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SpongeBob SquarePants (1999-) is an animated TV series, airing on Nickelodeon about the adventures and endeavors of the title character and his various friends in the fictional underwater city of Bikini Bottom. It spawned a movie, followed by several short films, and video games.


Episode 1Edit

Accidents Will Happen (1.1)Edit

The Other Patty (1.2)Edit

Episode 2Edit

Drive Thru (2.1)Edit

Frankie Billy: I'll have a medium fries, a large Krabby Patty and a medium drink.
Squidward: Coming right up, sir. SpongeBob, I need a medium fries, large Krabby Patty and a medium drink.
SpongeBob: I'll have that ready in two shakes in a lamprey's tail! [laughs] [Dumps Krabby Patty with fries and medium drink on the ground] Oops. [Whistling where he brings the trampoline on the ground] There we go, good as new. [Back inside the Krusty Krab he dumps the Krabby Patty with fries and a medium drink and it jumps and splattered the customer] Thank you, come again.
Squidward: Ah! Ooh! I'm not faking you know. It really hurt... a lot.

[Bubble transition to Mr. Krabs and Squidward]

Mr. Krabs: A bill?! And what is this for?
Squidward: It's for my ear-replacement surgery! We need a real microphone and speaker!
Mr. Krabs: You have any idea what a real microphone and speaker costs?!
Squidward: How much?
Mr. Krabs: Well...they cost as much a...real microphone and...speaker.
Mr. Krabs: Yeah...Well there's a solution to every problem! [Smashes another hole above the first one revealing Larry's face] There! Problem solved [Laughs] Hey! What is all the ruckourous about!? Whoa...
Millie: Hey! What's the hold up?!
Man 1: How long are you going to make us wait?!
Man 2: We were waiting here for hours!
Harold: We're still waiting in our driveway!

Plankton: Chum Nuggets… Get it before… [his left arm fall apart] …My arm falls off.

The Hot Shot (2.2)Edit

Episode 3Edit

A Friendly Game (3.1)Edit

Sentimental Sponge (3.2)Edit

Frozen Face-Off (Episode 4)Edit

Episode 5Edit

Squidward's School for Grown-Ups (5.1)Edit

SpongeBob: [showing off a "fancy" outfit that he is wearing] So, umm...what do you guys think? Sweet duds, huh, Patrick?
Patrick: Ha ha, sure are! [Squidward clears his throat] ...for a baby.
Squidward: Well played, Patrick! Well played...

SpongeBob: Beard! I must remove that beard!

Patrick: Hey! Stop that beard!
SpongeBob: Patrick! That's not a beard! It's a sea urchin!

Squidward: That's what I thought you... [gets a tomato tossed right in his face] No, no! I didn't mean it like that! I meant... [gets bombarded with even more fruit]

Oral Report (5.2)Edit

SpongeBob: Patrick, you're kinda derailing the proceedings here. Just focus on me, huh?
Patrick: Alright, alright. [stares at SpongeBob with bloodshot eyes]

SpongeBob: Patrick, nobody throws pillows in class!
Patrick: Says you! SPEECH!

Patrick: Try again.
SpongeBob: [panting]

(Patrick crashes together a pair of cymbals, causing SpongeBob to lose his balance and fall off the treadmill while still holding the handlebars)

Patrick: Come on, SquarePants. Is this the best you can do?
SpongeBob: Patrick, I don't think this is working.

(The treadmill's motion grinds SpongeBob into a pile of dust on the floor)

Patrick: [shouts] SPEECH!!! [startled, SpongeBob jumps up in his normal form. Patrick continues yelling the same word repeatedly, making SpongeBob even more nervous] SPEECH!! SPEECH!! SPEECH!! SPEECH!! SPEECH!! SPEECH!! [his eyes are now talking] SPEECH!! SPEECH!! SPEECH!! SPEECH!! SPEECH!! SPEE--
SpongeBob: Patrick, stop! Somehow, you're help just isn't helping. I am even more nervous about this oral report than I've ever been about anything. [shivers]

