Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012 TV series)

US 2012 animated TV series by the Nickelodeon Animation Studio in the franchise of the same name

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is an American cartoon series by the Nickelodeon Animation Studio in the franchise of the same name, premiered on September 29, 2012 on Nickelodeon. It currently airs on Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m.


Season One (2012-2013)Edit

Rise of The Turtles, Part 1Edit

(Leonardo and Michaelangelo are sparring)
Michaelangelo: Oh, yeah! Michelangelo is on the move! You don't know what to do! I'm here! I'm there! I could be anywhere! How do you stop what you can't even see?
Leonardo: (Hitting Michelangelo in the gut with the pommel of his Katana handle) Like that.
Mikey: (On the floor, breath knocked out of him) Good one, Leo.

(Raphael and Donatello are sparing)
Raphael: (popping neck and shoulder joints) Alright, Donnie, put down the staff, and no one gets hurt.
Donatello: Uh, you said that last time, Raph, and then you hurt me.
Raph: Yeah... but less than I would have.
Don: Yeah, right!
(Later, Raphael wins the spar, and snaps Donnie's staff in two)
Donnie: Should have dropped the staff?
Raph: (In confirmation) Should have dropped the staff.

(Raphael and Leonardo are about to spar)
Leo: Onegaishimasu.
Raph: Whatever you say.

(Spars have finished, Raphael won)
Splinter: (Off-screen) Yame! You all did very well.
Raph: But I did better.
Splinter: This is about self-improvement, Raphael, it is not about winning and losing.
Raph: (Flushed with success) I know, sensei, but I won and they lost. (Splinter pinches a painful pressure point on Raph's neck) Aah, aah, aah! But, what's really important is that we all did our best. (crying) GOOD JOB, EVERYONE! (Splinter lets go) Aah!
Splinter: Heh, heh, heh, heh.

(Leo, Raph and Donnie are eating algae and worms in the kitchen)
Mikey: There's a little more algae and worms left if anyone wants it. Anybody? Anybody?
Raph: No thanks.
Leo: I'm good.
Donnie: All yours.
Mikey: Well then, I guess no one left room for cake!
Donnie: It is a cake!
Raph: Made of algae...and worms.
Leo: What's the frosting made out of?
Mikey: You don't wanna know. Happy Mutation Day!
Leo, Raph and Donnie: Happy Mutation Day!

(holding the empty, broken canister of mutagen and wrapping up his story)
Splinter: It was the mysterious substance in this canister that - in a way - gave birth to us all.
Mikey: (Michaelangelo snatches it out of Splinter's hands and hugs it) Mom!

Mikey: [staring at a neon sign for a palm reader] Guys, guys! check this out. A hand made made out of light. [Gasp] Now it's an eye made of light. [Gasp] And the hand again! Now the eye's back! Now the hand!

Mikey: [the 4 stare down hesitantly at a pizza for the first time, Michelangelo volunteers to try it. He gobbles it noisily then lets out a satisfied belch] Uh, yuck. You guys won't like it. I'll take the rest.

Mikey: High 3.

Raph: Give it up already. The guy's not gonna show.
Leo: We have to be patient.
Raph: No, you have to come up with a better plan, 'cause the four of us standing there with our thumbs up our noises...
Mikey: I don't think they'd fit...
Raph: ...Is pointless.
Leo: [Van parks on the corner] You sure about that, Raph?
Raph: He showed up, didn't he? I should've complained two hours ago.
Leo: Gentlemen, I have a bold and daring plan. There's no time for hesitation. My orders must be carried out without question. [Turtles run off leaving Leo alone] Guys? Guys, wait up!

Mikey: Guys! Guys! you're never gonna believe this. That dude, he - he had a brain!
Leo: We all have brains, Mikey.
Donnie: Not all of us.
Mikey: In our chests?
Leo: No, Mikey. not in our chests.
Mikey: You're not listening to me! [Leonardo slaps Michelangelo] Did you just slap me?
Leo: I was calming you down.
Mikey: Why would that calm me down!!?

Splinter: Wisdom comes from experience, and experience comes from making mistakes.

Donnie: Guys, look at that! [Turtles see April walking with her dad] She's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen!
Raph: Isn't she the only girl you've ever seen?
Donnie: My point still stands. [Snake's van pulls up and Kraang exit and attack April and Kirby] We gotta save 'em!
Leo: Splinter's instructions were very clear: we need to stay from people...and bathrooms!
Donnie: Well, I'm going.

Mikey: (a canister of mutagen rolls out of the van and stops by Mikey's feet) Mom?

Rise of the Turtles, Part 2Edit

Leo: So is that the...?
Donnie: Mutagen that turned us all into what we are now.
Mikey: Lets drink some!
Raph: What!? Why would you do that!?
Mikey: 'Cause if you mutate a mutant, you get a super mutant.

April O'Neil: Hey! You can't keep us in here like this! We know our rights!
Kirby O'Neil: I don't think they care about that, April.
April: Well, we can't sit here. We have to do something!
Kirby: Like what?
April: [grunting and groaning] My stomach! The pain is unbearable!

Raphael: How does he managed to be right and still look stupid?
Michelangelo: It's a gift.

Splinter: It is something I had to face in Japan during my battle with my old enemy, the Shredder. Years ago, Oroku Saki, as Shredder was called then, had been my friend. But the love of a woman came between us. He could not accept it and his outrage went into an all-out attack. And although he could not defeat me that day, my world burned and crumbled around me, as the battle took the life of my beloved Tang Shen. And I lost my baby daughter, Miwa.
Leonardo: But that's my point, Sensei. You lost everything.
Splinter: I lost many things- my family, my home, my name. But I gained many things as well- like the four of you.
Leonardo: Don't worry. We can do this.

Splinter: You must be more careful. The ninjas most powerful weapon is the shadows.
'Raph: Relax, Sensei. It's one little news story. What's the worst that could happen?

(In Tokyo, Japan)
The Shredder: So, my old enemy is in New York and training his own army! At last, I can finish what I started, so long ago. Prepare my jet. I'm going to visit an old friend.

Turtle TemperEdit

Splinter: Not only did Raphael alert the Kraang, but you got caught!! On video!!
Raph: Sensei, he was the angriest, nastiest guy you ever met!
Mikey: Except for you.
Raph: You should've heard the insults this guy was throwing at us! They were so...insulting!
Splinter: Oh, I did not realize he said mean things!! Of course! You had no choice but to jeopardize your mission!! You are ninjas. You work in the shadows, in secret. This becomes difficult if there is proof of your existence in high definition!
Raph: Look, we know where this gut lives! All we gotta do is find him and shake him 'till the tape pops out!
Donnie: Oh, there's no tape! Video phones use flash memory and...! (Raph glares)
Splinter: Anger is self-destructive.
Raphael: I always thought it was others-destructive.
Splinter: Raphael! Stand up!

Splinter: Again! Only this time... Leonardo, Donatello and Michelangelo, insult Raphael.
Donatello: [confused] Wait, insult... him?
Splinter: Yes.
Don: And he can't fight back?
Splinter: No.
Donnie: I'm feeling good about this plan.

Raph: I'll make it worth your while. (very angry) I WON'T TAKE YOUR HEAD AND SMASH IT AGAINST THE--
Leonardo: Okay, okay, thank you Raphael. I will take over.

Raph: What did I do?
Leo: What did you do!? You left the three of us in the middle of the fight to yell at somebody!!

Raph: You understand me, don't you, Spike? Chew on your leaf if you understand me. [Spike chews on leaf] Yeah, I thought so.
Splinter: [Suddenly appearing behind him] I understand you, too.
Raph: Seriously, you gotta knock or something!
Splinter: Let me tell you a story.
Raph: Sensei, I'm not really in the mood for a story.
Splinter: Spike, chew on your leaf if you're in the mood for a story. [Spike chews on leaf] Very well. When I was a young man, I fell in love with a woman.
Raph: Oh, is it that late already? [Tries to leave]
Splinter: Sit! [Raph sits down and he continues] Her name was Tang Shen, and I was not the only one who loved her. There was another man competing for her attention: Oroku Saki.
Raph: Shredder.
Splinter: One day, he insulted me in front of her. He called me many things. I felt I couldn't let those insults go unanswered. I lost my temper, and overtime our rivalry festered into hatred. Until Shredder sought to finish me, and I lost my beloved Tang Shen.
Raph: But it wasn't your fault. Shredder insulted you. You had no choice!
Splinter: No choice? I could have chose to ignore him. I could have chose to let his words wash over me, like a river over stone. But I let him anger me. It was I who turned his words into weapons. That was the choice I made. What choice will you make?

Raph: Wow, I didn't think this guy couldn't get any uglier!

New Friend, Old EnemyEdit

Raphael: Are you an idiot? Wait, let me rephrase that. You're an idiot!
Donatello: You can't show yourself to a human.
Michelangelo: Why not?
Don: Because they'll freak the heck out, that's why not.
Mikey: No they won't. I'm not so scary.
Raph: You're an ugly, green mutant armed with ninja weapons.
Mikey: Look, this guy is gonna see that I'm just a regular cat-loving dude like him. We'll be best buds! This is gonna be awesome!
(jumps down, despite his brother's protests, to the owner of the cat's balcony)
Mikey: Hi! Here's your--
Cat Owner: Gah! Ugly, green mutant freak!
Mikey: But I got your cat!
Cat Owner: Help! He's got my cat!

(just fallen off the roof of the cat owner in an alley, surrounded by his brothers)
Mikey: Does someone wanna help me with this?
(he turns to reveal the cat still clawing at his shell)
Raph, Donnie and Leo: No.

[Splinter tackles Leo to the ground with his staff]
Splinter: Was that fair?
Leo: (On the ground) No!
Splinter: Did I win?
Leo: I see your point.
(Splinter helps him up)
Splinter: Seek victory, not fairness.

Splinter: Where did you learn that!!?
Leo: Mikey learned it from his new friend.
Splinter: The man who taught him that kata is no friend! It comes from the Shredder!!
Donnie: Shredder?
Leo: You mean Bradford is one of his students?
Splinter: He must be!
Leo: So Bradford's just pretending to be Mikey's friend to get to you!
Raph: Oh, man. Everything makes sense again. Mikey's in trouble!
Note: This episode's focused on Michelangelo.

I Think His Name is Baxter StockmanEdit

Splinter: How many times have I told you 'not to skateboard in the lair'?!
Michelangelo: None, Sensei.
Splinter: I shouldn't have to tell you!

Raphael: Ugh! This bites! I can't believe we're stuck down here for a whole week!
Donatello: Guys, guys! You wanna see what I made?
Raph: This is how bored I am. Yes, Donnie, I do.

Raph: You're really going to plug an advanced piece of military technology directly into Mikey's head? What if it melts his brain?
Don: It won't. And even if it did, who'd know the difference?
(Mikey presses play, he starts screaming)
Mikey: IT'S POLKA! MAKE IT STOP! MAKE IT STOP!! (Donnie presses stop) Thanks.
(Mikey starts dancing, much to the surprise of the other turtles)
Raph: That's it. I gotta get out of here.

Leo: Guys, we're ninjas. We move swiftly, and, here's the important part, silently.
(Leonardo falls through a skylight, and fumbles over several crates and tables] [Smacks into a beehive, crashes through the wall, falls down the fire escape, and crashes on the ground, Car alarms go off.)
Raph: That wasn't very silent, Leo!

Leo: Halt, villain!
Raph: "Halt, villain!"? When did we start talking like that?
Leo: We're heroes. That's how heroes talk.

Leo: How did he upgrade his armor so fast?
(They notice he has the T-pod)
Donnie: He has the T-pod?!
Mikey: Oh, uh... heh, I might've dropped that during the fight.
Donnie: You dropped it during the fight?! Nice going, Mikey!
Mikey: It's your fault!
Donnie: How is it my fault?!
Mikey: You know I can't be trusted with nice things! (Donnie glares)

Baxter Stockman: "I'm not Baxter Stockman. I am... "the Baxman"!" No, "I am "The Suitinator"!" Oh, that's terrible. "Captain... Punch You... Hard!". Oh, why is this so difficult?!
Mikey: I kind of like "the Suitinator".
Baxter: You guys again!
Leo: Alright, Baxter. We don't want to hurt you.
Raph: We don't? Did I miss a meeting?

Leo: Ah! Sensei!
Splinter: And where have you been?
Raph: Uh... nowhere?
Splinter: How did you get so hurt?
Leo: Oh that. We were, um...
Raph: ...Hit...
Donnie: ...By a...
Mikey: ...Bus?
(Splinter looks incredulous, Mikey's teeth fall out)
Donnie: (whispers to Mikey) Hit by a bus?!
Mikey: (whispers to Donnie) Well, what was I supposed to say? Meteor, cow, flying building?
Splinter: Enough!! Tell me what happened.

Splinter: The first rule of being a ninja is do no harm. Unless you need to do harm, then do lots of harm!

Mikey: Excuse me, Sensei, but ninjas never had to go up against guys in armor. [Sees paintings] Oh, I mean ninjas always had to go up against guys in armor.
Raph: Nice save.
Leo: Sensei, what was their secret?
Splinter: They understood that you do not fight the armor, you fight the man inside.
Mikey: [Turtles stare at him who looks at them] Why are we all looking at each other?
Note: This episode's usually focused on Mikey.


Donatello: How am I supposed to fight advanced alien technology with a stupid stick!!?

(Donnie's staff is cut in half by a laser)
Donnie: Oh, come on!!
Mikey: Dude, your weapon just exploded.

[Splinter brings Donatello a new Bo-Staff]
Raphael: Look, Spike. Donnie got a new stick to break.
Don: With all due respect Sensei, I can't keep fighting alien technology with a six-foot staff. I was hoping to upgrade my weapon.
Splinter: Hm... a seven foot staff. Interesting.
Donnie: No, I meant using modern technology.
Splinter: Ah, a solar-powered staff.
Donnie: I'm serious, sensei.
Splinter: I know. And yes you may upgrade your weapon.
Donnie: That's totally unfair! You can't just--Did you just say yes?
Splinter: Ninjas have improved their arsenal for decades. We are masters of adaptation.

April: Hey, guys, check out this post I got.
Raph: Hang on, April, I just have to destroy "Lame-onardo".
[he beats Leo in a game and does a victory dance.]

[Metalhead walks toward the group]
Metalhead (Donatello): Take me to your leader.
Michelangelo: [bored] Leo, it's for you.
Leonardo: What is this thing?
Donnie: Gentlemen, and Raphael, this is the future of ninjitsu.
Raph: I always thought the future of ninjitsu would be taller.
Mikey: He's so cute. [tickles Metalhead] Goochy-goochy-goo. [Metalhead activates all of his weapons]
Donnie: Heh. He doesn't like being tickled.

[The turtles meet with April, and Metalhead falls into a dumpster. He bangs around, and turns the dumpster on it's side. He bangs around some more, and finally gets out.]
Raph: Still, it's stealthier than the real Donatello.

(Metalhead and April are waiting on the roof for Leo, Raph and Mikey)
Metalhead (Donnie): So... do you like heavy metal?

Donnie: [Watching April through the monitor] Look at her. She's so beautiful. On this monitor, she can't even tell I'm staring.
April: You do know that's not muted, right?
Metalhead (Donnie): Ahh! Of course. I mean, if it was muted, you couldn't hear me joking. [Smacks his head and presses a button on the controls. Metalhead's megaphone activates] Man, I hope she bought that.
April: That's the megaphone.
Metalhead (Donnie): [With the megaphone] I know![Turns megaphone off] So, how do you think the fight's going?

(Metalhead bursts through the skylight just as Mikey, Raph and Leo are cornered by the Kraang)
Leo: What are you doing? What is wrong with your arms?
Metalhead (Donnie): My hands aren't on my hips?
Leo: NO!
Metalhead (Donnie): (fixes his arms) Sorry. Forgot to press 'B'.

Donnie: [Donnie's new laser-guided, missile-launching BO-staff invention begins to shake uncontrollably] It's not supposed to do that! [To his brothers] RUN!
[Leo, Mikey and Raph scream and run away as the episode ends.]
Note: This episode's focused on Donatello.

Monkey BrainsEdit

Leonardo: I bet that wasn't on his flow chart. [Flips board over and examines flow chart.] Whoa, it is. That is spooky.

April: Careful, Donnie, that's a dangerous mutant!
Donatello: That makes two of us!

April: It looks like Rockwell found a way to modify the mutagen.
Leo: But why would he do that?
April: He tried to create a nureo-chemical that would temporarily give someone psychic abilities.
Raph: That monkey was psychic?
April: It seemed like he was reading our emotions. After all, he was only hostile when Donnie was hostile.

Splinter: I am curious, April. How did you know the monkey was really a human?
April: I don't know. Sometimes I just get a feeling about things.
Splinter: A feeling? Interesting.

Splinter: April, it seems you have a rare gift- a sensitivity I have trained my entire life to develop. I would like to train you to be a kunoichi, a female ninja.
April: Wow. That's quite an honor. If I do this, does that mean I can kick everybody's butt?
Splinter: We do not believe in using our abilities that way.
April: Oh, sure. But I could, right?
Splinter: Yes. But it will the most difficult challenge you have ever faced. It will drain you physically, mentally and spiritually.
April: Can't be worse than high school.
Note: This episode centers around Donatello and April, whose innate psychic abilities are first indicated here.

I MonsterEdit

Splinter: Everything I knew is gone- my wife, my daughter. You four are all I have left.

Michelangelo: I can think of a lot more better names than "The Rat King"! There's "Ratzilla", "the Verminator", "Lord Rattington"...
Leonardo: We get it, Mikey.

Leo: Mikey, poke him.
Mikey: No way! I'm not poking him! You poke him!
Leo: OK, we'll put it to a vote.
Raphael, Donatello and Leonardo: Mikey!
Mikey: I want a re-count!

Never Say XeverEdit

Donatello: Are you saying turtles are slow?
Michelangelo: That's a hurtful stereotype.
Leonardo: Trust us, April, we are better keeping a low profile. We figured out people treat us better if they don't know we exist.
April: Sorry, I'm just so excited to finally get you out of the sewer for a change.
Raphael: What are you talking about? We go out all the time.
April: Yeah, but tonight your gonna do something besides hitting people.
Raph: (disappointed) Awe...

April: (talking to the turtles) Don't worry. You're going to love this noodle place a found.
Don: (nervous) And you're sure we'll be welcome?
April: Oh, yeah, Mr. Murakami doesn't care what you look like. In fact, he won't even know what you look like. He's blind.
Mikey: Awesome! (Raph slaps him) I mean, for us, obviously.

Mikey: Sure. We could've been hit in the face with pies.

Leo: No more "Mr. Nice Turtle".
Raph: Yes! I never liked "Mr. Nice Turtle".

Bradford: How could you be so sure they weren't bluffing?
Xever: I wasn't.

The GauntletEdit

April: I am being hunted... by a giant pigeon!
[Raphael laughs but pauses as he notices nobody is laughing.]
Raphael: I can't be the only one who's finds that funny.
Donatello: It's not funny Raph, there's a creature out there trying to hurt my April...! [April stares.] Our April... April.

April: He would have torn me into pieces... if he hadn't slammed into the glass.
[Raphael laughs and pauses again.]
Raph: Really? Just me?

April: (acting as bait) Here I am, walking around in the big city, all alone! Oh, I sure hope some pigeon man doesn't come out and attack me! That would be the last thing I would want!
Don: What are you doing?!
April: (normal voice) You wanted me to be bait, I'm bait!
Donnie: That's not how bait talks!
April: How do you know how bait talks?
Donnie: I know bait doesn't talk back.
Leo, Raph and Mikey: (come out of hiding positions) Ooooh!
Michelangelo: Oh, no, you didn't.

