Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987 TV series)

US animated television series produced by Murakami-Wolf-Swenson, running from 1987 to 1996

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (also known as Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles in Europe) is a US animated TV series.

Seasons (1987–96)Edit

Season 1Edit

Turtle TracksEdit

Enter The ShredderEdit

Shredder: I must congratulate you. [enters to meet the turtles]
Donatello: It's the same guy we fought last night
Shredder: You passed the test with flying colors.
Raphael: Test? What test?
Shredder: Your hairy little friend knows me as Oroku Saki, but you may call me "The Shredder".
Raphael: A kitchen utensil?

Shredder: You would be wise to lose your flippant ways if you wish to join the honorable Foot Clan.
Leonardo: Why should we want to do that?
Shredder: Because it was I who made you what you are today. If not for me, Hamato Yoshi would never have left Japan. I followed him to this country, where I gained my advanced technology, including my rare experimental mutagen. It was I who caused you to mutate into your humanoid form. You owe everything to me! Don't deny your destiny. Join me.
Raphael: Does the phrase "go suck a lemon" hold any meaning to you?

A Thing About MouserEdit

Hot Rodding Teenagers from Dimension XEdit

[Bebop and Rocksteady[*] are fighting Krang's stone warriors]
Shredder Stop, stop! STOP!!!
[Bebop, Rocksteady and Krang's stone warriors stop firing]
Rocksteady Oh we was starting to have fun.
Shredder Shut up! You are Krang's stone warriors are you not?
General Tragg Yeah. So?
Shredder There is something I must show you.
General Tragg We gonna catch those kids.

April You got 'em! Who are they? Let's interrogate them!
Michelangelo It's okay April, they're cool.
Dask Cool? Daddio, we are frozen!

Footnote: Bebop and Rocksteady were two street punks who like the TMNT were mutated into a Wart Hog-human and a Rhino-human They serve as Comic relief as bungling henchmen to Shredder. Example: When Krang realizes that a disaster could only have been caused by "Bungling Idiots" "...Bungling Idiots? Bebop!!!! Rocksteady!!!"

Shredded & SplinteredEdit

Krang: Now, wretched reptiles, you will face... the wrath of Krang!
Michelangelo: Wasn't that the name of a movie?
Leonardo: I don't believe I saw it.
Raphael: [re: Krang] And I don't believe I'm seeing this!

Season 2Edit

Return of the ShredderEdit

Michelangelo: Yum! Peanut butter and jelly!
Leonardo: Come on, Michelangelo! Think healthy for a change! You had peanut butter and jelly on your pizza last night!
Michelangelo: No way, dude! I had chocolate chips and caramel fudge!

Shredder: Krang! Where is my army, and my Technodrome, and all my weapons?
Krang: You failed to defeat those miserable turtles and their teacher, Splinter, with my help! Now you must destroy them on your own! I will never give you another speck of aid, until you prove worthy of it!

April: I don't believe it! It looks like World War 11! Roll tape, fellas! We've got a story that's going to knock the boss's socks off!

April: Don't sweat it, Vernon! If I had to, I'd do an interview with Bigfoot!
Irma: If you do, find out if he's married!

The Incredible Shrinking TurtlesEdit


[The scene opens on the Special Forces Headquarters. Sonya stands next to the techno-portal and is speaking over the communication station next to it.]

SONYA: Liu Kang, come in. Liu Kang!

[No response.]

SONYA: Something must have gone wrong.

[Sonya opens another communications channel.]

SONYA: Kitana, this is Sonya Blade, please respond.

KITANA: Kitana here.

SONYA: Something happened to Liu Kang. He may need help. My techno-portals are unstable and I can't risk ending up in the middle of nowhere. Can you portal to him?

KITANA: Unfortunately, no. There is a crisis here in Outworld that requires my full attention. I do not have time to explain.

SONYA: Understood. I'll have to go there myself.

KITANA: I will join you when I can.

SONYA: Sonya out. If the portal was working properly I could get to Liu Kang immediately. But the destination is...too erratic.

[Someone can be heard walking behind Sonya.]

SONYA: I can't risk emerging in the wrong place...or worse, bringing something here.

CATWOMAN: It's a little late to be worried about that.

SONYA: Who are you?

CATWOMAN: I'm Catwoman, and I really need to be getting back to Gotham City, so if you could just maybe--

SONYA: Security breach, portal room! Initiate immediate lockdown!

[Klaxons sound around the room and doors begin closing.]

SONYA: You aren't going anywhere.

CATWOMAN: Not tonight, honey. I have a headache.

[Sonya takes up a fighting stance.]

CATWOMAN: Alright then - no one cages this kitty!

[They fight. Sonya's Special Forces training gives her the advantage in the melee and soon Catwoman is down and out cold.]

SONYA: Security'll take care of you - I've got to get to Liu Kang.

[The Ring. Paige arrives, but no one is around - not even the Terry or Ric Flair.]

Paige: No sign of Rock, Miz - or anyone, for that matter. I've got a bad feeling about this.

[Paige's communicator beeps. She answers.]

Paige: Paige here.

Brock Lesnar: Paige, it's Brock. Who's this woman in the brig?

Paige: She calls herself Anna Williams. I'll question her later - she's not a priority right now. Something's come up.

Brock Lesnar: What's wrong?

Paige: I need help locating Rock. Follow my signal and rendevous with me as soon as--

[Paige stops speaking as she spots R-Truth jumping into the ring.]

Paige: R-Truth?!

R-Truth: Paige!

Paige: Just get here as soon as you can! Paige out!

R-Truth: Rock won't save you this time!

[Baraka draws his blades and they fight. Although taken by surprise, Sonya holds her own against the Outworld nomad and manages to defeat him.]

SONYA: I don't know what Baraka's doing in Earthrealm, but it's suspicious. If a new invasion is coming, Raiden must be informed.

[The scene opens at Raiden's sky temple. Sonya is standing at the front door, which is closed to her.]

SONYA: Raiden? Where are you? There may be another invasion of Earthrealm. Shao Kahn may be returning. Raiden, can you hear me? Raiden?

[A flash of lightning appears in front of Sonya, but the man who emerges is not Raiden - it's Captain Marvel. He holds his head as if disorientated.]

SONYA: Red...with a lightning bolt on his chest...this must be the warrior Liu Kang fought. Who are you?

CAPTAIN MARVEL: I am...Captain Marvel.

[His voice is distorted, and his eyes are flashing yellow. He appears to be trying to fight the rage affecting him.]

SONYA: Captain? Why are you here?

CAPTAIN MARVEL: Uhh...confused...don't understand...the rage...THE RAGE!

[He roars and attacks Sonya. They fight, and Marvel's rage gets the better of him, leaving him open to Sonya's counterattacks. She soon has him on his knees before her.]

SONYA: Now maybe I can get some answers out of you.

[A green fist flies out of the sky and strikes Sonya from behind. Green Lantern glides into the fray.]

GREEN LANTERN: Cap, what happened? My ring's not working right but I got here as soon as I could.

CAPTAIN MARVEL: Green Lantern? Beware...the rage...uhh...

[Marvel passes out.]

GREEN LANTERN: The rage? I take it he means you.

[Sonya is walking towards the two of them. The yellow light is prevalent in her eyes.]

GREEN LANTERN: What'd you do to Cap?

SONYA: The same thing I'm going to do to you!

[They fight. With Lantern's ring not operating at full capacity, he is overwhelmed by Sonya's fighting skills. After knocking him down, Sonya grabs Lantern by the throat and holds him above her head with one hand. She is about to vaporize him with a point blank energy blast, but at the last second Captain Marvel grabs her hand and absorbs the shot, and then knocks Sonya flying with a huge punch. Both men kneel next to each other, exhausted.]

GREEN LANTERN: Thanks for the save. Whoever she is, she was ready to finish me. You look bad, but whatever's going on is affecting us all. Come on, I'll take you to the UN Space Station so Batman and Wonder Woman can have a look at you.

[Lantern gets up and supports Marvel with his body. He generates a force field that surrounds the both of them with his ring and flies them off into the night sky.]

It Came from Beneath the SewersEdit


[Continuing directly from the events of MK Chapter 2, Jax finds Sonya recovering from the melee with Green Lantern and Captain Marvel.]

Brock Lesnar: Paige, what happened? What're you doing in Cena’s place? When I lost contact with you I was about to--

Paige: Back off!

[Her voice is distorted with the rage.]

Brock Lesnar: Hey, what's wrong?

[The camera switches to Paige's point of view. Her vision is distorted and everything is tinged with yellow, and although she initially sees Brock before her, that vision is replaced by Randy Orton.]