Episode 6Edit

Sweet and Sour Squid (6.1)Edit

The Googly Artiste (6.2)Edit

SpongeBob's Runaway Roadtrip (Episodes 7–9)Edit

A SquarePants Family Vacation (Episode 7)Edit

Episode 8Edit

Patrick's Staycation (8.1)Edit

Walking the Plankton (8.2)Edit

Episode 9Edit

Mooncation (9.1)Edit

Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation (9.2)Edit

Ghoul Fools (Episode 10)Edit

Episode 11Edit

Mermaid Man Begins (XI.I)Edit

Mermaid Man: [slaps forehead] The story. Yes. [a new flashback begins, very similar to the first one] I was a young, handsome muscular lad, soaking up the sun's rays on the beach, when suddenly I became drowsy. [Mermaid Man in the flashback falls asleep instantly] A wave came ashore and drew me back into the ocean!
Young Mermaid Man: Help! [coughing]
Mermaid Man: [narrating] Suddenly, I realized I was being sucked under by a violent whirlpool! I was running out of oxygen fast. [sinks to the bottom of the sea and gives up trying the struggle] But before I drowned, I was rescued by mermaids. [carried through the ocean by 2 mermaids] They took me to the ocean floor, where they gave me a magic sea star that allowed me to breathe underwater. [Mermaid Man in the past inhales and exhales deeply, then falls asleep, the present Mermaid Man falls asleep also]
Barnacle Boy: Wake up, you old coot.
Mermaid Man: [wakes up after being nudged by Barnacle Boy] Huh?
Barnacle Boy: Finish the story.
SpongeBob: [excitedly] Yeah, Mermaid Man. What about Barnacle Boy?
Patrick: Yeah, how'd you 2 meet?
Mermaid Man: [slapping his temples] Oh. Sorry, boys. There I was in the ocean, the only human who could breathe underwater. [flashback resumes] Alas, such a life got lonely real fast, I had no other humans to talk to. What was a man to do? Then my question was answered. [the bottom of a boat is seen in the flashback, then the port side of the boat is shown, where a very young Barnacle Boy is scraping barnacles off the wood. The captain of the boat appears]
Captain: Hey, Barnacle Boy. Make sure you scrape the barnacles underneath, too.
Young Barnacle Boy: Aye, aye. [takes a deep breath and lowers himself underwater to get the barnacles under the surface]
Young Mermaid Man: A boy in trouble! I've got to act fast or he'll drown. [he swims to Barnacle Boy] Fear not, young man, I'll take care of this.
Mermaid Man: [narrating once again] I used my new telekinetic powers to draw barnacles into Barnacle Boy's body, where they took the place of his lungs so he could breathe underwater, too. [Young Barnacle Boy inhales] It was at that moment when we decided to team up.
SpongeBob: [the flashback has ended] Ohhh, so that's how you guys got together.
Barnacle Boy: No, no, no. [shaking head and crossing arms] The reason I teamed up with this joker is because... I was stuck breathing underwater for the rest of my life.
Mermaid Man: Oh... yeah. ([to Barnacle Boy] Sorry about that.)
Barnacle Boy: (No hard feelings.) [to SpongeBob and Patrick] Anyway, from that day forward, we became…
Johnny: ...Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, superhero crime fighters!
Young Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy: [new flashback begins, an alarm is clanging while people are shouting] A crime in progress! [A bank robber laughs maniacally as he is stealing bags of cash from the First Nautical Bank]
Banker: Stop, thief!
Young Barnacle Boy: See if you think this is funny, evildoer. [He rapidly spits barnacles at the robber, knocking him down] Who's laughing now, thieving scum?
Banker: [shaking Mermaid Man's hand] Thank you, sir and to whom do I owe this debt of gratitude?
Young Mermaid Man: You can thank me, Mermaid Man. [Barnacle Boy's seen shaking in indignity in the background]
Man Ray: [new flashback begins, Man Ray has the upper hand in a duel against Barnacle Boy. He laughs] You're mine!
Young Barnacle Boy: [shoots web a web of cheese-like material that binds and gags Man Ray] How'd you like to taste my tentacle zapper, Man Ray?
Young Mermaid Man: [dialing a pay phone] Hello? [indistinct response] So, what are you wearing? [indistinct response] Oh. In that case, can I get a large pepperoni pizza, extra cheese? Thanks. [Barnacle Boy slaps his head in disgust]

