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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003 TV series)

American animated television series from 2003-2009, mainly set in New York City

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003–2009) is an American animated television series set in New York City that continues the adventures of the Ninja Turtle quartet, loosely based on the comic book series.


Season 1Edit

Things ChangeEdit

Leonardo: [Narrating] My name is Leonardo. And right now, my brothers and I are in a mess of trouble. Our backs are up against the wall in some trash thrown alley. Cornered by the toughest street gang on the east side.[1]
Johnny (Purple Dragon Gang Leader): Look at the freaks!
Two Ton: What's with the dweeby costumes?
Purple Dragon Member: This ain't Halloween!
Johnny: You're going down, freaks! Nobody messes with the Purple Dragons! Especially wearing stupid turtle costumes!
Leo: [Narrating] He's wrong. We're not wearing costumes.

Splinter: Remember, to be a true ninja you must become one with the shadows. Darkness gives the ninja power, while light reveals the ninja's presence.

Splinter: Well done, Leonardo.
Raphael: [to Leo] Teacher's pet.
Leo: [to Raph] Ninja dropout.
Splinter: My sons! [sighs] My sons, if you are to become true ninja, you must work harder. Your path in life will not be an easy one. The outside world will not be a friendly place for you. You four are different in ways the surface dwellers would never understand. To survive, you must master these skills I teach you. Ninjitsu powers of stealth and secrecy. You must become kage; shadow warriors. And you must never be discovered by the outside world.

A Better MousetrapEdit

[After the turtles have saved April from Mouser robots.]
Michelangelo: Hey. How ya doin'? [leans forward, and April faints from shock. He picks her up into his arms and turns to the others.] Hey, so... Can I keep her?

Attack of the MousersEdit

Meet Casey JonesEdit

Michelangelo: [Whispering] Donatelloo, Donatelloo, if you build it, we will turtle style!

[After Raphael has just apologized for his actions]
Leonardo: Alright, who are you, and what did you do with our brother Raphael?

Casey Jones: Friends of yours?
Raphael: Brothers, actually.
Casey Jones: Yes, I can see the family resemblance.
Michelangelo: I'm the pretty one.


Darkness on the Edge of TownEdit

The Way of InvisibilityEdit

Casey Jones: Come on! Eject! Eject! You useless piece!
Michelangelo: Aaaaaah!
Casey Jones: I think your player's broken.
Donatello: Uhh, no problem. I'll fix the morning.
Casey Jones: Whatcha working on?
Donatello: Uh, boring stuff.

[Raphael and Casey Jones are fighting a group of Foot ninjas, who have just vanished.]
Raphael: These guys must have some sort of cloaking devices!
Casey Jones: Cloaking devices!? What are they? Klingons?!

[Casey is finding excuses to stay at the lair and the turtles hastily persuade him to leave]
Michelangelo: We'll pour you drinks, we'll do your bed...and we will tell you story.

[Casey has finally left the lair after continuously finding new reasons to stay.]
Michelangelo: And so they defeated..the thing that wouldn't leave!

Fallen AngelEdit


The Shredder StrikesEdit

Part I [I.X]Edit

Michelangelo: And I thought Master Splinter said never to take swords from strangers.

Donatello: I thought we already had a master. Master Splinter.
Michelangelo: Yeah, real hairy guy, 'bout this tall?

Master Yoshi: He who lives without honor, will end without honor.

[While finishing his story about the Shredder.]
Splinter: He serves no great purpose. He fights no great evil. He is great evil.

Part II [I.XI]Edit

The Unconvincing Turtle TitanEdit

[ Leo, Donnie and Raph scrutinize Mikey's Super Turtle costume sketches, mocking]
Raphael: What's this, the "Nin-Justice League"?
Don: More like the "Shell-Tastic 4"!
Leo: "The Legion of Sewer Heroes"!

Notes from the UndergroundEdit

Part 1 [1.13]Edit

Part 2 [1.14]Edit

Part 3 [1.15]Edit

The KingEdit

The Shredder Strikes BackEdit

Part I [I.XVII]Edit

[Donny and Raph are watching a football game.]
Raphael: Panthers, rams, bears. They've even got dolphins! You'd think they'd have room for something more... reptilian.
Donatello: The Turtles? My friend, unfortunately the lowly turtle has been saddled by society with the stereotype of being "velocity challenged".
Raphael: Say what?

Part II [I.XVIII]Edit

Splinter: In the hands of a true ninja master, anything is a weapon.

Shredder: You freaks have been a thorn in my side long enough. No one opposes the Shredder. And now I will have my revenge for our last encounter. Say farewell to each other -- while you still can.
Michelangelo: Oh, yeah, Mr. Spikey-Pants? Well, you’re the one who should be saying.... uh... farewell to, um... to yourself!
Raphael: (Being sarcastic) Oh yeah, Mikey. That got 'im.

Casey Jones: Now that's what I call crashing a party!
Raphael: Casey!
Casey: (hits Foot elite with bat) Although I've never seen a lamer party in my life!! Where's the band?

