Clancy Brown

American actor and voice actor

Clarence J. "Clancy" Brown III (January 5, 1959 –) is an American actor.


  • I enjoyed it from a very early age. When I had to make my own living after college, I decided to give doing what I enjoyed most a shot as a profession. It worked out and I’ve never had to “work” for a living since. If I hadn’t gotten so lucky, there were plenty of options open to me being, after all, a young educated white male in America.
  • First time directors - they may not make good movies all the time but they are always the best directors to work for because they’re always so excited, always so committed to what they’re trying to do.
  • I mean, there is a certain amount of exposition you have to have in films and how that exposition is handled tells you whether it's a good script or not, whether it's a good filmmaker or not. You know, the more exposition that can be handled without a character speaking it, the more thematic metaphors that you can do visually, to me that’s a better situation.
  • Well part of the reason I have that many credits is I don’t get in my director’s face too much. I just do what I’m told. But I’ve also been burned by first time directors. Anthony and I talked about it and, you know, he thought he was picking me and I thought I was picking him and we hit it off. He’s very visual which is exactly what you want for this.

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