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South Park/Season 19

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South Park (1997-) is an adult animated television series created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Distributed by and airing on Comedy Central, it follows the surreal adventures of four young boys who live in the small town of South Park, Colorado.


Stunning and Brave [19.01]Edit

PC Principal: All right, listen up. My name is PC Principal. I don't know about you, but frankly I'm sick and tired of how minority groups are marginalized in today's society. I'm here because this place is lost in a time warp! Students who still use the word "retarded"! A teacher who said women without wombs should get an AIDS test!
Mr. Garrison: Oh, I was a lesbian then.
PC Principal: A chef "person of color" who the children had sing soul songs and who the children drove to kill himself!
Butters: No, he got brainwashed by a cult.
PC Principal: And that's two days' detention for you, young man, we'll see you at 4.
Butters: What?!
PC Principal: Let me ask you this. We're in Colorado, right?! Where are the Hispanic kids? Huh?! Where are the ethnic and racial minorities?!
Mr. Mackey: Well, we got Token. He's black.
PC Principal: And that's two days' detention for you, Mackey, congratulations.
Mr. Mackey: Wha— I got detention?!
PC Principal: I Googled South Park before I came here, and I cannot believe the shit you're getting away with! People claiming to be advocates of transgender rights, but really just wanting to use the women's bathroom! A white man who thinks he's Chinese and built a wall to keep out Mongolians!
Tuong Lu Kim: Ohhhh, I hate-a Mongorians!
PC Principal: What the fuck is this?! Are you fucking kidding me?! I'm telling you all, this is done! Like it or not, PC is back, and it's bigger than ever! Woowoowoo! You hear that?! That's the sound of 2015 pulling you over, people! Suck it!

Gerald: Uhm, hi, I'm Gerald, Kyle Broflovski's father?
PC Principal: Have a seat. I've been talking with your child, and we're gonna be giving him two weeks' detention.
Gerald: Wh-what's this about, Kyle?
PC Principal: Your son said some things to a fourth-grade girl that frankly make me wanna puke. Now that I'm principal, I'm not gonna allow [pounds desk] anyone at this school to be made feel unsafe and harassed!
Gerald: Wh-wh-what did he say?
PC Principal: You'll have to excuse my language. [picks up a report and clears his throat] "I don't think Caitlyn Jenner is a hero."
[no reaction from Gerald or Kyle. PC Principal starts erupting in repressed rage]
PC Principal: This kind of trans-phobic and bigoted hate speech isn't going to fly here, bro! Well, I thought we were all on board that Caitlyn Jenner is an amazing, [quickly stands up] beautiful woman who had the exquisite bravery of a butterfly flying against the wind, AND THEN THIS SHOOT COMES OUT OF PEOPLE'S MOUTHS!!
Gerald: [beat] PC Principal, I-I'm sure Kyle was just referring to Bruce Jenner as a person, a-and not trying to say anything against—
PC Principal: You got a fucking problem, bro?!
Gerald: ..No...
PC Principal: 'Cause it's not Bruce fucking Jenner!! IT'S CAITLYN!! AND SHE'S A FUCKING STUNNING WOMAN!! Or maybe you're the one teaching him to demean women in the first place! HUH?! What's up?! What's fucking up, bro?!
Gerald: Look, maybe we can all just ta—
PC Principal: [flips his desk] GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE, DUDE!!!