Pete: I have a name you know!
Raph: Yeah, we just don't care what it is.

Leonardo: So to sum up, we kicked the butts of the Kraang and Shredder's top henchmen while defusing a bomb and saving the city.
Raphael: Yeah. We're not overconfident.
Leonardo: We're just that good.

Shredder: Your skills are impressive. But they will not save you.
Donatello: Oh, man. You think that's the Shredder?
Raphael: Well, it's definitely a Shredder.
Shredder: There is undoubtedly a fascinating story as to how my old nemesis came to teach ninjitsu to four mutant turtles. Perhaps I will one of you live long enough to tell it.
Leonardo: You're gonna have to catch us first!

Panic in the SewersEdit

Raphael: I can't believe I'm gonna say this (Imitates character from Space Heroes) "Get it together, captain! You're our leader, so act like one."
Leonardo: You're right, Raph. That was the anxiety ray talking.
Raph: What, that's it? You're not gonna slap yourself?
[Leo shrugs.]

Michelangelo: (being chased by Donnie after hitting him with a water balloon) You're next, Leo! Dr. Prankenstein makes house calls!

Mousers Attack!Edit

Leonardo: (To Donnie and Mikey) Look, guys, Raph and I may be better fighters, but you´re still an important part of this team.
Donatello: (annoyed) As important as you two?
[Leo and Raph look at each other.]
Leo: Humm... Very important. We shouldn't compare ourselves. It's like apples and oranges.
Raphael: (Muttering) Yeah, if apples were way better, which they are.
Don: So, the truth comes out.
Michelangelo: You guys think of us as some kind of... B Team!
Raph: (To Mikey) Good one, Dr. Namenstein. We'll call you "The B Team"!
Mikey: Thanks... (realizes) I mean, Hey!

Fishface: If I weren't stuck in here, I would have caught Splinter by now!
Dogpound: But you are stuck in there. [starts tapping the glass in Fishface's fish tank, creating vibrations that harm Fishface's hearing]
Fishface: No-no-no-no! Stop that! Stop that! Ow! Ow! Stop it! Ow! Stop it!
Dogpound: [laughs] I'm sure you'll have your chance to shine one of these days. Master Shredder might get hungry for sushi.
Fishface: Why don't you get in the water and say that!
Shredder: Enough, Xever! Bradford is right, you are useless to me this way! [to Dogpound] I'm counting on you, find me information I can use, or Xever won't be the only one missing his legs.

Raph: Dexter Speckman!
Baxter: It's Baxter Stockman!
Raph: I was close!

Raph: That got 'em.
(more M.O.U.S.E.R.S. show up)
Leo: Oh, come on!

Leonardo: Not so fast Dogpound and- Dexter Speckman!?

(Leo snatches up April's phone and points his katana at Baxter)
Baxter: How did you escape my MOUSERS?
Leonardo: We didn't.
Note: This episode's focused on Donnie and Mikey... or Leo and Raph.

It Came From the DepthsEdit

Joan Grody: Are malicious mutants menacing Manhattan?

Guy on TV: It was like part-man, part-reptile, and all-monster! It came outta nowhere and attacked me!
[Leo and Donnie stare at Raph.]
Raphael: It wasn't me!

Leonardo: We are not taking that monster home with us!
Michelangelo: He's not a monster! He's a giant, Kraang-crushing, mutant alligator monster! (Mikey realizes what he just said) I just said "monster", didn't I?
Raphael, Donatello and Leonardo: (While nodding) Yeah.
Mikey: Well, you know what I meant!
Raph: I thought you meant "monster".
Donatello: Yeah.
Leo: Mm-hm.

Splinter: Raphael, there is no monster more dangerous then a lack of compassion.
[Hears Leatherhead growl in his sleep.]
Splinter: My mistake...

Mikey: Guys, you're doing what everyone else does to us: judging him by his looks.
Donnie: And, the fact that he had me by the face, Mikey!!

Mikey: It's like you always say, Master Splinter; "the enemy of my enemy is my bro".
Splinter: That is not exactly what I said.

Donnie: But we're still chaining him up, right?
Splinter: Of course, I am compassionate, not insane.

Raph: Sometimes it's good to be a turtle... [Puts his head in shell when something comes flying at him. Leonardo and Donatello freak out until Raphael pops his head back out.] ...And sometimes it's good to be a short turtle...

(Talking to Leatherhead while the mutant crocodile is chained to one of the pillars in the lair)
Mikey: Maybe you just think you're a monster 'cause everyone keeps treating you like one.
Leatherhead: You are wise beyond your years.
Mikey: Yeah. I get that a lot.
Note: This episode's focused on Mikey.

New Girl in TownEdit

Michelangelo: NO, not the pizza guy! Take Donnie!
Donatello: (slightly annoyed) Snakeweed's getting away!

Karai: Not bad.
Leonardo: Uh, thanks.
Karai: You might actually be a challenge.
(throws blinding powder at Leo and pushes him into the ground, pointing her short tanto knife)
Karai: Guess not. My name's Karai.
Leonardo: Huh?
Karai: See you around.
Leonardo: What was that?

Mikey: Leo's back! And he's been crying! (runs over and hugs him) Oh, you missed us!
Leonardo: (pushes him off) I got hit with blinding powder.
Mikey: Sure, you big softie.

(Leo and Raph are fighting)
Mikey: C'mon guys. Let's just hug this out.

Karai: You always talk to yourself?
Leonardo: Sometimes I'm the only one who'll listen.
Karai: I'll listen...when you beg for your life.
Leonardo: Let's see how well you do against someone who can see.
Karai: Let's see how you do against someone who's better than you.
Leonardo: Let's see how you do against- Let's just go!
(The two ninjas starting sparring playfully with their unique fighting styles)
Leonardo: Judkai-interesting.
Karai: Koujokiri- predictable.

Karai: You're good. No wonder we haven't wiped you out yet.
Leonardo: It's not like Shredder hasn't been trying.
Karai: I know. It's all he ever talks about! Revenge, revenge. Vendetta, vendetta.
Leonardo: Really. I take it you don't approve.
Karai: No, I'm fine with it. I'm just saying, he needs a hobby.

Karai: Not bad, but I seen better.
Leonardo: With one blade, maybe. Not with two. (Karai looks impressed and they start sparring again)

Leonardo: You know what? I don't think you're as bad as you pretend to be.
Karai: Oh? What part about "swinging a sword against you" do you not understand?
Leonardo: On the rooftop, you could've finished me but you didn't.
Karai: Because you're the only thing in this city that doesn't bore me. Besides, I don't you're as good as you pretend to be. Don't tell the goody-three-toes thing doesn't wear thin after awhile.
Leonardo: Better then the alternative.
Karai: Which is what? To have fun? To cut loose? To live your own life? Guess I struck a nerve.
Leonardo: Because I beat you?
Karai: You see that high raise?
Leonardo: Yeah.
Karai: Meet me there at midnight.
Leonardo: Why?
Karai: I want to show you something.

April: Leo? Can't this wait till morning?
Leonardo: I met this girl.
April: (excited) Tell me everything!
Leonardo: Well, she's really cool, she's also a martial artist, and, uh, she's in the Foot clan.
(April slaps him)
April: Are you crazy!?
Leonardo: April, she's different. She's...
April: In the Foot clan!
Leonardo: Yeah, but...
April: In the Foot clan!!
Leonardo: Look, I know I shouldn't be hanging out with her
April: Yeah! You got that right! Know why? Cause she's in the Foot clan!
Leonardo: April, she's fun. And I'm tired of being the responsible one. When do I get to have fun?
April: So what does she want from you?
Leonardo: I don't know. I'm meeting her at the bilberry building at midnight. She's got something planned.
April: Yeah, like pushing you off the Bentley building! It's a trap, Leo!
Leonardo: I don't think so. There's good in her. I know there is. I can feel it.
April: I hope you're right.

Shredder: Karai, I have learned you had the opportunity to dispatch Leonardo.
Karai: Really?
Shredder: But you let him go instead.
Karai: That's not true. He escaped.
Shredder: I find that hard to believe.
Karai: He escaped from you, didn't he?
Shredder: Enough!! Next time you see Leonardo, you must finish him!! Understood!?
Karai: I understand...Father.

Mikey: [smells pizza and regains consciousness] Mmm... Pepperoni.
Leo: Works every time.

Raphael: So what's with the girl who tried to kill you?"
Leo: She didn't try to kill me. She saved me."
Raph: She threw a knife at your head."
Leo: She threw a knife near my head."
Raph: She's in the Foot Clan.
Leo: Nobody's perfect.

Note: This episodes focuses on Leonardo who encounters his crush/sweetheart Karai for the first time.

The Alien AgendaEdit

[Baxter Stockman is trying to build mechanical legs for Fishface]
Dogpound: Ah, the mermaid's growing legs!
Baxter Stockman: Please, settle down! Xever, get ready to walk!
[Fishface tries to walk but ends up running amok around the lair while Dogpound cracks up laughing]

Raphael: You knew the Foot was watching us!
Leonardo: Not the Foot! Karai.
Raphael: Karai is the Foot! You knew she was watching and all you did was show off!
Leonardo: I was demonstrating how formidable we are. I knew she wasn't going to attack us.
Raphael: Of course not! She's studying our moves for next time! You don't flirt with the enemy, Leo, you take 'em down!
Leonardo: No! You're wrong about her! She has a good side!
Raphael: Well, if you think that, why don't you tell the others?
Leonardo: Because they wouldn't understand.
Raphael: You really think Mikey and Donnie wouldn't understand? You think Donnie wouldn't understand?
Leonardo: Look, I know what I'm doing!

Leo: How'd I know you show up?
Karai: 'Cuase you're not good at hiding from me?
Leo: Like last night.
Karai: Oh, were you there? I didn't notice. I did see some robots,though. What's their deal?
Leo: Their deal is that they're incredibly dangerous. Stay away from them.
Karai: I like them already. Something else is going on. What is it?
Leo: I'm not sure I should tell you anymore. Raphael says I can't trust you.
Karai: He makes a good point. Eventually, I am going to destroy you.
Leo: I don't think you are!
Karai: Really? And what do you think this is!?
Leo: I think it's a cry for help! I think you're looking for a way out of the Foot clan! And I can help you!
Karai: Ha! You're adorable! Stupid but adorable!
Leo: Re-Really? You think I'm...Ooh!

Michelangelo: Alright, guys. What do you want? Omelet pizza, or Pizza omelet?
Raphael: What's the difference?
Mikey: Okay, you caught my bluff!

Leonardo: We're trapped!
Karai: No, you're trapped. What would happen if I do this? [She's about to press a button]
Raph: No!
Leo: Don't do that!
Kraang Droid: Highly undesirable outcome!
Karai: Well, now I gotta.
(Releases a swarm of mutated animals and plants, causing Mikey to scream like a scared little girl)

Leo: Aren't you gonna help us!? It's you're fault!
Karai: I'll let the heroes handle it.
Leo: I trusted you!!
Karai: I know! That's messed up, right?

Raph: Nice try, Octo-Punk!
Mikey: No, no! Call him, "Oct-Eyeball-jellybug"...! Eh... Let's just call him "Justin".

Leo: Thank you for understanding. I'm glad you're not mad.
Splinter: Who says I'm not mad? (Splinter smashes Leo's foot with his staff.)
Leo: Ow! Ooh! Ah! (Leo grabs his hurting foot.)

Mikey: So...
Don: We're thinking somebody should start talking!
Leo: I should have told you about Karai sooner, but I really thought there was a chance she would be good. And I guess I... sort of liked her. Go ahead, laugh.
Mikey: Dude, I can't believe you trusted her.
Donnie: I can't believe you didn't trust us enough to tell us.
Leo: I was wrong, I'm really sorry.
April: I tried to warn him.
Raph: You too, huh?

Karai: I like your brother, Leo. (slices Kraang droids) He's almost as entertaining as you.
Raph: Oh, when this is over, I'll show you how entertaining I can be.

Raph: So, guys, we all fans of Karai yet?
Donnie: I don't know who she is but I know I hate her!

Raph: Hey look, Leo! The Kraang are on our side now!
Leo: Save it!

Raphael: Glad you came to your senses, bro.
Leonardo: You're right. I don't know what I was thinking.
Raphael: I can see why you think she's hot...in an evil kind of way.
Leonardo: Don't worry. I can so over that.
(After Raph leaves, Leo look slightly dejected, meaning that he still has feelings for Karai)
Note: This episode's focused on Leo and his budding romantic feelings for Karai.

The PulverizerEdit

Pulverizer: [to Leo] You were all like, "Let's finish this!". [to Raph] And you were all like, "You're going down!". [to Mikey] And you were all like, bees[to Donnie] And you... you were like the strong-silent type.

Michelangelo: Dude, Fishface is a little sensitive.
Leonardo: You're calling him "Fishface"?
Mikey: Well, it was either that or "Robocarp".

[Raph is bitten by Fishface]
Mikey: Raph, are you okay?
Raph: Yeah, I'm fine. Fine... I love you.

[over the phone]
Michelangelo: Donnie, we need help!! Raph's been bit by a giant poisonous fish!!
Donatello: That's not possible! If he was bitten, then it's venom, not poison.
Michelangelo: Interesting, interesting. Get over here!!

Donatello: What are his symptoms?
Michelangelo: He keeps telling me I'm the smartest guy he knows.
Donatello: Okay, okay, he's delusional.

Donatello: Does he have any nausea?
Michelangelo: Nah, he doesn't have any... [Raph throws up] Ugh! Check that! What the...? I knew you ate my pizza! YOU LIAR!

Raphael: Why are there fingers on my feet?
Donatello: Hang in there, buddy. You'll be okay. [injects the antidote into Raph]
Raphael: Thanks... magical unicorn.
Note: This episode's focused on Donnie.


Donatello: I know I've seen this symbol; it's so familiar.
Michelangelo: The Olympics!
Don: No!
Mikey: I got it! The Olympics!
Donnie: Stop guessing! Obviously it's a Kraang signal.
Leo: But from where?
Mikey: The Olympics!
Donnie: QUIT IT!!

Donnie: It's beautiful. Uh, Scientifically speaking.
Raph: Well, if you love it so much, why don't you marry it?
Mikey: Do you, Donatello, take this portal to be your lawfully wedded....
Leo: Knock it off!
Note: This episode's focused on Mikey and Donnie.

Cockroach TerminatorEdit

Mikey: Alright, Roachie! Time to meet your maker!
Donnie: Wait, isn't that me?
Mikey: Exactly. Go get 'im, tiger!

Raph: I'm sorry I tried to smash you, okay? I'm sorry. I learned a very important lesson. I'll never be cruel again! Just leave me alone!
Mikey: On one condition.
Raph: Anything!
Mikey: Be good to Michelangelo.
Raph: (screams) What?!
Mikey: Let him read your comics once in a while.
Note: This episode's focused on Raph.

Baxter's GambitEdit

Mikey: Hey, Baxtin!
Baxter: It's Baxter.
Mikey: I was wondering, what made you so interested in a career of super villainy?
Baxter: Well, since you won't be around to read my autobiography, I'll tell you. I was a frail, and delicately sensitive young child.
Dogpound: Well, there's a surprise.

April: (about the black-and-white photograph of Splinter's family) Who are they?
Splinter: That is me, my wife and daughter before Shredder...
April: The baby, she's beautiful.
Splinter: Yes. Miwa would have been your age now. I would like to think she turned out as well as you have, my child. Which reminds me. Wait here.

Splinter: I had intended to one day pass this on to my daughter. But I would like you to have it.
April: It's beautiful.
Splinter: Yes. And...
(Throws the Tessen fan at the Sacred Tree)
April: I think we found my weapon.

Enemy of My EnemyEdit

(Attacks Leo with her tanto)
Karai: You really know how to make a girl feel welcome. I heard the scrawny one mention the Kraang. What's going on?
Leo: None of your business!
Donnie: And I'm not scrawny. I'm svelte.

Karai: I want to help you fight the Kraang.
Leonardo (flattered): Really? Uh, no. We're enemies, you want to destroy us, your loyal to Shredder. Should I keep going?
Karai: Look, if the Kraang win, we won't have a planet anymore. That makes our fight seem a little pointless.
Leonardo: I doubt Shredder would agree.
Karai: Shredder is short-sighted! He drives me crazy! He's stupid vendetta's gonna take us all down! He may not be able to see that, but I know you do. What do say? Work together for now?
Leonardo: (hesitantly) Sorry, sister.

Leo: If Karai can pull it off.
Donnie: Are you worried about your girlfriend? I see why you guys say that now. It's kinda fun.

(Leo catches Karai in his motorcycle)
Leo: You okay?
Karai: Yeah. Are you?
Leo: Fine.
Karai: I'm not really good at saying thank you.
Leo: And?
Karai: That was it.

(Karai points a missile at them)
Raph: Are you kidding me!!?
Mikey: I do not understand that woman.

Karai: I thought you were better than this!! I thought you were my friend! How could you betray me! You're just as shortsighted and obsessed as Shredder!!
Leonardo: You said yourself how bad Shredder is! Why are you protecting him!? You said he's driving you crazy!
Karai: He drives me crazy because he's my father!
Leonardo: What!? Shredder is your father!? You're Shredder's daughter?
(The Kraang ship flies closer)
Leo: We gotta stop hat thing!
Karai: Our deal's off!! You wanna a feud!? You got one!

Donatello: Leo, it's not that bad. You blew up the Kraang ship.
Leonardo: (dejected) But I always blew our chance to get Karai on our side.
Raph:' Look, she's Shredder's daughter! His blood! She was never gonna be on our side!
Leo: Yeah, maybe you're right. Maybe I just was believing what I wanted to.
Mikey: I've been there, dude. For me, it was leprechauns.
Leo: Are you seriously comparing what I am going through to the time you found out leprechauns aren't real!!?
Mikey: Leprechauns aren't real!!?
Note: This episode's focused on Leo and his blooming romantic feelings for Karai.

Karai's VendettaEdit

Shredder: Let's try this again! Why were you hunting the Turtles!?
Kraangdroid: The Turtles are protecting the life-form that is needed by Kraang. The one known as April O'Neil.
Shredder: Who is this April O'Neil?
Kraangdroid: She is the one known as "the one." She is the link that is missing in the plan of Kraang.
Karai: So this April O'Neil is at the center of everything.
Shredder: Then perhaps we can use her to bring the Turtles out of hiding. Karai, find this girl and bring her to me.

Splinter: Your skills improve every time, April.
April: I could practice all day, sensei.

April: I'm April.
Karai: My name's...Harmony.

Karai: Supon nabe. Turtle soup.
April: Karai.
Karai: In person.

April: Donnie! Karai's after me!!
Donnie: Just try to hang in there, April! And run!! Run for your life!!

Karai: You got guts. Let's see if I can pound that out of you. (April unfolds her Tessen fan) A Tessen. Beautiful, unassuming. But very powerful...in the right hands.

Karai: What makes you so special!!? You're the center of an alien conspiracy, protected by mutants, and trained by a great ninja master!! Why!!
April: I don't know!! I'm flunking trig! My friends are mutants!! Aliens got my dad!! And I lost my mother!!
Karai: What? You lost your mother?
April: (recalls what Splinter had told her about unbalancing her opponent) AHHH!! (Flips Karai down the subway steps) Not bad for a nobody.

The Pulverizer Returns!Edit

Mikey: Look, I'm Leo. (deeper pitched voice) Guys, shhh. We have to be quiet. Ninjas are quiet. Quiet down.
(Raph and Donnie laugh)
Leo: I sound nothing like that!
Raph: (sarcastically) Yes. That's why we're laughing, because you sound nothing like that.
Note: This episode's focused on Donnie.


