Batman Beyond

American animated television series

Batman Beyond is a cartoon series set in the future of the DC Animated Universe. It stars Terry McGinnis, a high school student who takes on the role of Batman under the tutelage of the original Dark Knight, the now-retired Bruce Wayne.




Season 1


Rebirth [1.1-2]

[when a rescue nearly fails and Batman is forced to use a gun, an aging Bruce Wayne shuts down the Batcave]
Bruce Wayne: Never again.

Warren McGinnis: That's your problem right there! You can't control your temper, and you'd better if you expect to get anywhere in life!
Terry McGinnis: [dryly] Yeah. I'll be a big success, just like you. I'm bailing.
Warren McGinnis: Terry...

J-Man: Aw, the no fun boy had an accident.
Smirk: Let's put a smile on his face.

J-Man: Who do you think you're talking to, old man? We're the Jokerz!
Bruce Wayne: [smirk] Sure you are.

Terry McGinnis: [looking at Ace] Nice dog.
Bruce Wayne: Not really.

Terry McGinnis: You have to do something! You're Batman!
Bruce Wayne: I was Batman.

Terry McGinnis: Something happened to you, didn't it? And wasn't just that you got old.

Terry McGinnis: You're no Batman, you whacked out old fraud!

Mr. Fixx: You're pretty strong, for some clown who thinks he's Batman.
Terry McGinnis: I am Batman!

Bruce Wayne: I should warn you, I can be a difficult taskmaster. I accept nothing short of excellence in all who work for me.
Terry McGinnis: I think I can handle it.
Bruce Wayne: Very good then, Mr. McGinnis. Welcome to my world.

Black Out [1.3]

Dana Tan: Is it wrong to root for the other team?

Terry McGinnis: [about Inque] It was like...some kinda blob!

Terry McGinnis: Look, you may be used to dealing with freaks and monsters, but I'm a little new at this.

Bruce Wayne: [not looking as Terry sees the Grey Ghost costume] Way before your time.

Terry McGinnis: [flying the Batmobile for the first time] This is unbearably cool!

Bruce Wayne: You scratch it, no allowance.

Inque: Not exactly a fast learner, are you?
Batman: You don't like the water, do you?

Derek Powers: This better be good. What happened?
Inque: Someone's been interfering, and this is the second time.
Derek Powers: Who?
Inque: I don't know. He wore a costume. Black and red.
Derek Powers: [as his skin starts peeling off] Batman!
Inque: The Batman?
Derek Powers: [angrily] What difference does it make?!
Inque: [noticing his face falling apart] What's happening to you?
Derek Powers: I have a condition. I trust you'll be discreet. I'm sending you on a new assignment: find this Batman and kill him.
Inque: He has an accomplice. I heard him speak with someone over a radio.
Derek Powers: Then do them both! I'll pay you whatever you want.
Inque: No wonder I like working for you.
Derek Powers: Now I suggest you leave. It's not healthy to be around me when I'm shedding.

[Batman is saved from Inque in the nick of time by Bruce, sporting the Grey Ghost's hat and goggles]
Batman: What took you so long?
Bruce: A sudden case of shyness.

Terry McGinnis: [after blasting Inque with Mr. Freeze's freeze gun] That's it - you're showing me everything!

Barbara Gordon: I hear you wrangled yourself a new errand boy.
Bruce: I never wrangled anyone. You all came to me.
Barbara: Maybe for once you should try to talk someone out of it.
Bruce: Would it have worked for you?
[Barbara smiles]

Golem [1.4]

Terry McGinnis: Lay off him, Nash. Don't you have anything better to do?
Nelson Nash: You think I'm afraid of you, McGinnis?
Terry McGinnis: I don't know. Are you?
[Nelson glares at Terry]
Nelson Nash: [turns to Willie Watt] He's not worth it. [turns to Terry] But you are, McGinnis. Someday.

Terry McGinnis: It belongs to Nelson Nash. He goes to Hill High.
Bruce Wayne: Do you know anyone who has a grudge against him?
Terry McGinnis: The line starts with me and goes around the block...twice.

Frank Watt: When I get my hands on the jerk who stole that GoLeM, I'm going to make him sorry he was ever born.
Willie Watt: [bitterly] Maybe he already is.

Dottie: Didn't nobody ever tell you not to come into Joker territory without some kinda' tribute?
Willie Watt: I got somethin' for ya... A Joke.
Spike: Alright then, make me laugh!
Willie Watt: What's two stories tall and eats Jokerz?
Spike: What?!
Willie Watt: [Cheerily, as he points to the GOLEM standing behind the Jokerz] Him!
[The GLM steps out of the shadows, Jokerz look scared, one tries to hide behind Willy]
Willie Watt: You're not laughing.

Frank Watt: Sure caused a lot of trouble. Guess that means he's not a wuss anymore.

Meltdown [1.5]

Mr. Freeze: Take a good look, Doctor. I've been like this for nearly fifty years, and I haven't aged one day. I have become what many men have dreamed of: an immortal. And yet, there hasn't been a day, an hour, a minute, I haven't thought about death. It obsesses me.

Dr. Stephanie Lake: Remember, there may be some momentary discomfort.
Mr. Freeze: Save your breath. I am neither afraid nor capable of being comforted by banal words.

Terry McGinnis: Come on, can't you cut him a little slack? Like my mom said, he's just a guy trying to put his house in order.
Bruce Wayne: It's a cold draft that blows through that house.

[Batman subdues a would-be assassin of the reborn Victor Fries, the man pleading for vengeance because Mr. Freeze killed his family]
Terry McGinnis: We'll let the police handle this.
Mr. Freeze: No, I've caused this man enough pain.

Batman: Just because he ran off doesn't mean he'll come back.
Bruce Wayne: He'll be back. Count on it. He lives for revenge.
Batman: Not the Victor Fries I met.
Bruce Wayne: What you met was a ghost.

Dr. Stephanie Lake: We were only trying to help you...
Mr. Freeze: Remember, there may be some momentary discomfort. [freezes her to death]

[The building he is in begins crashing down, and as Powers escapes the destruction, out of the rubble rises Freeze, in a new and powerful Freeze suit]
Mr. Freeze: It's something I've kept in cold storage.

Blight: [melting Mr. Freeze] And behold, I shall be a blight upon the land, and everything I touch shall wither and die!

Blight: Batman.
Batman: And who are you, sunshine?
Blight: "Blight" will do.

Blight: You only got a tan that time, Batman. Here comes the real burn!

Bruce Wayne: [via comlink, as the sensors in the Batcave fly off the charts] Terry! There's something hot in that room!
Terry McGinnis: [In the Batman costume, with Blight stepping on his head] No kidding! This guy, he's like a walking meltdown!
Bruce Wayne: Keep your distance. The suit will give you some protection, but it's not designed for such high levels of radiation.

Mr. Freeze: Stay where you are.
Batman: You've got to get out of here, Freeze! The whole place is going to go!
Mr. Freeze: Believe me, you're the only one who cares.

Terry McGinnis: I guess you were right about Freeze all along.
Bruce Wayne: We both were.

Heroes [1.6]

News Reporter: We warn viewers that the tape we're about to show might be too intense for children.
Boy: Turn it up!

Freon: What's the matter, boys? Cold feet?

Freon: Been there, done that...

[Magma wrecks a police car]
Officer 1: Hey! That's police property!
Officer 2: You tell him!

Matt McGinnis: Aww, those guys are twips. Batman rips!

Dr. Hodges: Please, turn it off!
Magma: No.
Dr. Hodges: But the whole city will become a hot zone! You're crazy!
2-D Man: I believe your words were "dangerously psychotic."
Freon: We are what you made us.
Batman: Party's over!

Batman: I've gotta shut that thing off! Thousands of people will die! Magma! Dr. Morgan, you can't let that happen! You're a hero, remember?
Magma: No. I'm an accident. Real heroes, they make a choice. I never did.

Batman: Satisfied?
Dr. Hodges: [distraught] No. You don't understand, I was their friend.
Batman: [disgusted] Right.

Shriek [1.7]

Bruce Wayne: That theatre. It was where my parents and I went the night they were...
Terry McGinnis: [about Crime Alley] I'd think you'd want it to be torn down, so after all these years you could finally forget.
Bruce Wayne: Do you want to forget what happened to your father?

Walter Shreeve: The police are after me. I'm a wanted man! I cannot go back to my lab again! And it's all your fault!
[Prepares to activate suit]
Derek Powers: That's not going to help.
Walter Shreeve: No, but it'll make me feel better.
Derek Powers: You should be feeling fine anyway.
Walter Shreeve: And why is that?!
Derek Powers: Because your costume gives you power. Real power. Ever had that before?
Walter Shreeve: No. Not really.
Derek Powers: It's no small thing. Trust me.
Walter Shreeve: But I can't show my face anymore! Or use my name!
Derek Powers : The face is no loss, and if you miss your name, I'll give you another one. One that fits your new persona. [pauses in thought] "Shriek".
Shriek: "Shriek"?
Derek Powers: Not a friendly name, I grant you. But take it from me: it's better to be feared than loved.
Shriek: Shriek...
Derek Powers: Now go forth and do damage. But don't forget: you still owe me Bruce Wayne.
Shriek: What if Batman gets in my way again?
Derek Powers: Kill him.

