Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem

2023 computer-animated film, directed by Jeff Rowe

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem is a 2023 American computer-animated superhero film. The film stars Nicolas Cantù, Brady Noon, Micah Abbey, Shamon Brown Jr, Ayo Edebiri, Maya Rudolph, John Cena, Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne, Natasia Demetriou, Giancarlo Esposito, Jackie Chan, Ice Cube Paul Rudd, Austin Malone and Hannibal Buress. The film takes place as a reboot of the turtles wanting to be accepted by human society. They get their chance when human April O'Neil documents their attempt to stop a criminal mastermind known as Superfly, only to learn that the criminal and his gang are all mutants, who plan to mutate the world so mutants become the dominant species.

Directed by Jeff Rowe. Written by Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, Jeff Rowe, Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles edit

Leonardo edit

  • Master Splinter has given us a very important mission for tonight. The target is across the street. We must use stealth and cunning to infiltrate the human world and retrieve... Go-Gurt.
  • Look, we're really sorry, Splinter. Some of the guys wanted to see a movie, and I tried to talk them out of it.
  • I mean, it's 2023, Mikey.
  • I would love to have a champagne brunch with Tom Brady.
  • We've prepared our whole lives for this.
  • We eat danger for breakfast.

Raphael edit

  • Enough talk! I dream about fighting every night!
  • Let's try that again, but with ninja stars!
  • Just stop talking! You're ruining my concentration.
  • Well, nothing we can do. You guys wanna grab a pizza?
  • If you're in high school you can totally hijack a parade.
  • I'm awesome.

Donatello edit

  • You're fine, chill. He's going to die.
  • I can't believe there are other mutants, like us!
  • We take out Superfly, and everyone will think we're cool. They'll accept us!
  • You are really driving these metaphors to the ground.

Michelangelo edit

  • Hey, why did we pick a fruit shaped exactly like my head?
  • You ratted us out!
  • Can we explain this over some pizza?
  • Hey, guys. If we weren't monsters that were shunned by society, and we could do what we wanted, what would you guys do?

Splinter edit

  • [from trailer] 1 day, and 15 years ago, everything changed. We was covered in this ooze someone dumped in the sewers. Whatever this ooze was, it transformed us. It was weird, but we became a family.
  • My son, Michelangelo, you have heart. Donatello, you have wisdom. Raphael, you have bravery. And Leonardo, honor.
  • Hey! Don't use that word that way.
  • [When a TCRI guard calls him Ratatouille] Don't call me Ratatouille.

April O'Neil edit

  • This is insane. Turtle. Mutant. Karate. Teens. I want to know everything about you.
  • [from trailer] So you were baby turtles, who've made contact with mystery goo.
  • Maybe you're not the only one who wants to be heroes so people like them.
  • [upon seeing Superfly's Gang of Mutants] Oh my God I'm going to win a daytime Emmy.
  • Sorry, am I supposed to film all the stuff you do? Because a lot of it is dumb.

Superfly edit

  • Six in the morning police at my door.
  • Y'all some little tortoises, huh?
  • [from trailer] You want to roll with us? Humans are never going to like us. So I decided to kill all the humans and let the mutants rule the earth.
  • Man, I almost thought you were cool. See you in hell turtles.
  • [Ray Fillet is singing a sad song] Ray Fillet, shut your mouth! If I wanted to listen to something sad, I'd go listen to some damn John Legend or something, man!
  • [When the turtles suggest that they may not be on board with the plan to kill all humans] Well that would mean......That I was wrong about you. [ominous pauses] And ya'll not as cool as I thought you were. And that right there, piss me off! [stomps out a fire hydrant]
  • [After mutating into Super Duper Fly] Oh hell yeah! Look at me. Look at me! I ain't just Superfly, I'm Super Duper Fly! [chuckles] That's Missy Elliot, super duper fly.
  • [when telling the turtles his and the other mutant's origins; Leo and Donnie say that Splinter hide them from the world] Well not me. That sound like a punk choice. Know what I did? I beat that fool down. Touched that chin. Molly-Whopped him! [slams his claw on the table] Whop! Whop! To an inch of his life! [crushes a ketchup bottle] BOP! That's when I decided to kill all the humans, and let the mutants rule the earth.

Dialogue edit

Donnie: What?!
[Splinter catches the Turtles sneaking back in late]
Splinter: Boys, where have you been? I've been freaking out!
[the Turtles explain that they were shopping; they try to go to their rooms]
Splinter: [suspicious] Wait... you said you were going shopping, then you'd come right back. Where were you?
[The Turtles then make up numerous excuses]
Leo: Sorry, Splinter. Some of the guys wanted to catch a movie, and I tried to talk them out of it.
Donnie, Mikey, and Raph: LEO!!
Splinter: Watch a movie?! With the HUMANS?! [he shudders]
Mikey: You ratted us out!
Splinter: Hey! Don't use that word that way.
[Leo, Raph and Donnie join in on the chastising]
Mikey: Sorry, dad.

Leo: GO!
Raph: Enough talk! I dream about fighting every night!
Donnie: [concerned] You have a rage problem, Raph.
Raph: It's not a problem! [trips and accidentally throws one of his sai, which ends up in Donnie's leg. Donnie screams]
Leo: OH MY GOD! Oh my-I'm gonna be sick...
Mikey: Leo, what happened?! Is Donnie bleeding?
Donnie: It's still in my leg!
Raph: It was an accident!
Leo : Mikey, WATCH OUT!

