Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987 TV series)

US animated television series produced by Murakami-Wolf-Swenson, running from 1987 to 1996

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (also known as Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles in Europe and 2052 hours release 10-Disc Blu-ray in Irma voiced by Jennifer Darling with Seasons 1-10 released in THX-Certified on May 11, 2021) is a US animated TV series.

Signature Edition Blu-rayEdit


Season 1Edit

Turtle TracksEdit

Enter The ShredderEdit

Shredder: I must congratulate you. [enters to meet the turtles]
Donatello: It's the same guy we fought last night
Shredder: You passed the test with flying colors.
Raphael: Test? What test?
Shredder: Your hairy little friend knows me as Oroku Saki, but you may call me "The Shredder".
Raphael: A kitchen utensil?

Shredder: You would be wise to lose your flippant ways if you wish to join the honorable Foot Clan.
Leonardo: Why should we want to do that?
Shredder: Because it was I who made you what you are today. If not for me, Hamato Yoshi would never have left Japan. I followed him to this country, where I gained my advanced technology, including my rare experimental mutagen. It was I who caused you to mutate into your humanoid form. You owe everything to me! Don't deny your destiny. Join me.
Raphael: Does the phrase "go suck a lemon" hold any meaning to you?

A Thing About RatsEdit

Hot Rodding Teenagers from Dimension XEdit

[Bebop and Rocksteady[*] are fighting Krang's stone warriors]
Shredder Stop, stop! STOP!!!
[Bebop, Rocksteady and Krang's stone warriors stop firing]
Rocksteady Oh we was starting to have fun.
Shredder Shut up! You are Krang's stone warriors are you not?
General Tragg Yeah. So?
Shredder There is something I must show you.
General Tragg We gonna catch those kids.

April You got 'em! Who are they? Let's interrogate them!
Michelangelo It's okay April, they're cool.
Dask Cool? Daddio, we are frozen!

Footnote: Bebop and Rocksteady were two street punks who like the TMNT were mutated into a Wart Hog-human and a Rhino-human They serve as Comic relief as bungling henchmen to Shredder. Example: When Krang realizes that a disaster could only have been caused by "Bungling Idiots" "...Bungling Idiots? Bebop!!!! Rocksteady!!!"

Shredded & SplinteredEdit

Turtles drive the flying car the Neutrinos left behind. They do not get far as it stalls
Leonardo: Oh no, out of gas!
Michelangelo: What kind of juice does this crate take?
Donatello: Plutonium, I think.
Raphael: Swell, maybe we can get a tow to the nearest plutonium station.
Michelangelo: How about we just hot foot it on over to the Technodrome?
Leonardo: Are you kidding? We need the weapons on this vehicle.
Donatello: I saw something similar at Baxter's workshop. Needs a little work but I am sure I could get it done.


Krang: Now, wretched reptiles, you will face... the wrath of Krang!
Michelangelo: Wasn't that the name of a movie?
Leonardo: I don't believe I saw it.
Raphael: [re: Krang] And I don't believe I'm seeing this!

Season 2Edit

Return of the ShredderEdit

Michelangelo: Yum! Peanut butter and jelly!
Leonardo: Come on, Michelangelo! Think healthy for a change! You had peanut butter and jelly on your pizza last night!
Michelangelo: No way, dude! I had chocolate chips and caramel fudge!

