Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated is the eleventh Scooby Doo television series. Taking place in the small town of Crystal Cove, where the adults (especially Mayor Jones) often try to use the phony spooks as ways of making money, the show follows the kids as the mysteries they solve leads to an even bigger, even more dangerous, even more terrifying mystery. New to this series that separates it from other revivals of Scooby Doo is the overarching story plot, the focus on the romantic relationships of the gang, and the darker tone of the show.


Season 1Edit

Beware the Beast from BelowEdit

Shaggy:(after being attacked by the slime monster) Zoinks! Like, (laughs nervously) what was that?
Fred:(getting out of the Mystery Machine) It looks like a mystery to me, and I think that's just a little more important than school.

Daphne:(finds locket) Fred, I found something! (Opens locket and music plays)
Fred: Huh. Could be a clue! Good work Daphne!
Daphne: Thanks, Fred. You're so sweet.... (looks up. Fred has walked away, looking for clues) It's okay. We can talk later, um.....

Sheriff Stone: All right, you see what happens when you kids stick your noses where they don't belong? People get cocooned!
Shaggy: Like, man, we found them like that!
Daphne: (trying to show what she means with her hands) Sheriff, there was a monster -
Sheriff Stone: Quiet. From this point forward this is a crime scene and future tourist attraction - stay out of it. (walks away)
Velma: I gotta stay out of it right here. (holds up fist)
Fred: Let me talk to him. (walks away)
Daphne: (dreamily) Don't worry. Fred will make him understand.
Fred: (runs back carrying body) Shaggy, start the car!
Shaggy: Like, I thought you were going to talk to him!
Fred: He wasn't in a listening mood.
Velma: (opens back of the van) So you stole a body? Rockin!

Daphne:(Angel opens door. Fred is lying down with his head on the record player) Fred? Fred, it's us. We're here for you. (sits down next to him. Scooby Doo licks his hair.)
Fred: It's no use, gang. I was the one who stole the body and Professor Raffalo paid the price. I should have listened to my dad and stayed out of any new mysteries.
Velma: We all helped steal the body, Fred.
Shaggy: Well, I actually never took pa- (Velma elbows him in the ribs) Okay, fine, yes we all took part, Freddie.
Daphne: Fred Jones, you've never backed away from a mystery in your life.
Fred: I've got nothing!
Velma: Man up, Fred! We still have our first clue, the cocoon! I brought a sample - Scooby, what are you doing? (Scooby is eating the slime from the cocoon)
Scooby: What? Rit's Ruitmeiers! Yummy! (Starts eating again)
Velma: Eww!
Angel: Check it out. If that dog mutates, I'm putting it down. Dead.
Shaggy: Like, hold on. I think I get it. (walks over and tastes the slime)
Daphne, Fred, Velma, Angel: Ew!
Shaggy: No, you guys, it's Fruitmeiers! The cocoon is made of the same stuff as Fruitmeier's Deserts!
Daphne, Fred, Velma, Angel: What? (They all get up and taste it.)
Daphne: You're right! But if the cocoon is made of Fruitmeier's -
Shaggy: That means if we capture the monster, we can have our own shop! And we can have an endless supply of Fruitmeier's Deserts! Oh boy!
Fred: No! It means that that slime mutant may not be a monster at all! What do we know about Franklin Fruitmeier?

Velma: Franklin Fruitmeier. Showed up in town out of nowhere two months ago. Before that, nothing. He's hiring right now for female servers.
Fred: And that's our in.
Shaggy: If the girls can get jobs at Fruitmeier's, they can snoop around and find out more.
Fred: Great idea, Shag!

Shaggy: (he and Scooby are dressed as girls). Uh, this isn't exactly what I had in mind. Why are Scooby Doo and I dressed like girls when Velma and Daphne are girls?
Scooby: Yeah. My skirts too tight.
Daphne: Because Velma and I refused. (Shaggy and Scooby glare at them)

Fred: This is gonna be awesome! (the cage eventually falls on him, Shaggy, Scooby, and Velma. The slime monster laughs and covers them in slime. Daphne gasps, then sees the slime mutant next to her.)
Daphne: Aaaahhh!!! (runs)
Velma: Daphne, run! (Daphne runs past and jumps through hole in the ceiling, followed by slime mutant. Scooby starts eating slime.)
Fred: Eat, gang! It's Fruitmeier's!

Daphne: Fred! You saved me!
Fred: Not right now, Daphne. I have to figure out why my trap didn't work.
Sheriff Stone: What is going on here?
Mayor Jones: Why is the town's latest tourist attraction cocooned to the wall?
Fred: Dad! Sheriff! Hold on. You don't understand. That is not a monster.
Mayor Jones: Oh, hopping steamed clams, Fred. Then who is it?
Scooby, Shaggy, Velma and Daphne: Franklin Fruitmeier.
Velma: He was trying to rob Crystal Cove bank.
Sheriff Stone: Uhh, that's impossible. Franklin Fruitmeier's the one who called us. (Franklin arrives)
Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne and Fred: What?
Franklin: I was making a clipper ship out of circus balloons when the silent alarm rang at my home. Oh, good gracious! What is that?
Shaggy: But if the monster isn't Franklin Fruitmeier, then, dude, who is it?
(Scooby unmasks The Slime Mutant)
Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne and Fred: Professor Emmanuel Raffalo?
Emmanuel: That's right. I was trying to scare people away from the sewers while I dug my way into the bank and got rich.
Daphne: But you've got a job as a teacher. Why do you need more money?
(Emmanuel doesn't answer)
Daphne: Yeah, my bad.
Fred: Oh, yeah, right.
Shaggy: You're really getting ripped off.
Emmanuel: I discovered that the Crystal Cove caves were connected to the sewer by accident while collecting mold spores for my class. Once I realized the cave led right under the bank, I put my plan into motion. Fruitmeier's gave me secret access to the sewer, so I decided to frame balloon boy for the crime by using his disgusting dessert. I staged my own disappearance to throw doubt on any hint of my involvement. Oh, it was foolproof, genius. That is, until you... you--
Sheriff Stone: Meddling.
Emmanuel: Meddling. Yes, meddling kids and your blasted dog ruined everything.
Daphne: Wait. (shows the locket) What about this locket we found where you were digging?
Emmanuel: Never seen it before.
Sheriff Stone: All right. Well, guess we owe you kids thanks. You did save the bank. Although you also lost the town a serious revenue stream. Stream of revenue!

Fred: You ok, Daph?
Daphne: I just don't get it. If this locket didn't belong to Professor Raffalo, then who?
(The telephone rings, Shaggy pressed the button)
Shaggy: Like, K-ghoul 101.4. What can we scare up for you, daddy-o?
Mr. E: You're all doomed.
Shaggy: Like, uh-uh-- Like, who--who is this?
Mr. E: You can call me Mr. E. You should never have brought that locket out of the cave. You don't know what you've uncovered.
Daphne: Uncovered? Uncovered what?
Mr. E: A truth that should have remained hidden the truth behind the curse of Crystal Cove. The real mystery has just begun.
Scooby: Scooby... Dooby... Doo.

The Creeping CreaturesEdit

Scooby: What is it?
Shaggy: Like, um, I think it's a box. (Fred and Daphne glare at him. Fred opens the box. Velma picks up a card inside.)
Velma: It's from Mr. E! Saved this for a rainy day. Enjoy.
Daphne: Mr. E gives me the creeps. (Fred starts to open the box) Fred, careful. That could be a bomb! (Fred pulls out a purse) Ooh, strike that. Cute purse! (reaches for it, but Velma takes it)
Fred: Check it out! 100% pure gator. Made in Gatorsburg!
Scooby: Ratorsburg?
Daphne: But that's impossible! Gatorsburg hasn't manufactured Gator products in decades!
Velma: Not since the gator mines dried up!
Scooby: Rator mines?

Fred: Gang, we have a mystery on our hands!
Velma: Oh, sweet Christmas, finally!

Mrs. Dinkley: Hello?
Mayor Jones: Yello.
Mrs. Blake: Yes?
Velma: (into phone) Hey, Mom. We're stuck in Gatorsburg.
Fred: (into phone) The van broke down.
Daphne: (into phone) Think you could come and get us?
Mrs. Dinkley: Oh, I wish I could, but tonight's race night! You know me and horses! Venus is in it's third retro grade which means I'm betting on Sick Little Monkey to show.
Mayor Jones: Meddling mushroom caps, Fred! I've already got the recliner in the reclined position. There's no going back from that.
Mrs. Blake: Oh, sweetie, it's dark out. I can't go out in the dark. (Fred, Daphne, and Velma hang up.)
Shaggy: (calls and gets the answering machine.) Oh, wait. Duh. It's still life night.
Velma: (slyly) I guess we're here for the whole night.
Scooby: And Scooby Dooby too!

Greta Gator: I got a few hotel rules. (Fred enters the room, but Greta blocks Daphne and Velma) Rule number one: Boys and girls in seperate rooms. No exceptions!
Velma: Then I guess I'm with you, Daphne.
Greta: I said no exceptions!
Velma: But, I'm a girl.
Greta: Oh, right. Rule number two: stay in your rooms, no matter what you hear. That includes screams, moans, wails, pounding, claws scratching, and anything that sounds like a body being dragged across a hard-wood floor.
Fred: Okayy...

Fred: (showing Daphne his trap scrapbook)....and I left a few pages blank, you know, for future traps.
Daphne: (extremely bored) Good thinking. (Scooby bursts into the room, terrified and panting.)
Fred: Scoob! What's the matter?
Daphne: He's trying to tell us something! (Scooby tries to show them what he means)
Fred: Tater people! Uh, crater sneeple? (Scooby starts wheezing) Skater feeple!
Daphne: (stands up) Gator people! (Scooby sighs in relief)

(The police car arrives)
Fred: Time to find out who these greedy gators really are. (unmasks the Creeping Creatures)
Daphne: Grady Gator?
Shaggy: Greta Gator?
Scooby: Gunther Gator?
Fred: But why?
Grady: After we ran out of gators, everybody moved OUT of Gatorsburg. But not us.
Greta:: This here's our HOME.
Daphne: So with no alligators left, you decided to make imitation gator products and pass them off as real.
Velma: But you couldn't have anyone snooping around Gatorsburg. So you created the creeping creatures to scare people away.
Fred: Then you could run your gator ring without anyone knowing who you were or what you were up to.
Shaggy: Like, that is one ridiculous plan.
Gunther: And you know what? We would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling juveniles and your unauthorized investigation of our synthetic gator accessories.
Sheriff Stone: You're telling me this gator stuff is fake? I paid a fortune for this track suit!
Velma: Sorry, sheriff.
Sheriff Stone: (sighs) Man, I gotta get out of this suit. This fake gator doesn't breathe. I'm starting to smell a little... funky. Arrest them... even though I have absolutely NO JURISDICTION HERE! (drives away)

Fred: Wait, sheriff. can you give us a ride? The Mystery Machine isn't...
(The engine of Mistery Machine is revving)
Everyone: (gasp)
Shaggy: Zoinks! Like, there's no engine in the Mystery Machine. It's haunted!
(Fred opens the hood, there's a letter of Mr. E)
Velma: It's from Mr. E.
Daphne: (opens the letter and reads) "Hope you had a good time in Gatorsburg. But be warned, there are more mysteries to come. This is only one piece of the puzzle."
Fred: Puzzle? What's that supposed to mean?
Shaggy: Like, I've got a bad feeling we're gonna find out. Oh.
(The lightning appears loudly in the sky, Shaggy grabs Scooby whimpering.)

