Godzilla vs. Mothra

1992 film by Takao Okawara

Godzilla vs. Mothra is a 1992 film centering around the Moth god Mothra's attempts to protect her people and the earth from Godzilla and her dark twin Battra.

Directed by Takao Okawara. Written by Kazuki Omori.

Masako Tezuka

  • Men destroy what nature's been building for millions of years. One day, all this will happen to Japan.

The Cosmos

  • If the world lives to see another century, please remember what Mothra did for you and the planet you live on.


The Cosmos: We are the Cosmos, my friends.
Kenji Ando: What Cosmos?
Takuya Fujita: And, could you explain?
The Cosmos: Earth's Cosmos; the two of us keep the Earth's natural order of things in balance. Over 12,000 years ago, there was a guardian of the Earth named Mothra. At that time, there was an advanced civilization on Earth, and the cosmos was in perfect order. But then something terrible happened; scientists created a device to control the Earth's climate. This device greatly offended the Earth.
Masako Fujita: Offended?
The Cosmos: The Earth is a living being. It can also be offended.
Masako Fujita: Since its climate was controlled, was it put in any danger?
The Cosmos: Oh yes, it was. So it created the black Mothra.
Takuya Fujita: The black Mothra?
The Cosmos: Yes, my friend. Battra was its name, and it was a very fierce beast. It destroyed everything that was endangering the life of the Earth, and then some. There was a fierce battle between Mothra and Battra. When Mothra finally won, Battra was laid to rest in the northern sea. When the climate controller was destroyed, there was massive flooding on the Earth, and most of the land was underwater. Mothra survived in the mountains, along with us; the Earth's Cosmos.

Ryuzo Dobashi: What's that?
Masako Fujita: There's going to be a huge meteorite in 1999?
Ryuzo Dobashi: I just can't believe it.
The Cosmos: Battra was going to stop the meteorite from landing.
Takuya Fujita: Tell us, this meteorite, will it completely destroy the planet?
The Cosmos: It will. Battra's been waiting around for many years. It was going to destroy the meteorite in 1999, but now Battra is dead and gone.
Shigeki Fukazawa: Do you think Mothra will do it for us?
The Cosmos: Mothra will do it. The large meteorite is presently on its course to Earth. Mothra will fly out and try to change its course before it reaches here.
Takayuki Segawa: Why are they making such a sacrifice for us? That's something I'd really like to know.
The Cosmos: Simple, because they made a promise they vowed to keep; a promise to Battra.
Miki Saegusa: A promise? [realizes] Yes, of course.




  • Get ready to rumble!
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