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The following is a list of quotes from the final season of the 3D CGI version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Unlike the previous 4 seasons (which had no titles), this one is titled Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (or Tales of the TMNT for short) and consists of 20 episodes instead of the usual 26. Its opening theme song was overhauled as well, with only instrumental themes.

Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Episodes 104–124)


Scroll of the Demodragon


Splinter's Spirit: Do not be sad, my son.
Leo: Father.
Splinter's Spirit: Leonardo, I know you feel the weight of leading your family. But, remember: I am always with you.
Leo: Sensei, we're facing something we never encountered before. And I can sense something really bad on the horizon. What can I do?
Splinter's Spirit: Find the light within. It is the only thing that can save you against these creatures of darkness. These beings are not what they appear to be.
Leo: Then what are they?
[Donnie walks in]
Donnie: What are what? Who are you taking to, Leo?
Leo: It was... no one. Come on, let's head out.

Casey: "You couldn't sense them, Red?"
April: "Their minds aren't like human minds."

April: Huh? DUCK!
(Erects a telekinetic force-field around her, Casey and Raph and then collapses in exhaustion)
Kavaxas: The mortal has gifts. And when I eat her whole, I shall absorb her power and use it as I wish.
April: Why... can't I... move you?!
Kavaxas: Because I am not of this reality, Child.

Leo: April is this Kavaxas the new leader of the Foot?
April: I don't think so. I did sense that Tiger Claw summoned him because he's crucial to his plans, whatever they are. That's all I could get.
Mikey: I wonder what they're really up to.

Kavaxas: By the spirits of demodragons past, you have my will.
Tiger Claw: It is true? Only you have the power to manifest my wish, do you not?
Kavaxas: Indeed, Master Tiger Claw. I do have that power and so much more.
Tiger Claw: Then you must do it, no matter what it takes! No matter who stands in your way! You will bring the Shredder back from the dead!

The Forgotten Swordsman


Tatsu: You couldn't defeat me yourself, so you employed your freaks to fight for you!
Leo: What's he talking about, Karai?
Tatsu: Did my old student not tell you the story of poor Hattori Tatsu? I was born blind but with an acute sense of hearing. They say it me gave a sixth sense.
Mikey: Plan blackout was definitely not the way to go, dudes.
Tatsu: Shredder recognized this as a rare ability when all others mocked me. I used that prejudice in my favor until I became Shredder's right-hand: the Blind Swordsman. When this brat recruited Foot soldiers of her own, they attempted to eliminate me.
Leo: You did what?
Karai: Tatsu, I was arrogant but they have nothing to do with that.
Tatsu: Do not insult me with you platitudes, girl! Your friends will share your fate.

April: Shini and Casey will be all right. They just need to rest.
Karai: Guys, I'm so sorry. I was ashamed by what I did going after Tatsu. I didn't think it would come back to hurt us.
Leo: Splinter once taught me: "Underestimating your enemy is a deadly weakness, but trusting in your allies is a great strength." We're gonna need your help against Hothead.
Donnie: Whoa. I can't think of anything more frightening than Shredder coming back to life.
Raph: We can't let that happen! We have to stop Tiger Claw and Kavaxas once and for all!

Heart of Evil


Karai: "Nice save, April. Bacon Breath is gonna pay for that!"

Raph: I kinda like you ticked off, Donnie.
Leo: Being ticked off isn't gonna help anything! It's your fault we blew it, Donnie!
Donnie: My fault!?
Karai: Vizioso is a minor inconvenience compared to Kavaxas. How do we stop that monster!?
April: Tiger Claw has this seal that seems to control him. It's some kind of ancient magic. If we get it away from him...
Mikey: Maybe we could control Hothead. Then he could make us pizza, play video games with me, even clean my room!
(The other Turtles, Karai, and April glare at him)
Leo: All right, first things first.

April: "Come on, come on. I command you."
Kavaxas: "You have more power than these mutants. But you do not have the knowledge, Child. Brain with unique power. I will not merely destroy you...I'll swallow your soul!"
Raph: "Swallow this!!"

Leo: Mikey! Are you OK?
Mikey: I made it out by the skin of my shell, Dude.
Donnie: We better get you back to the Lair, pronto. You'll be okay, Mikey.
Karai: What do we do? Can they really bring back Shredder!?
Leo: We don't stop fighting, Karai. We take them all down. Tiger Claw, Kavaxas- All of them!