Mikey: Uh-oh!
[the turtles are on a rooftop]
Raph: Lob it up. Lob it up! [Mikey then throws a watermelon upwards, which Raph cuts with one of Leo's katanas]
Mikey: That was sick!
Raph: Let's try that again, but with ninja stars!
[cut to Mikey holding a watermelon with his crudley drawn face on it]
Mikey: I'm kinda nervous, guys!
Donnie: You're fine, chill! [to himself] He's gonna die.
Mikey: Why did we pick a fruit shaped exactly like my head?
Donnie: Your head looks like Stewie had a baby with "Hey Arnold!".
Raph: Stop talking, you're ruining my concentration!

[The Turtles are waiting for Superfly to arrive, when a low-riding car, a monster truck, and a motorcycle pull in]
Raph: Oh man, they're gonna be so scared when they see that they're about to roll up on a bunch of mutants!
[Then, a warthog mutant, Bebop, steps out of the monster truck, holding a boombox. He turns it on, and "Wake up in the Sky" by Bruno Mars, Kodak Black, and Gucci Mane starts playing. A rhino mutant, Rocksteady, then steps off of the motorcycle. The two mutants vibe to the song]
April O'Neil: Oh my god, I'm gonna win a Daytime Emmy.
[The Turtles then panic in the van while another mutant, a bipedal housefly with a pincer for his right hand steps out, also vibing to the song. The turtles then realize that, as more mutants step out of the other vehicles, this is Superfly.]
Superfly: Yo. C'mon team. Let's get the goods. [He leaps onto the van and breaks the windshield. The Turtles scream.] Yo! [The Turtles scream again] What? [The Turtles scream again] Ya'll some little tortoises, huh? Look at you! Damn! Ya'll adorable, man. Bad Bernie, got some turtles on the payroll.
Leo: [stammers] We're not with Bernie, we're here to find you.
Donnie: I can't believe that there are more mutants! Like us!
Superfly: This is wild! Like, this is crazy! Wait, let me guess, 15 years ago, right, some sludge was dumped in a sewer, and y'all came from that.
Raph: Well, we prefer the term ooze, but yeah.
Leo: Its like more-- It's just nicer sounding
Raph: It rolls off the tongue better, yeah. [the Turtles then repeat the word "ooze"]
Leo: It's nice, right? It's ooze.
Superfly: Damn! Ooze. I like that. I like ooze. So, look, that same ooze made me, okay? My dad, Baxter Stockman, he's the one who dumped the ooze down the drain, baby. So, technically, we cousins.
[The turtles are excited over their new cousins]
Mikey: I've always wanted a cousin!
Superfly: Well look at ya now, ya got a bunch. I'm so sorry, I didn't introduce my peeps. [points to Bebop and Rocksteady] This is Bebop and Rocksteady.
Bebop: Hey, what'cha lookin' at, punks?
Rocksteady: Yeah bro, what'cha lookin' at?
Superfly: [points to a mutant bat] Right here we got Wingnut.
Wingnut: Hi! Wing-wave!
Superfly: [points to mutant manta-ray] This is Ray Fillet.
Ray Fillet: [singing] Ray Fillet... [holds note]
Superfly: Stop singing, fool! Say your name right.
Ray Fillet: Uh...Ray Fillet.
Superfly: [points to mutant crocodile] Leatherhead.
Leatherhead: [in Australian accent] Ah, g'day fellas!
Superfly: [points to a small mutant bullfrog] That's Ghenghis Frog.
[the Turtles make baby sounds at how small Ghenghis Frog is]
Ghenghis Frog: [in a shockingly adult voice] Don't patronize me.
Superfly: We still working on the name. [to Ghengis Frog] Yo, your name is whack, man! [points to a mutant cockroach] This is ScumBug. She only speaks vermin.
ScumBug: [blabbers]
[the Turtles recoil in disgust]
Superfly: Lastly, [points to a mutant gecko] this is Mondo Gecko.
Mondo Gecko: Wassup, bros? [he hugs the Turtles]
Mikey: This one seems nice. I like his vibe!
Mondo: I like your vibe!
Mikey: I like your vibe!
Mondo: I like your vibe!
Mikey: I like your vibe!
Mondo: Digging your vibe!
Mondo and Mikey: I like your vi-ibe!
Superfly: Mondo, quit hugging everybody!

Superfly: My earliest memory was my dad telling me he was lonely. He just wanted a family, man. [Baxter Stockman shows a baby Superfly his siblings in ooze canisters] That's why he created us. [the TCRI security team barges in] That's when the place he worked for sent the ops to take him out. [Baby Superfly takes the canisters containing his siblings to an abandoned shipyard] I ran away with my little siblings and took care of them.
Bebop: He did a great job!
Rocksteady: Sure did.
Bebop: We're very well adjusted!
Superfly: And we thought, "Yeah, these humans killed our dad, but maybe, just maybe, they not all bad." So one night, we hit the town. [The mutants walk toward a food vendor, who screams and slams his door shut. Cut to the mutants running through an alley] It didn't go well. There was even one dude who wouldn't stop chasing us. He wanted to kill us!
Leo: Oh my God! That-That's what happened to us!
Donnie: That's when our dad made us live in the sewer for our entire lives!
Superfly: Well, not me. That sounds like a punk choice. Y'know what I did? I beat that fool down. Touched that chin. Molly-Whopped him! [he slams his claw on the table] Whop! Whop! To an inch of his life! [he crushes a ketchup bottle] BOP! [The ketchup splatters on the Turtles and Scumbug] That's when I decided to kill all the humans, and let the mutants rule the Earth.
April: That's bad! That's very bad... for me.

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