[The origin special plays.]
Narrator: The story of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy all started here.
Tim: Come on, Ernie! The movie's about to start... Where's the popcorn?
Ernie: It's in the microwave, Tim.
Narrator: At that very moment in the apartment directly above, a rogue scientist doing tests on radioactive ants knocks over a jar of his infected specimens, one of which, without any hesitation, crawls down one floor and miraculously lands undetected. It viciously bites our soon-to-be superhero. He screams in pain...!
Ernie: Ahh!
Narrator: ...Stumbling backwards!
Tim: What on earth?
Narrator: In a split-second, both men find themselves in a freefall that sends them squarely through the roof of a vats of acid factory, and into a vat of acid that is tipped over by an errant alien spaceship, carrying the 2 blindly on a wave of acid during a solar eclipse on a leap year (February 29), precariously careening onto a bomb-testing site, where a cataclysmic explosion exposes our heroes in waiting to highly toxic radium gases. Then, as fate would have it, magical storm clouds move in, zapping both men with a neon-plaid lightning bolt and raining radioactive ooze, which, through centrifugal and electromagnetic turbulence, causes a powerful earthquake deep in the jungle 2,000 miles away, consequently unearthing a magical crystal with wings that flies to Ernie and Tim's exact location, and powered by super gamma energy currents, pilots them to open skies until, not paying attention, the crystal clips the top of a billboard, flinging the two back to their apartment miraculously unharmed, when...
Ernie: Hey, the popcorn's ready!
Johnny: ...They proceed with movie night, and eat slightly overcooked popcorn.
Tim: Mmmm... I think you overcooked this a little.
Johnny: Suddenly, an amazing reaction to the overcooked popcorn hits them with a jolt of cosmic super energy, metamorphosing Ernie into an incredibly strong, seastar-wearing superhero and Tim into a slightly less strong, but also super sailor-looking guy.
Tim (Barnacle Boy): I have the sudden and incredibly urge to breathe water instead of air.
Ernie (Mermaid Man): As do I.
Narrator: And that is how they became the superheroes we have come to know as... Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy - Defenders of the Deep!

Plankton's Good Eye (11.2)Edit

Episode 12Edit

Barnacle Face (12.1)Edit

Pet Sitter Pat (12.2)Edit

Patrick: [hangs up, puts Gary down, and sits on the couch, then smells Gary, and then puts his face away] Whew! SpongeBob was right. You need a bath! [while walking to the kitchen, Gary can smell his pit odor, then Patrick turns the kitchen sink on, and water comes out] Oh! I almost forgot. [picks up the bag of snail food] Snail food!
Gary: [happily] Meow!
Patrick: [puts the snail food in the sink] Gotta get the water to stay in there somehow. [sees Gary trying to eat the snail food] Now, Gary, we don't eat the bath. We get in the bath. [the snail food sinks in the water] Come on, Gary. [a demonic Gary growls] Oh, don't be difficult now, Gary. [Gary tries to bite Patrick] Gary! [sees growling Gary on top of the refrigerator] There you are! [Gary jumps down the refrigerator, and runs out of the kitchen, then Patrick tries to chase him, but keeps slipping on Gary's slime trail until he hits the TV, landing on top of his head, then takes it off, and throws it away as the phone rings] Oh, what now? [answers the phone] SquarePants household.
Patrick: [angry] Okay, I get it, SpongeBob! I get it, I get it! [tries to throw the phone out of the window, but it comes back in, and hits Patrick in the head] No! [slides on Gary's slime trail up the stairs and flying straight into the bathtub/shower in SpongeBob's bathroom, then Patrick's head is covering the drain as he tries to get out by pulling the shower sprinkler, which breaks and water comes out, as one of Patrick's eyes is closed from the water] I don't get these newfangled shower heads. [opens the door to call for Gary] [high-pitched] Gary! Time for your- [normal voice] [to himself] Wait a minute, Patrick! You gotta trick the snail! [points to himself using both hands] You gotta be smarterer than him! [walks up to Gary] Hey, buddy! I got something cool to show you. And it's the opposite of a wet watery bath. [puts on a welding mask] Check it out! [uses a flamethrower to burn down SpongeBob's bed]
Gary: [worried] Meow!
Patrick: Doesn't that look fun?
Gary: [still worried] [high-pitched] Meow! [runs out of SpongeBob's bedroom]
Patrick: Well, make up your mind! Is it water or fire? [turns on the flamethrower for a couple seconds, then Gary runs into SpongeBob's kitchen storage and jumps on one of the shelves as Patrick walks in, too, with a hose] Okay, Gary. If you don't come to the bath, then the bath's gonna come to you. [turns on the hose which sprays Gary] That's a good boy! Now, suds up! [close-up of a box of soap flakes that Patrick's holding] [Patrick pours it on the water as the soap flakes and water both aim at Gary, filling up the entire storage]
Gary: [in a bubbly voice] Meow!
Patrick: That wasn't so bad, now was it?
Gary: [a can falls on his belly] Oww!
Patrick: [walks up to Gary] Oh, now we gotta dry you off. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any salt. So, I'll have to use the next best thing! [uses a hair dryer to dry off Gary as Gary's eyes shatter a little, then Patrick puts a very dry and old-looking Gary on the table] There! Doesn't that feel better? Okay! [sits down on the couch] Let's see, Gary's eaten, he's had his bath, Time to watch the TV! [after seeing the broken TV for only a couple seconds, Patrick falls asleep]