The Secret of the Ghost RigEdit

Police Officer: You realize you were speeding?
Teenage Driver: Y-yes, I do, Officer.
Police Officer: Okay, as long as you know.

Mayor Jones: Ah, Fred my boy! Today is a very exciting day for you, because today you learn the family business: politics!
Fred: Politics? That's adult stuff! You know, kids my age are into traps and solving mysteries!
Mayor Jones: No they're not, son! You're going to learn all the vital things I do for this community, like create pamphlets and strategize about new places to put parking meters.
Velma: I know a place he can put another parking meter.

Rung: Anyway, give me a jingle and we'll plan a magical night on the town. (glances at his watch) Oh yeah, the life of the seventh largest regional ladder manufacturer never stops. Sorry, but I gotta rung.

Daphne: Are you trying to set me up with - him? What about Fred?
Mr Blake: You're just friends, right?
Daphne: Well, yeah - but we're really good friends. And I don't know, it feels like cheating. On a friend.
Mrs Blake: Darling, think of it like trying a new cut of meat. Why have ground beef, when you can have a nice prime rib?
Daphne: But I don't even like meat! I like vegetables. Like Fred.

Mayor Jones: What's going on here - (notices George Avocados) Avocados.
Avocados: That's Avocados.

Velma: (flirtatiously) You know, Shag, I have plenty of food back at my place.
'Shaggy: Um, like, thanks Velma, but Scooby Doo has had his tongue tattooed with a map of every single pizza joint in town. As you can see, we got it covered.
Velma: Yeah, in drool.

Sheriff Stone: And so you're saying this ghost truck disappeared like a, uh... ghost truck.
Scooby: Yep, that's pretty much it.
Sheriff Stone: Well, looks like you kids might have stumbled onto a new tourist attraction.
Shaggy: Tourist attraction? Like, man, it nearly dumped us in the cove!
Velma: Besides, we're not even sure it was a ghost!
Sheriff Stone: I'm sorry, but didn't you say there was no driver? That's textbook ghost truck, case closed!

Velma: I knew it! Anyone with hair that perfect has to be guilty of something.

Mayor Jones: (caught in Fred's trap) Screaming pandas, what is the meaning of this?
Fred: Dad, we think George Avocados is the ghost trucker, and he's trying to sabotage your reelection!
Mayor Jones: That's completely absurd. Why would a ghost drive a truck when everyone knows they can fly? Especially an eighteen wheeler, those require a Class Six liscense.

Scooby: Nice going, Raggy. (laughs) Good job.
Mayor Jones: (arrives) Pickled porcupines. What's going on here, Fred? I was in my office working late, when suddenly it sounds like some demonic force is tearing apart city hall. Tell me it's true.
Fred: It's even better, dad. We caught the ghost trucker. And he's none other than...
The Ghost Trucker driver: Let me out of here! Aaah! (crawls from out of the truck and falls to the ground) Uhh!
Everyone: Rung Ladderton?
Rung: Ooh, ahh, shock. Yeah, yeah, that's right. And I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for you meddling... peers.
Daphne: Of course. It all makes sense. Rung was using the ghost truck to smuggle doorknobs out of Crystal Cove, so he could find Theodore Avocados' missing diamond.
Fred: Avocados disguised the diamond as a doorknob. That's why it was never found.
Rung: You are correct, my little ascot-wearing friend, but that idiot Avocados didn't say in his journal which crystal knob was really the diamond. So, I had to steal 'em all. And what better way than with a ghost truck to smuggle them all out of town?
Velma: We should have known. The other guy who bought the tires was G. Nurno Treddal, a name far too ridiculous to be real, because it's Rung Ladderton spelled backwards!
Fred: But Rung, you're rich. You've got everything: ladders, ascots. Why did you need a diamond?
Rung: I inherited a ladder company. We make the one product in the world that no one ever replaces. Ladders don't wear out like TVs or personal trainers over 40. (Sheriff Stone handcuffs Rung) No, no. They're built to last, which means no sales. The company's broke.
Daphne: I don't think you'll be needing this anymore. (removes Rung's orange ascot)
(Sheriff Stone takes Rung into custody)
Fred: Thanks, Daph.
Daphne: No worries. I'm always here for you, Fred. (removes the purple ascot and puts the orange one to Fred) Seriously, right here.
Mayor Jones: I gotta hand it to you, Fred. Your traps actually came in handy this time.
Fred: Gee, dad. Does this mean you finally accept what I want to do with my life?
Mayor Jones: (laughs) Oh Fred. No.

Revenge of the Man CrabEdit

Dylan: Here, I brought some water.
Brenda: Ew, I don't want any of that fatty fat water! I want Trickells' Trickquid!
Dylan: Trickell's Trickquid is water.
Brenda: Um, no, it's one hundred percent diet moisture.

Velma: Ugh, not that place! That guy's a total freak!
Shaggy: No, he's, like, totally cool! Just don't mention his nose.
Velma: Hey there, Cappy! What happened to the old sniffer? (Shaggy groans)
Skipper Shelton: What happened? I'll tell it for you! It was a clam that took it, fierce and mighty was he, and reduced me to wearing facial underwear he did! But I'll find him, and I won't stop shucking till I do. Understand?
Velma: Yes sir, Captain Admiral, sir!

Daphne: You know, we're still close to the water. All kinds of fish in there.
Fred: (watching the volleyball game) Yep, they're so beautiful!
Daphne: The girls?
Fred: No, the nets!
Daphne: The nets?
Fred: I wonder what their tensile strength is? They're nylon, absolutely perfect for traps!

Fred: We can't let that thing get away!
Shaggy: Sure we can, Fred! All we have to do is stand right here!
Scooby: Yeah, stand right here!

Velma: Wow, who are you trying to impress?
Daphne: What, this old thing? I've had it forever. I just want to do a good job. Would you rub oil on my back? Fred likes shiny things, and I'm tired of him staring at nets.

Fred: There's a book over here. Daphne read a book once. And that chair, Daphne liked to sit in chairs. And that card catalogue over there -
Velma: Not helping, Fred.
Fred: I know. What's wrong with me?

Velma: Hey, Daphne? Let me ask you something. If you liked a boy -
Daphne: Who told you? Was it one of my sisters? Dawn! Ha! She thinks she's so perfect. Well, what no one knows is, she has a sixth toe on her -
Velma: Um, what are you talking about?
Daphne: I - clearly, not what you were talking about...

Shaggy: Like, we've got him!
Velma: Good going! But how did you find your way out?
Scooby: (sniffing) Clam cones.
Velma: You were saved by junk food?
Shaggy: Like, what can I say? Junk food and me have a very special relationship.
Velma: Maybe I should ask it for advice.
Fred: Speaking of clam cones, I see Skipper Shelton isn't around again. Or are you, Skipper? (unmasks the Man Crab)
Skipper: (arrives) Ah, back from the Laundromat, I am. And once more does me nose-hammock smell fresh as the morning tide.
Daphne: Wait, if you're not the Man Crab, then who...?
Velma: Everyone, meet Bud Shelton. (grabs Bud's head out of Man Crab disguise)
Scooby, Shaggy and Daphne: Who?
Velma: The Trickell's Triquid mascot.
Bud: And the inventor, not that dirtball, Trickell.
Shaggy: Like, how did you know, Velma?
Velma: I knew it wasn't a real crab because Daphne never got allergic when she was around it. Plus, when I saw the mole pattern on the cheek of man next to Trickell in the newspaper, I remembered the same pattern on the mascot.
Bud: He took the credit for my creation. It was supposed to be called Bud's Bloosh. I was still working on the name. I spent countless hours making the Man Crab costume and even more time building my system of trap doors and stairs under the beach. And in case anyone came snooping in between kidnappings, I hid my costume in a locker big enough to hold it, putting a label with Skipper's name on it over the real label. So if anyone found it, they'd blame him.
Daphne: All that work just to get back at Mr. Trickell? Wouldn't it have been easier and-- more legal to sue him?
Bud: Are you kidding? Lawyers take forever. I would have succeeded, too, if it weren't for you meddling brats probing into my crustacean-themed revenge scheme.
Skipper: Well, "almost" doesn't shuck the clam, (to Scooby) does it, wolfie?
(Skipper and Scooby laugh)
Scooby: I have no idea what you're talking about.

The Song of MysteryEdit

Velma: Shaggy, you promised me you weren't going to use the word 'like' so much. It makes you sound ignorant.
Shaggy: Oh, right. Like, um, I forgot.

Daphne: They can't just leave all the kids!
Sheriff Stone: They'll be fine. We'll air drop in some freeze dried camp food. Just because they're 'spookified' doesn't mean they can't reconstitute macaroni!

Velma: Here, pick out a new pair of pants.
Shaggy: What's wrong with my pants?
Velma: You promised me you were going to start caring more about your appearance.
Shaggy: But I like those pants.
Velma: You've worn them since the eight grade.
Shaggy: They're comfortable pants
velma: Fine.

Mrs Dinkley: (giving tour) This is the location of the most recent attack by the creature that's been spookifying the children of Crystal Cove. (notices the gang) Velma, sweetheart, how are you? (yelling) Sheriff, they're back!
Velma: Mom, please! We just wanted to see what was happening!
Mrs Dinkley: There's nothing to see. Not unless you're paying.

Dr. Portillo: The peoples have long told the tale of Qué Horrífico. A normal man by day, but every sundown he changes into Qué Horrífico. He roams through the villages and plays his song of mystery on a pan flute, turning the childrens into... Terriblegatos!
Fred: In America, we call it 'getting spookified'.
Dr. Portillo: That is good enough, thank you. Eventually, he takes them to his spooky town, or cave or something. There's a lot of debate on that, who can really know.

Mary Ann Gleerdon: Fred Jones, Jr. You were supposed to meet me in the library for your civics tutoring.
Fred: Mary Ann, I can't. I have something important I need to do.
Mary Ann: What could possibly be more important than civics?

Dr. Portillo: Oh no! I think - I think [the transformation] is happening! Oh no! It's happening! It's happening! AHHH! Here it comes! Oh, I so scared! I so scared! Here it comes! Oh - No, it's just gas.

Daphne: This is nice.
Fred: Watch it, Daphne! Remember, we're married; don't look so happy!
Velma: It's almost sunset. We'd better get inside.
Fred: Right. (loudly) Come, two young children, it's bedtime! Grandma's gonna tell you a story!
Shaggy: Oh goodie!
Fred: Quick, get inside.
(inside, ready for trap)
Scooby: Aren't you going to tell us a story?
Velma: Yes, The End. Now shh.