Paige: Orton?!

Brock Lesnar: Orton?

[Brock looks behind him, expecting to see the the snake there.]

SONYA: I've finally found you...

[Jax turns back and realises Sonya is looking at him, not behind him.]

JAX: What're you talking about?

[From Sonya's point-of-view, although it's Jax's voice she hears, she still sees Kano and evidently puts more trust on what she sees than what she hears.]

SONYA: This time you won't get away! FIGHT!

[They fight. Although taken aback at Sonya attacking him, Jax is able to keep control of the situation and subdue her. As the melee ends, Raiden appears in a flash of lightning.]

John Cena: Enough! Explain yourselves.

Brock Lesnar: I dunno what happened. She just attacked me.

[The fight has seemingly quelled the rage inside Paige. She now speaks normally.]

Paige: I...I saw you as the enemy. I thought you were a threat. I...can't explain it. I'm sorry, Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar: It's alright. You seem to have snapped out of it.

John Cena: She was most likely influenced by the same forces that have affected Miz and Mark Henry.

[Miz and Mark Henry now step into view.]

Paige: Miz! What happened to you?

Miz: I was captured by the invaders. Fortunately, Cena rescued me.

John Cena: He was being held in that justice league like base.

[Cena points to the night sky. The UK Space Station is visible, like a bright star.]

Paige: I came here to find you, John. I was attacked by two warriors. They retreated to that space station.

Mark Henry: They we’re fighting like Knights

John Cena: I don’t know from where these invaders come or who leads them, but it is clear that Raw and Smackdown face a grave new challenge. Our world is merging with another. I can feel it...

Miz: But Mr McMahon was destroyed! We stopped him from merging WWE with NXT!

John Cena: The Boss may still live, and these new warriors may be his reinforcements.

Brock Lesnar: Then let's do something about it! Paige, let's get back to the base. We can mount a counter-attack from there.

[The Special Forces base. Sonya and Jax are walking through it towards the techno-portal.]

JAX: When I got to the Wu Shi Academy, you were already gone. I did find some guy dressed in red tights though. I had him med-evaced to the infirmary, then I followed your signal to Raiden's temple. You gotta stop running off like that, Sonya; we're a team. You can't take on the bad guys alone.

SONYA: I know...I'll work on it.

JAX: Go get yourself patched up. Meantime, I'll prep the portal for a jump to that space station. We'll take 'em by surprise.

SONYA: Sounds like a plan, but I have to warn you - the portal has been less than cooperative lately.

JAX: Nothing I can't handle.

[Sonya walks off, leaving Jax alone at the portal controls. He begins working at them.]

JAX: She's right. Logs show the portal was having a hard time focusing. Probably a side-effect of the two universes merging. The ethereal matrix seems to be more stable now. Just a few adjustments and we should be back in business.

[Jax finishes typing at the console.]

JAX: There. That's more like it.

[A figure dressed in an advanced armoured suit approaches Jax from behind.]

LEX LUTHOR: Impressive.

JAX: What the hell--

[Lex extends a hand in introduction.]

LEX LUTHOR: Allow me to introduce myself - Lex Luthor. Perhaps you've heard of me, or a little company I run called LexCorp.

JAX: This area requires top clearance, and I don't remember inviting you to the party.

[Lex walks past Jax and towards the techno-portal in admiration.]

LEX LUTHOR: My technicians at LexCorp picked up a massive signal enminating from this space, indicating highly advanced technology. I'm the hands-on managerial type, so I came to see for myself. And I must say I am impressed. A teleportation device...maybe you and I should do business.

JAX: It's a portal...and as for doing business...

[The rage begins to effect Jax.]

JAX: ...Maybe it's time I gave you a demonstration of MY impressive technology!

[The rage also appears in Luthor's eyes.]

LEX LUTHOR: I'd prefer a handshake, but if you insist...

[They fight. Jax's mechanical arms and his pound and ground fighting style manages to overwhelm Luthor's battle suit and the megalomaniac is soon knocked unconscious. The rage stops quickly, just as Sonya comes rushing into the fray.]

SONYA: What happened?

JAX: They found our base. Somehow he breached our defenses.

SONYA: Who's he?

JAX: Called himself Lex Luthor. He runs some company. Acts like he's gonna take over the world.

SONYA: Looks like you put a stop to that.

JAX: Only one way to be sure - let's take out that space station.

[The UN Space Station. Jax teleports out of the techno-portal but finds Sonya isn't with him. He opens up communications on his forearm.]

JAX: Sonya. Sonya, do you copy?

SONYA: We've apparently been sent to different locations on the station. I think the portal still needs some work.

JAX: We'll need to regroup. Stay where you are. I'll try to--

[Something off-screen catches Jax's attention.]

JAX: Hold on. Someone's coming. [Jax takes cover behind some boxes and observes a space station guard escorting Captain Marvel.]

GUARD: We've set up a temporary holding facility as requested, Wonder Woman. It should hold Captain Marvel until he's recovered.

WONDER WOMAN: My thanks. If this Earth merge continues everyone's powers may be affected. I'll be joining you shortly with our newest guest.

[Jax pumps himself up and runs out from his cover.]

GUARD: Affirmative. Are there any special security measures that--

[The guard turns round just in time to see Jax clock him in the face with a gigantic haymaker. The heavily-armoured guard is hurled across the room from the impact and instantly knocked unconscious. Jax throws a left-cross at Marvel, but it only causes him to flinch. The rage soon shows in Captain's eyes and he grows menacingly.]

JAX: Well now, this just got a whole lot more interesting.

[They fight. Through the sheer strength of his technology and weapons, Jax overwhelms Captain Marvel and beats him unconscious. He then radios in to Sonya.]

JAX: Sonya. Area's secure. What's your situation?

SONYA: I'm fine. We need to locate the main command centre to cripple this station's capabilities.

JAX: Right. Stay where you are. I'll follow your signal and come to you.

WONDER WOMAN: You're not going anywhere.

[Jax turns around at the voice and instinctively fires his uzi. Wonder Woman deflects all the bullets he shoots with her bracelets. The handcuffed Sub-Zero approaches behind her.]

JAX: Sub-Zero?!

WONDER WOMAN: I take it you two know each other.

SUB-ZERO: He is Jax - a formidable warrior, as you will soon discover.

[The ninja steps aside, noticing Wonder Woman's a bit pissed off at being shot at. The rage appearing in her eyes adds to that.]

WONDER WOMAN: Well "warrior", I don't know what your universe is doing to mine, or what you're doing to this station, but true warriors don't use guns!

[Jax throws aside the uzi.]

WONDER WOMAN: And if it's a fight you want, you'll soon be joining your friend in a cell!

[They fight. Even without his gun, Jax is more than a match for Wonder Woman. He eventually knocks her unconscious next to Captain Marvel and radios in.]

JAX: Sonya, you'll never guess who I bumped into - Sub-Zero.

SONYA: What's he doing up here?

SUB-ZERO: Obviously I am a captive. It would appear that we are now allies.

JAX: Appearences can be deceiving.

SUB-ZERO: True, but you would be a fool to refuse my help.

JAX: What do you think, Sonya? Should we trust him?

SONYA: Better the devil you know than the devil you don't.

JAX: Alright then, Sub-Zero...

[Jax shatters Sub-Zero's handcuffs with one downward smash.]

JAX: ...Tell us what you know.

SUB-ZERO: Only that these warriors are unlike anything I've encountered. I don't know yet who commands them.

JAX: Any ideas?

SUB-ZERO: The most logical assumption would be that Shao Kahn has returned to finish what he started - with this new army. Now I need to find someone - a sorcerer who may have answers.

JAX: Sorcerer? I don't like the sound of that.

SUB-ZERO: Like it or not, we need him. when there is threat of invasion, he usually knows something about it.

The Mean MachinesEdit

Curse of the Evil EyeEdit

The Case of the Killer PizzasEdit

Enter: The FlyEdit

Invasion of the Punk FrogsEdit

Splinter No MoreEdit

New York's ShiniestEdit


[The scene opens in the Batcave. Batman has laid the unconscious Flash on an operating bed and is running diagnostics on a nearby computer. He wakes Flash up with some smelling salts.]

Terry Bogard: Unngh...

[Terrys eyes are no longer yellow and his voice is not distorted.]

Terry Bogard: My head...what'd you hit me with?

[Terry sits up.]

Terry Bogard: Wait a minute. Am I inside the cave?

Ralph: Why did you attack us?
Terry Bogard: Listen, I'm sorry. I don't know what happened. I just...felt this

rage. It overwhelmed me. I couldn't stop myself.

