Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) (season 4)

fourth season of the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV series

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Cousin Sid edit

  • This marks the debut appearance of Casey Jones's cousin Sid.

Master Splinter: (Narrating) Life moves as the wheel of destiny turns, day to night, night to day. Our fight with the Shredder nearly cost us our lives. We are broken, battered, but alive. Our bodies will heal but I wonder: Do my sons carry other wounds not so easily overcome? I know with a great heaviness that there will always be some new threat to challenge us. I only pray my sons will be prepared to face it...

Raphael: Hey, I like it when Leo acts tough. We should get Karai to stab him more often.
(Leo angrily glares)

The People's Choice edit

Michelangelo: (Narrating) Who would have guessed that getting back to nature with my bro's would turn into a sci-fi marathon? There's nothing cooler than slimy, slippery space-creatures, giant alien blobs, cosmic rock creatures with a bad attitude, or intergalactic catfight! And here I thought our camping trip was going to be boring. Silly me!

Sons of the Silent Age edit

April O'Neil: (Narrating) I love nature. Its beauty, its balance and perfection. Nature reminds me of what I learned in school about the scientist Charles Darwin. Darwin believed in the survival of the fittest. He explained how life on Earth could be defined simply as the struggle for existence. But, it seems to me that the struggle for existence is never very simple.

Raphael: Then the first thing we have ta' do is sneak in there.
Michelangelo: Right, and like the Three Musketeers used to say, "One for all and all for ninja mode." Course, I'm paraphrasing. [smack] Owww!
Raph: What is wrong with you?
Mikey: What?

Dragon's Brew edit

  • This is the only episodes in the series to not feature Raph (despite being mentioned), Mikey, and Donnie.

Hun: (Narrating) This is the dawning of a new age. I have seen the past and I have touched the future. I have learned from my late great master that preparation is everything and I am prepared. Our destiny will soon be at hand. Nothing can stop us now. Nothing.

I, Monster edit

Rat King: (Narrating) I awoke in the mud and the slime of a filthy river. I don't know where I am or even who I am. I'm haunted by glimpses... momentary fragments of a life I think I had. But what life do I have now? What am I, but a monster? And now all will fear me... because everything fears the monster.

Grudge Match edit

Raphael: (Narrating) It may look like just another day in the Battle Nexus, with the crowds and the cheering, but trust me, this day was gonna be special. I was looking forward to somebody finally shutting Mikey up about being Battle Nexus Champion. But it was starting to look like they were gonna shut Mikey up permanently.

Master Splinter: Yes. Pizza sounds very appetizing right now, with pepperoni and karma.

A Wing and a Prayer edit

  • Karai assumes the legacy of her adopted Utrom father and becomes the new Shredder and the Ninja Turtles' sworn enemy, especially toward Leo.

Raptarr: (Narrating) Long have I watched over the world of man, and have I've been sickened by the ruthless acts of a soulless few. But through it all, I have learned more of who I am. Some call me "Hunter". Some call me "Protector". Whatever I am called, I have vowed to be this world's guardian angel.

Bad Day edit

Donatello: (Narrating) OK, pop quiz: If a dozen of Agent Bishop's deadly commandos are chasing you at ninety miles an hour from points A, B, and C, what are the odds you're gonna survive the next five minutes?

Master Splinter: Perhaps, but I am not speaking to you. I wait for my true foes to reveal themselves. You cannot touch me!
Foot Mystic: This one is more powerful than we imagined.

Karai: Fools! Another failure!?
Fire Mystic: Our encounter has given information that will be useful to us. But we did not expect our forces to be breached.
Karai: And you recklessly revealed your presence to the rodent!
Water Mystic: We assure you, we have gained enough knowledge for our next assault.
Karai: Then make it so! Otherwise, when I attack, I assure you it will be no illusion!!

Aliens Among Us edit

Agent Bishop: (Narrating) For more years than I can remember I have stood watch. Preparing for a day I've long known was inevitable. The alien threat is real. And the world has suffered at the hand of these invaders. The world must be prepared it must always be vigilant. And I will make sure it is, no matter what the cost.

