The Patrick Star Show

animated spin-off of SpongeBob SquarePants

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The Patrick Star Show is an American animated television series and a spinoff of SpongeBob SquarePants. The show features Patrick Star and his family hosting a talk show.

Opening Edit

[opening sequence]
Patrick: [comes out of his house] Hi, I'm Patrick Star! And I live with my parents! [closes the door, his hand gets jammed by it and he yelps]
[Cecil is seen fishing in a fish tank]
Patrick: This is my dad!
[Cecil fishes out Tinkle, and licks him. Then Patrick goes to his kitchen where Bunny is cooking steaks in a toaster]
Patrick: This is my mom!
[Bunny's steaks fall on two plates as she smiles to the camera and Patrick runs to Squidina]
Patrick: This is my sister! [Squidina farts and gets surrounded by a black cloud and runs away] She's shy.
[GrandPat is seen happily driving on his scooter in circles]
Patrick: This is my grandpa! [he runs to his room which is a television screen through which his friends are applauding] This is my room! And this...
[Patrick's house that looks like a kettle gets taken by Hans and the entire family is poured in a cup nearby, SpongeBob and his friends cheer on Patrick and his family]
Patrick: This is my show!

Season 1 Edit

Episode 1 Edit

Late for Breakfast [1.1a] Edit

Plankton: Chum. It's versatile. You can spread it on toast. Hah-hah! Aw. It also keeps you warm on frosty winter nights. Mmm, cozy. The smell keeps out the cold. Here at the Chum Bucket, chum comes in three delicious varieties. Moist, soggy, and pumpkin spice.

Bummer Jobs [1.1a] Edit

Patrick: Hi, SpongeBob. Fancy meeting you here. [restrained chuckle]
SpongeBob: Hi, Patrick. Trying out a new look? [gets the tie off Patrick, and the latter inhales deeply]
Patrick: Yeah, I'm looking for a job.
SpongeBob: Oh, what a coincidence. I could also use a job. [Popeye impression] Myeh, 'cause I'm a little low on lettuce and I need some scratch for spatulas, see?
Patrick: It's not a coincidence, SpongeBob. It's just two similar things happening at the same time.

Episode 2 Edit

Stair Wars [1.2a] Edit

Enemies à la Mode [1.2b] Edit

Episode 3 Edit

Lost in Couch [1.3a] Edit

Pat-a-thon [1.3b] Edit

The Yard Sale [1.4] Edit

Episode 5 Edit

Squidina's Little Helper [1.5a] Edit

I Smell a Pat [1.5b] Edit

Episode 6 Edit

Gas Station Vacation [1.6a] Edit

Bunny the Barbarian [1.6b] Edit

Episode 7 Edit

The Haunting of Star House [1.7a] Edit

Who's a Big Boy? [1.7b] Edit

Terror in 20,000 Leagues [1.8] Edit

Note:This Halloween Special Is Focused on the Show

Episode 9 Edit

To Dad and Back [1.9a] Edit

Survivoring [1.9b] Edit

Episode 10 Edit

Just in Time for Christmas [1.10a] Edit

Klopnodian Heritage Festival [1.10b] Edit

Episode 11 Edit

X Marks the Pot [1.11a] Edit

Man Ray: If I give you this, will you stay out of my way?
Patrick: Our basement is the darkest house in the room.

Patrick's Alley [1.11b] Edit

[Towards the end of the episode, A robot is about to mow Squidina and Patrick]
Squidina and Patrick: Oh No, Robot Gardener Day!!! [both sob hysterically]
GrandPat: Welp, you know what they say "Into the frying pan and into the mower!" [Laughs as the episode ends]

Episode 12 Edit

Pearl Wants to Be a Star [1.12a] Edit

Super Sitters [1.12b] Edit

[When The Baby Bubble Eats SpongeBob's Comic Book While He is Drinking his Juice Box]
SpongeBob: Hey, This Was in mint Condition, or at least very good-slash-fine [All Babies Cry Together]
Patrick: Hey, Hey, Hey, Superheroes And Supervillians Don't Cry, They BATTLE! [Baby Ray Zaps Barnacle Bambino] Now You're Getting It, Baby Superhero Fight!

Episode 13 Edit

Nitwit Neighborhood News [1.13a] Edit

Patrick: That guy must be a celebrity, he covered his face with a ski mask so he wouldn’t be noticed by pepperoni.
Squidina: You Mean "Paparazzi"?

