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South Park (1997-) is an adult animated television series created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Distributed by and airing on Comedy Central, it follows the surreal adventures of four young boys who live in the small town of South Park, Colorado.

Dead Kids [22.01]Edit

Sharon: Are you fucking joking?! You're gonna take one second to compare child murder to park upgrades?! What is wrong with everybody?! You've all gone CRAZY!!

A Boy and a Priest [22.02]Edit

The Problem with a Poo [22.03]Edit

Mr. Hankey: Well, then tell the babies to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! [Crowd booing] Who the fuck brings a god damn baby to a Christmas show?

[Foor 4 Little; Strong Woman is out of the hospital and shopping with three of the quints]
Strong Woman: It's okay. Shhh. We just need to get some diapers. Shhh.
Elderly Woman: [passing by] Ohhh, what adorable little babies.
Strong Woman: Thank you.
Elderly Woman: [getting a closer look] My, they look very PC.
Strong Woman: Oh no, no, they're not very PC at all.
Man #1: Awww, look at the PC babies!
Strong Woman: They actually aren't PC.
Man: No? [squats down and tells the babies] Did you hear Monica Lewinsky's becoming Republican? The Democrats left a bad taste in her mouth. [the babies start to cry, the adults laugh]
Strong Woman: Oh God, shhhh, nonononono. Sheee.
PC Principal: [arrives with the other two infants] Is everything all right?
Man #1: Oh Look! More PC babies!
Woman #1: They're everywhere!
Strong Woman: I told you we need to shop separately! Sh! Shhh!
Man #2: [stops by] Excuse me, where's the Oriental food aisle? [the babies cry harder]
Man #1: Shhh! Quiet! There's PC babies!

Mr. Hankey: Well, everyone, I guess this is goodbye. It sure has been swell.
Mayor McDaniels: No goodbyes, Mr. Hankey. You just need to go. We already called you a Poober.
Mr. Hankey: A Poober? They have that? [A Lyft car honks and pulls up] Oh, you mean Lyft Well, okay. Goodbye, everyone. I hope I brought a few smiles and a few laughs into your hearts.
Mayor McDaniels: [opens the back door for him, then coldly] Goodbye, Mr. Hankey. [he hops in and she closes the door; The car pulls away]
Stan: Where will he go?
Randy: He'll have to find a place that accepts racist, awful beings like him. There are still places out there who don't care about bigotry and hate.

Tegridy Farms [22.04]Edit

Bike Parade [22.10]Edit

Randy Marsh: Hello, Bezos. You can take your fulfillment center and fulfill it right up your ass! You see, there's one thing you didn't count on, and that's Tegridy! [focusing on the townspeople's bloodshot eyes] Just look in the eyes of these people. Everyone has Tegridy now - Tegridy that you will never understand! We aren't just different classes of people anymore! We are a town!
Jeff Bezos: [beat] Are you all high?
Randy Marsh: No. [the townspeople murmur in agreement] Why do you ask that?
Jeff Bezos: Because I'm over here!
[Everyone is revealed to be facing Bezos' right]
Randy Marsh: Oh. [walks around the crowd to face Bezos] Hang on. Hold on. Okay. I got it. Anyways. You see Tegridy is something that can't be understood by big corporations. Oh, they'll try to package Tegridy, but only I can really package Tegridy. I got more money now 'cause of Tegridy. That's because I figured out how to get Tegridy to everyone. And that's - now everyone is in this state of Tegridy that's impenetrable. Am I making sense?
Jeff Bezos: No!
Randy Marsh: The point is nobody's coming to work for you! So you can take your whole plan and fulfill it somewhere else!
Jeff Bezos: Damn you, Tegridy!