Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) (season 5): Ninja Tribunal

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Season 5: Ninja Tribunal (Episodes 105–116)Edit

Lap of the GodsEdit

Demons and DragonsEdit

Legend of the Five DragonsEdit

More Worlds Than OneEdit

Beginning of the EndEdit

Membership DriveEdit

New World OrderEdit

Part 1 [5.07]Edit

(In a nightmare of impending doom)
Karai: Help me!! Help me, Leonardo!!

Karai: There is what!? A ghost coming to get me!!? I am fully aware of the situation! Now leave me!

Leonardo: Karai, no! You can't fight him! Run!!

Air Mystic: You shall not interfere! After all, you are the ones who sealed her fate.
Fire Mystic: For it was you who freed us.
(The five Elementals reveal their true forms)
Leonardo: The mystic ninjas! NO!! NO!!
Earth Mystic: When you took that crystal from Karai on behalf of Agent Bishop, you set us free.
Metal Mystic: Yes. You were the ones who set these events in motion.

Part 2 [5.08]Edit

Tengu Shredder: Such a coarse young woman! I wonder if someone well-mannered lurks behind that rough exterior!

Tengu Shredder: What will it be, Karai, the fangs or the claws?!
Leonardo: Let her go!!
Tengu Shredder: Pathetic creatures!!
Raphael: The only thing we're serving is your cronies on a plate! Well done!

Dr. Chaplin: Karai!! NO!!
(Fires his advanced weapon at the Shredder, only damaging his chest armor)
Tengu Shredder: You care for her! Ah, star-crossed lovers!

Fathers & SonsEdit

Donatello: The Shredder really beat the shell out of Karai. I...I don't know if she'll make it.

(Flashback to many years ago, in Japan)
Splinter: Please, I know I look strange. I am Splinter.
The Ancient One: What? You are the rat Yoshi and Tang Shen kept as a pet? How?
Splinter: It is a long and strange tale. I have gone through...changes since Master Yoshi- Since he...
The Ancient One: Since what? What happened to my Yoshi?
Splinter: I am sorry. He has been slain. His life was taken by the Shredder.

The Ancient One: Come, let us pay our last respects to Yoshi by burying him next to the woman he loved.

Past and PresentEdit

April: So, you're awake. We weren't sure if you were gonna make it.
Karai: What am I doing here? Am I your prisoner?
April: No. More like my patient.
Karai: You saved me? But why?
April: If it were up to me, I probably wouldn't have. But some guys I care about really much seem to think there's something about you that's worth saving. But if you try anything, sister, you'll answer to me!

The Ancient One: So, young lady, are you ready?
Karai: I will crush this demon Shredder!
The Ancient One: She's ready.

Leonardo: I am so glad we have a truce.
Karai: Temporary truce.

Enter the DragonsEdit

  • This is the two-part Season 5 finale.

Part I [5.11]Edit

Hun: One question, why should we believe you!?
Karai: Believe him, Hun. At first, I too thought it absurd. But through deep meditation, I have learned that all Shredders are linked on some mystic level.

Part II [5.12]Edit

Dr. Chaplin: What now, Mistress?
Karai: It is a new day, Chaplin. Let us see what it brings.

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