Mid-Season Finale [1.13b] Edit

Pearl: Hey, Squidina!
Squidina: [opening other painting] Yeah, Pearl?
Pearl: Can you keep a secret?
Squidina: [rubbing her hands together] Ooh, I sure can!
Pearl: Good! So can I!
[Pearl pulls on a zipper and zips her lips, and Squidina grumbles in frustration. They close the paintings. Sandy appears from under a rug on the floor.]
Sandy: [calling] Oh, Flying Dutchman?
[The Flying Dutchman appears from under another rug, holding a newspaper.]
Flying Dutchman: Yes, my dear?
Sandy: Why were you reading the obituaries this morning?
Flying Dutchman: Just checking to see who's single!
Sandy and the Flying Dutchman: Ha-cha-cha-cha-cha!

Episode 14 Edit

SpongeBob SquarePants Presents: The Tidal Zone Part One - Shrinking Stars [1.14a] Edit

GrandPat: [removes his VR goggles] Can't an old man play violent video games in peace anymore? Grr! [looks up] Water? [gets angry and goes to the bathroom while the rest of the family is still laughing]
Bunny: [as GrandPat approaches] We got shrunk!
Patrick: Hey, GrandPat!
Cecil: Can you get us some tiny towels?

FitzPatrick [1.14b] Edit

Patrick: Two ice cream sundaes, Scoop Chucky! Extra large! And make it snappy! What are you gonna have, cuz?
FitzPatrick: Oh, nothing for me, thanks. I came for the music.
Rock T. Puss: Chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, buttercream cone and black cherry, all of these flavors make me merry... when I'm eating ice cream!
[FitzPatrick smashes the table down, causing a sundae to fall on the Goofy Scoopers, who then short circuit. The Goofy Scoopers then begin to perform a rock song despite the lack of guitars. FitzPatrick flies onstage.]
FitzPatrick: Hey there, kids. Who ruined your day?
Goofy Scoopers: Patrick Star, Patrick Star!
FitzPatrick: Messed up your music, took your ice cream away!
Goofy Scoopers: Patrick Star, Patrick Star!

Episode 15 Edit

Uncredible Journey [1.15a] Edit

Patrick: Everybody come upstairs now!
Cecil: What's the hold up?
Bunny: Oh, no! What's wrong?
Squidina: Patrick, what is it?
[The Star Family gasp]
Patrick: He won't eat. He won't bark. He won't bite. Did he turn blue? Tinkle is--
Squidina: Dainty?
Bunny: Delightful?
Cecil: Decalcified?
Patrick: Dead!
[the family gasp in shock, they sigh while Bunny bursts into tears]

Host-a-Palooza [1.15b] Edit

Patrick: Our next guest is a real frosty treat! Let's hear it for ice cream!
Ice cream cone guy: Thank you! Thank you! My wife just had a baby. Guess that now makes me a popsicle! [laughs]
Patrick: [laughs and then starts drooling]
Ice cream cone guy: Wait. Why? Why are you looking at me like that? [screams as Patrick eats the ice cream cone guy, ending the episode]

Episode 16 Edit

Backpay Payback [1.16a] Edit

Squidward: La da dee, la da dum... [humming. He arrives at a house and rings the doorbell] Delivering the newspaper, ya-ta-ta-ta!
Cecil: Oh boy! A newspaper for me?
Squidward: Huh?
Cecil: Thanks, paper boy! [takes the newspaper]
Squidward: You still owe me cash! Ya-ta-ta-ta!
Cecil: I'll heard ya back! Ya-ta-ta-ta!
Squidward: [tries entering the Star Family house and cuts his two tentacles. He then tries to enter the window but cuts his left arm. He then tries entering the Star Family house again but cuts his two other tentacles] Aha. [Cecil opens a window so then Squidward would be able to enter and then gets his head cut off] Typical.

House Hunting [1.16b] Edit

Jolly King Pork Chop: Well, Princess Hamhock! Enjoy the string haquanauts history?
Princess Hamhock: Yes, father! I just love singing gravy carols!
Jolly King Pork Chop: Only a sacrifice will appease the Pointy Mouth of Doom! Guards! [The guards take Sausage-Bard.]
Sausage-Bard: What? Where are you taking me?

Episode 17 Edit

The Drooling Fool [1.17a] Edit

Rube: And, top it all off with the tastiest ride! -
Patrick: Whaa? Ohh! [perks up, looks behind him, and his eyes pop out as he sees the next ride]
Rube: The Baked Alaska! It's got every flavor known to man, man! It's all for you, Patrick. Patrick. Patrick. Patrick. Patrick.
Patrick: [looks above him, sweating and drooling in delight] Ohhhhhhhhh... [a close up painting is shown of the star ice cream dazed, but it turns out to be a dream]
Squidina: [walks into Patrick's room] Patrick? Patrick? Patrick! Wake up, Patrick, it's showtime! We've got a crowd today so - [looks below at the drool puddle] Huh, why is the floor wet? Oh, another ice cream dream..