Episode 13Edit

House Sittin' for Sandy (13.1)Edit

Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom (13.2)Edit

Episode 14Edit

Bubble Troubles (14.1)Edit

The Way of the Sponge (14.2)Edit

Fuzzy Acorns: Congratulations, Sandy. You've managed to put your opponent to sleep in under 1 minute. [lifts his finger, touches the wood, causing it to collapse, and waking Spongebob up] Too bad your opponent didn't put up a fight. I was prepared to give you the lowest of belts: a clear belt. But now I realized, you're unfit to wear a belt of any kind INCLUDING THE ONE THAT HOLDS UP YOUR PANTS! [snatches off Spongebob's belt, causing his pants to fall off]
Sandy: Don't be disappointed, Spongebob. A belt isn't the most important thing in karate.
Spongebob: [depressed] Easy for you to say, Sandy. Your pants aren't down around your ankles.
Fuzzy Acorns: And I'm revoking your black belt. [snatches Sandy's black belt right off]
Sandy: Hey. You can't do that.
Fuzzy Acorns: Oh yes, I can, for wasting my time, bringing me this SORRY EXCUSE FOR A STUDENT! Stick to something you're good at, son.
Spongebob: Yes, sensei. [walks out of Sandy's house, while also having trouble staying up]
Sandy: That was pretty lowdown, Fuzzy. The way you humiliated my friend.
Fuzzy Acorns: The sponge one will never earn his belt.
Sandy: I know Spongebob will impress you if you give him one more chance.
Fuzzy Acorns: Silence. No more chances. Sensei never gives two chances. If you really want to impress me, show me where I can get a decent meal around here. Lunchtime approaches.
Sandy: That's it! [excited] I'll take him to the Krusty Krab and then, he might just find himself impressed by a certain sandwich maker.
Fuzzy Acorns: Who are you talking to?

Episode 15Edit

The Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini Bottom (15.1)Edit

Bubble Buddy Returns (15.2)Edit

SpongeBob: Oh, tartar sauce. [screams]

[two boats collide and almost hit Shiny. Shiny floats in a pin factory]

'SpongeBob: "Bikini Bottom Pin Factory"?! Shiny, no! I'll save you! [goes inside. SpongeBob is heard screaming. He comes out with pins stuck in him, and Shiny] You need to watch where you're going. You could get popped in a place like that. Hold on. There's something tickling my nose. [pulls the pin from his nose, and deflates. He blows himself back up]

[Shiny floats away]

SpongeBob: Where's Shiny? Oh, no! [Shiny floats into the Bikini Bottom Scissor Works] "Scissor Works"? I'll save you, Shiny! [goes inside. Clipping noises are heard. SpongeBob comes out with Shiny] Oh, boy. Don't you know scissors are sharp and dangerous? Luckily, we both escaped unharmed! [becomes reduced to cubes. He puts himself back together]

Shiny floats away again]

SpongeBob: Shiny? [Shiny floats in the pitchfork pantry] "Pitchfork Pantry." Of course. [walks inside] Aah. Ow. [walks out with Shiny and a pitchfork stuck in his head] Shiny, how many times do I have to tell you? No sharp, no pointy!

