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SpongeBob SquarePants/Season 7

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SpongeBob SquarePants (1999-) is an animated TV series, airing on Nickelodeon about the adventures and endeavors of the title character and his various friends in the fictional underwater city of Bikini Bottom. It spawned a movie, followed by several short films, and video games.


Episode 1Edit

Tentacle-Vision (1.1)Edit

Patrick: [laughing] My shorts are wet!

Squidward: Patrick, just how dumb are you?
Patrick: It varies.

I ♥ Dancing (1.2)Edit

Squidward: [upon seeing SpongeBob dancing] That is the stupidest dance I've ever seen.
SpongeBob: [to Squidward] Who put you on the planet?

Twin Sisters: [singing] We're tiny, we're cuddly, we're bubbly, wubbly, huggly!
Talent Agent: That was very cute, girls! [then annoyed] In fact, it's too cute. You're out.
Twin Sisters: I told you it was a stupid idea... and I hate you, too!

Episode 2Edit

Growth Spout (2.1)Edit

Cracker: What am I, chopped liver?
Offscreen voice: No, that's what I am. [zoom out showing a jar of chopped liver]

Mrs. Puff: [in her sleep] Must...protect garden.

Squidward's house: Oh, well. I needed to lose a little weight anyway.

Stuck in the Wringer (2.2)Edit

SpongeBob: [gasps] Not to worry, sir. I'm comi-i-i-i-ing-- [hits cash register, which opens and spews money everywhere] Whoa! [smashes into a pole] Don't worry, everybody, I'm ok- [screams after seeing customers taking the money]
Customers: Free money! Promotional....
SpongeBob: Hey! Don't touch Mr. Krabs' money!
Mr. Krabs: [comes out of his office] Me money! What do you think you're doing? [he snatches money from a customer] That ain't yours. [He does it again] Thank you very much. When I get my hands on that boy... [SpongeBob struggles to get out of the pole, blasts out, exclaims, crashes into Mr. Krabs and the other customers]

Episode 3Edit

Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy (3.1)Edit

The Inside Job (3.2)Edit

[Plankton unplugs SpongeBob's ear drum]
Plankton: Let me see what I can tune in here. Hmm.
Mr. Krabs: The secret of the Krabby Patty formula is--
Plankton: Jackpot!
Spongebob: Huh?
Mr, Krabs: I said--
SpongeBob: Could you speak a little louder, please?
Mr. Krabs: The secret to the Krabby Patty formula--
SpongeBob: What?
Mr. Krabs: Hold on.
Plankton: Here it comes!
Mr. Krabs: [shouting into a megaphone] THE SECRET TO THE KRABBY PATTY FORMULA IS...! [The shouting causes Plankton's ears to pop]
Plankton: OW!!! I hate my life!

Plankton: Enough with these petty carnal senses. If I'm going to get the Krabby Patty recipe...[he arrives at...] The brain!
[Snickering evily, he sticks one end of the mind connector to the brain and absorbs some of it]
Plankton: Hi, friend! [he gasps as he saw "Superficial Greetings" on the brain] "Superficial Greetings"? What kind of idiot...? [sees the parts of the brain] --"Personal Opinions"? "Knock-knock Jokes"?! No, no, no, no! This is all useless!

Episode 4Edit

Greasy Buffoons (4.1)Edit

Mr. Krabs: So I'm gonna go find [slaps fist in hand] out what that rascal's up to! [goes to Chum Bucket] Excuse me! Excuse me! Comin' through! [walks by three chewing fish. Stops by the sign] What the? [puts on reading glasses] Try Plankton's... new delicerous... Chummy Patties... now with edible flavor? [sniffs air] Clearly somethin' crabby is goin' on here.
Mr. Krabs: Just hangin' a new sign, Squidward! [worker unveils sign that says ‘Now Serving! DELUXE Krabby Patties!’]
Squidward: Deluxe Krabby Patties. [in sarcasm] Juuust what the world needed.
Frank: It looks like it says, "NEW: ULTRA CHUMMY PATTIES PACKED WITH QUADRUPLE GRILLED GOODNESS!" [all three fish look at each other, then get out of their tables and run to Chum Bucket]