Mikey: Hey, Raph! Fire the weapons!
Raph: I don't think so.
Mikey: See, that's your problem. If I were in charge of weapons, I'd be firing at things all the time. That mailbox, blam! That newsstand, boom! That port-a-potty, splat!
Leo: And that's why you're not in charge of weapons. Now get back to your station and tell me which way to go.
Mikey: Hmm... okay. Uh, you should turn right... three blocks ago. (Leo, Donnie and Raph groan.)

Raph: Let's trash the place.
Leo: Hold on, Raph. This is a recon mission. We go in there, find out what the Kraang are up to, and then we trash the place.
Raph: Fine. Wake me when we get to the trashing part.

Mikey: I'm beginning to think that he likes that egg more than me.
Raph: Well, the egg talks less than you, so there's that.

Raph: Donatello, you said he was safe. You said you turned him.
Donnie: I did.
Mikey: Did you, Donnie? Did you really? (Pauses) Well, you did, but after you bit me, I was totally wiggin'. I almost passed out, like, 19 times, bro. But I stayed with it long enough, hurt my brain to remember everything you said.

Leo: You finished the antibody yourself?
Donnie: And you were just pretending to be one of us?
Mikey: Yup.
Raph: But that's... smart.
Mikey: Yeah, it is. Just call me Dr. Einstein-enstein.

Mikey: (burps) Pizza me.
Donnie: No, I'm not gonna pizza you.
Mikey: You're right. It's not like I did something incredibly brave and save your life or anything.
Leo: You did save our lives. But you also used my favorite comic book as toilet paper. (grits his teeth)
Mikey: (laughs nervously) Yeah, but I only did it so you would chase me.

Leo: Well, it worked.
Mikey: Wait, stop!
Leo: Mikey! (Leo tackle him)
Mikey: I'm a hero! (crying)
Note: This episode's focused on Leo and Mikey.

Operation: Break OutEdit

Donnie: I got him! April, did you see?
Raph: (kicks Donnie onto the floor, tries to stomp on him and makes Donnie move like a puppet and talk in a high voice) "Hi Mikey!"
Mikey: Whoa, Donnie, amazing! (turns to Leo) He's like a puppet who can throw his voice... to... himself. Wait.

Donnie: What the heck was that?
Raph: I was just having some fun. You know how much Mikey loves the Donnie puppet.
Donnie: Dude, April was watching.
Raph: I'm pretty sure she liked it... too. Wait. You still think you have a shot with her?
Donnie: Well... er, I mean-
Raph: Wow. That's adorable and sad. It's "sadorable". Look, if you wanna impress April, better leave me out of it.

Leo: Why would Donnie try to rescue April's dad by himself?
Raph: Maybe because I told him he has no shot with April?
Leo: What? Why would you say that?
Raph: Because he has no shot with April!
Leo: Well, yeah, but you don't tell him that!
Mikey: The heart's a soft muscle, man. A soft muscle. Squish.

Splinter: Interesting. But I am curious as to why you hear the sound, but I do not.
April: Maybe it's why the Kraang are after me.

Shredder: That alien creature of yours nearly thwarted our objective.
Kraangdroid: Kraang did not expect the Turtle, known as Donatello, to release him. however, this did not prevent the planned rescue of the human who is Kirby O'Neil.
Shredder: The Turtles have undoubtedly brought O'Neil back to their lair. Soon vengeance will be ours.

Showdown, Part 1Edit

Donatello: In six hours, something called the Technodrome is coming through that portal. This the final phase for the Kraang invasion.
Leonardo: But, I thought April was the key to the Kraang plot. And they don't have her.
Donatello: If that thing comes through that portal, well, it sounds like the end of the world.

Splinter: Leonardo, a moment please. With the world at stake, the only thing of importance is that you complete your mission.
Leonardo: Yes, Sensei.
Splinter: No matter what you have to sacrifice...or who.

Karai: Hey, there, Princess. Miss me?
April: Yeah, actually. Last time I saw you, I forgot to give you this!!
(kicks Karai in the stomach)
Karai: You've done well. Now take the message to Splinter.
April: Dad! what are you doing! Dad!!? You brainwashed him!!
Karai: I know. Pretty cool, right?

Shredder: Hamato Yoshi, so glad you could accept my invitation.
Splinter: What you done with April!!?
Shredder: Now that you are here, Miss O'Neil is no longer any use to me. I gave her to my new friends- the Kraang.
Splinter: You fool!! Do you have any idea what you've done!!?
Shredder: Yes. I took your family away and I now I can put an end to you once and for all. What? A rat? I see you are as hideous as those turtles that surround you.
Splinter: Look closely at his face, Shredder, for it is the last thing you will ever see!!

Showdown, Part 2Edit

Splinter: Oroku Saki, you were once my friend. I thought of you as my brother. Fifteen years ago, I was a different man. I had everything I could want- a loving wife and a beautiful daughter. And you, my loyal friend, jealousy consumed you. You sought that which was mine! You took everything that I love! Everything!! And still you hunt me down! So I fight you now to end this!!

Splinter: Why must you persist in this insanity!?
Shredder: You took Tang Shen from me!!
Splinter: She was never yours!

Kraang Prime: April O'Neil.
April: Where am I? What's going on?
Kraang Prime: Like all Kraang, I am called Kraang, but you can call me Kraang. Kraang has need of this planet for Kraang to live on.
April: Uh, thanks, but we're kind of using it. so you came all this way for nothing. Bummer!
Kraang Prime: No. Kraang came all this way for you, April O'Neil! Your mental energy is uniquely attune to this universe. Once Kraang gains this ability, Kraang will transform your world into a world for Kraang!
April: And how are you going to do that exactly? (screams)

Splinter: You never had anything but your hatred! And if you defeat me, you will have nothing!!
Shredder: (laughs evilly) That is where you are wrong! You took something from me! So I took something from you- your daughter!
Splinter: (shocked, dazed) No. It can't be.

(Recognizes Karai as his own long-lost daughter)
Splinter: Miwa?
(Karai, or rather Miwa, stabs her biological father and runs to the Shredder's side)
Karai: Father!
Shredder: Karai, that rat is Hamato Yoshi.
Splinter: Miwa.
Karai: My name is Karai!! Father told me what you did to my mother! And now I'm going to return to favor! (lunges for her biological father, tanto held)
Splinter: No!
Karai: Why won't you fight!!? Coward!!

April: Sensei, I want to apologize for the way I spoke to you earlier.
Splinter: No need. You spoke what was in your heart. I am just relieved you made it home safely.
Leonardo: What's wrong, sensei?
Splinter: I learned some things from the Shredder.
Leonardo: Like what?
Splinter: That is a story for another time, Leonardo. Tonight is for celebration. After all, it's not everyday you save the world from an alien invasion.

Season Two (2012-2013)Edit

The Mutation SituationEdit

Leonardo: It seems like you been avoiding us lately, April.
April: It's not my fault. Dad's alien abduction nightmares are getting worse. He barely let's me out of the house.
Kirby O'Neil: I'm sorry, April. It's just...What if the Kraang are still out there? I'll do anything to protect you.

Leonardo: Guys, I think that mutant was Mr. O'Neil.
Raphael: How do you know?
Leonardo: You see many red-bearded, middle-aged bats running around Manhattan?

Donatello: I promise by Darwin's beard, we'll cure him.
April: You mutated my father!!

Shredder: Where is my shipment?
Kraangdroid: The complications became overly complicated. The ones known as the Turtles sabotaged the shipment. Kraang will make amends.
(turns to his adopted daughter Karai)
Shredder: These creatures are useless. It is time to expand my mutant army on my own.

Invasion of the SquirrelanoidsEdit

Follow the LeaderEdit

Karai: You know, I bet I'd make a small fortune if I sold you to a science lab. Could you imagine the press? "Talking Ninja Turtle found in sewer."
Leonardo: Great. Captured and now totally humiliated. Awesome day, Leo. Awesome day.
Karai: You deserve everything you're getting, Leo! After you betrayed me last time! Foot bots, de-shell him!

Leonardo (as Footbots overwhelm him): Karai!
Karai: I never got to know my mother because your rodent master took her away from me!
Leonardo: Splinter!? That's a lie!!
Karai: Get him out of my sight!!
Leonardo: Karai, listen to me! Splinter would never hurt your mother!

Leonardo: Shredder is lying to you. Splinter would never hurt an innocent. Your grudge is with me! Stay away from my brothers and my sensei! Understand? Believe me, Karai.

Leonardo: I'm sorry to bother you, Master Splinter. I need to ask you some questions- about Karai.
Splinter: It is late, Leonardo. These questions will have to wait for another time.
Leonardo: She said you took her mother away from her. I know it's not true, right?
Splinter: No. It is not true. But the truth is just as difficult.
Leonardo: Tell me, sensei. Trust me.
Splinter: Karai...is my daughter.

Mutagen Man UnleashedEdit

Raphael: [about Super Robo Mecha Force Five] What is this nonsense? It's terrible!
Michelangelo: Terribly AWESOME! I found these old tapes in a dumpster.
Raph: Tapes?
Leonardo: Dude, this is awful!! And you guys complain about Space Heroes.
Raph: Their lips don't even match what they're saying! I could never watch a show this bad!
[a couple minutes later, everyone's glued to the screen]

Mikey: [after stealth attack from Leo] What was that?
Leo: THAT, was a stealth attack. And that is what we're gonna be doing in today's training session.
Mikey: No fair! I couldn't see you coming!
Raph: That's why it's called 'stealth', genius.
Donatello: Why would you eat a slice of pizza you found on the roof anyway?
Mikey: Roof pizza is like one of my top ten favorite types of pizza.

April: Have you ever actually opened this book?
Casey: Eh, school isn't really my thing. When I graduate, I'm either gonna become a professional hockey player or an international bounty hunter.
April: Those are quite the options.
Casey: Who wants a normal life anyway? Right?

Donnie: Can you believe it? And they were swinging together! SWINGING! And then she looked at him! And I mean that look! It looked like-like this. *doe eyes* Why was she even with him? Because he's human, that's why. BIG DEAL! Do you know how many people are human?

April: [faced with Mutagen Man] Donnie's monster?! Can't I go a WEEK without some mutant attacking me? : [Casey gets in front of her] What are you doing?
Casey: Whatever that thing is, it's pure evil, and completely cool looking!! I'll handle this, sweetheart.
April: "Sweetheart"?

Mikey Gets ShellacneEdit

Karai: Bradford, Xever. Enter.
Fishface: Don't get too comfortable, Karai. Shredder is the only one worthy of that throne.

Leonardo: Blister Stockboy!
Baxter: It's "Baxter Stockman"! [Baxter saw the turtles again] The turtles, Here! Now!
Donatello: He got the centrifuge! Hand it over, Storkman!
Baxter: [almost drops the box] Stockman! And no! I find it first.

[Dogpound put a mutation leash on Baxter Stockman]

Baxter: Is this...mutagen!
Dogpound: I call it insurance. Double-cross us, and boom, we see what you turn into! Maybe so sort of bug.

Karai: Rise and shine, Stockman. You're working for me now. Well, me and the Shredder. Let's move.

Target: April O'NeilEdit

Shredder: So, daughter. You not only disobey my orders in my absence, your petty scheme failed miserably.
Karai: It was those stupid Footbots! They couldn't keep up with the Turtles! But here's the good news- the Kraang have been upgrading them.
Shredder: Hear me, Karai. You will not have anymore dealings with the Kraang until I return. Do not defy me again! The consequences would be...unfortunate.
Karai: Understood, Father.

Karai: Like my new little toy? Robot, eliminate the girl!
Chrome Done: Do not destroy, April O'Neil. Capture for the Kraang.
Karai: What!!?

Leonardo: It's over, Karai.
Karai: For now!

Splinter: It is good to see you again, April.
April: Me too, Sensei. I hope we can pick up training again soon.
Splinter: Of course.
April: I wanted to apologize.
Leonardo: You're sorry? But we were the ones that screwed up.
April: It was an accident. And most importantly, you're my friends. I don't ever want to hold a grudge.

Slash and DestroyEdit

Raphael: You're the one who understands me, don't you, Spike?

Raphael: I can't believe it. Gotta tell the others.
Mutant Spike: You don't need them. We can search for that mutagen together. You and me.

(Seeing Spike don a black mask)
Raphael: Lookin' good, Spike.
Mutant Spike: Never liked the name Spike. Call me Slash.

Slash: If Raph's gonna be free, we may need to loosen some dead weight.

Raphael: Why!? Why are you doing this!!?
Slash: The others hold you back. Limit your potential. You don't need 'em. Just like you said!!
(Slash drags a badly hurt Mikey to the edge of a skyscraper)
Raphael: You're wrong! I never wanted this!!

(A dejected Raph looks at his photograph of Spike)
Raphael: He's still out there somewhere.
Splinter: Raphael, do you know what I do when I miss my loved ones from the past?
Raphael: No.
Splinter: I focus on the friends I have in the present.

The Good, the Bad and Casey JonesEdit

Raph: What are you doin' Leo!? I was goin' for Mikey!
Leo: What part of "last Turtle standing" don't you understand!?

Raph: I thought I had my anger under control, but I do.
Mikey: He means "for now." I give him ten more seconds. 10, 9. 8. 7.
Leo: What you're saying is that you're not angry but we make you angry?
Raph: I never said that!
Mikey: 3, 2, 1.
Raph: SHUT UP!!
Mikey: Ding ding! We have a winner!

Splinter: Always trust your instincts, April. A well honed intuition can be sharper than your eyes.
April: Yes, Sensei.

Casey: So the Turtles are all Italian?
Splinter: No. I named them after my favorite painters and sculptors of the Italian Renaissance.
Casey: He's a giant, t-talking rat? (faints from shock)
April: Casey! Casey? This is Master Splinter, Casey. He's cool.
Splinter: You do not have to fear me, my friend. Rest assured, I do not bite.

(April psionically detects other presences nearby)
Splinter: April, what is wrong?
April: Sensei, we're not alone.

Raphael: If that robot goes back to Karai and gives away our hideout, you answer to splinter!
Casey: The rat!?
Note: As the title suggests, this episode centers around Casey Jones, and also Raphael.

The Kraang ConspiracyEdit

Jack Kurtzman: The alien infiltration is long-lived, ancient, in fact. The Kraang have been capturing humans and experimenting on them to perfect their mutagen. But what they needed was a combination of Kraang and human DNA. Until finally...
(Shows a photograph of the O'Neil family with April as an infant)
April: That's me.
Jack Kurtzman: Your mother was taken by the Kraang before you were born, then she was...experimented on.
April: My mom?
Jack Kurtzman: That's why you're so special, April. Your DNA can perfect mutagen in this dimension.
April: I...I think I need to sit down.

April: They're talking about invasion. I...I can hear their thoughts.
Michelangelo: Whoa! You're, like, telepathic.

Raphael: April!!
Kraangdroid: The one known as April O'Neil is about to expire.
April: Ugh! No!! NOOOO!!
(Unleashes a yellow-colored psychic wave that incapacitates the Kraangdroids around her)

Raphael: The only reason we survived was because of April. Whatever you did beck there, it saved us all.
April: I have no clue what I did. I was freaking out, and zap. The Kraang were toast.

Donatello: This...doesn't seem possible.
April: What is it?
Donatello: According to these notes I picked up, your cellular makeup is actually a combination of human and Kraang DNA.
April: Wait! Are you saying that...?
Donatello: You're not entirely human, April. That's why you have psionic powers. In fact, you are a half human, half alien-mutant.
Leonardo, Raphael and April: A mutant!?
Michelangelo: Oh, yeah! Welcome to the family!
Note: This episode focuses on April O'Neil whose innate psychic abilities, which were hinted at in Monkey Brains, are fully proven here.

Fungus HumongousEdit

April: You know, Casey, it's awesome there's someone else who knows about the Turtles. I have, like, no one talk to. Especially after Dad turned into a mutant-bat.
Casey: I know. Four mutant-turtles living a sewer with a talking rat? I mean, you couldn't make this stuff up.

Splinter: Leonardo?
(Leo falls over in surprise)
Leo: Sorry, Sensei. Can't seem to focus.
Splinter: I noticed. What is it that troubles you, my son?
Leo: I keep having the same nightmare, Sensei- every night! I let the team down. They're dragged off into darkness and I'm powerless to help.
Splinter: This is not uncommon. All leaders must face the fear of losing their team. I face this every time you and your brothers' leave the lair.

Leo: What is going on here?
Donnie: Fungus!
Mikey: Language please,. There's a lady present.
Donnie: Whatever's happened to Raph is happening to April and Casey. It's like their experiencing their worst fears.

Donnie: April?
(sees hallucinations of the effects of the mutant-mushroom)
April: Don't touch me! Get away from me! I hate you!
Donnie: April, what's wrong with you?
April: You make me sick! Mutant! Weirdo! You mutated my father!! I never wanna see you again!

Leo (to the mutant-mushroom): So, that's your fear- sunlight!
Note: This episode centers around Leonardo.

Metalhead RewiredEdit

Leonardo: Donnie, you gotta turn off his A.I.
Donatello: Turn off his A.I.? That's like turning off his brain!
Leonardo: He's too dangerous.

Donatello: He has to hold it open for us.
Raphael: But what about him?

Of Rats and MenEdit

Donatello: April. And Casey.
Casey: Donatello.

Michelangelo: Can we keep her?
Donatello: You know, Master Splinter is a rat.
Casey: Yeah. What if that cat goes nuts and attacks him? She'll feed of his body for months.
Donatello: You know, there is something seriously wrong with you.

Splinter: You think you have the upper hand in a situation. You do not.
Mikey: Burn!
Raphael: How's that floor taste, Lame-nardo?
Splinter: It is not hard to sense loudmouths.

(Splinter chases the Rat King further into the Undercity)
Splinter: You run like a coward when not in control.

The Manhattan Project, Part 1Edit

Leonardo: Karai, listen! There's something you should know. It's about your father. (Karai pushes him back in anger) Your real father. Your real name is Miwa.
Karai: I'm not interested in anything but you begging for your life!!
Michelangelo: Whoa! Earthquake!
Razar: In New York?
Leonardo (notices a large pillar, right behind Karai, about to fall): Karai, look out! (Pushes her away for safety as the pillar falls on top of him)

Leonardo: Master Splinter, I tried to tell Karai that you're her father. I thought that if she knew, she would come over to our side.
Splinter: There is a saying: He who runs his mouth gets a face full of nintako.
Leonardo: They say that in Japan?
Splinter: They would if you were there. Still, your heart is in the right place. Perhaps it is time she knew the truth.
Leonardo: Maybe you should tell the other guys, sensei.

Splinter: This is difficult, but it is time you all knew the truth. The child I thought I had lost in the fire, Miwa, is Karai- my daughter. Fury became flame, and flame darkened the world with smoke. And in that darkness, Shredder stole Miwa away. I thought she had perished, but she raised by Shredder as his daughter and trained as a deadly Foot assassin.
Donatello: Wait. This can't be.
Raphael: Some kind of joke, right, sensei?
Michelangelo: Karai's our sister!?
Raphael: Sensei, she's still our enemy. She was raised by Shredder.
Donatello: Yeah. How can ever trust her?
Splinter: There is good in her. I know this. But truth must be told, and it too will be an earthquake.