(Mayor Jones and Sheriff Stone arrive)
Mayor Jones: What in the name of whole wheat toast is going on?
Fred: We got him, dad.
(Scooby unmasks Qué Horrífico)
Mary Ann Gleerdon: You mean her.
Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy: Mary Ann Gleerdon
Mayor Jones: Your tutor? But why?
Mary Ann Gleerdon: I was trying to scare all the adults out of Crystal Cove so I could run the city my way. (hocking) (to Fred) I told you, I have brilliant ideas. (to everyone) With all the adults gone, there's be no one to stand in my way. I learned about the legend of Qué Horrífico in Dr. Portillo's honors class. It was the perfect solution. I used the high school's theater department for my costume. I went to every kindergarten and elementary school in the city to convince the children to pretend to be spookified. In return I offered them Utopia! When that didn't work, I offered them candy. Whenever the children heard me playing the pan flute, that was their signal to put on their fake hair and fangs and commence spookification. I almost had the whole town cleared of adults. I would have, too, if it weren't for you (speaks latin)
Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby: Huh?
Mary Ann Gleerdon: (sighs) Loosely translated it means "Meddlesome kids" in latin.
Arthur: I'm going home. I miss my mom and dad. (The other kids say goodbyes and walk into their homes) By the way, this was lame.
(Sheriff Stone handcuffs Mary Ann)
Mary Ann Gleerdon: Wait, you're taking me to jail? But I'm just a kid!
Sheriff Stone: Do you know how many boxes we're stuck with of Qué Horrífico t-shirts, Qué Horrífico pamphlets, Qué Horrífico dance CDs, Qué Horrífico--?
Mary Ann Gleerdon: OK, OK. I see your point.

The Legend of Alice MayEdit

Daphne: I'm telling you, she's up to something!
Fred: C'mon, Daph. So, Alice was using the shower and hanging out in the school basement late at night. Haven't we all?
Daphne: What if Alice is the ghost girl the Sheriff mentioned? You could be in danger, Fred.
Fred: Don't you think I'd know if she were a ghost girl?
Velma: I'd be willing to bet... no.
Scooby: Yeah, me too.
Shaggy: Yeah, like, what do we really know about Alice?
Fred: You mean, besides the fact that she's super nice, and her hair smells like peaches, and sometimes I get lost in her eyes, and -
Daphne: Fred Jones, do you like this girl?
Fred: (points at his watch) Wow, look at the time.
Daphne: You're not wearing a watch, Freddie.
Fred: Oh. Well, I'd better go find one, then!

Angel: Looks like your ghost girl's building herself... a man posse.
Shaggy: Zoinks! Like, what if Fred's her latest possum?

Delilah: Hey, baby sis. Something got you down.
Daphne: Hey, Delilah. It's okay, I'm fine.
Delilah: No, no, I can tell. Same way I can tell when I look in the eyes of the enemy and see their cold, grey heart and know it's either me, or them.
Daphne: Uh, okay...
Delilah: Ah, boy trouble. I've been Fear's bunkmate before. Let me tell you a story. There was a beach. Enemy dug in along the shore. They picked us off one by one but I knew I had to get my men through, understand?
Daphne: No.
Delilah: All right, here's another story -
Daphne: Delilah, really, don't worry. I'm gonna figure this out.
Delilah: I hear you. Call if you need me. Whoo-aahh!

Shaggy: Like, wow! I didn't know this year's prom theme was terror and pandemonium!
Velma: What's going on?
Jock 1: Somebody's mom is trying to kill Fred.
Jock 2: Yeah, thanks, Mystery Geeks, for wrecking our prom.

Ghost Girl: Let me go!
Mayor Jones: (arrives with Sheriff Stone) Hazy fantasie, Fred. Didn't you hear me when I said, "if you see a ghost girl, do not go to the prom with her."?
Fred: Don't worry, dad. She may look like a ghost girl, but in reality she's... (unmasks the ghost girl) Alice May. Or she's also known as...
Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne and Fred: Alice Carlswell.
Sheriff Stone: Carlswell? As in Deacon Carlswell? The creeper?
Alice: That's right. He was my father. When daddy was imprisoned, I vowed revenge on those who put him there. I used his old costume to construct my own. When I found the legend of the ghost girl online, I was ready to spring my trap. I grabbed that fool Randy to throw you all off the track. And I kept him hidden and fed in my father's crypt until I could let him go. After that, it was just a matter of getting rid of your precious leader, Fred. I wanted to destroy your gang the way you destroyed my father. And I would have succeeded, too, if it weren't for you meddling... schoolmates... of mine.

In Fear of the PhantomEdit

Fred: Perfect! Daphne's our Phantom bait.
Daphne: Oh, this is so exciting - wait. Bait?

Sheriff Stone: All right, now let me get this straight; these T-shirts are fifty dollars each, this is cotton, right? The kind that comes from cows?
Velma: Sheriff, focus. The Phantom has taken Daphne!
Sheriff Stone: Right. Any suspects?
Shaggy, Velma, Scooby, and The Hex Girls: The Phantom!
Sheriff Stone: All right, now we're getting somewhere! And by the way, what's wrong with the Jones kid? He's acting a little... squirrely.

Fred: Daphne. Now. I need to talk to her.
Daphne: (dressed as crush) Daphne's gone. Call me Crush.
Fred: Darn it, lady, I'm serious! Where is she?
Daphne: Urgh, Fred. It's me, okay?
Fred: Uh... oh. I need to tell you something and I need you to listen. I'm not a guy anymore.
Daphne: What?
Fred: I have feelings! I care!

Harry: If you had a lizard face, I'd still love you, Scooby.
Scooby: And I'd love you, Harry. More Sandwich?
Shaggy: Like, okay, you know what? Enough! You can't replace me with a dummy!
Scooby: Do you hear something, Harry?
Shaggy: Like, there is no Harry. Harry is you, and like, dude, I am your best friend!
Harry: Um, no, I don't think so.
Shaggy: Why don't you just stay out of it, Harry? And, like, stop watching Vincent Van Ghoul movies. That's mine and Scooby Doo's thing!
Harry: Really? Cause Scooby Doo thought you cared more about girls and going to proms! (Shaggy begins to wrestle with 'Harry' before realizing that Harry's a puppet)
Shaggy: Wait, wha - what am I doing?

Mayor Jones: (arrives with Sheriff Stone) Bug-eyed biscuits, Fred. Couldn't you have waited until after the show to catch the phantom?
Fred: Sorry, dad. Not with Daphne in danger. (unmasks the Phantom)
Everyone: Daniel Frizette?
Shaggy: Or, like, should we call you Fantzee Pantz?
Hex Girls: Fantzee Pantz?
Gus: Doth my eye shadow deceive? How did you know?
Fred: The phantom had to be someone close to the Hex Girls to access the stage.
Shaggy: And the Hex Girls' equipment.
Scooby: And their bus.
Velma: Someone with a grudge against the Hex Girls.
Daniel: The Hex Girls took my career. I tried to get revenge by writing bad songs for them, but they can make anything a hit. So, I became the phantom. And I'd do it again if it weren't for the uncanny boy band knowledge of you meddling brats!
Sheriff Stone: Let's go.

The Grasp of the GnomeEdit

Sheriff Stone: No admittance. This is a quarantined area. Besides, the movie's already started.
Scooby: You're showing them a movie?
Shaggy: Yeah, aren't they, like, frozen with gnomey magic?
Sheriff Stone: I already saw the movie. Believe me, magically frozen is the perfect viewing state to be in.

Fred: Now let's see who you really are. (unmasks the Gnome)
Daphne, Velma and Scooby: (gasp) The Court Fool?
Amanda: That's my husband, Gill Littlefoot! What did you think you were doing, fool? (hits Gill with her staff)
Gill: What I've wanted to do for years: Frame you for the gnome attacks. And once you were out of the way, take your fortune for my own. (Amanda hits him again) Ow! Will you stop that?
Velma: But you're too tall. How could you ever be the gnome?
Gill: There's a reason our family name is Littlefoot. (takes off the gnome disguise to reveal his real size)
(Everyone gasp)
Gill: I planned this over a year. And while I've always hid my tiny legs, this finally provided me a way to make them useful. Since Amanda's dislike of pirates was well known, I planted her earring on a victim, hoping to throw suspicion her way. I used my toxin-coated gloves to paralyze all the pirates, but you would not quit. The beautiful part is that because of my--
Sheriff Stone: I believe the medical term is baby legs.
Gill: No one would have ever suspected me. That is, until you, meddling, gnome-hating, pirate-loving--
Sheriff Stone: Yeah, yeah, Shrimpo, we got the picture.
Amanda: (annoyed) All these years, you've looked down on me. Now it turns out I'm actually taller than you. (hits Gill again with her staff)
Gill: Ow!
Sheriff Stone: Let's go, little footy. (laughs)
Mayor Jones: Boy, I had big plans for him! Thanks for nothing-- again.
Fred: Anytime, pop.

Battle of The HumungonautsEdit

Mayor Jones: So they didn't show! I don't see why we couldn't just seize the ticket money as evidence. Prancing piccolos, Fred. One of your traps actually worked!
Sheriff Stone: Greetings, big and hairy space travelers. As a representative of planet earth, I welcome you.
Velma: I'm afraid these two aren't space travelers, sheriff. I'd like to introduce (unmasks the Green Humungonaut) Max Minner and (unmasks the Red Humungonaut) Jax Minner.
Sheriff Stone: It's the Minner brothers? They've been taking care of all of Crystal Cove's insurance needs for years.
Mayor Jones: But how did you know they'd both show up here?
Velma: All I did was double insure the boat repair shop with a policy from both brothers. You see, each brother was only attacking the places the other brother insured.
Mayor Jones: But why?
Max: What do you think? Money.
Jax: And the fact that we can't stand each other.
Max: Oh, yeah. That, too.
Jax: This intense dislike started back when we were circus strongmen. We had just come up with a great idea for our act: The Hercules apes...
Sheriff Stone: Humongonauts is catchier.
Jax: When this jerk decides to break up our act and join a rival circus.
Max: Huh! You were just jealous.
Jax: We became bitter enemies who, as chance would have it, both went into the insurance business here in Crystal Cove.
Max: After that, we each focused on the same thing: Destroying each other's business.
Jax: And it would have worked, too, if it weren't for...
Max and Jax: My meddling brother! (look each other) What? Why you? (start fighting)
Velma: Mystery solved.