Terry: Okay, we know it's some kind of sound generator. So now what?
[Put the evidence into a scanner]
Terry: Computer. Analyze the metal this thing is made of. [Pause] Computer?
Computer: Incorrect command.
Terry: Uh.. do the thing where you figure out what's it made of.
Computer: Request for spectrographic analysis.
Terry: Uh.. huh.. that's it. What you said.
Computer: Analysis proceeding.

Derek Powers: Age can do tragic things to a person. But Wayne will be in the best of hands. Mine. Who else could take care for Wayne? He has no wife, no children...
Terry McGinnis: Me. I could do it.
Derek Powers: Awfully young, aren't you?
Terry McGinnis: Awfully slimy, aren't you?
Derek Powers: Careful, the courts are very strict about slander.
Terry McGinnis: Oh, yeah? Then let's see how they handle assault!
[Terry attempts to attack Derek but is restrained by the doctors]
Derek Powers: You should know something about the psych ward here: there's always room for one more!

Terry McGinnis: Tell me something - why were you so sure those voices weren't coming from you?
Bruce Wayne: Well, first, I know I'm not psychotic.
Terry McGinnis: I hope your other reason is more convincing.
Bruce Wayne: The voice kept calling me "Bruce." In my mind, that's not what I call myself.
Terry McGinnis: What do you call yourself? [Bruce just looks at him for a moment] Oh, yeah. I suppose you would. [Batman voice] But that's my name now.
Bruce Wayne: Tell that to my subconscious.

Dead Man's Hand [1.8]

Rich man on boat: [holding a harpoon] Mine's bigger than yours.
King: All the money in the world and not an ounce of refinement.

Ten: You'll get another one soon enough. And you won't have to steal for it.
Jack: Yeah, she earns hers the old fashioned way.

King: You're acting like children. If you'd been prepared, Batman would be dead now.
Jack: We got away with the jewels! What difference does it make!?
King: I'll tell you the difference: years ago, when I was your age, he broke up this gang for a while. He outsmarted us, humiliated us, and I've been waiting years to get him back.
Jack: Ah, the old revenge game. But tell me something, "sire," how will that make us richer?
[King punches him]

Melanie Walker: Maybe you should ask for time off.
Terry McGinnis: Not this guy. Him, you don't ask for time off.

Terry McGinnis: Look, if you had any proof they were gonna try something tonight, it would be different, but I'm not gonna change my plans because of a hunch.
Bruce Wayne: Batman would.
Terry McGinnis: Hey, I put my life on the line all the time. One night's not gonna make a difference.
Bruce Wayne: One night always makes the difference.
Terry McGinnis: I know what it is. You can't stand to see anyone going out and having a life. You want me to end up like you, alone.

Queen: Melanie, men come and go. Most of them cause nothing but trouble.

King: Ten, come get me!
Batman: Don't do it...just go...

Terry McGinnis: Mr. Wayne, those things I said, I'm sorry. This kind of thing ever happen to you?
Bruce Wayne: [smiles] Let me tell you about a woman named Selina Kyle...

The Winning Edge [1.9]

J-Man: [handling an illegal gun] Ooh, I could have some laughs with this!

Bruce Wayne: Arch-criminals, I know how to handle. Mothers are something else.

Bruce Wayne: These late nights too much for you?
Terry McGinnis: The nights aren't tough. It's the mornings.

Dana Tan: Don't be such a spud. You need some excitement in your life.

Coach Creagar: I eat punks like you for breakfast!
[Batman defeats him and ties him up.]
Batman: Sorry to spoil your appetite.

Terry McGinnis: [to Bruce] Come on; he must be a zillion years old! What trouble could an old geezer...? Never mind.

Batman: [seeing Bane] What happened to him?
Jackson Chappell: Too many years on Venom. That's what the stuff will do to you.

Batman: [lands on Chappell's car] How'd you con the formula out of Bane?
Jackson Chappell: In the end, he needed Venom just to keep going. It got so bad he couldn't even make it himself. He had to trust someone.
Batman: And now you're cashing in by selling poison to kids?
Jackson Chappell: That's right! [throws off lab coat and sticks several slappers on himself]

Mary McGinnis: Why would he allow that to go on?
Bruce Wayne: He wanted to win at any cost. So he looked the other way.

Spellbound [1.10]

Terry McGinnis: Guess you're the expert on troubled kids. You collect them, right?
[Bruce glares]

Batman: Wayne, you alive?
Bruce Wayne: Very funny.

Bruce Wayne: Terry, listen to my voice. Whatever you're seeing, it isn't real!
[Spellbinder hits Batman with a branch]
Batman: That sure felt real.

Batman: It's over, Billings! I know who you are!
Spellbinder: Well, I'm glad that makes you feel superior, but you haven't caught me yet.

Spellbinder: [about his school psychologist work being underappreciated] For years, I fought the demons in the heads of those ungrateful little snots! While their coddling parents paid their garbage men more than me! Now I'm taking what I've earned!

Disappearing Inque [1.11]

Bruce Wayne: Back at the cryogenics place, weren't you wondering why Inque didn't morph into her human form and just walk out with the other workers?
Terry McGinnis: Uh, yeah! ...Sort of...

Aaron Herbst: Maybe you'd like to wash up, then?
Inque: No thanks.
Aaron Herbst: You know, you were in that storm drain for a pretty long time, and-
Inque: I don't like water, understand?!

Terry McGinnis: Someday, you're going to tell me the real reason why you stopped being Batman.

[Terry seals the entrance to the cave to stop Inque getting in]
Bruce Wayne: Mind telling me what you're doing?
Terry McGinnis: Sealing up the cracks. Making sure she can't ooze in.
Bruce Wayne: [smiles in amusement] You really think she's coming here, don't you?
Terry McGinnis: She was here before. She knows the way.
Bruce Wayne : Does she? It was dark that night. The Batmobile was going awfully fast. And then there's the way you drive.

Bruce Wayne: Still at it, huh?
Terry McGinnis: She can huff and puff all she wants, but she ain't going to blow this place down.

Bruce Wayne: You got away?
[as he approaches Terry, he's constricted by an inky tentacle as Terry morphs into Inque]
Inque: He didn't get away. And neither will you.

Bruce Wayne: [having just risked a heart attack to fight Inque] Now do you believe me about why I retired?
Terry McGinnis: Not entirely. But tonight, I'm glad you didn't stay retired.

A Touch of Curaré [1.12]

Barbara Gordon: I heard the D.A.'s office is plea-bargaining the Densmore case. Do you know how hard my men worked to...?
Sam Young: Uh-uh-uh, no shop talk after hours. You want to discuss my shortcomings as a D.A., call my office and make an appointment, Commissioner.
[kisses her]

Batman: [after seeing Curare cut through a steel lamppost with her sword] I gotta get me one of those swords.

Barbara Gordon: [sees her old costume in the Batcave] I see you've sewed up the bullet holes.
Terry McGinnis: You're Batgirl! [to Bruce] She's Batgirl!

Master Assassin: You were taught to expect the unexpected, Curare. Batman should not have made a difference, nor the police, no matter how many there were. You know the price of failure. I only hope you haven't lost your edge.

Terry McGinnis: Why do you hate him?
Barbara Gordon: Ancient history, McGinnis.

Terry McGinnis: So you and Dick Grayson like, dated.
Barbara Gordon: In college. Puppy love. Later on, we just never talked about it.
Terry McGinnis: [eating doughnut] People should communicate more.
Barbara Gordon: Dick finally got fed up living in Batman's shadow. He decided to leave. He was hurt when I chose to stay behind with Bruce.
Terry McGinnis: As his partner. [Gordon's grin widens] His girlfriend? [Gordon's grin widens even further, leaving McGinnis shocked] Whoa!
Barbara Gordon: On the street, it was like ballet. We were the perfect duo.

Terry McGinnis: Why do you hate him so much?
Barbara Gordon: No, I don't hate him. I hate what he's become. Such a great man... so alone.

Batman: [after Barbara used a batarang to disarm Curare] I guess you never lose the touch. How'd it feel?
Barbara Gordon: Like old times. You better go. It wouldn't look good if... [turns to see Batman gone] Like old time alright.

Terry McGinnis: You should have seen her, Bruce. She sure swings a mean batarang.
Bruce Wayne: [smiles] She always did.

Ascension [1.13]

Paxton Powers: "No more pollution." How do they expect us to make a profit?

Derek Powers: You animals! [grabs Mendez] You want to talk about poison?! [laughs] I AM POISON!
Bruce Wayne: Let him go.
Derek Powers: Old man, I've been waiting to do this for years! [attacks him]

Batman: You okay?
Bruce Wayne: I'm fine...Batman.