Leonardo: Karai! Karai, don't do this. Splinter- He's your father! Your true father!
Karai: Liar! You'd say anything to save him!!
Leonardo: No! I swear it! He's your father- Hamato Yoshi!
Karai: If you won't be silent, I'll silence you!! (Prepares to strike the Turtles down with her tanto knife)

The Manhattan Project, Part 2Edit

Fishface: Nice work, Tiger Claw. You finally captured the great Splinter.
Razar: So is the poison going to finish him or not?
Tiger Claw: Most men would have expired, but it's only weakened him. He may be small, but he's tough as iron.
(Oroku Saki appears with Karai at his side)
Shredder: Bradford, Xever, leave us. Hamato Yoshi, so you have come to this- a wretched rat man waiting to be put out of his misery.
Splinter: At least I do not wear a mask, hiding what little humanity I have left.
Shredder: It is because of you that I wear this mask!
Splinter: All these years, you continue to deceive yourself and everyone around you.
Shredder: You fool!! Now it ends!!

Karai: No, Father!!
Shredder: You would stop me!?
Karai: You'd kill your greatest enemy while he's poisoned and chained? What about honor? Everything you taught me!?
Tiger Claw: The girl is right, Master Shredder.
Shredder: Very well. Gather the Foot. I will offer Hamato Yoshi one last fight.

Splinter: Why would you help me?
Karai: I don't know. Maybe because you look so pathetic.
Splinter: You have your mother's spirit, so fierce and yet so scared.
Karai: Never speak of my mother again!! You ruined my family!! You ruined all of our lives!!
Splinter: No. It was Oroku Saki...Oroku Saki.

Tiger Claw: Hello again, my friend.
Leonardo: Let me go!
Karai: I knew you'd come to us, Leo.
Shredder: Where are the other Turtles!?
Tiger Claw: It's just him, Master Shredder. He's alone. I sense no one else.
Shredder: Watch, Turtle! For it will be the last fight you ever see- the destruction of your master, Hamato Yoshi.

Leonardo: Karai, I don't want to fight you anymore. I'm not your enemy.
(Another earthquake causes Karai to fall as Leo fails to catch her)
Splinter: No!
Tiger Claw: You're not going anywhere!!

Splinter: Not too shabby.
Leonardo: But what about Karai?
April: I still can't believe that evil witch is your daughter. Uh, sorry for being so honest.
Splinter: Perhaps one day, she will believe the truth. But that is her decision.

Mazes & MutantsEdit

Splinter: A game? Don't you have mutagen to find?
Donnie: Sensei, we've beaten the Kraang and Shredder's top henchman. We could use one day to relax.

Donnie: Wow, Leo. You really hooked this game up.
Leo: This...wasn't me.

Donnie: Uh, what do you mean exactly when you said it wasn't you?
Mikey: Leo's just being humble. This is a mazing!

Donnie: Uh, Raph. You...have the head of a turkey.

Leo: If we imagine our weapons are magical and all-powerful, we can defeat Leatherhead.
Mikey: Yes! That's the answer!
Raph: But that makes no sense!
Leo: Trust me. Believe! Focus! Use your imagination.

The Lonely Mutation of Baxter StockmanEdit

Donatello: Eureka! I did it! I really did it!
April: You did it?
Raphael: Did what?
Michelangelo: Invent pizza that doesn't get soggy in milk?
Donatello: I finally made it- retro-mutagen- you guys! The key to turning Mr. O'Neil human again. And you too, sensei.
Splinter: Human once more? Save April's father first and then I will consider it.

Donnie: I'm sorry, Master Splinter. This is all the retro-mutagen I have left.
Splinter: I may not be human, but I am fortunate enough to have my humanity. Save Kirby.

April: This way!
Casey: How do you know!?
April: I just do. I told you, I get a certain feeling about things. Right, Leo!

Donnie: I'm sorry, Master Splinter. I wanted to change you back. But I swear, if it's the last thing I do...
Splinter: Do not fret, my son. I am content with what I have become. I have no place in the human world anymore. This is my home, and you four are my family.


Casey: What's your problem, Raph? The whole fire escape thing?
Raphael: Face it, Casey! Street thugs and robo ninjas are one thing! But alien threats from other dimensions are a whole different ball game.
Casey: I took on a giant space worm single-handedly!
Raphael: Yeah! You were single-handedly eaten by it!
(Casey glares angrily)
Casey: Have ever fought living intestines!? I don't think so!!

(Leo and Mikey glare)
Raphael: What!? If he wants to act like a big baby, I don't want his help!
Michelangelo: Not cool, Raph. People have feelings, dude. Real squishy feelings.
Raphael: Well, I'm not people!

Newturalizer: We can destroy this whole stinkin' city.
Slash: And every innocent human with it. Are you crazy!? I'm here to take out Kraang! Not people!
Neutralizer: I don't care! I'm not people.
Michelangelo: Sound familiar?
Note: This episode centers around Casey and Raphael.

Pizza FaceEdit

Mikey: Something definitely is wrong! There isn't a single pizza place in this town that's pickin' up.

Raph: Just wait for the pizza guy, Mikey! And don't eat it! I repeat: Do not eat it!!

Note: This episode is focused on Mikey.

The Wrath of Tiger ClawEdit

(Karai looks at a torn photograph of her late mother, Tang Shen, as she recalls what Leonardo had told her about Splinter being her real father)
Shredder: What is it that troubles you, Karai?
Karai: I want to know the truth. The truth about my mother...and Splinter.
Shredder: You know the truth, my daughter. Hamato Yoshi took your mother away.

Splinter: I retained very little from my old life. But this I will never let go, my daughter.
(Shows a shocked Karai the full photograph of her late mother's arm around Hamato Yoshi himself, and the photograph of herself as an infant between him and Tang Shen)
Karai: I can't believe it. You're telling the truth. All these years the Shredder has been lying to me.
Leonardo: Wait. You don't believe it? I thought you did believe it. If you didn't believe it, why did you come down here?
Karai: Father, what have I done?

Tiger Claw: She has betrayed you, Master Shredder. She fought alongside the Turtles.
Karai: Tell me the truth! Splinter is my father, isn't he!!?
Shredder: Yes. Hamato Yoshi is your true father.
Karai: What!?
(Looks down with shock and sadness)
Shredder: Tiger Claw, take her away!

(Finds herself thrown into a prison cell)

Karai: No!! No!! What are you doing!? NOOO!!

The Legend of the Kuro KabutoEdit

Leonardo: How can you lie around like this when Karai needs our help?
Raphael: Not this again.
Leonardo: We have to rescue her!
Raphael: Look, maybe she believes Splinter is her father. But she was still raised by Shredder. You think she's gonna turn on him just like that?
Leonardo: Yeah, I do. Now am I the leader of this team or not?
Raphael: More or less.
Leonardo: More or less? So I'm only the leader until I tell to do something you don't want to? thanks, guys.

(Appears in front of Karai's cell)
Shredder: Karai, you must know I never wanted this to happen. Splinter is your father, yes. But it would have been wrong for you to be brought up by scum like him. I did what I had to do. What I knew was right. I hope one day, you will understand that.

Shredder: Why does the fly walk into the spider's web?
Leonardo: Because all the spider's henchmen are out.
Shredder: Ah. You wish to make a trade?
Leonardo: The helmet for Karai!
Shredder: Very well. She'll have to be brought up from the dungeon.
Leonardo: You raised her from infancy and now you lock her in a cell? How can you do that!?
Shredder: In any conflict, the winner is prepared to do what the loser is not.

Shredder: You never should have tried to do this alone!
Raphael: He didn't!
Donatello: And none of us want to tell splinter we didn't try to save his daughter!

Leonardo: Now, let's get her out of this sack. That's not Karai!
Donatello: It's a bomb!!

Plan 10Edit

NOTE: This episode is focused on Raph.

Vengeance Is Mine!Edit

Oroku Saki/Shredder: Karai, I wish you could understand.
(Takes off his helmet, showing his horribly scarred face)
Shredder: Everything I have done is for our clan's honor. Why do you insist on hurting me? Have you nothing to say to me, daughter?
Karai (furious): I am not YOUR DAUGHTER!!

Splinter: What have you boys done?! I thought I told you- Miwa.
(Miwa/Karai hugs her real father close)
Miwa/Karai: Father.
Leonardo: See, Sensei? I told you my plan would work.
Splinter. Perhaps some things are worth the risk.

Splinter: My sons...and daughter, that is enough for today.
Leonardo: Karai, you coming?
Karai: In a minute.

Splinter: Not what you expected?
Miwa/Karai: I admit it's a little weird being with...people I was told were my enemies. What really happened between you and Shredder and my mother?
Splinter: I'm afraid it goes much deeper than our rivalry over your mother. The bitter feud between the Hamato and Foot clans lasted centuries. Oroku Saki was the son of the enemy. But he was just a child, so my father gave him shelter. We were raised as brothers, and rivals in all things as brothers are. But that rivalry soon turned bitter when we met Tang Shen, your mother. Jealousy became hatred when Saki learned of his true heritage. He swore vengeance and rebuilt the Foot clan. One night, Oroku Saki struck. The blow that was meant for me struck your mother instead. Shredder blamed me and in his rage, he burned our home to the ground, leaving me to my fate. He took you away from me.
Miwa/Karai: After all this time haven't you wanted revenge?
Splinter: After all this time, I have learned that revenge only leads to more pain.
Miwa/Karai: But I seen you fight, Father. You could take him out.
Splinter: We are safe here. And we are finally together again, my daughter. That is all that matters now. Not revenge.

Leo: Going after Shredder alone is a bad idea.
Miwa/Karai: Don't try to stop me, Leo.
Leo: I want to go with you.
Miwa/Karai: What?
Leo: You're right. Shredder will never stop hunting us. The only way for us to be safe is to take him down.
Karai: So much of my life has been about revenge. I can't ask you to risk your life, too.
Leo: Let me help.
(Karai approaches as she leans on him as if she's going to kiss him. He looks a little shocked as he nervously looks around)
Karai: Sorry, Leo.
(she punches him, then knocks him out with some blinding powder. Leo coughs as his eyes remain open as he falls. Karai quickly heads to the surface)
Karai: This ends tonight!!

Shredder: Karai. You returned sooner than I expected.
Karai: The time has come for me to say goodbye...Shredder.
(A furiously Karai attacks him but he easily intercepts her blows)
Shredder: Foolish, child! I taught you everything you know! You hold no surprises for me! This has gone on far enough!!

Stockman-Fly: Whatever you require, I can create it. More mutagen.
(A little bit of human DNA is spilled into the mixture).
Stockman-Fly: Ops. That should be okay.
Shredder: Stockman? Is the mutagen ready?
Stockman-Fly: Prepared for your specifications. The serpent DNA is ready.
Karai: No! You wouldn't!!
(Tiger Claw gags her with tape)
Shredder: Make sure she is secure.
Tiger Claw: You are more ruthless than I thought. Mutating your own cub.
Shredder: I have no intention of mutating her. She is bait. The Turtles attempt to rescue her, I will drop them into the mutagen. This will mutate them into mindless serpents. I want Splinter to witness his own pupils become one of the rat's deadliest predators. Then when his spirit is broken, I will shatter his body.

Shredder: Welcome, my old friend.
Splinter: Let my daughter go!!
Shredder: You are welcome to rescue her if you can.

Leonardo: Hang on, Karai!
(Removes the tape that gagged her)
Karai: Thanks. (Leo smiles back as Shredder comes right behind him, ready to strike)
Splinter: Leonardo!
(Leo ducks, causing Shredder's metal claws to break the chain holding Karai, causing her to fall right into the mutagen instead)
Karai: AGGHHH!!
Splinter: MIWA!!
Shredder: KARAI! NO!! Karai.

(Catches his teenage daughter, now a mindless snake, and looks down with sad eyes)

Splinter: Miwa. My child.

Shredder: You- Hamato Yoshi!! YOU DID THIS!! (Is blocked by the debris) NO!!
Tiger Claw: Master Shredder, we must go!
Shredder: Leave me!
Tiger Claw: Splinter will suffer for what has happened today. You have won.
Shredder: Won!? (Glances at snake Karai who tears two Footbots apart) I shall avenge you, my daughter!!

Donatello: We gotta get out of here!
Leonardo: Not without Karai!
Splinter: Karai, you must listen to me! We must go! (Snake Karai wraps herself tightly around him) Daughter...please.
Karai: Father?
(Squirts snake venom in Raphael's eyes and runs off)
Leonardo: Wait!

Leonardo (sadly): This is all my fault. I should have stopped her when I had the cahnce. I'm sorry, Sensei. Sensei?
Splinter: We should go home, my sons.

A Chinatown Ghost StoryEdit

Ho Chan: My power is ancient and vast. But you both exhibit a power I have never encountered. Powers that Ho Chan will take to become flesh once more and rule the universe. Now we start the ritual!

Ho Chan (to April): You have power in you, a power you have barely tapped. It will belong to Ho Chan. (Turns to Irma) And you. You have power, too. Power I do not understand...yet. You will explain this power or suffer my-What!? (April uses her Tessen fan)
April: Come on, Irma!

Into Dimension X!Edit

NOTE: This episode is focused on Mikey.

The Invasion, Part 1Edit

Tiger Claw: Master Shredder, the hour grows late. Have you made your decision?
Shredder: They are dangerous allies, but they have provided us with much technology, asking little in return.
Tiger Claw: They will betray you. You know this. They care nothing for the human race.
Shredder: Nor do I. Leave me, Tiger Claw.

Shredder: Kraang Prime.
Kraang Prime: One called Shredder. Kraang must have your decision.
Shredder: If I help you will you uphold your end of the bargain?
Kraang Prime: Kraang will deliver the ones known as Splinter and the Turtles.
Shredder: And once I find Karai, you will mutate her back to normal?
Kraang Prime: Kraang agrees to this. But in return, Shredder must help Kraang conquer the city known as New York City and then...the world!

April: I'm gonna fix this! I'm gonna find your brothers and Casey.
Kirby O'Neil: You can't go out there, April! You have to stay with me. I'm scared.

Tiger Claw: He fights bravely.
Shredder: He is young, overconfident, foolish.
Razar: Do not take chances with him, master. We should destroy him quickly.
Shredder: Archers! Fire!!
Leonardo: Oh no.

The Invasion, Part 2Edit

Tiger Claw: He fights bravely.
Shredder: He is young, overconfident, foolish.
Razar: Do not take chances with him, Master. We should destroy him quickly!
Shredder: Archers! Fire!!
Leonardo: Oh no.

Leonardo: Stop fighting behind your Footbots! Face me, Shredder!
Shredder: You are beneath me, Turtle!

Splinter: Where is my son!?
Shredder: I took him, like I did your child so many years ago.

Shredder: You grow tired. Your skills have become weak, yet I am stronger than ever! Fueled by anger by rage!
Splinter: Rage is a fuel that burns quickly.
Shredder: Always the wise one.

Raphael: Sensei?
April: He's not here. I don't sense him.
Donatello: We gotta move. Everyone take one meaningful thing you want to take with you. First we find Splinter and then we get out of town.

April: Ugh!
(Clutches her hand as she briefly sees a vision of Splinter fighting Shredder) My head!
Raphael: April, what is it?
April: Master Splinter! I can sense him. Ugh! He's close!

Kraang Prime: You will all suffer!!

(April emits a light purple wave of psionic energy at Kraang Prime)

Donatello: I'm sorry, Leo. You were right. If we just left the city when you said, the Kraang would never have found the lair and started the invasion. None of this would've happened.
April: I have a place we can go upstate- my old family home. We can stay as long as we want. No one's around for miles.
Casey: Upstate, huh? Sounds good to Casey Jones.
April: Did you find your dad and little sister?
Casey: No sigh of 'em. They probably got Kraang-atized.
Mikey: What's gonna happen now, Raph?
Raph: For the first time in my life, I have no idea, little brother.
Mikey: I miss Master Splinter.

Season Three (2014-2015)Edit

Within the WoodsEdit

April: I'll never forget the night we left New York City. The Kraang defeated us, Leo got badly hurt, Master Splinter is...gone. We lost. We had nowhere left to go, so we came to old farmhouse I grew up in, miles away from the city; a place we could all be safe in. The first thing we did was take care of poor Leonardo. Raphael keeps a constant visual over Leo, waiting for him to wake up. Michelangelo goofs around a lot, but he does a ton of chores around the house. But mostly he goofs around a lot. Donatello built a lab in the barn, trying to create a mutagentic medicine to heal Leo. And then there's me, April O'Neil. I spend most of my time training with the Turtles, and writing in my ever-expanding journal. I miss New York, my sensei, my dad. Hopefully Leo will recover and we can all go home soon, if there's even a home to go back to. But life, as Master Splinter would say, must continue on.

April: What do you want, Casey? Our families are gone! Mostly like mutated! New York is aliens...Ohhh.
Casey: What's wrong? You gettin' some bad vibes again?
April: I think...someone's stalking us.

Leo: Give me back my family, freak!

A Foot Too BigEdit

Donnie: I understand nothing.

Buried SecretsEdit

Mrs. O'Neil: AAH! Mutants!
Casey: It's okay, Mrs. O'Neil. These are good mutants.
Mrs. O'Neil: Who are you? And how do you know my...? (Sees April) April? But how? Just a few days ago, you were only...six years old. (Faints)
April: Mom. (Faints as well)

April: Here, Mom. (Gives her a cup of hot tea)
Mrs. O'Neil: Thank you, April. I'm still a little shaky. I know this is hard to believe, but, the Kraang ship has been here for years. It was your great-grandfather who discovered it. He made the mistake of awakening the Kraang. They paid him back by experimenting on him, and his entire bloodline. They knew we were the key to unlocking their precious mutagen. We were their Guinea pigs.
Michelangelo: Aw. Guinea pigs are so cute.
Raphael: I told you not to be stupid, you moron!
Mrs. O'Neil: After you were born, it was clear you were very special. We knew it was only a matter of time before the Kraang came for you. We escaped. Kirby fled with you to the city, but I was recaptured and put into stasis.
April: All these years. I never knew what happened to you. I didn't know what to think. Dad would never tell me.
Mrs. O'Neil: Now you know. And now we never have to be apart again. Where is Kirby anyway?
Casey: Oh, he got turned into a freaky Kraang-headed mu-
Raphael: You had to pull a Mikey didn't ya?
Leonardo: He's just kidding, Mrs. O'Neil. Kirby's on a...safari in Purte Rico. He won't be back for a while.
Mrs. O'Neil: I'm just so glad to have my April back.

Donatello: Michelangelo, you...attacked April's MOTHER!!?
Raphael: Mikey, have you completely cracked your shell!?
Michelangelo: I don't trust her! She's all kinds of wrong! You guys gotta believe me!

April: Ow! Mom, what are you doing!?
Kraang Creature: I'm your mother!!
April: AGHHH!!
Casey: What the heck!? Let her go!!

Kraang Creature: April, we can be together forever! No more pain, no more sorrow! It's what we wanted!!
April: You are not my mother!!
Kraang Creature: We can be a family again!!
April (terrified): No! NOOOO!!
(In her panic, unleashes a pale yellow-colored and unusually strong psychic wave that destroys the Kraang creature)

Donatello: So when I downloaded the data from the Kraang ship, I discovered the creature wasn't really April's mom. It just had her memories.
Raphael: So what was it?
Donatello: Some kind of infiltration experiment that utilized the combination of Mrs. O'Neil's DNA and Kraang DNA, but it was too dangerous.
Raphael: So the Kraang put it in a deep freeze. It all makes sense.
Leonardo: Guys? Do we have to talk about this right now?

Casey: April, you okay?
April: Yeah. It just feels like I lost my family all over again, even it really wasn't my mom. Maybe...maybe she is gone forever. But maybe she's still out there...somewhere.
Leonardo: You can't give up hope. Trust me on that.
Michelangelo: And you haven't lost your family 'casue we are your family.