Howl of The Fright HoundEdit

Sheriff Stone: What's going on? I heard what sounded like some sort of hideous, undying machine in here.
Daphne: We've solved the mystery of the Fright Hound.
Fred: And your culprit is... (opens the hood of the mysterious person)
Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne and Fred: Jason's mom?
Mrs. Wyatt: That's right, it was me all along. I saw how you treated my Jason at school. So naturally I did what any mother would do. I built a demonic robot dog to destroy you! I framed your little doggy friend to break you up, leaving Jason a clear shot at his true love. But when you showed up and blamed him of all things, I decided to GET RID OF YOU ALL! I gave up a career in military robotics to raise my son, not to watch him get picked on!
Jason: Now Velma will never want to be my girlfriend. And she would have, too, if it weren't for my meddling mom!
Velma: I'm sorry, Jason. I should have been clearer with you earlier. But you and me, it's just not gonna happen. But we can still be friends.
Jason: OK.
Velma: Wow. You took that very well.
Jason: And you touched my knuckle again. Ha ha! (kisses his fingers)

The Secret SerumEdit

Vampire: Aaahh! Let me go! I'll drain you all!
Daphne: Mom! Your vampiring is tearing this family apart! I'm sorry, but you've left me no choice. I'm going to have to stake you.
Vampire: Wait! I'm not a vampire! I'm-- (unmasks herself)
Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne and Fred: Sheila Altoonian.
Daphne: But why?
Sheila: Isn't it obvious? My looks are starting to fade.
Shaggy: No. You're gorgeous.
Fred: No. Your skin is as tight as my ascot.
Sheila: This is all your mother's fault. We're the same age, but she's so beautiful. She has the skin of a teenager. That's when I realized she must be a vampire. I went to the Dinkley Shop to do a little research And found the recipe for the youth juice. That potion was gonna make me young and beautiful forever. You see, in college I majored in zoology and acrobatics, studying the habits of flying squirrels. I propelled myself into the air with my quad and glute muscles. All this gave me the illusion of a real flying Vampire.
Daphne: Why didn't you just try maybe wearing a little less makeup? Or a cuter haircut? Or use tape to pull back all your wrinkly sacks of.(grabs her cheeks with hands) You know, age gracefully.
Sheila: Age gracefully? Are you crazy? No, the Vampire serum was my only hope. And I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for you meddling--
Nan Blake: What's going on here?
Daphne: Mom!
Sheila: Even now, she's stealing my moment.
Daphne: I'm so glad you're not an undead creature of darkness.
Nan Blake: Thanks, honey.
Daphne: But what are you doing here? Why have you been sneaking out?
Nan Blake: I didn't want to say anything, but I've been taking night classes. I'm getting my public notary degree!
Velma: Oh, how exciting.
Shaggy: What an opportunity.
Nan Blake: You know, I may be outrageously gorgeous, but knowledge, knowledge is the key to true beauty. Well, I better get going. I have to figure out what a notary is before tomorrow's final exam. (laughs)

Mystery Solvers Club State FinalsEdit

Velma: Look at that. For the time ever, the sidekicks have solved the mystery.
Scooby: Now, let's see exactly who Lord Infernicus is. (unmasks the Lord Infernicus)
Everyone: The Funky Phantom?!
Mudsy: That's me, don't you know.
Scooby: But why?
Mudsy: I was sick of being a sidekick. Resentful, even. I'm not a real ghost. I'm Jonathan Wellington Muddlemore, actor, thespian, dramatator. I was behind in my rent at the Y, so a friend told me about this clock I could squat in. When they found me and thought I was a ghost, I figured why not. Ghost gig got me 3 hots and a cot, but I got tired of taking a back seat, don't you know. I wanted to headline. I wanted to be the boss. In charge, even. With my own sidekicks. That's when I stumbled upon the mystery solvers state finals. I had workshopped my Lord Infernicus character at various comedy clubs and state fairs around the country. And it has always been a hit. It was a simple matter to use mirrors and a video projector to make myself appear and fly. A little smoke, fireworks, a skeleton puppet identical to my own bone structure for close-up work, a pre-recorded voice, and the deed was done. I even abducted my own cat Boo. The plan was to ship everyone off to Africa, where there is a desperate need for teenage mystery solvers. I then created the ruse with the Guinea pigs; sewing each of their tiny costumes by hand, using the actual vintage fabrics of their real life counterparts just to throw you off track. It was perfect. Genius, even. Until your ridiculous dog started acting like a HERO instead of a SIDEKICK.
Scooby: (annoyed) Ohhh.
Boo the Cat: You lied to me. Meow! (attacks Mudsy)
Shaggy: Like, Scoob, looks like you and your pals are the heroes of this mystery. Let's hear it for the sidekicks. Hip hip--
Everyone: Hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!

The Wild BroodEdit

Biker Dude: Hey, little muffin, how 'bout you and me go for a moonlight ride?
Girl: No thanks, I'm allergic to the stink of desperation.

Random Spanker Gang Member: Let's go spank somewhere else!

Daphne: Oh, Freddie, this is such a romantic setting for our second date.
Fred: If you say so. All I know is, since my dad owns the place, we get free refills.

Sheriff Stone: Hold it right there, leather-wearing creepy. First section seven forty-one dot B of the Chrystal Cove bylaws; there are no monsters or monster-like creatures allowed in public areas.
Mayor Jones: Unless tickets are being sold.

Daphne: Wow, that was very... poetical.

Member of The Wild Brood: Velma, do you believe in love at first sight?
Velma: In your case... no.

Daphne: Did you break into the armory and steal a rocket launcher?
Orc: No.
Daphne: (to Fred) See, I told you, let's go.

Orc: My gratitude is yours, fair Daph.
Fred: Fair Daph?! Listen here, Tusky, only I get to call her Daph, and I never say fair!

Orc: Crazy driving there, Frederick.
Fred: Thanks. And it's Fred. Unless we're dating, and then it's Freddie.

Daphne: Ok. Let's see who was trying to give the Wild Brood a bad name.
(The Orc unmasks the Impostor Orc.)
Scooby, Shaggy, Daphne, Velma and Fred: Another geek?
The Orcs: Maxwell?
Shaggy: Like, who's Maxwell?
Odnarb: He works in the copy room at our gaming company. Maxwell, why?
Maxwell: Why? I'll tell you why. You all thought you were so cool. You never let me join in the beta testing of any of your new video games. No, I was just the lowly copy boy. So I sought my revenge. I made a Wild Brood costume of my own. From that point on, all I had to do was steal a rocket launcher, grab someone to hack the computer to divert the train, reroute said train, board the train from a moving motorcycle, defeat the train's security system, blow up the bridge the train was on, which would cause the Swordfish console to be destroyed in a massive train wreck, ruining your careers and hopefully giving rise to my own in the process. Simple!
Shaggy: Dude. Seriously?
Maxwell: Overkill, huh? Well, it might have worked, if it wasn't for you Meddling kids. Am I right?
Scooby, Shaggy, Daphne, Velma and Fred: Uh, no.
Velma: Don't think so.
Shaggy: Not really.
(Maxwell feels sorry.)

Sheriff Stone: (puts the Orc mask on Maxwell's face) And keep that mask on. You geeks freak me out without them. (drives away with Maxwell arrested.)
Velma: Don't be so hard on yourself. You tried to do a very brave thing.
Fred: No, Odnarb was the brave one. He saved us all. Go ahead. Hang with him, Daph.
Odnarb: We've got to get back to our render farm. But I was thinking... maybe one last ride? I'll let you hold onto my jacket. It's genuine elf thigh.
Daphne: Oh. No thanks, Od. You're awesome with all your deep thoughts and poetical nobility and stuff. But my heart has always been with Freddy. (kisses Fred on the cheek)
Fred: Yes! In your face, Odnarb, or whoever you are. She digs me. She digs me! SHE DIGS ME!

Where Aphrodite WalksEdit

Soccer Player: Fred missed another match. What he'd get, trapped?

Aphrodite: Run down that mangy mongrel! Run him down with the love! Now!

Professor Pericles: Ectoplasm! Or, as it's more commonly known, ghost mucus.

Mayor Jones: Silver plated seesaws, Fred, you're not in the love anymore? Then, I'm going to have to let out an unearthly howl and destroy you.

Velma: Look, about what happened -
Shaggy: Yeah, uh, about that...
Velma: We don't have to -
Shaggy: No, no way.
Velma: In fact, I'd prefer -
Shaggy: Absolutely. My thoughts exactly.

Daphne: We've got a great look for everyone!
Shaggy: Does mine involve wearing a skirt and lipstick?
Daphne: No...
Shaggy: Awesome!
Daphne:: But Scooby's does!
Scooby: Not fair!

Aphrodite: I am the goddess of love! Bow at the feet of Aphrodite!
Velma: I think you mean Amanda. (unmasks Aphrodite) Amanda Smythe?
Amanda: Oh, you think you're so smart. Do you know how it feels to be humiliated? Me, the smartest and most gifted student in the history of Crystal Cove, laughed at by everyone in this school.
Velma: Well, actually--
Amanda: You know nothing! They had promised me I would be prom queen, but instead they pulled a hideous mask over my face. The face of a monster. They ridiculed me. I left Crystal Cove that night, but I promised that someday I would return. I had always been good at chemistry, so when I stumbled on the formula for an artificial pheromone that could make people lose their minds with love, I knew I would have my revenge.
Daphne: Why? You're pretty now.
Amanda: The scars run deep. I would reclaim the crown that was rightly mine. Then I would destroy this town the way it destroyed me. My plan was genius! And I would have succeeded, too, it wasn't for your olfactory-challenged sidekicks. (The police arrest Amanda.)
Pericles: I am no one's sidekick.
Scooby: You said it.

Shaggy: Well, Scooby Doo, like, you saved the day.
Scooby: And Pericles, too.
Daphne: I guess even a diabolical and criminal bird can change his malevolent ways.
Ed: (appears) Highly doubtful.
Shaggy and Scooby: (nervously) Who--who are you?
Ed: I am an associate of Mr. E. Pericles left him a message that you should hear. (plays the recorded tape)
Pericles: It was I who gave Aphrodite the secret formula. Once that was accomplished, I could go after the real ingredients I needed to find. First, an ancient conquistador's ship manifest. Next, a stone piercing industrial-grade diamond drill bit. And finally, the geological reports from the Darrow Mining Company. Your move, Mr. E. (The tape ends.)
Shaggy: Ok, can I get a teeny little time-out here? What does any of that stuff have to do with anything?
Ed: The curse of the haunted treasure, an ancient fortune left behind by the conquistadors that first settled this area. Legend has it that it is buried somewhere deep beneath us, and it now appears that Pericles is on the verge of discovering it. (Everyone gasp) And if he does, it could well mean the end of Crystal Cove. (walks away)

Escape from Mystery ManorEdit

Fred: Way to go, gang. Who's been served now, huh?
Danny: I won't deny it, you are a worthy opponent.
Fred: Gee, thanks. You're not bad yourself.
Danny: Was that a gage burrow strategy you used back there?
Fred: You recognized it? You know, I thought at first I'd go with the Orpheus proposition, but I didn't have any milk.
Velma: (interrupts Fred) Excuse me. Sorry to interrupt, but what's the big idea trying to kill us? And what's with this thing?
Danny: My treasure! I thought you had returned to steal it.
Daphne: Returned? I think you have us confused with the original Mystery Inc.
Danny: Say, now that you mention it, you don't look anything like I remember you. Especially that parrot over there.
Scooby: Thank you.
Danny: I've made a terrible, terrible mistake. What has become of me? I suppose it started that Halloween night. My family came upon a mysterious artifact, a key to finding the great cursed treasure rumored to lie beneath Crystal Cove. It corrupted us with greed. I had just gotten my hands on it when the earth shook and swallowed our entire house. My loved ones grew old and passed all around me, but I hardly even noticed. Then, those meddling kids showed up. They were after my treasure. I knew it! So I spied on them. And I booby-trapped the whole house in ways that would prey upon their weaknesses. Eh, but they left.
Daphne: So you've been waiting for them to come back all this time?
Danny: Truth be told, I kind of lost track. Has it really been that long? How do I look? Haven't let myself go, have I?
Fred: Uh, no.
Scooby: You look fine.
Daphne: I love what you've done with your hair.
Danny: My whole life has been a waste. (sits in the chair, dodges the booby-trap arrow launched by crossbow and laughs) That's one of my earlier models.
(The Mansion began rumbling and collapsing.)
Shaggy: What's going on?
Danny: All those traps going off must have awaken the area's fault line. (falls on the floor broken in half)
Fred: Quick, grab my hand!
Danny: Don't worry about me! (The gang watches the light outside the Mansion.) Now's your chance for escape.
Velma: But your treasure?
Danny: Keep it. And may it bring you more happiness than it ever brought me. (watches the light opening outside the Mansion) (last words) Now, through that crevice before it's too late!
(The gang escapes the Mansion collapsed leaving Danny Darrow alone.)