Tales of LeoEdit

The Monster HuntEdit

Return to New YorkEdit

Part One [1.21]Edit

Part Two [1.22]Edit

Michelangelo: Did Shredder just wake up one day and say, "I'm going to make some clones of myself! Really ugly ones!"?
Shredder: Ah, the power, I have almost forgotten! The Sword of Tengu! The sword in which I'd laid villages to waste, brought castles to ground, vanquish armies! The sword that I used to conquer Japan and give power to the Tokugawa clan! It is mine once more!!

Part Three [1.23]Edit

Leonardo: Get away from my brothers!
Shredder: The sword of Tengu! (Leonardo blasts him with an incredibly powerful burst of electrical energy from the mystic sword) NO!! This cannot be! I cannot lose!!

Shredder: The sword of Tengu! I must have it!

Lone Raph and CubEdit

Raphael: (after catching up with Tyler after he ran off; twirling one of his sais) You can't sneak away from a ninja, kid.
Tyler: Leave me alone!

The Search for SplinterEdit

Part I [I.XXV]Edit

[Donatello has just distracted a security camera at TCRI with a pigeon finger puppet.]
Michelangelo: I don't know what's scarier: the fact that that worked, or that Don carries around a pigeon puppet.

Part II [I.XXVI]Edit

Season 2 (Episodes 27–52)Edit

Turtles in SpaceEdit

  • This is the 5-part Season 2 premiere.

Part 1: The FugitoidEdit

Fugitoid: Earth? I don't think it's in this galaxy. Are you the dominant species on your planet?
Donatello: Another galaxy?
Leonardo: Master Splinter is out there. So far away.

Donatello: So what is your story?
Fugitoid: I see I owe you an explanation. My name is Professor Zayton Honeycutt. I was the most brilliant scientist on D-Hoonib, at least, I used to be. I was making a machine for boosting mind powers, like telepathy and telekinesis. But the General of the Federation came calling. Just because he's the president, he thinks he can call whenever he wants.

Part 2: The Trouble with TriceratonsEdit

Part 3: The Big HouseEdit

Part 4: The ArenaEdit

Part 5: Triceraton WarsEdit

Secret OriginsEdit

Part 1 [2.06]Edit

Part 2 [2.07]Edit

Part 3 [2.08]Edit

[The Utroms have been forced to leave Earth, as Shredder has discovered their whereabouts and spread a virus through their base, shutting down all electronics, including their expo-skeletons.]
First Utrom: I hate walking on my tentacles!
Second Utrom: Oh shut up, Kraang!

Raphael: The Shredder's an Utrom?
Michelangelo: AH! It's the prisoner dude! Who...who.
Ch'Rell: Who escaped after causing Mortu's ship to crash land here!


Michelangelo: You're forgetting the weirdest thing of all- the Shredder's true identity! When I found out the Shredder was an Utrom, I almost soiled my shell!

Return to the UndergroundEdit

[Mike, Leo, and Raph are surrounded by monsters in the underground city, after Don had a dream and found a cure for the monsters.]
Michelangelo: Him and his big ideas! C'mon guys! Let's go to the underground city! We'll have some laughs! We'll get eaten!

City at WarEdit

Part One [2.14]Edit

Karai: Report.
Foot Soldier: It as we feared, Mistress Karai. The word on the street is that the Shredder is more. Several different factions are fighting for territory. The city is at war.
Karai: Fuel the jet. Is time to bring order to the way.

Leonardo: So. This is what happened to the Foot since we got rid of the Shredder? How the mighty have fallen.

Part Two [2.15]Edit

Foot Soldier: Mistress Karai, one of our New York sources recovered this security camera footage from a warehouse that was...prematurely demolished.
(shows her a close-up video cam of Leonardo)
Karai: Interesting.

Foot Soldier: Mistress Karai, I'm receiving word that the ones you seek have been sighted.
Karai: Into the car. Quickly.

Raphael: Next move!? Like goin' home and forgettin' all this nonsense!!?
Leonardo: We have to do something!!
Raphael: Put more fuel on the fire!? I said it before and I'll say it again, this ain't our fight!
Michelangelo: You might want to sit. This could go on for awhile.

Karai: I believe we have a few matters to discuss. My name is Karai and I command the Foot clan in Japan. I am here to restore order to New York faction of the Foot.
Raphael: I got your order right here, lady!
Leonardo: Stand down, Raph!
Raphael: NO!! I'M sick of being everybody's punching bag!! And I'm really sick of takin' orders from you!!
Leonardo: I said stand down, Raph.

(Has Leo pinned down with her tanto knife at his throat)
Karai: Now, I came here to discuss a matter with you and discuss it we shall! With or without your leader. It is your choice.

Part Three [2.16]Edit

Karai: I said, drop your weapons! Good. Perhaps now we can talk.
Donatello: Oh, you wanna talk! 'Cause I got the impression you wanted to kick our shells!
Karai: If I had wanted to destroy you, you would not be alive to talk.
Leonardo: Okay, let's talk. But it's going to be difficult with your tanto at my head.

