Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) (season 2)

second season of the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles television series

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Turtles in Space edit

  • This is the 5-part second season premiere.

Part 1: The Fugitoid edit

Leonardo: (Narrating) When you're a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, a lot of weird things happen. Some you can handle, some you can't. Like when Master Splinter went missing after our victory over the Shredder.
Michelangelo: How can he be gone?!
Leonardo: (Narrating) And things only got weirder when we found that aliens had taken Master Splinter, and that they had him floating in some bizarre container. When we confronted the aliens, everything just vanished, or maybe we did. Whatever happened, I don't think any of us were prepared for how much weirder life was about to get.

Fugitoid: Earth? Is that your home planet I don't think it's in this galaxy or at least i never heard of it. Are you the dominant species on your planet?
Raphael: (angrily) Where are we?
Fugitoid: Calm down son your on planet D-hoonib In the Cition system federation territory
Donatello: A different galaxy ?
Leonardo: Master Splinter is out there. So far away.

Donatello: So what is your story?
Fugitoid: I see I owe you an explanation. My name is Professor Zayton Honeycutt. I was the most brilliant scientist on D-Hoonib, at least, I used to be. I was making a machine for boosting mind powers, like telepathy and telekinesis, but the General of the Federation came calling. Just because he's the head of the federation military in this sector, he thinks he can call whenever he wants.

Leonardo: Looks like its time to rage against the machine!

Part 2: The Trouble with Triceratons edit

Michelangelo: (Narrating) You know, I've watched a lot of sci-fi in my time, and I've always wanted to "boldly go where no Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle has gone before," but I gotta tell ya, I didn't enjoy the trip. It felt like my shell got taken apart and put on backwards. And I can't say much for the locals because right off, they wanted to wax us, mostly because they were after this Fugitoid robot, our new friend and maybe our ticket home. You see, he's really some egghead name Professor Honeycutt, whose mind is trapped in a robot's body. He invented this teleportal device that can transport people across the galaxy or bombs, if you're the power hungry General Blanque, our other new friend. General Blanque wants that teleportal and he wants us dead or alive...well, he wants the Fugitoid alive, us I'm not so sure about.

Michelangelo: Ugh, space pizza. What a concept!

Part 3: The Big House edit

Professor Honeycutt: (Narrating) My Name is Honeycutt, although I've been reclassified as the Fugitoid. A freak accident caused my mind to be transferred into the body of a robot. I am being hunted down by some rather uncouth gentlemen from my own government who want to force me to build my intergalactic teleportal device as a weapon of mass destruction. But I was aided by four strange looking green fellows who fortuitously materialized out of nowhere. They helped me escape the Federation ruffians only to have me captured by the Federation's sworn enemies, the Triceratons. Oh dear, what became of my friends after that, I have no idea...
Michelangelo: (Narrating) Ooh, ooh, I know, I know. We were trying to rescue Professor Honeycutt, we followed him into this Triceraton bunker, only it wasn't exactly a bunker, and it wasn't exactly full of air, and I'm not exactly sure how much longer we're gonna be alive!

Part 4: The Arena edit

Raphael: (Narrating) Even though we got beamed half way across the galaxy, the last couple of weeks have been business as usual, if you're a Ninja Turtle. It's been one fight after another, seems everyone's fighting over the same thing: Professor Honeycutt a.k.a. the Fugitoid. The professor's got these plans for a teleportal device locked inside his robotic brain, and we're hoping that it's gonna be our ticket home. Some jarhead named General Blanque wants the teleportal to deliver bombs express mail. Ditto on the Triceratons, and right now they have the ball and they're running with it. We were right on their tail when their bunker turned out to be a spaceship, and we turned out to be Triceraton prisoners. Now there's very few things that really tick me off...alright there's a bunch of things, but the worst thing you can do is put me in a cage. So you might say I blew our chances to get time off for good behavior and as punishment, they're taking us to some place they call the Games. I say, "Bring it on."