Daphne: After all that, he saved us.
Velma: Or did we save him?
Shaggy: Yeah. Like, he did say this wedge was...
Scooby: Cursed.
Fred: The question is, are there other pieces out there? And if there are, who else is looking for them?
(Mayor Jones watches the gang from the car window and drives away.)

Pawn of ShadowsEdit

Professor Hatecraft: Now, Regina, time to come clean and reveal that you're- (unmasks The Obliteratrix)
Scooby, Shaggy, Daphne, Velma and Fred: Alice May?
Professor Hatecraft: Who's Alice May?
Daphne: She once pretended to be a Ghost Girl to kidnap Fred for her man posse because she wanted revenge for her father, the Creeper.
Shaggy: But, like, how did you get out of jail?
Alice May: I got out with the help of the same person who sent me to destroy you... Mr. E!
Scooby, Shaggy, Daphne, Velma and Fred: Huh?
Angel Dynamite: Huh?
Alice May: E enlisted my services to put you kids in danger in hopes of drawing out his enemy, Professor Pericles. He figured if Pericles thought you were in trouble, he'd come to your rescue. E knew if he could get Pericles to reveal himself, it'd leave his piece of the planispheric disk vulnerable. Everything was fake. Special effects.
Shaggy: But, like, where'd you get all the high-tech stuff? How'd you disappear?
Alice May: E took care of that. It was all courtesy of one of Destroido's shell corporations, Quest Research Laboratories. They supplied me with everything I needed: Weapons, a high-tech cloaking device, even the effects.
Angel Dynamite: So this was all staged by Mr. E to use the kids as parrot bait.
Alice May: That's right. And it would have worked, too, if I hadn't been stopped by you, Miss Meddling sassy pants!
Sheriff Stone: Wait, so are you telling me that you escaped from prison months ago, and I never noticed? (laughs) I don't think so. (Sheriff Stone drives away with Alice May arrested.)

Fred: Well, gang, another mystery solved.
Daphne: I just wish we could have done something about your job, Professor Hatecraft.
Dean: (arrives with car) H.P.? Yoo-hoo! Oh, there you are, you dear man.
Professor Hatecraft: Don't worry, Dean Fenk. I'm on my way to clean out my office now.
Dean: Clean out your office? Oh, never. Heh! Haven't you heard the wonderful news? The song "Chargargothicon", based on your novel, is a huge hit in Japan. And since Darrow College published the book, we're gonna make a fortune! (Professor Hatecraft is amazingly surprised.) Now, I'm giving you Regina's old office Vampire books are so done and I'm having the dusk mobile repainted. (she and Professor Hatecraft drive away.)

Fred: Well, Angel, it looks like we owe you one.
Scooby: Yeah. You saved our tails.
Daphne: How'd you know where we were?
Velma: It's time, Angel. I can't keep this secret anymore.
Angel Dynamite: I wanted to tell you kids earlier, but I was afraid.
Scooby: Afraid of what?
Angel Dynamite: Of telling you the truth. My real name isn't Angel Dynamite. It's Cassidy Williams. I'm one of the original members of Mystery Incorporated that disappeared.
Scooby, Shaggy, Daphne and Fred: What?
Angel Dynamite/Cassidy: It was all an accident. We should have never been in that condemned church. But Brad said he'd seen someone coming and going at night, and he wanted to investigate. We thought we'd found a treasure map, but it wasn't treasure; It was a threat, to not just our lives but the lives of our families. The thing in those caves forced us to leave Crystal Cove, or those who loved us would pay the price.
(Shaggy and Scooby are terrified.)
Shaggy: L-l-like, who threatened you?
Angel Dynamite/Cassidy: He called himself the Freak. The Freak of Crystal Cove. There, now you know the truth. That's what happened to the original Mystery Incorporated, and it will happen to all of you if you don't stop! Forget about the planispheric disk. Give Pericles your piece, or Mr. E. I don't care. The mystery is over. Let it end tonight!
Fred: You lied to us, Angel. You've been lying to us from the beginning. Why should we listen to anything you have to say to us now? This mystery isn't over until we say it's over. Come on, gang.
Angel Dynamite/Cassidy: No. No, you don't understand. He's still out there. (The gang drives away.) The Freak is still out there!

The Freak: The curse begun, but soon they'll see, the buried truth will end with me. (laughs)

All Fear the FreakEdit

Sheriff Stone: What have you kids done now? First I get a hysterical call from the Rogers saying Scooby and Shaggy jumped out the window during still life night. And then other parents start phoning, saying that their kids have disappeared. And then Angel calls me all frantic about-- Who is this guy?
Fred: I'll tell you who he is, Sheriff. The Freak of Crystal Cove...(unmasks the Freak) is my father.
Scooby, Shaggy, Daphne and Velma: Mayor Jones?
Sheriff Stone: (gasps) But...?
Mayor Jones: How did you know?
Fred: When I found out both pictures of my mother were just cut-outs from a magazine, I checked the dates on the back. It was the same day I was born, or what you said was the same day I was born. Still, I wasn't sure. Not until now. Why?
Mayor Jones: Why do you think? Because of the curse. For years I'd heard about the curse and the supposed haunted treasure. That was the reason I came to Crystal Cove. I'd been accepted to Darrow University's history department, which gave me access to the town archives. When I found the story about the conquistadors that disappeared, I decided to disguise myself and begin my search for the planispheric disk. Sadly, I found nothing. Until Mystery Incorporated walked into the library seeking advice. They had no idea what they'd found. Well, that wasn't true. Actually, their mascot knew. For access to my knowledge, Pericles was willing to betray his friends. We concocted a scheme to blackmail the kids into leaving town by threatening them with fabricated documents implicating their parents in various crimes. They were unaware of my true identity, but I still had one loose end. Pericles had to go. I placed an anonymous call to the police implicating him in the kids' disappearance. By the time Pericles woke, he was already in custody. He was sentenced to spend the rest of his miserable parrot life where he belonged... in a cage. Becoming mayor allowed me to continue my search for the remaining pieces. And I would have found them, too, if it weren't for you, my meddling-- Fred.
Fred: That still doesn't explain what happened to my mother. I want to know where she is.
Mayor Jones: The truth is, I don't know. I assume she's still with Brad Chiles.
Daphne: Wait, are you saying that Judy Reeves is Fred's mother? But that would mean--
Mayor Jones: Brad Chiles is your real father. (Fred is shocked.) Two years after they left, Brad tried to return to Crystal Cove. By that time, he and Judy had married and she'd given birth to a baby boy. I had to stop Brad. I took you and told him you'd be safe as long as they never returned again.
Fred: All this for a treasure no one's even sure exists? Where's the piece?
Mayor Jones: Fred, you're still my son. I raised you.
Fred: You used me. Where'd you hide it? In your pocket? (tries to search the piece in his pocket but it's empty.)
Mayor Jones: It's gone? We have to find it. That piece is priceless. Fred. Fred! (Fred runs away and Daphne follows him.)
Sheriff Stone: (cries) Tell me this isn't true.

Pericles: What an amusing turn of events.
Scooby: (yelps) Pericles!
Pericles: Don't be afraid, Scooby. I've no reason to hurt you. (holds up piece) I have what I came for. (chuckles)
Scooby: The mayor's piece! You have it!
Pericles: Two down, four to go. (opens car window) Until we meet again, auf wiedersehn, Scooby-Doo. (laughs and flies away)
Scooby: I'll get the gang back together, Pericles. We'll be coming for you, or my name isn't Scooby-Dooby-Doo!

Season 2Edit

The Night the Clown Cried II: Tears of Doom!Edit

Fred: And now let's see who Crybaby Clown really is. (unmasks the Crybaby Clown)
Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne, Hot Dog Water and Fred: Baylor Hotner!
Baylor Hotner: That's right-ner. Actor, humanitarian, guy with amazingly super awesome abs. I came here to Crystal Cove to research the part of a crazed clown for my upcoming blockbuster movie, "The Night the Clown Cried". It was gonna be my Oscar. Using my knowledge of Hollywood makeup and effects and a trick buggy I stole from the back lot, I honed my crazed clown performance to perfection. Then I built my entourage: a therapist, a hairdresser, a plastic surgeon, and a publicist. Everything I needed to be a great actor. Of course, I put tracking chips in all of them because you have to know where your posse is at all times. I even had an innocent small-town girl that would make me look like the nicest guy. I had it all! And I would have been the world's greatest Hollywood thespian, too, if it hadn't have been for you small town scene stealers.
Daphne: (slaps Baylor) Small town that, Baylor Hotner. These are my friends. Take him away, Sheriff.
(Sheriff Stone arrests Baylor)

Daphne: Thanks, guys. You, uh, really saved me.
Shaggy: Like, you're one of us.
Fred: Um, you know, Daphne, you could come back to me... to the gang, I mean.
Daphne: Really? I'd like that. Very much.
Scooby: Hooray! Daphne's back. Group hug.
(Fred, Velma, and Shaggy hug Daphne.)
Scooby: Scooby-Dooby-Doo! And Daphne, too. (laughs)

Night on Haunted MountainEdit

Velma: (sniffs) There's that smell again. Of course. (sees the broken disguise in the right leg) HOT DOG WATER.
(The Dark Lilith runs away with the piece of the planispheric disk)
Velma: Marcie, wait!
Dark Lilith/Marcie: (unmasks herself) Hello, Velma.
Velma: Why would you--wait. Of course. Mr. E. You're still working for him. But you couldn't outwit the captain's traps without Fred.
Marcie: That's right. So humiliating to have to rely on a guy. I repurposed my old manticore outfit and super helium technology to create the Dark Lilith disguise. Then, I lured Gary and Ethan here by falsely telling them professional soccer players worked their calf muscles on Mount Diabla. I knew Fred would talk you guys into investigating what happened to them. Then, Fred could spring the traps, and I could get the piece. (sighs) But you're a hard girl to fool, V. I'm glad you recognized me.
Velma: Me, too. So, how's this gonna end?
Marcie: (sadly gives the piece to Velma) Here. Friendship should always come first, and-- well, you're the only friend I've ever had.
Velma: What about Mr. E? He'll hunt you down and destroy you.
Marcie: He'll have to catch me first. See you around, Velma Dinkley. (walks away)

Fred: Way to go, Velma! I thought Dark Lilith was going to end up with the fifth piece for sure.
Scooby: Where'd the evil lady go?
Velma: No idea. Flew away, I guess.