(Raphael furiously continues attacking Karai)
Leonardo: No, Raph! I gave her my word of honor!
Raphael: Your honor!!? Bro, you are really getting under my shell!!
Casey: Come on, Raph. Let's hear what the pretty ninja lady has to say.

Karai: As I've told you - my name is Karai and I command the Foot clan in Japan. I am here to restore order to the New York faction of the Foot. When you Turtle men destroyed the Shredder, you threw the city into chaos. We in Japan had hoped all parties would destroy each other, like a snake that consumes itself, leaving the city once again under the Foot's control. But we did not expect the city to be consumed in the process. If the Foot is to regain control of its New York operations, I will need your help.
Raphael: We done talking yet!? Is it time to fight!?
Karai: You are impudent!! If were my retainer I would have you beaten!
Raphael: Oh, you're the Foot all right! You even sound like the Shredder!!
Donatello: Lady, I don't know how we could help you. This war's out of control. We're kinda of in over our heads as it is.
Karai: Yes, I know. But I have a plan to stop this war.
Leonardo: Then why do you need us?
Karai: All plans must have their...contingencies. Make your decision.

Leonardo: Well, what do you think, guys?
Raphael: I think she can swim her butt back to Japan!!
Casey: I think she's perfect. Looks, brains and she's a ninja.
Michelangelo: What does she mean by "contingencies"?
Leonardo: She's means we're Plan B.
Donatello: Excuse me. What's in it for us?
Karai: Three things. One, you can save New York from being torn apart. Two, you can free your streets of the Purple Dragons and the Mob. And three, the Foot and the Foot Elite are honor-bound to slay the ones who defeated their master. They will be relentless. They will destroy you, your master, and your comrades. But if you help us, there will be no revenge for the Shredder's destruction.

Leonardo: I don't understand how you can serve someone as evil and dishonorable as the Shredder.
Karai: You knew the Shredder only as a merciless enemy. But I knew another side of him. It was he who discovered me many years ago in Japan after my parents had abandoned me. He took me into his home. He allowed me to train alongside him, and thus I learned the ancient art of ninjitsu. I respected him and he trusted me. To me he was Oroku Saki. He was more than just my master. He became my father. It was his destiny to find me, and it became my duty to serve him, as it became your fate to slay him. Thus we are all servants of Fate.
Leonardo: I'm not so sure. Master Splinter says we are free to choose our own path, that our lives are dictated by our choices.

Foot Soldier: Mistress, you must leave immediately.
Karai: No. I will stay here and see this through.
Leonardo: The Shredder may have raised you, Karai, but you're nothing like him.
Karai: How so?
Leonardo: You understand honor.

Karai: Thank you. I am in your debt. I shall keep my promise. The vendetta is lifted. The Foot will not take revenge for the slaying of their master.
Leonardo: You are honorable, Karai. I know you'll keep your word.
Karai: You stood with me to the last. All of you have great strength and courage. I hope in the future, when our paths cross, we shall not be enemies.
Leonardo: Only fate can tell.
Karai: Regrettably, Fate is not the only master we must serve.

(Enters a secret room hidden in the Shredder's throne room)
Karai: All proceed as planned, Master.
Ch'Rell: Good. My body is prepared, and the bio-sites have almost finished healing my flesh. Soon I will be myself again! Soon we will destroy the Turtles!!
(Karai looks slightly sad)

Rouge in the HouseEdit

Part 1 [2.19]Edit

Leonardo: There comes a time in the life a ninja when he or she must choose between the path that others would have them follow and the true path of your heart. Karai was raised by the Shredder, taught ninjitsu by the Shredder, and she serves the Shredder still. But there's something about Karai that's different. She's not like the Shredder. And because of that, Karai is going to have to make a choice between serving the Shredder and serving her own sense of honor. I only hope she makes the right choice.

Karai: You summoned me, Master?
Ch'Rell: I did. My recuperation is finally at an end. The worms have done their work. At long last, the time has arrived! for my resurrection!
Karai: As you command, Master.
Shredder: And so, I stand before the world...reborn! But we little time to waste! The Utroms who hunted me, and their accused human Guardians may have gone. But they will return in greater numbers. We must be ready!
Karai: Unfortunately, my lord, we are not ready.
Shredder: What!!?
Karai: Many of your followers were destroyed in a futile war for control of New York.
Hun: Yes, Karai. But what we lack in numbers, we make up for in strength and loyalty.

(Baxter Stockman's brain form is tortured with an electric device)
Karai: Master, where is the honor here? This misery should be put to an end. Not prolonged.
Shredder: Do not presume to question me, Karai! Stockman is a perfect example of what happens to those who betray me!
Karai: I... I understand, Master.