Emmy Altava: What're you doing in Newcastle?
Terry Bogard: Vanellope asked me to help, and that's when Anna and that

other guy showed up.

Winston: I'd like to run some tests.
Terry Bogard: I told you, I'm--

[As Terry gets up, he feels something amiss.]

Terry Bogard: Oh no...

[Terry screams out in pain and holds his head as his eyes turn yellow. The light protrudes from him this time.]

Ralph: What's happening?!
Emmy Altava: His eyes are yellow, just like from before.
Terry Bogard: Get away, I can't control--

[The light surrounds Terry completely. With a final scream he disappears, and Undertaker appears in his place.]

Undertaker: What is this place?
Emmy Altava: Where the hell did Terry go?
Ralph: Interesting...

[Undertaker turns to face Ralph, Emmy and Winston.]

Undertaker: Big Show! Coward! First you take my title, now you have Paige and Khali with you?! There's no escape from The Undertaker! FIGHT!

[They fight. Scorpion, disorientated by the teleportation and weakened away from his native realm, is overwhelmed by the Caped Crusader's advanced weapons and fighting ability. The hellspawned warrior is beaten into unconsciousness.]

[In the next scene, Batman has laid Scorpion on the same bed that the Flash previously occupied. He has apparently finished diagnosing the ninja spectre and is in the middle of a communication with Wonder Woman over his computer.]

Ralph: Whoever Undertaker is, Vanellope, he isn't robot.
Vanellope: What about Terry?
Winston: We believe Terry and this "Undertaker" guy switched places

through some sort of teleporation event.

Vanellope: Keep me informed of your progress.
Ralph: We will. Ralph out.

[As Ralph closes communications, an alarm sounds on the computer.]

Emmy Altava: Another energy anomaly similar to that of Undertakers frequency?

In the heart of Newcastle?

[The three look over to Undertaker as the scene fades out. It fades into one of Newcastle’s many streets. The Battle Van is in full motion, and the unconscious Undertaker has come along for the ride with The Trio. Diabolical laughter suddenly sounds across the Vans in-built radio and a familiar looking shell lands on the vehicles windshield. Ralph immediately brakes to a halt and the doll flies into the streets, exploding violently. In slow motion, the doll's disembodied head - still laughing - flies into the night sky.]

Ralph: We don't have time for this nonsense.

[Ralph and Emmy exit the Batmobile. Across the road, the maniacal Reala and Bowser Jr walks toward him.]

Bowser Jr: No, no, no, you were supposed to DIE when the shell exploded!
Emmy Altava: Sorry to ruin your night, Boys.

[They fight. Batman has little trouble beating the tar out of his nemesis. As he moves in for the finish, Joker backs up on the ground.]

Bowser Jr: Ok, ok, We give up!

[Ralph handcuffs them.]

Ralph: I've heard that before.

[A loud scream attracts the attention. Miz appears before them, the yellow light still protruding around him.]

Emmy Altava: This night just keeps getting better and better. Stay where you are.

[Ralph & Emmy walk towards Miz.]

Reala: (sarcastically): Yea, that's gonna happen.

[Ralph & Emmy approache Miz just as he picks himself up.]

Emmy Altava: Who're you?
Miz: I am...The Miz.
Ralph: Are you injured? We can help you.

[As Miz looks at Ralph, his eyes flash yellow and he stares in shock. The camera switches to his perspective; aside from every light source being tinged with yellow and his view slightly distored, instead of Ralph and Emmy before him, Miz sees Roman Reigns and Maryse .]

Miz: I thought I trusted you Reigns. You take my wife, My title belt. I will end you!

[They fight. Liu Kang seems to find an equal in fighting ability in Batman, and coupled with being disoreintated from the teleport, he is eventually worn down and knocked out by the Dark Knight. With Kang down, Batman looks around. Joker has fled the scene, and so has Scorpion.]

Emmy Altava: Why are they just popping up like rabbits
Ralph: No Reala, No BJ...and no Undertaker. Your little distraction means three deadly menaces are out on the loose. At least you're not going anywhere.

[Ralph radios in to the other Knights.]

Ralph: Steve, Tina, this is Ralph. I have a prisoner I need to examine

in a secure location. I need an extraction to the UK orbital station.

Steve Fox: We’ve been having problems with our weapons. It may have been

damaged during the battle with Shao Kahn, but I should still be able to transport you and Emmy. Give me a minute.

[On the UK orbital station, Ralph is in conversation with Steve by a conference table. Miz is handcuffed to a nearby chair.]

Ralph: Something about him isn't making sense. I could buy that Undertaker

came from Apokalips but this man is different.

Steve: According to you, Terry had the same kind of psychotic


Ralph: I'm not sure, but we may be witnessing the beginning of another


Tina Armstrong: I'll leave the detective work to you. I'm going to look for

PhilTastic and his unit.

[As Tina runs off, Emmy walks over to a large computer.]

Emmy Altava: Computer, run the blood sample from Miz against the known

alien blood types we have in the database.

COMPUTER: No matches to blood type.

BATMAN: Hmm...I need to know if we should expect any more--

[An alarm sounds.]

BATMAN: --visitors.

[A lightning bolt flashes in the center of the room, scattering the conference table. It continues to storm, lashing out bolts and destroying various equipment. Batman rushes in and drags Liu Kang away from the storm, which finally begins to subside, leaving only a man pulsing with electricity - Raiden.]

RAIDEN: You will release Liu Kang at once!

[Raiden blasts Batman with a lightning bolt. The only effect it seems to have is that it knocks Batman off his feet. He rises without impediment.]

BATMAN: Let me guess...you're from the same place as Liu Kang and Scorpion.

RAIDEN: How is it possible?

BATMAN: Insulated armour.

RAIDEN: You will release Liu Kang.

BATMAN: First I need answers.

RAIDEN: Release Liu Kang or I will take him from you!

[They fight. While he's no match for the Thunder God, Batman's fighting ability and his protective armour keeps Raiden at bay. Raiden charges up another lightning attack, keeping Batman back. He spots Liu Kang waking up, and instead of releasing the attack, Raiden holds it at bay while slowly circling around. Batman follows his movement in the opposite direction, but it's only when Raiden reaches Liu Kang does Batman realise what he's doing. Raiden stops the attack and grasps Liu Kang by the shoulder, and the two of them teleport away in a flash of lightning. Batman is left staring at the now-empty chair, but a booming sound attracts his attention. He looks over to Earth, which has large yellow rifts of light cracking over it's surface, almost like an earthquake.]

BATMAN: It's worse than I expected. MUCH worse.

[Later in the same scene, Batman is watching a news report on one of the computers.]

REPORTER: It seems this is happening across the globe - strange structures and artifacts appearing. But the question still remains: where is Superman?

BATMAN: That's a good question. Where ARE you, Superman?

[A brief flash to the Fortress of Solitude. A strong snowstorm is prevalent over it.]

Teenagers from Dimension XEdit


[The scene opens on Themyscira. Wonder Woman is with several battle-ready Amazons when she receives a communications call from the UN Space Station.]

BATMAN: Wonder Woman, this is Batman. We need you immediately. I can't reach Superman and Earth may be in for another invasion.

WONDER WOMAN: Tell me something I don't know. The invasion has reached Themyscira.

[Before Wonder Woman stands Shang Tsung's island, the division between it and where the rest of Themyscira should be marked only by a glowing yellow line of light.]

BATMAN: Do you need help?

WONDER WOMAN: No. I'll contact you when it's over. Wonder Woman out.

[Several Tarkatan warriors, along with Shang Tsung himself, stand at the bridging light divide between Themyscira and Tsung's island. Wonder Woman approaches them.]

SHANG TSUNG: Leave this island at once or pay with your lives!

WONDER WOMAN: I am Princess Diana, emissary of Themyscira. You are not welcome here. Surrender and you will be given safe passage back to your world.

SHANG TSUNG: Arrogant fool! I am Shang Tsung, and this is my island. FIGHT!

[They fight. Though Shang Tsung is a powerful sorcerer, Wonder Woman's super-strength and fighting ability is enough to keep him at bay. She knocks him down, but Tsung springs up and motions for a flaming skull attack. Diana instinctively brings her impenetrable bracelets up to protect her face. Realising his magic won't work, Tsung cancels the attack and retreats, with the Tarkatan horde following. Wonder Woman prevents her Amazons from pursuing and radios in to the Justice League.]

WONDER WOMAN: Wonder Woman to Batman. The invaders have retreated into the jungle.

BATMAN: I have more bad news. Earth is in the process of merging with another planet.

WONDER WOMAN: By the gods...

BATMAN: Our world and the alien world occupy the same time and space as fragments separated only by large--

WONDER WOMAN: --Large yellow energy rifts. I've seen them.