Episode 16Edit

Restraining SpongeBob (16.1)Edit

Fiasco! (16.2)Edit

Episode 17Edit

Are You Happy Now? (17.1)Edit

Planet of the Jellyfish (17.2)Edit

Episode 18Edit

Free Samples (18.1)Edit

Home Sweet Rubble (18.2)Edit

Episode 19Edit

Karen 2.0 (19.1)Edit

InSPONGEiac (19.2)Edit

Episode 20Edit

Face Freezeǃ (20.1)Edit

Glove World R.I.P. (20.2)Edit

Episode 21Edit

Squiditis (21.1)Edit

SpongeBob: [bursts into Mr. Krabs’ office] MR. KRABS!!!
Mr. Krabs: Neptune's Knee-highs, lad! How many times do I have to remind you to knock?!
SpongeBob: [knocking, emphasizing each syllable] MIS...TER...KRABS.

Demolition Doofus (21.2)Edit

Captain Lukefish: Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Demolition Derby! Allow me to introduce our contestants! [Camera switches to a giant, musclar purple in a shark-like boat] First off, fegin to crossing guards everywhere: The Kruncher! [Crowd cheers for The Kruncher] And from the darkest depths of the brinny blue: Diving Bell Dan! [Diving Bell Dan pounds his chest] And of course, you know and admire: Blow Torch! [Blow Torch breathes out fire] And the funniest driver of all: The Cackling Cruiser! (The Cackling Crusier laughs) Now with introductions out of the way...[Notices SpongeBob drive up between the Kruncher and Blow Torch]...Oh! I almost forgot! (Laughs) The Squish!
Mrs. Puff: Why... are you still... ALIVE?!?!
SpongeBob: Put it in drive?! Thanks Mrs. Puff, You're the best!

Episode 22Edit

Treats! (22.1)Edit

For Here or to Go (22.2)Edit

It's a SpongeBob Christmas! (Episode 23)Edit

  • This Christmas special is focused on SpongeBob and Plankton.

SpongeBob: Hi, Squidward. What are you doing today?
Squidward: Stringing lights so Santa knows, in no uncertain terms... [turns on lights reading "GO AWAY"] ...To "GO AWAY"!
SpongeBob: Okayy...

SpongeBob: Ooh, what's that?
Patrick: It's a trap! A trap for Santa!
SpongeBob: Ooh, baited with Christmas treats?
Patrick: [singing, to the "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" tune] I will trap Santa in my box, locked up like Fort Knox and make him stop the clocks, and then we'll have Christmas all... year... looo-ooo-ong! [sees the cookie meant as bait] Hey, a cookie! [gets trapped by himself, anyway, as a result]

SpongeBob: Ahoy, everybody! [clicks his fingers and mistletoe appears over the heads of the two fish he fed Plankton's fruitcake to, curing them of jerktonium poisoning. He clicks again and a pile of presents appears, curing two other fish. A little boy begins to play Christmas baubles like bells] [singing] Bring joy to the world, it's the thing to do, but the world does not revolve around you.
Don't be a jerk.
It's Christmas! [Throws a snowball at Mr Krabs and cures him]
Be nice to babies and animals.
Old folks, too.
'Cause that's how you'd like them to treat you!
Use turn signals.
Don't screen my calls.
Don't you wreck the house when you deck the halls.
Spit your gum where it won't wind up on my shoe.
Squeeze toothpaste from the bottom of the tube.
Don't be a jerk.
It's Christmas!
It's Christmas! [hands a gift to Pearl, who continues to pass it down a line, curing people as they receive it, except for Squidward, who is unaffected]
When others are talking, never interrupt.
Don't put people down or leave the toilet seat up.
'Tis the season to be jolly, not jerky!
SpongeBob's Friends and Co.: [in background chorus' voices] Jolly, not jerky!
SpongeBob: Santa brought nearly every gift on your list.
Why whine about the 1 that he missed?
Don't be a jerk!
SpongeBob's Friends and Co.: [in background chorus' voices] Don't be a jerk.
SpongeBob: It's Christmas! It's Christmas!
Don't be a jerk.
SpongeBob's Friends and Co.: [in background chorus' voices] Don't be a jerk.
SpongeBob: It's Christmas! It's Christmas!