Raphael: I see he still gets his suits at the hardware store.
Splinter: There are using this factory to manufacture deadly assassins! This base must be utterly and completely destroyed!
Leonardo: But, Karai leads the Foot now. And she gave us her word the Foot would leave us alone.
Splinter: I am sorry, my son. But in this case, we must believe what we see.

Karai: Master, we have a security breach. We found several of our guards were found unconsciousness.
Shredder: Hun take the elite and scour the ship! If it is the Turtles, hold them! I wish to destroy them myself!
(Karai turns away with a slightly concerned look on her face)
Shredder: Is something the matter, Karai?
Karai: No. Nothing, Master. If you will excuse me, I will put the ship on full alert.

Part 2 [2.20]Edit

Hun: This is Hun! I have captured two of the Turtles and their rat! Can I finish them!?
Karai: But, Master, I promised them their lives. Are we not honor-bound to keep that promise?
Shredder: Honor-bound? Karai, you must realize that your duty to me is far more important than your honor.
Karai: I... I understand.
Shredder: We shall see, Karai! For you will be the one to slay the Turtles!

Raphael: Hey, Leo, it's your buddy.
Karai: Leonardo, I... I wish you had never come to this place. Now it has fallen upon me to slay you all.
Leonardo: So much for your word of honor.
Karai: I am sorry. But I must follow my master's orders.
Raphael: Face it, bro! She's as bad as the Shredder!
Leonardo: I should have known better than to trust you, Karai!

Hun: Wait! Let's make things a little more interesting. Take her out and I might just let the rat go free!
Leonardo: I can't let you do the Shredder's dirty work, Karai.
Karai: I am honor-bound to serve him.
Leonardo: If you serve the Shredder, then you have no honor!
Karai: You are wrong!
Leonardo: I was taught that Bushido means everything to a true warrior. I raised to live by that code. Can you do that? Can you fight with honor?
(Karai raises her katanna, but proves that she is unable to kill Leonardo after all)
Hun: Ha! So the Shredder's little pet doesn't the guts to do her job! Move over, girlie! Watch how things are done New York style!

Karai: I have failed my master.
Splinter: It is all right. You could not do your duty because it went against your honor.

Season 3 (Episodes 53–78)Edit

Space InvadersEdit

  • This is two-part Season 3 premiere.

Part 1 [3.01]Edit

Part 2 [3.02]Edit

Karai: Master, what do we do?
Shredder: Nothing. We wait.
Karai: For what?
Shredder: For whatever opportunity presents itself.

Nobody's FoolEdit

Felon: Who-who are you? Who are you, man?!
Nobody: Who am I? I might just be a glimmer of hope for a lost city. I'm the guy the cops would thank if they knew I existed, but they don't. Who am I? I'm Nobody.

Christmas AliensEdit

Casey (while setting the table with April and looks up): Yo, what do you know? Mistletoe. Ain't we supposed to kiss or something?
April: That's enough mistletoe to make me kiss you. I'm afraid you'll need a whole tree. (They move to another part of the table and Casey looks up again)
Casey: Hey, hey, check it out. More mistletoe! (he puckers his lips and April walks away) April, wait up! (the mistletoe moves over to April) More mistletoe. There's no way out. You gotta kiss me. (April backs up; Casey and the mistletoe move forward; April goes around Casey, the mistletoe follows her) Look, it's following us. It's a sign. A sign from above.
April (taking down the mistletoe): Exactly. (April and Casey look at a pole with Raph and Angel sitting on top of it with ropes that extend over to April and Casey; Raph grins)
Raph (waving): Hiya, April. Whatcha got there? Mistletoe? (he chuckles)
April: Jones, did you put them up to this?
Casey: No! Never! Uh, maybe.
April (after a moment): Okay then. Pucker up. (Casey leans forward and April hits him with the mistletoe)
Angel: Ooh. That's gotta hurt.
Raph: Oh. Right in the kisser.

New BloodEdit

  • This marks the seventh appearance of Karai.
  • This is the debut appearance of apprentice scientist Dr. Chaplin.

Dr. Chaplin: I give you...the Footbots!
Karai: Do I detect a resemblance?
Dr. Chaplin: They're a tribute to you. You don't mind, do you? It's because you're so perfect.

Leonardo: No! They fight like Karai.
Donatello: You mean Karai trained these Footbots?
Leonardo: I don't know.

Shredder (on cellphone): Karai, what about the Turtles!? Have they been captured? Destroyed?
Karai: No, my lord. I'm afraid away.

Michelangelo: What, she couldn't give us a lift?
Raphael: Shut up and swim!

Mission of GravityEdit

Karai: But, Master, what about the millions of innocence who will fall when Beijing comes crashing to the ground?
Shredder: They are of no concern to me.
Hun: How dare you question the master. I'm behind this plan one hundred percent.
Shredder: Good. Then you will have no trouble accompanying Stockman on this dangerous assignment.

Karai: And so the gravity will be lifted, sending millions to their doom. I need you to prevent this from happening.
Leonardo: So does this mean you finally come to your senses and turn your back on the Shredder?
Karai: I am bound to serve him. I just do not wish to see millions suffer.