BATMAN: We need Superman, but no one knows where he is.

WONDER WOMAN: I'll search Metropolis.

[Wonder Woman cuts communication as the scene fades out.]

[Metropolis. The effects of the battle between Superman and Darkseid's forces are still very present among the city's abandoned streets. Wonder Woman finds her path obstructed by a demolished road.

WONDER WOMAN: Darkseid's invasion ravaged Metropolis, it's not like Superman to--

[As Wonder Woman speaks, a portal opens up behind her. A lone woman appears from the portal and falls to her knees as Diana turns around.]

WONDER WOMAN: Great Hera! Are you alright? Let me help you.

[As the portal closes, the woman - who is in fact Princess Kitana - doesn't even register Wonder Woman's presence. She seems completely stricken by whatever she saw on the other side of the portal.]

KITANA: It can't be! We routed his invasion! He was destroyed!

WONDER WOMAN: Who? Darkseid?

KITANA: I saw him...more powerful than ever! Torn his realm asunder! Am I too late? Has he already brought the apocalypse to this world?

[Kitana looks around at the devastation around her. She still hasn't noticed Wonder Woman, who now speaks into her communicator.]

WONDER WOMAN: Wonder Woman to UN Orbital Space Station. I need a med-unit at my location. We have another victim of the invasion.

[Diana stops the communication and approaches Kitana.]

WONDER WOMAN: Please come with me, you're safe now. We--

[Wonder Woman tries to gently touch Kitana on the shoulder, but her hand is slapped away. Kitana now finally registers Diana's presence and quickly becomes hostile.]

KITANA: I have been followed! Who are you?

WONDER WOMAN: No one will hurt you. My name is Wonder Woman.

[Kitana's eyes suddenly glow yellow with rage and her voice distorts.]

KITANA: I am not so easily fooled, assassin of Outworld. Your master has sent you to finish me, but this battle will be your last! FIGHT!

[They fight. Forced to defend herself, Wonder Woman manages to subdue Kitana and knock her to the ground. As she approaches, Kitana scurries to her knees and opens a portal.]

WONDER WOMAN: Please wait!

[While the rage has worn off, Kitana is still very much afraid of everything around her. With barely a look behind her, she plunges into the portal, which closes behind her. Wonder Woman then receives another communique.]

BATMAN: Wonder Woman, this is Batman. Superman's not in Metropolis. The Fortress of Solitude has been breached.

WONDER WOMAN: That's impossible!

BATMAN: Superman may be in serious trouble.

WONDER WOMAN: And without him, so is Earth. I'm on my way.

[Wonder Woman cuts of the communication and walks away.]

[The Fortress of Solitude. The snowstorm is still prevalent outside. Inside, Wonder Woman finds the Fortress has been breached from the inside. A large hole has been shattered in a wall and stretches out to part of the alien world - recognisable as the Lin Kuei's temple. Before Wonder Woman, a mysterious ninja warrior dressed in blue is on his knees in exhaustion. Superman is next to him, but he is frozen in a block of ice.]

Vanellope: What've you done?!

The Rock: Another one! Kane was right!

[The warrior and the wrestler begin to circle one another.]

Vanellope: Who are you?

The Rock: I am The Rock.

Vanellope: Surrender and no harm will come to you.

The Rock: The WWE do not know the meaning of surrender! FIGHT!

[They fight. Sub-Zero, exhausted from his earlier fight with Superman, is unable to match Wonder Woman's strength or resistance to his ice attacks. She soon subdues him, then ties him up with the Lasso of Truth before he can recover. Turning her attention to Superman, Diana smashes the ice-block he is trapped in with one mighty punch. Superman is freed, but he is severely weakened and drops to one knee. Wonder Woman kneels beside him.]

Tracer: PhilTastic, what happened? Are you all right?

PhilTastic: Something's wrong. My powers have been fluctuating ever since the battle with Shao Kahn. My unit and I came back to the Fortress to try to discover what was wrong and The Rock...attacked. What's happening to me? It must have a basis in magic.

Vanellope: Luckily I am not susceptible to magic, so he got what he deserved. Ralph belives he is part of an invasion force. Heroes all over the world are disappearing including Terry. And our planet is merging with another, possibly Apokolips.

PhilTastic: Apokalips? Then Shao Kahn is back? I have to get back to Redcar. I'll rendevouz with you back at the UK Space Station.

[Before Vanellope can even have a chance to object, PhilTastic has flown off. A groan from The Rock attracts Tracers attention and she turns to him.]

Tracer: Rock, who is behind this invasion?

The Rock: You are the invaders!

[The statement surprises Wonder Woman; because Sub-Zero is bound with the Lasso of Truth, it is impossible for him to lie to her. A communication prevents her from furthur interrogation.]

GREEN LANTERN: Wonder Woman! This is Green Lantern! The UN Space Station is in chaos! Captain Marvel is in a frenzy and none of us can contain him! My ring's almost out of juice!

WONDER WOMAN: I'll be there as soon as I can.

[Wonder Woman cuts of the communication and picks up Sub-Zero.]

WONDER WOMAN: You'll be coming with me.

[The UN Space Station. Onboard, Captain Marvel is clearly enraged and the yellow light is prevailing in his eyes. Wonder Woman walks in with Sub-Zero - now handcuffed - just in time to see Marvel standing over a fallen Green Lantern.]


[Marvel summons a lightning bolt. Milliseconds before impact, Lantern's ring teleports him away, but it looks like to Wonder Woman that he is obliterated by the bolt from the Captain.]

WONDER WOMAN: Hal! What've you done?!

CAPTAIN MARVEL: The rage...will consume us all!

WONDER WOMAN: Not if I can help it!

[They fight. Although powerful, Marvel is weakened from his raging, and Wonder Woman manages to subdue him and tie him up with the Lasso of Truth. The Captain seems to be trying to fight the rage, but it has a powerful hold on him.]

CAPTAIN MARVEL: Ugh! The rage...it burns inside me!

WONDER WOMAN: I need you to be calm. Tell me what you did to Green Lantern. Why did you attack him?

CAPTAIN MARVEL: Uhhn...I don't know. The ethereal forces are all unbalanced...shifting! I reach out to the gods and don't recognise what I see! The rage...you have to help me...

[Marvel loses consciousness. Sub-Zero watches all of this with a detached bemusement.]

SUB-ZERO: You should have finished him.

WONDER WOMAN: Your world must be different than ours. Here we don't kill our friends.

[Wonder Woman opens a communique.]

WONDER WOMAN: Wonder Woman to Batman. I found Superman but we have a new problem...we've lost Green Lantern.

The Catwoman from Channel 6Edit

Return of the TechnodromeEdit

Season 3Edit

Beneath These StreetsEdit

Turtles on TrialEdit

Attack of the 50-Foot IrmaEdit

The Maltese HamsterEdit

Sky TurtlesEdit

Shredder: [to the turtles] You wretched reptiles! You'll pay for this!
Bebop: And bring cash. We don't take plastic!.

The Old SwitcherooEdit

Burne's BluesEdit

Zach The Fifth TurtleEdit

Enter the Rat KingEdit


[Following the events of DC Chapter 3, Green Lantern finds himself teleported to the Green Lantern Corps Headquarters.]


[He stands up and takes in his surroundings.]

GREEN LANTERN: The ring brought me to the homeworld of the Guardians of the Universe...but why?

[Before him, one of the Guardians begins speaking.]

GUARDIAN: Two universes are colliding. Your fellow Lanterns are elsewhere doing what they can to combat the crisis.

GREEN LANTERN: That would explain Captain Marvel's attack - whatever's happening on Earth must be affecting him more directly than the rest of us.

[Behind Lantern, the techno-portal opens up. Lex Luthor and Catwoman step out of it and it closes behind them.]

GREEN LANTERN: I have to get back to Earth.

LEX LUTHOR: Yes...you do.

GREEN LANTERN: Lex Luthor and Catwoman? How?

CATWOMAN: Lex and I were held captive in the invaders underground base. Their security was more pathetic than the Gotham City museum.

LEX LUTHOR: We escaped using their portal technology. I calibrated it to transport us to Metropolis but there was obviously a malfunction. We ended up here.

GREEN LANTERN: Now I know I need to get back to Earth. If he's involved, things can't be good.

LEX LUTHOR: Typical...

[Lex turns to the Guardians while he continues talking.]

LEX LUTHOR: You're no better than Superman. The universe is falling apart and the so-called heroes focus on the little picture. All that power in his ring...have you ever noticed how he uses it?

[The rage begins to take over Lex as he speaks.]