Cartman: [meets PC Principal] Oh, PC Principal. How are you today?
PC Principal: What are you doing in the faculty bathroom?
Cartman: You know, I think you and I got off on the wrong foot the other day. By all means, please, keep your dick out. You see, I'm not going to accept four days of detention, and... you're going to apologize publicly for being so strict to me and my friends at school.
PC Principal: What the hell are you talking about?
Cartman: It's just a request, that's all. See you around. Oh, you seem to have dropped something, PC Principal. [picks up a pair of underwear] What's this? Why, this is a little boy's underwear. [sniffs it] Why, this is Butters's underwear.
PC Principal: What?
Cartman: PC Principal, you have Butters's underwear? And now— [sloshes underwear on the urinal] Oh, my gosh, it's got you DNA all over it. This certainly doesn't look good for you. I don't need to tell anyone about this. No, I think we have an understanding. Capiche?
PC Principal: [pause] What did you just say?
Cartman: You mean about keeping your dick out?
PC Principal: "Capiche"?! You're associating Italian-Americans to intimidation tactics?! You better watch your nonaggression, bro!
Cartman: O-Kay. Look, you don't want to end up like the spokesman for Subway, do you?
PC Principal: Did you just use a term that excludes women from an occupation?! [grabs Cartman up]
Cartman: Okay, let's back up. [gets slammed against the stall] Ah!! [PC Principal slams him several times into the wall next to the mirror]
PC Principal: Did you just say "spokesman" instead of "spokesperson" when women are just as capable of selling sandwiches as anyone!?! [slams Cartman into the mirror] Are you purposely trying to use words that assert your male privilege!?! [slams Cartman into a sink]
Cartman: No, I'm sorry! I was just trying to frame you for raping Butters!
PC Principal: Do you think Italian-Americans and women are less important!?! [pins Cartman down on the floor]
Cartman: Oh, God!
PC Principal: [punches Cartman to a bloody pulp] You dare to use words that alienate two communities of people who have to deal with verbal biases like yours on a daily basis!?!

Where My Country Gone? [19.02]Edit

Mr. Garrison: Where has my country gone?
Where has my country gone?
It was a land of opportunity that we held dear
But now all these other assholes are coming here.
And where's my country gone?
It was just here like, two seconds ago
'Cause when they said that this was the land of the free
I'm pretty sure that they were referring to me.
And my country's gone!
It got upset and now it's wandered away
It took forty-three Presidents to make us stand tall
And just one black guy to unravel it all.
Country gone!
Please tell it that we need her back home
There's a great big hole in the liberty bucket
'Cause someone forgot to tell the foreigners to suck it
And now they're all hanging out on my lawn...
[three Canadians play "Feels So Good" with their flugelhorns]
And now they're ruining my song
Making it sound like Chuck Mangione
Where's my country gone?

PC Principal: All right, everyone, listen up. In order for better understanding, we've asked students of Canadian origin to introduce you to their culture and—HEY, LESLIE!! SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH!! ..To introduce you to their culture and customs. So let's give them our undivided attention as they take us on a whirlwind journey through their diverse history. [hands microphone to Canadian kids]
Canadian Kids 1: We are the Hopewell and Abenaki, first settlers of Canadian soil, guy. [hands mic over to second group]
Canadian Kids 2: We are French and British explorers, seeking furs and goods. [Mr. Garrison walks up and takes the mic]
Mr. Garrison: Yeah, and I'm Dan Rather, and I got news for you! Nobody wants you here! [long beat] Sorry not sorry! It's time for someone to say it like it is, and make our country great again!
PC Principal: Garrison, what do you think you're—?!
Mr. Garrison: And I'm also not afraid to stand up to PC Principal! You, sir, have a pizza face and you suck your mom's dick!
PC Principal: [beat] That's it, Garrison! You are fired from South Park Elementary!
Mr. Garrison: Oh, see? And now I'm fired! That's the cold, hard truth of immigration! Well, there's only one immigration policy that I believe in, and that's buckskin them all to death!! [all students gasp] I'm just saying what everyone's thinking here, kids! Sorry not sorry!

The City Part of Town [19.03]Edit

Mayor McDaniels: I've called you all here because South Park has an image problem. Thanks to Mr. Garrison, we are now being referred to as the "shitheads of America". One of our more politically sensitive citizens has proposed an idea for this crisis and I'd like you to hear him out. [Randy takes the dais]
Randy: Hello everyone, I'm Randy Marsh, and I've been PC for almost two weeks now. You know, we've all been making changes to be more socially conscious, but have we really done enough? The truth is, there's something we're lacking as a community, and it's time we all faced it. What this town needs... is a Whole Foods.
[everyone immediately starts chattering in awe and uncertainty]
Randy: It would instantly validate us as a town that cares about stuff.
Stephen: We couldn't get a Whole Foods to open here!
Randy: And why not?! Huh?! We all just don't believe we can get a Whole Foods! Because we don't believe in ourselves!
Father Maxi: Where could it even go?!
Randy: Mayor?
Mayor McDaniels: I'm announcing a plan for Sodomy—a new urban development that will turn the most rundown and dilapidated part of our town into a quaint center of artisan shops and cafés.
Randy: Lots of cities are dong this. The area south of downtown South Park has always been the ugly eyesore of this town. But now, SoDoSoPa... is going to bring in the fresh new vibrancy that Whole Foods can't ignore!