Dragons Rising edit

Casey Jones: (Narrating) You know, it's taken me quite a while, but I've really come a long way. I finally got my temper under control. However, there are still a few certain things that can really make my blood boil. Hun is one of them certain things. Me and him, we go way back. When my old man wouldn't pay him for protection money, they torched our store.
Hun: [grabs young Casey] You tell your old man punk, Next time pay up or else. [drops young Casey and walks off with the Purple dragons gang as young Casey watches sadly]
Casey Jones: (Narrating) Yeah, me and him, we still got a score to settle. No matter how I try to plan out this problem, the two of us are headed for a bad, bad, showdown. Who knows? Maybe I haven't come as far as I thought.

[Casey, Raphael, Michelangelo and Donatello are inside the Battle Shell and Leonardo stands behind the vehicle outside and crossed his arms]
Raphael: Come on, Leo, get in.
Michelangelo: Let’s go home, bro. [Leonardo doesn’t move]
Raph: Now what!? [groans]
Leonardo: We didn't finish the job. We blew it. Again! We blew it!
Donatello: We did the best we could. At least we stopped half the convoy.
Leo: Half. We stopped half. And only because we got lucky. [and looks at his brothers and Casey] Is that good enough for you? Is it!? We're always one step behind. We act like a bunch of amateurs! How many more times are we gonna get beaten before you guys wise up and realize this isn't a game!? [turns around and storms off alone]
Raph: [stands up and flips the switch to close the back doors] I hate to admit it, but he ain't wrong.
[They agreed as Donatello starts the Battle Shell and drives away, Casey walks up next to him]
Casey: Hey, Donny, drive by the cemetery, will ya’? I got an important stop I need to make.
[The turtles wait at the Battle Shell as Casey enters the cemetery, he walks up to his father’s grave]
Casey: Hey, Pops, I brought ya’ something. [kneels and places the torn piece of jacket from Hun on the grave, the marker reads “Arnold Casey Jones Sr. Beloved Father and Friend.”] You spoke true, Pop. No matter what, you gotta stand up and do the right thing. But I guess I’m lucky. Even when the odds are against me, I ain’t alone. I got friends. Good friends.
[The three turtles stand together and watching him as the morning sun rises]

Still Nobody edit

Nobody: (Narrating) Watching over the city, I have learned the sad truth that violence begins violence. They say nobody can break the cycle. That nobody cares. Nobody can do anything about it. Nobody tries to change things and they're right. Because I'm still Nobody and I do care. I will try to change things. I will make a difference.

Hun: (sarcastic) Lovely party, Karai.
Karai: Hun. I did not expect to see you at this dedication.
Hun: Explain something to me, Karai! You do all this in the name of the Shredder. He was a slimy, alien bug! How could you have known that and still serve him?!
Karai: The Shredder gave me a life. He was my father, and I vow in his name that those responsible shall be destroyed!

All Hallows Thieves edit

Raphael: (Narrating) Halloween in New York City. One of my favorite times of the year. A day where no matter how odd, how freaky, or scary you might be, you fit in with everyone else. A day when girls and boys all over the city dress as their favorite monsters and heroes and get free candy. A day when even a teenage mutant ninja turtle can walk around in the open. Of course, some Halloweens are filled with more tricks than treats. Maybe this year, we should've stayed home and rented scary movies.

Samurai Tourist edit

Miyamoto Usagi: (Narrating) The paths we walk in life are different for each of us. Some walk the land without a care in the world while some choose to take on burdens that would crush the spirits of most. The land cares little of which path you choose. But its inhabitants are another matter entirely. Clearly, this is not our land. Gennosuke and I came to visit old friends, but I fear now that our presence has done more harm than good.

The Ancient One edit

  • This marks the debut appearance of the Ancient One.

Leonardo: (Narrating) I've traveled thousands of miles looking for an answer, only to wind up here, halfway across the world in the middle of nowhere, battling it out with four nasty creatures, more ghosts than man, but who's steel is all too real. Meanwhile, my traveling companion, some gross slob who attached himself to me like a bloated tick, doesn't do a thing to help out. He just sits there, grinning like a fool, leaving me to fight for both our lives. I've journeyed all across the world in search for answers, and instead, all I'm gonna get is my head chopped off.