End Times

(Using her psychic power of lie detection)
April: Calm down. He means well. For once. I don't think it's a trick.
Leo: All right, Fishface, start talking.
Fishface: You want to know the truth behind the Shredder mutants, yes? Well, prepare yourself for a wild tale: Remember when Shredder fought Splinter? Some of Shredder's experimental mutagen fell into the sewers. A man who was roaming the sewers found the green glowing ooze. And for some reason, I do not wish to know why, he touched it and become the first of these monstrous creatures. He later found more people on the streets, creating a small army dedicated to the Shredder. These clones built an underground shrine to Shredder. All of them possessing random thoughts, memories of Shredder. And that was when Tiger Claw, hunting for you Turtles, found them. He used their strength and dedication to build a new Foot army.
April: So are you gonna help us bring down Kavaxas?
Fishface: Heck no! This is getting to be too much, even for a talking fish. Shredder is back, and he's all gross, and undead, and disgusting.
Leo: [shocked] They already brought Shredder back?!!
Fishface: Yes. It's all beginning to be too much, even for a talking fish. I want to return to a simple life of crime; stealing stuff and romancing the ladies. Later, Turtlerugas.

Splinter's Spirit: Goodbye, my family. I love you all.
[Returns to Heaven]
Raph: So long, Master Splinter.
Leo: We got the Seal. We're gonna smash it to into dust and spread it over the ocean. That power will never be used again.
Leatherhead: Tiger Claw helped us. He left declaring a truce.
Raph: Wow. Who'd thought?
Donnie: I guess, miracles really can happen.
April: Like that amazing sunset. I was pretty sure we'd never see one of those again.
Leo: Come on, team. Lets go home.
Karai: Hold on, Leo. I want to appreciate this moment for a little while longer.

When Worlds Collide


Part 1 [5.5]

Raph: Mona!
[Runs to his Salamandrian girlfriend and the two lovingly embrace]
Mona Lisa: How I have missed you, Raphael.
Karai: [in a whisper] Yikes. I can't believe Raph has the hots for a big newt.
Leo: I know, right? He's got weird taste. [He nudges her to remind her that she shouldn't call the kettle black, seeing as how she's a mutant snake dating a Mutant Turtle, causing her to blush.]
Sal Commander: We need your help.
Mona Lisa: A criminal Salamandrian is off hunting Utrom between here and Dimension X.
Mikey: Those poor Utroms. Who would be bad enough to do that?
Leo: The Newtralizer.
Donnie: Yeah but we zapped him out of existence when we destroyed his teleportor.
Sal Commander: No. He lives.

Leo: What the heck? The tracker says Newtralizer is gone again.
Donnie: Here. Let the science take a look, please. He keeps teleporting.
April: Maybe he's going back and forth to and from and Dimension X?
Karai: Uh, guys. He's here.

Part 2 [5.6]

Raph: First Mikey gets disintegrated and now Dregg invades!
Donnie: So...what do we do now?
[A Vreen grabs and captures Leo, taking him to Dregg's spaceship]
Karai: No! Leo!!

Raph: Mikey, you're alive! And you got sweet powers!
Mikey: Being alive is good and all, but the electrical powers are awesome.
Bishop: You must be careful, Michelangelo. Eventually your powers will burn out and when they do, they'll destroy you as well.
Mikey: Whoa. Like destroy, destroy?


Jei: The gods revealed their nature to me, as they do you.
Usagi: I tracked you down to bring you to justice!!
Jei: I see the evil in this realm, Ronin. I am the definition of justice! The gods impart this skill to me to cleanse the world of evil!
Usagi: You're the evil one!! Who are you!!?
Jei: I am Jei, the blade of the gods.

Kintaro: It's about time! I was in there for days! How dare you treat me so disrespectfully!!
Usagi: This is the holy child?
Akemi: Please humor him. Kintaro has been pampered because he is "the golden boy" destined to possess superhuman abilities, just not yet. My apologies, Kintaro-sama. This is Myiamoto Usagi. He is a fierce swordsman and with his help, I will deliver you to the temple palace.
Kintaro: Bah! This sorry-looking long-eared? He looks like he couldn't deliver sushi to a banquet.