Part 5: Triceraton Wars edit

Donatello: (Narrating) I'll try to keep this brief, here it goes...Splinter was missing, we searched for him, we found him inside the TCRI building. TCRI, by the way, are the same letters on the canister of ooze that turned us into mutants. Anyway, before we could rescue Splinter, we got zapped to the other side of the galaxy, to the planet D'Hoonnib. Awesome technology, bad timing. We met up with this robot, only he wasn't really a robot, he was a scientist whose brain accidentally fused with a robot's body. Professor Honeycutt, now the Fugitoid, has developed the technology for a teleportal device, which sounds like it would be our ticket home, except he refuses to build it 'cause these two warring alien races, the Federation and the Triceraton Republic, each wanna use the device as their ultimate weapon to rule the universe. So, we're all on the run, lots of stuff blows up, lots of really incredible technology is either use to restrain us, hurt us, or transport us across the galaxy, and the Triceratons capture us, and throw us into this gladiator arena to try to convince Honeycutt to build his teleportal device. We managed to break free and grab the Triceraton Prime Leader as a hostage. So, now all we need is a brilliant plan of escape. Suggestions, anyone?

Secret Origins edit

Part 1 [2.06] edit

News Anchor Dwight: Welcome back to continuing coverage of our top story. Here's a recap of the events of the last eight hours. As seen here in our exclusive footage caught on home video, a blinding flash lit up downtown and surrounding areas, apparently projected into space. The origin of the flash was the TCRI building, where senior correspondent Alex Carlin is standing by.
Reporter Alex Carlin: Yes Dwight, the scene here is tense in front of the still silent TCRI building...what the?! It's happening again, what in the name of--?! Is this the vanguard of some alien invasion?! Or is this...the end of life as we know it?

Part 2 [2.07] edit

Donatello: (Narrating) I have to tell you, science-wise, this has been the most exciting time in my young, techno-geek mutant life. I mean, we were trans-materialized across the galaxy to a whole other civilization and then back home to planet Earth again, all thanks to this alien race called the Utroms, who also saved the life of master Splinter. On top of that, I got to experience the most amazingly advanced virtual reality system ever: The Utrom's Oracle Pod. This incredible device lets us experience the history of the Utroms firsthand. We watched how the Utroms were transporting a dangerous prisoner, when they crashed on Earth. Marooned, they've been hiding among us for centuries, waiting for our technology to advance, so they can build a way home. We even observed the Shredder's ancestor. Then, the most remarkable thing happened: our weapons disappeared and we became part of the action. It was amazing! Well...it would be amazing...if it didn't promise to be so deadly!

Part 3 [2.08] edit

Master Splinter: (Narrating) A wise man once said, "The more one learns, the less one knows". My sons and I have learned many things of late. Much of what we learned, we experience through a remarkable window to the past. A history of an alien race, known as the Utroms. In a virtual reality, we witnessed as the Utroms transported their most dangerous criminal back to their home world to stand trial, only to crash land here on Earth, several hundred years. And in that past, we encountered one who resembled Shredder. Perhaps an ancestor or merely a phantasm. But even a phantasm can be defeated. My sons and I escaped that dangerous illusion, only to return to...a reality that promised to be more deadly!

[The Utroms have been forced to leave Earth, as Shredder has discovered their whereabouts and spread a virus through their base, shutting down all electronics, including their expo-skeletons.]
First Utrom: I hate walking on my tentacles!
Second Utrom: Oh shut up, Krang!

[Leo and Raph keep beating the Shredder, causing multiple hits that damages his armor]
Donatello: Guys, use your weapons to penetrate his armor! [kicks a panel open from the transmat] I think we can stop him for good!
[Leo, Raph, Splinter and Mikey all stick their weapons into the Shredder]
Shredder: You pathetic creatures cannot hurt me!
Donatello: Don't be so sure!
[Don connects two exposed wires from the transmat, sending a massive electric arc to the Shredder, as all the weapons stuck in him act like lightning rods. The electricity shocks him severely and he slumps to the ground. As the Turtles and Splinter think they have defeated him for good, the armor opens from the chest, with two eyes lurking out, revealing the Shredder's true form.]
Donatello: The Shredder's an Utrom?
Michelangelo: AH! It's the prisoner dude, who... who...
Ch'Rell: ...Who escaped after causing Mortu's ship to crash to Earth a millenia ago!

Reflections edit

Master Splinter: (Narrating) Sometimes, you revisit the past. Other times, the past revisits you. Those moments can blur the boundary between memories and reality. And yet, sometimes the past is a mirror in which we can see the reflection of what danger the future holds.

Michelangelo: You're forgetting the weirdest thing of all- the Shredder's true identity! When I found out the Shredder was an Utrom, I almost soiled my shell!

