Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years

SpongeBob SquarePants spin-off prequel series

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Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years is an American computer-animated streaming television series created by Stephen Hillenburg and developed by Luke Brookshier, Marc Ceccarelli, Andrew Goodman, Kaz, Mr. Lawrence, and Vincent Waller. It is a prequel spinoff of SpongeBob SquarePants. The show features younger versions of the characters as they attend a summer camp.

Opening Edit

[opening sequence]
Backup singers: SpongeBob!
SpongeBob: I'm off to summer camp!
Backup singers: SpongeBob!
SpongeBob: Through nature, I will tramp!
Backup singers: SpongeBob! Will have you screaming!
SpongeBob: [screams] While milk is streaming right out of your nose! [screams again]
Backup singers: SpongeBob!
SpongeBob: When nature's calling, you'll see me hauling, I'm hitting the trail!
[Whistling to the tune of the SpongeBob SquarePants theme song is heard as the picture zooms into the "Kamp Koral" sign.]

Season 1 Edit

The Jellyfish Kid (Episode 1) Edit

Sandy: Hey, what do you call this slop?
Plankton: I'd tell you, but I'm not supposed to use that kind of language in front of children.

Episode 2 Edit

Sugar Squeeze (2.1) Edit

Tag, You're It (2.2) Edit

Episode 3 Edit

Quest for Tire (3.1) Edit

Cabin of Curiosities (3.2) Edit

Episode 4 Edit

In Search of Camp Noodist (4.1) Edit

Kitchen Sponge (4.2) Edit

Episode 5 Edit

The Treasure of Kamp Koral (5.1) Edit

Camper Gary (5.2) Edit

Episode 6 Edit

Midnight Snack Attack (6.1) Edit

Hot Pearl-tato (6.2) Edit

SpongeBob: [panicked] Mr. Tentacles, I took baby Pearl for a walk, but she was too heavy, imagined a stroller, time for bottle, out of the air. Narlene... [blows] Num-bums, but she was gone! [crying] I lost baby Pearl!
Squidward: Yeah, that's nice. [his clay sculpture slaps him in the face] You lost Pearl? [sweating] Oh, Krabs is going to annihilate us.

Episode 7 Edit

What About Meep? (7.1) Edit

Hard Time Out (7.2) Edit

Episode 8 Edit

Pat's a Li'l Sinker (8.1) Edit

Camp SpongeBob (8.2) Edit

Episode 9 Edit

Squisery (9.1) Edit

Game Night (9.2) Edit

Episode 10 Edit

My Fair Nobby (10.1) Edit

Gimme a News Break (10.2) Edit

Episode 11 Edit

Wise Kraken (11.1) Edit

Squatch Swap (11.2) Edit

Episode 12 Edit

The Ho! Ho! Horror! (12.1) Edit

Outhouse Outrage (12.2) Edit

Are You Afraid of the Dork? (Episode 13) Edit

Episode 14 Edit

Help Not Wanted (14.1) Edit

Camp Spirit (14.2) Edit

Episode 15 Edit

Hill-Fu (15.1) Edit

Sun's Out, Fun's Out (15.2) Edit

Episode 16 Edit

First and Last Aid (16.1) Edit

Night of the Living Stench (16.2) Edit

Episode 17 Edit

Camp Crossbones (17.1) Edit

The Jelly Life (17.2) Edit

Episode 18 Edit

Lake Crashers (18.1) Edit

Boo Light Special (18.2) Edit

Episode 19 Edit

Painting with Squidward (19.1) Edit

Kamp Kow (19.2) Edit

Episode 20 Edit

Helter Shelter (20.1) Edit

Reveille Revolution (20.2) Edit

Episode 21 Edit

SpongeBob SquarePants Presents The Tidal Zone Part Three - The Switch Glitch (21.1) Edit

SpongeBob: And then Sandy said "Yeah!", and Harvey goes "Yeah!" and then Kevin said "Yeah!"! [laughs] Everybody said "yeah!"!
Plankton: Enough! Why are you talking to me?
SpongeBob: I'm making memories.
Plankton: Well, remember this! [punches SpongeBob in the face] Karen! Ooh, there she is! [jumps on the ground next to Patrick] Where the heck have you been? And where are those lightning berries I asked you for?
Patrick: I ate them.
Plankton: What are you talking about? You know you don't eat! Now take me home.

Prickly Pests (21.2) Edit

Episode 22 Edit

Are You Smarter Than a Smart Cabin? (22.1) Edit

Deep Sea Despot (22.2) Edit

Episode 23 Edit

Regi-Hilled (23.1) Edit

The Perfect Camper (23.2) Edit

Episode 24 Edit

Eye of the Hotdog (24.1) Edit

Patrick Takes the Cake (24.2) Edit

Episode 25 Edit

The Taste of Defeat (25.1) Edit

Scaredy Squirrel (25.2) Edit

Episode 26 Edit

Hats Off to Space (26.1) Edit

In a Nut's Shell (26.2) Edit

Season 2 Edit

Episode 1 Edit

Mad Science Squirrel (1.1) Edit

To Pop A Bubble (1.2) Edit

Episode 2 Edit

High And Dry (2.1) Edit

The Beardsman (2.2) Edit

Episode 3 Edit

Five Times The Fun (3.1) Edit

Low Falutin (3.2) Edit

Episode 4 Edit

Nut Madness (4.1) Edit

Mermaid Men and Barnacle Boys (4.2) Edit

Episode 5 Edit

A Tale of Two Roxies (5.1) Edit

Nite Owls (5.2) Edit

Episode 6 Edit

Calling Some Monsters (6.1) Edit

Dig This (6.2) Edit

Episode 7 Edit

TBA (7.1) Edit

Swimmin Holed (7.2) Edit

Episode 8 Edit

Krabsy the Clown (8.1) Edit

TBA (8.2) Edit

Episode 9 Edit

Mascot Mayhem (9.1) Edit

TBA (9.2) Edit

Episode 11 Edit

KK221 (11.1) Edit

TBA (11.2) Edit

Untitled Kamp Koral Series Finale (Episode 13) Edit

Cast Edit

  • SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Patrick Star
  • Squidward Tentacles
  • Mr. Krabs
  • Sandy Cheeks
  • Sheldon Plankton
  • Mrs. Puff
  • Karen Plankton
  • Larry the Lobster
  • Gary the Snail

Supporting Edit

  • Nobby and Narlene

Recurring Edit

  • Pearl Krabs
  • Bubble Bass
  • Kevin C. Cucumber
  • Craig Mammalton
  • Perch Perkins
  • Lady Upturn

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