Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure

2015 film by David Stoten

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Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure is a 2015 CGI-animated children's epic adventure action musical film and the 9th feature-length special of Thomas and Friends. This special takes place between Season 19 and 20.


[in the construction yard, Duck happens upon two familiar faces]
Duck: Well, I never! Donald and Douglas! Haven't seen you two around in a while.
Donald: We only went to collect some more rails and sleepers.
Douglas: Aye! So you can build some more tracks. That's all!
Duck: [chuckles] Well, I don't know, but it feels like you've been gone for ages!
[the twins set off]
Douglas: Cheerio!
Duck: Oh, uh, cheerio! Don't leave it so long next time! [laughs]

Sir Topham Hatt: Oh, dear, oh, dear. How on Earth did this happen? Oh...
Narrator: Sir Topham Hatt was not very happy when he discovered what Thomas had done.
Thomas: But it’s not my fault, sir. Gordon must have been at the wrong platform, sir, and Emily was coming in very fast, and Toby was...
Sir Topham Hatt: Oh. Enough, Thomas. It wasn’t Gordon or Emily who caused this accident, it was you.
Thomas: B-B-B-But I...
Sir Topham Hatt: Perhaps, you should spend some time shunting cars in the Construction Yard.
Thomas: The Construction Yard?! What do you mean, sir?
Sir Topham Hatt: I’m sending you to work on the new branch line, Thomas. Maybe that will help you think about being a little less cheeky.

Thomas: Sir! Sir! If Ryan is here, can’t I go back to my branch line again?
Sir Topham Hatt: No, Thomas, you can’t. Percy is looking after your branch line, and you still have work to do here. You need to collect some more ballast for a start.

[after Thomas accidentally blow all the entire dynamites up in the mine]
Thomas: Uh-oh.
Sir Topham Hatt: What are you playing at now?! I thought you could learn to be more responsible if I sent you to work here!
Thomas: But sir, this time it’s really not my fault! I...
Sir Topham Hatt: [interrupting] No, Thomas! I’ve had quite enough of your excuses! Go to your shed immediately, and you can stay there for the rest of the afternoon! And everyone else can get back to work!

[the morning after the chase for the treasure, the police arrest Sailor John]
Cop: Hello, hello, hello. What have we got here, then?
Sailor John: But I'm innocent, I tell ya!
Cop: Tell that to the judge.
Sailor John: You've got the wrong pirate!

[As Rocky fishes him out, Thomas sees the Controller and gasp]
Thomas: I'm so sorry, sir! It's all my fault, I know it is. I-
[Before he can explain, Sir Topham Hatt stops him]
Sir Topham Hatt: Thomas... there's nothing to be sorry about. I'm proud of you! Ryan told me everything, and I know you did your best to stop that pirate getting away.
[Thomas was happy but became sad again]
Thomas: But I wasn't quick enough to save the treasure, sir.
Sir Topham Hatt: Please don't worry about the treasure, Thomas. My engines are much more important to me than any treasure. And you, Thomas, are my number 1!

[after the completion of the new branch line]
Marion: This is so exciting, isn't it, Oliver? We actually built a new branch line!
[Oliver and Toad pull up]
Toad: I think we're meant to be on that siding over there, Mr. Oliver.
Marion: Oliver? [to the excavator] Oliver!? But I thought you made a wish! I thought you changed into a digger! There can't be 2 Olivers!
Both Olivers: Yes, there can! [laugh]




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