Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) (season 5): Ninja Tribunal

fifth season 5 of the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV series

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Lap of the Gods edit

Kon-Shisho: (Narrating) Like the serpent eating its own tail, as one journey ends, another begins. But now, after centuries of vigilance, we of the Ninja Tribunal see that journey's end with no new beginning. The end of all things is coming. And so, we prepare for battle. The Tribunal has chosen eight acolytes. Eight warriors from around the globe. Each of different disciplines, and skills. Each who has shown potential. A spark which must now be fanned into a flame. The flame to combat the heralds now free to fulfill their hideous mission: the summoning of the one we have feared all these years. Eight acolytes. If they fall before the oncoming darkness, so shall we all.

Kon-Shisho: The Dark One is clever, and will strike when he finds you distracted.
Juto-Shisho: Without hesitation, without remorse, you must strike your enemies, and strike true, or suffer.

Chikara-Shisho: Oh, do you tire? The Dark One never tires. EVER!!

Chikara-Shisho: We had hoped for more, Acolytes.
Kon-Shisho: Their efforts are unimpressive, perhaps we were mistaken, perhaps they are hopeless.
Juto-Shisho: Perhaps they are weak. Do you not understand what is at stake?
Master Splinter: How can they possibly understand what is at stake, when you have told them nothing?!
Donatello, Raphael, and Leonardo: Master Splinter!
Leonardo: Protect Master Splinter!
Raphael: Bring it on, blockheads! I've been aching to break something all day!
Kon-Shisho: Enough!
Juto-Shisho: The rodent is not permitted here, as it well knows.
Chikara-Shisho: How did you come to find this monastery?
Anicent One: Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh.
Juto-Shisho: Pathetic.

Raphael: Turtle luck running true to form.

Adam McKay: [talking about Raphael and Michelangelo] Shesh, are they always this way to each other?
Leonardo: No. They're usually a lot more annoying.

Demons and Dragons edit

[After his nightmare, he looks at his sons and sighs sadly]
Master Splinter: What have you gotten yourselves into...?

Michelangelo: Wow... You... Wow..

Michelangelo: [talking to Hisomi-shisho] Uh, Hisomi-san, can I have a do over?
[Ancient One hits his head and shakes his head]
Mikey: Sheesh. Tough crowd.

Michelangelo: [talking about the water dragon] If the Tribunal uses a water-burping dragon as a teaching aid, then sign me up for home-schooling!

Legend of the Five Dragons edit

Michelangelo: Aww... I can't sleep.
Donatello: (Yawns) Me neither.
Raphael: Shh... you'll wake the old guys.
Leonardo: They're not sleeping – they're meditating. There's a difference, Raph.
Raph: Not in my book.

More Worlds Than One edit

Leonardo: (Narrating) The Ninja Tribunal calls me Leonardo Splinterson. And I am honored they have chosen me as one of their acolytes. But so far, it's been a lot of work, for very little pay-off. For what seems like an eternity, we've trained with the Ninja Tribunal, learning their disciplines, learning to fight with our minds and spirits, so we can help prevent the return of a great evil. The original... demon Shredder! My brothers, even my fellow acolytes, have all been mastering their lessons. And they've all been granted incredible weapons. I haven't been so lucky. Of course, I keep hoping that all this will get better. But really... that might be hoping for a little too much.

Adam McKay: Whoah... isn't she dreamy?
Donatello: Chikara-Shisho?! Sure, dreamy like a Panzer tank.
Michelangelo: Oh, I dunno... give her a shell, add a touch of green, you might have something.
[Could possibly be a Venus reference that was sneaked in.]

Beginning of the End edit

Foot Mystics: (Narrating) It is written in the skies! The five shall undo the chains of time and free the dark one. We are the five. And we shall free the master! We shall raise him from his captivity. That he may unleash chaos unto the world. And now is the time! The end has come. And... it begins... tonight.

Leonardo: No, it can't all have been for nothing! I won't let it be. I will never stop fighting!

Membership Drive edit

Michelangelo: (Narrating) I've always kind of thought my brothers and I were magnets for trouble. And I'm right, we are. But we're nothing compared to super heroes. Take the Justice Force. They can't lift a finger without trouble finding them. They... need a new member or two. Simple enough, right? Put an ad in super hero weekly, hang a "help wanted" sign outside your impenetrable fortress of super dudes... and score some new teammates. Easy! Sorry, true believer. Nothing's easy when you're a super hero. The Justice Force's membership drive just went to shell. The only question is... am I gonna survive long enough to submit my application?