Randy: Okay, hold on, everyone listen up! We understand that not everyone is for the town spending money on the Sodomy project. We want everyone to be able to voice their concerns. [the McCormicks pause; Stuart stands]
Stuart: Yeah, I got concerns! I don't want you touching my darn house!!
Johnson: We realize that when a rejuvenation like this takes place, the lower-income residents fear they'll be priced out of the area.
Stuart: What lower-income residents?! Me?! I work hard and provide for my family just fine!
Randy: Stuart, come on. Your house sucks.
Stuart: Buck you! If you people want to turn something into a vibrant arts district, then do it to Randy's house!
Randy: My house is nice.

You're Not Yelping [19.04]Edit

Kyle We all loved Whistlin' Willy's.
Cartman: It didn't do well with Yelpers.
Token: You assholes destroyed the best place in town because they wouldn't kiss your asses!

Safe Space [19.05]Edit

Tweek x Craig [19.06]Edit

PC Principal: Alright, guys, I know there have been a lot of rumors flying around. Just wanted to check in, see if you have any questions for me.
Craig: Why are the Asian girls drawing pictures of us being gay?!
PC Principal: What's wrong with being gay? Nothing is wrong with that.
Craig: But we aren't! I'm not!
Tweek: I'm not either!
PC Principal: That is completely irrelevant, okay? What matters, and the reason I brought you in here, is that you understand affirmative consent.
Tweek: What's that?
PC Principal: If there is a romantic relationship here, you have to make sure your partner is comfortable with any sexual exploration.
Tweek: Agh!
PC Principal: Now, in a gay relationship it gets a little trickier, but you still have to follow some guidelines, alright?
Craig: But I'm not gay!!
PC Principal: I don't care about that, bro! Tweek, if—and I'm only saying if—at some point you wanted to touch Craig's penis, you just can't go grabbing for it. Alright? You need to say something like, "Craig, is it alright with you if I touch your penis?" Okay? Let's try it out.
Tweek: No!
PC Principal: You want two weeks' detention instead?! This is important!
Tweek: [beat] ..Craig, can I touch your penis?
PC Principal: Okay, good. Now Craig, you might say, "You may touch my penis. I'm comfortable with that." [Craig stays still for a long beat] Or, of course, you could say, "No, you may not touch my penis at this time."
Craig: No, you may not!
PC Principal: Okay, now we're getting somewhere. Now Craig, what would you say if you wanted to take a gander at Tweek's asshole?

Naughty Ninjas [19.07]Edit

Mayor McDaniels: This town is outraged, Officer Barbrady. People are tired of the police not being held accountable for their actions.
Barbrady: Mayor, I didn't know if there was a gunman or a bomb—
Johnson: You shot an unarmed six-year-old Latino child!
Barbrady: ..I'm sorry!
Mayor McDaniels: You are fired.
Barbrady: [beat] No, Mayor, please! This is all I know! I used to be the only policeman in this town, remember? Bob, I-I used to chase away the sixth graders for you!
Mayor McDaniels: You're from another time, Barbrady, and the last thing that needs to go. Your gun and your badge.
[Barbrady slowly takes his gun and badge and lays them on the table]
Mayor McDaniels: And your sunglasses.
Barbrady: No, please, not my sunglasses!
Johnson: You're done, Barbrady! The town doesn't want you here.
[Brabrady then takes off his sunglasses, opens his eyes after he puts them down]
Barbrady: Where should I go?
Johnson: You should have thought of that before you shot a Mexican.
Mayor McDaniels: Latino-American.
Johnson: Latino-American. Shoot! [Mayor McDaniels stands up]
Mayor McDaniels: You should go away. You don't belong anywhere in a town as progressive as this one.