[there is a long line at Chum Bucket, and the scene darts to the right, with Mr. Krabs standing in front of Krusty Krab]

Mr. Krabs: Quadruple goodness?! [mumbles] We'll see about that. [in the Krusty Krab, we see SpongeBob, sweating and cooking Krabby Patties] Keep the grill goin' nonstop to crank out as much grease as possible!
SpongeBob: Well okay ,Mr. Krabs. I never turned the grill off, but I can turn it off even less than that if you want.
Mr. Krabs: Uhh... I already see the... [slips on grease] Whoa! [clattering sound] Mermaid's Mollusk! [picks up greasy bun] Eeeagh! What in the name of Neptune is this?
SpongeBob: Sorry Mr. Krabs. I accidentally dropped some buns into our vat of extra grease. They've been soakin' there for about an hour. [Mr. Krabs smiles as if he had an idea]

[sign outside the Krusty Krab that says: "New! Yummy Bunz over an Hour of flavor in every bun"]

Plankton: Yummy Bunz huh? Well you're gonna have to try a lot harder than that Krabs, once the hungry public hears about MY newest creation.
Karen: Creation? My scanner shows that's nothing more than a burnt grease crumb.
Plankton: You're right! And it's packed with flavor!

[cut to a sign outside the Chum Bucket that says "Crispity Crunchities Fried grease crumbs packed with flavor". Cut again to the Krusty Krab where Mr. Krabs walks by Squidward with grease on a plate]

Squidward: Pee-yew! Mr. Krabs!
Mr. Krabs: Huh?
Squidward: Don't you usually flush that stuff down the toilet?
Mr. Krabs: This is our latest product! It's pure grease on a paper plate!
Squidward: I'll give you points for honesty.

[cut to a sign that says, "New! Wow! Soup only at Krusty Krab". Cut again to SpongeBob in the kitchen preparing some soup]

Mr. Krabs/Plankton: Oh, no! Did somebody call the Health inspector?
Health inspector: Did somebody call a... Health inspector?

Model Sponge (4.2)Edit

Episode 5Edit

Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful (5.1)Edit

A Pal for Gary (5.2)Edit

[Spongebob sees little puffy fish being sold by a peddler, and becomes enticed by them and decides to get one of them for Gary]
SpongeBob: I'll take that one right there!
Store Owner: You wish to have one of my rare and extremely dangerous... huh?
SpongeBob: Oh yeah this is the one. [picks one of them]
Store Owner: Beware, boy, this is no ordinary pet!
SpongeBob: Oh, Gary's gonna be so happy!
Store Owner: You must understand. These pets can be very unstable. especially around other pets!
[She proves this by showing a picture of a cat next to another puffy fish, who snarls at it.]
SpongeBob: [obliviously] Yeah, yeah, yeah, thanks, bye. [he runs off]
Store Owner: Why bother? They never listen.

Spongebob: Ahh. I can rest so peacefully, now that Gary's got a good pal they could play with.
[Just as he goes to sleep, Gary bursts through the door, scared and meowing in alarm, causing him to wake up with a start.]
Spongebob: Gary! Shame on you! [takes Gary back in the living room] Puffy Fluffy is perfectly harmless. [he takes the blanket off, revealing what he thinks is normal Puffy Fluffy] See there he is fast asleep. Now will you let me sleep, Gary, please? [sets Gary back on a small green bed and covers him with a small blanket] Good night. [goes back to bed]

[After Spongebob wakes up and notices the damage to the house, thanks to Puffy Fluffy]
Spongebob: Huh? What's this? Must have been a sea quake last night. Oh well, what are you gonna do? [opens the galley door which falls over] That's unusual. WHOA!! [sees the library which is a total wreck] My library! [gasps] And my prized memoirs of T.S. Halibut! [gasps] My clothes! [picks up his torn pants] This was no random sea quake, Who could have done this? Why, there was no one here except... [mistakenly realizes something] ...Gary. I bet he's jealous about the new friend!