Leonardo: They think you're dead. We can help you start a new life.
Karai: Could you so easily turn your back on your father, even if you knew what he was doing was wrong?

Same As It Never WasEdit

Future Karai: I beg you. Leave this place or you will force me to do that which my duty commands.
Future Leonardo: Not this time, Karai! This time you have to make a choice!
(Leonardo is blasted by Footbots and gravely wounded, which Karai reluctantly takes advantage of to run him through with her katana)
Future Karai: Forgive, Leonardo.

Future April: Karai! End of the line.
(Shoots her with her missile launcher)
Future Karai: Master, I am finished.

Donatello: My brothers. My poor brothers. This world, this's a nightmare.
Future April: It was a nightmare, Don. But you managed to finally save us from this darkness.There is always hope.

Hun on the RunEdit

Karai: Interesting trap.
Bishop: Actually. This is the trap. Just a little more savaged from our alien visitors. Cuts through anything. Makes your katana look like a butter knife.

Shredder: Who are? How did you get on this frequency?
Bishop: Mr. Oroku Saki, my name is Bishop. And I believe you know my guest.
Shredder: Karai!
Bishop: I know many things about you.
Shredder: Believe me, Mr. Bishop. You know nothing about me.
Bishop: Please. It's my business to know. I know that you are part of a crime lord who is using his vast fortunate as a cover to obtain rare alien technology. I know you have sent this lovely warrior-princess, your adopted daughter, to steal an alien microchip. And I know that if you don't deliver all the technology you own in the next forty-seven minutes, your feisty family member here is going to be flattened into a french fly. Forty-three minutes.

Shredder: Hun, I have a special assignment for you.
Hun: Master, I will not fail you. I promise.
Shredder: Karai has been captured. You will find her and bring her back alive. Is something the matter, Hun!?
Hun: No, Master.
Shredder: This is where Karai's last coordinates originated. Remember, Hun. Your life now depends on her life!!

Hun: Karai! As much as I would love to see you destroyed...unfortunately, my life now depends on saving yours.

Leonardo: Karai? We're getting her out!
Raphael: Leo!
Leonardo: Raph, she's done the same for us! We're getting her out!!

Donatello: Wow. This train is unlike any I have ever seen.
Karai: Time is of the essence, Donatello.
Donatello: Right. Leo, I need you to hit the top!!

Karai: Thank you.
Leonardo: Well, at least she said thanks.

Karai: My lord, thank you for sending Hun. He saved my life.
Hun: I live to serve you, Master.
Shredder: Very well. You live as long as you succeed. Karai, were you able to retrieve the microchip?
Karai: No, my lord. But I have received the schematics. We shall be able to construct a prototype of our own.


  • This is the two-part Season 3 finale.

Part 1 [3.25]Edit

Karai: Congratulations. Tonight will be your last night on Earth.
Shredder: Finally! After centuries of being imprisoned on this primitive backwater, I shall return to the stars! When my Utrom enemies come to find me, I will be gone!
Karai: And what of me, Father?
Shredder: Karai, my time here was not a total loss. I have forged a powerful dynasty with the Foot. And I have raised a daughter to rule that dynasty until my return. You will serve me as you have always served me: Faithfully and without question.

Karai: Leonardo, you must not do this! He is finally leaving our world. You must let him go!
Leonardo: Let him go to go and enslave the Utroms!?
Karai: The Utroms have hunted my father all his life. They are heartless monsters!
Leonardo: No, Karai. That's not true. He's the heartless monster and I'm gonna stop him!
Karai: Leonardo, no!!

Part 2 [3.26]Edit

Karai: My master was leaving! It did not have to be this way! (Nearly falls, but Leonardo saves her by catching her hand) You are too kind, Leonardo. Much too kind!

(About to finish off a gravely wounded Leonardo)
Shredder: Now we end this! (Is prevented from throwing the final blow by Karai)
Karai: You have defeated them, my Lord. Leave them in their dishonor.

Shredder: Karai, you dishonor me!!

(Punches her, causing her to fall backward)

Karai: This is not what I wanted, Leonardo! This is not what I wanted!!

Season 4 (Episodes 79–104)Edit

  • Karai assumes the legacy of her adopted Utrom father and becomes the new Shredder and the Ninja Turtles' sworn enemy, especially toward Leonardo.

Cousin SidEdit

Raphael: Hey, I like it when Leo acts tough. We should get Karai to stab him more often.
(Leonardo angrily glares)

Sons of the Silent AgeEdit

(Is reaching through April telepathically)
Female Alien: We...we are the last 5.

Grudge MatchEdit

Splinter: Yes. Pizza sounds very appetizing right now, with pepperoni and karma.