[The episode begins inside the turtles’ lair, as Leonardo and Splinter spar.]
Leonardo: I already told you, I’m fine.
Master Splinter: You are sure?
[Michelangelo lowers his comic book and grimaces.]
Leonardo: Nothing’s the matter, Sensei. Why do you keep asking me that?
Master Splinter: So much anger. The unopened bottle will burst when its internal pressure becomes too much to bear. [Donatello spots Raphael at the weight bench.] For months now you have been brooding, surly, and stubborn.
[Donatello appears worried.]
Leonardo: Yeah, right.
[Donatello and Raphael glance at one another. Shift to Splinter and Leonardo, who are sparring with swords.]
Master Splinter: You have not been yourself. You must release what festers within you. Your family will help you, Leonardo. It is important that we be open with one another.
[Leonardo attacks and manages to disarm Splinter. He then angrily confronts his father.]
Leonardo: Open?! Okay, this Katana lesson stinks! I've mastered this years ago! YEARS AGO!!
Master Splinter: [stares at him and then retrieves the sword.] It is not the students choice to say when a lesson is learned. [He attacks.] The student’s place is to listen and learn.
[The sparring grows fierce and the other turtles gather to watch.]
Michelangelo: Something tells me the cork’s about to pop on that unopened bottle.
Raphael: That hothead. [Donatello and Michelangelo look at him] I hate it when Leo reminds me of me.
Leonardo: I've already mastered this lesson! [shoves Splinter.] And yesterday's lesson! And the lesson before that! WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO TEACH ME [disarms Splinter.] SOMETHING I DON'T ALREADY KNOW?!!! [slashes at Splinter and slices his head. The other turtles run to their father as he drops to one knee and grabs his head.]
Donatello: Master Splinter!
Michelangelo: Are you okay?
[Leonardo drops his sword.]
Raphael: Leo, what the shell is your problem!?
Leonardo: [shoves past Raphael] Master! [and Donatello] Master, I’m so sorry. I-I didn’t mean to hurt you. I just… I just lost control. [He hangs his head.]

Scion of the Shredder edit

Donatello: (Narrating) I've been worried a lot lately. For starters, I'm worried about the Foot. They're back... and they're tougher than ever. And... I'm worried about my brother, Leonardo. He's on a quest to parts unknown, and I'm worried he's not gonna find what he's been looking for. But mostly... I'm worried that Leo won't find us alive when he gets back. Master Splinter tells me that I worry too much. Okay, you tell me. Should I be worried?

Karai: Oroku Saki is gone, thanks to you, but the Shredder lives on!
Donnie: Karai!?
Splinter: So the daughter of Oroku Saki has become the Shredder. Why?
Karai: Honor demands it, Splinter-san. After you helped the vile Utroms exile my father, I vowed to avenge his honor!
Splinter: You dare speak of honor!? Your father murdered my Master Yoshi! Your father had no honor!
Karai: You will pay for your lie! All of you!! Where is Leonardo?!
Raph: He ain't here.
Mikey: You know, you just missed him, but if you leave right now, we'll tell him that you stopped by.
Karai: You mock me. The fact that you still live mocks me!!

Splinter: Master Yoshi's orb. [Karai brakes it] No!!
Karai: Your sons destroyed my father! Now I will repay them in kind! I begged Leonardo to let him go, but he would not listen to reason!!
Splinter: It is you who has been blinded to reason! Oroku Saki was a murderer! But you will not allow yourself to see the truth!!
Karai: I see clearly, rat!
Splinter: I reached out to you! I hoped that you would turn away from evil, but I can see now that has consumed you!! You are faster than your father. I will give you that, but your dark heart will betray you, just as his did!
Karai: You are not even worthy to speak of my father, rodent!! I will silence your treacherous tongue once and for all!!

Raph: Donnie, you take Master Splinter with you. We split up, get out, and hook back up again topside. Got it? [They jump as a Shrednaut strikes the ledge they were on.] Now let’s go! And guys, be careful.

Karai: Find them!! They must not be allowed to live, and tear this filthy place apart!!

Prodigal Son edit

  • Leo becomes less trustful towards Karai since this episode. However, he still appears to have feelings for her as he spared her life.

Karai: (Praying) Honorable father, though you are imprisoned among the stars, I bring you news that will set free your soul. I, your humble daughter, Karai, discovered the lair of your most hated enemies and led a full Foot attack force against them. Utterly defeated, all they could was flee. Donatello and the rat we left destroyed at the bottom of the river. Michelangelo tried to burrow his way into safety, but he could not dig deep enough to escape my wrath. And Raphael was blown to smithereens in the turtles' own Battle Shell. All that remains is Leonardo, father, and once I find him, then you will truly and forever be avenged!

