Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) (season 2)

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Episodes 27–52Edit

Turtles in SpaceEdit

  • This is the 5-part Season 2 premiere.

Part 1: The FugitoidEdit

Fugitoid: Earth? Is that your home planet I don't think it's in this galaxy or at least i never heard of it. Are you the dominant species on your planet?
Raph: (Angrily) Where are we?
Fugitoid: Calm down son your on planet D-hoonib In the Cition system federation territory
Don: A different galaxy ?
Leo: Master Splinter is out there. So far away.

Don: So what is your story?
Fugitoid: I see I owe you an explanation. My name is Professor Zayton Honeycutt. I was the most brilliant scientist on D-Hoonib, at least, I used to be. I was making a machine for boosting mind powers, like telepathy and telekinesis, but the General of the Federation came calling. Just because he's the head of the federation military in this sector, he thinks he can call whenever he wants.

Part 2: The Trouble with TriceratonsEdit

Micky Ugh Space Pizza What A Concept

Leo. Looks Like Its Time To Rage Against The Machine

Part 3: The Big HouseEdit

Part 4: The ArenaEdit

Part 5: Triceraton WarsEdit

Secret OriginsEdit

Part 1 [2.06]Edit

Part 2 [2.07]Edit

Part 3 [2.08]Edit

[The Utroms have been forced to leave Earth, as Shredder has discovered their whereabouts and spread a virus through their base, shutting down all electronics, including their expo-skeletons.]
First Utrom: I hate walking on my tentacles!
Second Utrom: Oh shut up, Krang!

Don: The Shredder's an Utrom?
Mikey: AH! It's the prisoner dude, who... who...
Ch'Rell: ...Who escaped after causing Mortu's ship to crash land here!


Mikey: You're forgetting the weirdest thing of all- the Shredder's true identity! When I found out the Shredder was an Utrom, I almost soiled my shell!

The Ultimate NinjaEdit

The Return of NanoEdit

What a CrocEdit

Return to the UndergroundEdit

[Mikey after he uses all his nets on Quarry.]
Mikey: Nets! I'm all out of nuts! I mean... Nuts! I'm all out of nets!
[Mikey, Leo, and Raph are surrounded by monsters in the underground city after Don had a dream and found a cure for the monsters.]
Mikey: Him and his big ideas! C'mon guys! Let's go to the underground city! We'll have some laughs! We'll get eaten!

City at WarEdit

Part 1 [2.14]Edit

Karai: Report.
Foot Soldier: It as we feared, Mistress Karai. The word on the street is that the Shredder is no more. Several different factions are fighting for territory. The city is at war.
Karai: Fuel the jet. It is time to bring order to the chaos... MY way.

Leo: So. This is what happened to the Foot since we got rid of the Shredder? How the mighty have fallen.

Part 2 [2.15]Edit

Foot Soldier: Mistress Karai, one of our New York sources recovered this security camera footage from a warehouse that was...prematurely demolished.
(shows her a close-up video cam of Leonardo)
Karai: Interesting.

Foot Soldier: Mistress Karai, I'm receiving word that the ones you seek have been sighted.
Karai: Into the car. Quickly.

Raph: Next move!? Like goin' home and forgettin' all this nonsense!?!
Leo: We have to do something!!
Raph: Put more fuel on the fire!? I said it before and I'll say it again, this ain't our fight!
Mikey: You might want to sit. This could go on for awhile.

Karai: I believe we have a few matters to discuss. My name is Karai and I command the Foot clan in Japan. I am here to restore order to New York faction of the Foot.
Raph: I got your order right here, lady!
Leo: Stand down, Raph!
Raph: NO!! I'M sick of being everybody's punching bag!! And I'm really sick of takin' orders from you!!
Leo: I said stand down, Raph.

Karai: [has Leo pinned down with her tanto knife at his throat] Now, I came here to discuss a matter with you and discuss it we shall! With or without your leader. It is your choice.