Still NobodyEdit

Hun (sarcastic): Lovely party, Karai.
Karai: Hun. I did not expect to see you at this dedication.
Hun: Explain something to me, Karai! You do all this in the name of the Shredder. He was a slimy, alien bug! How could you have known that and still serve him!?
Karai: The Shredder gave me a life. He was my father. And I vow in his name that those responsible shall be destroyed!

Bad DayEdit

Splinter: Perhaps, but I am not speaking to you. I wait for my true foes to reveal themselves. You cannot touch me!
Foot Mystic: This one is more powerful than we imagined.

Karai: Fools! Another failure!?
Fire Mystic: Our encounter has given information that will be useful to us. But we did not expect our forces to be breached.
Karai: And you recklessly revealed your presence to the rodent!
Water Mystic: We assure you, we have gained enough knowledge for our next assault.
Karai: Then make it so! Otherwise, when I attack, I assure you it will be no illusion!!

Scion of the ShredderEdit

Karai: Oroku Saki is gone, thanks to you! But the Shredder lives on!
Donatello: Karai!!?
Splinter: So the daughter of Oroku Saki has become the Shredder. Why?
Karai: Honor demands it, Splinter-san. After you helped the vile Utroms exile my father, I vowed to avenge his honor!!
Splinter: You dare speak of honor!? Your father murdered my Master Yoshi! Your father had no honor!!
Karai: You will pay for your lie! All of you!! Where is Leonardo!?
Raphael: He ain't here.
Michelangelo: You know, you just missed him. But if you leave right now, we'll tell him that you stopped by.
Karai: You mock me. The fact that you still live mocks me!!

Splinter: Master Yoshi's orb. (Is broken by Karai's foot). No!!
Karai: Your sons destroyed my father! Now I will repay them in kind! I begged Leonardo to let him go, but he would not listen to reason!!
Splinter: It is you who has been blinded to reason! Oroku Saki was a murderer! But you will not allow yourself to see the truth!!
Karai: I see clearly, rat!
Splinter: I reached out to you! I hoped that you would turn away from evil, but I can see now that has consumed you!! You are faster than your father. I will give you that. But your dark heart will betray you, just as his did!
Karai: You are not even worthy to speak of my father, rodent!! I will silence your treacherous tongue once and for all!!

Karai: Find them!! They must not be allowed to live! And tear this filthy place apart!!

Prodigal SonEdit

  • Leo becomes less trustful towards Karai since this episode. However, he still appears to have feelings for her, as he spared her life.

Karai: Honorable Father, I, your humble daughter Karai have found the lair of your most hated enemies. My army of Foot ninjas had struck and they struck hard. Donatello and the rat tried to evade me in the waters. Michelangelo tried to burrow his way out, but he could not dig deep enough to escape my wrath. And Raphael was destroyed in the Turtles' own Battle-Shell. All that remains is Leonardo, Father. Then will you be truly be avenged.

Leo: Man! I really missed this old place. (Sees the ruins of the Lair) Oh no!! No!! What happened here!?

April (from her warning note): Leo, I'm glad you're alright. But the others...Karai said she got them all. She left this. She says your next. Be careful.
Leo: No! It can't be! Karai is lying!

Splinter: Please be careful, my son. She will be well guarded, and her skills are much improved.
Leo: So are mine, sensei.

Leonardo (coldly): Hello, Karai. Got your message.
Karai: I am impressed. Security here is very tight, yet here you are, undetected.
Leo: So, you are the new Shredder.
(dons the legendary Kuro Kabuto)
Karai: Yes! And I am your doom!

Leo: You have gone too far this time, Karai!!
Karai: Not far enough! Not until you lie broken and battered at my feet!
Leo: I remember when we first met, Karai! We fought side by side and I said you were nothing like the Shredder!! But I was wrong! You're exactly like him!! You understand nothing!!

Leo: Your own anger defeats you, Karai. You remind me of a Turtle I used to know.

Karai: Do it! Finish me!
Leo: No. I'm giving you one last chance to do the right thing, Karai. Don't waste it. And Karai, stay away from my family!!

The Tale of Master YoshiEdit

  • This marks the only appearance of Tang Shen in flashbacks.

Donnie: I know! Maybe Leo should tell us about the Ancient One.
Raph: Yeah, Leo. I want to know the other things you learned on how to kick butt.
Leo: Well, I wouldn't know where to start, but there is one story I think you might want to hear... about Master Splinter's master, Hamato Yoshi.

Leo: It's a story about a girl.
Raph: A girl? Does she kick butt?
Splinter: Raphael. Please, continue, Leonardo.
Leo: Okay. Our story begins long ago in the 1960s. Japan was just getting back on its feet.
Mikey: After an attack by Godzilla?
Leo: No. After its defeat in World War II. It was not uncommon to see young orphaned boys in the streets, begging for food and money.