Episode 6Edit

Yours, Mine and Mine (6.1)Edit

Patrick: Uh, I'm not home right now! Please leave a message! Beeeep...
SpongeBob: Patrick, it's me! SpongeBob! It's my turn to play with the toy!
Patrick: I can't go out! I just washed my hair!
SpongeBob: You don't have any h-come out, Patrick! It's MY turn!!
Patrick: Got any ID?
SpongeBob: I have my milkshake dispenser operator license.
Patrick: [looks at it] Looks fake to me pal! Bye-Bye now!
SpongeBob: Well, I guess I had best be going! [Pretends to walk away] I'm walking away...Here I go... [quietly] I'm gone now! [hides on Patrick's antenna]
Patrick: You sure?
SpongeBob: I'm sure! [Patrick comes out, he jumps at him] Hi, Patrick! Time to SHARE!
Patrick: DECEIVER! You didn't leave at all!!
SpongeBob: Oh, and you were washing your hair!?!
Patrick: I was too, See? [shows his armpit hair]

SpongeBob: [Surprised] Gary was so right about you! You're a non-sharer!
Patrick: Gary said that? You're off my friend list, Gary!!
Gary: Meow. [turns and slithers back into SpongeBob's house]
SpongeBob: Hand it over, Patrick! I get to play with the Patty Pal today!
Patrick: You can't take it, It's not fair!
SpongeBob: How about I take it for half a day?
Patrick: Mm-mm!
SpongeBob: How about we trade off every hour?
Patrick: Mm-mm!
SpongeBob: Every half hour?
Patrick: Mm-mm!
SpongeBob: Every fifteen minutes?
Patrick: Mm-mm!
SpongeBob: Five minutes?
Patrick: Mm-mm!
SpongeBob: One minute?
Patrick: N-n-no!
SpongeBob: Okay then, for our final offer we trade off every second!
[They pass Patty Pal back and fourth every second]
Patrick: One.
SpongeBob: One.
Patrick: One.
[Pause, Patrick runs off while SpongeBob tears himself angrily]

Kracked Krabs (6.2)Edit

Mr. Krabs:: Lad, you're surrounded by stingy wisdom, so try to pick up some pointers. But whatever you do, don't lend anyone money!
SpongeBob:: [lending money to another crab] 25, 26...

Episode 7Edit

The Curse of Bikini Bottom (7.1)Edit

Squidward in Clarinetland (7.2)Edit

Squidward: Order up, SpongeBob!
[walk towards SpongeBob]
Squidward: SpongeBob! What do you think you're doing? You're supposed to be fry cooking. I told you not to touch my stuff!
SpongeBob: I didn't! I wore protective gloves! And besides, don't you like how classy it look now?
Squidward: Velvet..
SpongeBob: Now I'd like to stand by and idly chat with you, Squidward, But I must attend to my Krusty Krab duties! In the future, please keep your interruptions to a minimum sir, please!
Squidward: Hey, come back! I need my clarinet! Come Back! Where are you? Sponge-

[bumps into an eagle head]

Eagle: I am the keeper of the horned forest, state your business here.
Squidward: uuhh.. I'm.. trying to find my clarinet.
Eagle: Your clarinet?
Squidward:: Yes, my clarinet! Which I am the proud owner.

[Eagle laughs]

Eagle: A clarinet is not owned. Why don't you tell me why you're really here?
Squidward: You calling me a liar?!

[Eagle grabs Squidward with his tongue]

Eagle: I don't appreciate your tone.
Squidward: I'm sorry I-I-I didn't mean to offend you.
Eagle: This is a sacred place where clarinets live without persecution. You need to learn respect.
Squidward: [Eagle squeezed squidward tightly] I've learned.. [loosely] I've learned respect...
Eagle: I don't believe you.