Michelangelo: Leo, that was off the charts in the sap-of-meter. You’ve been watching way too many after-school specials, bro.
Raphael: Just eat your s’mores and keep quiet, Mikey. Leo’s got a point. [A marshmallow smacks him right in the face. Raphael growls and shakes his fist at Michelangelo, who rocks back on his shell laughing] You are so dead, laughing boy! [He gets up and goes for Michelangelo]
Leonardo: Watch the graham crackers!

The Ultimate Ninja edit

Leonardo: (Narrating) I have been raised to believe that words like "truth" and "honor" are more than just words. But one of the real difficulties in living a life of honor is that sometimes you might have to pay the ultimate price for it.

The Return of Nano edit

Raphael: (Narrating) You might ask what we're doing in a spooky old amusement park at night. You might ask what we're looking for or what's looking for us. You might ask why we're being attacked by what looks like a bunch of freaked out rides and why we're getting our shells kicked. Yeah, you might ask all that, but just don't. I ain't got time for questions right now.

What a Croc edit

Michelangelo: (Narrating) It seems like we always end in these wacked out situations. I don't know, maybe its our karma. Like we did something bad in a past life. I mean really, really bad. Supervillain-holding-the-world-for-ransom-destroying-Tokyo kind of bad. Come to think of it, its probably Raph's fault. Everything bad that happens to us is because of something Raph did in a past life. Oh well, no use crying over past lives. I guess we just gotta accept things as they are. Just always be ready to kick some shell.

Return to the Underground edit

Donatello: (Narrating) A while back, I made a promise to some friends... and, believe it or not, that thing struggling in the net right now is one of those friends. You see, it's kind of a long story. Our friends were mutated into monsters by The Shredder's scientists; now, they're forced to live underground, prisoners of an ancient city powered by a giant crystal moon. And I believe it's these very same special crystals that are the key to saving our friends, and hopefully curing them for good. Trouble is, right now, my friends don't particularly want to be cured.

[Michelangelo after he uses all his nets on Quarry.]
Michelangelo: Nets! I'm all out of nuts! I mean... Nuts! I'm all out of nets!
[Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Raphael are surrounded by monsters in the underground city after Donatello had a dream and found a cure for the monsters.]
Mikey: Him and his big ideas! C'mon guys! Let's go to the underground city! We'll have some laughs! We'll get eaten!

City at War edit

Part 1 [1.14] edit

Leonardo: (Narrating) You ever notice how there never seems to be enough time? Like when you get to play video games, or you're hanging with friends. Or when you're running like crazy to get away from a huge bomb that's about to explode! How the heck did I ever get myself into this? And... how the heck am I ever going to get out of it... alive?

Karai: Report.
Foot Soldier: It as we feared, Mistress Karai. The word on the street is that the Shredder is no more. Several different factions are fighting for territory. The city is at war.
Karai: Fuel the jet. It is time to bring order to the chaos... MY way.

Leo: So. This is what happened to the Foot since we got rid of the Shredder? How the mighty have fallen.

Part 2 [1.15] edit

Michelangelo: (Narrating) There's an old saying that "no good deed goes unpunished". Well, we thought we did a whole lot of good that time we eliminated the Shredder. And... that... other time we eliminated the Shredder. And... the time after that. Am I forgetting one? The point is: now, with Shredder out of the picture, the Mob, the Foot and the Purple Dragons are all duking it out for control of his empire. So, instead of making things better, we actually made them worse. No one felt more responsible than my brother Leo. And no one felt less responsible than my brother Raph.
Raphael: It’s not our fight.
Mikey: (Narrating) Still, we had to do something. So, we tracked down the reminiscent of the Foot's rundown flophouse. We were about to take them down when this big, honking robot shows up and starts shooting up the whole place! So much for our good deed.
Raph: I hope you’re happy, Leo. I hope doing the right thing was really worth it.

Foot Soldier: Mistress Karai, one of our New York sources recovered this security camera footage from a warehouse that was...prematurely demolished.
(shows her a close-up video cam of Leonardo)
Karai: Interesting.

Foot Soldier: Mistress Karai, I'm receiving word that the ones you seek have been sighted.
Karai: Into the car. Quickly.

Leonardo: I couldn’t risk leading anyone back to the lair, so I was staying here. It should be good enough for all of us until we figure out our next move.
Raphael: Next move!? Like goin' home and forgettin' all this nonsense!?!
Leo: We have to do something!
Raph: Like what!? Put more fuel on the fire!? I said it before and I'll say it again, this ain't our fight!
Michelangelo: You might want to sit. This could go on for awhile.