Dimension X
Shredder: I am telling you Krang, our defeat was an accident. Send me back to Earth and I will prove myself.
Krang: Send me back, send me back! That is all I have heard from you since you have been here. I will send you back.
Shredder runs towards open portal
Rocksteady: Oh boy, hamburgers, onion rings...
Bebop: ...and chocolate milkshakes! Earth, make way for Bebop and Rocksteady...
Rocksteady: ...cause here we come!
Bebop and Rocksteady fall down as if running into a wall, for portal is now closed
Bebop: Hey, what gives?
Krang: I enjoy being cruel to animals and people, and you my friends, are both!
Central Park
Mugger #1: Man, this so slow.
Mugger #2: I know, we ain't mugged anyone for a whole half hour!
Shredder appears through portal
Shredder: Where am I?
Mugger #1: I got a better question, such as how much money do you have in that silly costume of yours?
Shredder: You know who you threaten? Foot soldiers, destroy these imbeciles! Nothing happens Foot soldiers, did you not hear my command? Muggers give each other look like this guy is a nut Bebop, Rocksteady, where are you? Oh well, I can handle this myself. Shredder climbs tree and uses gauntlet to break branch Now, what were you saying about money?
Mugger #1: We were saying, uh, if you ain't got any...
Mugger #2: ...take ours!
Muggers surrender cash and flee. Shredder uses communication device
Shredder: Krang! Where is my army, and my Technodrome, and all my weapons?
Krang: You failed to defeat those miserable turtles and their teacher, Splinter, with my help! Now you must destroy them on your own! I will never give you another speck of aid, until you prove worthy of it!

April: I don't believe it! It looks like World War 11! Roll tape, fellas! We've got a story that's going to knock the boss's socks off!

April: Don't sweat it, Vernon! If I had to, I'd do an interview with Bigfoot!
Irma: If you do, find out if he's married!

It Came from Beneath the SewersEdit

Sky TurtlesEdit

Shredder: [to the turtles] You wretched reptiles! You'll pay for this!
Bebop: And bring cash. We don't take plastic!.

The Old SwitcherooEdit

[The sounds of Irma sobbing]
Irma: OHH!! Men are such beasts!

Cowabunga ShredheadEdit

Michelangelo: I crave pizza no more! I can't believe I'm saying this!

Splinter: I have a feeling this will not be easy!

New York's ShiniestEdit

Green With JealouslyEdit

Irma: You gonna problem with that?!

Casey Jones - Outlaw HeroEdit

Leonardo: Casey, you wanna fight criminals? Well Shredder is the biggest criminal of all!
Raphael: Besides which, he also ripped off your costume idea!
Casey Jones: Trademark infringement? How low can ya get?

Leonardo: He was a strange guy. Reckless, dangerous and totally violent!
Raphael: Yeah, I liked him too!
Leonardo: Somehow, I've got the feeling he'll cross are paths again.
Casey Jones: Somehow, I've got a feeling he's right.

Turtle TerminatorEdit

Turtles: Turtles Fight with honor!
Irma: And women fight with handbags!


The Turtles find themselves in a alternative universe-where they never existed....

  • Shredder: Why are you mutants here?
  • Donatello: To warn you to divert the cooling back to the Technodrome before it goes kablooey!!
  • Shredder: I've only got two hands, look at all these repair requests! Everything is broken!
  • Irma: Tell me about it, you should see my hairdryer.
  • Shredder: You think being emperor of the world is easy? Ohh, it's giving me an ulcer!
  • Donatello: Oh great! We wanna get back to our world where you don't rule!!
  • Shredder: (jumping over desk) A world where I don't rule? (grovelling) Oh please take me with you, please!!!

[This is the only episode where Shedder has achieved two of his three goals in life: Destroy the Turtles; Rule the world and be a great writer]

  • Raphael: You again?! We already sent you to the cleaners!
  • Rocksteady: Yeah, well we're back again! Dirtier than ever! (Rocksteady fires off a succession of blasts from his stun laser, Donatello then uses his bo to catalpult himself towards the two punks but the weapon snaps in two and he lands at their feet)
  • Leonardo: "I'll take care of them!" (he draws his swords but the blades fly of them and imbed themselves into the ceiling, Cut to Michaelangelo twirling his grappling hook above his head afterwhich the hook comes away from the rope)
  • Michaelangelo: "What's going on...or coming off?" (Cut to Raphael drawing his sais, but the weapons become warped as he does so)
  • Raphael: Even our weapons are falling apart in this world!
  • Donatello: "What do you expect? It's Shredderville!"