LEX LUTHOR: Big hammers, trains and idiotic animals...

[His eyes now glow yellow.]

Anna Williams: What's the matter with you, Turbo?

Tina Armstrong: His eyes...just like Kotal’s.

Turbo: You lack imagination, Tina! You always have! Someone like me should have that ring!

Tin Armstrong: Over my dead body, Turbo!

LEX LUTHOR: Just the way I like it!

[They fight. Although his ring is underpowered, Lantern manages to keep Luthor at bay through his fighting skill. He eventually knocks Luthor down and the rage wears off. While Lex picks himself up, the Guardians intervene.]

GUARDIAN: This is a foolish waste of valuable time. The merging of worlds is contaminating the galaxy, infecting your very substance with rage. For the moment we can control it here on Oa, but if unchecked, it will spread across the universes.

GREEN LANTERN: Then we'll stop it.

GUARDIAN 2: If it continues to progress at this rate, energies throughout will be redistributed and corrupted.

GUARDIAN 3: No Lantern's ring will be unaffected or remain intact.

GUARDIAN: Nor will any other being in the galaxy escape. Neither universe will survive.

LEX LUTHOR: Why is this happening?

GUARDIAN 2: We are uncertain of the cause, but we believe this anomaly originated on Earth, at the moment of Darkseid's defeat.

GREEN LANTERN: Do you know anything about that, Lex?

GUARDIAN: It is highly unlikely that Lex Luthor is capable of influencing devastation on such a cosmic scale.

[Lex seems to be somewhat insulted by this.]

GUARDIAN 2: You on Earth must work together to locate the source of disruption and destroy it before the merge is complete.

GREEN LANTERN: Looks like we have no choice.

CATWOMAN: Don't worry handsome, we won't bite...much.

GUARDIAN: Earth sector 2-8-1-4 is under your protection.

[A lantern power battery appears, suspended in mid-air.]

GUARDIAN: We cannot spare any of the Lantern Corps to help. Charge your ring and return quickly. There is not much time.

[Lantern steps forward to the battery and recharges his ring, which now glows with energy.]

GREEN LANTERN: That's more like it.

LEX LUTHOR: So what's it going to be, hero? Do we work together or do I have to save the world in spite of you?

GREEN LANTERN: Remember...I don't trust you, Luthor.

LEX LUTHOR: The feeling is mutual.

[Lantern creates an energy shield around himself, Luthor and Catwoman. They are all transported off Oa.]

[Back in Metropolis, Lantern deactivates the shield outside the smouldering remains of LexCorp. His communicator beeps.]

GREEN LANTERN: That's the UN communicator. I have to leave you here. If I were you, Catwoman, I wouldn't turn my back on him.

CATWOMAN: I can take care of myself.

[Lantern flies off into the sky.]

LEX LUTHOR: Idiot...

[Lex looks over his destroyed company building.]

LEX LUTHOR: Home sweet home...or at least it used to be before Darkseid got to it.

CATWOMAN: You brought it on yourself, Lex. From what I hear you helped Darkseid.

LEX LUTHOR: I never take sides - I chose the lesser of two evils. The worst Superman would do is hand me over to the authorities - Darkseid on the other hand would destroy everything. It wasn't much of a choice.

CATWOMAN: Seems like we don't have one now either. So what's the plan?

LEX LUTHOR: Simple...we find a way to turn this situation to our advantage.

[Back at the UN Space Station, Green Lantern radios in.]

Steve Fox: Vanellope, this is Steve Fox and Tina Armstrong. What's going on?

[They are confronted by a rage-infected Big Show.]

Big Show: I'll tell you what's going on, Steve and Tina.

Tina Armstrong: Who are you?

Big Show: Name's Big Show, and now that the introductions are out of the way, we're shutting you down!

[They fight. With his ring charged up, Green Lantern is more than a match for Jax's cybernetics and soon has his opponent unconscious on the floor. Another person comes rushing into the fray.]

AJ Lee: Big Show?

Tina Armstrong: You again?

AJ Lee: AJ Lee to Rey Mysterio - Big Show is down.

[The rage appears in Tina’s eyes.]

Tina Armstrong: Don't try it honey - things have changed since the last time we faced off.

Rey Mysterio: Message received, sending reinforcements.

[The rage spreads to AJ.]

AJ Lee: Negative, negative - I can handle it myself.

Tina Armstrong: Not this time!

[They fight. True to his word, Lantern is too much for Sonya to handle this time and she is soon out on the floor next to Jax. As Lantern ponders what to do next, he hears a familar voice.]

CAPTAIN MARVEL: Green Lantern! Am I glad to see you!

[Although Marvel doesn't sound like he's infected with the rage anymore, Lantern points his ring at him anyways.]

GREEN LANTERN: Hey Cap. How ya feeling?

CAPTAIN MARVEL: I won't attack you, Green Lantern. I think I finally have the rage under control. It's all coming from this other universe trying to merge with ours. It's energy creates this terrible fury - you just wanna hit something!

GREEN LANTERN: That's what the Guardians said. How did you figure it out?

CAPTAIN MARVEL: Their alien gods are creating interference with my powers and infecting me with their combat rage.

GREEN LANTERN: Great; out-of-control magical-alien-god powers. So that would make you a danger to us and yourself.

CAPTAIN MARVEL: None of us is safe from the rage until this is stopped. I have to go back to the Rock of Eternity to get closer to the gods and see how we can defeat this combat rage. There has to be a way.

GREEN LANTERN: Good luck, Cap.

Turtles at the Earth's CoreEdit

April's Fool / April FoolishEdit

Attack of Big MACCEdit

The Ninja Sword of NowhereEdit

20,000 Leaks Under the CityEdit

Take Me to Your LeaderEdit

Four MusketurtlesEdit

Turtles, Turtles EverywhereEdit

Cowabunga ShredheadEdit

Michelangelo: I crave pizza no more! I can't believe I'm saying this!

Splinter: I have a feeling this will not be easy!

Invasion of the Turtle SnatchersEdit

Camera BuggedEdit

Green with JealousyEdit

Return of the FlyEdit

Casey Jones - Outlaw HeroEdit

Leonardo: Casey, you wanna fight criminals? Well Shredder is the biggest criminal of all!
Raphael: Besides which, he also ripped off your costume idea!
Casey Jones: Trademark infringement? How low can ya get?

Leonardo: He was a strange guy. Reckless, dangerous and totally violent!
Raphael: Yeah, I liked him too!
Leonardo: Somehow, I've got the feeling he'll cross are paths again.
Casey Jones: Somehow, I've got a feeling he's right.

Mutagen MonsterEdit

Corporate Raiders from Dimension XEdit

Pizza by the ShredEdit

Super Bebop & Mighty RocksteadyEdit

Beware the LotusEdit

Blast from the PastEdit

Leatherhead: Terror of the SwampEdit

Michelangelo's BirthdayEdit

Usagi YojimboEdit

Case of the Hot KimonoEdit

Usagi Come HomeEdit

The Making of MetalheadEdit

Leatherhead Meets the Rat KingEdit

Turtle TerminatorEdit

Turtles: Turtles Fight with honor!
Irma: And women fight with handbags!

The Great BoldiniEdit

The Missing MapEdit

The Gang's All HereEdit

The GrybyxEdit

Mister Ogg Goes to TownEdit


The Turtles find themselves in a alternative universe-where they never existed....

  • Shredder: Why are you mutants here?
  • Donatello: To warn you to divert the cooling back to the Technodrome before it goes kablooey!!
  • Shredder: I've only got two hands, look at all these repair requests! Everything is broken!
  • Irma: Tell me about it, you should see my hairdryer.
  • Shredder: You think being emperor of the world is easy? Ohh, it's giving me an ulcer!
  • Donatello: Oh great! We wanna get back to our world where you don't rule!!
  • Shredder: (jumping over desk) A world where I don't rule? (grovelling) Oh please take me with you, please!!!

[This is the only episode where Shedder has achieved two of his three goals in life: Destroy the Turtles; Rule the world and be a great writer]

  • Raphael: You again?! We already sent you to the cleaners!
  • Rocksteady: Yeah, well we're back again! Dirtier than ever! (Rocksteady fires off a succession of blasts from his stun laser, Donatello then uses his bo to catalpult himself towards the two punks but the weapon snaps in two and he lands at their feet)
  • Leonardo: "I'll take care of them!" (he draws his swords but the blades fly of them and imbed themselves into the ceiling, Cut to Michaelangelo twirling his grappling hook above his head afterwhich the hook comes away from the rope)
  • Michaelangelo: "What's going on...or coming off?" (Cut to Raphael drawing his sais, but the weapons become warped as he does so)
  • Raphael: Even our weapons are falling apart in this world!
  • Donatello: "What do you expect? It's Shredderville!"