Agent Bishop: (to Stockman) I'm beginning to see why your former employee kept relieving you of body parts.

Raphael: What's the matter, Mikey? Didn't make the cut?
Michelangelo: In your dreams you wanna-be. The Turtle Titan is now an official member of the Justice Force. Of course, I'm only on duty on the 3rd of every Wednesday on every 4th month. And February 29th... when there is one.

New World Order edit

Part 1 [5.07] edit

Tengu Shredder: Now, let us go give our regards to this... Karai.

[In a nightmare of impending doom]
Karai: Help me!! Help me, Leonardo!!

Karai: There is what!? A ghost coming to get me!!? I am fully aware of the situation! Now leave me!

Air Mystic: You shall not interfere! After all, you are the ones who sealed her fate.
Fire Mystic: For it was you who freed us.
[The five Elementals reveal their true forms]
Leonardo: The mystic ninjas! NO!! NO!!
Earth Mystic: When you took that crystal from Karai on behalf of Agent Bishop, you set us free.
Metal Mystic: Yes. You were the ones who set these events in motion.

Leonardo: Karai, no! You can't fight him! Run!!

Raphael: Tell me again, why saving Karai is such a good idea?
Leonardo: To be honest Raph, I'm not so sure it is anymore.

Part 2 [5.08] edit

Leonardo: (Narrating) Well, here we are. The Shredder's heralds bearing down on us. And their master waiting in the wings. Looking back, I think the Tribunal trained us for the very worst. But I'm not sure even they could have anticipated this. The original Shredder is risen from the dead. The worst evil to ever walk the Earth, walks it again. He and the Mystics blasted their way into Foot headquarters. And his newest victim is destined to be Karai. But she thinks she actually has a chance against him, using some sort of weapons technology based on magic and mysticism that she and her people have been working on. But with the ease that the Shredder infiltrated her stronghold, it is clear she doesn't have a prayer. He's going to wipe her out. And, after that, we're next.

Tengu Shredder: Such a coarse young woman! I wonder if someone well-mannered lurks behind that rough exterior!

Tengu Shredder: What will it be, Karai, the fangs or the claws?!
Leonardo: Let her go!!
Tengu Shredder: Pathetic creatures!!
Raphael: The only thing we're serving is your cronies on a plate! Well done!

Dr. Chaplin: Karai!! NO!!
[Fires his advanced weapon at the Shredder, only damaging his chest armor]
Tengu Shredder: You care for her! Ah, star-crossed lovers!

Fathers & Sons edit

Young Michelangelo: (Narrating) My brothers are always making fun of me 'cause I'm still scared of the dark. I can't help it! Sometimes I think I see real spooky stuff at night like the Boogieman or monsters or scary skeleton-faced ghost men! But I'm pretty sure that tonight, my brothers are just as scared as me! And whatever that red, bat-winged, floating nasty thing is, it's so not helping my fear of the dark.

Donatello: The Shredder really beat the shell out of Karai. I...I don't know if she'll make it.

[Flashback to many years ago, in Japan]
Master Splinter: Please, I know I look strange. I am Splinter.
The Ancient One: What? You are the rat Yoshi and Tang Shen kept as a pet? How?
Splinter: It is a long and strange tale. I have gone through...changes since Master Yoshi- Since he...
Ancient One: Since what? What happened to my Yoshi?
Splinter: I am sorry. He has been slain. His life was taken by the Shredder.

The Ancient One: Come, let us pay our last respects to Yoshi by burying him next to the woman he loved.

Young Leonardo: Bye, Ancient One.
Young Michelangelo: Don't forget to write!
Young Raphael: What are you talking about? You can't even read yet.
Young Mikey: Oh yeah.

[After Young Raphael says the invisible bone is heading to a house]
Ancient One: The Pool of Sorrow! The Artifacts! Curse me for a donkey's bottom!
Master Splinter: What?

[After Splinter and Ancient One finish their story]
Donatello: Wow!
Leonardo: To think we been to Japan and met the Tribunal when we were just kids!
Master Splinter: Yes, my sons, and even though you were very small, you helped win a very big victory.
The Ancient One: And we'll do it again. We will find a way to defeat the Shredder, all of us.
Leonardo: I hope you're right, masters. I hope you're right.

