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Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue

1990 animated TV film directed by Milton Gray

Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue is a 1990 American animated drug-abuse prevention television special starring many of the popular cartoon characters from American weekday, Sunday morning, and Saturday morning television at the time of the film's release.

Directed by Milton Gray, Marsh Lamore, Bob Shellhorn, Mike Svayko, and Karen Peterson.
Drugs don't stand a chance against these guys!(taglines)



  • There's nothing cool about a fool on drugs!


  • Two sounds you can't miss. The sound of a breaking piggy and the sizzle of hot lasagna.


Smoke: Listen to me, Mikey.
Michael: I think I've listened to you long enough!
Smoke: You can't get rid of me this easily! I'll be back, and you can bet on it!
Michael: He's right, you know. He will try to come back.
Corey: When he gets here, we'll be ready for him! Right, guys?
All Cartoons: Right!

Alvin and the ChipmunksEdit

Theodore: What's all this for?
Alvin: Either someone's conducting a major chemistry experiment or this is a serious no-no!
ALF: Toto, something tells me we're not in cartoon territory anymore.
Theodore: What's that funny smell?
Simon: I hate to suggest this, but my guess would be... marijuana. An unlawful substance used to experience artificial highs.


  • Drugs don't stand a chance against these guys!
  • A Million Ways to say no

Smoke: Well, you look like three fine young ones. You know, I might have something here you'd like to try. Something to make you feel real good.

Stella: (singing) There's a million wild and wonderful ways to say no

Chuck: No thanks!

Fly: No way!

Eliot: Better learn a few and take 'em wherever you go

Fly: No dice!

Chuck: No sir!

Eliot: If your pal says, "Let's get high"

Ronnie Anne: Here's a practical reply

Patrick: Go ahead, let it fly, spit right in his eye and say

Spongebob, Patrick, Fly and Chuck: No!

Alfred, Camille, Milo: There's a million international ways to say no

Dexter: Those drugs are so boring.

Stella and Lily: All around the world the smart guys are giving up dough

Eliot: I've been training for football.

Kaytoo: In Berlin, they just say "nein"

Doraemon: And they tell me that works fine

Doraemon, Patrick, Fly, Chuck and Stella: Cause the bottom line's to show your spine and say no

Lincoln: Now you could say beat it, get lost, get out of my face with that stuff

Doraemon: But that could be tactless. You may prefer cool, like this:

Eliot: I'll catch you guys later, okay?

Owen: I've got too much homework. It's rough.

Kaytoo: I'm late for my baseball game and I'll miss my ride

Patrick: My kid sister needs me

Doraemon: Her hamster died

Mimi: Gotta hurry home

Spongebob: There's no time to kill

Patrick: So I'll catch you later

Owen and Mimi: Like heck I will!

Alfred, Camille, Milo: There's a million wild and wonderful ways to say no

Spongebob: Ah-choo! Guess I'm allergic.

Clyde: And a good excuse is something you never outgrow

Mimi: It's bad for my complexion.

Eliot: When your pals say, "Let's get wrecked!"

Chuck: Muster up your self-respect

Owen: Go on, push eject, protect yourself.

Owen, Fly, Chuck and Stella: Get up and go!

Patrick: Be the first one on your block to say,

Doraemon: "Eh, forget it, doc".

Stella and Lily: Try a couple of those wonderful ways to say no.

Mimi: But you forgot one! Wait!

Lincoln, Clyde and Ronnie Anne (Owen just lip-syncs): There's a million zillion wonderful ways to say no.

Mimi: Stand back, I'll demonstrate!

All: There's a million jillion wonderful ways to say

Mimi: HI-YAH!

All: No!


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