[Batman destroys the Bat-Signal after Paxton used it to call him out]
Batman: Next time, use email.

Terry McGinnis: Do you think he was born this way?
Bruce Wayne: Do you remember when Powers was exposed to nerve gas?
Terry McGinnis: Sure, I remember. I threw it.
Bruce Wayne: Powers would have been treated with radiation. That, combined with the gas, may have mutated him into this.
Terry McGinnis: You mean...I made him that?
Bruce Wayne: You may have, in part.
Terry McGinnis: Good.
[Bruce glares]
Terry McGinnis: Hey, this guy had my father murdered and all he's done since is hide from the law. Well, no more hiding for Mr. Derek Powers. Now everyone can see him for what he is...Even in the dark.

Bruce Wayne: Careful, Terry, you're sounding a little too vindictive.

Blight: [being stalked from the shadows by Batman] Why do you persist in tormenting me?! All I want is to be left alone!
Batman: Can't let you run around like this. We've got rules about radioactive waste. And besides, this is personal.
Blight: Who are you?!
Batman: [pauses] You really want to know?
Blight: Yes!
Batman: [enters] You killed my father.
[Slight pause]
Blight: Do you have the slightest idea how little that narrows it down?
Batman: Too bad. That's all you'll ever get.

Paxton Powers: Did you really expect me to believe you'd ever give me power? That I'd ever have an ounce of control as long as you were alive? You taught me by example, Dad. The only way to get power is to seize it!

Blight: PAXTON! [last words]

Batman: You made a bad enemy tonight.
Paxton Powers: What are you going to do? Testify against me in that mask?
Batman: Oh, I wasn't talking about me. I'm the least of your worries.
[He indicates the news program, which states that Blight's body has not been found]
Paxton Powers: So, he melted with the sub.
Batman: Sure he did.

Season 2


Splicers [2.1]

Teenager: Splicing is like establishing myself as an individual, you know, just like all my friends!

Dr. Abel Cuvier: I want to assure everyone that splicing is safe, reversible, and more importantly, utterly beautiful. I was the first test subject, and as you can see, I'm perfectly fine.
Terry McGinnis: Perfectly creepy is more like it.

Matt McGinnis: Hey Mom, can I get spliced? I want to be a real wolf man for Halloween!

Terry McGinnis: You're lucky I'm late for school, twip.

Batman: So will you petting zoo rejects be needing a doctor?...or a vet?

Bruce Wayne: Cuvier would be deadlier than ever now that he is being hunted. [He sees a claw on Terry's costume] What's this? Hmm?
Terry McGinnis: One of Cuvier's claws. Too bad we can't use it to find him.
Bruce Wayne: We can't. [They turned to see Ace staring at them]

Batman: Look, wonder-dog, I don't like you, and you don't like me, but how 'bout cuttin' me a break this one time? Bad guy. You find, me stop. Got it?

Ramrod: We tried to kill DA Young, but Batman...
Dr. Abel Cuvier: Forget Batman! It was your weakness that ruined my plan!

Batman: Good bad dog.

[After Batman shoots Tigress and turns her back to normal]
Ramrod: What did you do to her?
Batman: Let's just say I put the cat out.
Ramrod: No! I'll never go back to being a nobody!
[Batman tries to fire but is out of antidote needles; Ramrod charges and Batman grabs Ramrod by his nose ring and throw him to the statues, neither aware that while Cuvier starts splicing himself]
Batman: [While reloading the cure inside the gun] Have a dose of reality, pal. You're gonna need it.
[Shoots Ramrod and turns himself back to normal, then notices Cuvier's shadow heading towards the next room; he walks down and creeps up against the walls]
Batman: I fixed your pets, Doc! Now, it's just you and me! So come out and fight me, man to freakshow!

Dr. Cuvier: [as a powerful spliced hybrid] Look at me! The abilities of the entire animal kingdom are at my command! What can one blind little bat do against that?
Batman: The best I can.

Batman: [Before Cuvier in his spliced form tries to kill Ace, which Batman intervenes] Don't touch my dog!

Earth Mover [2.2]

Batman: You're getting a little ahead of me.
Bruce: Don't you read the news? It was only ten years ago.
Batman: I was seven.
Bruce: Oh.

Bruce Wayne: Interesting.
Terry McGinnis: "Interesting?" That's all you can say? It was unbelievable!
Bruce Wayne: A word I rarely use.

Bruce Wayne: What did you find out from your friend Jackie?
Terry McGinnis: Not much, only that Wallace isn't her real father.
Bruce Wayne: Not her father. Now that's, promising.

Jackie Wallace: If I spent as much time studying as I do practicing my cheers, I'd actually have an education by now.
Dana Tan: A girl's gotta have her priorities.

Batman: Where do I start?
Bruce: Well we've got a rough idea where the house is, and we know the underground rivers can take you almost anywhere in the city. That's the good news.
Batman: And the bad news?
Bruce: Everything else.

Jackie Wallace: My father...
Batman: He's not your father. Not really, he's... a ghost.

Joyride [2.3]

Pilot 1: Ha, ha, ha! First thing they're going to do when they get back to Gotham is tell their buds that martians are coming.
Pilot 2: Second thing. First they got to get their pants cleaned.

Coe: It is a U.F.O., isn't it?
Scab: Wake up, Coe! All the writing's in English.
Coe: You can read?!

Scab: I know what this thing is.
Coe: What?
Scab: Ours.

Batman: I think it's some sort of military vehicle: real fast and maneuverable.
Bruce Wayne: So stop them.
Batman: That's easy for you to say.

Batman: [after telling Coe that his "bros" left him] Look's like you're an only child now.

Lost Soul [2.4]

Bruce Wayne : I had to shut down the computer when Vance’s program tried to get in. If you want out of the cave, you're going to have to do it the old-fashioned way.
Terry McGinnis: You're kidding.
Bruce Wayne: None of the Robins ever complained.

Bruce Wayne: Terry, it's only the suit that's out of commission. Not Batman.

Dana Tan: Doesn't look so bad from up here.
Terry McGinnis: What?
Dana Tan: The city. Kinda reminds me of the Milky Way.
Terry McGinnis: Yeah, the Milky Way, but with psychopaths.

Dana Tan: Manual? On an elevator?!

Robert Vance: [voice gradually regresses from adult to a high child's tone and then to baby talk] Five hundred megs! A thousand kilobytes! Pi "R" squared! Two plus two equals four. Me first! I wanna play. One potato...two potato...Mama papa...Mama!

Hidden Agenda [2.5]

Tayko: Ooh, look who's playing hall monitor!
Batman: Care to explain what you're doing on school grounds?

Trey: [looking for Max] Come out, come out, wherever you...
[Max is right there, and hits him over the head with a garden pipe - unfortunately, only breaking the pipe]
Trey: Why, you little...

Terry McGinnis: This could work out after all.
Max Gibson: Just one thing, McGinnis. You ever call me "Robin", and I'm out of here.
Terry McGinnis: No problem... Alfred.
Max Gibson: [confused] "Alfred?"

Bloodsport [2.6]

Bruce Wayne: Those cars are stolen.
Terry McGinnis: I guess that's my cue.
[Terry is on the ground being attacked.]
Bruce Wayne: Oh, and Terry, there was one other thing.
Terry McGinnis: [grunting] Yeah?
Bruce Wayne: Your mother called. She wants you to pick up some milk on the way home.
Terry McGinnis: [grunting] Milk?

Terry McGinnis: You should see this place. Antiques. Relics. You'd be right at home.
Bruce Wayne: Cute.

Pie Joker: Your money or a pie!
Terry McGinnis: Some other time.
[Terry hits him in the gut, then by Stalker pushing his head into the pie with his foot while running after Terry]
Pie Joker: That's not funny, man!

[Matt McGinnis has been captured by the Stalker.]
Matt McGinnis: What're you gonna do, mister? Cut out my heart? Eat my liver?
Stalker: Don't be dramatic. You are merely bait.

Matt McGinnis: Freaky. What happened to your back?
Stalker: A hunting accident. The panther was wounded. And I was careless.
[flashback: a panther pounces on him and mauls him]
Matt McGinnis: Ouch.
Stalker: My back was broken in five places. They had to replace my spine. [flashback of him in the operating room] The operation was excruciating. [He screams in pain as they operate on his spine, then you see him hanging from the ceiling] But it artificially enhanced my strength and reflexes. After I recovered, I went back. And with my bare hands, got my revenge. [flashback: he kills the panther that mauled him in direct combat] It was easy... too easy. I had become so powerful, no prey could challenge me. To one who lives for the thrill of the hunt, this was a tragedy. My life was over, until I heard that the legendary Batman had returned.

[sees Batman as the panther]
Stalker: You're a devil! Stay back!

Matt McGinnis: Weird. What happened to him?
Batman: He was running from his own demons. Looks like they finally caught him.

Once Burned [2.7]

Bruce Wayne: Ah to be young again...and gullible!