Osoroshi no Tabi

  • The title is Japanese for "endlessly"

Donnie: You know, Pugtaro wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't such an entitled little jerk.
Raph: Yeah. [yawns] The little loud-mouth just needs some discipline.
Kintaro: I can hear you, Turtle fool!
Raph: Whatever, Puggie. Roll over and get some sleep.
Mikey: [yawning] I'm right there with you, bro. My shell is tired.

Leo: Raph? It was...all a dream?
Kintaro: No kidding, turtle dummy.
Usagi: You were controlled by Jei's magic.
Donnie: We all had the same dream. And when he destroyed us, we woke up.
Mikey: But why? Why's he messing with us like that? Not cool, yo.

Kagayake! Kintaro

Donnie: It's gonna have to move. Well, here's your chance, small fry. Let's see you move this "mountain."
Kintaro: Ha! Stand aside, peasants.
[Pushes hard on the boulder, but it does not budge]
Raph: Did you see it move? 'Cause I sure didn't.
Kintaro: My paws are cold. I can't get a...good grip!
Raph: Hey, what happened to your "great strength", Golden Boy?
Kintaro: Your foul stench poisoned me!
Leo: Hey, lighten up, Raph. The kid tried. That's something.
[Usagi uses his katana to push the boulder away with ease which surprises the other Turtles and impresses Leo]
Usagi: Sometimes strength is not enough.

Kintaro: You don't have to go, Ronin. You could stay.
Usagi: I must go. There are others. Innocence in need of my sword. But if you ever need me, I shall return. Goodbye, Kintaro-sama.
Kintaro: Thank you, Yojimbo. Sayonara, Usagi-san.
[Usagi roams the snowy lands, holding the relic of the Turtles' tied to his katana]

Lone Rat and Cubs

  • This is a flashback set about eleven years ago before the two-part series premiere "Rise of the Turtles."

Splinter: Join me, my sons. For tonight I have something special to share with you.
Young Michelangelo: Ooh. Presents, Sensei?
Young Raphael: Shh. Quiet, Mikey.
Young Donatello: Cool. I love story time.
Young Leonardo: I wanna know more about Japan, Master Splinter.
Splinter: Not tonight, Leonardo. I have told you before of how we all came to be together. But I have not told you everything. After finding you in a pet store one afternoon I bumped into a mysterious stranger. I followed him, only to have my curiosity...undermined. In the struggle that followed we were all exposed to a strange substance...changing us forever, turning us into very unique beings. Our journey together has not been an easy one. But it could not have happened without fate, courage, and great purpose. The world we live in is very dangerous. We have many enemies in the city above. My duty is to teach you all I know. One day, you will need to choose your own destiny. But tonight, I want to tell you the rest of our story.

Splinter: [narrating] Finally, in this isolated secret chamber, we were safe. And that is how our first great adventure led us home. Now I have a gift for each of you, as we continue our journey. Although these are mostly from your own choosing, it is clear to me they chose you. The katana, a royal samurai weapon for those with courage and keen skill.
Young Leo: Hai, Sensei.
Splinter: The sai for a fierce and fearless warrior who will always fight the hardest for his family.
Young Raph: Thank you, Sensei.
Splinter: The bo staff for a thoughtful soul and a peaceful heart.
Young Donnie: Aw man. A stick?
[Splinter looks at young Mikey who's eating popcorn]
Splinter: The nunchaku because... they are perfect for you. My sons, the next level of your training has begun. Are you ready?

Raphael: Mutant Apocalypse


(Nickelodeon announced that this special is non canon)

Part 1 : The Wasteland Warrior

Raphael : [narrating] The world has changed… for the worse. It’s been 50 years since me, one of my brothers, Donatello, and Casey Jones have been together traveling this now-deserted wasteland. ”Every” single human, most of the mutants roaming this wasteland, and my home lair, city, and… family have all been destroyed by an extremely powerful and destructive Mutagen Bomb. Only Donnie or how I should say it “Don-Bot”, Casey, who got knocked out by the blast, and I made it through… but something tells me that we won’t be around for much longer.

Mira : (pat’s Raphael on the back)

Alex : Hey, cheer up, man… Hey, ya’ know there IS something you should know.

Casey : Oh, really?! What’s that, dude?!

Alex : Rumor has it there IS another Turtle out there. Like you Raphael and your brother.

Raphael : Oh, really!?

Mira : He knows a lot of secrets. He’s really wise, and he’s always been helping out anyone else out there.

Casey : There are some other people out there!?

Alex : Yeah, Casey.

Alex & Mira : They call him…"The Holy Chalupa"!!!

