Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II

1993 film by Takao Okawara

Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II (ゴジラvsメカゴジラ Gojira tai Mekagojira) is a 1993 Japanese science fiction kaiju film in which the United Nations creates a robot monster to fight Godzilla.

Directed by Takao Okawara.  Written by Wataru Mimura.

Narrator edit

  • The year is 1992 AD. In order to try to counter the threat posed to the planet's survival by Godzilla, Japan's Counter G bureau recruited the most brilliant scientific brains in the world to build a fighting machine. The first machine was called Garuda, but its fighting capabilities were limited. A far more powerful machine was required. They salvaged a robot from the future, Mecha-King Ghidorah, in order to study its advanced technology. Its components were used to build a weapon to fight Godzilla. They called it Mechagodzilla.

Dialogue edit

G-Force scientist: [explaining Mechagodzilla's features] Its main engine is a reactor. It uses a derivative of heavy hydrogen and helium-3 in pellet form. The armor is heatproof alloy codenamed T-1.
Yuri Katagiri: And what about the protector shield?
G-Force scientist: Synthetic diamond. It's totally heat repellent. It reflects the heat back to the source.
Yuri Katagiri: That's incredible.
G-Force scientist: I really believe that this machine is the weapon to defeat Godzilla.

Commander Takaki Aso: The aim of the plan is to somehow try to lure Godzilla away. The destination: the Ogasawara islands. They're remote and uninhabited, and the only way to lure Godzilla is with a decoy.
Miki Saegusa: And what will you use?
Commander Takaki Aso: We've no alternative: the Godzillasaur.
Miki Saegusa: Baby's life can't be put at risk!
Commander Takaki Aso: Don't worry. You'll be looking after it. I've decided that, for this mission, you'll be on board the Mechagodzilla.
Miki Saegusa: But what for?
Commander Takaki Aso: Because, my dear, I need you to find the exact location of that second brain. Believe me, it's very important.

Azusa Gojo: I beg you, stop this operation.
Takayuki Segawa: I understand your concern, Miss. This dinosaur is an important asset. It would be foolish to waste it.
Azusa Gojo: Baby is not an asset. He's just an intelligent being with a right to live. Baby's not a commodity or a disposable asset.
Takayuki Segawa: Wait a moment. The men of G-Force have a responsibility. They must rid the world of the threat posed by Godzilla. That's why they've got to go ahead with this plan. I'm sorry if you can't accept that.

Cast edit

  • Masahiro Takashima as Kazuma Aoki
  • Ryoko Sano as Azusa Gojo
  • Megumi Odaka as Miki Saegusa
  • Yusuke Kawatsu as Professor Hiroshi Omae
  • Akira Nakao as General Aso
  • Kenji Sahara as Segawa
  • Daijiro Harada as Takuya Sasaki
  • Koichi Ueda as General Hyodo
  • Kenpachiro Satsuma as Godzilla
  • Wataru Fukuda as MechaGodzilla
  • Hurricane Ryu as Baby Godzilla

Taglines edit

  • After this battle, it will all be over.

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