Leo: So the Ancient One took Yoshi and his friend into his home, and trained them in the ways of ninjitsu, and treated them as if they were his own sons. As they grew into young men, they became closer than brothers, best of friends who do everything together. They even fell in love at the same time, with the same girl - Tang Shen. They were crazy about her. Tang Shen was also an orphan raised by the Ancient One. It was her loving care that made the Ancient One's house into a home and that often brought unexpected visitors to her kitchen. But Tang Shen saw a hungry innocent creature and, as always, her first thought was to care for it. She decided to keep the curious rat as a pet. Seeing that Tang Shen had grown fond of the hungry little visitor, Yoshi had built a home for the newest member of their family. Although, Tang Shen had captured both the boys' hearts, it was clear that her heart belonged to only one of them: Yoshi.

Tang Shen: Mashimi, no!
Leo: But Tang Shen saw an innocent creature. She decided to keep the curious rat as a pet. Seeing that Tang Shen had grown fond of the hungry little visitor, Yoshi made a new home for the newest member of their family.

Leo: Though his friendship with Mashimi began to diminish, Yoshi's bond with Tang Shen grew stronger than ever. But the coils of jealousy were winding tighter and tighter in Mashimi's soul until...something snapped.

Mortu: Mashini, you have betrayed us!?
Hamato Yoshi: Mashimi? Why?
Mashimi: How dare you ask why! You betrayed me! We were like brothers! But you had everything and left me with nothing!! Now I take everything from you,including your life!!

Leo: Yoshi returned to tell Tang Shen all that had happened, only to find out the horrible truth.
Hamato Yoshi: Tang Shen!? No! NOOOO!!

(At Tang Shen's grave)

Ancient One: This is all my fault. I knew Mashimi had a dark streak in his heart.
Hamato Yoshi: It is not your fault, Master. It is Mashimi's fault and he shall pay with his life!!
Ancient One: Be careful, my son. Vengeance is like a splinter that will poison your mind and heart.

Hamato Yoshi: Mashimi, I challenge you to a duel, assassin!!
Mashimi: A duel!? Ha! You have unknowingly stepped into the lion's den, Yoshi! I do not need to fight you! We outnumber you!!

Mashimi: So, Yoshi, our story comes full circle! It began with the two of us and it will end with just the two of us!!
Hamato Yoshi: This story will only end with one of us, Mashimi!!

Hamato Yoshi: Well, little one. I will name you Splinter. And together, we will remind ourselves of Tang Shen. Of her beauty, her kindness, and love.

Leo: Well, I think we all know the rest of the story.
Mikey: Man! What a bummer story.
Splinter: Perhaps, Michelangelo, but perhaps not. It not for these events, I would never have been brought to New York.
Donnie: And the Utroms would never have had to relocate here either, meaning no ooze.
Raph: No us.

Good GenesEdit

Part One [4.24]Edit

Karai: Mystics, your master has need of you!
Water Mystic: Our master is the Shredder. Not you, little girl!
Fire Mystic: You are nothing but a pretender!
Karai: You forget your place, Mystics! I hold the same power over you as my father did! Find Leonardo! He must pay for his crimes against my father!
Earth Mystic: Perhaps he will find you.

Part Two [4.25]Edit

Karai: Leonardo is here? But why?

(About the mystic Heart of Tengu)
Karai: No!! Give that to me!! You do not know what you are doing!!

Karai: You cannot take that!
Leonardo: Watch me!!

Karai: Leonardo, face me!!
Michelangelo: It's not about Karai, right?
Leonardo: Right.

Donatello: I hope you guys didn't go through too much trouble for me.
(Everyone is silent)
Michelangelo: Nah.

Season 5: Ninja Tribunal (Episodes 105–116)Edit

Lap of the GodsEdit

Demons and DragonsEdit

Legend of the Five DragonsEdit

More Worlds Than OneEdit

Beginning of the EndEdit

Membership DriveEdit

New World OrderEdit

Part 1 [5.07]Edit

(In a nightmare of impending doom)
Karai: Help me!! Help me, Leonardo!!

Karai: There is what!? A ghost coming to get me!!? I am fully aware of the situation! Now leave me!

Leonardo: Karai, no! You can't fight him! Run!!

Air Mystic: You shall not interfere! After all, you are the ones who sealed her fate.
Fire Mystic: For it was you who freed us.
(The five Elementals reveal their true forms)
Leonardo: The mystic ninjas! NO!! NO!!
Earth Mystic: When you took that crystal from Karai on behalf of Agent Bishop, you set us free.
Metal Mystic: Yes. You were the ones who set these events in motion.

Part 2 [5.08]Edit

Tengu Shredder: Such a coarse young woman! I wonder if someone well-mannered lurks behind that rough exterior!

Tengu Shredder: What will it be, Karai, the fangs or the claws?!
Leonardo: Let her go!!
Tengu Shredder: Pathetic creatures!!
Raphael: The only thing we're serving is your cronies on a plate! Well done!

Dr. Chaplin: Karai!! NO!!
(Fires his advanced weapon at the Shredder, only damaging his chest armor)
Tengu Shredder: You care for her! Ah, star-crossed lovers!

Fathers & SonsEdit

Donatello: The Shredder really beat the shell out of Karai. I...I don't know if she'll make it.

