JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time

2014 film by Giancarlo Volpe

JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time is a direct-to-video animated film featuring the Justice League of America.

The Flash Edit

  • These are all hold-the-pickle, right?

Cyborg Edit

  • I was just about to say we're not in Kansas anymore. But this is the one time that doesn't work.
  • And the Justice League pull a fourth quarter come back.

Dawnstar Edit

  • Did you know that most stars in the sky have died out thousands of years ago? The light takes so long to get here. Its already burned out. We are looking at ghosts in the night sky. They no longer exist.

Other Edit

  • Gorilla Grodd: (to The Flash) Too bad your mind isn't as fast your little boots.

Dialogue Edit

Black Manta: Atlantean, you can't win battles on with a fork.
[smashes Black Manta's gun with his trident and knocks him out]
Aquaman: Don't make me poke a leak in that hard head of yours, Manta.

Bizarro: Yes. Me here not protecting these satellites so Lex's plans not come worthiness.
Cyborg: Not sure worthiness is the word there, genius.
Bizarro: Me am not genius.

Karate Kid: Look at him. The leader of the Legion of Doom.
Dawnstar: The sign said not to get too close to the exhibit.
Karate Kid: The greatest super-villain of all-time? More like Lex Loser.

Dawnstar: Wait, that's it. Are you thinking what I am thinking?
Karate Kid: That this tunnel really reeks?
Dawnstar: No. Uh, yes it does.

Lex Luthor: The Flash?
Aquaman: You sound so surprised. He always shows up first.
Lex Luthor: Forget them, go. Change the past as I've commanded. Ahh, will someone get Bizarro?

Bizarro: Aww, Superbaby so ugly.
[Superbaby punches him]

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