Randy: Mayor, I didn't bust my ass to gentrify this part of town to have it overrun with homeless people!
Mayor McDaniels: Why are they all suddenly coming here? [Gerald and Sheila arrive]
Gerald: Mayor, what are you going to do about this?! My wife and I can barely eat or shop!
Mayor McDaniels: When a town like ours has a homeless problem, it must look at the root of what's causing it.
Stephen: [arrives with Linda] It's ISIS!
Randy: What?!
Stephen: There's these troubled kids who've turned their backs on America! They've taken over Sodomy, forced all the homeless out!
Gerald: Why would kids in our town wanna be a part of that?!
Stephen: They're just bad kids! Rotten on the inside! Probably with shitty parents!


Stephen: [reads school paper in bed] Wow. Wow, this is so great. Have you ever read the elementary school newspaper, Linda? There's no ads, no sponsored content, no links to click on. Just news stories about what's happening. Did you know that the police in ShiTpaTown beat up homeless to clear them out? Do you know long it's been since I was able to just sit back and read the news? I got so used to getting news off the Internet. But I feel like I'm always trying to chase the news somehow. [sets paper down] It's like... I'm in a black void, trying to reach the news story. [sees himself running in a void of content] But then the next thing I know I'm reading an ad for Geico. So I click out of that and try to read the news story but it's not a news story, it's a slideshow! And I'm looking at the "Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Jobs Ever". So of course I want to see the next line of plastic surgery gone wrong, so I hit the arrow, but then the arrow wasn't the arrow for the next slide, it was to take me to an ad for face cream. Haugh! I wanted to get a news story, but I'm reading about face cream and I try to click out of it, but the ad is following me, it's-it's following me all over the screen!! Nooo! So I click on the close button, but it wasn't a close button, it was another slideshow, and I just want to know what's happening in the Middle East, but instead, I'm looking at the "Top 10 Scariest Movies of All Time", and that's not the arrow for the next slide, it's another ad! Aaagh!! [comes back to reality] But this... this is just news. And I don't get lost in all the bull shoot. [sees Linda focusing on her smartphone] Linda? LINDA!!

Representative: Hello. You're the boy responsible for the South Park Super School News?
Jimmy: That's right.
Representative: We would like to give you $26 million. Contracts, and the first check. We'd love to be in business with you.
Jimmy: What is this for?
Representative: I represent an organization called Geico. It's an insurance company. We think Super School News would be a great way for us to reach new customers.
Jimmy: Sorry Charlie, but I don't allow ads in my newspaper.
Representative: We've heard all about that, so we thought you could just do some stories about car insurance. Just state the facts, because the trurh is, everyone can save by switching to Geico.
Jimmy: That's called "sponsored content." I know the difference between the news and ads. Do you think I'm stupid?
Representative: Everyone's doing it, Jim. You're sort of the last holdout. $26 million just to write some news stories that get people thinking about their insurance coverage?
Jimmy: Us us us, stick it up your ass!
Representative: Hm. Well, they said you'd be tough. Do you really think you can stop ads?
Jimmy: Yes.
Representative: You can try to block ads, but they get smarter. The more we ty to shut them out, the more clever they get. There's a war coming, kid, and I'm gonna make sure I'm on the right side of it.
Jimmy: Officer Barbrady?
Officer Barbrady: Come with me if you want to live! Come on! Come with me if you want to live! I'm serious!

Sharon: Do you want to explain to me what "pussy crushing" is?
Randy: What?
Sharon: Your little meetings you go to at night to discuss social justice?! It's just a way to pick up on young women?!
Randy: Sh-Sharon, most of the guys in my PC club are right out of college, alright? You know how college kids are.
Sharon: I don't want you going over there anymore!
Randy: I don't cheat on you, Sharon! I'm happy. Look at what's happened to our town. We have ShiTpaTown, boutique restaurants and artisan shops. We have a fucking Whole Foods, and that was all me! Diverse people are moving here, and everyone is being aware of how they talk. This is paradise, Sharon!

