Frankenstein Conquers the World

1965 film by Ishirō Honda

Frankenstein Conquers the World is a 1965 film about Frankenstein's Monster, who becomes giant-sized to fight the giant subterranean monster, Baragon.

Directed by Ishirō Honda. Written by Takeshi Kimura.
He rolled the Seven Wonders of the World into one! 


Axis Scientist: Frankenstein's heart.
Mr. Kawai: Frankenstein? It's alive?
Axis Scientist: It is immortal.
Mr. Kawai: Immortal?
Axis Scientist: You never heard what was said of Frankenstein's experiments?
Mr. Kawai: Yes, but I heard he was destroyed.
Axis Scientist: Well, a long time ago, a German scientist sewed together the parts of a man in hopes to bring it back to life. He used an electric shock to bring it to life.
Mr. Kawai: But what can we gain from the research?
Axis Scientist: We might learn how to process or grow any part of the human body.
Mr. Kawai: Please don't joke with me.
Axis Scientist: I am quite serious. This heart is a living thing. It we can learn from its cellular structure, regardless of wartime or peace, illness or injury, we would be able to help everyone.


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