Melanie Walker: If you hate me, I understand. What I did to you before, I didn't have a choice. It was between you and my family.
Terry McGinnis: We always have a choice, Melanie.

Matt McGinnis: What are you doing here in the dark?
Terry McGinnis: Watching the sunset.
Matt McGinnis: That was an hour ago.
Terry McGinnis: They're going to do an instant replay.
Matt McGinnis: Really? [stares out the window).
Matt McGinnis: "Instant replay," yeah right!
Terry McGinnis: Twip.

Bernie: [gets hit] Ow! What was that for?
Tyrus Block: For saying, "I told you so!"
Bernie: But I didn't!
Tyrus Block: Well you were gonna!

Hooked Up [2.8]

Max Gibson: Rough night?
Terry McGinnis: Aren't they all [yawns]
Max Gibson: Maybe you need someone out there with you. You could do worse you know.
Terry McGinnis: Forget it.
Max Gibson: Why should you have all the fun?
Terry McGinnis: Max, it's not fun.
Max Gibson: What? Flying, intrigue, power? Yeah, you're right. It's a drag.

Terry McGinnis: How do I tell her no?
Bruce Wayne: You're asking me for advice on handling women?
Terry McGinnis: Ah. I see your point.

[after meeting Donny's abusive father, Max looks over a credit receipt she lifted from his bedroom]
Max Gibson: "V.R. Room." It's an arcade downtown. Donny was spending his creds escaping reality.
Terry McGinnis: I can't imagine why.

Max Gibson: [to Bruce after knocking Terry out] Whoever you are, when he wakes up, tell him I'm sorry.

Terry McGinnis: I can't believe I got her involved in this!
Bruce Wayne: Now you sound like Batman.
Terry McGinnis: What?
Bruce Wayne: I've been right where you are. More times than I care to count, and like you said, there's no way you could've stopped her.

Terry McGinnis: You can't live your life in a fantasy world.
Max Gibson: Why not?! What's so great about reality?!

Rats! [2.9]

Terry McGinnis: Dana, I have responsibilities now. My mom and brother depend on me. What do you want?
Dana Tan: Someone who occasionally will be there for me.

Batman: Keep it down, Stan. We're in a library.
Mad Stan: You think this is a joke? Look around, Batman. Society's crumbling, and do you know why?
Batman: Too many overdue books?
Mad Stan: Information overload, man! As a society, we're drowning in a quagmire of vid-clips, e-mail, and sound bites. We can't absorb it all! There's only one sane solution: blow it up!

Batman: [after Mad Stan throws him into a wall and he lands on his back on the ground] For this, I'm missing a date?

Dana Tan: Adios, Ratboy.

Batman: Big rodent problem.

Batman: Let's blow this mouse house.

Mind Games [2.10]

Terry McGinnis: Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton...
Max Gibson: Yeah?
Terry McGinnis: Uh, I can't remember the next one.
Max Gibson: Come on, Clinton was the fun one, then came the boring one.

Terry McGinnis: Where are you?
Tamara: In a boat.
Terry McGinnis: Where's the boat?
Tamara: In the water.
Terry McGinnis: Where in the water?
Tamara: I don't know!

Bombshell: I don't expect you to understand, but we have your best interest in mind. You're a gifted girl, Tamara, just like me. While others can only tap into 10% of their brains, we can go deeper. It's what separates us from them.

Batman: By the way, what's the creepy lady's power?
Tamara: I don't know, but they call her "Bombshell".
Batman: Oh, that's encouraging.

Max Gibson: I love it! Ghost Girl ends up saving your butt!
Terry McGinnis: I'd call it a mutual butt-saving situation.
Max Gibson: Whatever.

Revenant [2.11]

Batman: Okay, Casper. I can't believe I'm saying this, but you want Nelson, you have to go through me.

Nelson Nash: What do you need to contact a dead guy for? Wouldn't you rather have a live one...Like me?
[girls move the ouija board to no]
Chelsea Cunningham: The board has spoken, creep!
[The girls laugh]
Nelson Nash: Oh yeah? [kicks the board away] Well, now Nelson has spoken.

[Terry is unable to remember who Garrison Jacobs is]

Dana Tan: Where have you been for the last two weeks? In a cave?
Terry McGinnis: Umm... [shrugs]

Terry McGinnis: An invisible boy in the girl's locker room. Why didn't I think of that?
Dana Tan: What?
Terry McGinnis: Uh... never mind.

Bruce Wayne: These people believe that anything they can't explain is magic.
Terry McGinnis: And naturally you don't believe in that kind of thing.
Bruce Wayne: Of course I do. I've seen it all. Demons, witchboys, immortals, zombies... but this thing, I dunno, it just feels so... so high school.

Willie Watt: What are you saying? That I snuck out of juvie and paid the school a visit?
Terry McGinnis: In a way.
Willie Watt: [looks kind of surprised for a second and turns away] I don't know what you're talking about.
Terry McGinnis: [sarcastically] I'm sure. [throws a glass of water at Willie and it stops in midair as Willie sees it coming towards him] That incident at the pier. It left you with some kind of psychokinetic ability, didn't it?
Willie Watt: A gift from my friend, the GoLeM.

Bruce Wayne: [talking about Willie Watt] He's drawn to the school, it's an obsession.
Terry McGinnis: Your area of expertise.

[after Barbara has closed the school]
Terry McGinnis: You're a hero to my people.
Barbara Gordon: You better be right about this one, kid.

Babel [2.12]

Terry McGinnis: How did you know Robin would get there in time to save you?
Bruce Wayne: I didn't.
Terry McGinnis: Then for all you knew, you were walking into a trap with no way out.
Bruce Wayne: Sometimes you have to.

[Ollie using the "Fork")
Ollie: [muffled] Much better.

[over the phone]
Barbara Gordon: You're out of your mind!
Shriek: Duh!

Barbara Gordon: He wants Batman. That's his price.
Bruce Wayne: If he wants Batman, he can have me.

[watching the ungrateful citizens demand that Batman surrender himself to Shriek on the news]
Bruce Wayne: Spineless fools.

Shriek: This isn't how I wanted it! You were supposed to give yourself up to me!
Batman: You should have gotten it in writing!

Bruce Wayne: I wouldn't blame you if you stayed home. Not after what all those ingrates have been saying.
Terry McGinnis: I didn't get into this for gratitude. I have a feeling you didn't either.

Bruce Wayne: Tell me, what if you hadn't figured out how Shriek was using the towers? Would you have handed yourself over to him at midnight?
Terry McGinnis: In case you haven't noticed, we've got a suit to repair here.

Terry's Friend Dates a Robot [2.13]

Terry McGinnis: Are you nuts? This is the boy's locker room!
Max Gibson: Yeah, I can smell the mildew!

Louie: You ought to look into getting a synthoid, bat-freak! It'd give you something to do on Friday night!

Howard Groote: These things happen! We can still be friends!
[Batman groans and puts a hand over his eyes]
Cynthia: Friends? FRIENDS?!
[she starts to crackle with electricity]
Howard Groote: Wrong thing to say?
Batman: Is it ever the right thing?

Terry McGinnis: Woah...what the heck happened?
Dana Tan: The party peaked early.

Eyewitness [2.14]

Mad Stan: You're all infected with the disease of bureaucracy! But I know the cure, man! All of you must be destroyed! All of you!

Barbara Gordon: When he comes, you have to hand him over.
Bruce Wayne: If you take him in, it'll expose his secret. And mine. And yours.
Barbara Gordon: What other choice do I we have? Believe me, I'm acutely aware of the ramifications. I have a husband running for reelection. How long do you think that'll last once this hits the Web? No one can protect us this time, Bruce. He went too far.

Barbara Gordon: Yes?
Bruce Wayne: It's me.
Barbara Gordon: You're not authorized to use this frequency. Get off it. Now!
Bruce Wayne: Barbara, you have to listen to me.
Barbara Gordon: Wrong. Those days are long gone, Bruce.

Bruce Wayne: By the way, have you heard about your so-called victim?
Terry McGinnis: Mad Stan? Did they finally find him?
Bruce Wayne: [smiles] Oh, yes.
[cut to Stan in front of City Hall]
Mad Stan: [laughing manically] Finally, an end to the bureaucratic nightmare!
[He hits his triggers, and City Hall blows up]
Mad Stan: No more graft! No more payoffs! NO MORE JURY DUTY!
[dissolve to outside Spellbinder's virtual reality booth, where the police are looking at Mad Stan, still laughing maniacally]
Policeman: Wonder what he's so happy about.

Final Cut [2.15]

Max Gibson: Specs on this model say the signal has a range of only two miles.
Terry McGinnis: Well, how does that help us find the bomb?
Max Gibson: This is why you should try to pay attention in geometry, McGinnis. Look: he reset the timer once here, where you met him; he was going to meet you at the park, so he would have had to set it there. And he must have set it at least once from the hotel...
[the radii from the 3 points overlap in only one small area]
Max Gibson: And voila! Math is once again your friend.