PC Principal: McKinsey, you got consent forms?
McKinsey: Oh, yeah! Right here, bro! [hands consent forms to him]
PC Principal: Rise and shine, guys! If you scored last night, I'll need your consent forms! [the bros hand over their forms] Thank you. Thank you. Thank you—whoa! Barker, did you perform cunnilingus? There's a different release form, bro.
Barker: Yeah, uh, s-sorry, it's right here.
PC Principal: Nice.
PC Bro: [runs to PC Principal] Bro!! Aw, dude, bro!!
PC Principal: What, bro?
PC Bro: Dude, I scored with this female and after consenting to putting her mouth on my penis, she wanted me to walk her home.
PC Principal: Yeah?
PC Bro: And when I got to her house she had me meet her father who is Filipino, so I asked him if he could tell me about their cultural and social dynamic to being a Filipino-American.
PC Principal: Naturally.
PC Bro: So he said some stuff, and then the newspaper landed on his doorstep, 'cause I guess her dad subscribes to the school newspaper, and he picked it up and I saw the headline said this! [he shows the paper to PC Principal which headline reads "'PC' STANDS FOR PUSSY CRUSHING"; he grabs paper]
PC Principal: What the heck is this, bro!?!
PC Bro: Bro, that little kid wrote that our tolerant views and fight for social justice is just a way for us to crush puss!
PC Principal: THAT'S NOT TRUE!!

Truth and Advertising [19.09]Edit

Randy: Hey, fuck you.
Mr. Garrison: Wake up, dickhead.
Randy: Garrison? What the hell is wrong with you?
Mr Garrison: I'll tell you what's wrong with me. There's enemies to humanity out there wantin' to put an end to all of us, and there's assholes like you helpin' them out!
Randy: I don't know what you're talking about.
Principal Victoria: Whose idea was it to revitalize the shitty part of town into an arts and foods 77district called ShiTpaTown?
Mr. Garrison: Son of a bitch.
Randy: What? To take one area of town that was crappy and gentrify it for the local people to enjoy? I thought we could keep it contained!
Principal Victoria: It doesn't contain. What's happened to South Park is happening everywhere. Thirty miles south of here in the town of Fairplay, they've changed the area north of Downtown into NoDoFoPa. A rundown area south of the capital in Cheyenne, Wyoming, is now historic SoCaCheyWo. Channel Street in mid-Chicago is being revitalized into Chimichanga.
Randy: Oh my God.
Principal Victoria: LoDo, SoBro, RivMo, all happening at the same time. And it isn't just in the U.S. In Cairo, the area northwest of the third pyramid is NoWe3Pi. Three miles north of Auschwitz is NoMoAuchie. It goes on and on!
Randy: What does it mean?
Mr. Garrison: In our town it all started when PC Principal arrived. He's part of a mjuch larger conspiracy, and you're his lackey.

PC Principal Final Justice [19.10]Edit

Randy: I'm warning you. You're on the wrong side of this. We're just trying to get answers.
Sharon: You pulled a gun on our son, Randy!
Randy: He pulled one on me, Sharon!
Stan: Because you wouldn't talk to me, Dad!
Randy: Stanley, let your mother and I deal with this!
Sharon: I told you to leave him alone!
Shelley: God, I hate this family!! [pulls a gun at Sharon] Why are you always taking Stan's side?!
Randy: Whoa! Whoa, Shelley! Put down the gun, Shelley!
Shelley: You're always acting like Stan doesn't do anything wrong!
Stan: She doesn't always take my side!
Shelley: You shut up or I'll swear to God I'll use this!
Randy: Shelley, put it down, now.
Shelley: You don't even try to know me, Dad!!
Randy: I want to, Shelley!! I just sometimes like you hate me!!
Sharon: I feel like you hate me, Randy!
Randy: I don't hate you, I love you!! I need to be a better husband, a better father!
Stan: We all need to be better to each other!
Shelley: Okay, maybe I need to stop being so angry!!
Randy: ..I love you guys.
Stan: We love you too, Dad. We just wanna know what's going on with you.
Randy: All right. I'll tell you everything. [holds his gun] Wow, these things are amazing.

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