Thomas. You have caused confusion and delay.
Thomas: I’m very sorry, sir. I was hoping to find a shortcut, but I will stick to my branch line for now on.

The Afternoon Tea Express

Spencer: The visitors will wait a long time for their afternoon tea if Stephen is given the job!
Stephen: I'll have you know they used to call me the Rocket, because I was so speedy!
Spencer: Ha! Compared to a horse and cart, maybe!


Actor/Actress Region Role(s) Notes
Ben Small UK/US Rheneas, Flynn, Owen and the Troublesome Trucks
UK Thomas and Toby
US Charlie
Martin Sherman Thomas, Percy and Diesel
Keith Wickham UK/US Harvey, Salty, Den, Norman, Stafford, Skarloey, Sir Handel, Bertie, a Railway Inspector, and the Maron Station Speaker
UK Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Whiff, Harold, the Fat Controller the Wellsworth Station worker and a workman
Kerry Shale Diesel and the Zoo Keeper
US Henry, Gordon, James, Scruff, Kevin, Harold, Sir Topham Hatt and a workman
UK/US Some groaning passengers Calm Down Caitlin only
William Hope A Railway Inspector
US Edward, Toby, Whiff, Rocky, Farmer McColl, the Dock Manager and the Wellsworth Station worker
Teresa Gallagher US/UK Belle, Mavis, Annie, Clarabel, a shouting little boy and a ginger haired boy
Lady Hatt The Afternoon Tea Express only
The Duchess of Boxford Percy's Lucky Day only
UK Emily, some children, a blonde haired boy, a school boy, and a blonde haired girl
Jules de Jongh US
Glenn Wrage Spencer and Cranky
Matt Wilkinson UK Spencer, Charlie, Scruff, Rocky, Cranky, Butch, Kevin, Farmer McColl, the Dock Manager and the Zoo Keeper
US/UK Diesel 10, Winston, Rusty and Merrick
David Bedella Victor
Togo Igawa Hiro
Steven Kynman Duck, Dart, Paxton, Peter Sam and a Railway Inspector
US Butch
UK Porter
David Menkin US
Michael Legge US/UK Luke
Jonathan Broadbent Bill and Ben
Bob Golding Stephen and Sidney
Mike Grady Sir Robert Norramby
Jonathan Forbes Connor
Rebeca O’ Mara Caitlin
Miranda Raison Millie
Mark Moraghan The Narrator

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