Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) (season 4)

fourth season of the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV series

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Episodes 79–104Edit

  • Karai assumes the legacy of her adopted Utrom father and becomes the new Shredder and the Ninja Turtles' sworn enemy, especially toward Leo.

Cousin SidEdit

Raph: Hey, I like it when Leo acts tough. We should get Karai to stab him more often.
(Leo angrily glares)

The People's ChoiceEdit

Sons of the Silent AgeEdit

(Is reaching through April telepathically)
Female Alien: We... we are the last 5.

Dragon's BrewEdit

  • This is the only episodes in the series to not feature Raph (despite being mentioned), Mikey, and Donnie.

I, MonsterEdit

Grudge MatchEdit

Splinter: Yes. Pizza sounds very appetizing right now, with pepperoni and karma.

Still NobodyEdit

Hun [sarcastic]: Lovely party, Karai.
Karai: Hun. I did not expect to see you at this dedication.
Hun: Explain something to me, Karai! You do all this in the name of the Shredder. He was a slimy, alien bug! How could you have known that and still serve him?!
Karai: The Shredder gave me a life. He was my father, and I vow in his name that those responsible shall be destroyed!

Bad DayEdit

Splinter: Perhaps, but I am not speaking to you. I wait for my true foes to reveal themselves. You cannot touch me!
Foot Mystic: This one is more powerful than we imagined.

Karai: Fools! Another failure!?
Fire Mystic: Our encounter has given information that will be useful to us. But we did not expect our forces to be breached.
Karai: And you recklessly revealed your presence to the rodent!
Water Mystic: We assure you, we have gained enough knowledge for our next assault.
Karai: Then make it so! Otherwise, when I attack, I assure you it will be no illusion!!

Aliens Among UsEdit

Dragons RisingEdit

Leo: We didn't finish the job. We blew it. Again! We blew it!
Donnie: We did the best we could. At least we stopped half the convoy.
Leo: Half. We stopped half. And only because we got lucky. Is that good enough for you? Is it!? We're always one step behind. We act like a bunch of amateurs! How many more times are we gonna get beaten before you guys wise up and realize this isn't a game!? [storms off]
Raph: I hate to admit it, but he ain't wrong.

Still NobodyEdit

All Hallows ThievesEdit

Samurai TouristEdit

The Ancient OneEdit

Scion of the ShredderEdit

Karai: Oroku Saki is gone, thanks to you, but the Shredder lives on!
Donnie: Karai!?
Splinter: So the daughter of Oroku Saki has become the Shredder. Why?
Karai: Honor demands it, Splinter-san. After you helped the vile Utroms exile my father, I vowed to avenge his honor!
Splinter: You dare speak of honor!? Your father murdered my Master Yoshi! Your father had no honor!
Karai: You will pay for your lie! All of you!! Where is Leonardo?!
Raph: He ain't here.
Mikey: You know, you just missed him, but if you leave right now, we'll tell him that you stopped by.
Karai: You mock me. The fact that you still live mocks me!!

Splinter: Master Yoshi's orb. [Karai brakes it] No!!
Karai: Your sons destroyed my father! Now I will repay them in kind! I begged Leonardo to let him go, but he would not listen to reason!!
Splinter: It is you who has been blinded to reason! Oroku Saki was a murderer! But you will not allow yourself to see the truth!!
Karai: I see clearly, rat!
Splinter: I reached out to you! I hoped that you would turn away from evil, but I can see now that has consumed you!! You are faster than your father. I will give you that, but your dark heart will betray you, just as his did!
Karai: You are not even worthy to speak of my father, rodent!! I will silence your treacherous tongue once and for all!!

Karai: Find them!! They must not be allowed to live, and tear this filthy place apart!!

Prodigal SonEdit

  • Leo becomes less trustful towards Karai since this episode. However, he still appears to have feelings for her as he spared her life.

Karai: Honorable Father, I, your humble daughter Karai have found the lair of your most hated enemies. My army of Foot ninjas had struck and they struck hard. Donatello and the rat tried to evade me in the waters. Michelangelo tried to burrow his way out, but he could not dig deep enough to escape my wrath. And Raphael was destroyed in the Turtles' own Battle-Shell. All that remains is Leonardo, Father. Then will you be truly be avenged.

Leo: Man! I really missed this old place. [sees the ruins of the Lair] Oh no!! No!! What happened here!?

April [from her warning note]: Leo, I'm so sorry I not sure what to say, the others are... Karai said she got them all. She left this. She says your next. Be careful.
Leo: No! It can't be! Karai is lying!

Splinter: Please be careful, my son. She will be well guarded, and her skills are much improved.
Leo: So are mine, sensei.

Leo [coldly]: Hello, Karai. Got your message.
Karai: I am impressed. Security here is very tight, yet here you are, undetected.
Leo: So… (I see) you are the new Shredder.
Karai: Yes, and I am your doom!

Leo: You have gone too far this time, Karai!!
Karai: Not far enough! Not until you lie broken and battered at my feet!
Leo: I remember when we first met, Karai! We fought side by side and I said you were nothing like the Shredder, but I was wrong! You're exactly like him!! You understand nothing!!

Leo: Your own anger defeats you, Karai. You remind me of a Turtle I used to know.

Karai: Do it! Finish me!
Leo: No. I'm giving you one last chance to do the right thing, Karai. Don't waste it. And Karai, stay away from my family!!