Leonardo: Man! I really missed this old place. [sees the ruins of the Lair] Oh no!! No!! What happened here!?

April O'Neil: [from her warning note] Leo, I'm so sorry. I not sure what to say, the others are... Karai said she got them all. She left this. She says your next. Be careful.
Leonardo: No! It can't be! Karai is lying!

Master Splinter: Please be careful, my son. She will be well guarded, and her skills are much improved.
Leonardo: So are mine, sensei.

Leonardo: [coldly] Hello, Karai. Got your message.
Karai: I am impressed. Security here is very tight, yet here you are, undetected.
Leo: So, you are the new Shredder?
Karai: Yes. And I am your doom!

Leo: You have gone too far this time, Karai!!
Karai: Not far enough! Not until you lie broken and battered at my feet!
Leo: I remember when we first met, Karai! We fought side by side and I said you were nothing like the Shredder, but I was wrong! You're exactly like him!! You understand nothing!!

Leo: Your own anger defeats you, Karai. You remind me of a Turtle I used to know.

Karai: Go ahead. Do it! Finish me!
Leo: No. I'm giving you one last chance to do the right thing, Karai. Don't waste it. And Karai, stay away from my family!!

Outbreak edit

Agent Bishop: (Narrating) For too long, our world, our history, has been influenced by extraterrestrial threats. I know this all too well. My purpose has always been clear: Defend against the threat. Rebuild humanity to resist invasion. It hasn't always been easy. There are tough choices that need to be made. Someone has to stop this alien plague. It was a vow I made long ago. And I intend to keep it.

Trouble with Augie edit

April O'Neil: (Narrating) The man in the hat is my uncle Augie. Uncle Augie didn't just teach me math and science, he taught me to love them. If it wasn't for him, I never would've have gotten my college degree in math. Uncle Augie was always coming and going, off on adventures, but we made the most of our time together. Then one day, uncle Augie just disappeared and he never came back. I'd give anything to see my uncle Augie again. I know he's alive and somehow, someway, I'm going to find him.

Insane in the Membrane edit

[Montage of Stockman's accomplishments accompanied by his voice over]
Baxter Stockman: (Narrating) Once, long ago, I, Dr. Baxter Stockman, was a whole man. With a brilliant mind and an able body! In the scientific community, I was unequalled! Throughout the world, I was renowned, revered, worshipped! But it all went wrong, horribly, horribly wrong. My genius fell under the control of cruel-minded brutes.
[Flashback of Shredder ordering Hun to drag Stockman away. We see Hun, from Stockman's POV, thrusting a saw in his face, and the image shatters as it makes contact. A montage of Stockman's various injuries plays until we see him as just a brain in a jar]
Stockman: They whittled me away, piece by piece, limb by limb, until I was reduced to nearly nothing.
[Stockman, in his deteriorated form, approaches the camera menacingly]
Stockman: But those simpletons aren't to blame. I finally know who's responsible for my downfall, and now, with my new body, I will finally have my revenge!

Mrs. Stockman: Baxter, [coughing] I'm sorry baby doll Mama's just worn out, I guess this old body just can't take it, I so wanted to see you grow up and be a fine man, I did [coughing] Remember the sky's the limit for you boy, I love you Baxter. [dies]
Young Baxter: No, Mama! Don't leave me. Mama! Mama!

Leo: Let her go, Stockman!
Stockman: April? You, you betrayed me!
Donnie: Run, April! Get out of here!
Stockman: No! She can't leave, I forbid it!

Return of Savanti edit

Part 1 [4.20] edit

Donatello: (Narrating) My name is Donatello and right now I can't help but think of an old saying: Be careful what you wish for. All my life, I've been fascinated with what they call "terrible lizards" and "thunder beasts". Dinosaurs. But now, amazingly, I got my wish. Here I am in the Cretaceous Period, 65 million years ago, finally seeing them with my own two eyes, while running for my life. So be careful what you wish for, or, just like the dinosaurs, you might find yourself facing sudden extinction.