Past and Present edit

Tengu Shredder: (Narrating) After long, torturous years of enforced slumber, I have awoken to find this world, wanting. It is boisterous, filthy, and worst of all, a breeding ground for weakness. The pathetic ruler of this place, the mayor, lives here. A silly little puppet of the rabble, he knows nothing of true power! But it is my pleasure to educate him.
[Mayor cries out as Shredder bursts through the ceiling of his house]
Tengu Shredder: (Narrating) New York, as the natives call it, is better suited to fall into the ocean, than to hold the throne of the Emperor. However, it does hold a unique appeal. There is great power here. Power which I shall use to remake this world in my own image. I shall change ALL! The Shredder dynasty begins anew - TODAY!

April O'Neil: So, you're awake. We weren't sure if you were gonna make it.
Karai: What am I doing here? Am I your prisoner?
April: No. More like my patient.
Karai: You saved me? But why?
April: If it were up to me, I probably wouldn't have. But some guys I care about really much seem to think there's something about you that's worth saving. But if you try anything, sister, you'll answer to me!

Michelangelo: This is gonna be sooooo easy! [A mystic warden appears]
Raphael: You and yo' big mouth.

Raphael: Well, the Ancient One said when we'll get close enough, we will feel it. [About the keystones]
Michelangelo: [Notices the "keystone" and their amulets are glowing] Yeah, I think it feels us too.

The Ancient One: So, young lady, are you ready?
Karai: I will crush this demon Shredder!
Ancient One: She's ready.

Leonardo: I am so glad we have a truce.
Karai: Temporary truce.

Enter the Dragons edit

  • This is the two-part Season 5 finale.

Part 1 [5.11] edit

Leonardo: (Narrating) The end has come. One of the most evil forces known to man walks the earth. The Demon Shredder has risen and his dark magic spreads. Soon, it's going to engulf the entire planet. And it starts here: our own New York, transformed into a nightmare world. From within the Shredder's fortress the evil one has given his orders and his undead minions are on the march. His power grows with every passing minute, with every second. So we have gathered our forces for a final confrontation with his dark legions. We must somehow find a way to defeat them so that we can infiltrate the Shredders stronghold and make our way up to his throne room where even more horrors and arch-fiend are sure to await us. Not to mention, the Mystic Ninjas, who stand guard over their master. The odds are overwhelming but we have no choice. It's now, or never. And thus the final battle begins. And the word 'final' never sounded so terrifying.

[Leo returns Gunshin to Faraji]
Leonardo: Faraji? This is yours.
Faraji Ngala: No Leonardo. I-
Leo: You are the rightful owner. I was only taking care of Gunshin in your absence.

Leonadro: Okay, let's get started. We asked you all here because everything going on in the city, the transformations, the monsters, it's all the work of an ancient, resurrected demon. The original Shredder, from the fourth century AD. His power is growing by the minute. The evil that transformed this city is spreading over the world. The ENTIRE world. Whether we like it or not, we're all in this TOGETHER.

Hun: One question, why should we believe you!?
Karai: Believe him, Hun. At first, I too thought it absurd. But through deep meditation, I have learned that all Shredders are linked on some mystic level.

Part 2 [5.12] edit

Master Splinter: (Narrating) We have fought many battles before. But the one ahead of us is for nothing less than the fate of the entire planet! The original Shredder has risen, and he has turned New York City into a dark citadel that swarms with his vile minions. It is here that the fate of the world will be decided. It is here, that the final confrontation has begun.
Leonardo: ATTACK!
Splinter: Fighting alongside my sons are the forces we have gathered. Miraculously, the Acolytes have returned to fight for the cause. The Justice Force, our stalwart ally, is here as well. The hour is so desperate, that even former enemies are with us. Stockman and Bishop, Hun and the Purple Dragons, along with Chapman and his magic weaponry. We fought our way into the Shredder's chamber, but alas, the Dark One was able to repel even this mighty alliance.
Tengu Shredder: We require a larger arena!
Splinter: The Shredder transported all of us, and my sons and I were separated leaving me deeply troubled, for I have seen horrors come to pass in my dreams. And now those dreams, those nightmares, are becoming real!

Silver Sentry: Well it looks like you did it. You turtles saved the world. And I thought that was our job.
Leonardo: We all did it. Together.

Dr. Chaplin: What now, Mistress?
Karai: It is a new day, Chaplin. Let us see what it brings.

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