Part 3 [2.16]Edit

Karai: I said, drop your weapons! Good. Perhaps now we can talk.
Donnie: Oh, you wanna talk! 'Cause I got the impression you wanted to kick our shells!
Karai: If I had wanted to destroy you, you would not be alive to talk.
Leo: Okay, let's talk. But it's going to be difficult with your tanto at my head.

(Raph furiously continues attacking Karai)
Leo: No, Raph! I gave her my word of honor!
Raph: Your honor!? Bro, you are really getting under my shell!
Casey: Come on, Raph. Let's hear what the pretty ninja lady has to say.

Karai: As I've told you - my name is Karai and I command the Foot clan in Japan. I am here to restore order to the New York faction of the Foot. When you Turtle men destroyed the Shredder, you threw the city into chaos. We in Japan had hoped all parties would destroy each other, like a snake that consumes itself, leaving the city once again under the Foot's control, but we did not expect the city to be consumed in the process. If the Foot is to regain control of its New York operations, I will need your help.
Raph: We done talking yet!? Is it time to fight?!
Karai: You are impudent!! If were my retainer I would have you beaten!
Raph: Oh, you're the Foot all right! You even sound like the Shredder!!
Donnie: Lady, I don't know how we could help you. This war's out of control. We're kinda of in over our heads as it is.
Karai: Yes, I know, but I have a plan to stop this war.
Leo: Then why do you need us?
Karai: All plans must have their... contingencies. Make your decision.

Leo: Well, what do you think, guys?
Raph: I think she can swim her butt back to Japan!!
Casey: I think she's perfect. Looks, brains and she's a ninja.
Mikey: What does she mean by "contingencies"?
Leo: She's means we're Plan B.
Donnie: Excuse me. What's in it for us?
Karai: 3 things. 1, you can save New York from being torn apart. 2, you can free your streets of the Purple Dragons and the Mob. And 3, the Foot and the Foot Elite are honor-bound to slay the ones who defeated their master. They will be relentless. They will destroy you, your master, and your comrades. But if you help us, there will be no revenge for the Shredder's destruction.

Leo: I don't understand how you can serve someone as evil and dishonorable as the Shredder.
Karai: You knew the Shredder only as a merciless enemy, but I knew another side of him. [flashback starts in Japan] It was he who discovered me many years ago in Japan after my parents had abandoned me. He took me into his home. He allowed me to train alongside him, and thus I learned the ancient art of ninjitsu. I respected him and he trusted me. To me, he was Oroku Saki. He was more than just my master, he became... my father. [flashback ends] It was his destiny to find me, and it became my duty to serve him, as it became your fate to slay him. Thus we are all servants of Fate.
Leo: I'm not so sure. Master Splinter says we are free to choose our own path, that our lives are dictated by our choices.

Foot Soldier: Mistress, you must leave immediately.
Karai: No. I will stay here and see this through.
Leo: The Shredder may have raised you, Karai, but you're nothing like him.
Karai: How so?
Leo: You understand honor.

Karai: Thank you. I am in your debt. I shall keep my promise. The vendetta is lifted. The Foot will not take revenge for the slaying of their master.
Leo: You are honorable, Karai. I know you'll keep your word.
Karai: You stood with me to the last. All of you have great strength and courage. I hope in the future, when our paths cross, we shall not be enemies.
Leo: Only fate can tell.
Karai: Regrettably, Fate is not the only master we must serve.

[Enters a secret room hidden in the Shredder's throne room]
Karai: All proceed as planned, Master.
Ch'Rell: Good. My body is prepared, and the bio-sites have almost finished healing my flesh. Soon I will be myself again! Soon we will destroy the Turtles!!
[Karai looks slightly sad]


The Golden PuckEdit

Rogue in the HouseEdit

Part 1 [2.19]Edit

Leo: There comes a time in the life a ninja when he or she must choose between the path that others would have them follow and the true path of your heart. Karai was raised by the Shredder, taught ninjutsu by the Shredder, and she serves the Shredder still. But there's something about Karai that's different. She's not like the Shredder. And because of that, Karai is going to have to make a choice between serving the Shredder and serving her own sense of honor. I only hope she makes the right choice.