Velma: Well, gang, with the 3 pieces we have, the two pieces Pericles stole, that means there's--
Scooby: Just one more piece to go.
Daphne: Yeah, and why do I get the feeling that even if we don't find number 6? It'll end up finding us.
(The gang drives away)

Ghost of a Conquistador: Nibiru. (laughs and slowly fades)

Grim JudgementEdit

Daphne: Looks like Hebediah Grim won't be judging anybody, now that we know he's really...
(Scooby and Daphne unmasks the 2 Hebediah Grims)
Scooby: Gary and Ethan.
Ethan: Ugh! How did you know?
Gary: Yeah! We were, like, totally sneaky!
Velma: Not so totally, I'm afraid. The odd indentations in Hebediah Grim's footprints turned out to be soccer cleat marks. Gary's chat video was pre-recorded. I hacked your laptop and found the original recordings.
Fred: Two missing costumes meant there could be two Hebediah Grims.
Shaggy: Like, worst of all, you guys tried to frame Doogle McGuiness by putting a yearbook on his porch: Ethan's yearbook!
Velma: So judge that, you losers. (throws the yearbook hardly) Booyah! Who wants to judge me now? Huh? Who? You want to judge me? You? In your face! YEAH!
Scooby: Velma, you're scaring me.
Fred: The real question is, why? Why did you guys do it?
Gary and Ethan: Girls.
Gary: Duh. We wanted to terrify girls and then rescue them so they'd fall for us, just like the knights did in the old west before the dragons went away.
Ethan: Yeah. Knights terrorize and save damsels to score dates with them all the time.
Fred: Huh. I never thought about it that way.
Daphne: But why did you both dress up?
Ethan: We don't trust each other. Tag-teaming was the only option.
Gary: And we would have gotten away with it if any of you mystery, stink losers had lives.

Night TerrorsEdit

Velma: Now, let's see who's really behind all this Terrorwood smoke. (unmasks the Fiend)
Everyone: Dan Fluunk?
Daphne: That doesn't make any sense.
Shaggy: You seemed like the nicest guy.
Scooby: Why, Dan? Why?
Dan: It's this place. I can't take it! I've been here since I was born. My family's been caretakers of the Burlington mansion, and then, the Burlington library, for generations. I was born here, been here every day of my life, all alone up here on this mountain, tending this darn library! But it always seemed to be snowing, and I could never get warm. Never! I hate the cold. I hate the snow! But the library could never be closed. I never got a vacation, not one. I found out about the Terrorwood when I accidentally burned some. So I decided to use it to scare away anyone and everyone that came here. So eventually, no one would come anymore, and I could close the place forever and go someplace warm. And I would have done it, too, been somewhere warm by now, if it wasn't for you meddling snow-bound brats.

The Midnight ZoneEdit

Fred: There she is.
Cassidy: It's over, Miss October Pest. Call off the bots. (turns the chair and sees the corpse) Ugh!
Shaggy: Like, that is worse than robots.
Frau's corpse: Nibiru.
Scooby: Did that thing... just whisper?
Fred: I heard it, too. It sounded like...
Velma: Nibiru.
Daphne: You think that was her name?
Velma: No. Her name was Frau Abigail Glück. She was part of the benevolent lodge of mystery, the mystery-solving gang formed by Burlington in the 1880s. And when I got back from the Burlington library, someone had pinned a picture of another mystery-solving group on my wall: The Darrow family.
Daphne: Including us and the original Mystery Incorporated? That makes 4 groups.
Velma: My guess-- there's more. Almost as if this has all happened before.
(Pericles and the Kriegstaffelbots appear)
Pericles: Exactly right. Mystery Incorporated.
Everyone: Professor Pericles?
Pericles: Ah! Lovely. I see you have met what's left of Frau Glück. I met Frau Glück in Bavaria in the 1930s. She discovered the missionaries possessed the fifth and the sixth pieces of the planispheric disk. She built this lab and a host of robots to aid her search for the pieces. I finally found this lab and continued the Frau's work, building a legion of her Kriegstaffelbots to retrieve the pieces for me. My holographic masquerade as Frau Glück bought my bots all the time they needed. And I would have gotten away with eliminating Cassidy if it weren't for you meddling kids. Now that I have everything I need, I can dispose of this place and all of you at the same time. (takes the piece of the planispheric disk) Farewell, darling kinder. Farewell. (escapes the underwater lab in an escape capsule)

Fred: We're leaving now!
Tub: I wish! Moby's stuck!
Tom: The only way we can leave is if someone stays behind and keeps the doors open with this manual override lever!
Cassidy: I'll do it.
Daphne: No!
Cassidy: I'll be right behind you. Trust me, I'm a fast swimmer. (The gang feel a bit shocked) Go! I'll be fine. Go.
(The gang, Tom and Tub enter the submarine, Daphne stays to talk)
Daphne: What we were talking about before, about regret-- you weren't talking about me and Fred. You were talking about you and Mr. E. You loved him once, didn't you?
Cassidy: (last words) What E and I had, we lost a long time ago. Don't make the same mistake I did. Now, go!
(Cassidy keeps the switch that opened the door and the submarine escapes the laboratory destroyed.)

Daphne: Do you see her?
Tom: Don't worry. She's here somewhere.
(The seal Scooby appears in the water, calling the gang)
Daphne: Look, gang. He's holding something.
(The seal Scooby shows the broken helmet)
Daphne: Ah! (The gang is sad) Oh no! No, Fred. (cries)
Fred: Easy, Daphne. I'm sure she got out. Right, guys?
Shaggy: Like, yeah. Definitely.
Scooby: She saved us.
Velma: I guess maybe... we were wrong about Cassidy.


Daphne: Now, it's time to see who the Scarebear really is.
(Fred unmasks Scarebear.)
Everyone: Benson Fuhrman?
Benson: That's right. And Fuhrman isn't my real name. It's Hairmore.
Fred: Why did you change it?
Benson: Isn't it obvious, man? Hairmore would give me away as the Scarebear. Duh. All I wanted was to expose Destroido for the sick, soul-destroying evil that it is. Destroido ruins lives and pays the victims to keep quiet. Well, this is one victim who won't remain quiet any longer.
Daphne: How are you a victim? You look fine.
Benson: Do I, pretty scarlet-headed temptress? What if I told you that I am not, in fact, wearing a bear suit, but I'm covered completely in animal hair?
Fred: Except for your face?
Benson: It would be covered, too, square-jawed, handsome young hero, if I didn't have to shave every few hours just to maintain my non-hirsute appearance. You see: I purchased a bottle of gentle rain flower body wash for men, a heavenly scent designed to bring the ladies running. What I didn't know was that the company, musky farms, is a division of Destroido, and that there's a side effect. When I contacted Destroido about the product turning me into a hairy bear-man, the company acted as if what had happened to me was nothing. They tried to pay me off. Destroido ruined my life. So I was determined to find evidence that their body wash was toxic. I got the job as head of security and created the Scarebear suit out of taxidermied bear parts. I'm particularly proud of the claws which I purchased from a school for gifted children. I discovered that gentle rain flower was originally marketed as a lawn growth fertilizer that was so toxic, it destroyed an entire town. They didn't even change the formula. I was in the process of uploading the incriminating files to my website when you kids broke into my lab. My plan was to finally expose Destroido tonight at their own charity ball. I wanted to show the entire world what they had done. And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn't for you meddling, mutant animal-hating kids.
Fred: Gee. I feel kind of bad that we got in the way. Destroido deserves to be exposed.
Sheriff Stone: Unfortunately, since Destroido is its own sovereign nation, I can't arrest anyone.
Daphne: Oh, sheriff! (hugs Sheriff Stone) You're wonderful!
Sheriff Stone: Huh?
Mayor Janet: I'll explain it later.
Shaggy: Like, speaking of explaining, we still don't know who set the bomb.

Pericles: They do not suspect us of having set the bomb. Excellent.
Ricky: Not so excellent, however, is the fact that it didn't work. That idiot trap fiend found a way to blow up my bomb, and the gang walks free. I would have destroyed my own company to get those planispheric disk pieces. These children are proving hard to handle.
Pericles: We must find another way. Perhaps somebody close who can betray the kinder without them ever seeing it coming.
Ricky: Of course. Brad and Judy.
Pericles: Question is, will they be willing to betray their only son?

Wrath of the KrampusEdit

Pericles: Perfect.
Judy: All the pieces of...
Brad: The planispheric disk are ours!
Ricky: I believe it's time to put all of it together.
(The old gang went to the lair and find that the pieces are gone, only DVD.)
Brad: I don't understand.
Judy: Where are our pieces?
(Ricky plays the video on the DVD. Video starts.)
Fred: If you're watching this, you're probably wondering what's happened to your pieces of the planispheric disk. In a word, you've been scammed, conned, bamboozled.
Daphne: That's 3 words, Fred, but I think they get the idea. We did this to you.
Scooby: Yeah.
Shaggy: And we will be more than happy to tell you how we did it.
Velma: It was all an elaborate plan masterminded by your very own Freddie.
Fred: We created Krampus by borrowing Charlie the Haunted Robot and dressing him up in clothes we bought off German gypsies who live in Crystal Cove's haunted forest.
Velma: As for Krampus moving around, he was being remote controlled by Jason Wyatt, who agreed to help for lenience from the Mayor on his mother's sentence.
Shaggy: Like, Jason also helped create an invisible aerosol that was used to turn hair white and make it grow long for added effect.
Fred: We needed to keep you away from the vault. You following us following Krampus was the perfect way to keep you distracted so we could carry out our master plan: Breaking into Mr. E's vault.
Daphne: Freddy planted a bug on Brad Chiles' clothing so that we could get the code to the vault.
Scooby: And once we had that code...
Velma: We could give it to our operative. Someone with intimate knowledge of Mr. E's lair: Hot Dog Water.
Ricky: (surprised) Hot Dog Water?
Velma: I still know how to get in touch with her.
Shaggy: Like, when Velma told Hot Dog Water what we had planned, HDW was in.
Scooby: And while we stole the real pieces...
Fred: You were stealing fake ones.
Daphne: The real pieces were instead safely hidden with the one person no one would ever suspect: Fred's fake father, the ex-Mayor Jones.
Fred: My not-really-my-dad dad may have betrayed us once to get the disk pieces, but when he heard what we were planning, he was more than glad to help us take you down.
Shaggy: And, like, Mary Anne Gleardan also agreed to help us after the current Mayor offered her lenience on her sentence.
Scooby: She really wants to go back to the seventh grade.
Fred: I guess I secretly hoped you guys might not try to steal the pieces from us. But I guess I always knew you would. Which leaves me with only one thing left to say: Real mom, real dad, don't expect me home for dinner. Ever.
Scooby: And we're taking Nova with us, too. You don't deserve her.
(Video ends. The old gang is shocked.)

Daphne: Oh. Let's see what it looks like: The whole planispheric disk.
(The gang reassembles the pieces of the planispheric disk. The disk is shining.)
Shaggy: Like, whoa.
Velma: It's beautiful.
Fred: We have the whole thing. That leaves only one question.
Scooby: What do we do now?
(The next scene depicts the crystal coffin with eyes glowing beneath Crystal Cove.)
Crystal coffin's voice: Nibiru. (laughs)

Theater of DoomEdit

Friar Serra: You are still in danger. The story of Crystal Cove is a lie. The donkey never tried to help save the town, but to destroy it. There were 4 of us and Porto in the Fraternum House Mysterium, a group of mystery-solving friars. We encountered a Conquistador. He told us a tale of great evil before the madness got the best of him, and he vanished in the night, he left behind two oddly-marked disk pieces. We quickly became obsessed with the pieces. We realized that there was an evil at work. We attempted to destroy the pieces to rid us and the town of evil, but the evil did not allow us. The evil manipulated Porto. Porto set out to destroy the town. We chased Porto to the alligator-infested swamps, outside of town. Porto was dragged away by the alligators, but not before I was able to retrieve the one piece he took. The other piece, thankfully was lost at the bottom of the ocean when Crystal Cove sank into the sea. It was up to me, now, to hide the last piece. Beware, Nibiru is coming. This has all happened before, it begins with the animal. Always the animal. Heed the warning of the alligators! The Dog Dies! (Friar Serra's corpse crumbles to dust.)
Scooby: (gulps) "The Dog Dies"? Is he talking about me?!