Part 2 [4.21] edit

Savanti Romero: (Narrating) Eons ago, I was on the verge of ultimate power. With the omnipotent Time Scepter, I, Savanti Romero, was going to rule all of time. That is, until Lord Simultaneous thwarted my plan. He turned me into a monster and exiled me from null time to Earth's Middle Ages where he hoped never to hear from me again. But instead, I plotted: Summoning all my magic, I tried again to take the time scepter and use it against Lord Simultaneous. But thanks to the interference of those accursed ninja turtles and that foolish timestress Renet, my victory was denied and Simultaneous exiled me once more, even further in time to Earth's Cretaceous Period, but that did not stop me. Again, I gathered my magic and lured my prey back through time. Savanti Romero will not be denied his revenge. The timestress will pay for her meddling. The time scepter will finally be mine. As for the turtles, they have no idea of the changes that are about to befall them.

The Tale of Master Yoshi edit

  • This marks the only appearance of Tang Shen, and Yukio Mashimi in flashbacks.

Leonardo: (Narrating) Honor. Integrity. Bushido. These were the ideals that drove Master Splinter's beloved master: Hamato Yoshi. He had traveled far to reach this castle fortress only to find four Foot elite warriors barring his way. But four or four hundred, it mattered not for on this particular night, Yoshi was driven by a powerful force unfamiliar to him. Hatred. Hatred that burned so bright it threatened to destroy him. Hatred born out of the need for revenge.

Donatello: I know! Maybe Leo should tell us about the Ancient One.
Raphael: Yeah, Leo. I want to know the other things you learned on how to kick butt.
Leonardo: Well, I wouldn't know where to start, but there is one story I think you might want to hear... about Master Splinter's master, Hamato Yoshi.

Leonardo: It's a story about a girl.
Raphael: A girl? Does she kick butt?
Master Splinter: Raphael. Please, continue, Leonardo.
Leo: Okay. Our story begins long ago in the 1960s. Japan was just getting back on its feet.
Michelangelo: After an attack by Godzilla?
Leo: No. After its defeat in World War II. It was not uncommon to see young orphaned boys in the streets, begging for food and money.

Leonardo: (Narrating) So the Ancient One took Yoshi and his friend into his home, and trained them in the ways of ninjitsu, and treated them as if they were his own sons. As they grew into young men, they became closer than brothers, best of friends who do everything together. They even fell in love at the same time, with the same girl - Tang Shen. They were crazy about her. Tang Shen was also an orphan raised by the Ancient One. It was her loving care that made the Ancient One's house into a home and that often brought unexpected visitors to her kitchen. But Tang Shen saw a hungry innocent creature and, as always, her first thought was to care for it. She decided to keep the curious rat as a pet. Seeing that Tang Shen had grown fond of the hungry little visitor, Yoshi had built a home for the newest member of their family. Although, Tang Shen had captured both the boys' hearts, it was clear that her heart belonged to only one of them - Yoshi.

Tang Shen: Mashimi, no!
Leonardo: (Narrating) But Tang Shen saw an innocent creature. She decided to keep the curious rat as a pet. Seeing that Tang Shen had grown fond of the hungry little visitor, Yoshi made a new home for the newest member of their family.

Leonardo: (Narrating) Though his friendship with Mashimi began to diminish, Yoshi's bond with Tang Shen grew stronger than ever, but the coils of jealousy were winding tighter and tighter in Mashimi's soul until... something snapped.

Mortu: Mashini, you have betrayed us!?
Hamoto Yoshi: Mashimi, why?
Mashimi: How dare you ask why! You betrayed me! We were like brothers, but you had everything and left me with nothing!! Now I take everything from you, including your life!!

Leonardo: (Narrating) Yoshi returned to tell Tang Shen all that had happened, only to find out the horrible truth.
Hamoto Yoshi: Tang Shen!? No! NOOOO!!

[at Shen's grave]
Ancient One: This is all my fault. I knew Mashimi had a dark streak in his heart.
Hamoto Yoshi: It is not your fault, Master. It is Mashimi's fault and he shall pay with his life!!
Ancient One: Be careful, my son. Vengeance is like a splinter that will poison your mind and heart.

Hamoto Yoshi: Mashimi, I challenge you to a duel, assassin!!
Mashimi: A duel!? Ha! You have unknowingly stepped into the lion's den, Yoshi! I do not need to fight you! We outnumber you!!

Mashimi: So, Yoshi, our story comes full circle! It began with the two of us and it will end with just the two of us!!
Hamoto Yoshi: This story will only end with one of us, Mashimi!!

Hamoto Yoshi: Well, little one. I will name you Splinter. And together, we will remind ourselves of Tang Shen. Of her beauty, her kindness, and love.

