Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) (season 3)

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Episodes 53–78Edit

Space InvadersEdit

  • This is two-part Season 3 premiere.

Part 1 [3.01]Edit

Part 2 [3.02]Edit

Part 3 [3.03]Edit

Karai: Master, what do we do?
Shredder: Nothing. We wait.
Karai: For what?
Shredder: For whatever opportunity presents itself.

Worlds CollideEdit

Part 1 [3.04]Edit

Part 2 [3.05]Edit

Part 3 [3.06]Edit

Touch and GoEdit



Nobody's FoolEdit

Felon: Who-who are you? Who are you, man?!
Narrator: Who am I? I might just be a glimmer of hope for a lost city. I'm the guy the cops would thank if they knew I existed, but they don't. Who am I? I'm Nobody.

Christmas AliensEdit

Casey: [while setting the table with April and looks up]: Yo, what do you know? Mistletoe. Ain't we supposed to kiss or something?
April: That's enough mistletoe to make me kiss you. I'm afraid you'll need a whole tree. [They move to another part of the table and Casey looks up again]
Casey: Hey, hey, check it out. More mistletoe! [puckers his lips and April walks away] April, wait up! [the mistletoe moves over to April] More mistletoe. There's no way out. You gotta kiss me. [April backs up; Casey and the mistletoe move forward; April goes around Casey, the mistletoe follows her] Look, it's following us. It's a sign. A sign from above.
April: [taking down the mistletoe] Exactly. [she and Casey look at a pole with Raph and Angel sitting on top of it with ropes that extend over to April and Casey]
Raph (grins and waving): Hiya, April. Whatcha got there, mistletoe? [chuckles]
April: Jones, did you put them up to this?
Casey: No! Never! Uh, maybe.
April [after a moment]: Okay then. Pucker up. [Casey leans forward and April hits him with the mistletoe]
Angel: Ooh. That's gotta hurt.
Raph: Oh. Right in the kisser.

New BloodEdit

  • This marks the seventh appearance of Karai and is the debut appearance of apprentice scientist Dr. Chaplin.

Dr. Chaplin: I give you...the Footbots!
Karai: Do I detect a resemblance?
Dr. Chaplin: They're a tribute to you. You don't mind, do you? It's because you're so perfect.

Leo: No! They fight like Karai.
Donnie: You mean Karai trained these Footbots?
Leo: I don't know.

Shredder [on cellphone]: Karai, what about the Turtles!? Have they been captured, destroyed?
Karai: No, my lord. I'm afraid they... got away.

Mikey: What, she couldn't give us a lift?
Raph: Shut up and swim!

The LessonEdit

The Darkness WithinEdit

Mission of GravityEdit

Karai: But, Master, what about the millions of innocence who will fall when Beijing comes crashing to the ground?
Shredder: They are of no concern to me.
Hun: How dare you question the master. I'm behind this plan one hundred percent.
Shredder: Good. Then you will have no trouble accompanying Stockman on this dangerous assignment.

Karai: And so the gravity will be lifted, sending millions to their doom. I need you to prevent this from happening.
Leo: So does this mean you finally come to your senses and turn your back on the Shredder?
Karai: I am bound to serve him. I just do not wish to see millions suffer.

Leonardo: They think you're dead. We can help you start a new life.
Karai: Could you so easily turn your back on your father, even if you knew what he was doing was wrong?

The Entity BelowEdit

Time TravailsEdit

Hun on the RunEdit

Karai: Interesting trap.
Bishop: Actually. This is the trap. Just a little more savaged from our alien visitors. Cuts through anything. Makes your katana look like a butter knife.

Shredder: Who are? How did you get on this frequency?
Bishop: Mr. Oroku Saki, my name is Bishop. And I believe you know my guest.
Shredder: Karai!
Bishop: I know many things about you.
Shredder: Believe me, Mr. Bishop. You know nothing about me.
Bishop: Please. It's my business to know. I know that you are part of a crime lord who is using his vast fortunate as a cover to obtain rare alien technology. I know you have sent this lovely warrior-princess, your adopted daughter, to steal an alien microchip. And I know that if you don't deliver all the technology you own in the next 47 minutes, your feisty family member here is going to be flattened into a french fly. 43 minutes.

Shredder: Hun, I have a special assignment for you.
Hun: Master, I will not fail you. I promise.
Shredder: Karai has been captured. You will find her and bring her back alive. Is something the matter, Hun!?
Hun: No, Master.
Shredder: This is where Karai's last coordinates originated. Remember, Hun. Your life now depends on her life!!

Hun: Karai! As much as I would love to see you destroyed...unfortunately, my life now depends on saving yours.

Leo: Karai? We're getting her out!
Raph: Leo!
Leo: Raph, she's done the same for us! We're getting her out!!