[Swallows Squidward and he ends up in the stomach, Squidward sees SpongeBob]

SpongeBob's Last Stand (Episode 8)Edit

"Give Jellyfish Fields a Chance" lyrics:

♪Chum Bucket! Sludge bucket!♪

♪Highway fly away!♪
♪Lily liver! Pizza giver!♪
♪Mashed potato! Kelp tomato!♪
♪All we are trying to say is give Jellyfish Fields a chance!♪

♪Ketchup bottle! Net and goggle!♪
♪Toll booth! Rotten tooth!♪
♪Freeway plan! Toast and jam!♪
♪Mermaid Man! Garbage can!♪
♪Citrus fruit! Combat boot!♪
♪Give a hoot! Gorilla suit!♪
♪All we are trying to say is give Jellyfish Fields a chance!♪

♪Plankton's eye! Ham on rye!♪
♪Larry's thigh! Battle cry!♪
♪Mustard squirt! Long-sleeved shirt!♪
♪Self assert! Hit the dirt!♪
♪Krusty Krab! Smash-and-grab!♪
♪Barg-n-Mart! Grocery cart!♪
♪All we are trying to say is give Jellyfish Fields a chance!♪

♪C.E.O.s! Gary's toes!♪
♪Squidward's nose! Pantyhose!♪
♪Rocking chair! Wash 'n' wear!♪
♪Empty stare! Patrick's hair!♪
♪Green trees! Sandy's fleas!♪
♪Rise and shine! Lemon lime!♪
♪Outta time! Squiggly line!♪
♪Take a stand! Hand in hand!♪
♪All we are trying to say is give Jellyfish Fields...♪
♪a chance!....♪

Episode IXEdit

Back to the Past (IX.I)Edit

Mermaid Men:
#2: [running out of the time machine along with the second Barnacle Boy, Spongebob and Patrick] Keep your tongue out of my tarter sauce!
#1: Imposters!
#2: Who are you calling imposter, imposter? I must prevent our tarter sauce from being eaten by that... [pans to Patrick] ...That fool!
#1: If I want to get near my tarter sauce, I gotta go through me first!
#2: I’m gonna make you eat those words!
#1: Bring It! [gets "slapped"] Take this! ["punches" himself's hair] I’ll never let you win!
#2: Oh, yes I will!
Young: What do you make of this, Barnacle Boy?
Young Barnacle Boy: Tangled Timeline, Mermaid Man. I...