Karai: I believe we have a few matters to discuss. My name is Karai and I command the Foot clan in Japan. I am here to restore order to New York faction of the Foot.
Raphael: I got your order right here, lady!
Leonardo: Stand down, Raph!
Raph: NO!! I'M sick of being everybody's punching bag!! And I'm really sick of takin' orders from you!!
Leo: I said stand down, Raph.

Karai: [has Leo pinned down with her tanto knife at his throat] Now, I came here to discuss a matter with you and discuss it we shall! With or without your leader. It is your choice.

Part 3 [1.16] edit

Raphael: (Narrating) You know, lately, Leo's been real a pain in my shell. He's on this whole kick about how we're responsible for the fact that the entire city seems to be at war. The Purple Dragons, the mob, and the Foot Ninjas are all squabbling over the pieces of the Shredder's empire now that he's gone and Leo says it's our fault 'cause we're the ones that knocked out the Shredder in the first place. And for some reason, he thinks we're responsible for a whole lot of innocent people getting caught in the crossfire. And just when the whole deal couldn't get any crazier, this new wild card shows up and actually manages to make things worse. The only good thing I can say about Leo right now is, when he picks a fight, he really picks a fight.

Karai: I said, drop your weapons! Good. Perhaps now we can talk.
Donatello: Oh, you wanna talk! 'Cause I got the impression you wanted to kick our shells!
Karai: If I had wanted to destroy you, you would not be alive to talk.
Leonardo: Okay, let's talk. But it's going to be difficult with your tanto at my head.

(Raphael furiously continues attacking Karai)
Leonardo: No, Raph! I gave her my word of honor!
Raphael: Your honor!? Bro, you are really getting under my shell!
Casey Jones: Come on, Raph. Let's hear what the pretty ninja lady has to say.

Karai: As I've told you - my name is Karai and I command the Foot clan in Japan. I am here to restore order to the New York faction of the Foot. When you Turtle men destroyed the Shredder, you threw the city into chaos. We in Japan had hoped all parties would destroy each other, like a snake that consumes itself, leaving the city once again under the Foot's control, but we did not expect the city to be consumed in the process. If the Foot is to regain control of its New York operations, I will need your help.
Raphael: We done talking yet!? Is it time to fight?!
Karai: You are impudent!! If were my retainer I would have you beaten!
Raph: Oh, you're the Foot all right! You even sound like the Shredder!!
Donatello: Lady, I don't know how we could help you. This war's out of control. We're kinda of in over our heads as it is.
Karai: Yes, I know, but I have a plan to stop this war.
Leonardo: Then why do you need us?
Karai: All plans must have their... contingencies. Make your decision.

Leonardo: Well, what do you think, guys?
Raphaeo: I think she can swim her butt back to Japan!!
Casey Jones: I think she's perfect. Looks, brains and she's a ninja.
Michelangelo: What does she mean by "contingencies"?
Leo: She's means we're Plan B.
Donatello: Excuse me. What's in it for us?
Karai: 3 things. 1, you can save New York from being torn apart. 2, you can free your streets of the Purple Dragons and the Mob. And 3, the Foot and the Foot Elite are honor-bound to slay the ones who defeated their master. They will be relentless. They will destroy you, your master, and your comrades. But if you help us, there will be no revenge for the Shredder's destruction.

Leonardo: I don't understand how you can serve someone as evil and dishonorable as the Shredder.
Karai: You knew the Shredder only as a merciless enemy, but I knew another side of him. [flashback starts in Japan] It was he who discovered me many years ago in Japan after my parents had abandoned me. He took me into his home. He allowed me to train alongside him, and thus I learned the ancient art of ninjitsu. I respected him and he trusted me. To me, he was Oroku Saki. He was more than just my master, he became... my father. [flashback ends] It was his destiny to find me, and it became my duty to serve him, as it became your fate to slay him. Thus we are all servants of Fate.
Leo: I'm not so sure. Master Splinter says we are free to choose our own path, that our lives are dictated by our choices.

Foot Soldier: Mistress, you must leave immediately.
Karai: No. I will stay here and see this through.
Leonardo: The Shredder may have raised you, Karai, but you're nothing like him.
Karai: How so?
Leo: You understand honor.

Karai: Thank you. I am in your debt. I shall keep my promise. The vendetta is lifted. The Foot will not take revenge for the slaying of their master.
Leonardo: You are honorable, Karai. I know you'll keep your word.
Karai: You stood with me to the last. All of you have great strength and courage. I hope in the future, when our paths cross, we shall not be enemies.
Leo: Only fate can tell.
Karai: Regrettably, Fate is not the only master we must serve.