[Turtles, April and Irma enter Shredder's office and suddenly its pitch black in Shredder's office and 6 pair of eyes shown moving towards camera, Wizard of Oz Reference]

  • April: "It's so dark in here."
  • Irma: "Yeah, so I see."

(Suddenly, Shredder's amplified voice booms out à la Wizard of Oz. (April and Irma's eyes are shown in this shot and stop moving and their eye pupils look around to find out where his voice is coming from.)

  • Shredder: "What fools dare disturb the all-powerful Shredder!"

(This shot, all 6 eyes shown and one moves out of frame while camera focus on the other 5.)

  • Donatello: "Let's see, there should be one (light switch) around here, somewhere."

(A Thud sound is heard and Shredder's amplified voice booming out again.)

  • Shredder: "Do not touch that! I forbid it!"

(This shot 7 eyes are shown and the lights come on as the turtles, April and Irma see Shredder in a business suit behind his desk. Leonardo is up front with his hand on the light switch and look at Shredder, surprisingly.)

  • Leonardo: "Shredder?!"

(Shredder hits his tape recorder)

  • Shredder: "I told you not to touch that!"

(Film from the tape recorder spits out and covers all over Shredder.)

  • Shredder: "Ugh, nothing works around here!"

Bye, Bye, FlyEdit

The Big Rip OffEdit

The Big Break InEdit

The Big Blow OutEdit

Shredder tries to destroy the Turtles with the hep of the Technodrome; the Turtles however fire a missile beneath the Technodrome which casuses the Technodrome to go back into Dimension X where Krang rules....

Season 4Edit

Plan 6 from Outer SpaceEdit

Turtles of the JungleEdit

Michelangelo Toys AroundEdit

Peking TurtleEdit

Shredder's MomEdit

Four Turtles and a BabyEdit


Rondo in New YorkEdit

Planet of the TurtlesEdit

Name That ToonEdit

Menace Maestro, PleaseEdit

Super Hero for a DayEdit

Back to the EggEdit

The Turtles and The HareEdit

Once Upon a Time MachineEdit

Son of Return of the Fly IIEdit

Raphael Knocks 'Em DeadEdit

Bebop and Rocksteady Conquer the UniverseEdit

Shredder:[to krang] Now to make those two super-heads suffer for defying me!

[The Turtles defeat Rocksteady and Bebop and The shredder emerges out of the portal]
Shredder: You insolent idiots! How dare you taking over the world without my permission! [grabs them both and carry them to the portal]

Raphael Meets His MatchEdit

Slash – The Evil Turtle from Dimension XEdit

Leonardo Lightens UpEdit

Were-Rats from Channel 6Edit

Funny, They Shrunk MichelangeloEdit

The Big Zipp AttackEdit

Donatello Makes TimeEdit

Farewell, Lotus Blossom!Edit

Rebel Without a FinEdit


Michelangelo Meets BugmanEdit

[After watching April in the news about Bugman beating Electrozapper]
Michelangelo: You know dudes. I think April has gone a little buggy. [The other turtles lift their pillows and begin hitting him] Ow! Hey, come on! I was just kidding guys! Ah, ah stop!

Poor Little Rich TurtleEdit

What's Michelangelo Good For?Edit

The Dimension X StoryEdit

Donatello's DegreeEdit

The Big Cufflink Caper!Edit

Leonardo Versus TempestraEdit

Splinter VanishesEdit

Raphael Drives 'em WildEdit

Beyond the Donatello NebulaEdit

Big Bug BlunderEdit

The Foot Soldiers Are RevoltingEdit

Shredder: [to the Alpha One AI-Foot soldier robot which is about to kick Shredder and Krang out of the Technodrome sending them adrift through outer space inside an escape pod] Wait! Wait! We can negotiate. We'll give you New Jersey.

Unidentified Flying LeonardoEdit

Vacation in Europe sideseasonEdit

Tower of PowerEdit

Rust Never SleepsEdit

A Real Snow JobEdit

Venice on the Half-ShellEdit


Ring of FireEdit

[inside the Technodrome]
Krang: Shredder, I'm sending you to Lisbon in Portugal. Here it is on the map.
Shredder: Put that away, I know where Lisbon is.
Krang: It's not for you, this is the educational portion of the show.

The Irish Jig Is UpEdit

Shredder's New SwordEdit

The Lost Queen of AtlantisEdit

Turtles on the Orient ExpressEdit

April Gets in DutchEdit

Northern Lights OutEdit

Elementary, My Dear TurtleEdit

Season 5Edit

My Brother, the Bad GuyEdit

Michelangelo Meets Mondo GeckoEdit

Enter: Mutagen ManEdit

Donatello's Badd TimeEdit

Michelangelo Meets Bugman AgainEdit

Muckman Messes UpEdit

Napoleon Bonafrog: Colossus of the SwampsEdit

Raphael Versus The VolcanoEdit

Landlord of the FliesEdit

Donatello's DuplicateEdit

The Ice Creature ComethEdit

Leonardo Cuts LooseEdit

Pirate RadioEdit

Raphael, Turtle of a Thousand FacesEdit

Leonardo, the Renaissance TurtleEdit

Zach and the Alien InvadersEdit

Welcome Back PolarisoidsEdit

Michalangelo, the Sacred TurtleEdit

Planet of the TurtleoidsEdit

Part 1Edit

Part 2Edit

Season 6Edit

Rock Around the BlockEdit

Krangenstein Lives!Edit

Super IrmaEdit

Adventures in Turtle-SittingEdit

Sword of YurikawaEdit

Return of the TurtleoidEdit

Shreeka's RevengeEdit

Too Hot to HandleEdit

Nightmare in the LairEdit

Phantom of the SewersEdit

Donatello Trashes SlashEdit

Leonardo is MissingEdit

Snakes Alive!Edit

Polly Wanna PizzaEdit

Mr. Nice GuyEdit

Sleuth on the LooseEdit

Season 7Edit

Night of the Dark TurtleEdit

The StarchildEdit

The Legend of KojiEdit

Convicts from Dimension XEdit

White Belt, Black HeartEdit

Night of the RoguesEdit

Splinter: You have anyway of reaching Casey Jones?
April: Yeah, I've got his phone number but-
Master Splinter: Call him at once.

Casey Jones: All I want to know is when do I get to break something?

Casey Jones: I can see that I'm going to have to get tough with you.

Attack of the NeutrinosEdit

Escape from the Planet of the TurtleoidsEdit

Revenge of the FlyEdit

Atlantis AwakesEdit

Dirk Savage: Mutant Hunter!Edit

Invasion of the KrangazoidsEdit

Combat LandEdit

Shredder Triumphant!Edit

Season 8Edit

Get Shredder!Edit

Wrath of the Rat KingEdit

State of ShockEdit

Cry H.A.V.O.C.!Edit

H.A.V.O.C. in the Streets!Edit

Enter: KrakusEdit


Turtle TrekEdit

Season 9Edit

The Unknown NinjaEdit

Dregg of the EarthEdit

The Wrath of MedusaEdit

The New MutationEdit

The ShowdownEdit


Carter, the EnforcerEdit


Season 10Edit

The Return of DreggEdit

The Beginning of the EndEdit

The Power of ThreeEdit

A Turtle in TimeEdit

Turtles to the Second PowerEdit

Mobster from Dimension XEdit

The Day the Earth DisappearedEdit

Divide and ConquerEdit

Turtles ForeverEdit


[At the 2003 Turtles' lair.]
2003 Donatello: I don't understand it. The tracking system was closing in and then suddenly, poof, static. It's like the Technodrome disappeared.
2003 Leonardo: Any idea what we should do next?
[The 80s Turtles raise their hands freely as if they are in a classroom.]
Donatello: I know, I know!
2003 Leonardo: [crosses his arms] Other than going out for a slice?
[The '87 Turtles put their hands down and look at each other awkwardly.]
'03: Ugh! I told you you can't brainstorm with these goofballs! They ain't got no brains
'87: Hey! We resemble that remark.
Turtles: [laughing]
Michelangelo: Good one, Dude!
[2003 Leo and Raph look at them and each other and then face palm in annoyance.]