Don-Bot : The-The Holy…Chalupa?!

Casey : But there’s only one person we know that has ever said that…phrase…

Raphael : Then if what you guys just said is true… then… could that mean that Mikey may still be… alive?!

Part 2 : The Impossible Desert

Raphael : Mikey, come on, ya bum.

Michelangelo :

Elderly Mikey: Chompy, look who it is! It’s your Dada, Raph!

Part 3: Carmageddon

Mikey: Leo! You're back, Bro.
Robo Donnie: We looked everywhere for you. We thought we lost you forever.
Raph: What happened to you? Last time we saw you that Mutagen Bomb went off.
Elderly Leo: It's all starting to come back to me; piece by piece. I remember. I... was there. I remember pushing you all to safety but I was caught in the middle of the blast. It mutated me into this horrible thing. But now, somehow, I'm back. Thanks to all of you.

Mira: Look at all that green. It's so beautiful.
Donnie: Wow. It really is an oasis.
Raph: Bot bad
Leo: Family, we're home.
Raph: We are home.

The Curse of Savanti Romero

  • This is a Halloween episode

Renet: Turtle Warriors. I was worried the Time Scepter wouldn't have enough power. Thank goodness, you're all okay.
Donnie: Okay!? What about April?
Raph: Yeah! She and Casey got turned into vampire zombies.
Leo: It's not just April and Casey. Look! I don't understand. How could this happen?
Renet: It's Savanti Romero. He's behind this.
Mikey: The evil time dude? I thought we got rid of that ugly, jerk face?
Renet: He escaped and it's kind of my fault. Let me give you the 711.
Raph: You mean the 411?
Renet: My boss, Lord Simultaneous, wanted to check up on Savanti when we banished him to the precarious period. He got the jump on me, and stole my emergency backup time jumper. All time masters have one in case we get stuck in the past. I was able to track him back here, but I was too late.
Leo: Uh...where did he get all those monsters?
Renet: He somehow recruited them on his trip through time, so he can rule the world.
Raph: You really are the worst time traveler ever! The worst!!
Mikey: Back off, bro! She needs our help! Don't worry, girl. I got your back. And front.
Leo: We have to find a way to stop this madness.
Donnie: What about April and Casey?
Renet: If my plan succeeds, your friends will return to normal as if none of this ever happened. All we have to do is-
Savanti Romero: Ah, Renet. I actually found you, but far too late. In a matter of days, this entire city will be infected, becoming my monstrous slaves! Then the future will belong to monsters such as I- Savanti Romero!
Leo: That's not gonna happen, lemon head!
Savanti Romero: I must thank you for finding the Turtles. Now I can destroy them and ensure my future!
Renet: Not if I have anything to say about it!!
[Opens a time portal, hurling the Turtles into the distant past once again]
Savanti Romero: Renet, I'll get you!!

Leo: Where are we?
Donnie: We're in ancient Egypt? Wow. The Egyptian pyramids, the Sphinx. It still has its nose.
Raph: Ooh. A nose. Big deal! What are doing here, Renet!?
Leo: Yeah? What does this have to do with Savanti Romero? And when are we?
Renet: The Nile Valley, in the Dark Ages, in the late fifth century. This is the first time and place Savanti Romero started building his monster army. Oh, man! I should've known all that time travel would drain the Scepter!
Raph: So now we're stuck here!?
Renet: Don't worry. It still has enough power to get us back. We have to conserve its energy. There won't be a place to plug it in for the next two millennia. Very not cold.

The Crypt of Dracula

Leo: Where and when are we, Renet!?
Renet: We're in Transylvania, in the early 13th century.
Mikey: Transylvania? Isn't that next to New York?
Raph: That's Pennsylvania, Dummy!
Donnie: Not cool. Transylvania is very haunted this time of year.

Mikey: Raph!
Esmeralda: and my father. What will become of him?
Leo: We gotta follow.
Renet: This will completely depower my staff, but we gotta stop Savanti. For good!
[Tears another doorway through time and space ]
Mikey: Don't worry, Esmeralda. We'll save your dad.
Donnie: No matter what.

The Frankenstein Experiment

Leo: Where are we?
Renet: We're in Germany in the year 1818. And that, Turtle companions, is Frankenstein's castle.
Mikey: Oh man. Frankenstein? We gotta take on Frankenstein, too?
Donnie: Not just that. We gotta save Raph and turn him back to normal.
Renet: Not to mention that the time scepter is running super low on power. And there...it...goes.
Leo: Come on, Team. Let's get to Frankenstein's castle and stop Savanti, then we're figure out how to get home.

