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Thomas & Friends Season 15


Season 15 edit

Gordon and Ferdinand [15.1] edit

Gordon: I don't want anyone to see me with funny, frumpy Ferdinand! I am Gordon! I am fastest and best, and I pull the express!

Toby and Bash [15.2] edit

Bash: [to Toby] I want to go… I want to go... home!

Emily and Dash [15.3] edit

Charlie: Trembling tracks, Emily! What's happened to your face? You look very funny!

Percy's New Friends [15.4] edit

Cranky: Not so loud, Percy! You scared Seagull!

Edward the Hero [15.5] edit

Dowager Hatt: [to his son, Sir Bertram Topham Hatt] There he is, Bertram! Edward the hero!

James to the Rescue [15.6] edit

James and Toby: We're the rescue engines on Sodor for the day! We're very busy engines! Stand back, watch out, make way!

Happy Hiro [15.7] edit

Hiro: Please, Thomas! I would like this to STOP!

Up, Up and Away [15.8] edit

Percy: Big balloons make my boiler bubble, Thomas!

The Fat Controller: My hat!
Lady Hatt: My hat!
Dowager Hatt: My hat!
Narrator: All the Hatts... were hatless.
Sir Bertram Topham Hatt: Thomas, what are you doing?!

Henry's Happy Coal [15.9] edit

'Arry: There he is!
Bert: Mr. Special Steam himself!
Victor: Shoo, oily wheels! Go away!

Let It Snow [15.10] edit

Gordon: Stuff and nonsense!

Surprise, Surprise [15.11] edit

Victor: Rocky, what are you doing with that crate?!
Rocky: Dropping it… boss.

Spencer the Grand [15.12] edit

Spencer: A little bit of fog won't bother me. I'm Spencer the grand! I can puff perfectly!

Stop That Bus! [15.13] edit

Dowager Hatt: Ooh, I like Misty Island!

Stuck on You [15.14] edit

Thomas and Butch: Rescue engines ready for action!

Big Belle [15.15] edit

Belle: We're the "bells" of Sodor!

Kevin the Steamie [15.16] edit

Kevin: Biff, Bash, Bosh!

  • Sir Handel, Peter Sam and Duke were set to appear in this episode.

Wonky Whistle [15.17] edit

Victor: Workmen, fix that whistle. The whistle is clearly wonky!

Percy the Snowman [15.18] edit

Chlidren: Hooray for Percy, hooray for Thomas!

Tree Trouble [15.19] edit

Thomas: Happy Christmas holidays, diesels!

Fiery Flynn [15.20] edit

The Fat Controller: Flynn, what are you doing?!
Flynn: I was saving Gordon.
Gordon: [gasps] Gordon doesn't need saving.
Flynn: You’re not on fire Gordon?
Gordon: No, I'm not.
The Fat Controller: But I'm wet through!

Den: [laughing] Firey Flynn fudges it!

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