Leonardo: Well, I think we all know the rest of the story.
Michelangleo: Man! What a bummer story.
Master Splinter: Perhaps, Michelangelo, but perhaps not. It not for these events, I would never have been brought to New York.
Donatello: And the Utroms would never have had to relocate here either, meaning no ooze.
Raphael: No us.

The Mutated Era of Donatello edit

Adventures in Turtle Sitting edit

Leo [narrating]: Things are not good, and they're getting worse by the second. We could really use good old Donnie right about now. Ever since Bishop's mutant outbreak began, Don's been the one guiding us through this whole mess. Coming up with all the answers.
[Michelangelo gets hit]
Raph: Mikey!
Leo: [narrating] There have been hundreds of times we'd've been turtle-waxed... if Don's brains hadn't bailed us out. [sees Raph getting grabbed a monster] Raph! [narrating] It's too bad Don's not here now, because this is definitely one of those times.

Donnie: I've picked up this little bug and I haven't been able to shake it. [blows nose] I was feeling alright, but I just can't handle mutants right now.
Mikey: Did you figure that out before, or after you barfed in the Battle Shell?
Raph: Mikey! [slaps Mikey in the head]
Mikey: OW!
Raph: Adults are talking. April, can you keep an eye on Donnie for us?

Leonardo: And remember guys, just contain them, do not splatter them.
Raphael: We know the drill. Can't have that cream filling spillin' out, infecting other creatures with their freako DNA. The last thing we need is more genetic rejects. I mean, we've already got Mikey.
[It's loving brother time!]

[after Donatello mutates]
April O'Neil: This is crazy!
Casey Jones: What do we do?!
April: It's Don right? Try talking to him!
Casey: Talk to him, are you nuts!? He's a savage, freaky monster and YOU JUST WHACKED HIM IN THE FACE WITH A BROOM!!!
[Casey being the voice of reason]

Michelangelo: Oh ugly, mutated-version-of-my-beloved-brother DONATELLOOOO, where are youuu~?
[Mutant Donatello appears]
Mikey: Like, ZOINKS!!

Mikey: Humna, humna, humna, humna, humna, humna, humna, humna! WHOA!
[mutant Donatello keeps swinging his fists to Michelangelo, who keeps dodging them by swinging back and forward]
Mikey: Now I know how a piñata feels! [dodge another fist swing] AND I DON'T LIKE IT!

Leatherhead: I regret to say... I cannot cure him.
Mikey: What?! NO!!
Leonardo: Easy, Raph! We'll find cure, but first we got to capture Don before he hurts himself or anyone else.
[Raph almost says something inappropriate for kids]

Good Genes edit

Part 1 [2.24] edit

Leatherhead: (Narrating) As we fly through the night, I can't help but ponder: intelligence, reason, even simple thought. Most people take these things for granted. I do not. For I know what it's like to be an advanced mind, trapped in the body of a brute... of a monster. But for once, I am not the monster in question. My friend Donatello is one of the gentlest souls I've ever met, with one of the finest minds I've ever known. But now, thanks to the evil agent Bishop, my friend has been transformed into a thoughtless savage. And I fear that the Donatello I know may truly be lost forever.

Karai: Mystics, your master has need of you!
Water Mystic: Our master is the Shredder. Not you, little girl!
Fire Mystic: You are nothing but a pretender!
Karai: You forget your place, Mystics! I hold the same power over you as my father did! Find Leonardo! He must pay for his crimes against my father!
Earth Mystic: Perhaps he will find you.

Leo: Once we have Bishop, We'll convince him to help Don.
Raph: Leatherhead and I can handle that part of the plan, we can be very convincing. [punches hand]
Michelangelo: It's Area 51, they probably have a UFO watching us from SPACE!

Stockman: Now open that hunk a' junk.

Part 2 [2.25] edit

Leo: (Narrating) A wise man once said: I've got a bad feeling about this. And right now, I know how he feels. Believe it or not, that's my brother Donatello. And right now, he's sick. Really sick. He was scratched by one of Bishop's outbreak mutants, and now he has become a savage, mindless monster. Had it been any of us, we would have looked at Don to save the day. But even with Leatherhead's help, we're no closer to finding a cure. With no other options, we tracked down the one man who might have a cure: the man responsible for the outbreak in the first place: Agent Bishop. Bishop agreed to cure Don, but for a price. Infiltrating Foot central? It's an impossible mission. But what can we do? Our brother is sick. And there's nothing we won't do to save him. Even if it means... making a deal with the devil.