The CroakingEdit

NOTE: This episode is focused on Mikey.

In DreamsEdit

Casey: Are they sick?
April: No, but I sense they're getting weaker, like something is draining the life out of them.
Casey: That Bernie guy asked if we'd been feeling tired.
April: And that book he had. Somnioruim- it's Latin for "dreams" or "of the dreams."
Casey: I'm gonna see what's in that book. You do what you can here.

April: He's not breathing! Donnie's not breathing!

Donatello: Wait. Did April kiss me back there?
Casey: Dream on, Donnie. Dream on.

Race with the Demon!Edit

NOTE: This episode is focused on Casey and Donnie.

Eyes of the ChimeraEdit

Michelangelo: What's that? A tiara? I love tiaras.
Donatello: It's not a tiara. It's a psychic neural transmitter.
April: Donnie salvaged it from the Kraang ship. He's gonna use it to test my psychic powers.
Michelangelo: Wow. That was my second guess.

(Several cards are floating in midair)

Michelangelo: I didn't do that! I swear!
Donatello: But that means...April, you are telekinetically levitating the cards.

Leonardo: April! You're blind?
April: I got a psychic link to the chimera. Maybe from Donnie's neural transmitter? I'm seeing through its eyes.

Vision QuestEdit

Donnie: Remember, it's not just physical strength that breaks the wood. It's also inner strength.
April: I got this.

April: Leo's right. Camping's a great idea. I'm tired of being stuck at the farmhouse.
Leo: Sorry, April. This trip is ninjas only.
April: But, I'm almost a kunoichi!
Raph: Almost?
Casey: Looks like we'll be stuck at the farmhouse...together.
Donnie: No.

Leo: Whoa. It was the same deer. I think it's been following us.
Raph: It's probably laughing at the four dumb turtles in the woods.
Donnie: Actually, in the Shinto religion, deer are considered messengers of the divine.

Michelangelo: Are you...a ghost?
Splinter: My spirit has become detached from my body but that body still lives.
Leonardo: You're alive? Where are you, sensei? Let us help you.
Splinter: You cannot yet. There are things you must overcome. If you cannot find your inner spiritual strength, you will not stand a chance against the Shredder.
Leonardo: But, Master Splinter, my leg injury- it's physical. Until I heal...
Splinter: We choose what holds us back and what moves us forward. You will all learn this. Each of you must journey out alone to face your spiritual adversary. Raphael, your temper is like a fire that you must learn to focus for power. Michelangelo, your mind is overrun with distractions. Learn to be strong and calm like the forest. Donatello, you rely too much on your mind and not on your body. Be strong like the mountain. Leonardo, you must be the leader in body and spirit. Be like the wind. Let nothing weigh you down. Sleep now, my sons. For your greatest trial awaits on the spiritual plane. For the challenges you face there will be just as dangerous as you face in the real world. Be warned.

Shredder: Your wounded leg is like a ball-and-chain dragging you toward defeat.
Leonardo: Shredder is right. My injury is always gonna hold me back. I can't win. Unless...the pain is only in my mind. It's just an excuse. It's not real.

Shredder: It is time we end this!
Leonardo: I agree.I beat you on the spirit plane, and one day, I'll beat you in the real world.

Leonardo: It's time. We're going back to New York.

Return to New YorkEdit

Donatello: You think you can use your powers to track Splinter? You did it before.
April: I can try, but...you said his mind is no longer one with his body, right? Which means he could be crazy or unconscious or...who knows what?

Casey: Remember the time when you reached the guys through their dreams? Maybe you could the same for Splinter, like mind meld and stuff.
Donatello: Based on my research on telepathy, it might be possible.

April: You are not a rat! You are Hamato Yoshi!

(Emits a yellowish psionic wave that trigger flashes in Splinter's head)

Raphael: Father?
Leonardo: Sensei.
Splinter: My sons.
Michelangelo: You're back.
Donatello: I can't believe it.
Splinter: How I have missed you, my sons. And the rest of my family.

Serpent HuntEdit

Michelangelo: It's okay, Karai. It's me, Mikey- your brother.
Leonardo: Karai, remember us. We're your friends. Remember who you are.
Donatello: She's becoming more snake-like by the hour. She doesn't understand, Leo.
Leonardo: She understands, Donnie. You're changing, Karai. We want to help you.
Karai: Leo.
(Manages to revert between her human and snake forms)
Michelangelo: Whoa.
Karai: Help me. Pleassse.
Leonardo: Come back with us. Karai.
Karai: No. Too dangerousss.

Shredder: So, the thief who stole from requires to make a deal. Where is Karai?
Ivan Steranko: You get us out of city safe, you get girl. That is deal.
Shredder: I don't make deals. But perhaps this worth the exception. Give me Karai, and you will leave this city alive.
Leonardo: Let her go! And I'll let all of you walk away alive!!

Leonardo: Karai! (Uses his katanna to break the metal contraction around her neck) Karai, you have to go. Hurry! Don't let them take you.
Karai: Comet...comet. (Disappears into the water)
Leonardo: Comet? But what does that mean?
Shredder: No!! My daughter!!
Leonardo: She's not your daughter!!
Shredder: I raised her, cared for her! She is mine!!

Raphael: What happened back there? We had her!
Donatello: It was too dangerous, Raph. We'll find her.
Leonardo: She gave me a clue where she is, though. She pointed east and said "comet."

The Pig and the RhinoEdit

Leonardo: Karai's still out there. The last thing she said to me was the word "comet."
Casey: So what's that mean? A giant comet's coming? The Earth is doomed?
April: Seems like it could be a location. Maybe where she's hiding out.

April: Someone...someone's watching us.

Michelangelo: She's gotta know were here by now. Why doesn't she come out?
Leonardo: Maybe she's not in her right mind or maybe she's afraid she'll lose control and attack us. I feel so bad for her.

Leonardo: Karai, it's us! It's me- Leo! Try and remember! Focus!
Karai: Leo.
Leonardo: We want to help you, Karai. Can you transform back?

April: He's close- invisible.

Leonardo: It's Okay, Karai. You can come out now. We can help you- with this. (Sprays the retro-mutagen on Karai, but nothing happens) Donnie!
Donatello: I told you, Leo. Karai is special. She's not a normal mutant.
Raphael: So, it was all for nothing?
Leonardo: I don't care! We can still help her. We'll take care of you, Karai. I promise.
Karai: No. My mind is going...
Leonardo: Then why did you want us to find you?
Karai: Wanted...to say...goodbye...to all of you. (Disappears again)
Leonardo: I promise! We'll find a way to help you, Karai.

Shredder: What is this!?
Rocksteady: We have Karai, shredder, just as your asked.
Shredder: My daughter, do not fear. I will soon cure you of this terrible affliction. And then we will have our vengeance!

(Karai hisses angrily at him from inside her cage)

Battle for New York, Part 1Edit

Donatello: Mikey, have you lost your shell!!? I've been brewing that retro-mutagen for months!! If you ruined it, I'll swear I'll-

Donatello: Are you kidding!? You do one awesome thing and you can't even remember how you did it!!?
Splinter: Donatello, be glad that Michelangelo's tomfoolery yielded the gift that it did. You must find all the humans and turn them back.
Raphael: We don't even know where they are.
April: I think I do. They were taken to Dimension X by the Kraang. I see them in my dreams. Millions of people, trapped there.

Mikey: Leatherhead!
Raph: Pigeon Pete?
Donnie: Dr. Rockwell?
Dr. Rockwell: Yes. The Kraang experimented on me, giving me psychic powers, and accidentally returning my vast intellect in the process. So...
(blows raspberry at Donnie, saying how he's smarter)
Slash: Rockwell's the brains of team.

Battle for New York, Part 2Edit

Kraang Sub-Prime: Going to my home turf!? Forget about it!

Sub-Prime: Here's Kraang-y!

Casey Jones vs. the UnderworldEdit

Shredder: Fear not, Karai. Soon you will be cured of this vile mutation. Isn't that right, Stockman?
Stockman-Fly: Yes, master.
Shredder: You had better arise at a solution soon.

Stockman-Fly: Master, given your Karai issue, we have no equipment for such work.
Shredder: Then find me the equipment, you imbecile!
Stockman-Fly: Yes, master.

Hun: Everything is here, Shredder. From mixing vats, chemicals, you name it.
Shredder: You have done well to bring this factory to my attention, Hun. It will be adequate for my plans.
Hun: I have one request. Since this factory is on Dragon territory, perhaps I should be in charge.
Shredder: So be it. Success is to be rewarded as failure is to be punished.

Hun: Hockey, boy! I will end you!

Hun: My opportunity to impress Shredder, to carve a position for myself...And you runied it!!
Casey: I'm crying on the inside for ya!

Donatello: Oh my gosh. Guys, this is even worse then I thought. Shredder's mixture- it's not an explosive.
Raphael: So what is it?
Donatello: I think he's working on a mind-control serum. If it works, he could use it on Karai or us or every single person in New York City.

The Noxious AvengerEdit

Rocksteady: Is not grocery list! Is chemicals to make ultimate mind-control serum for snake-girl Karai.

Splinter: How could you all be so careless!? Secrecy is the most important rule of the ninja, and you have broken it! You four are forbidden from leaving the lair!
Raphael: What? You can't hold that sloppy escape against us! We got slimed with toxic puke!
Splinter: Silence!
Donatello: But, Sensei, if that pile of muck took us down, you know he's dangerous.
Leonardo: Which means we need to be out there looking for him.
Splinter: No! Until I decide I can trust you to watch yourselves, you will remain here, grounded!

Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo: Awww.

Michelangelo: Oh, yeah. Crognard marathon.
Splinter: And no TV! (throws his staff at the TV)

Splinter: So, you disobey me and leave the lair.
Michelangelo: No one saw us, Sensei. We swear.
Leonardo: Look, we fixed everything. (shows Splinter a news footage)

Clash of the MutanimalsEdit

Stockman-Fly: All is in readiness, my master. This is the last of the component I needed that will give you complete control over her.
Shredder: Before you give it to Karai, test it on the Mighty Mutanimals.
Stockman-Fly: Yes, master. In case there are any unexpected side effects.

Raphael: How could you, Slash?
Slash: Splinter must be destroyed!
Leonardo: You'll never hurt Sensei again!

Leonardo: Raph, do it! End this!
Donatello: What's he waiting for?
Shredder: Raphael is mine now to control, as are your other mutant friends.

Meet Mondo GeckoEdit

Casey: Dude, there's something about Mondo I don't trust, for real.

Casey: I don't wanna say I told you so about Mondo! Oh, wait! I totally wanna say I told you so!
Note: This episode's focused on Mikey, Casey, Fishface and Mondo Gecko.

The Deadly VenomEdit

Stockman-Fly: Karai, I'm going to help you, just like I finally turned you human again.
Karai: Stockman, if you don't let me go I'll tear your wings off and stuff them down both your mouths
(Struggles against her restraints as the brain-worm is injected into her brain through her right ear, and screams as the mind-control takes effect)
Shredder: Did it work? I demand proof.
Stockman-Fly: Yes, master. The parasite has bend her mind to be totally obedient to you and you alone.
Shredder: Karai, attack Ivan Steranko.
Rocksteady: Snake girl no trouble for Rocksteady. Let us do this like the brutus, huh?
Shredder: Stop. You have done well, Stockman. But the true test remains. Karai, destroy Splinter, the Turtles, and their pathetic human allies. Eliminate them.
Karai: Yes, Father.

Casey: Karai, right? We never really met. I like what I'm seeing though. You got a sweet sense of syle.
Karai: Oh. Do you like this!?
(Attacks with her snake arms)
Casey: I'm not sure if I wanna fight you or ask you out.
Karai: Not bad, Jones.
Casey: I got more surprises for you, sweetheart!
Karai: So do I.

Casey: It's over, Karai!
Karai: It's not over until I say it is!!

Karai: The numbness is one of the effects of my venom. Some go faster than others. First weakness, then paralysis, then blackout. You're the second. Now I'm gonna poison the Turtles, one...by...one.

Mikey: Oh no! Oh no! I think he's been bit! You're gonna have to suck the poison out, brah!
Raph: I'm not sucking the poison out! I'm driving! You suck it!
Mikey: But I think the bite's on his butt! That's gross, dude!
Raph: Just do it, already!!

Karai: Hello, Leonardo. Your brothers are right here with me.
Leo: Karai?
Karai: Though they don't appear to be in good health. I'm afraid that if you and Donatello don't come soon then Michelangelo, Raphael and Casey Jones will expire. Come to the old abandoned subway station and bring Donatello with you. I'll be waiting.
Leo: Karai? Karai?

Karai: My venom is highly toxic in any form, even in water. It seeps through the skin in seconds. It's over, Leo. You and your friends are finished. Finally, after all this time. Put them with the others. I want to admire my trophies. I don't even care about any of you. You're nothing more than a means to get to Splinter. The rat will eventually come for you and then...I will have my revenge!

Karai: Beating the poison, impressive.
Leo: Shredder used a brain-worm on you.
Karai: Lies won't help you, Leo! I'll just have to finish you myself!!
Leo: Karai, you have to fight it!

Karai (after injecting more lethal venom into him): Still feeling the effects? You're weak, Leo. And you're done for!! (Leo starts chanting the healing hands mantra as his body glows in a white aura) What are you doing!? What is this!!?

Leo: You're coming with us, Karai (Sees that she has escaped). Oh. Karai.

Splinter: You should be enjoying your victory. You did a great thing today, Leonardo. You saved everyone.
Leo: Not everyone. I tried to get Karai out of Shredder's control. I failed, sensei.
Splinter: We saved her once, Leonardo. Perhaps we can save her again. And now you show great gifts as a healer. Being at the edge of your life, led you to unleash a power that few martial artists can tap. I am proud of you, my son.

Turtles in TimeEdit

Raph: Give it up, Leo. It's weeks since we last saw her. When she poisoned us!
Donnie: Yeah, Leo. If I can't find an antidote, we might have to let Karai go.
Leo: It's not that easy, Donnie. You should know.
Mikey: You're still hung up on April. Just a guess.
Leo: Sometimes you don't have a choice. You think about someone...a lot.
Mikey: Dudes, I'm never gonna have a crush on a girl! This Turtle is dedicated to one thing only: Ninja-ING!

Renet: Whoa! The leader, Leonardo, the inventor Donatello, the warrior Raphael, and the cute one Michelangelo. I finally found you- the Turtle warriors of legend. This is groggin' cold!
Raph: Us? Legends? What are you talking abut? No one even knows we exist.
Renet: Nobody knows...yet. But I come from the future, and you're like...wow. you guy are like so famous.
Donnie: Wait a second. You say you're from the future and we're important enough to be in history books?
Renet: Yes. You saved the world many times.
Donnie: Awesome! High three!

Renet: The scepter can do that. It's just a question of quantum manipulation.
Raph: Oh, man! Again with the costumes!?
Mikey: We need to blend in, dude. Plus I wanna extra cool for Renet. It's the ears- chicks dig 'em.

Tale of the YokaiEdit

Donatello: Oroku Saki was part of the Hamato clan before he became the Shredder.
Leonardo: So we're lat least sixteen years in the past. But why here? Why now?
Raphael: Who knows? Twenty bucks says it's all Renet's fault. She doesn't know the first thing about time travel.
Michelangelo: yo, dudes, check it! That's Splinter old dojo, right?
Leonardo: Come on, ninjas. Maybe Splinter's in there,

Oroku Saki: I tell you, Yoshi. We all saw them.
Yoshi: It reminds of the yokai friends we invented as children. Remember, Saki?
Oroku Saki: you never listen to me! Just like Tang Shen!
Hamato Yoshi: Yet again you speak of Shen!?
Oroku Saki: You care nothing for her! Only for the clan, only for yourself!
Hamato Yoshi: That is not true, brother. I have always been there for you.

Tang Shen: Beautiful night, isn't it?
Hamato Yoshi: It is nights like this I realize how lucky I am to have you and little Miwa.
Tang Shen: Yoshi, let's leave this place, move away from here. I've always wanted to visit America-New York City.
Yoshi: Shen, I have many responsibilities. You know this. With Father being ill, the dojo...
Tang Shen: The dojo! When are you going to leave that life behind? this is the last clan of its kind!
Yoshi: And that is why it must endure! Must I explain this again!?
Tang Shen: Ninjas have no more place in this world! You must decide. This is no life for Miwa. If she ever followed your path...
Yoshi: Shen! Let me walk you home.
Tang Shen: I can take care of myself! I always have.

Oroku Saki: Are you all right, Shen?
Tang Shen: Yes. Thanks to you.
Oroku Saki: I would never let anything hurt you. I overheard your conversation with Yoshi. It is futile, you know. He will never leave the clan.
Tang Shen: Perhaps You speak the truth.
Oroku Saki: Shen, take me back. I will help you take care of Miwa. We will go to New York together, the three of us. I'm a different man then the one you once knew. Believe me.

Tang Shen (to the Turtles): Are you aliens or yokai?
Donatello: We are friendly yokai, Shen. We need to talk to you.

Tang Shen: I was raised in Fudoka, but my grandfather is Chinese. I moved here to closer to Yoshi. I've heard yokai are always hungry. That's why I made a meal all kapas love.
Leonardo: Kapa? What's a kapa?
Tang Shen: Turtle yokai. And your favorite food is cucumber. At least that's what the legend says.
Michelangelo: Cucumber? Little know fact: Our favorite food is pizza.
Tang Shen: My grandmother told a story about a kapa who appeared as a young girl was fetching water. The kapa terrified her, but the girl had always brought cucumbers with her to ward off yokai. The kapa was so thankful, it told of a great hurricane that would devastate her village. It saved her people.
Raphael: That's right! And we want to save you, Tang Shen.
Donatello: Which is why we kapa have come to talk. We also bring you dire news.
Leonardo: You can't leave Hamato Yoshi. He's a good man. Oroku Saki is evil.
Tang Shen: No. Saki is a good man.
Donatello: If you choose Oroku Saki, the world itself could be at risk. Take it from us, the kapa brothers.
Tang Shen: Yoshi is too dedicated to ninjtisu to raise a family.
Michelangelo: That's not true. Splinter loves little Miwa. She's so cute.
Tang Shen: I don't who I will choose. I must do what's right for my daughter.
Raphael: Follow your heart, Shen. You know who the better man is.

Yoshi: I am sorry, Shen. You and Miwa are my life. Without you, I am a shadow.
Tang Shen: Yoshi, I understand your loyalty to the clan.
Yoshi: Father is growing worse. The dojo is all we have left.
Tang Shen: You have so much more than that, Yoshi.
Yoshi: My love you and Miwa burns inside my heart, brighter than all the stars in the universe.
Oroku Saki: Pathetic! I will abide by this dishonor!
Tang Shen: Saki.
Oroku Saki: Shen, I ask you one last time. Make the right choice.
Tang Shen: I have already made it.
Yoshi: Take Miwa and go, Shen.
Tang Shen: But Yoshi, Saki! Please! You are brothers!
Oroku Saki: No! We were never blood!
Hamato Yoshi: Shen. Go, now.
(Tang Shen leaves with baby Miwa in her arms but not before she looks back and smiles)
Oroku Saki: How can one love and hate someone so fiercely!?
Hamato Yoshi: If your desire is to fall by my hands, brother, so be it!

Tang Shen: Please stop! (Is struck down by Saki's metallic claws and falls, dead.)
Hamato Yoshi: NOOOO!!
Oroku Saki: SHEN!!
(Runs forward but is struck by falling debris, leaving him bald and with his face hideously scarred. Hearing the cries of baby Miwa, he cradles her in his arms)
Oroku Saki: You will be mine to care for, little one. I will call you Karai.