[Enters a secret room hidden in the Shredder's throne room]
Karai: All proceed as planned, Master.
Ch'Rell: Good. My body is prepared, and the bio-sites have almost finished healing my flesh. Soon I will be myself again! Soon we will destroy the Turtles!!
[Karai looks slightly sad]

Junklantis edit

Donatello: (Narrating) They say the sea is the last unexplored frontier on Earth, and I would have to agree. Because what we're looking at is one of the strangest things I've ever seen. And that's saying a lot coming from five foot tall talking turtle. What started out as a test run of the new shell-sub quickly turned into a discovery of bizarre proportions. Of course, all exploratory missions should be undertaken with great caution; If you venture into new territory unprepared, it can really come back to bite you in the shell.

The Golden Puck edit

Casey Jones: (Narrating) What is it with people these days? Everywhere you turn, there are a bunch of bad dudes doing bad things. Like these mean hombres, chasing us, they wouldn't think twice about taking us out permanently. You see, they stole something very important to me and me and my green pals stole it back, only now, we got these wack-bags trying to shoot us full of holes with their fancy laser rifles. They run us off the road. Luckily, I'm a really good driver.
Donatello: Watch it Casey!

Rogue in the House edit

Part 1 [1.19] edit

Leonardo: (Narrating) There comes a time in the life a ninja when he or she must choose between the path that others would have them follow and the true path of their heart. Karai was raised by the Shredder, taught ninjutsu by the Shredder, and she serves the Shredder still. But there's something about Karai that's different. She's not like the Shredder and because of that, Karai is going to have to make a choice between serving the Shredder and serving her own sense of honor. I only hope she makes the right choice.

Karai: You summoned me, Master?
Ch'Rell: I did. My recuperation is finally at an end. The worms have done their work. At long last, the time has arrived! for my resurrection!
Karai: As you command, Master.
Shredder: And so, I stand before the world...reborn! But we little time to waste! The Utroms who hunted me, and their accused human Guardians may have gone, but they will return in greater numbers. We must be ready!
Karai: Unfortunately, my lord, we are not ready.
Shredder: What?!
Karai: Many of your followers were destroyed in a futile war for control of New York.
Hun: Yes, Karai, but what we lack in numbers, we make up for in strength and loyalty.

[Baxter Stockman's brain form is tortured with an electric device]
Karai: Master, where is the honor here? This misery should be put to an end, not prolonged.
Shredder: Do not presume to question me, Karai! Stockman is a perfect example of what happens to those who betray me!
Karai: I... I understand, Master.

Raphael: I see he still gets his suits at the hardware store.
Splinter: They are are using this factory to manufacture deadly assassins! This base must be utterly and completely destroyed!
Leonardo: But Karai leads the Foot now. And she gave us her word the Foot would leave us alone.
Splinter: I am sorry, my son. But in this case, we must believe what we see.

Karai: Master, we have a security breach. We found several of our guards were found unconsciousness.
Shredder: Hun take the elite and scour the ship! If it is the Turtles, hold them! I wish to destroy them myself!
(Karai turns away with a slightly concerned look on her face)
Shredder: Is something the matter, Karai?
Karai: No. Nothing, Master. If you will excuse me, I will put the ship on full alert.

Part 2 [1.20] edit

Zog: (Narrating) Unit to... Republic Command, trooper Zog, making... final report. Original mission was to abduct Fugitoid. [Seize it!]
Professor Honeycutt: Oh, dear.
Federation soldier: Fire!
Zog: (Narrating) But... became separated from... Triceraton assault squad. Escaped below ground... wandered alone for unknown number of days. Engaged Federation spybots.
Michelangelo: Um, what's up with that?
Zog: (Narrating) Little resistance. Attached myself to Triceraton Commando squad, Recon Division, in preparation for widespread Triceraton invasion. General Splinter gave our orders: destroy Federation stronghold at all costs. My fellow Triceratons infiltrated stronghold with little resistance. They are great warriors and I am proud to fight beside them. If we are to fall in battle, it will be with honor! To the Republic!

Hun: This is Hun! I have captured two of the Turtles and their rat! Can I finish them!?
Karai: But, Master, I promised them their lives. Are we not honor-bound to keep that promise?
Shredder: Honor-bound? Karai, you must realize that your duty to me is far more important than your honor.
Karai: I... I understand.
Shredder: We shall see, Karai! For you will be the one to slay the Turtles!