Max Gibson: How do you do it?
Terry McGinnis: Do what?
Max Gibson: This hero thing?
Terry McGinnis: It's easier for me. I've got the suit.
Max Gibson: No. How do you save the world... [excitedly] and not tell anybody?!
Terry McGinnis: I can tell you. You can tell me. That's why I'm glad you found out...partner.

The Last Resort [2.16]

Terry McGinnis: Let me see if I got all this: Jurgen is breaking up with Blades so he can see Chris, but Chris is interested in Eric, who doesn't want to date anybody. Now wait a minute, that doesn't sound like Eric to me.
Max Gibson: It's not. You're thinking of the other Eric.
Terry McGinnis: Aw, man, there's two of them now?
Max Gibson: See how important these little updates are? Without them, people would start wondering why you don't know what's going on at school anymore.
Terry McGinnis: I should just tell them I'm busy chasing renegade synthoids and living heads.
Max Gibson They wouldn't believe it.
Terry McGinnis: Neither do I.

[As Batman listens in with his fingertip microphones]
Dr. David Wheeler: ...easiest thing in the world, being a teenager: you get up, you go to school, you come home, and you do your homework. How do you mess that up? Yet all of you did, in one way or another ― and now I have to clean up that mess!
Batman: He's been going on like this for hours, telling them how worthless they are, and how only he can help them. Won't even let 'em go to the bathroom!
Bruce Wayne: Sleep deprivation, endless harangues; it's classic brainwashing. Some cults do it. It's also occasionally used on prisoners of war.
Batman: And Wheeler's doing it to kids.

Terry McGinnis: What do we need more evidence for? You taped the feed from my fingertip mikes, didn't you? All you gotta do is take it to the authorities.
Bruce Wayne: And what do I say when they ask me where I got it? A little bat left it on my front porch?
Terry McGinnis: [realizes] Oh. You still got that plastic mini vid-cam? The one you can take through a metal detector?
Bruce Wayne: I've got it, but you're not thinking of...
Terry McGinnis: Some jobs are just too tough for Batman. That's when Terry McGinnis swings into action!

Chelsea Cunningham: Listen, there's a lot of weird stuff going on here.
Terry McGinnis: I know. Hold on a second.
[takes out his mini-camera and switches it on]
Terry McGinnis: Okay, go.
Chelsea Cunningham: The sleep thing's just the beginning, Terry. He's trying to break our will, turn us all into little robots. Wheeler's got this thing they call "ISO". Short for "isolation". It's total sense deprivation - no light, no sound. He uses it on the kids who don't get with the program. It...It... [starts breaking down] Terry, you've got to get me out of here!
Terry McGinnis: That's gonna happen, Chels. Just as soon as someone I know sees this vid. In the meantime, just try to stay schway for another day or two, okay?
Chelsea Cunningham: I'll try.

[Sean holds Wheeler over a long drop]
Batman: No!
Sean Miller: Stay out of this!
Batman: You've made your point! This place is crashed and Wheeler's going to jail!
Sean Miller: I don't care! The only reason I went along with it was cause I was hoping I could get a chance for this!
Batman: Don't you get it? You helped save everyone! You're a hero now!
Sean Miller: A hero? [laughs cruelly]
[Sean drops Wheeler]

Bruce Wayne: I got worried when you didn't come back.
Terry McGinnis: Bet you brought one of your old Batsuits with you.
Bruce Wayne: You'll never know.

Bruce Wayne: I hope you don't think this place was typical.
Terry McGinnis: No. But I sure wish we didn't need them.
Bruce Wayne: I know.
[They both sadly watch as Sean gets loaded into a police car]
Bruce Wayne: I know.

Armory [2.17]

Dana Tan: Talk, talk, talk. Let's dance.

Terry McGinnis: So the judge was lenient, I'm glad.
Jared Tate: My dad cooperated in every way. Of course, he won't be home for a while, and there's that fine...
Terry McGinnis: Yeah, I heard you lost the car.
Jared Tate: You meet more interesting people on public transportation.
Maxine Gibson: You know, I've got my sister's car while she's out of town. You ever need a ride, I'm there.
Terry McGinnis: You never made that offer to me.
Max Gibson: Maybe 'cause you're spoiled.

Sneak Peek [2.18]

Bruce Wayne: City Hall? Better be careful.
Terry McGinnis: Always am.
Bruce Wayne: Yes, but you've never had to face politicians before.

Terry McGinnis: Come on, Mom. It's just entertainment.
Mary McGinnis: You wouldn't find it so entertaining if you were on the receiving end.

Terry McGinnis: I'm saying that you, or someone who works for you, figured out a way of moving through walls.
Ian Peek: Moving through walls? If I could do that, I'd be a very rich reporter.
Terry McGinnis: You are.

Bruce Wayne: I always assumed I'd be found out sooner or later. It's just galling that a piece of garbage like Peek had to be the one.

Terry McGinnis: I don't care what you do to me. But he doesn't deserve this. He's done too much for this city to wind up in the middle of a media circus.
Ian Peek: He means a lot to you, doesn't he?
Terry McGinnis: Yeah, he does.
Ian Peek: I believe you. I really do. That's the trouble with this business. You meet so many liars you forget what sincerity sounds like. Want to say it all again while I've got the camera rolling?

Terry McGinnis: I thought you said it wouldn't be entertaining if you were on the receiving end.
Mary McGinnis: Yeah, well, what do I know?

[In response to a man who have acknowledged Terry's identity as Batman]
Terry McGinnis: Mom, Matt, there's something I need to tell you.
Mary McGinnis: After the show, dear.
Terry McGinnis: No! It can't wait! I-I'm... Batman.
[Matt and Mary laugh]
Terry McGinnis: Seriously, I am!
Mary McGinnis: Terry, please!

Terry McGinnis: What's gonna happen to him?
Bruce Wayne: My guess? He'll keep right on falling till he reaches the center of the Earth. It's about as "inside" as you can get.

The Eggbaby [2.19]

Terry McGinnis: What does she want with rubies?
Bruce Wayne: I don't know, but I'll bet she's not making slippers.
Terry McGinnis: Slippers, from rubies?!
Bruce Wayne: Before your time.

Bruce Wayne: What I need from you is...
[School bell rings]
Terry McGinnis: It'll have to wait till tonight. I got to get to class. It's family studies, and I'm failing.
[Comlink goes offline, Bruce faces his dog, Ace]
Bruce Wayne: How does someone fail family studies?

[Eggbaby is crying over the comlink]
Bruce Wayne: What's going on there? Is that a baby?
Terry McGinnis: Um.
Bruce Wayne: You brought a baby with you?
Terry McGinnis: It's not what you think, really.
Bruce Wayne: Terry, is there something you need to tell me?

Garbage Man 1: Was that Batman? Dumpster diving?
Garbage Man 2: A fella's got to eat.

Nelson Nash: Something's wrong. He's not eating! Why isn't he eating?
Terry McGinnis: Maybe because you're trying to feed him through his nose.

Max Gibson: Here's the bio and civics.
Nelson Nash: Thanks, hon. What about the math?
Max Gibson: It's coming, keep your shirt on.
Terry McGinnis: I get it. You're doing his homework so you don't have to take care of the baby.
Max Gibson: We opted for the traditional marriage: one breadwinner, one homemaker.
Nelson Nash: Beats Algebra.

Blade Sommer: And how's our little A+ doing?
Terry McGinnis: He's sleeping. You'll hardly know when he's around.
Blade Sommer: Forget it! Jurgen has this new vid I wanna check out. [leaves]
Terry McGinnis: I want a divorce!

Bruce Wayne: Do you have to keep lugging that thing around with you?
Terry McGinnis: I need the grade.
Bruce Wayne: Even real parents with real children find ways to get away for a night.
Terry McGinnis: I tried leaving it with my mom but she said she was too young to be a grandma.
Bruce Wayne: What about your brother?
Terry McGinnis: I tried that too, and I caught him shooting rubber bands at it. Hey, you know maybe you could...
[Bruce turns and glares at Terry]
Terry McGinnis: Never mind.

Terry McGinnis: The poor kid's going to cry until he shuts down.
Bruce Wayne: Its cries are computer-generated right?
Terry McGinnis: Yeah, so?
Bruce Wayne: That would mean the cries would have certain quantifiable digital properties.
Terry McGinnis: Then I can set the Batmobile to scan for it, can't I?
Bruce Wayne: Uh huh. Unless they've already made an omelette out of him.
Terry McGinnis: Oh, hey!

Ma Mayhem: This is getting old, Batman.
Batman: Look who's talking.

Carl: But Ma, dad's not dead. He just ran off with... [she hits him]
Ma Mayhem: Don't ever talk that way about your father!

Ma Mayhem: [holding the Eggbaby] Here, give it to Mama! It kind of reminds me of when you two were little... [Eggbaby continues crying] Get rid of it!

Zeta [2.20]

Max Gibson: [after hearing about the influence of genetics on behavior] But, what about free will? I mean, I'm not going to believe that everything I am was completely decided before I was born.