The Bad Guy Club for Villains (IX.II)Edit

Episode 10Edit

A Day Without Tears (10.1)Edit

SpongeBob: He was a good little Krabby Patty. [sniffs] I didn't know him well, but in the few short seconds between grill and floor, I--[opens the trash lid and begins crying]--I came to love him! [the patty slowly slides off his spatula and into the trash bin] It just isn't fair! [he cries even louder, soaking and enraging Squidward from the counter window]
Squidward: SpongeBob, will you stop crying?!
SpongeBob: But the Krabby Patty fell on the floor and then he...
Squidward: Krabby Patty nothing!
SpongeBob: I--
Squidward: [shouting] KRABBY PATTY NOTHING!!!! [breathes heavily. SpongeBob whimpers] What now?
SpongeBob: [stifled] You yelled at me... [wailing] YOU YELLED AT ME!!!!!!! [continues sobbing]
Squidward: All right, look. So far today, and it's not even 2:00 yet, you have cried 43 times.
SpongeBob: And you wrote that number on a chalkboard.
Squidward: Yes!
SpongeBob: Why?
Squidward: [pauses for a second] I have no idea.
SpongeBob: Oh, Squidward, there's no way I cry that much. There's not that many tears in my brain.
Squidward: Au contraire. [turns on a TV]
SpongeBob: What's this?
Squidward: It's a quick montage of flashbacks I've edited together that shows the hundreds of tears you have cried over the years.
[the video begins to play, showing SpongeBob crying in the Krusty Krab, in a grocery store, at Mrs. Puff's Boating School, in Jellyfish Fields, in the bathroom, and more like near a bus stop for no reason]
SpongeBob: [in the video] Boo! Hoo! Boohoo! Sob. Whimper.
Narrator: Thousands of tears later...
[SpongeBob continues to watch himself crying in the video]
SpongeBob: Wow, guess I do cry a lot. I promise I won't cry anymore.
Squidward: Oh, nonsense! I bet you can't go the rest of the day without crying.
SpongeBob: [realizes something] Excuse me a minute. [he walks up to a rotary telephone and dials it, Patrick appears lazily sitting on his couch when his own phone rings]
Patrick: [answers it] Star... residence. Patrick speaking.
SpongeBob: Hey, Patrick.
Patrick: Hey, buddy! Is it 7:30 already?
SpongeBob: No, I'm still at work.
Patrick: How can I help you?
SpongeBob: Do you think that I could go the rest of the day without crying?
Patrick: [mouth full with popcorn] Well, of course you can.
SpongeBob: Okay, great, thanks, Patrick.
Patrick: Umm... sure. And did you remember to put that package outside where I told you?
SpongeBob: Yeah, but I left it in a different spot. Just ask Gary, he knows where it is.
Patrick: Oh, yeah. [laughs with his mouth full] Hey, good one, buddy. You almost had me there.
SpongeBob: [chuckles] Okay.
Patrick: Yeah, talk to you later.
SpongeBob: All right, see ya. [hangs up, then walks back up to Squidward] Okay, it's a bet.
Squidward: [shakes SpongeBob's hand] Fine. If you cry one tear before midnight, you have to... [thinks] Wash my bike, clean out my rain gutters, and do all my yard work for a year.
SpongeBob: Sounds fair to me. And if I make it to midnight without crying, you'll come to a slumber party at my place. Just you and me. [Squidward retches and swallows] Ooh, what's the matter?
Squidward: Um, nothing, I just threw up a little in my mouth. [begins talking in his thoughts] No need to worry, Squiddy. You've outdone yourself. He'll be crying in ten minutes.

Summer Job (10.2)Edit

Episode 11Edit

One Coarse Meal (11.1)Edit

Gary In Love (11.2)Edit

Episode 12Edit

The Play's the Thing (12.1)Edit

SpongeBob: Squidward, no! Those patties aren't fit for public consumption!
Squidward: Here, enjoy!

SpongeBob: [tries not to cry] Bless you all.
Patrick: I like throwing food. [chucks a burnt Krabby Patty at SpongeBob]
SpongeBob: OW!!

Squidward: AAAAAHH!!!
Patrick: Haw haw! Ah haw haw! [hurls an anchor]

Rodeo Daze (12.2)Edit

Episode 13Edit

Gramma's Secret Recipe (13.1)Edit

The Cent of Money (13.2)Edit

Mr. Krabs: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. We ain't got time for that. There's a laundromat that needs to be cleaned out.[laughs] Cleaned out. Get it. Ahh. Never mind. MUSH!
Mr. Krabs: Uh oh. They're on to us. Time for plan B! [Mr. Krabs grabs a dress]
Mr. Krabs: You look fine to me. Now quit being such a baby and start making me some money.

Legends of Bikini Bottom (Episodes 14–16)Edit

Episode 14Edit

The Monster Who Came to Bikini Bottom (14.1)Edit

Patrick: Uh, I'd like you to meet my friend, SpongeBob.
SpongeBob: And you are?
Monster: Raaaaaaaarrrrghhh!
SpongeBob: Nice to meet you, Mr. Raaaaaaaarrrrghhh!

Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle (14.2)Edit

Mr. Krabs: [to the mermaids] So there's really no way out of this place? [cries] Cause I really need to get back to the Krusty Krab to stop me arch-nemesis from ruining me business.
Lead Mermaid: T.N.O.P, Grandpa.
Mr. Krabs: T.N.O.P?
Spongebob: [to Mr. Krabs] Totally Not Our Problem.