Raphael: Hey, Leo, it's your buddy.
Karai: Leonardo, I... I wish you had never come to this place. Now it has fallen upon me to slay you all.
Leonardo: So much for your word of honor.
Karai: I am sorry. But I must follow my master's orders.
Raph: Face it, bro! She's as bad as the Shredder!
Leo: I should have known better than to trust you, Karai!

Hun: Wait! Let's make things a little more interesting. Take her out and I might just let the rat go free!
Leonardo: I can't let you do the Shredder's dirty work, Karai.
Karai: I am honor-bound to serve him.
Leo: If you serve the Shredder, then you have no honor!
Karai: You are wrong!
Leo: I was taught that Bushido means everything to a true warrior. I raised to live by that code. Can you do that? Can you fight with honor?
[Karai raises her katanna, but proves that she is unable to kill Leo after all]
Hun: Ha! So the Shredder's little pet doesn't the guts to do her job! Move over, girlie! Watch how things are done, New York style!

Karai: I have failed my master.
Splinter: It is all right. You could not do your duty because it went against your honor.

April's Artifact edit

April O'Neil: (Narrating) What, you may ask yourself, is a mild mannered antique shop proprietor doing dressed like a finalist in the Miss Primitive Universe Pageant? As you may have guessed, this isn't exactly downtown New York City, or downtown Earth, or even downtown our dimension. How did we get here? Long story. How do we get home? Well, hopefully, the answer is inside this temple. Unfortunately, the way home isn't the only thing inside this temple.

Return of the Justice Force edit

Michelangelo: (Narrating) No, this isn't some kind of hi tech Bar Mitzvah and no, we haven't been taken over by the "Dome People" either. Its just your basic sneak and rescue and those blinking skull caps on our heads are the only thing keeping those robo guard dogs from going medieval all over us. The old guy with us, that's Stainless Steve Steel. Believe it or not, he used to be a superhero. We're helping him search for his missing teammates and I think we just found them. To think, this whole thing started out with me trying to find a comic book. And now I'm living one, although I'm not sure how much longer I'll be living.

The Big Brawl edit

  • This is the 4-part second season finale.

Part 1 [2.23] edit

Splinter: (Narrating) The past is another country. They do things differently there. And yet, it seems that the past lives still, haunting us. But we need not fear the past. It is the future we must fear.

Part 2 [2.24] edit

Leonardo: (Narrating) Note to self: when Master Splinter tells you not to leave the lair, don't leave the lair. Also, do not, repeat, do not follow Master Splinter through an interdimensional portal to a nexus between multiple worlds. But, if for some dumb reason you have done all that, whatever you do, don't accidentally enter into the Battle Nexus tournament, a competition of the multiverse's most skilled and lethal warriors. And finally, if all that does happen, make sure you don't spend any time in the Pavilion of the Past Champions alone. Trust me on this one. It may just cost you your life.

Part 3 [2.25] edit

Ultimate Ninja: (Narrating) I am a great warrior, the Daimyo's son and a ninja of ultimate power. I should be feared and revered. But, I once visited a realm called Earth, where I challenged the warrior known as Leonardo to a mortal duel. I was defeated and worse, humiliated by the appearance of my father, the Daimyo, who dragged me back home. My father is mired in outdated traditions. He believes that warriors should duel only for sport and under the official rules of the Battle Nexus tournament. His tournament. I believe that glory can only be achieved by fighting to the death. That is why I must take the throne from my father, and at the same time, I shall take my revenge on Leonardo. The poison from my dart courses through his reptilian veins. Leonardo's demise will be my first victory. All shall bow down before me as master of the multiverse!

Part 4 [2.26] edit

Drako: (Narrating) Behold the Battle Nexus, the ultimate arena, where warriors from many dimensions come to compete against each other. I, too, spent my youth in such foolish pursuits. I was known and feared throughout the multiverse until I lost to a rat. Now the rat and his brood have returned, interrupting my schemes for power, but offering opportunities for revenge. Now, while I plot to seize control of the Battle Nexus, my pawn, the Daimyo's son, has poisoned the one called Leonardo. The rat rots in the dungeon, framed for attempting to assassinate the Daimyo. And despite the heroic efforts of the samurai rabbit and the turtle ninja, the Daimyo will soon be dispatched and the power of the Battle Nexus will be mine.

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