Episode 24Edit

Super Evil Aquatic Villain Team Up is Go! (XXIV.I)Edit

Chum Fricassee (24.2)Edit

Episode 25Edit

The Good Krabby Name (25.1)Edit

Patrick: Okay, turn around! Open your mouth! [SpongeBob opens his mouth] Wider! [SpongeBob opens his mouth wider] Perfect! [puts paintbrush in SpongeBob's mouth] Ready?
SpongeBob: [muffled] Ready!

[Patrick puts more advertisements on the walls of the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob gives him a thumbs-up and the two leave]

[cuts to a scene at a cliff, where SpongeBob and Patrick are standing at the edge]

SpongeBob: Patrick, what are we doing here?

Patrick: I hired a skywriter. Oh look, there he is now! [A Skywriter falls from the sky and writes "Help Me!" on a clipboard]

Patrick: Somehow, I thought that would be more effective.
Skywriter: Ow! I think I broke my thesaurus!
Patrick: Hey, I can see my house from here! [shows aerial view of SpongeBob's, Squidward's, and Patrick's houses. SpongeBob is riding a blimp and SpongeBob turns on the sign, which reads Eat at the Krusty Krab]
SpongeBob: Huh? [Notices Patrick riding towards him without noticing, Patrick laughs, SpongeBob screams as he tries to steer away from Patrick but breaks his steering mechanism]
Patrick: Ooh, the Krusty Krab! [ the airplane goes above blimp, avoiding the collision]
SpongeBob: Phew!
Patrick: Huh? Oh, SpongeBob! [Patrick flies toward SpongeBob, colliding with him] Hey, SpongeBob! [Airplane and blimp fall out of the sky as SpongeBob and Patrick both scream. Pilar and Tom are looking at the Krusty Krab advertisements]
Pilar: If I see the words Krusty Krab one more time, I am going to scream! [Blimp and airplane fall right near Pilar and Tom.The blimp's sign reads Krusty Krab and flickers. SpongeBob and Patrick climb out of the rubble]
Pilar: Ahem! What does that say?
SpongeBob: Krusty Krab!
Pilar: I thought so! [Inhales in SpongeBob and Patrick's skins and screams while Patrick's skin is on SpongeBob and SpongeBob's skin is on Patrick]
SpongeBob: Hey, uh, Patrick? [points to sign that says No Playing on Boatway!] We're not supposed to play in traffic.
Patrick: Well, we're not playing! We're working!
SpongeBob: But what if we get hit by a boat?

[ A truck approaches SpongeBob and Patrick]

SpongeBob: Tartar sauce!
Patrick: I got this! [Patrick paints his mouth white and shape shifts into a traffic cone]
Buford: You see that, Cletus? It's a pink traffic cone.
Cletus: Well, golly! Hit the brakes, Buford!

[ The truck tries to avoid the cone, screeching to a halt and topples over]

Patrick: Your canvas awaits! [Patrick hands SpongeBob a paintbrush]
SpongeBob: Thank you, Patrick! [SpongeBob hums and paints Eat at the Krusty Krab on truck] Our work here is done! Let's go to the Krusty Krab and greet that last 1%! [SpongeBob and Patrick jump to the Krusty Krab. Thaddeus is driving and notices the truck in front of him]
Thaddeus: [screams as he ends up falling off the boatway]
SpongeBob: Here they come! [Many people end up falling in front of the Krusty Krab] Mr. Krabs will be so excited! [they enter] We did it, Mr. Krabs! Soon, you'll have more customers than you'll know what to do with!

Move It or Lose It (25.2)Edit

Hello Bikini Bottom! (Episode 26)Edit

Squidward: [to SpongeBob] The day I willingly practice my musical art with you is the day I grow hair on my...

Squidward: This is our worst gig yet! Children's parties! Well, if this is the way this tour is being organized, then I would like to– OOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW!!! [turns around and finds that a child has pinned a tail onto his behind] I am not a donkey fish!

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