Episode 15Edit

The Curse of the Hex (15.1)Edit

The Main Drain (15.2)Edit

Episode 16Edit

Trenchbillies (16.1)Edit

Sponge-Cano! (16.2)Edit

The Great Patty Caper (Episode 17)Edit

Episode 18Edit

That Sinking Feeling (18.1)Edit

Patrick: Knock, knock!
SpongeBob: Who's there?
Patrick: I don't know! [laughs]

Squidward: Why were you digging under my yard?
SpongeBob: You told us not to walk on your yard, so, we walked under it.
Squidward: But you buried my house!
Patrick: No need to thank us.
Squidward: THANK YOU?!?
Patrick: You're welcome.

Karate Star (18.2)Edit

Patrick: Uuuuuhhhhh... Seaweed Surprise! Also!... uuuuuuhhhhh... Malted Coral Crunch! [the ice cream he orders is really tall] Oooh... Ooh, also, Lipids and Creme!
Lou: We're all out. In fact, we're out of everything, which means you owe us $86.50
Patrick: What do you say to a trade? [pulls out a disgusting lollipop]
Lou: I say, pay up before I call the cops.
Patrick: You dare refuse my barter?!?! Then accept my chop! [chops tip jar and the ice cream flies into Patrick's mouth, he eats it and becomes fat. He becomes frozen and chops off the ice] Ahhh... I don't feel so good.
Billy: Aha! Hand in the tip jar again, eh! [Patrick is stuck in door and chops it open]
SpongeBob: Wait up, Patrick! [gasps] Triton's tunic!
Patchy [off-screen]: He's headed straight for the Barg'N-Mart!

Episode 19Edit

Buried in Time (19.1)Edit

Enchanted Tiki Dreams (19.2)Edit

Episode 20Edit

The Abrasive Side (20.1)Edit

Mr. Krabs: Ahoy there, SpongeBob! I need you to work an extra 17 hour shift tonight!
SpongeBob: Oh, sure thing Mr.-- [flips to Abrasive SB]
Abrasive SpongeBob: Sorry, Krabs! I'm busy! Unless you're payin' me overtime! [leaves]
Mr. Krabs: Overtime? O... o... o-ver-time...? [He gets out a dictionary] Overtime? Hm, let's see here... "over"... "oversold"... "overspend"... Ah! "Overtime: More money per hour". [mutters for a moment] AHHHH!!! [hides behind desk] Oh, filthy, disgusting word!

Squidward: Oh fun. I suppose you want me to play some stupid game, or you'll just follow me around all day and never ever leave, huh?
[He sprays SpongeBob with his hose; SpongeBob flips to Abrasive SB]
Squideard: Tch, huh.
[Abrasive SB snaps his fingers repeatedly]
Abrasive SpongeBob: 'Fraid not, Schnozward! I wouldn't hang out with you for all the money in Krabs' mattress!
Squidward: [hugs him] You don't know how long I've waited to hear those words!

Patrick: Hey, SpongeBob! You're right on time for our play date!
SpongeBob: Ooh, I can't wait... [flips to Abrasive SB]
Abrasive SpongeBob: ditch you... [flips to Normal SB]
SpongeBob: ...cause you're my best friend... [flips to Abrasive SB]
Abrasive SpongeBob: beat it, tubby! I don't care for your company! [flips to Normal SB]
SpongeBob: Well, Patrick, are you ready to have some fun?
Patrick: I don't know...! [sobs]