(Flashback to many years ago, in Japan)
Splinter: Please, I know I look strange. I am Splinter.
The Ancient One: What? You are the rat Yoshi and Tang Shen kept as a pet? How?
Splinter: It is a long and strange tale. I have gone through...changes since Master Yoshi- Since he...
The Ancient One: Since what? What happened to my Yoshi?
Splinter: I am sorry. He has been slain. His life was taken by the Shredder.

The Ancient One: Come, let us pay our last respects to Yoshi by burying him next to the woman he loved.

Past and PresentEdit

April: So, you're awake. We weren't sure if you were gonna make it.
Karai: What am I doing here? Am I your prisoner?
April: No. More like my patient.
Karai: You saved me? But why?
April: If it were up to me, I probably wouldn't have. But some guys I care about really much seem to think there's something about you that's worth saving. But if you try anything, sister, you'll answer to me!

The Ancient One: So, young lady, are you ready?
Karai: I will crush this demon Shredder!
The Ancient One: She's ready.

Leonardo: I am so glad we have a truce.
Karai: Temporary truce.

Enter the DragonsEdit

  • This is the two-part Season 5 finale.

Part I [5.11]Edit

Hun: One question, why should we believe you!?
Karai: Believe him, Hun. At first, I too thought it absurd. But through deep meditation, I have learned that all Shredders are linked on some mystic level.

Part II [5.12]Edit

Dr. Chaplin: What now, Mistress?
Karai: It is a new day, Chaplin. Let us see what it brings.

Season 6: Fast Forward (Episodes 117–142)Edit

  • Unlike the previous 5 seasons, this is set one century in the future, meaning that April O'Neil, Casey Jones, and Karai have all died.
  • Splinter and the Turtles all have redesigns.

Future ShellshockEdit


Home InvasionEdit

Headlock PrimeEdit

Playtime's OverEdit

Bishop to KnightEdit

[The Turtles storm into the passenger compartment of the moon shuttle.]
Leo: Er, ladies and gentlemen, we have an emergency situation. Everyone needs to get to the escape pods now!!
[general blankness]
Raph: How do you say "bomb" in Future-ese?
[general panic]

Night of Sh'OkanaboEdit

Clash of the Turtle TitansEdit

Fly Me to the MoonEdit

Invasion of the Body-SnatcherEdit

The Freaks Come Out at NightEdit

Bad BloodEdit

The JournalEdit

  • Karai, Leonardo's love interest, appears in an unlikely alternate future; her one and only appearance in Season 6.

Leonardo: 2 of us?
Karai: Konichiwa, Leonardo. It is good to see you again.
Leonardo: Karai?

April (narrating): "But Leo couldn't stop. He obsessed on Karai, determined that she was the traitor."

Karai: The Shredder is gone!
Leonardo: But his daughter isn't!

The GaminatorEdit

Graduation Day: Class of 2105Edit

Timing Is EverythingEdit

Enter the JammerheadEdit

The Fall of Darius DunnEdit

Turtle X-ExtinctionEdit

Race for GloryEdit

Head of StateEdit

DNA is Thicker than WaterEdit

The Cosmic CompletionEdit

The Day of AwakeningEdit

Zixth SenseEdit

Season 7: Back to the Sewer (Episodes 143–157)Edit

Tempus FugitEdit

  • Splinter and the Ninja Turtles finally get to return to the 21st century.

Karate SchooledEdit

Something WickedEdit

  • Karai appears in a flashback, as 2 cameos, both in her original and new design.

The Engagement RingEdit

Hacking StockmanEdit

Incredible Shrinking SerlingEdit

Identity CrisisEdit

Web WanglersEdit


Virtual Reality CheckEdit

City Under SiegeEdit

Super Power StruggleEdit

Wedding Bells and BytesEdit

  • Karai makes a few cameo appearances, marking her final appearance in the show, not including the Turtles Forever special.

Splinter: Uh, wedding?
Raphael: Yeah. Casey and April.

Mayhem from Mutant IslandEdit

Turtles ForeverEdit

  • This episode is a crossover of the 1980s Ninja Turtles - the '84 comics and the late-80s cartoons.
  • Karai appears in this special episode, having a major role, in her newer and prettier look.

Karai: I am called Karai and I am his daughter!
80s Shredder: Not much of a family resemblance.

Karai: Your long-held hatred of the Turtles' has blinded you to the truth, Father! Your actions could destroy us all!
2003 Donatello: Karai is right. Whatever you're doing, it's causing a ripple in the very fabric of reality.

Karai: He may return.




  • Scottie Ray as Oroku Saki/Utrom Shredder
  • Karen Neil as Karai (Seasons 2, 3, 4 and 5)
  • Greg Carey as Hun (Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7)


  • Karai (Seasons 6 and 7)
  • Khan (Season 7)
  • The Fugitoid (Seasons 2, 3 and 7)
  • Tang Shen ("Tale of Master Yoshi")


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