Karai: You summoned me, Master?
Ch'Rell: I did. My recuperation is finally at an end. The worms have done their work. At long last, the time has arrived! for my resurrection!
Karai: As you command, Master.
Shredder: And so, I stand before the world...reborn! But we little time to waste! The Utroms who hunted me, and their accused human Guardians may have gone, but they will return in greater numbers. We must be ready!
Karai: Unfortunately, my lord, we are not ready.
Shredder: What?!
Karai: Many of your followers were destroyed in a futile war for control of New York.
Hun: Yes, Karai, but what we lack in numbers, we make up for in strength and loyalty.

[Baxter Stockman's brain form is tortured with an electric device]
Karai: Master, where is the honor here? This misery should be put to an end, not prolonged.
Shredder: Do not presume to question me, Karai! Stockman is a perfect example of what happens to those who betray me!
Karai: I... I understand, Master.

Raph: I see he still gets his suits at the hardware store.
Splinter: They are are using this factory to manufacture deadly assassins! This base must be utterly and completely destroyed!
Leo: But Karai leads the Foot now. And she gave us her word the Foot would leave us alone.
Splinter: I am sorry, my son. But in this case, we must believe what we see.

Karai: Master, we have a security breach. We found several of our guards were found unconsciousness.
Shredder: Hun take the elite and scour the ship! If it is the Turtles, hold them! I wish to destroy them myself!
(Karai turns away with a slightly concerned look on her face)
Shredder: Is something the matter, Karai?
Karai: No. Nothing, Master. If you will excuse me, I will put the ship on full alert.

Part 2 [2.20]Edit

Hun: This is Hun! I have captured two of the Turtles and their rat! Can I finish them!?
Karai: But, Master, I promised them their lives. Are we not honor-bound to keep that promise?
Shredder: Honor-bound? Karai, you must realize that your duty to me is far more important than your honor.
Karai: I... I understand.
Shredder: We shall see, Karai! For you will be the one to slay the Turtles!

Raph: Hey, Leo, it's your buddy.
Karai: Leonardo, I... I wish you had never come to this place. Now it has fallen upon me to slay you all.
Leo: So much for your word of honor.
Karai: I am sorry. But I must follow my master's orders.
Raph: Face it, bro! She's as bad as the Shredder!
Leon: I should have known better than to trust you, Karai!

Hun: Wait! Let's make things a little more interesting. Take her out and I might just let the rat go free!
Leo: I can't let you do the Shredder's dirty work, Karai.
Karai: I am honor-bound to serve him.
Leo: If you serve the Shredder, then you have no honor!
Karai: You are wrong!
Leo: I was taught that Bushido means everything to a true warrior. I raised to live by that code. Can you do that? Can you fight with honor?
[Karai raises her katanna, but proves that she is unable to kill Leo after all]
Hun: Ha! So the Shredder's little pet doesn't the guts to do her job! Move over, girlie! Watch how things are done, New York style!

Karai: I have failed my master.
Splinter: It is all right. You could not do your duty because it went against your honor.

April's ArtifactEdit

April [narrating]: What, you may ask yourself, is a mild mannered antique shop proprietor doing dressed like a finalist in the Miss Primitive Universe Pageant? As you may have guessed, this isn't exactly downtown New York City, or downtown Earth, or even downtown our dimension. How did we get here? Long story. How do we get home? Well, hopefully, the answer is inside this temple. Unfortunately, the way home isn't the only thing inside this temple.

Return of the Justice ForceEdit

The Big BrawlEdit

Part 1 [2.23]Edit

Part 2 [2.24]Edit

Part 3 [2.25]Edit

Part 4 [2.26]Edit

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