Don: Wow. This train is unlike any I have ever seen.
Karai: Time is of the essence, Donatello.
Don: Right. Leo, I need you to hit the top ring... now!!

Karai: Thank you.
Leo: Well, at least she said thanks.

Karai: My lord, thank you for sending Hun. He saved my life.
Hun: I live to serve you, Master.
Shredder: Very well. You live as long as you succeed. Karai, were you able to retrieve the microchip?
Karai: No, my lord. But I have received the schematics. We shall be able to construct a prototype of our own.

The Ultimate Drako SagaEdit

Reality CheckEdit

Mikey: [narrating] You are not gonna believe this one, I'm in a world where the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are Teenage Mutant Super Turtles! You heard me. Super Turtles, and I get to be a superhero. All right, more like a teen sidekick, but I'm beginning to get the idea that the one really bad thing about being a superhero is that you always have to fight super villans.

Across the UniverseEdit

Raph: [narrating] Get this, I am racing pro-bike. The thing is this ain't no Shell-Cycle. It's a Planet Racer, and these babies are so high octane they require two riders. The other thing is these ain't your average racetracks. It's a hostile alien world with some unusual obstacles. When you race as a planet racer, winning is one thing, surviving is another.

Same As It Never WasEdit

Don: Mikey! Your... your arm! What happened to your arm?
Future Michelangelo: You're the one that's got some questions to answer! Where the shell have you been all these years?!
Don: "All these years"?
Future Mikey: You've been gone over 30 years, Donatello.
Don: "30 years"?! It can't be!
Future Mikey: Can be, and is! We thought you were dead... How the shell could you just abandon us like that?!
Don: I didn't. I'd never abandon you guys. One minute we were all in the lair together, the next minute I woke up here. I don't know how.
Future Mikey: So, the Turtle with the big brain doesn't have all the answers. Who would have thunk it?

Future Karai: I beg you. Leave this place or you will force me to do that which my duty commands.
Future Leo: Not this time, Karai! This time you have to make a choice! [blasted by Footbots and gravely wounded, which Karai reluctantly takes advantage of to run him through with her katana]
Future Karai: Forgive, Leonardo.

Future April: Karai, end of the line. [shoots her with her missile launcher]
Future Karai: Master, I am finished.

Don: My brothers. My poor brothers. This world, this future... it's a nightmare.
Future April: It was a nightmare, Don, but you managed to finally save us from this darkness. There is always hope.

The Real WorldEdit

Part 1 [3.22]Edit

Leo: [narrating] In the past 24 hours, I've been attacked by enemies I thought were long gone and found myself transported to a strange new world with no clue how I got there and no clue to get back and I have no idea what's become of the rest of my family. To top this perfect day off, the only ally I have in this whole mess is about to be executed. Do you think normal people ever have days like this?

Part 2 [3.23]Edit

Leo: [narrating] When did enemies coming back from the great beyond become the rule instead of the exception? My family and I were enjoying some well-deserved down time when we were attacked by an old foe thought to be long gone. There was blinding flash of light and I found myself in a strange new world with no clue how I got there and no way to get back. But at least I had a friend. Now with Usagi's help, I hope to reach the Battle Nexus and ask the Damiyo to use his War Staff to save my family. I know it sounds like a long shot, but right now, it's the only shot I have.

Bishop's GambitEdit


  • This is the two-part Season 3 finale.

Part 1 [3.25]Edit

Karai: Congratulations. Tonight will be your last night on Earth.
Shredder: Finally! After centuries of being imprisoned on this primitive backwater, I shall return to the stars! When my Utrom enemies come to find me, I will be gone!
Karai: And what of me, Father?
Shredder: Karai, my time here was not a total loss. I have forged a powerful dynasty with the Foot. And I have raised a daughter to rule that dynasty until my return. You will serve me as you have always served me: Faithfully and without question.

Karai: Leonardo, you must not do this! He is finally leaving our world. You must let him go!
Leo: Let him go to go and enslave the Utroms!?
Karai: The Utroms have hunted my father all his life. They are heartless monsters!
Leo: No, Karai. That's not true. He's the heartless monster and I'm gonna stop him!
Karai: Leonardo, no!!

Part 2 [3.26]Edit

Karai: My master was leaving! It did not have to be this way! [nearly falls, but Leonardo saves her by catching her hand] You are too kind, Leonardo. Much too kind!

[About to finish off a gravely wounded Leo]
Shredder: Now we end this! [prevented from throwing the final blow by Karai]
Karai: You have defeated them, my Lord. Leave them in their dishonor.

Shredder: Karai, you dishonor me!! [punches her, causing her to fall backward]

Karai: This is not what I wanted, Leonardo! This is not what I wanted!!

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