Aliens Among UsEdit

Sheriff Stone: Don't get too close. They still might have some alien brain-stealing items ready to deploy.
Velma: That might be true if they were really aliens, but they are, in fact, (unmasks the Grey, Nordic Alien and Reptoid) Traveler O'Flaherty, Sheela O'Flaherty and Connor O'Flaherty.
Fred: Ah, usually, we all recognize the villain and shout out his name in unison.
Daphne: Yeah, Velm. Mind cluing us in?
Sheriff Stone: I know all the criminals in Crystal Cove, and these jerks aren't ringing a bell.
Shaggy: Like, you had a wanted poster for them on your wall.
Sheriff Stone: Oh, please. Nobody ever pays attention to those. What is this, the old west?
Traveler O'Flaherty: Were that it were, boyo. Then perhaps we could've earned an honest living. When I was a wee lad, we couldn't even afford peat for our fire. So I had to lift it. It turned out I was a right good thief, but then I discovered there were things I could steal other than coal, and wouldn't you know it, my kids had an aptitude for the family business as well. We started getting a reputation for our business, and there were our faces splashed all over the universe. Aye. 'Twas then we got the idea for the costumes because who'd ever say they saw an outer space creature stealing a flat-screen television set? I found out about the Blakes purchasing the Pangaea. Seemed like it was right up our alley, and we'd have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you frittering snappers. (after a short silence) Meddling kids!
Sheriff Stone: But I know what I saw-- the aliens, the cornfield, my nose chip.
Velma: Actually, sheriff, during your hypnotic regression, Shaggy and Scooby smelled something on your breath.
Shaggy and Scooby: Bad clams.
Velma: The clams induced a hallucination that made everything seem real.
Daphne: What about the lights on the road?
Velma: A weather balloon that got loose from the army.
Fred: And the Mystery Machine fritzing out?
Velma: Too many people turning on their air conditioners at the same time created an electromagnetic pulse that shut the Mystery Machine's engine down.
Daphne: The crop circle?
Velma: A farmer writing "I love you", to his wife for their anniversary.
Daphne: Aw, we must've been standing in the "O" of "love."
Fred: Or the "O" of "you."
Daphne: It was the "O" of "love", Fred.
Sheriff Stone: So I wasn't repeatedly abducted and experimented on by aliens?
Fred: Doesn't seem so, sheriff.
Sheriff Stone: Then I'm no longer a victim, and you, O'Flaherty family, are under arrest for THIEVERY AND IMPERSONATION OF INVADERS FROM OUTER SPACE, AND you're going away for a long, long time.

The Horrible HerdEdit

Shaggy: So, like, I don't understand. The planispheric disk led us to dig up this crazy old flintlock. Does that mean this is the treasure?
Velma: No. It might be worth a little something as an antique, but the cursed treasure of Crystal Cove is supposed to be immense beyond all imagining.
Daphne: Like love.

Daphne: Excuse me, Mr. farmer. What happened to your farm?
Farmer: Farm? I ain't got no farm. It's gone, all of it. That horrible herd ate everything except the silo. (to Martha) Martha, we are leaving.
Shaggy: Like, did I just heard you say hear? I mean, uh, ha ha ha, hear you say herd.
Fred: Herd of what?
Farmer: Skull cattle. Ugliest darn things.
Velma: Guys, look at these weird hoof prints. They don't make any sense.
Farmer: If you really want to get all nosy about it, you should talk to the other farmers in the area. The herd paid them a visit, too.

Fred: So you're saying that this herd of skull cattle also destroyed your farms?
Sullen female farmer: What's the matter with you? You got potatoes in your ears, huh?
Fred: Huh? Nope, not today. I once had luminescent swamp moss stuffed in my ears when I was trapping toads as a baby. But it came out. Eventually.
Velma: Ay. Please, go on.
Sullen female farmer: Like a plague of locusts they was. Coming out of the night, they devoured everything in their path.
Male farmer: I reckon she's right.

Velma: I mapped all the attacks on all the farms in the area, and look, they create an outline of a magnifying glass just like the one the old Mystery Incorporated used as their symbol. It's centered around Destroido.
Daphne: Cute little moo cows turned into horrible monsters. There's only one mind evil enough to come up with something like that.
Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne and Fred: Professor Pericles.
Daphne: Velma, is there anyway we can spy on the old Mystery Incorporated? Didn't you say hot dog water hooked us up somehow at Destroido?
Velma: I almost forgot. Hot Dog Water left us a back door into the Destroido security system when she was there stealing the planispheric disk pieces.
Fred: Can you get more volume?
(Velma gets the high volume of the laptop.)
Ricky: You have gone too far this time, Pericles. Too far!
(The next scene depicts the conversation of Ricky (Mr. E) and Professor Pericles.)
Ricky: This macabre herd of skull cattle you've created is costing millions of Destroido's money. My money. And I currently have listed as presumed missing.
Scientist: (heard in the other room) No, NO! AAAAAHH!
Ricky: Make that 29.
Pericles: Ricky, one cannot make a genius omelet without breaking a few worthless eggs. Right, Brad and Judy?
Brad: You said it, Professor Pericles.
Judy: He's a genius, right, Brad?
Brad: He sure is, Judy. He sure is.
Pericles: And make no mistake, Ricky, I will break any egg that gets in my way: Ed Machine, Cassidy Williams, or perhaps even you. My herd of skull cattle is perfect in every way. I have crossbred cows, piranhas, and bees to create ultimate monsters. And I'm their master. My precious creations exist for one purpose: to devour Crystal Cove. My herd of male drones shall level this city to the ground, leaving nowhere for the Mystery kinder to hide the planispheric disk.
(The next scene depicts that the gang listened Pericles's evil plan.)
Shaggy: Like, he's gonna destroy Crystal Cove!
Fred: Come on, gang. We have to warn the town.

Daphne: Gang, this is all our fault.
Sheriff Stone: Isn't it always?
Daphne: Maybe we should just give Pericles the planispheric disk.
Shaggy: Like, no way. A treasure beyond all imagining in the clutches of an evil psychotic parrot?
Velma: Would be devastating on a global scale. Shaggy's right. There has to be another way.
Sheriff Stone: Well, you Mystery dorks better decide quick because those nasty cow thingies sealed off the town completely.

Pericles: Soon Crystal Cove will cease to exist and the planispheric disk shall be mine. THEN no one will ever stand in my way AGAIN. (laughs)

Mayor Janet: All the roads leading in and out of the city have been eaten. They're cutting us off.
Sheriff Stone: Perhaps as-- as-- a species our time is over. It's evolution, people. We should all submit to the herd. I think I'll see if they're hiring any sheriffs.
Mayor Janet: Bronson, although I find your immediate surrender oddly endearing, you're not going anywhere. Kids, there must be a way to stop these things.
Daphne: I think I have it. It's all the little pieces, all the clues. Especially the fact that Professor Pericles referred to all the skull cattle as male drones. And then there's the sweet cheese.
Shaggy: I think I see where you're going with this, Daph. If Scooby and I can eat all that honey sweet cheese, those things will starve and we'll save the town.
Scooby: Count me in. I'm ready to eat my way to victory.
Daphne: That's not what I was thinking. They're like bees. The herd is all male drones. So there must be a queen in the cow hive at Destroido.
Velma: Daphne, that's so genius I should have thought of it. They'll be totally protective of their queen. If we could capture the queen cow...
Fred: We could use her to lead the herd away from the town.
Mayor Janet: Saving Crystal Cove.
Sheriff Stone: I don't know. I don't know. I think my plan of letting the herd enslave humanity is pretty darn good.
Fred: My fake father mayor dad used to keep a helicopter here at city hall.
Mayor Janet: I still have it. Quick, it's our only chance.

Mayor Janet: You did it, kids. You saved the town.
Daphne: I feel a little sorry for those skull cattle. It's not their fault they're horrible genetically engineered mutations.
Fred: Look. (The horrible herd rise in the ocean and swim away) Those things are part fish, remember? They can swim.
Velma: Whoa. What have we done?
Shaggy: You mean, like, other than release unnatural super predators into the ecosystem?
Sheriff Stone: It's best to just walk away from this one, kids. Just... walk... away.
(Everyone walk away from the horrible herd in the ocean.)

(Scooby and Shaggy are searching Nova)
Scooby: Nova. Nova! Nova!
Shaggy: (finds Nova lying on the ground) Scooby-Doo, over there.
(Scooby grabs Nova alive and injured)
Scooby: She's alive. Come on, we have to get her to the hospital.

Pericles: My plan, ruined by those meddling kinder. They will pay. All of them. They will pay.

Dance of the UndeadEdit

Martha Quinn: Hang on. I've prepared a slideshow on every music group from the last 60 years. (shows the gang with a slide projector) Rude Boy and the Ska-tastics. Poor Rude Boy could never quite ride the fame train the way he wanted, so it's said that he turned to voodoo magic to further his career. He cast love spells on the audience. He cursed other bands. Once, he even cast an enchantment of never-ending pain on a synthesizer. Real crazy stuff. Rude Boy always said he would come back from the grave. And now, it looks like he has.
Shaggy: Zoinks!
Scooby: Doesn't anybody ever stay dead around here?

Mayor Janet: These citizens were found at the Tiki tub. They're dancing, and they can't stop.
Daphne: That dance is called skanking. It's how you're meant to dance to ska music. And you said dance class was a waste of time.
Velma: Oy. Doctor, what's the prognosis?
Doctor: If we can't find a cure within 24 hours, they will dance themselves into a permanent cataleptic state. They will become zombies for the rest of their lives!
(The gang is shocked.)

(The zombies Rude Boy and the Ska-tastics arrive and play their hit at the top of City Hall.)
Zombie Rude Boy: (laughs)
Fred: It's Rude Boy!
Velma: Quick, cover your ears!
(Martha, Ian and the gang covered their ears except Shaggy and Scooby.)
Zombie Rude Boy: Dance!
Martha Quinn: We have to fight this MUSICALLY! We need ultimate POWER CHORD!
(Martha, Ian and the people start dancing unwittingly.)
Fred: I'm fighting it, but I can't resist their catchy use of Caribbean mento and calypso with American jazz and rhythm and blues!
Daphne: Shaggy, Scooby, why isn't it affecting you?
Scooby: I'm a dog. Music is just noise to us.
Shaggy: And, like, you've heard me sing. I'm totally tone deaf.
Velma: Shaggy! Scooby! You're our only hope! It's up to you to save the town! It's up to you to save us!
(Fred, Daphne and Velma start dancing. Shaggy and Scooby are shocked.)
Shaggy: Like, zoinks!

