Batman: Gotham by Gaslight

2018 animated film directed by Sam Liu

Batman: Gotham by Gaslight is a 2018 animated film based on the steampunk graphic novel Gotham by Gaslight, featuring Batman in 19th-Century Gotham City, on the trail of Jack the Ripper.

  • [after handcuffing Batman, the Ripper finds the cuffs on his own wrist and Batman free] I paid Houdini $300 for that trick.
  • Listen carefully, kitten. I'm many things, but I'm nobody's pet.
  • [facing the Ripper] Well, I won't beg. And I won't get hysterical. I won't give you the satisfaction. Know this: I forgive you.


  • Ivy: [gasp] You gave me a start. I thought for a minute... Well, you're clearly a real gentleman. You lonely? I hate to see a man lonely. I got a generous nature. And I'm sure you're generous too. Ain't ya, mister? My room's not far. [shrugs off her coat] Or maybe you don't want to wait... [sees the "gentleman's" knife] No... No!
  • Big Bill Dust: [to Batman] You're the galumph who's been making a nuisance of yourself all over Gotham, ain't ya? Well, now you're in Big Bill Dust's territory, interfering with my amiable Cock Robins. You're bad for business. Bad all 'round. Too bad for you.


Jason: What, are you scared of the dark, Little Tim?
Timmy: Nah, it's just... After what happened to Johnny Gobbs, I...
Jason: The bat ain't real, Timmy. He's like Santa Claus.
Dickie: Just a story they tell to keep young turfs like us from making an honest living.
Jason: Oh, he's real, all right. That's why you gotta pay us. For protecting you from monsters.

[Batman subdues Big Bill Dust.]
Batman: Go home.
Timmy: Am home!
Batman: Home to Mommy.
Dickie: He ain't got one. None of us do. Or we run off from something even worse than this.
Jason: This is our family now. Making something here. Taking something back from Gotham.
Batman: Make something else. Something better.
Dickie: We got no choice. He'll just chase us down, find us again.
[Batman stomps on Bill's knee, breaking it and making Bill scream in agony.]
Batman: He won't be chasing anyone for a long time. Go to St. Cadwaladr's, ask for Sister Leslie. She'll help you...
[In the distance, a woman screams.]
Batman: Get off the street, now!

[after chasing off the Ripper]
Batman: I hope you're not hurt, Miss...?
Selina Kyle: Damn you! You're a fool. I'll never have a better chance of stopping that butcher and you squandered it, playing the knight in shining armor! I can take care of myself.
Batman: Don't be so sure. He's more skilled than I would have thought.
Selina Kyle: [dusting off her sleeves] I don't need or want your help. And before you gallantly offer to escort me home, let me assure you, I am quite capable of...
[She looks and sees Batman is gone.]
Selina Kyle: Hmm. Well, thank you for that at least.

[Bruce smuggles Selina into the males-only Dionysius Club wearing his top hat.]
Selina: I don't think the doorman was quite convinced that I'm a man.
Bruce: If he was, I'd have to have him dismissed. The Dionysus Club cannot tolerate a doorman who is blind.
Selina: You'd never do that. Have someone fired. You're too kind. I've heard.

Selina: A mutual friend told me you like to solve mysteries, ever since you were a boy. You're studying me.
Bruce: You're a fascinating subject.
Selina: And what have you learned?
Bruce: Only that you were raised in a small, regional circus, probably in a family of performers. That some traumatic event, possibly connected to the scar on your left arm that you're trying to conceal, led you to the continent, where you reinvented yourself as a night club performer.
Selina: Nothing else?
Bruce: That you take it upon yourself to act as champion of the voiceless. Which you, no doubt, learned from our mutual friend, Sister Leslie Thompkins. One of the few people who knew me as a boy.

Alfred: I've laid out your mourning clothes.
Bruce: I have my own manner of mourning.
Alfred: Revenge.
Bruce: Her blood cries out for it.
Alfred: Does it, sir? "Beloved, avenge not yourselves, vengeance is mine. I will repay, sayeth the Lord." She wouldn't want you to be alone right now.
Bruce: It's how I work best, Alfred... But I can pay my respects.

[Jason tries to pick Alfred's pocket, but Alfred hooks his wrist with an umbrella.]
Alfred: Gotcha.
Jason: Let me go, geezer.
Alfred: I'm afraid you lack the subtlety to be an effective cut purse, young fellow, my lad. And so near a bevy of policeman, too.
Dickie: He didn't mean nothing, mister. You idiot. You think that's how Sister Leslie would want you to act at her own funeral?
Jason: But I'm hungry!
Dickie: Mister, Jason here, he's not worth the trouble. Cut him loose, huh?
Alfred: Orphans.
Dickie: Sister Leslie did what she could for us. Fed us, tried to teach us right. Look, knock Jason around a little if you want, but please don't get the cops.
Alfred: [after a moment's thought] I occasionally have odd jobs that need doing. [gives Dickie a card] Call upon me here. You'll not go away hungry.

Constable: [stops Bruce's carriage] Open up! Open up in the name of the law!
[they open the door and freeze when they see Bruce and Selina Kyle making out]
Bruce: Is there a problem, officer?
Constable: Uh... no, Mr. Wayne, we've just been, uh... you should head home. Dangerous characters on the streets tonight.
Bruce: Duly noted. Anything else, gentlemen?
Constable: Uh, no. Excuse me, sir... and madam. [tips his hat] Have a wonderful night.
[He closes the door, and the carriage moves off.]
Constable: [whistles] Lucky bugger.

Bruce: You were very convincing.
Selina: I'm an actress, darling. Didn't you know? I'm the toast of Gotham. You, on the other hand, would never make it out of the chorus. You must commit completely to the role.
Bruce: And how exactly do I do that, Ms. Kyle?
Selina: Repetition. You must practice. Practice, practice.
[Bruce and Selina then started making out again.]

Alfred: Help them in, lads. Lively now. Where there's smoke, there's fire. And there you'll always be, sir.
[Bruce and Selina board the carriage.]
Alfred: Hyah!
Bruce: [sees Dickie, Jason and Timmy] Do these belong to you, Alfred?
Alfred: [chuckles] Good Lord, no, sir. They belong to you.

[as the World's Fair burns down]
Selina: Gone. All gone.
Bruce: And the hope of Gotham with it.
Dickie: It was all phony anyway. We'll make something new. Something better.


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