Raph: Were have you been!? We been stuck here for days!
Renet: It's not my fault. Seriously! I've been trying for the last six months trying to hunt you guys down.
Leo: Why? Why did we have to come here? Of all times? Of all places?
Renet: It was the scepter. It brought you here to make sure Splinter survived.
Donnie: Wait! So it's always been this way? We were always destined to come back in time and save Splinter's life?

Mikey: Will we ever see you again, Renet?
Raph: Let's hope not.
Renet: Maybe someday, Michelangelo.
(kisses him goodbye on the cheek)

Mikey: Lets go home, guys. It'll be good to see Master Splinter.

Attack of the Mega Shredder!Edit

Oroku Saki/Shredder: Karai, forgive me. I never should have allowed it to go this far. I will destroy Splinter and the Turtles for causing you such suffering. Sleep now, my daughter. Your revenge is soon at hand.
Bebop: Master Shredder
Shredder: What is it!?
Bebop: You called for us, sir.
Shredder: I sense the Turtles are about to make another move. Double security! Watch Karai at all times!
Bebop: we are on it!
Rocksteady: Da! Freaky turtle ninjas never get past the Bebop and Rocksteady.

Leonardo: Sensei, we need to get one of those brain-worms. It's the only way Donnie can create a cure for Karai.
Splinter: I appreciate the effort, but you need to know your lives are just as important to me, my sons. And because of that, no missions until Raphael's leg heals!

The Creeping DoomEdit

Splinter: April, what's wrong?
April: I don't know, Sensei. I sense something's wrong with Donnie. Maybe...maybe's he distracted.

Leonardo: This is bad! We need Donnie for something like this!
Raphael: Unfortunately, someone made him dumber than himself!

April: Splinter, do you think your healing mantra could work on Donnie?
Splinter: Highly doubtful.

The Fourfold TrapEdit

Donatello: Sensei, I'm afraid there's nothing I can do.
Splinter: I know how hard you have tried Donatello. Some things are simply not meant to be. At least I have four wonderful sons.

Leonardo: Donnie, you know how much this means to Sensei.
Donatello: Leo, I'm trying as hard as I can.
Leonardo: Well try harder.
Donatello: Try harder!? I always have to find the solution! You're leader, Leo! You find the answer! Or what about Raph!?
Raphael: I got the answer for you- Karai's a lost cause!

Leonardo: Sensei, I want you to know: I'm not gonna give up on Karai, no matter what. Could maybe the ancient scrolls work on her? The healing hands?
Splinter: It is possible. But I am not certain that even I have the ability.

Karai (with Donatello's voice): Well, I was expecting only Leonardo. But having you all here makes things so much easier.
Leonardo: Karai?
Karai: Cool, right? (In normal voice) Baxter Stockman managed to hack into your T-Phone signals. And then he loaned me his M.O.U.S.E.R.S. It was my idea to use their holograms. Now that I have all of you, Splinter will have choice but to fight me- for your lives!
Raphael: Free our brothers now!!
Karai: I'm afraid that's not happening, Raphael. My friends won't allow it.

Karai: Raphael, you're inside the first trap, aptly called the Hothead. Can you figure a way out? Hello, Leonardo.
Leonardo: Karai?
Karai: Welcome to the Courage Slayer. To save your brothers, you'll have to face ninjas blades as skilled as your own, which isn't all that formidable. So I cranked up the speed to a hundred.

Karai: Good luck, Turtles! And good riddance!
April: Let them go, Karai! You're under the control of a brain-worm! Shredder's using you!
Karai: Lies! The only thing greater than watching the Turtles demise is to watch Splinter bear witness to it, right before I finish him off!!

Splinter: April? What is wrong?
April: The Turtles are in a trap, but so are you!
Karai: Hello, Splinter.
Splinter: Miwa?

Leonardo: Karai, please talk to me! Karai!!
Raphael: She's not gonna talk to you!

Splinter: Miwa, listen to me. I am your father Hamato Yoshi. Your mother was the love of my life.
Karai: Don't you dare desecrate her memory!

Splinter: Please. Do not make me fight you.
Karai (assumes her full sake form): You have no choice.

Splinter: I love you, Miwa.
(Completes the healing hands mantra, which weakens the brain-worm inside her head, causing her to scream and release him)

Splinter: I trust that you are all unharmed.
Leonardo: What happened?
Splinter: She forced me into combat, but the healing hands I used on her were meant to help her; not harm her. I fear that we will never see Miwa again.
Leonardo: Never give up hope. That was the greatest lesson you taught me as a kid, Sensei.

Dinosaur Seen in SewersEdit

Donnie: What's wrong with him? Is he sick?
Raph: I'm starting to understand his backwards talk. His people, the Triceratons, need nitrogen to breathe.
Leo: And the part where he calls you Commander Zorg and does everything you say?
Raph: Well, we bonded over a mutual love of destruction.

Leo: You can stop the Kraang without destroying the planet, you madman!

Zog: You fool!
Raph: I'm sorry I lied to you, Zog! But I can't let you invade our world!
Zog: I'll squash you!

Zog: You let the Kraang run rampant, jeopardizing the safety of the galaxy!!

Annihilation: Earth! Part 1Edit

April: I'm just amazed there are more aliens in the universe other than the Kraang.
Donatello: Hate to break this up, but someone's been following us for the last few blocks or so.
April: Weird. I don't sense anyone at all.
Donatello: See for yourself.

April: Bishop, why do the Triceratons hate the Kraang?
Bishop: For millennia, the two species have fought over Dimension X. The Kraang use intelligence to battle their foe while the Triceratons rely on brute strength and cunning. It seemed the Triceratons would win, but the Kraang used the most powerful weapon in the universe, a black-hole generator that wiped out the Triceratons entire planet. Only a single Triceraton fleet survived. They vowed vengeance. The battle may have won, but the war has not. It still rages across Dimension X. Now shall we begin?

Kraang Sub-Prime: What now!? Seriously!?
Kraang: The...the Triceratons!?
Kraang Sub-Prime: Not the Triceratons! Not here! Not now!!

Kraang Sub-Prime: The Triceratons are powering up! We're toast! Toast!!

Annihilation: Earth! Part 2Edit

Splinter: Go. Save your brother. April and I will rescue our friends and stop the Triceratons.
April: By ourselves? You're kidding, right, sensei?
Splinter: We will ally ourselves with someone even more powerful than the mighty Mutanimals.
Leonardo: Who, sensei?
Splinter (hesitates): The Shredder.

Shredder: What have you done with Karai?
Splinter: We searched for her, but she is gone. Alive but vanished from the city.
Shredder: You lie!!
April: He's telling the truth, Shredder! Karai's still out there somewhere! And if the Earth blows up-Guess what?- you'll never see her again!! So maybe you can do the right thing for once in your evil life, even be a hero for a change! That is if you still love Karai!

(As their beloved sensei and father figure is ruthlessly murdered by Shredder)
The Turtles: NOOOO!!!
April (clutches her head and groans): AGHHHHH!!!
(Unleashes an unusually strong, yellowish psychic wave that knocks Shredder backward out of sheer rage)
Tiger Claw: Master Shredder, what have you done!?
Shredder: Hamato Yoshi is finished! The Earth can be destroyed for all I care! I have finally won!!

Fugitoid: Hurry. We haven't much time.
Donatello: Can we trust him?
April: Do we have a choice!?

Season Four (2015-2017)Edit

Beyond the Known UniverseEdit

Casey: So, why do you care, alien robot dude? Why are you helping us?
Raphael: Yeah! Who are you anyway!?
Fugitoid: My name is Professor Zayton Honeycutt. I'm a friend of the Utroms. It was Bishop who sent me. and plus I've always wanted to see Earth.

Donatello: Fugitoid, start the ship!! Start the ship!!
Fugitoid: Oh, I can't believe you managed to tick off the most dangerous criminal the universe!

The Moons of Thalos 3Edit

April: Weird vibe alert!

Raphael: So, um, Casey. You think, like a turtle can date a newt?
Casey: What!!? (Laughs) You gotta be kidding.
Michelangelo: Dude, you really got a crush on that salamander hottie? She's probably faster, stronger and a better fighter than you.
Raphael: Exactly. What a woman.

April: Um, where's Raph?
Leonardo: Oh no. I bet he went talk to his girlfriend.

The Weird World of WyrmEdit

April: I don't need to be psychic to get a bad feeling about this place.

The Outlaw Armaggon!Edit

Raphael: Hey! How come they get to mess around?
Leonardo: Fugitoid's testing April's psychic powers. He's training her.

Fugitoid: Okay, April. In which of the spheres have I placed your Tessen?
April: That one.
Fugitoid: Ding, ding! Excellent. Your psychic abilities are marvels waiting to be unlocked.
April: Thanks, Professor. How do you know so much about the human brain?
Fugitoid: Since it's the only part of my original body left, I have extensive knowledge on brain stinulence.

Donatello: April, you gotta reach Fugitoid.
April: Let me see what I can do. (Utilizes her telepathic abilities to enter Fugitoid's subconscious mind via emitting a yellowish psionic wave) Professor Honeycutt, it's me- April- your friend! You have to fight Overmind.
Overmind: You will not take control.
April: You are Professor Zaton Honeycutt! You are a D-Hoonibian. (Finally manages to reach Fugitoid's consciousness psionically)
Fugitoid: Yes. I am Professor Honeycutt! I am back!

Riddle of the Ancient AeonsEdit

(Utilizing her exceptional psionic powers)
April: That world- its radiating a strange power, like pure evil. We're flying into danger, Professor.
Fugitoid: Evil? Nonsense. This is Zalvadal, one of the most beautiful worlds in the cosmos.
(See that the whole world is full of nothing but darkness and shadows)
Casey: Fugi-dude!
Fugitoid: Well, I am occasionally wrong.

Donatello: Looks like some kind of alien language.
Fugitoid: It's in ancient Aeonean. "When the Sol Star reaches the mountain's peak, the light of the Aeons shall illuminate all."

April: What is it, Professor?
Fugitoid: It's the Sol Star, the symbol of the Aeons, containing the power of life itself.
April: So it was hidden away and the world turned evil. I get it now. "When the Sol Star reaches the mountain's peak, the light of the Aeons shall illuminate all."
Raphael: Great. So what does that mean?
April: It means we put it where it belongs.

Male Aeons: Thank you. You saved us from ourselves.
April: Yourselves?
Michelangelo: The demons were the Aeons all along?
Male Aeons: The Utrom entrusted us with the first fragment of the Black-Hole Generator for safekeeping. We Aeons had never allowed technology on our world before. Entranced by its immense power, we desired to know its secrets and hid away our beloved Sol Star, thus corrupting our world and us with it. Thank you, friends, for saving our world.
(Breaks off a piece of the mystical Sol Star and hands it to April)
Aeons: Take this. It is a tiny fragment of our Sol Star. It will bring you both luck and power.
April: It's beautiful.
Casey: Goodbye, glow-y dudes.

Raphael: The Utrom made a big mistake when they trusted the fragment with those guys.
Donatello: Yeah. If ancient cosmic beings can be transformed like that, I guess that goes to show that anyone can be corrupted by power.
(April looks at her new mystic gift, which she has made into a necklace, and smiles)

Journey to the Center of Mikey's MindEdit

Fugitoid: I have a plan to save your brother, but it's going to require a little psychic help.

Donatello: Uh, I don't know about this, Professor.
Fugitoid: Well, the theory is sound. April will psychically project you into Michelangelo's mind.
Donatello: Trying to navigate Mikey's mind is like trying to watch every TV channel at once.

The Arena of CarnageEdit

(Drawing strength from her mystical Sol Star necklace, April succeeds in using her newly developed telekinetic abilities to open the sealed door with relative ease)
Casey: When did you learn to do that?
April: The Professor's training. The crystal fragment I got from the Aeons helps me focus my powers.

April: Hold your breath, guys!
(Uses her extraordinarily strong psionic abilities to call forth the Fugitoid's spaceship)

Note: Ever since she was given a fragment of the mystical Sol Star, from the ancient Aeons, April's psychic abilities are gradually beginning to develop more and grow considerably stronger as well.

The War for Dimension XEdit

Rook: Still, you should know the truth about the Utrom.
Queen: We Utrom all once had distinct personalities. But one nexon, an Utrom scientist named Kraang discovered the mutagen of the Kafatragon worms. Kraang Prime was born, becoming deranged in the process. He used his terrible psychic powers to overwhelm millions of Utrom, turning them into slaved copies of himself. and so the Kraang were born.
Bishop: There were many Utrom who resisted Prime's control, but now less than one hundred exist.

Donatello: We managed to find the first one, but we need the others.
Queen: You found one of the pieces!?
Rook: No one should have such power. We Utroms took pains to hide the pieces in the safest parts of the galaxy.
Leonardo: Safest!? The first piece corrupted the entire race of Aeons!
Bishop: What!!?
Queen: Impossible!
Rook: No way!

Raphael: You learned some new moves since I last saw you.
Mona Lisa: I could teach them to you; one-on-one.
Raphael: Would love that.

Bishop: The second fragment lies within the cosmic ocean of Varuna. The final fragment lies within the lost world, the end of the known cosmos.

Leonardo: I totally go for mutants, like Karai, but alien lizards?
Donatello: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Leo.

The Cosmic OceanEdit

Hidrala: Who enters the realm seeking audience with Hidrala, supreme ruler of the Daagon?
Leonardo: Uh, greetings supreme ruler. My name is Leonardo and these are my companions.
Michelangelo: What up? (Raphael hits him)
Fugitoid: We come bearing the sigel of the Utrom. We seek the fragment of the Back-Hole Generator that you have in your possession.
Hidrala: You may rise.
April: Thank you, Your Majesty.
Hidrala: The Utrom entrusted the fragment to me, giving Hidrala ultimate say over it. After you truly worthy to claim a device of such devastating power? Who among you is leader? (Leonardo steps forward) You? You are a mere child. How are you worthy?
Leonardo: We may be young, but we have fought huge battles, saved whole, planets! And on top of everything else, we saw the destruction of our world.
Donatello: We been given a second chance to save Earth. We're gonna destroy the Black-Hole Generator.
Hidrala: Ha! It cannot be destroyed. Why do you think it was hidden away?
Leonardo: If you keep, the Triceratons will find it. They'll tear your kingdom apart to get it.
Hidrala: If you desire the fragment, you must face Cuthfuga, an ancient beast that obeys only me. If you are indeed worthy, it will sense this and let you take it freely. If you are not, it will devour you whole.

April (uses her strong psionic abilities): I'm sensing a huge, powerful presence inside. It's coming closer. Closer!

Hidrala: Insolent, fool! Explain to me what it is you find so funny!?
Armaggon: I'm laughing because reinforcements are here.
Donatello: Oh no. Lord Dregg!
Dregg: Hidrala, you have something I desire and I aim to take it!!

Hidrala: How are you Leonardo?
Leonardo: A little shell-shocked, but I'm okay. Are you hurt, ma'am?
Hidrala: I am unharmed, thanks to you. You all fought to protect our kingdom. For that you have our deepest gratitude. Especially mine. Leonardo, your actions validate the truth of your words. The second fragment of the Black-Hole Generator is yours.
Leonardo: Supreme ruler, I don't understand.
Hidrala: The guardian was only a test. I have kept the second fragment hidden in the palace vaults ever since the Utrom entrusted us with its safety. Now, I entrust it to you. If you claim you can destroy this infernal machine, then the Daagon honor you.
Leonardo: Thank you, supreme ruler.

Trans-Dimensional TurtlesEdit

Raphael: can't we just destroy the pieces we already have? I mean, what are the Triceratons gonna do with one stupid piece!?
Donatello: Well, what if they find a way to replicate the technology, Raph?
Fugitoid: Donatello is right. The machine must be destroyed! every last piece of it.

Raphael: The world is flat! I can't even see my own butt! Donnie, explanation?
Donatello: We are possibly in some kind of alternate dimension.

Splinter: Back so soon? You just left to patrol the city.
2012 Turtles: Sensei! Sensei!
Splinter: Is everything all right?
Leonardo: Definitely, Master Splinter. It's just so amazing to see you.

Revenge of the TriceratonsEdit

April: Guys! The Triceratons tracked us down!

(April uses her telekinesis to blow the three bug aliens away)
Casey: Nice one, Red.

(After using his fusion core to dazzle the Triceratons)

Fugitoid: Hello, everyone. Miss me?

Fugitoid: Donatello, you should be very proud of yourself. You used my spare parts in ways I never would have thought of. And between you and me, I'd say it would take you two thousand years to master trans-dimensional physics.

The Evil of DreggEdit

Mona Lisa: You promised you would not attack Salamandria if we brought...the Turtles.
Dregg: I did say that, didn't I? But, no planetary invasion?
Mona Lisa: You fiend!! What have we done!!?

Fugitoid: Just like our training, April.
(Using her strong telekinesis, April makes a piece of bacon throw itself at Dregg)
Armaggon: It's wasn't me.

Donatello: But what about your planet? Your people!?
Mona Lisa: We'll be fine. And Raphael, I will always love you!
Raphael: She loves me? She really loves me!?
Michelangelo: Uh oh! I know that look!

The Ever-Burning FireEdit

Fugitoid: The planet itself is Magdomar, which translates as "planet of ever-burning fire."
Michelangelo: Couldn't we at least once go the planet of comfy pillows and endless free pizza?

Michelangelo: The whole planet's out to get us!!

Raphael: I need some telekinesis.
(April utilizes her newly developed telekinesis to redirect the missiles)
April: Back at ya, Dregg!!

April: This creature is the monster's baby.
Raphael: Tokka's a mom?
Michelangelo: Aw. That's adorable.

Raphael: But what about Tokka? She was just trying to protect the fragment and Chompy.
Michelangelo: Then who's this hitching a ride on your shell?

Earth's Last StandEdit

Raphael: How are we gonna take down the black-hole generator if its invulnerable to everything?
Fugitoid: There is a way, but the entire Heart of Darkness must be destroyed. Not a single piece must remain.
April: What's wrong, Professor? I can sense you wanna tell us something.
Fugitoid: My friends, I must confess something to you. Something I couldn't reveal until you got to know we better as a humanoid, uh, android.
Casey: What are you talking about, Fugi-dude?
Fugitoid: You see, it was not the Kraang who invented the Black-Hole generator. It was...I who created it.
Turtles: What!!?
Donatello: It can't be!
Michelangelo: It doesn't make any sense!
Fugitoid: I originally developed the black-hole generator as an energy source. But when Kraang Sub-Prime offered a huge price to but it, I gave in. I was greedy. I didn't care what they wanted to use it for. It was all about money, all about funding my research. Then I realized what a terrible mistake I made. I mean, come on! They're the Kraang!

April: I can sense you're hiding something from us, Professor. You're...lying to us.

Splinter: I knew you were a snake! But stopping me from saving the world!!?
Shredder: It is because of you Karai is gone!!

Donatello: I get it now. He said the only way to destroy the Black-hole generator is a combination of fusion and dark matter.
Casey: Which means?
Donatello: The ship runs on dark matter and the Fugitoid is powered by a fusion core.
Leonardo: That's why he wanted us off the ship. He didn't want to steal it. He's...sacrificing himself.
Michelangelo: NO! Fugitoid, don't do it!!
Fugitoid: It has to be this way, my friends. If you had known my intent, you would have tried to stop me. And for that, I thank you. Let it be known, that you are my friends. And I love you all.

City at WarEdit

Shinigami: Let's play a game. Give me one of your weapons or I'll take something precious- your shells.
Raphael: All right, sister! Playtime's over!
Shinigami: My name is Shinigami. Do you know what my name means?