Terry McGinnis: Is being Batman just giving me a suspicious nature?
Max Gibson: Yes.

Zeta: I was created for one purpose - to destroy. I do not wish to destroy anymore.

Max Gibson: [after Zeta removes his weapons] Now, isn't that a load off your chest?
[Zeta doesn't respond]
Max Gibson: We'll work on your sense of humor too.

Zeta: I decide who I want to be.

Plague [2.21]

Batman: After you.
Stalker: You don't trust me?
Batman: You were out to kill me, remember?
Stalker: There are worse things than an honorable death.
Batman: Betcha it's a short list.

[Batman subdues Falseface after seeing through his disguise as Nelson Nash]
Falseface: How did you know?
Batman: Not enough pimples.

Falseface: You think my face looks bad? Wait till I'm done with yours.

Falseface: [in pain from the virus] Impossible. After all I've done, Kobra wouldn't...they couldn't...
Batman: What did you expect from a pack of vipers?

Batman: You risk your neck to save me.
Stalker: It was not your time. When you die, it will be by my hand, and my hand alone.
Batman: Thanks. I...guess.

April Moon [2.22]

Terry McGinnis: That's the best you can do?
Bruce Wayne: I'm only human.
Terry McGinnis: I keep forgetting.

Dr. Peter Corso: Flaky flakes? They're for children aren't they?
April Corso: I have a feeling you've never tried them, even when you were a child yourself.
Peter Corso: It's that obvious, huh?

Bullwhip: Don't just repair me. Make me stronger, less vulnerable too. And don't hold back understand?
Dr. Peter Corso: [coldly] I understand. No holding back.

Sentries of the Last Cosmos [2.23]

Terry McGinnis: So get this, my school counselor says my problem is I lack direction.
Bruce Wayne: Go to the hall of records, I'm showing a break-in at their databank.
Terry McGinnis: Somehow I don't think that's what she meant by direction.

Max Gibson: Do you think there's a connection?
Terry McGinnis: Is Jar-Jar lame?

Cory Cavalieri: Hey! Watch it!
Nelson Nash: Or what? You're gonna bop me with a flaming sword? Get a life.

Batman: That's all you can find for Eldon Michaels? An address?
Bruce: I searched everywhere for information about him. I found nothing. Not even a birthday.
Batman: Maybe he really is from outer space.

[Batman got shot by a lazer gun on the chest and a batarang hit Eldon Michaels's gun away from his hand]
Eldon Michaels: Ow! That hurt!
Batman: "Ow! That hurt?"

Batman: What this, a word processor?
Eldon Michaels: It's a TYPEWRITER. IT belonged to Philip K. Dick, the greatest writer who ever lived?
Batman: You're a writer?
Eldon Michaels: Well duh!

Bruce Wayne: It's not easy to give up being God.
Batman: I guess you'd know.

Eldon Michaels: It all started a long, long time ago, in a cosmos far from Earth...

Payback [2.24]

Bruce Wayne: You know, we did do detective work before there was a net.

Dr. Stanton: It sounds to me that Mr. Wayne really does respect you but that he has a hard time showing it.
Terry McGinnis: Why do you think that is?
Dr. Stanton: Maybe some trauma in his past.

Bruce: Why weren't you watching your back?
Batman: I was too busy watching my front. Am I supposed to have eyes everywhere?
Bruce: Only if you want to live to a ripe old age.
Batman: You don't make it sound too inviting.

Payback: You're a mean old man, you know that?
Bruce: Mm-hmm. And what are you?
Payback: I'm your worst nightmare!
Bruce: You have no idea what my nightmares are like.

Bruce Wayne: By the way, exactly what did you say in that group to get Payback so mad at me? You must've given quite a convincing performance.
Terry McGinnis: Who said anything about performing?

Where's Terry? [2.25]

Terry McGinnis: So what'd you think of it, Howard?
Howard Groote: Been there, done that.
Max Gibson: He was talking about the movie, Howard, not the snack bar.

Bruce Wayne: Have you seen anything?
Max Gibson: No.
Bruce Wayne: Then why do I need you?
Max Gibson: Have you seen anything? [Bruce scowls]

Max Gibson: I'm staying. I want to find Terry, too.
Bruce Wayne: Go home.
Max Gibson: Make me.
[Bruce stares]

Batman: Who do you want to be?
Dak: Maybe Blight or Spellbinder. Or somebody in the Royal Flush Gang.
Batman: Are you serious?
Dak: Hey, they did what they wanted and didn't let anyone tell them what to do!

Dak: What are you doing?
Batman: My explosives.
Dak: You sure this is going to work? I mean, if you use too much you could blow up...
Batman: You think Blight would've worried about something like that?

Batman: I don't even know your name.
Dak: It's "Dak."
Batman: Dak? It sounds like a throat lozenge.

Dak: Idiot. Nobody sacrifices their life for someone else. Not in this world.
Shriek: You don't know Batman.

Bruce Wayne: Why do they always talk so much?

Ace in the Hole [2.26]

Bruce Wayne: What did he do to you, boy?

Season 3


King's Ransom [3.1]

Queen: Brilliant! Another plan that can't fail! Father was right about you! Oh, he had you pegged!
King: Shut up!
Queen: You're nothing but empty bluff!
King: You think I'm bluffing? YOU THINK I'M BLUFFING?!
[he raises his sword]
Paxton Powers: No! Wait! I do have some valuables! Gold and jewels!
King: Ah, the pustule pops.

Bruce Wayne: What kept you?
Batman: They had an Ace in the hole.
Bruce Wayne: Luckily, so did I.

King: Donna, my dear, I-I can explain!
Queen: Explain what? That you're a lying philanderer? That you've destroyed our family? That I've wasted the best years of my life on you?
King: Nothing I ever did was good enough for Your Royal Highness! Well, I want out, and no one's going to stop me!

King: I couldn't stand it anymore! The constant comparison! Do you have any idea what it's like living in someone's shadow?!
Batman: Actually, I can relate.

Melanie Walker: I got a job for you. A real job. That is, if you don't mind washing dishes?
Jack Walker: Are you kidding? I was the best dishwasher in juvie hall!

Paxton Powers: Kill Bruce Wayne? They're lying, I tell you! Bruce Wayne's my mentor! He's like a father to me!
Barbara Gordon: Except he doesn't glow in the dark.
Paxton Powers: Hey, I resent that! Where's my lawyer? I'll sue! I'll own this place when I'm through with you! You're all gonna work for the sanitation department!
Melanie Walker: [to Jack] Let's get out of here.

Untouchable [3.2]

Guard 1: [After seeing the Repeller] Get a load of the freak in long johns.
Guard 2: You really haven't been in Gotham long, have you, kid?

Dr. Blades: What makes you think that you can rummage through my files like you own the place?
Bruce Wayne: Because I do. Bruce Wayne.

Dana Tan: Boys. They always want the unobtainable, and they're always willing to sacrifice what they already have to get it!

Bruce Wayne: Anything broken?
Batman: If I said yes, could I go home?
Bruce Wayne: No.

Bruce Wayne: When I was younger, women used to throw themselves at my feet all the time.
Terry McGinnis: What'd you do?
Bruce Wayne: I stepped over them.
Terry McGinnis: Smooth.
Bruce Wayne: I thought so.

[Batman draws a batarang]
Dr. Suzuki: Haven't we danced this waltz before?
Batman: Humor me.

Batman: Titanium. The strongest alloy known to man. It's unbreakable.
Repeller: Nothing's unbreakable if you apply enough force!

Inqueling [3.3]

Batman: He expects me to work even harder while he's gone!
Max Gibson: Why?
Batman: He always thinks something bad's going to happen the minute he leaves town. [sky lights up] And somehow he's always right.

Batman: Inque! Last time I saw you, you were washed away in a storm!
Inque: And now I'm rainwater fresh, Batman!

Terry McGinnis: She was in the Batcave once.
Max Gibson: That's more than I can say.

Max Gibson: Bruce Wayne. Some father figure.
Batman: Maybe she's not so far off.

Inque: [dissolving] After all I gave you... how could you have turned out like this?
Deanna Clay: You never gave me anything except money, mother. How did you expect me to turn out?

Big Time [3.4]

Terry McGinnis: Guys, this is Charlie "Big Time" Bigelow. Charlie was always scheming about how he was going to make it big and the name stuck.
Charlie Bigelow: And T.T. is Tiny Terry, 'cause he was always thinking small.

Terry McGinnis: Dana, you remember Charlie?
Dana Tan: I remember who he is. Do you?

Terry McGinnis: A job, Charlie? I have a life now. School, a real job. And you just got out of jail. You know how long they'll throw you back for number two? Don't you wanna do anything with your life?
Charlie Bigelow: Hey, ease up, Tiny. You only have that nice life because of me. You owe me for playing your part down.