Trouble with AugieEdit

Insane in the MembraneEdit

Return of SavantiEdit

Part 1 [4.20]Edit

Part 2 [4.21]Edit

The Tale of Master YoshiEdit

  • This marks the only appearance of Tang Shen in flashbacks.

Donnie: I know! Maybe Leo should tell us about the Ancient One.
Raph: Yeah, Leo. I want to know the other things you learned on how to kick butt.
Leo: Well, I wouldn't know where to start, but there is one story I think you might want to hear... about Master Splinter's master, Hamato Yoshi.

Leo: It's a story about a girl.
Raph: A girl? Does she kick butt?
Splinter: Raphael. Please, continue, Leonardo.
Leo: Okay. Our story begins long ago in the 1960s. Japan was just getting back on its feet.
Mikey: After an attack by Godzilla?
Leo: No. After its defeat in World War II. It was not uncommon to see young orphaned boys in the streets, begging for food and money.

Leo: So the Ancient One took Yoshi and his friend into his home, and trained them in the ways of ninjitsu, and treated them as if they were his own sons. As they grew into young men, they became closer than brothers, best of friends who do everything together. They even fell in love at the same time, with the same girl - Tang Shen. They were crazy about her. Tang Shen was also an orphan raised by the Ancient One. It was her loving care that made the Ancient One's house into a home and that often brought unexpected visitors to her kitchen. But Tang Shen saw a hungry innocent creature and, as always, her first thought was to care for it. She decided to keep the curious rat as a pet. Seeing that Tang Shen had grown fond of the hungry little visitor, Yoshi had built a home for the newest member of their family. Although, Tang Shen had captured both the boys' hearts, it was clear that her heart belonged to only one of them - Yoshi.

Tang Shen: Mashimi, no!
Leo: But Tang Shen saw an innocent creature. She decided to keep the curious rat as a pet. Seeing that Tang Shen had grown fond of the hungry little visitor, Yoshi made a new home for the newest member of their family.

Leo: Though his friendship with Mashimi began to diminish, Yoshi's bond with Tang Shen grew stronger than ever, but the coils of jealousy were winding tighter and tighter in Mashimi's soul until... something snapped.

Mortu: Mashini, you have betrayed us!?
Yoshi: Mashimi, why?
Mashimi: How dare you ask why! You betrayed me! We were like brothers, but you had everything and left me with nothing!! Now I take everything from you, including your life!!

Leo: Yoshi returned to tell Tang Shen all that had happened, only to find out the horrible truth.
Yoshi: Tang Shen!? No! NOOOO!!

[at Shen's grave]
Ancient One: This is all my fault. I knew Mashimi had a dark streak in his heart.
Yoshi: It is not your fault, Master. It is Mashimi's fault and he shall pay with his life!!
Ancient One: Be careful, my son. Vengeance is like a splinter that will poison your mind and heart.

Yoshi: Mashimi, I challenge you to a duel, assassin!!
Mashimi: A duel!? Ha! You have unknowingly stepped into the lion's den, Yoshi! I do not need to fight you! We outnumber you!!

Mashimi: So, Yoshi, our story comes full circle! It began with the two of us and it will end with just the two of us!!
Yoshi: This story will only end with one of us, Mashimi!!

Yoshi: Well, little one. I will name you Splinter. And together, we will remind ourselves of Tang Shen. Of her beauty, her kindness, and love.

Leo: Well, I think we all know the rest of the story.
Mikey: Man! What a bummer story.
Splinter: Perhaps, Michelangelo, but perhaps not. It not for these events, I would never have been brought to New York.
Donnie: And the Utroms would never have had to relocate here either, meaning no ooze.
Raph: No us.

The Mutated Era of DonnieEdit

Adventures in Turtle SittingEdit

Leo [narrating]: Things are not good, and they're getting worse by the second. We could really use good old Donnie right about now. Ever since Bishop's mutant outbreak began, Don's been the one guiding us through this whole mess. Coming up with all the answers.
[Mikey gets hit]
Raph: Mikey!
Leo: [narrating] There have been hundreds of times we'd've been turtle-waxed... if Don's brains hadn't bailed us out. [sees Raph getting grabbed a monster] Raph! [narrating] It's too bad Don's not here now, because this is definitely one of those times.

Don: I've picked up this little bug and I haven't been able to shake it. [blows nose] I was feeling alright, but I just can't handle mutants right now.
Mikey: Did you figure that out before, or after you barfed in the Battle Shell?
Raph: Mikey! [slaps Mikey in the head]
Mikey: OW!
Raph: Adults are talking.

Leatherhead: I regret to say... I cannot cure him.
Mikey: What?! NO!!
Leo: Easy, Raph!

Good GenesEdit

Part 1 [4.24]Edit

Karai: Mystics, your master has need of you!
Water Mystic: Our master is the Shredder. Not you, little girl!
Fire Mystic: You are nothing but a pretender!
Karai: You forget your place, Mystics! I hold the same power over you as my father did! Find Leonardo! He must pay for his crimes against my father!
Earth Mystic: Perhaps he will find you.

Part 2 [4.25]Edit

Karai: Leonardo is here, but why?

[About the mystic Heart of Tengu]
Karai: No!! Give that to me!! You do not know what you are doing!!

Karai: You cannot take that!
Leo: Watch me!!

Karai: Leonardo, face me!!
Mikey: It's not about Karai, right?
Leo: Right.

Don: I hope you guys didn't go through too much trouble for me. (Did you?)
[Everyone is silent]
Mikey: Nah.

Ninja TribunalEdit

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