Shinigami: My sensei doesn't need a Turtle weapon. Your Tessen will do just fine.
April: You're gonna have to get it from me, witch!
Shinigami: A dragon tanto. You must have just become a kunoichi. This will do nicely.

Leo: Got anything Donnie?
Donnie: Well, the shinigami are powerful gods in Japanese myth that bring death and destruction.
Raph: So we got something in common?
Mikey: This girl is super cute, guys. Maybe we could turn her to the light side.

Shinigami: Karai, I bring you the red-haired girl's tanto blade.
Karai: So, Splinter finally made April a kunoichi, eh? Kind of a shock.
Shinigami: Yes. She seems so frail and clumsy when you first look at her, like a silly red bird.
(April barges in)
April: Well, this kunoichi tracked your butt down, Karai! What are you doing anyway!!?
Karai: None of your business! Just go!

Leo: We'd like to know what's going on here, too.
Karai: Leo, calm down! The brain-worm that was controlling is gone. I'm not your enemy.
Raph: Oh? So then why did your crazy friend attack us!?
Karai: It was only a test to see her skills. Shinigami's an old friend from Japan. She was never gonna hurt you.
Shinigami: At least not permanently.
April (draws strength from her mystical Sol Star necklace): She's telling the truth. That brain-worm thing is gone. They're not after us. They're after...
Donnie: Shredder.
Raph: So, what's up with the head gear, Princess? Daddy issues?
Karai: I want to rebuild the Foot. Bring back honor to a clan that Shredder poisoned for almost two decades. And when I finish, I'll destroy Oroku Saki and his empire, once and for all.
Mikey: Life isn't about revenge, sis. Come back to the lair with us. Master Splinter would love to see you.
Karai: No. I have to carve out my own destiny.
Donatello: Fine. We're leaving.
April: First, I want my tanto back. Now!!
Karai: If you want it back, take it from her. I mean, shouldn't be hard for a kounoichi, right?
April: Fine by me. I wanted a rematch anyway.

Donatello: I'm stopping this right-!
Raphael: Let her fight her own battles.
April (furious): AHHH!!!
(Emits incredibly strong psychic blasts that break the glass around Shredder's throne room, much to Shinigami's surprise)
Shinigami: Little red bird.
Karai: All right, that's enough, Shini! Give her the tanto back.
Note: April is promoted to full kunoichi since being offered to become on in Episode 7, Monkey Brains.

Broken FootEdit

Shnigami: Seriously!? A temple!?
Karai: It's a front for money-lending operations. Taking it down will badly hurt the Shredder.
Shinigami: Your dad was one messed up freak.

Leonardo: Miss me?
Karai: You always have to make a dramatic entrance.
Shinigami: Look at it all!
Leonardo: There's millions here.
Karai: Shredder should have kept it somewhere a little more safe.
Shinigami: So what are going to do with it? Do you know how much cool stuff we can buy?

Karai (Touches Leonardo's cheek in an affectionate way): I need your help on this one, Leo. For old times sake.
Leonardo: Sorry, Karai. Your charms won't work this time. We'll stop you if we have to!
Karai: Have it your way.

Leonardo: Feels like I'm making a habit of saving you lately.
Karai: Well, maybe if you could've arrived five minutes earlier-!

Leonardo (worried): Karai!
Karai: Thanks, Leo.
(Leonardo flees holding Karai protectively in his arms)

Leonardo (about her injury): Let me look at it.
Karai: I'm fine.
(Concentrates and fully heals herself by shedding her burned skin)
Michelangelo (amazed): Whoa.
Leonardo: I told you it was dangerous.
Karai: I told you I was fine.

Karai: I'm sorry, Father. I'm glad Donatello's alright.
Splinter: Now you see the kind of pain and suffering revenge causes.
Karai: I know. I thought I could end this by going after his operations. But it's too much of a risk to go after petty targets, just to spite him. I promise, I will no longer go after Shredder's operations. I'll go after Shredder himself.

The Insecta TrifectaEdit

Shredder: It's taking too long, Stockman. I grow severely impatient.
Stockman-Fly: Sir, normal mutagen is unstable and can warp your mind. With this new mutagen serum, I can control the outcome but it will take time.
Shredder: Time is what I do not have. Every moment that passes, I lose more control over this city. My henchman have grown useless. Eh! It is ironic that my most loyal servant is nothing but a lowly horsefly. After everything, I must completely rely on you, Stockman.
Stockman-Fly: Thank you, Master. I will not let you down.

Karai: Well?
Foot Soldier: No sign of the Shredder. He must no longer be in the city.
Karai: Keep looking!! Take your search upstate, New Jersey- Look everywhere! Now leave me! (notices bugs on the window) What the? Stockman?
Stockman-Fly: Karai! No soldiers to help you?
Karai: Of all the mutants Shredder would send to take me down, he sends his lowly bug!
Stockman-Fly: I am his indispensable ally!
Karai: I can't wait to dispense with you!

Leonardo: You just can't keep away from us mutants, can you?
Karai: Just get me out!

April: You ready?
Karai: Today? You better believe it.

Shredder: Stockman. Your mutagen drip.
Stockman-Fly: Yes, Master?
Shredder: It's working. It's finally working!

Mutant GanglandEdit

Rockwell: Yes. In the meantime, allow me to psychically probe this miscreant. Great, Scott!! They're bringing these blueprints to an engineer to create weapons specifically designed to destroy...mutants.
Feluchi Twin: Yep. Every mutant in this town is doing down!

Raphael: Come on, Leo! Scared of a real fight!?
Leonardo: No! I'm afraid you're getting more and more hostile and pulling away from the team! What gives!?
Raphael: No one's pulling punches out there! Why should we do it in here!?
Splinter: Because you are brothers and your goal here is to train!!
Raphael: Sensei, why do you always stick up for Leo!? I'm the only one who ever takes training seriously! The rest of 'em are just goofing off all the time!
Donatello: Wah! No one appreciates me! Back on the "Everyone loves Leo" routine? Get some new materiel, you big baby.

Leonardo: How many times has he quit the team now?
Donatello: Twenty-seven times.
Splinter: You have a brilliant mind, Donatello. Yet you see a fire and try to put it out with gasoline. You are growing up, my sons, and you must become more mature. One day I will not be around to remind you of your foybancy.
Michelangelo: Is fobou that dangly thing that hangs at the back of my throat?
Donatello: Fobou means "weakness of character," shell brain!
Leonardo: Master, you've made it through the worst of the worst. And we're never gonna let-
Splinter: Everything isn't permanent, Leonardo. You cannot expect anything to last forever, even...family.

Donatello: Hey, where's Pigeon Pete?
Slash: We don't talk about Pigeon Pete.
Leonardo: So what brings the mighty Mutanimals?
Slash: We need your help, Turtles.
Rockwell: We just learned that the Feluchi twins have been engineering mutant-hunting weapons. I telepathically discovered that Don Visioso wants to take control of the city, now that Shredder has vanished. And that the only thing standing between him and his true goals...
Leonardo: Is us.

Rockwell: Sorry we can't hang out anymore, fellows!
(Uses telekinesis to throw three of Don Visioso's cronies high in the air)

Donatello: Whoa! That turned out so much better than expected.

Bat in the BelfryEdit

April: I been having headaches and nightmares about space and other galaxies.
Donatello: I don't see anything physically wrong with you, April. You're probably just adjusting to life back on Earth.
Michelangelo: I don't know, Donnie. My ninja sensors tell it's not that. It's that freaky crystal she never takes off!

(Wakes up to see April frantically trashing his lab)
Donnie: April?
April: Where's my crystal!? I gave it back to you! Now you've lost it!!
Donnie: Okay, okay. We'll find it. April?
April: Just leave me alone!!
(Splinter hits his staff)
Splinter: You are not thinking clearly, April.
April: But, Master Splinter, my crystal!
Splinter: You are too attached to that object! The crystal is a crutch! I recommend against using it!
April: It's not a crutch! It's just very important to me!!
Leo: None of us took it. And we're all here except...Mikey!

Donatello: I got it. Now, April, focus your powers.
(April's eyes glow pale blue as she manages to get back her Sol Star necklace via telekinesis)
April: Finally. Back where she belongs.

Donatello: April when we get back to the lair I think I should do more tests on that crystal.
April: No, Donnie.
Donatello: April are you alright?
April: It's my crystal. I'm never gonna take it off for anything or anyone ever again!

The Super ShredderEdit

Karai: Shini, any word on the power outage?
Shinigami: No. But it appears to be the entire neighborhood.
Karai: Suspicious. Double the guards. Tell to cover all ends of the street.
Shinigami: Yes, Karai. But I'm sure it's cool. It's just a power outage.

(Shock upon seeing Oroku Saki's mutated form)
Karai: You...you've become...everything you loathe, everything you hate-a mutant!
Super Shredder: My daughter, please. I did this for you. To destroy our enemy: The monster who took your mother's life- Hamato Yoshi.
Karai: You're insane! You are the monster!! You lie to yourself so much, you've come believe an entire dream!!
Super Shredder: Silence!! I was there! I saw what happened! The night he took your mother's life! I saw it! I...
Shinigami: Let's take this crazy okoma down!
Karai: Foot clan, attack!
Super Shredder: No!! They are mine!!
Shinigami: I'll destroy you, monster!! For everything you have done to Karai!!
(Attacks but is overpowered and knocked unconscious. A furious Karai attacks in her full snake form)
Super Shredder I will let your friend go as a gesture of my love! But if you struggle, I will hunt her down and crush her into pulp! Understood!!?

(Lifts the Shellrasier off the ground)
Super Shredder: Tell your master I have my daughter back!! If he desires to see her one last time, come to where I last defeated him!!
(Throws the Shellrasier and sets fire to it, much to Karai's horror)

Splinter: What happened!?
April: Shredder. He used mutagen.
Mikey: He's turned into some kind of Super Shredder. He's got huge muscles and blades everywhere, like a buff cheese grater.
Donnie: He has her, Sensei.
Splinter: Miwa.
Leo: He says he wants to meet you in the last place that he beat you- the sewers.
Splinter: Then let us make haste.

Super Shredder: Gaze upon these images, rat! First you take Tang Shen away from me, and then you still my daughter!!

Super Shredder: You turned her against me!! You brainwashed!! Karai is my daughter!!
Splinter: How many lies can you tell yourself, Saki!?
Karai: AH!! Just wait until I get free, Shredder!!
Leo: Karai!
Splinter: Miwa!!

Karai: Father! It's a trap!!
Splinter: I will not leave you!
Karai: Behind you!
Splinter (in shock): Saki!? What have you done!?
Super Shredder: I have molded myself into perfection, rat man! Look upon me and know fear!
Splinter: You must be proud. You are finally a monster both inside and out.
Super Shredder: I wanted to see you fall! Then your brainwashing will disappear! And she will remember that it was I who raised her! It was I who made her who she is!! I sacrificed everything for her, out of absolute love!!
Karai: Father is right! Your transformation into a monster is complete!

Leo: Karai!
Karai: Guys, the Shredder. He's just too powerful. Splinter couldn't even fight him!
Donnie: We saw what Shredder's become. What if we can't stop him? It's gonna be, like, weeks before my latest batch of retro-mutagen is ready.
April: I can sense him, somewhere, deep underground. I think I can track him.
Raph: Great! Then let's go down and kick some bladed freak butt! (electricity gives out again) Whoa.
Mikey: Well, that's not terrifying or anything.

Splinter: A pity, Miwa is not here to see how evil you truly have become.

Super Shredder: Now my nightmares of your proud, leering, loathsome face will finally end!!
Splinter: Finish me, yes. But Miwa will live on. My daughter. Mine.

Super Shredder: What is happening to me!!?
Splinter: Saki, the mutagen. It is unstable. Out of control.
Super Shredder: Be silent, rat!!

Michelangelo: Super Shredder's kicking sensei's tail in!
Leonardo: Come on!!
Karai: Father!!

Darkest PlightEdit

Leo: He- He has to be alive, right?
April: I- I don't sense him at all. Maybe he's unconscious.
Donnie: That drop is at least a thousand feet down. Even he couldn't survive a fall like that.
Raph: So...what do we do?
Karai: We take them all down! For Splinter!!

Casey: Everyone can relax. Casey Jones is here. So what's up? Why'd I get 127 emergency texts? The pizza delivery guy disappear?
April: No. Splinter disappeared. He fell down that huge chasm in the Undercity.
Casey: Whoa. That's deep, yo.
April: I definitely lost my mental connection with Splinter. But that doesn't mean he's gone. We can't give up hope.

(April psionically senses Super Shredder coming closer and closer from afar)
April: Their coming! They'll be here any minute!
Karai: There's no way we'll be able to keep from from the Undercity.
Leonardo: We bait them to the surface.
Karai: No. We take them down on the surface! We finish them both!
April: Here they come!
Tiger Claw: Master Shredder- Karai!
Super Shredder: I want the Turtle. You can destroy the girl. Save me Karai.

Karai: Did we lose 'em?
April: I don't think so. Look out!!
(Tiger Claws comes from nowhere and pushes Leo down)
April: No!!
(She is attacked by Tiger Claw but is defended by Karai)
Tiger Claw: You're coming with me, girl!!
(Karai becomes a purple snake and uses her powerful tail to push him into wires, electrocuting him)

(As Super Shredder is crushing Leonardo to death)
April: Shredder!!
Karai: Let him go, freak!!
Super Shredder: Do not disrespect me, daughter! What!?
(April telekinetically lifts a mailbox and trashcan, but he emits quite a powerful shockwave by clapping his hands and a furious Karai attacks him with her tanto)
Karai: I just need to find a soft spot, monster!!

Super Shredder: Now I will crush the life out of all of you!
(Hurls a large truck right at Karai)
Karai: AGHHH!!
(Is saved from being crushed to death by April holding the truck in her strong telekinetic grip; albeit with difficulty. Fortunately, her mystical Sol Star necklace gives her a major power boost, causing her eyes to glow a light blue and for her to smile malevolently, before she hurls it right back at Super Shredder, and collapses from fatigue.)

(Super Shredder hurls Leonardo down and is about to finish him off)
Karai: Leo!! Stop!! Don't do this!! You can do something good for once, Saki! Something without malice, without the need for revenge!
Super Shredder: Karai! I- I never meant to hurt you. Please. Call me Father, not Saki.
Karai: You were never my father!!
(Punches him directly into his pulsating mutated heart, causing him to hurl mutagen)
Super Shredder: NO! Not now! Not now!!

Karai: We can't let them escape!!
April: Karai, Leo's in no shape. We need to get him back to the lair.
Karai: You're right. Next time.
Note: This episode focuses on Leonardo and Karai.

The Power Inside HerEdit

Leonardo: Are you sure this is a good idea, Donnie?
April: Yeah. Last time you hooked me up to this thing, it made me blind and mentally connected to a giant fish-bird-worm thing.
Donatello: Don't worry. I've upgraded it since then. It's perfectly safe. I promise. Your psychic powers have been expanding rapidly since you were given that Aeon crystal. It's imperative I test its limits. For your own sake.
April: I have it under control! Besides if it weren't for my powers, we never would have gotten away from Super Shredder. You saw what I did to that mutated freak.
Leonardo: That's what worries us.
Donatello: I just need to examine your crystal.
April (firmly): No! I'm not taking it off! Don't even ask again, Donnie! It's safe as long as I have it!
Donatello: If I can replicate how this crystal increases your powers, that could provide a frame of reference-
Leonardo: Increase her powers?
Donatello: Don't worry. Only slightly, by maybe .3%? April, let me know if you feel anything. OK? Tingling, headache?
April: I told you! I'm fine! Just leave the crystal- AGHH!!
(Is suddenly overflowing with mighty mystical power, which results in her already powerful telekinetic abilities to go berserk)

Splinter: What happened in here? (concerned) April?
Leonardo: It's that alien crystal. It's been messing with her head.
Splinter: That Crystal has a strong hold on both her mind and spirit. It has become too dangerous.
Donatello: Sensei's right. I need to break its connection with her...somehow.
Splinter: I will tend to her in the dojo. Perhaps the mantras will help.
Leonardo: I got her, Sensei.

(Sees April holding her Sol Star necklace close to her)
Donnie: April!? What are you doing?
(Becomes half strangled by April's vastly strong telekinetic abilities)
Splinter: April, you must hear me! This being wants to control you! Fight it!
April (frightened): Master Splinter, I...I can't fight her! She's too strong!
Donnie: April, stop! You have to control it!
(The sides of April's body are shrouded in a white aura, her eyes glow white, and the sinister laughter of another female entity is heard)
Donnie: NOOO!!

Za-Naron: I'm free! I can feel the power of this city! So many lives! Look at them! Like insects!
April: How did I get up here? I was in the lair but I...
Za-Naron: Now you are were you were meant to be- among the stars!
April: These people- so many. I can hear them mentally crying out, begging for help.
Za-Naron: There are so many more who need to be punished! They are causing endless pain and suffering! Get rid of the pain and this world will flourish!
April: Yes. I understand. I can save them. I can save all of them.

Leo: What's happening to you?
Mikey: I thought Splinter and Donnie were looking after you.
April: I guess. I don't remember. AGHH!
Mikey: It's that crystal! It's got some seriously bad juju, dudes.
Leo: It's changing you, April.
Za-Naron: There is no April! Only Za-Naron!

Leo: What do you mean you're not April? Who is Za-Naron?
Za-Naron: I am the spirit of an elder Aeon, one of the first seven. After a hundred millennia, our physical forms had disintegrated. So our souls were each placed into the Sol Star to exist forever. I have been transplanting my mind into her consciousness...slowly. But the Aeons did not know how corrupt this world could be! I intend to save it!

Donnie: April!
Za-Naron: Foolish mortal! Stay out of my way!
Donnie: April, it's me! Donatello.
April: Donnie?
(struggles against the mighty power of Za-Naron within her mind)
Donnie: Listen to me. Just give me the crystal. Give me the crystal and everything will be OK.
Na-Zaron: No!

Donnie: This isn't you, April! That crystal is changing you! You need to break free!
April: It's too much power! I...I can't control it anymore!!
Donnie: You can do it! I know you can!!
April: I'm not strong enough!! Donnie, I'm sorry.
(Is again taken over by Za-Naron's might)
Donnie: April? Please. April, please!

(Za-Naron regains control and uses her vast Aeon abilities to obliterate him into smithereens)

Leo and Raph: DONNIE!!
Casey: OH MY GOSH!!
Mikey: NOOOOOO!!!

April (horrified, saddened): No! Donnie! I can't believe it! How could I!?
Za-Naron: You made your choice and you chose the crystal. Let go of your connection to these sub-life forms who pollute this planet. I must cleanse it! Starting with this city!

Hun: Impressive tricks. Ever think of joining the Purple Dragons?
Za-Naron: No.
(Uses magnified telekinesis to push Hun backward, knocking off his shades)

Leo: You can't do this, April! Or Za-Naron or whoever you are!
Za-Naron: Do not stand in my way or you will be cleansed, just as Donatello was!!
Leo: We have to stop her.
Casey: But what if April is still in there?
Raph: Are you kidding? I don't like, but April O'Neil is...gone. We have no choice. We take her down!

Casey: We know you're in there, Red!
Mikey: We're your friends, your family!
Leonardo: Remember who you are! You are April O'Neil. Remember everything we've been through together.
Casey: Yeah. Like the time we fought a giant mutagen man, and our dope missions in space?
Mikey: And Master Splinter, and pizza parties, and Ice Cream Kitty?