Patrick's Got a Zoo Loose [1.17b] Edit

Bunny: The toaster is working perfectly!
Patrick: Toaster, you are toast! [Patrick shoots the ray gun at the toaster and the toaster becomes the Enigma Shapeshifter.] Laser beam!
Bunny: Huh?

Episode 18 Edit

The Patterfly Effect [1.18b] Edit

Patrick: Future Mom, you're meant for better things!
Bunny: Mom? What are you--
Patrick: [leaning over her] I'm your son! From the future! [electricity sparks on his body]
Bunny: Uh-huh. Like you could even prove such a thing.
Patrick: [leans in] Your favorite color... is purple.
Bunny: [surprised] Ooh!
Patrick: Mm-hmm.
Bunny: OK. I'm convinced!

A Space Affair To Remember [1.18b] Edit

Episode 19 Edit

Home ECCH! [1.19a] Edit

Fun and Done! [1.19b] Edit

Episode 20 Edit

The Lil' Patscals [1.20a] Edit

The Pre-Historic Patrick Star Show [1.20b] Edit

Cave Patrick: Me Patrick CaveStar! And me live with cave parents! [grabs onto the loincloth but tears it, Cave Cecil is seen fishing in a tar pit.] This me cave dad!
[Cave Cecil fishes out a primitive spider who licks him. Then Cave Patrick comes through the floor of the kitchen, where Cave Bunny is looking in the fridge.]
Cave Patrick: This me cave mom!
Cave Bunny: Hi! [beats a primitive creature and puts it on a plate as she smiles to the camera and Cave Patrick falls through the ceiling of Cave Squidina's room]
Cave Patrick: This me cave sister! [Cave Squidina turns feral and screeches, before inking and floating away] She's shy.
[Cave GrandPat is seen happily driving on his primitive bug in circles.]
Cave Patrick: This me cave grandpa! [he runs to his cave room which is a stone-looking television screen through which his friends are jumping and making primitive noises] This me cave! And this...
[Cave Patrick's house that looks like a volcano spits them out in a tar pit nearby.]
Cave Patrick: This me cave show! [The entire family is crushed by a huge boulder. The title shows "The Cave Patrick Star Show"]
Note: This episode is focused on Cave Patrick Cave Star and His Family

Episode 21 Edit

The Patrick Show Sells Out [1.21a] Edit

Neptune's Ball [1.21b] Edit

Episode 22 Edit

Dad's Stache Stash [1.22a] Edit

A Root Galoot [1.22b] Edit

Episode 23 Edit

The Starry Awards [1.23a] Edit

Blorpsgiving [1.23b] Edit

Note: This marks the first SpongeBob SquarePants episode to be themed around thanksgiving

Episode 24 Edit

Stuntin' [1.24a] Edit

Olly Olly Organ Free [1.24b] Edit

Episode 25 Edit

Which Witch is Which? [1.25a] Edit

Get Off My Lawnie [1.25b] Edit

Episode 26 Edit

Bubble Bass Reviews [1.26a] Edit

Patrick's Prison Pals [1.26b] Edit

Season 2 Edit

Episode 1 Edit

The Patrick Show Cashes In [2.1a] Edit

The Star Games [2.1b] Edit

Episode 2 Edit

Super Stars [2.2a] Edit

Now You Museum, Now You Don't [2.2b] Edit

Episode 3 Edit

10 And 1 Toilets [2.3a] Edit

Family Plotz [2.3b] Edit

Cast Edit

  • Patrick Star
  • Cecil Star
  • Bunny Star
  • Squidina Star
  • GrandPat Star

Supporting Edit

  • Ouchie
  • Tinkle
  • Slappy Laszlo
  • SpongeMonster
  • Patgor
  • Dr. Plankenstein
  • Captain Doug Quasar
  • PatTron

Recurring Edit

  • SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Squidward Tentacles
  • Grandma Tentacles

Minor Edit

  • Sandy Cheeks
  • Gary the Snail
  • Mrs. Puff
  • Mr. Krabs
  • Larry the Lobster
  • Pearl Krabs
  • Sheldon Plankton
  • The Flying Dutchman
  • Bubble Bass
  • Perch Perkins

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