[Turtles, April and Irma enter Shredder's office and suddenly its pitch black in Shredder's office and 6 pair of eyes shown moving towards camera, Wizard of Oz Reference]

  • April: "It's so dark in here."
  • Irma: "Yeah, so I see."

(Suddenly, Shredder's amplified voice booms out à la Wizard of Oz. (April and Irma's eyes are shown in this shot and stop moving and their eye pupils look around to find out where his voice is coming from.)

  • Shredder: "What fools dare disturb the all-powerful Shredder!"

(This shot, all 6 eyes shown and one moves out of frame while camera focus on the other 5.)

  • Donatello: "Let's see, there should be one (light switch) around here, somewhere."

(A Thud sound is heard and Shredder's amplified voice booming out again.)

  • Shredder: "Do not touch that! I forbid it!"

(This shot 7 eyes are shown and the lights come on as the turtles, April and Irma see Shredder in a business suit behind his desk. Leonardo is up front with his hand on the light switch and look at Shredder, surprisingly.)

  • Leonardo: "Shredder?!"

(Shredder hits his tape recorder)

  • Shredder: "I told you not to touch that!"

(Film from the tape recorder spits out and covers all over Shredder.)

  • Shredder: "Ugh, nothing works around here!"

The Big Blow OutEdit

Shredder tries to destroy the Turtles with the hep of the Technodrome; the Turtles however fire a missile beneath the Technodrome which casuses the Technodrome to go back into Dimension X where Krang rules....

Season 3Edit

The Gang's All HereEdit

Michaelangelo: Chocolate chip pizza!

Season 4Edit

Bebop and Rocksteady Conquer the UniverseEdit

Shredder:[to krang] Now to make those two super-heads suffer for defying me!

[The Turtles defeat Rocksteady and Bebop and The shredder emerges out of the portal]
Shredder: You insolent idiots! How dare you taking over the world without my permission! [grabs them both and carry them to the portal]

Michelangelo Meets BugmanEdit

[After watching April in the news about Bugman beating Electrozapper]
Michelangelo: You know dudes. I think April has gone a little buggy. [The other turtles lift their pillows and begin hitting him] Ow! Hey, come on! I was just kidding guys! Ah, ah stop!

The Foot Soldiers Are RevoltingEdit

Shredder: [to the Alpha One AI-Foot soldier robot which is about to kick Shredder and Krang out of the Technodrome sending them adrift through outer space inside an escape pod] Wait! Wait! We can negotiate. We'll give you New Jersey.

Ring of FireEdit

[inside the Technodrome]
Krang: Shredder, I'm sending you to Lisbon in Portugal. Here it is on the map.
Shredder: Put that away, I know where Lisbon is.
Krang: It's not for you, this is the educational portion of the show.

Irma: I hate to see that morning sun come up. [singing while playing the Acoustic guitar] 🎶 I hate to see that morning sun come up 🎶
April: Irma, I gonna idea?

Season 7Edit

Night of the Dark TurtleEdit

Leonardo: Oh, no. Not again?!

Convicts from Dimension XEdit

Irma: [Newsboys: (soundtrack CD Love Riot) Then I want 2 be GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION] Well, nice to know that prison life isn't all bad.
[in the Dimension X food for Vernon and Irma] [Newsboys: (soundtrack in CD Love Riot) GUILTY of being a voiced proclaimin' Your ways]
Raphael: [disembodied] Oh, no, not again?!
Vernon: (GROANS) Speaking of things that are bad.
Irma: Ew, yuck!
[Newsboys (soundtrack in CD Love Riot) If serving you against a law of man, if living out you faith you was banned]

Night of the RoguesEdit

Splinter: You have anyway of reaching Casey Jones?
April: Yeah, I've got his phone number but-
Master Splinter: Call him at once.

Casey Jones: All I want to know is when do I get to break something?

Casey Jones: I can see that I'm going to have to get tough with you.

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