[The Technodrome has now settled in another tunnel. Inside, the Shredder has found no results for Krang in the 2003 universe]
The Shredder: Hmm. Nothing comes up for Krang in this dimension.
Krang: What?!
Shredder: Shredder, on the other hand... [footage of the Utrom Shredder appears on screen] There he is. And he is magnificent. [footage shows Utrom Shredder crossing his arms, the next footage shows him punching 2003 Raphael and Michelangelo to the ground] What strength! What power! [the last footage shows Utrom Shredder firing a powerful blast at the 2003 turtles from the Sword of Tengu] Oh, how I've longed for an ally such as this. So, unlike the sniveling idiots that I've been forced to suffer.
'Krang: [deadpan] I'm right here. [yells] I CAN HEAR YOU!!! [croaks]
'Shredder: Now to find him. [uses the computer to search for his 2003 counterpart and searches the United States, Earth, the solar system and the galaxy, but finds nothing, until... the computer scans an ice asteroid called Mor Gal Tal where the Utrom Shredder is banished] Hmm. Strange, he's off world. No matter [types in the keyboard] I will program the matter to beam him to us directly. [the computer lights up and the matter transporter zaps a chunk of ice and a beam forms behind them] This is a turning point, Krang. The world will tremble before the combined power of Mighty Shredder and his... Huh?! [gasps at the true form of the Utrom Shredder: Ch'rell who is in a frozen slumber] Pink slug? [taps the ice lightly] Ooooh! I wanted a super sinister ally.
Krang: [walks up to him] Oh I don't know. He looks alright to me. [croaks]
[sometime later, 80s Shredder and Krang have gotten Ch'rell out of the ice and onto a machine]
'Shredder: [typing on the computer] Could that puny creature actually be this dimension's Shredder?
Krang: [croaks]
Shredder: Quiet.
Computer: Commencing cyro-regeneration.
[the machine turns on, zapping Ch'rell]
Krang and the Shredder: Aaah!
[the two Technodrome commanders watch as the computer overheats and explodes. '87 Shredder turns around to turn it off]
Shredder: No! [hits the button repeatedly]
Krang: FOOL! YOU OVERCOOKED HIM DIDN'T YOU?! [walks over to Ch'rell]'
Shredder: I did everything exactly right. [rushes over to the lifeless alien] It should have worked. It should be alive.
[Shredder growls in anger, chases after Krang and tackles him to ground to strangle him, breaking his glass helmet]
Krang: Oh!
Shredder: You forget who you talk to you whimpering- Oh![Krang hits him with his tentacle]...Worm! [Krang hits him again] Aah! I AM THE SHREDDER!!!
[Ch'rell suddenly awakens upon hearing that statement]
Krang: I know who you are. [hits 1987 Shredder again] Let go! [hits him again]
Ch'rell/2003 Shredder: What fools are these? So weary of life.
['87 Shredder and Krang stop fighting and turn around]
Krang and the Shredder: Wha?
Ch'rell: That they take the name of the Shredder. [speeds over to them from the table he was on and appears in front of them in a flash] My name in vain!
[Krang and '87 Shredder look at each other confused. They turn back to Ch'rell who snarls in anger and violently headbutts them into a monitor, breaking it. The two lay on the ground as Ch'rell stands up on the machine he was on. '87 Shredder and Krang look at each other in surprise as the Utrom growls at them, further enraged]

[The Turtles have arrived outside of the Technodrome]
1987: Hey, they rolled out the welcome mat.
2003: Then how come I ain't feelin' welcome?
[The 1987 Turtles laugh]
2003 Leonardo: You don't understand. The Utrom Shredder isn't like your Shredder. He's vicious.
2003 Donatello: Lethal.
2003 Michaelangelo: Competent!
2003 Raphael: We go in, there's no saying we come out.
[The 1988 Turtles look at each other]
1987: Let's do this! [puts in one hand followed by the other 7 turtles]
2003: Today, we are more than allies. We're brothers.
2003 Raphael: Grr! Annoying power. [pushes the 1988 turtles]
Turtles: Hey!
2003 Raphael: Move it, half shell!
Michaelangelo: Quit shovin'!

[The two Turtle teams stop on a rooftop on a building]
2003 Raphael: Alright, time for some answers. Who the shell are you guys?!
Donatello: I was about to ask you the same question.
2003 Raphael: [points at finger] Don't get cute.
Michelangelo: We can't help it, we were born that way. [winks innocently as 2003 Raphael glares at him]
2003 Leonardo: Look, we just risked our shells rescuing you from Hun and the Purple Dragons, so I think we're entitled to some answers.
Raphael: He's right.
Michelangelo: They've earned it.
2003 Raphael: So? Spill!
87: You bet… right after lunch. [he and the other 80's turtles run off]
03: What? No!
[the 1987 Turtles jump off the rooftop. The 2003 Turtles look down and watch as they jump down a street, scaring a couple of pedestrians along the way]
2003 Donatello: Uh, what are they doing?
2003 Raphael: That's it. THEY'RE TOAST! [gets ready to go after them, but 2003 Donatello stops him]
2003 Donatello: We can't go running around in broad daylight!
2003 Raphael: Doesn't seem to be stoppin' them.
[the '87 turtles walk past some humans who just stare at them]
Michelangelo: Hey there.
Woman: "[gasps]"
Michelangelo: How's it goin'?
Raphael: Hello.
Leonardo: Hi.
2003 Donatello: If they get spotted by the wrong...
2003 Leonardo: Come on, time to call in reinforcements.
[2003 Turtles walk away. The '80s Turtles have arrived at a Pizza Parlor]
Leonardo: I'm starving.
Donatello: I want Tuna Fish on mine.
Raphael: I could eat a whole pie myself. [The '80s Turtles run inside the Parlor, laughing happily]
Customers: [turn around and gasp]
Turtles: [sighing happily]
[the customers in line, run away from them, screaming]
Michelangelo: Score! No line. [to Pizza Chef] We'll take 4 large pizzas with Sauerkraut, Tuna Fish, Pretzels and Jellybeans.
[the Chef just stares at them and runs away screaming, throwing a pizza into the air. '87 Michelangelo jumps onto the counter and catches it]
Michelangelo: Maybe they're out of Jellybeans?
[police cars pull up outside. The '87 Turtles continue eating pizza, just as they notice two cops outside the window pointing at them]
Leonardo: Uh oh, the boys in blue. Let's slip out the back.
[the '80s turtles flee the table. They head to the back door, carrying 6 pizza boxes. As soon as they get outside, they are caught in a net]
Raphael: Hey, hey!
Donatello: Let us outta here!
Raphael: Come on!
Leonardo: What's goin' on?!
Raphael: Let us go!
[the '80s Turtles are thrown onto a glass pathway connecting two skyscrapers and break free]
Raphael: hey! What's the big idea?
Leonardo: You totally picked the wrong...
Turtles: Huh?
[2003 Splinter stares at them]
Leonardo: Master Splinter?
2003 Splinter: You.. know me?
Donatello: Well, yeah, but...
Raphael: [touches '03 Splinter's face] Did you get a perm job or somethin'? You look uh... different.
Donatello: Come to think of it, everything's been looking a little different lately.
Leonardo: Yeah. Ever since that big explosion, New York just hasn't been the same.
2003 Donatello: Explosion?
Raphael: Yeah, during our uh, battle with Shredder.
2003 Leo: The Shredder?
2003 Splinter: Perhaps it would best if you started from the beginning.
Leonardo: Well... [a flashback begins, starting with the Technodrome terrorizing the 1987 TMNT universe] We were mixing it up inside the Shredder's ultimate weapon - The Technodrome. [Inside the Technodrome, the '87 Shredder is holding the same vials of Mutagen from before] Trying to keep him from getting his claws onto some vials of Mutagen. [The '87 Turtles run up to him] We were looking for a way to end the fight once and for all.
'Shredder: [gets hit by 1987 Donatello's Bo-staff] Ooh!
Leonardo: When Don had a rockin' idea. [The '80s Turtles throw '80s Shredder into the air and catch the Mutagen vials] Use the Technodrome's own trans-dimensional portal to send it back from whence it came. ['87 Donatello smashes his fist into the control panel and starts tying two cable together] Don started working his Techno magic, but... [an army of Foot Soldiers enter the room and start shooting lasers. 80s Donatello leaps away from the lasers which hit the control panel, causing it a light blue glow. The '87 Turtles gasp and the glow begins to grow bigger, engulfing everything in white. End of flashback] The next thing we knew, we were back in the city.
Raphael: And we got back to doing we do best – taking down scuzz-buckets
2003 Leonardo: Hun and the Purple Dragons.
Donatello: But maybe we're not in Kansas anymore. Not our Kansas anyway.
Michelangelo: Dude, are you saying...?
Donatello: I'm saying, the Technodrome's trans-dimensional portal might have zapped us all to a different world.
2003 Leonardo: This Shredder of yours, he's here too?
[the '80s Turtles shrug sheepishly]
2003 Splinter: Our path is clear - together we must find this Technodrome. It may be the only way to get these 4 home. [he and the '03 Turtles gasp in surprise to find 2003 Michelangelo playing around with their '87 counterparts]
Michelangelo: Noogie!
2003 Raphael: The sooner, the better!