Savanti Romero: It's about time. You're holding me up, Dracula. Seriously, man! I have monsters to recruit, and worlds to conquer.
Dracula: Do not irritate me, Demon.
Savanti: What's this!? Renet and those disgusting Turtles have followed me again!
Vampire Raph: They won't give up, Savanti. We have to destroy them quickly. Send me, Master. With my knowledge, and the mummy's magic, we'll annihilate them.
Dracula: Very well. Torture them, torment them. Make them suffer slowly.

Monsters Among Us!

[Having reverted to her old self upon the demise of Dracula]
April: Who's this?
Leo: This is Renet, the greatest Time Master that ever lived.
Casey: That actually happened? Were we, like, in an army of awesome monsters?
Volko: It was no dream. And now I am forever trapped in this forsaken age.
Renet: Don't worry, Volko. I'll return you to your time before you became a werewolf.
Volko: Oh, thank you. Thank you, great and powerful witch.
Frankenstein's Monster: What of Frank?
Renet: I would never forget you, Frank. You turned the tide of this battle. I'm gonna take you a future where you'll be appreciated by everyone.

Renet: I can't thank you Turtles enough. You were all groovy to the max. Awesome!
Mikey: Party on, Renet. You're the most incredible person who's ever lived in the history of living.
Renet: That's the second nicest thing anyone's ever said about me.
[Kisses him on the lips]
Mikey: Wait. What was the first?
Renet: You'll have to wait until we meet again, Michelangelo. In the future.

Wanted: Bebop & Rocksteady


Leo: I don't get it. Master Splinter. I've been meditating for weeks and I don't feel any enlightenment or higher plane or anything. I didn't think peace could be so... dull.

80's: Shredder and Krang have a technodrome in this dimension, it could be catastrophic!
2012: I can't believe I'm saying this, but Bebop and Rocksteady got tough.
80s Michelangelo: We gotta do something, dudes.

April: Guys, we been trying to reach you– [sees the Turtles and their 80's counterparts] What the heck!?
Casey: Have- Have I been hit the face too many times? What am I seeing?!
April: Don’t you remember, Casey? The Turtles told us about these guys. They come from another dimension.
80's Raphael: April, Casey Jones? No way!
80's Leonardo: They’re like kids! This April is way too young to be wearing a jumpsuit. Are you even a reporter?
April: Why, do reporters wear jumpsuits where you come from?

Part 2: The Foot Walks Again

Karai: Shredder, you're not getting away from me this time!
80's Shredder: What are you talking about, girl? I don't even know you!
Karai: Stand and fight, Shredder!
80's Shredder: I will not fight a girl! Foot, get rid of her!

Karai: Bebop and Rocksteady are still inside- What the? What's with the freaky bug-eyed Turtles?
80's Raphael: Nice to meet you, too. With friends like these who needs enemies?

Part 3: The Big Blowout

  • This the final episode set in the present timeline and of the series, and also the final to air over Nickelodeon.

[The Turtles, their 80's counterparts, April, Casey, Karai and Shinigami arrived to see the Mighty Mutanimals]
Mikey: Leatherhead, are you okay?
Leatherhead: I am fine, Michelangelo. Just angry they got away.
Slash: I must've gotten hit harder than I thought. I'm seeing double Turtles here.
Raph: Long story, Slash. See, these Turtles are from another dimension.
Donnie: Like Raph said, it's a long story. One with a sad ending.

Bebop: We havin' second thoughts about this plan, Rock.
Rocksteady: We is partners with Shredder and alien blob. Is what we always wanted.
Bebop: All we wanted is some respect. Is that too much to ask?
Rocksteady: But, Bebop, we can't back out like the lowly coward now.
Bebop: But why do they wanna destroy the world? We love the world! All we wanted was a little respect. Is that too much to ask?
Rocksteady: Da.
Bebop: Think of what you be missing - professional wrestling, Chris Bradford movies, and what about... Mama?
Rocksteady: NYET! I LOVE MAMA!!

April: So, what's next for you guys? No more robbing banks and working for super-villains, right?
Rocksteady: Da. Being henchman is no good for us. Maybe we become superheroes instead.







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