Agent Bishop: Comm systems on, secure channel
The Entity: Ah, Agent Bishop, we are transmitting coordinates to you even as we speak
Bishop: And in return?
Entity: We will let you know, will you be retrieving the artifact yourself?
Bishop: Of cause not, i'll sending in special agents.

Leatherhead: Donatello's condition continues to deteriorate, there's not much time.
Master Splinter: Doctor Stockman, Agent Bisharp told us you have administer the cure to Donatello.
Baxter Stockman: To think I sunk so low that unparalleled genius would be used save the life of these freaks, unfathomable.
Leatherhead: Where is the cure Stockman?
Stockman: I am pulled sweet oblivion for what? this?
Leatherhead: Show us the cure NOW!
Stockman: CURE? you stupid animal, Agent Bishop lied there is no cure.
Splinter: WHAT?!
[Leatherhead growls and his eyes turn green on Stockman]

Leo: April come in
April: Go leo
Leo: we've made it to the Foots garbage disposal facility, time for you & Casey to do your thing
April: Casey's heading in to the power station now, stand by
Casey: Hey if we gonna put a computer virus in here to shut down the power, how come you're not going in?
April: Because I don't look like a janitor
Casey: Gee thanks
Leo: Keep us posted April, we're moving into position
April: Roger that
Leo: Well here the fun starts
April: All the buildings garbage go through shoots that led to an incinerator
Michelangelo: We're going in through the furnace, isn't that gonna be hot????
Leo: It's our only way and that's not all,once through the incinerators we go up a shoots.
April: Which Karai has secured with a deadly grid of lazers
Leo: When the power drops we go up the vent, we gotta beat the emergency-power kicking in
Mikey: Ah, Leo why is the grid still on?
Leo: Casey, April, cut that power or we're turtles flambe.
Casey: I've put in the stupid virus but it ain't working!
Leo: Casey we really need that power out NOW
Casey: Alright, you stupid computers, we're doing this old school, [picks up a computer] GOONGALA!!! [throws computer], Woo hoo
Leo: Grids' down

Karai: Find out what's going on . . . Leonardo is here, but why?, why would he come here?

Leonardo: Good work Casey we're in, April go the phase 3: get to the copter
April O'Neil: On it
Leo: remember we get what we need and get out, Ralph you know what you have to do, Mikey you're with me, let's go

Metal Mystic: Everything goes as planned my brothers.
Earth Mystic: Soon we all be free!

[About the mystic Heart of Tengu]
Karai: No!! Give that to me!! You do not know what you are doing!!

Karai: You cannot take that!
Leonardo: Watch me!!

Karai: Leonardo, face me!!
Michelangelo: It's not about Karai, right?
Leo: Right.

Don: [Emerges from a cloud of mist, cured] Hey guys, what's up? [collapses into Leatherhead's arms]
Leatherhead: I have you, my friend.

Master Splinter: Welcome back, my son.
Don: I hope you guys didn't go through too much trouble for me. (Did you?)
[Everyone is silent]
Michelangelo: Nah.

Ninja Tribunal edit

Leonardo: (Narrating) You know, if there's one thing I've learned being a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, is to always expect the unexpected. But with all of our training, and all of our hard work, I'd like to think that we're ready for anything. But sometimes, the unexpected is just a little too... unexpected.

Raphael: Yeah, no offense Donnie, but you weren't too much fun when you were... sick.
Michelangelo: Fun?! He was a monster. An absolutely, horrible, drooling big nasty-fanged monster! You tried to eat my leg!

Michelangelo: Are we sure that Donnie's all better? See the full moon, Donnie? Do you feel the monster inside? The monster taking control?! 'MWAHAHAHA!!!!
Donatello: Oh no. I'm- I'm changing! RAAAAGGGHH!

[After the enemy ninjas demonstrated their weapon sticks to the Turtles.]
Raphael: Now maybe it's just me, but I think these guys plan to stick it to us.

Juto-Shisho: Bow when you enter this sanctuary.
Chikara-Shisho: We require warriors to combatant, and as pathetic as you are, you eight are our best hope.

Leonardo: You expect us to fight each other?
Raphael: Forget it, bucketheads.
Kon-Shisho: You WILL fight, or you will be destroyed.

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