(April struggles against Za-Naron's control but fails, preparing to vaporize Raph into nothing)

Raph: Remember Donnie!
(April recalls her fond memories of Donatello, giving her the willpower to overpower Za-Naron's dark influence and break the mystical Sol Star fragment, thus releasing the corrupt elder Aeon into the real world in demonic form)
Za-Naron: Foolish creature!! You could have had all the power of the universe!!
(swarms forward to strike her former host down, but is destroyed by one single slash of April's tanto sword)

Casey: Red, is that really you?
April: I think so. But-But Donnie. What have I done?
Leo: It's not your fault, April.
April: But it is. It was all me in a way. If only...Donnie's not gone! He wasn't really destroyed, just moleculary scattered.
(Utilizes her own abilities in conjunction with the remaining Sol Star fragments to restore Donatello to his true physical form). Donnie! Thank goodness.

April: I'm so sorry. I guess I should have listened to you about the crystal. Especially you, Donnie. I'm sorry for...
Donnie: For what? Reducing me to a quantum smear? Yeah. Still feel kind of whacked out of my head, but I'll be fine.
Splinter: I am impressed, April. You literally destroyed your demons.
Raph: She almost destroyed all of us.
Leo: What about your powers?
April: They were always part of me. I can't harness the power of the Aeons anymore, but I think I know how to control my powers better.
(The Turtles and Casey fear that she will use her powers on them again, but she just telekinetically lifts her tanto sword from its belt)
April (thinking): So at least some good came out of this.
Note: This episode focuses on April and her tremendously powerful psionic abilities.

Tokka vs. the WorldEdit

Mikey: Dude, you ever think about how big Chompy will get one day? His mom was, like, huge.
Raph: That'll probably take, like, hundreds of space years or something.
Mikey: I feel bad about Chompy's mom.
Raph: Me too. Donnie says there's probably no way anything could survive a supernova. Not even a giant cosmic monster like Tokka. But at least the little Chompster has us for a family now.

Casey: So, how's April doin'? I been worried about her.
Donnie: She's better. Still resting.
Leo: That crystal really messed her up. I'm worried there could be permanent damage.
Raph: So, you think she lost most of her psychic powers or what?
Donnie: Her abilities have been greatly reduced, but she's still far more powerful than she was before acquiring the crystal. It's hard to say until I test her again.

Raph: Chompy, your mama's alive! And she's comin' to find you!
Donnie: Yeah. And she could tear through the entire planet searching for him, even if she means well!
Leo: Well, that's easy. We just give Chompy back to her and she leaves.
Casey: What if Tokka is so ticked off, she destroys Earth anyway? I mean, we put that Turtle-Zilla through a lot. You know what I'm sayin'?
Splinter: Casey is right.
Casey: I am?
Splinter: Yes, you are due. I think this creature will not be pleased, even if we relinquish Young Chompy without a fight.
Leo: But there will be a fight. Even if Tokka is peaceful, the militaries of the world are gonna try and stop her anyway they can! That might mean...all-out kaju war.

Raph: I'm sorry, little guy. We have to take you back to you mom. You belong with her. It's not that I don't care about you. I like you a lot. You're my little partner. But, you know, as a ninja; sometimes you have to flow like water, sometimes you have to make your heart a stone.
Mikey: Uh, Raph, Leo wants to talk plans.

Leo: So how do we get Chompy to his mom before she reaches Earth?
Donnie: There's the Kraang stealth ship. But the military sees them all.
Casey: What about TCRI? I saw a ton of soldiers going in there. They totally taken over the entire building. And if there's one place we're good at breaking into, it's TCRI.
Leo: Casey, that's a great idea.
Casey: It is?
Donnie: Wow. Casey had two good ideas in one day? It really is the end of the world.

Leo: Whoa! Bishop, what are the Utrom doing here?
Bishop: I have become ambassador between Earth, instructing the E.P.F. in alien matters, helping your planet advance its defenses.
Donnie: So, I guess you know all about Tokka.
Bishop: Indeed. You were the ones who visited Tokka's home world of Magdomar. Have you any idea why she would be coming here?
(Raph hesitantly shows him Chompy)
Raph: Uh...maybe for this little guy? (Bishop looks appalled)
Bishop: What have you done!? Do you know the catastrophe you have brought upon this planet!?
Raph: Look! We thought Tokka was destroyed by a supernova, pal! That's why we brought him home with us!
Bishop: Clearly you are too juvenile to be trusted!
Leo: Just give us a stealth ship so we can return him before she gets here!
Bishop: No! The E.P.F. and I will handle this! Now give me the Volcathian fire-tortoise before I get angry!!
Raph: You are not touching him!!

Soldier: Sir, military from the U.S. president are ordered to attack the monster.
Bishop: What!? This cannot be!! This has greatly complicated matters. I warned them. Have they not listened to a word the Utrom have said!? Physical force will not stop Tokka.

Bishop: Call back your army and cease fire! Give Tokka some space!!
Soldier: That's a negative, Sir. Those orders came from General Griffin himself.

Mikey: Dada, Raph. Way to stare down a giant space monster, dude.
Raph: Don't call Chompy's mom a space monster!
Donnie: Hey, I'm just glad she's back in space.
Leo: No doubt. One wrong sneeze, and she would've wiped out all humanity.
Splinter: Raphael, have you thought of what will happen when Chompy grows to full size? The Earth may not be big enough to contain him.
Raphael: I think Chompy is destined to return to the stars one day. But it's gonna be a long time before that happens.

Tale of Tiger ClawEdit

Super Shredder: We must continue searching for Karai. She is out there somewhere.
Tiger Claw: I do not think she is with the Turtles. She and Shinigami have often been spotted alone.
Super Shredder: We must not waste any more time! Now we should- AGHH!
Tiger Claw: Master!
Super Shredder: Stockman is on the verge of stabilizing me!
Tiger Claw: He has been saying that for months.
Super Shredder: I will soon be ready to face Splinter again! But for now, I want the Turtles!

Tiger Claw: I sense something. Something I haven't felt in many years.
Rocksteady: What is matter with Kitty Cat Man?
Bebop: Maybe old T.C.'s been hitting that catnip too much. (Tiger Claw glares) Chill, kitty cat.
Tiger Claw: The one who took my tail has finally come for me.

(Donnie has April wear the physic neural transmitter to test her increasingly powerful psionic abilities)
Donnie: Your power levels are alphabetic, but definitely not as powerful as they were when you had the crystal.
Leo: You up for patrol, April? We're searching new leads to find Super Shredder's new lair.
April: I'm good to go.

Leo: We should swing by the mighty Mutanimals and check in with Karai.
Mikey: I still don't get why Karai doesn't stay with us in the sewers.
Leo: Karai's not a kid anymore. She wants her independence. I get that.
Mikey: Or it could be the smell. Either you're born into the sewer life or you're not.

Raph: Drop the blades, sweetheart.
Alopex: My name is Alopex, turtle boy!
Casey: Ha! "Turtle boy"?
Raph: It's Raphael! Now put 'em down!
Alopex: Well, Raphael, allow me to give you a history lesson on the blades of vengeance. Centuries ago, they were owned by twin sisters. They used them against an evil warlord who had slain their family. The blades cursed any man who was even scratched by their steel.
Casey: Put 'em back or face justice!
Raph: Lame.
Casey: Goongala!
(Attacks Alopex, who uses her superhuman speed to elude him)
Casey: What the heck?
Alopex: Looking for this? (holds his bat) What is all of this junk?
Casey: That's it! (electrocutes her)
Alopex: Filthy normal!

Tiger Claw: You hang my tail like a trophy!?
Alopex: I'm going to remove your head next!

Alopex: I'll be back for you, Tiger Claw! (speeds away)
Tiger Claw: And I will be waiting, Alopex.

Rocksteady: So who is the Alopex, comrade Claw?
Bebop: Yeah. Why are you so afraid of her, dude?
Tiger Claw: I am not afraid of her. It is much more complex then that. Listen well. We were children, a portal opened up in our small village and thinking it was a magic door, we entered. The Kraang mutated and experimented on us. After months of hardships, we escaped through a portal back to Earth. We were monsters now. We could not return home, so we fled. We found refuge in a circus sideshow, but our skills were much too valuable. Soon we became top-level assassins in the criminal underworld. We were notorious and feared. But then...she turned on me and tried to kill me, but only ended in cutting off my tail. Although she escaped, I was certain the wounds I inflicted upon her were too grave for her to survive. I was wrong. She believes I destroyed her life. She must have spent years searching for me. But now, it is I who will have vengeance.

(April restrains her in her strong telekinetic grip)
Alopex: What is going on!?
April: That's what we wanna know! Talk!
Alopex: I'm on a mission to destroy the one mutant who ruined my life: Tiger Claw, my brother!
Casey: Oh snap!
Mikey: Brother?
Alopex: It is his fault we were mutated and then he turned us to a life of crime! He made me do terrible things to people.
Leo: Alopex, our sensei once told us: "Revenge just leads to more pain."
Alopex: I want my brother to feel that plain! With these blades, I'll take more than his tail!
Casey: We're not your enemy, Alopex. Please. Help me lift the curse.
Alopex: The only way is to use the blades against me or destroy the steel! But until I have my revenge on my brother, that will not happen!!

Alopex: Takeshi.
Tiger Claw: Sister, before you attack, let us talk.
Alopex: No, Takeshi! The twin swords work. A worthy curse for a monster such as you!
Tiger Claw: I know how you fight, Alopex! I taught you how, remember!?
Alopex: I know the truth about our parents! You were the one responsible! You took everyone away from me!
(Is met up with several traps and is encased in a M.O.U.S.E.R cage)
Alopex: NO!! Let me go!!
Tiger Claw: Sister, all I ever tried to do was protect you from a world that would never accept us. You leave me no choice except to destroy you!

Alopex: You're the only family I have left. Walk away from your twisted path or next time, there will be no mercy! You've been warned!
(Tiger Claw shoots her from behind, but redirects the blast to his right arm, severing it completely and causing him to scream in agonized pain)
Alopex: Never forget: I could have taken your life.

Mikey: Dudes, they gettin' away!
Donnie: Let 'em go. Tiger Claw will never forget this lesson.
Raph: Yeah. And he'll never be able to clap again.
Leo: Come on, guys. Let's go home.


Super Shredder: Is it finished!?
Stockman-Fly: This is it, Master. The super mutagen has been perfected. With this new formula, your mutation will be stabilized.
Super Shredder: Yes! It feels...natural, stable! Let me test out this new mutagen. Activate the Footbots Level 12.
Stockman-Fly: As you command, Master.
Super Shredder: Do not disappoint me again, insect!
(Is ambushed by solid holograms of Footbots and easily overpowers them all. He is then met with a hologram of Karai)
Super Shredder: Karai!
(Strikes down the hologram of his so-called "daughter" with relative ease)
Stockman-Fly: It worked. There was no emotional reaction.
Super Shredder: You have done well, Stockman.
Stockman-Fly: What is your plan now, Sir?
Razar: Master Shredder, we have found Karai's new secret hideout. She hasn't left the city at all.
Fishface: We tracked her to the Bronx. She is staying with the mighty Mutanimals.
Super Shredder: I am finally ready to find Karai, and destroy Splinter and those vile Turtles! Once and for all!!

Leo: Master Splinter, you've been kind of distant the past few days. You've been meditating nonstop, and you're barely sleeping. Are you OK?
Splinter: Leonardo, please. Let us not talk about me. Let us talk about you. Do you know why you are the leader of this team?
Leo: Um, yeah. Becasue I asked to be. You said it wasn't because of my skills.
Splinter: I said that only to temper your ego at the time. I knew even when you were a small boy, that you would one day grow up to the leader of this team. And when I pass on, to be like a father as well.
Leo: "Pass on"? What are you talking about, Sensei?
Splinter: Leonardo, if I can only impart one piece of wisdom that will remain with you forever: Remember, giving guidance to your brothers' and friends does not come here. It comes from here.
Leo: I don't get it. You're fine, Father. Is there something you're not telling me?
(The others arrive outside the dojo)
Mikey: Hey, Leo, wanna go visit Karai? Party at the Mutanimals crib, yo.
Raph: And you can come, too, Sensei.
Splinter: Hmm. Perhaps I do need to get out of the sewers for a time.

Karai: Shini placed trackers on two Footbots. We found that they both went to this spot. Twenty miles north of New York City.
Leatherhead: We should summon our Turtle allies and form a plan of attack.
Slash: My thoughts exactly. In the meantime, we'll be safe here. We've got this place on lock-down.
Karai: Thanks for letting us stay, Slash.
(the computer minters suddenly beep)
Shinigami: Um, is anyone actually watching the monitors?
(The security camera reveals Super Shredder heading their way)
Slash: Mutanimals, prepare for battle! Leatherhead, man the defenses! Rockwell, ready the weapons!

Super Shredder: Karai!
Slash: You ain't touchin' her!
Leatherhead: Shredder!
(A large missile gun blasts Super Shredder in the back, but it has no affect)
Rockwell: That's super heated plasma! Impossible!
(Uses his strong telekinesis to hurl three desks at him)
Rockwell: You don't know what kind of simian you're dealing with!
(Is thrown backward)
Mondo Gecko: Uh, maybe I'll wait this one out.
Leatherhead: Leave my friends alone!!
(He and Slash are easily overpowered by Super Shredder, who then corners Karai and Shinigami)
Super Shredder: I am here to destroy you all!

Karai: Stop this madness, Shredder! We'll all die here!
Super Shredder: It is fitting that you perish just as your mother perished!!
(Enraged, Karai attacks his mutated heart with her tanto, but it easily breaks. She is then punched by Super Shredder's blades and is pummeled by falling concrete)

Raph: Hurry, Leo!
Splinter: Miwa! Miwa!!
Leo: No!
(Leo and Splinter are both frightened to find Karai, badly hurt and unconscious, under the burning debris)
Leo: Splinter, is she...?

Shinigami: Karai! You saved her, Leonardo. Shredder doesn't care about using Karai as bait anymore. He wants us all dead.
Splinter: The ambulances are coming. Can you wait with her, Shinigami? I see two clear trails leading off in opposite directions. Raphael, April, Casey and Slash, with me. Leonardo, you will lead Donatello, Michelangelo and Leatherhead in that direction. Take the Shellrasier. The rest of us will go on foot.
Leo: Sensei, that's not a good idea! We should all stick together if we're gonna take Shredder down.
Splinter: Leonardo, remember what I said earlier in the dojo: From your heart.

Splinter: Shredder is atop that building.
Raph: That's where we fought for the first time.
Slash: And that's where we'll take him down! Once and for all!

Casey: Couldn't we take the elevator? At least me and April.
April (panting): Feels like my legs are disconnected from my body.
Splinter: Quiet. Shredder is near.
April: Oh man. I sense him. He's close.
(Super Shredder suddenly appears by ripping through the top of the Wolf Hotel roof)
Super Shredder: Hamato Yoshi! At last, my nightmares will end. For tonight, you will finally perish!
Splinter: Indeed. I will end your nightmares, Saki, permanently!

Super Shredder: Your weakness is that you care about others! I have torn all weaknesses away and become all-powerful!!

Super Shredder: Is this how you choose to die, Brother!? Lying on your belly like an animal!?
Splinter: Come Saki. End this madness.
(Uses his wooden staff to trip Super Shredder over the edge)
Raph: Yes! You did it, Sensei.
Splinter: My family.

Leo (screams in horror): AGHHH!!!
April: Oh no. Splinter!
(she and Raph are horrified as Splinter is run through with Super Shredder's blades)
Raph: FATHER!!
Super Shredder: And now...Hamato Yoshi DIES!!
(Throws Splinter's lifeless body from the Wolf Hotel roof, to the horror of everyone)
Leo: NOOOO!!! Father. Father.

Super Shredder: I have claimed my victory! No more will you haunt me, rat!
(Thoroughly enraged, April blasts him with an exceptionally powerful white psionic wave, causing him to fall right into a garbage truck and is crushed by Casey)
Casey (sarcastically): Oops.

Leo: No. Please.
Mikey: Papa.


Splinter's Spirit: Shredder is still alive.

Mikey: Karai. Karai, you OK?

Season Five (2017)Edit

Scroll of the DemodragonEdit

Casey: Let us go, Tiger dude or I'll knock all nine lives outta ya!
Tiger Claw: You will bear witness to the summoning of a greater being- Kvaxas, the most powerful of all the demodragons!! And his power will soon belong to me!!
(Chants the ritual from an ancient scroll, which results in an explosion of green fire, revealing the form of Kavaxas himself)
Mikey: AHHHH!!
Tiger Claw: What!?
Kavaxas: Mortal, you dare call upon Kavaxas!? Lord of the demodragons, ruler of the Netherworld!!? I will burn you the rest of these abominations to ash!! (Breathes green fire)

The Forgotten SwordsmanEdit

Note: This episode focuses on Karai and Leonardo.

Heart of EvilEdit

Note: This episode focuses on Donnie.

End TimesEdit

10 PandemoniumEdit


The Crypt of DraculaEdit






















Video GamesEdit

Danger of the OozeEdit

Shredder: You have something that belongs to me- the mutagen weapon. You should know I have learned of Karai's treachery. So I would like to propose a trade: Bring the mutagen weapon on the construction site of the east side and the girl will not be harmed.
Splinter: Miwa.
Shredder: I will be waiting for you.

Raph: Never hurts to have more ways to stomp the Foot.
Splinter: You must find a way to defeat Shredder and rescue Miwa. Go now, and remember all you have been taught.

Karai: Stop this, Father!
Shredder: Silence! You cannot help them now.

Leo: Come back with us, Karai.
Karai: I- I can't, Leo.
Leo: I'm telling you the truth. Hamato Yoshi-Splinter- he's your true father.
Karai: I...I need to think about what is right. Goodbye, Leo. For now.
Raph: After all this, she's still gonna help him!?
Leo: She'll come around, Raph. Lets go home, Turtles.

Note: This game is set sometime between The Manhattan Project, Part 2 and The Wrath of Tiger Claw.

Voice CastEdit



  • Kirby O'Neil
  • Shredder (Kevin Michael Richardson) (Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Christ Bradford/Dogpound/Razar (Clancy Brown)
  • Xever/Fishface
  • Takeshi/Tiger Claw (Seasons 2, 3, 4, 5)
  • Baxter Stockman/Stockman-Fly
  • Hun (Seasons 3, 4, 5)
  • Timothy/The Pulverizer
  • Karai (Kelly Hu)
  • Shnigami (Gwendoline Yeo) (Seasons 4, 5)
  • Tang Shen (in photographs, flashbacks only)
  • Professor Honeycutt/The Fugitoid (Seasons 3, 4)
  • Don Vizioso (Seasons 3, 4, 5)
  • Lord Dregg (Season 4)
  • Armaggon (season 4)
  • Mona Lisa (Season 4)
  • Tokka (Season 4)
  • Chompy Picasso (Seasons 4, 5)
  • Kavaxas (Season 5)
  • The Mighty Mutanimals
    • Slash (Seasons 2, 3, 4)
    • Mondo Gecko (Seasons 3, 4, 5)
    • Leatherhead
    • Dr. Tyler Rockwell
    • Muckman (Seasons 3, 4)
    • Pigeon Pete (Seasons 1, 2, 3)

One-Time CharactersEdit

  • Mrs. O'Neil (Buried Secrets, impersonated by a Kraang creature)
  • Tang Shen (Tale of the Yokai)
  • Overmind (The Outlaw Armaggon)
  • Zeno (The Arena of Carnage)
  • Hildrala (The Cosmic Ocean)
  • Za-Naron (The Power Inside Her)
  • Alopex (Tale of Tiger Claw)

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