Godzilla vs. Kong

2021 film directed by Adam Wingard

Godzilla vs. Kong is a 2021 American monster movie directed by Adam Wingard about Kong, who clashes with Godzilla as humans lead the former into the Hollow Earth to retrieve an energy source to stop Godzilla's mysterious rampages. The film is a sequel to both Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Kong: Skull Island and is the fourth installment in Legendary's MonsterVerse.

One Will Fall (taglines)

Kong edit

  • [using sign language] Home. Home.

Dr. Nathan Lind edit

  • We need Kong. The world needs him.
  • This is our only chance. We have to take it.
  • Jia's the only one he'll communicate with.
  • It's us I worry about.
  • Through the entrance in Antarctica, we could help him find a new home. And he could save ours.
  • Looks like round two goes to Kong.

Dr. Ilene Andrews edit

  • It's Godzilla.
  • Kong bows to no one.
  • I knew they had a bond. She had nowhere to go, so I made a promise to protect her. And I think that, in some way, Kong did the same.
  • The myths are real. There was a war, and they're the last ones standing.
  • The island is the one thing that has kept him isolated. If he leaves, Godzilla will come for him. There can't be two alpha Titans.
  • They have an ancient rivalry. The myths say that their ancestors fought each other in a great war.
  • What if Kong doesn't go willingly? What will you you do then?
  • This won't end until one of them submits.
  • Yeah, no one can keep the reins on Kong.

Walter Simmons edit

  • Godzilla has never attacked us unprovoked before. These are dangerous times, Dr. Lind.
  • It's time to show the world what you can do.
  • I love crazy ideas. They made me rich.
  • Guys like you and me, we don't do normal hours, do we?
  • There can only be one alpha. It seems to have been providence.
  • When we started Apex Cybernetics, we dreamt of new ways to push past the limits of human potential. Robotics, the human mind, artificial intelligence. Who knows what brave new future we'll dream of next? I'm Walter Simmons, and it is my privilege to lead Apex into humanity's bold new era. We're not going anywhere. And neither are you.

Bernie Hayes edit

  • That's your solution? I gotta die in here with you, AND sober!?
  • That's not fair. I really wanted to hear the rest of that speech.
  • If this wasn't contributing to world destruction, this would be a great DJ booth.
  • [an Apex employee is about to eat an apple] No, don't eat that! It's incredibly unhealthy. It's just all the GMOs. Growing a second head could be useful. You have to let me know. Because me, myself? I can barely handle the one I got.
  • Welcome back, loyal listeners, to Titan Truth Podcast, episode 246. Oh, my God, I was there. Godzilla's Apex attack. I saw it go down! You think it's a coincidence that he reappears and just so happens to destroy that specific facility? Ha-ha, no, no, no, no. No such thing as coincidence.
  • Hello, loyal listeners. Welcome to TTP, Titan Truth Podcast. Episode number 245. Today is the day. Maybe the last podcast I ever record. And look, I know I said that last week and maybe the week before and a few other times. But, look, this is the point. After five years of deep cover at Apex Cybernetics, I'm finally taking my shot. Something bad is going on here. I don't know what it is, but I'm about to walk in and download hard evidence and expose a vast corporate conspiracy. Yeah, you can call me a whistleblower, but I ain't just whistling. I mean, this is more than a leak. It's a flood. And believe me, this flood is gonna wash away all of Apex's lies. You can believe that.

Dialogue edit

Dr. Mark Russell: Right now, Godzilla's out there, and he's hurting people, and we don't know why.

[after seeing Kong sign "Home" to Ilene and Jia]
Maia Simmons: Did the monkey just talk?

Bernie Hayes: Alright…so what do you got?
Madison Russell: I believe Godzilla's most recent attacks haven't just been random. I think he targeted that Apex facility for a reason.
Bernie Hayes: I'm of the same opinion.
Madison Russell: But why? What is Apex up to that’s provoking him?
Bernie Hayes: You know, for five years, I embedded myself inside this company, trying to find out what their game was. Then, last week...I saw this. A manifest of huge cargo being sent from here to Apex headquarters in Hong Kong, which makes no sense because we're not equipped for heavy shipping.
Josh Valentine: Then what?
Bernie Hayes: And then, BOOM, Godzilla shows up.

Ren Serizawa: The upgrade is not tested. Once we go online, Gojira will be coming straight for us.

Josh Valentine: Are you sure we can trust this guy?
Madison Russell: Yeah, why?
Josh Valentine: Well, mainly because he says crazy shit all the time and carries a bottle of whiskey from his dead wife like a gun.
Madison Russell: I think it's romantic.

[Jia is frantically signing to Nathan and Ilene]
Dr. Nathan Lind: What's she saying?
Dr. Ilene Andrews: Godzilla…

Taglines edit

  • One Will Fall.
  • Two gods at war.
  • Two kings, one crown.
  • Who Bows to Who?

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