Bruce Wayne: No. I can't risk it.
Terry McGinnis: 'Cause he's an ex-con? You know about my record. You trust me with all this.
Bruce Wayne: You didn't spend three years in prison.
Terry McGinnis: That's right. He did and I didn't. All because I happened to be underage. He and I were the same, Bruce, only I caught a break. I just want to give him one too.

Karros: You sure you're ready for the big time, kid?
Charlie Bigelow: Are you kidding? Big Time's my middle name.

Terry McGinnis: Charlie was 18 and I was 14. My folks were breaking up and he and I were being angry kids, busting windows, shoplifting. Then Charlie decided to prove himself to this big gang and he dragged me along on a heist. I didn't even know what we were doing till he was climbin' in the window.
Max Gibson: But you went in, too?
Terry McGinnis: Never said I was bright. Next thing I knew, the cops were shouting "Freeze", and I was doing 90 days in juvie. That was a slap on the wrist next to Charlie. He was in prison for three years.
Max Gibson: And that's why you've been running around with guilt ever since he rolled into town. You don't owe him anything.
Terry McGinnis: He's my friend, Max. And he's gonna die if I don't do something.
Max Gibson: You're not going to bring him to his senses. He needs to do that himself.
Terry McGinnis: Maybe I can at least keep him alive until he does.

Out of the Past [3.5]

"Batman": I am vengeance...I am the night...I am...Batman!
Road Runner: (to the viewers) Listen, everybody. As we tell you The Legend of Batman The Musical Play.
Wile E. Coyote: (to the viewers reading with a tuxedo) In the city plagued by crime there is but one man dedicated to eradicating this disease, his name is Batman. (spotlights Batman singing)
"Batman": [singing] Batman!
Male Chorus: Batman!
Female Chorus: Batman!
Batman: There is a song the good folks sing!
Female Chorus and Robin: Song the good folks sing!
Male Chorus: Batman!
Batman: About a hero on the wing!
Female Chorus: Hero on the wing!
Male and Female Chorus: Batman!
Batman: I am Gotham's Darkest Knight, the villains' darkest fright, turn on the signal light, (with Male and Female Chorus) for Batman! Batman!
[wild applause]
Bruce Wayne: [to Terry] You hate me, don't you?
Terry McGinnis: Lighten up. It's your birthday.
Bruce Wayne: Don't remind me.
Terry McGinnis: C'mon, took me weeks to get tickets for this show. It's schway.
Bruce Wayne: It's schw-arbage. [gets up and leaves]

James Gordon: Good work, Caped Crusader! Once again, you've saved our fair city from those vile miscreants!
Batman: They were no problem, Commissioner! For as we all know, criminals are...[singing] A superstitious cowardly lot! They plan and plot but they always get caught!
Gordon/Batman: Their evil plans all come to naught! (with Terry McGinnis singing) A superstitious cowardly lot!

Terry McGinnis: I've read a lot about you too. You're the daughter of Ra's al Ghul, one of the old man's worst enemies from way back. You helped Batman fight Ra's one last time in the Near-Apocalypse of '09. For the last couple of decades you been putting your father's money to work cleaning up the mess he made. Current residence is a two hundred acre estate on New Cuba.
[Bruce gives Terry a surprised look]
Terry McGinnis: What? Did you think I was down here playing vid-games?

Max Gibson: ETERNAL YOU-?
[She stops, remembering they're in a library as Terry pulls her aside]
Max Gibson: [whispering] Eternal youth?

Terry: I'll tell you right now: there's no way I'm wearing the Robin suit.

Talia al Ghul: Ra's al Ghul was a man of many contrasts. Leader, environmentalist-
Terry McGinnis: Sociopath.
[Talia brings up her ear, indicating she heard that]
Terry McGinnis: Sorry.

Ra's al Ghul: You always were the perfect specimen, Detective. Even old age has not softened you as much as I had feared.
Bruce Wayne: I should have known you'd cheat death again, Ra's.
Ra's al Ghul: I don't cheat death, I master it. Though I assure you, this time my longevity comes at a price most dear.
Bruce Wayne: Talia...
Ra's al Ghul: I did indeed survive our last battle, but my body was broken far beyond the pit's powers to heal. In order to save my life, I called upon Talia to undertake the ultimate act of loyalty.
Bruce Wayne: [outraged] You sacrificed her! Your own daughter!
Ra's al Ghul: I did what I had to do. At the time, this computer could only imprint my thoughts and memories on a close genetic match. But now this youthful form has served its purpose. I must move on to a new host body: yours!
Bruce Wayne: [sarcastically] Sure, Ra's, why not? Anything to hold off the Grim Reaper another few seconds. [contemptuous] I take it back. You don't cheat death - you whimper in fear of it.
Ra's al Ghul: SILENCE! [slaps Bruce]
Bruce Wayne: And you hit like a girl.

Ra's al Ghul: Don't waste your contempt on me, Detective. When Talia offered you youth again, you fairly drooled to take it. A simple blow to your ego. That staged incident with the flat tire was all I needed to ensnare you.
Bruce Wayne: I guess for a moment I was as weak as you, Ra's!
Ra's al Ghul: This computer will finally still that insolent tongue. I've refined it so I no longer need a genetic match. Your brainwaves will be purged as mine are implanted in their place. I shall return to Gotham in your stead, bringing with me proof, both written and genetic, that I am the long forgotten son of Bruce Wayne and Talia. How ironic that your company and holdings will fund my new empire.
[Batman slices through the machine with Batarangs, stopping the process]
Ra's al Ghul: No!
Batman: Lady, that is the sickest thing I've ever seen. You're creeping me out!
Bruce Wayne: You?! She kissed me!

[Ra's compound has just exploded and he, in Talia's body, was inside]:
Terry McGinnis: I'm going back! Maybe I can still save-
Bruce Wayne: [grabs his shoulder] Whatever was in there died years ago.

Bruce Wayne: [about Talia] She was a very special woman.
Terry McGinnis: The special woman?
Bruce Wayne: You going on patrol at some point tonight?
Terry McGinnis: [turns and walks away, donning his cowl] See you in the morning.
[Bruce looks at the screen with Talia's picture]
Bruce Wayne: Rest well, beloved.

Speak No Evil [3.6]

Terry McGinnis: Did you hear a scream?
Dana Tan: Hey, it's Gotham City. That's practically our theme song.

Fulton: [calling after the escaped gorilla] Fingers!
Batman: Fingers?
Fulton: My kids named him.

Fingers: Why can't you leave us alone? What have we ever done to you?

Taxi Driver: It must be hot in that costume.
Fingers: You get used to it.

Fingers: She was my mother!
James Van Dyle: To me, she was just another gorilla.

Bruce Wayne: He's a kindred spirit if I've ever seen one.

The Call [3.7-8]

Superman: Good to see you, Bruce.
Bruce Wayne: It's been a while.
Superman: You seem to be holding up pretty well.
Bruce Wayne: I could use some of that Kryptonian DNA.
Superman: You'll outlive us all, Bruce. You're too stubborn to die.
Bruce Wayne: [looks at Terry] What are you smiling at?
Terry McGinnis: Nothing.

Superman: Stick with Warhawk. He needs your help.
Batman: [sarcastically] Right. Warhawk. My good buddy.

Batman: Well, maybe Aquagirl. But I had to save her life to win her over.
Bruce Wayne: That's one way to make friends.

Bruce Wayne: This isn't the first time Superman's gone rogue. I made sure I’d be ready if it ever happened again. I always hoped I'd never have to use it.
Batman: Kryptonite. This…this could kill him, right?
Bruce Wayne: Do whatever it takes, but make sure you stop him.

[After seeing Superman betray them on a screen]
Barda: I don't believe it.
Aquagirl: It is hard to accept..
Barda: No, I mean I don't believe this thing.
Batman: It came straight off the Batmobile's recorder.
Barda: And that's supposed to convince me? I know even less about your vehicle than I do about you!
Batman: What reason would I have to make up any of this?
Barda: What reason would Superman have to kill Warhawk? It's easier for me to believe that you fabricated this.
Batman: Listen lady, I never asked to be part of this club. You people just came to me.
Barda: That was only Superman who came to you and now you're accusing him of murder! It doesn't make sense.
Batman: I know it doesn't, but we're never gonna get to the bottom of it unless you open your eyes and stop being so pigheaded!
Barda: Pigheaded?!

Big Barda: Let go of me, Lantern!
Green Lantern: Not until you calm down.
Warhawk: Yeah, Barda. Calm down. The kid's right.
Aquagirl: Warhawk! How did you-
Warhawk: I wasn't in the armor. I was operating it by remote. That's the only reason I'm not dust right now.
Green Lantern: Very shrewd. Not like you.
Batman: Tell me something: What made you decide to get out of the armor?
Warhawk: The emergency call...and me being the only one who got it. With everything that had been happening, I got suspicious. I told him not to tag along, but he disobeyed. I like that.

Warhawk: Fine, let him explain...and then I'll rip his arms off.

Green Lantern: You see those blue things?
Batman: [picking up a blue stone] What is it, food?
Green Lantern: Used to be.