Earworm (20.2)Edit

Episode 21Edit

Hide and Then What Happens? (21.1)Edit

Shellback Shenanigans (21.2)Edit

Episode 22Edit

The Masterpiece (22.1)Edit

Whelk Attack (22.2)Edit

Episode 23Edit

You Don't Know Sponge (23.1)Edit

Tunnel of Glove (23.2)Edit

Pearl: Ugh, this ride is lame! Hey! You're allowed to speak now!
SpongeBob: [rapid fire] I bet Mr. Krabs would get a kick out of this ride, don't you think? I mean he's so tough on the outside, but he's got a soft side, too. You know, this one time I was upset because my snail Gary he was sick and he let me leave 5 minutes early. Isn't that the sweetest thing you've ever heard? Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah...
Narrator: Two very boring minutes later...
SpongeBob: And theeeen, there was that time that Mr. Krabs yelled at me for getting to work before he did, and he didn't even dock my pay! What a sweet man!!!
Patrick: [Startled] Oh, no! I'm out of coral on a stick! [Throws stick away] Time to chomp through the fried barnacles!
Perch Perkins: [Starts talking as Patrick continues to eat] At this time survival looks bleek, for the little yellow sponge.
Patrick: [Screams] This is my worst nightmare! I don't have a drink!
Perch Perkins: Hey, doofus!
Patrick: Huh?
Perch Perkins: Your best buddy is trapped in the Tunnel of Glove and he may never escape!
Patrick: You mean SpongeBob!
Patrick: Let's see. Where could SpongeBob be? [Notices door sign] Aha! [Reads dumbly when it says Danger! Keep Out! High voltage area] Con-grat-ulations! You have-uh-ooh-fouuunnd-uh your friend! [Now excited] Oh, SpongeBob is right behind this door! I'm coming to get you, buddy! [Runs away, then comes back using his head as a battering ram. Once inside, he then looks around] SpongeBob?! Where-? Oh, there you are! [Camera zooms in on a control that looks like SpongeBob. Patrick runs to it and grabs it] Hang in there! I'll free you from your shackles! [He then pulls it off, and bursts through the left wall] You're okay now, buddy! Go to your happy place!
Patrick: Not another skunk! How did you beat me again? [Turns to an electrician] Hey. You find it funny to lock up my friend? Hey, I am talking towards you.
Electrician: Did you see the dimwit who ripped this apart?
Patrick: I unfortunately don't know who that dullard is, but all I know is that you kidnapped SpongeBob.
Electrician: I don't know about your friend. I'm just the electrician.
Patrick: Wow! I see you are a magician. But that voodoo does not erase what you just have done.
Electrician: You need to relax. Have a seat and cool off.
Patrick: Geez. Some people are so pushy. [Sits on the lever]
Electrician: Just don't sit on THE LEVER!
Patrick: Oops. [Breaks the lever]
Electrician: Now the whole ride is stuck on "Dangerous Super Fast Mode"!
Patrick: You told me to sit on it.
Patrick: Okay, okay. I think I heard you. I will not sit on anything else. I'll just gingerly lean on this wall. [Leans on a do not push button, which reads "Animatronic Override"]
Electrician: Gah, stupid kid.
Patrick: [walks out of the water pressure control system with toilet paper on his foot and a newspaper in his hand] Hey-ha! Nice facilities. Great water pressure. [The toilet paper flies back]
Electrician: Neptune's mother! [realizing that there is extreme water pressure]

SpongeBob: Pearl, I don't think this is the Tunnel of Glove... it's the Tunnel of EVIL!!

Episode 24Edit

Krusty Dogs (24.1)Edit

The Wreck of the Mauna Loa (24.2)Edit

Patrick: What's wrong, SpongeBob?
SpongeBob: Just as I thought. We're being followed. THAT'S IT! [opens seaweed, no one's there] Heh, looks like no one was following us to the secret hideout after all!
Mr. Krabs: Found it!
SpongeBob: Hey, were you following us?
Mr. Krabs: No, I just saw the sign. [Scene zooms out Patrick painting a sign reading "SpongeBob and Patrick's Secret Hideout"]

Episode 25Edit

New Fish in Town (25.1)Edit

Love That Squid (25.2)Edit

SpongeBob: When was the last time you went out on a date?
[Squidward remembers the last date he had was with a female octopus, dancing in 1930's Mickey Mouse style]
Squidward: SpongeBob, you've gotta help me! It's been so long! What do I do?!
SPONGEBOB: Um,Squidward.
Squidward: WHAT!
Spongebob:IS that her boat?
[Shows the 1996 "Independence Day" mothership]

Episode 26Edit

Big Sister Sam (26.1)Edit


Patrick: Aww, Sam. You don't have to go.
Sam: No. I leave now. Late for manicure.

Perfect Chemistry (26.2)Edit

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