Godzilla Minus One

2023 film directed by Takashi Yamazaki

Godzilla Minus One is a 2023 Japanese kaiju film directed, written, and with visual effects by Takashi Yamazaki. Produced by Toho Studios and Robot Communications and distributed by Toho, it is the 37th film in the Godzilla franchise. In the film, postwar Japan deals with the emergence of Godzilla.

Directed, written, and with visual effects by Takashi Yamazaki.

Kōichi Shikishima edit

  • I'm someone... who wasn't supposed to live.
  • [after Noriko's funeral, to the pictures] You can't forgive me. Is that it? It's my fault... for thinking I could dream again.
  • My war isn't over yet.
  • [referring to Akiko] I want to protect her future. I will stop Godzilla no matter what.

Noriko Ōishi edit

  • I forbid you to die!
  • Is that... Godzilla?
  • Is your war finally over?

Sōsaku Tachibana edit

  • [to Shikishima] Live.

Kenji "Doc" Noda edit

  • Come to think of it this country has treated life far too cheaply. Poorly armored tanks. Poor supply chains resulting in half of all deaths from starvation and disease. Fighter planes built without ejection seats and finally, kamikaze and suicide attacks. That's why this time I'd take pride in a citizen led effort that sacrifices no lives at all! This next battle is not one waged to the death, but a battle to live for the future.

Captain Yōji Akitsu edit

  • This country never changes. Perhaps it can't.
  • To have never gone to war is something to be proud of.
  • Godzilla looks really ticked off.

Shirō "Kid" Mizushima edit

  • [after seeing the size and strength of Godzilla] Okay, never mind.
  • [leading the tugboat armada] The useless to the rescue!

Sumiko Ōta edit

  • How is this possible? Weren't you a kamikaze pilot? You have the nerve to show your face? You're a disgrace! Look at what happened because of cowards like you! If you'd only done your job, my children wouldn't have died.

Captain Tatsuo Hotta edit

  • You've all survived a tragic war. So it pains me to ask you again to put your lives on the line. But understand this. We can't rely on the US or Japanese government. So the future of this country is in our hands.

Unnamed Characters edit

  • Unnamed mechanic: [to Shikishima, privately] I'm on your side. We need more people like you. Why obey an order to 'die honorably' when the outcome is already clear?
  • Moustached man: Why are we always the ones drawing the short straw? We got enough of that in the war.

Dialogue edit

Kōichi Shikishima: After you're done (feeding the baby), you're leaving.
Noriko Ōishi: [sarcastically, to the baby] Hear that? He's so mean and scary.

Kenji "Doc" Noda: [introducing himself I'm Noda. [shakes hands with Shikishima] I developed naval weapons during the war. [points to the others] Boat captain Akitsu, and Mizushima.
Captain Yōji Akitsu: [pointing Mizushima and Noda] "The Kid" and "Doc".
Kenji "Doc" Noda: Not fond of that nickname.
Shirō "Kid" Mizushima: And I'm not a kid.
Captain Yōji Akitsu: You're still green, so 'Kid' it is.
Shirō "Kid" Mizushima: I know, I know. I wasn't in the war.

Shirō "Kid" Mizushima: You didn't (see any combat)? That makes Shikishima and me equals.
Captain Yōji Akitsu: You can't fly a plane.
Shirō "Kid" Mizushima: If I'd gone to war, I would've learned. If only it had lasted longer.
[Shikishima grabs the front of the Kid's shirt and looks him straight in the eye.]
Kōichi Shikishima: You better not mean that.
Shirō "Kid" Mizushima: [suddenly contrite] No, sorry.

Akiko: Daddy
Kōichi Shikishima: Akiko
Akiko: What?
Kōichi Shikishima: I told you. I'm not your father.
Shirō "Kid" Mizushima: Shikishima. Don't say that.
Kenji "Doc" Noda: That's truly harmful.
Captain Yōji Akitsu: [putting a hand on Shikishima's shoulder] Fate has brought you together as a family. Accept it. Embrace it.
Shirō "Kid" Mizushima: [cheerfully] Make them happy!
Kōichi Shikishima: Enough! I don't want that.
Captain Yōji Akitsu: Why not? [The question is left hanging.]

[Shikishima has just confessed to Noriko about his being a failed kamikaze pilot and his encounters with Godzilla.]
Noriko Ōishi: Listen to me. Everyone who survived the war is meant to live.
Kōichi Shikishima: How do you know?!?
Noriko Ōishi: I just do! As flames took my parents, they ordered me to live. So whatever happens next, I know I must survive! That's kept me going.
Kōichi Shikishima: [becoming distraught] I can't. They beckon to me in my dreams every night. "Hurry and come", they say. "Why are you still cheating death?"
Noriko Ōishi: It's just a dream. Ghosts you created.
Kōichi Shikishima: Maybe it's an illusion. What if I'm really dead already? I died long ago on that island and lie rotting. You and Akiko are just the last dream of a dead man. [breaks down] That must be it! It has to be!
Noriko Ōishi: [embracing Shikishima] You are alive! You are alive, Koichi. [softly] Can't you feel it?

Unnamed man: This plan [to destroy Godzilla]... does it mean certain death?
Kenji "Doc" Noda: Of course not.
Unnamed man: Then it definitely beats wartime.

Captain Yōji Akitsu: You should have married her before. You knew how she felt.
Kōichi Shikishima: Don't you think I wanted that?
Captain Yōji Akitsu: Then why didn't you?
Kōichi Shikishima: Because... my war isn't over yet.

Captain Yōji Akitsu: What's wrong? Brighten up, Mastermind. It's bad for morale.
Kenji "Doc" Noda: I know it's my plan. But I'm feeling we'll need a miracle to make it work.
Captain Yōji Akitsu: Doing nothing won't cause a miracle, either.
Kenji "Doc" Noda: You're right.
Captain Yōji Akitsu: Take a look at these guys' faces. They're not stupid. They know they're risking their lives. And yet... their faces are beaming. They're happy. This time, they'll make a difference.
Kenji "Doc" Noda: Make a difference.
Captain Yōji Akitsu: We all came through war. This time, we're making it right.

[Captain Akitsu has told the Kid he is not going on the mission. He and Noda walk away as the Kid stands there alone.]
Shirō "Kid" Mizushima: [calling back to them] I want to defend my country, too. Take me with you! [shouting] We've been a team for a long time! I'm begging you! Take me with you! I want to go with you!
Captain Yōji Akitsu: [softly] We leave you to the future.

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