Green Lantern: Whatever it is, it appears to have somehow embedded itself into his skin.
Batman: Any chance of getting it off?
Green Lantern: I must remind you, this not just one alien species before us, it's two, and I do not yet understand the subtleties of their interaction.
Warhawk: I'll take that as an "I don't know."

[Batman is in the Batmobile, being pursued by Superman.]
Batman: What's the top speed on this thing?
Bruce Wayne: Mach three.
Batman: Is that faster than a speeding bullet?

Big Barda: So, where should we boom them to? Deep space? The surface of the sun?
Superman: Barda, these creatures never asked to come here. We have no right to kill them.
Warhawk: Back to his old self, all right.

Big Barda: [inviting Batman to join the Justice League] Come on, it'll put you one up on the old Batman. He never made it past part-timer.
Superman: Yeah. He wasn't what you'd call a joiner.
Batman: Maybe he and I have something in common after all. [walks off]
Superman: More than you think, son. More than you think.

Betrayal [3.9]

Bruce Wayne: Terry, leave this to the police.
Terry McGinnis: Why should I do that?
Bruce Wayne: Because Charlie "Big Time" is your friend.
Terry McGinnis: Was my friend.

Terry McGinnis: Wait a minute. You're thinking I didn't do everything I could to stop him because he used to be my friend.
Bruce Wayne: I never said that.
Terry McGinnis: You didn't have to.

Terry McGinnis: You haven't told me what you think Max.
Max Gibson: You mean do I agree with the old man? That's not something I try not to make a habit of.
Terry McGinnis: Me too. The problem is he's usually right.

Max Gibson: Charlie was always a monster. Only now his outside matches his insides.

Bruce Wayne: What about the suit? Did he have it with him?
Max Gibson: He dropped it. I got it right here.
Bruce Wayne: I'll be right over.
[Max looks at the mask and her computer rings]
Bruce Wayne: Don't even think of putting it on.

Bruce Wayne: Terry, leave him to the police.
Terry McGinnis: You're starting to repeat yourself, you know that?

Bruce Wayne: I'm sorry, I know how hard it is to go against a friend.
Terry McGinnis: I outgrew him, that's all.

Curse of the Kobra [3.10-11]

Batman: What was he going to do to you?
Max Gibson: Turn me into a dinosaur.

Kairi Tanaga: Bruce was right: You've got the moves, kid, but you lack discipline. And you leave yourself open on the left side.

Terry McGinnis: What happened to your accent?
Kairi Tanaga: It helps sell fish.

Max Gibson: Eel juice?
Terry McGinnis: And brown rice and tofu.
Max Gibson: Mmm, tasty.
Terry McGinnis: Bruce is sending me to this old guru to brush up on my martial arts.
Max Gibson: Shway! You know, I could use some new moves myself. Ha! Hi-ya! You think this new guru could...?
[Terry drinks the eel smoothie and shudders]
Max Gibson: Never mind.

Terry McGinnis: No fair!
Kairi Tanaga: Fair? The only fair around here is in September. Deal with it!

Max Gibson: Today you will become a man, my son.

Max Gibson: [after beating Zander] Who's rad, who's bad, who's never been had?

Bruce Wayne: Max, get off the line! Some of us have work to do!
Batman: Ouch.
Max Gibson: Well excuse me for living! [sticks her tongue out]

Kairi Tanaga: He's in some kind of cult. I don't know which one, but they're grooming him to be their leader. I wanted to make sure he wouldn't abuse the power.
Bruce Wayne: So you figured you'd teach him Bushido.
Kairi Tanaga: He needed a code. A philosophy. A sense of right and wrong. It worked for the Samurai warriors.
Bruce Wayne: But obviously not for Zander.

Dr. Childes: I told you it would never work. I'll have her eliminated.
Zander: No! I like her. She's so different from these mindless automatons I'm surrounded by. She's... She's a person.
Dr. Childes: That's the problem.

Batman: I double-checked the address you gave me. It's a toxic waste company.
Bruce Wayne: Or so they say. Can you think of a better way to make people want to avoid the place?
Batman: Call it a high school?

Zander: Dinosaurs once ruled the world. They had strength, size...
Max Gibson: But they weren't too swift in the adaptability department, were they?
Zander: No. That's where humans came in.

Dr. Childes: She's rude, she's sarcastic, and she has absolutely no respect.
Batman: Gotta be Max.

Bruce Wayne: Don't blame yourself.
Terry McGinnis: Why not? It's my fault.
Bruce Wayne: I know, but blaming's not productive.

Batman: These people tried to raise you without family, or friends, or love. But you couldn't get along without those things, could you?
Zander: You're right. It was my weakness.

Kairi Tanaga: [last words] Keep your guard up, kid, particularly on your left side!

Countdown [3.12]

Mad Stan: You think these ideas are new? Forget it, man! It's the same old story. We're a push-button society. Technology makes our heads soft, our bodies weak, but I've got a new idea, Blow it up! Blow it up!

Mad Stan: We're slaves to the machine, Batman! Someone's got to stop the madness!

Ro: I saw the Royal Flush Gang. Yeah. And they were trashing City Hall along with Inque and Blight and a gazillion Jokerz.
Emergency Operator: Kid, this line is for emergency calls only! You don't want to get in trouble, do you?
Ro: I'm already in trouble! I need Batman! Come on! You got him in a closet there, don't you?
[the operator hangs up]
Ro: Twip.

Ro: Zeta was picked up by some muscle-bound gorilla with a thing for explosives.
Batman: Mad Stan.

Batman: I'll go. You're staying here.
Ro: But...
Batman: Don't make me lock you in!
Ro: And just what am I supposed to do while you're gone?
[Batman turns on the radio]
Batman: Enjoy.
Ro: [sarcastically] Thanks heaps.

Zeta: Nice man, but he should drive more carefully.

Ro: I can't believe you actually trusted Mad Stan! I mean, wasn't the name kind of a giveaway?
Zeta: But he seemed so...cheerful.
Ro: You are so clueless.

Unmasked [3.13]

Busybody: Shouldn't he be playing?
Mrs. Diaz: He is playing.
Busybody: I mean with the other children.
Mrs. Diaz: Miguel. Why don't you give Soldier Sam a rest and go play with the other boys?
Miguel Diaz: But, Mom.
Mrs. Diaz: Come on, you have been doing that all day. Time for something else.
Busybody: Uh...such aggressive behavior.

Terry McGinnis: [panting] Hi, Max. Sorry I'm late.
Max Gibson: What new threat was it this time? Root-rot-man?
Terry McGinnis: [still panting] This time it really was Mr. Wayne. He needed a ride. His back again. Where's Dana?
Max Gibson: She got tired of waiting for you. Sounds like an old song, doesn't it?

Nelson Nash: Well if it isn't Mr. School Spirit.
Nelson's Friend: Don't worry, McGinnis, Batman filled in for ya.
[the two walk away laughing]
Terry McGinnis: What was that about?
Max Gibson: a little joke.
Terry McGinnis: What kind of little joke?
Max Gibson: Just somethin' about how this school sees more of Batman than it does of you. [Terry glares at her] I know, it it wasn't that funny.
Terry McGinnis: Max!
Max Gibson: I'm sorry, okay?
Terry McGinnis: You can't even joke about this, understand?!
Max Gibson: It just slipped out. And I don't get what the big deal is anyway. If a few more people knew your secret, especially a certain girlfriend, life might be a lot easier for you.
Terry McGinnis: Oh yeah, just like with the Diaz kid, remember how easy that got. [Max looks questioningly at him] Come on, it was all over the net.
Max Gibson: The net's a big place, McGinnis.
Terry McGinnis: It happened right after I started being Batman. There was this kid, Miguel Diaz. Around the same age as my brother. He was ganzo over the new action-figure, Soldier Sam.

Batman: It's all right. Don't be afraid.
Miguel Diaz: Get away from me!
Batman: Hey, I'm one of the good guys.
Miguel Diaz: You don't look like a good guy.
Batman: This [the suit], it's just to scare the bad guys really. Come on. You have to trust me.
Miguel Diaz: Um...
Batman: Ah, slag it! [pulls off his mask] Look!

Max Gibson: So the kid got on TV and told the whole world how he saw you without your mask?
Terry McGinnis: Yep.
Max Gibson: And the old man, he saw the report?
Terry McGinnis: How could he not, it was the news bite of the day.

Bruce Wayne: I didn't. She [Barbara] was in a meeting. I couldn't get through. [pause] Terry?
Batman: I think I just handed Miguel over to Kobra.

Batman: They've ditched the cars. Don't see the boy.
Bruce Wayne: Follow them.
Batman: Like you had to tell me.

Max Gibson: The cops were Kobra agents?
Terry McGinnis: Yeah, they must have figured I would be watching over Miguel, so they set up a distraction. The old man never would have fallen for it.
Max Gibson: Hey, don't put yourself up. You were just starting out, remember?
Terry McGinnis: And I walked right into it.

Return of the Joker


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