[The Turtles are at the Purple Dragons' lair picking up some equipment when they confront a mutated Hun.]
Hun: [fighting 1987 Michelangelo] Now I look in the mirror and all I see is you! [punches '87 Michelangelo away]
1987 Michelangelo: Oh!
Hun: And I hate you even more!
2003: Hun, you don't understand. [Hun smacks '87 Donatello away]
1987: Aah!
2003: The Shredder, he– [his 80's counterpart hits him, throwing the bag in the air]
Hun: [picks up the purple bag] Forget the Shredder. YOU'RE GONNA PAY FOR WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO ME!
Raphael: [to the camera/viewer(s); breaking the 4th wall] Some people just can't handle change.
Hun: [looks at the camera in confusion and picks up '87 Raphael and violently shakes him] WHY DO YOU KEEP DOING THAT?! WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO? THERE'S NO ONE THERE!
2003 Raphael: You idiot.
Hun: Aah!
2003 Raphael: There ain't gonna be anybody anywhere soon. Look!

2003 Utrom Shredder: How go the repairs, Karai?
Karai: Very well, father. The technology of Dimension X is ridiculous. [a foot robot removes an old computer monitor while another places a flat screen in its place.] But once revived with Utrom science it will prove... devastating.
2003 Shredder: Yes, the two merged well together. This new body is proof of that.
Karai: And more proof: their robotic foot soldiers. Clumsy, weak, almost... [a foot robot rips one's head off] Cartoonish. [the foot robot then tosses the head away into a pile of discarded Foot Soldier parts.] But now... [a new and upgraded Foot Soldier fires lasers] with the proper modifications, [an old Foot Soldier tries to attack the new one, but the new one kicks his head off.] lethal. [Karai and Utrom Shredder enter a room with a large container of Mutagen and several soldiers are lined up to mutated.] Our human troops have also been upgraded. By analyzing the Mutagen that infected Hun, we have successfully engineered out own mutant army.
[a foot robot squirts mutagen onto one of the troop's arm, which makes him groan in agony until he grows teeth and turns into a mutant beast.]
2003: Soon, I will bring THIS WORLD IT'S KNEES!! And then...
1987: [chases after some foot robots who are taking his command chair away] Wait! Stop! Come back here with my command chair! That's an order!!
Utrom: And then perhaps the world of my.. worthless counterpart. [he and Karai walk through the surveillance room.] Infinite possibilities have been open to me. Thanks to this... Technodrome. [enters the room with the Trans-Dimensional Portal] I shall rule a multiverse, Karai.

Mirage Michelangelo: So, you're supposed to be us... from other worlds...? I don't see it.
Mirage Donatello: What's with the multi-colored headbands?
Mirage Raphael: Hmph, sellouts.
2003 Raphael: Uh... [grabs '88 Leonardo by the shell] Well, check out the initialized belt buckles on these yahoos.
Turtles: Hey!
2003 Raphael: How lame can a turtle get, am I right? [his Mirage counterpart grabs and shoves him forward] Hey, ow!
Turtles: [laugh]
Raphael: Geez, what a hardcase! [sees the '87 Turtles smile at him] What?
Turtles: Nothing.

[The giant-sized Utrom Shredder just got clipped by his own destructor beam]
'Donatello: Looks like we just found something he's vulnerable to!
[The Mirage Turtles jump off the 2003 Utrom Shredder]
Mirage Raphael: Yeah, turtles!
'2003 Donatello: The Technodrome!
Krang: Hmm... Go figure.

Mirage Donatello: I'm gonna miss those wannabes.
Mirage Michelangelo: Yeah, I kinda dug the initials on the belt buckles.
Mirage Raphael: Hmph, you would. I could go for a slice, though.
Mirage Leonardo: There's that place on Bleecker. [The Mirage Turtles jump off the building and run] We are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We strike hard and fade away into the night. [Scene ends with the Turtles in their signature jumping pose, which becomes a promotional poster of the original comics]
Peter Laird: I think this first issue is coming along rather well, don't you, Kev?
Kevin Eastman: Yeah, sure do, Pete. Hey, let's get back to this after lunch, huh?
Peter: Hmmm, sounds good. Pizza?
Kevin: Yeah, pizza.
Pete: Oh, I hope this thing sells.
Kev: Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. [chuckles]
[As Kevin and Peter leave for lunch, the camera pans to the cover of the comics' first issue.]

TMNT 2012 crossoversEdit

Trans-Dimensional TurtlesEdit

2012 Raphael: Can't we just destroy the pieces we already have? I mean, what are the Triceratons gonna do with one stupid piece!?
2012 Donatello: Well, what if they find a way to replicate the technology, Raph?
2012 Fugitoid: Donatello is right. The machine must be destroyed! every last piece of it.

2012 Raph: The world is flat, I can't even see my own butt! Donnie, explanation!?
2012 Donnie: We're possibly in some kind of... alternate dimension.

1987: Turtle Power!
2012: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold up with the Turtle Power for a second. You don’t give orders to my team, okay? I’m the order guy! This guy!

2012 Splinter: Back so soon? You just left to patrol the city.
2012 Turtles: Sensei, sensei!
'12 Splinter: Is everything all right?
2012 Leonardo: Definitely, Master Splinter. It's just so amazing to see you.

Wanted: Bebop & RocksteadyEdit

2012 Leo: I don't get it. Master Splinter. I've been meditating for weeks and I don't feel any enlightenment or higher plane or anything. I didn't think peace could be so... dull.

1987: Shredder and Krang have a technodrome in this dimension, it could be catastrophic!
2012: I can't believe I'm saying this, but Bebop and Rocksteady got tough.
Michelangelo: We gotta do something, dudes.

2012 April: Guys, we been trying to reach you– What the heck?!
2012 Casey: Did I get hit the face too many times?
'12 April: Remember, Casey? The Turtles told us about these guys. They come from another dimension.
Raphael: April, Casey Jones?
Donatello: Wow. They're, like kids.
Raphael: You sure you're not a reporter? You're wearing a jumpsuit.
'12 April: Why, do reporters wear jumpsuits?

All 8 Turtles: Let's move!

The Foot Walks Again!Edit

2012 Karai: Shredder, you're not getting away from me this time!
Shredder: What are you talking about, girl? I don't even know you!
'12 Karai: Stand and fight, Shredder!
Shredder: I will not fight a girl! Foot, get rid of her!

'12 Karai: Bebop and Rocksteady are still inside– What the…? What's with the freaky bug-eyed Turtles?
Raphael: Nice to meet you, too. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

The Big BlowoutEdit

[2012 Bebop trips over 2012 Leatherhead's tail as he and Rocksteady confronts the Mighty Mutanimals]
2012 Slash: Well, well, well. 2 of them, two of us. Seems like a fair fight.

[The 8 Turtles, April, Casey, Karai and Shinigami arrived to see the Mighty Mutanimals]
'12 Mikey: Leatherhead, are you okay?
2012 Leatherhead: I am fine, Michelangelo. Just angry they got away.
'12 Slash: I must've gotten hit harder than I thought. I'm seeing double turtles here.

[The Turtles, their 80's counterparts, April, Casey, Karai and Shinigami arrived to see the Mighty Mutanimals]
'12 Mikey: Leatherhead! Are you okay?
'12 Leatherhead: I am fine, Michelangelo. Just angry they got away.
'12 Slash: I must've gotten hit harder than I thought. I'm seeing double Turtles here.
'12 Raph: Long story, Slash. See, these Turtles are from another dimension.
'12 Donnie: Like Raph said, it's a long story. One with a sad ending.

'12 Bebop: We havin' second thoughts about this plan, Rock.
'12 Rocksteady: We is partners with Shredder and alien blob. Is what we always wanted.
'12 Bebop: All we wanted is some respect. Is that too much to ask?
'12 Rocksteady: But, Bebop, we can't back out like the lowly coward now.
'12 Bebop: But why do they wanna destroy the world? We love the world! All we wanted was a little respect. Is that too much to ask?
'12 Rocksteady: Da.
'12 Bebop: Think of what you be missing - professional wrestling, Chris Bradford movies, and what about... Mama?
'12 Rocksteady: NYET! I LOVE MAMA!!

'12 April: So, what's next for you guys? No more robbing banks and working for super-villains, right?
'12 Rocksteady: Da. Being henchman is no good for us. Maybe we become superheroes instead.

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