Shaggy: Like, what do we do, Scoob? Everyone in town is a total ska zombie, and we have to save them! Like, we don't know anything about music!
Scooby: We don't, but we know people who do.
(Shaggy and Scooby watch the Hex Girls poster.)
Shaggy and Scooby: The Hex Girls!

Fred: Now, let's see who's really behind the evil ska music. Rude Boy is actually... (unmasks the Zombie Rude Boy)
Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne and Fred: Rude Boy?
(Shaggy, Daphne and Velma unmask the three Zombie Ska-tastics.)
Ian Hope: You're alive! But the plane crashed 30 years ago.
Velma: Was an elaborate hoax, wasn't it, Mr. Rude Boy?
Rude Boy: Oi. You blighters got it in for me, right. But yeah, we faked the whole bloomin' thing. All I ever wanted to do was play ska and be super rich and super famous. But apparently, it just wasn't in the tarot cards, maybe the fact that we only had one song had something to do with it. So me and me mates, the Ska-tastics here, we decided we'd fake our own deaths. Then, we could write the perfect song and return to take the music world by storm.
Martha Quinn: I don't understand, Rude Boy. Why did you wait 30 years to make a comeback?
Rude Boy: Ah, don't be such a muppet, Martha Quinn. We planned to be only gone one year, but writing the perfect song took bloomin' forever. By the time we'd cracked it, ska wasn't popular anymore. But everyone loves the undead. So, we began dressing as zombie mogs, riding our undead scooters and wearing polycarbonite-lined skull masks to hide our identity.
Velma: So, in the end, desperate for success, Rude Boy and the Ska-tastics unleashed a dancing plague on the world using an inharmonic chord with special frequencies designed to induce post-hypnotic suggestion to sell their music.
Fred: Just as I thought, but didn't say. Dance them away, sheriff. We are done here.
(Rude Boy and the Ska-tastics walk dancing into the police car.)

The DevouringEdit

Scooby: All the food is gone.
Shaggy: It ate, like, everything.
Daphne: What was that thing?
Rick Spartan: That is the Gluten Demon. If we don't stop it, it'll devour the entire food supply and starve us all, until there's nothing, and no one left alive in Crystal Cove.

Fred: Now let's see who the gluten demon really is. (unmasks the Gluten Demon)
Fred, Daphne, Velma, Cachinga and Rick Spartan: Francilee Jackson!
Velma: Not a big surprise after the work that Cachinga, Daphne, and I did. Francilee's cooking show wasn't taped before a live audience. She made the tape herself, allowing her to work the special effects and adding in the Gluten Demon during editing.
Cachinga: Plus, her stage name is Francilee Jackson, but her birth certificate lists her as Agatha Juniper Schildenheimer.
Daphne: As AJS, she signed those manifests. She rented that secret warehouse.
Velma: And she has a strange food allergy to all things healthy. Which is why she reacted to Cachinga's salad lunch so insanely.
Daphne: The only thing we don't know is why.
Francilee: Oh, y'all, it's so simple. I needed a big comeback. After my cornbread recipe was revealed to have no corn in it, I was ruined. Ruined! My only chance was to open my own bakery where I could serve up my new breakout dish: The double bacon mayonnaise butter-stuffed pasta surprise with buttered bread sauce! Any cook worth their kosher sea salt knows the legend of the Gluten Demon. I dressed up like that and started destroying every restaurant in town so there'd be no competition when I opened mine. And I would have done it, too, been a huge success again, if it weren't for all y'all bread-hating health fanatics!
Cop: That's it boys. Let's roll her away.
(The 2 cops roll Francilee to the police car. Francilee dropped the bowl rolling away from her.)
Francilee: My bowl! My precious bowl! NO! My bowl! It's mine! MINE!
(Daphne grabs the bowl)
Cachinga: It's ancient maya by the look of it.
Daphne: (reads the bowl) TERCERO LLAVE. It's the third key.

Ricky: So you see, Professor Pericles, it's over. You're not the boss here. I am. And you're out of the group.
Pericles: (Tortures Ricky with by pressing the remote control button on Cobra larvae) Oh, Ricky, Ricky, my loyal Brad and Judy told me of your little mutiny. So, last night while you were asleep, I put mutated cobra larvae in your spine. Every time I press this button, a little venom is released. So, as you can see, or feel, I'm still very much in control. You do as I say. First, we steal the planispheric disk from the kinder, then we destroy them. (laughs hysterically) WE DESTROY THEM! (laughs again)

Stand and DeliverEdit

Fred: Now let's see who this mysterious woman stealer really is.
(Velma unmasks Dandy Highwayman)
Everyone: The librarian?
Shaggy: Like, seriously? But you're not even British.
Scooby: I'm so confused. Why?
Librarian: It's simple, really. You spend a life reading about other people's exciting adventures and never, never, never have one of your own. It's awful. (sadly) I'm so lonely.
Velma: Jinkies. How did I miss that one?
Librarian: I never really had any friends growing up. All I had were my books. For years I stayed in my room and read about incredible adventures, other people's adventures. Then I got an idea. I was going to become the Dandy Highwayman. I was going to be the king of adventures and adored by women everywhere. I studied how to do an English accent. I incorporated a motorcycle helmet into my costume's hat and practiced my motorcycle skills for hours and hours. Then I discovered something unimaginable-- the key to a woman's total admiration and devotion. All you have to do is pay attention to them when they're talking. CRAZY, isn't it? It wasn't until I started to moderate the book club that I learned how to listen. From there, I actually became interested in what women have to say. Before long, I was fully engaged in their desires and feelings. I was living the dream. And I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for you meddling romance killers.
Sheriff Stone: I'm not buying it for a second. You put some kind of voodoo MAGIC SPELL on them, you did.
Librarian: Never. I just listened, that's all. Except when the going got tough. I had a little help. (uncovers the earplugs) These earplugs were the only magic I used.
Sheriff Stone: I knew it! I knew there was some kind of trick involved. Listening to women? Who ever heard of such a thing?!
(Mayor Janet and Daphne arrive)
Daphne: Jeepers! The librarian? I kind of feel bad for him. You know, he never really abducted the wives. They said they went with him willingly because he was mysteriously charming and--
Sheriff Stone: We know, we know. The whole listening and paying attention thing. We get it already. Whatever.
(Sheriff Stone and a cop take the Librarian into custody.)

Gates of GloomEdit

Velma: Good thing I had Jason Wyatt help me install this sound amplifying antenna in my binoculars. Let's listen in.
Ricky: There's been no sign of her for weeks.
(The next scene depicts that Ricky is looking at the photo of Cassidy.)
Judy: Who are you looking for?
Ricky: Cassidy.
Brad: Maybe she finally gave up.
Ricky: No, she would never give up. She's gone.
Pericles: Of course she's gone. Anyone who crosses me gets eliminated.
Judy: Um, Professor Pericles, you promised you would surgically alter me back to my stunning self by now. I'm so old like this. How long do you plan on making me suffer?
Pericles: I don't have time for such things. The treasure is almost within our grasp.
Brad: Besides, I'm the one who's suffering, not you, Judy.
Judy: How are you suffering, Brad?
Brad: Well, I'm the one who has to look at you all day, every day.
Judy: (gasps) That was very hurtful, Brad.
Brad: I'm sorry, Judy. I mean, grandma.
Judy: Well, at least I'm not walking around with that outrageous chin, Bradley.
Ricky: Look at you, you're all coming unraveled. The closer we get to that treasure...
(The next scene depicts that the gang are hearing the conversation of the old gang with amplifying binoculars.)
Ricky: ...the more the curse takes over. Cassidy was right. She was right all along.
Shaggy: Like, the old Mystery Incorporated dudes are totally losing it.
(The next scene depicts that Pericles lights the lamp, pointing the planispheric disk.)
Pericles: Zeek! Zeek! Die Zeit wird kommen! The time has almost arrived.
(The lamp light passes through the holes in the planispheric disk pointing the right place.)
Pericles: Focus all the digging on that spot. And, Ricky, when the entrance is found, have my Kriegstaffelbots destroy all the workers. They have outlived their usefulness.
Ricky: You monster. I'm not your trained monkey. I won't do it. I won't be a part of this madness anymore. (Pericles tortures Ricky with by pressing the button on Cobra larvae.) Aah! Aah! Aah! Yes, pro--master. Whatever you command. I will-- have...
(The next scene depicts the gang hearing Ricky's words, shocked.)
Ricky: ...the Kriegstaffelbots destroy them all. Not one person from Crystal Cove will be left alive.

Pericles: All my years of searching to find this door! I have done it! It will lead us to the treasure and more. Soon, very soon, the world as we know it will never be the same again. Niemals!
(Pericles puts the planispheric disk in the gate. The cursed treasure is opened.)
Brad: Professor, won't the kids just follow us in?
Pericles: Yes, they will. And I need them to. I need Scooby-Doo. If I'm to take control of the great power below, the dog must be destroyed at just the right moment. Come! My destiny awaits. (speaks in German)
(The old gang and the Kriegstaffelbots enter the cave.)
(The gang keeps the artifacts including Heart of the Jaguar.)
Fred: All right, gang, now let's see where this uber mystery really leads. Ready?
Daphne: Ready.
Shaggy: Like, ready.
Velma: Ready.
Scooby: Professor Pericles is gonna regret the day he ever messed with Scooby-Dooby-Doo.

Through the CurtainEdit

Evil Entity: (narrates) Soon... soon I will be free! The time of the Nibiru is nearly at hand. The planets are coming into alignment, working toward my release, as are you. Even though you know it not, I forged you. You are my proudest creation. So come now, children of Nibiru. Be strong and set your master free so that I may bathe this world in fire.

Brad: Judy, I have to say, this dark cave is doing wonders for your complexion.
Judy: Really? It's so nice of you to notice. Thank you, Brad.
Brad: You're welcome, Judy. In this light, I can barely see your multitude of wrinkles and your mouth full of decaying teeth.
Judy: (gasps) That's it, Bradley! (stars fighting Brad)
Brad: (groaning) Stop it! You two are behaving like children.
(Kriegstaffelbot grabs Judy after kicking Brad)
Ricky: The cursed treasure is tearing us apart. I wish Cassidy were here to see you all go to pieces.
Pericles: Oh, Ricky, you always lacked the stomach for greatness. (to everyone) Forward! (speaks German)

Fred: (watching the old gang and Kriegstaffelbots through binoculars) They're on the move.
(The gang is walking after the old gang.)
Shaggy: Like, Scooby-Doo, old pal, this is it. (grabs the burger sandwich from the backpack)
Scooby: The last hamburger.
Shaggy: We've already eaten all of our snacks. I was saving this for an emergency.
Scooby: This is an emergency. That's the last hamburger.
(Shaggy eats the burger sandwich in half and Scooby the other half.)
Scooby: Ahh. Looks like we're roughing it from here, Raggy.

(The old gang and Kriegstaffelbots came to the giant gate.)
Pericles: Beautiful (speaks German)
Brad: I'm sorry to ask, Professor Pericles, but--
Judy: What are we waiting for?
Pericles: The kinder. I know they are out there following us. Give them a minute. They will soon understand their part in all this. But they must hurry. The planets are nearly in full alignment. The time of Nibiru is almost at hand.

(Shaggy and Scooby are watching the giant gate through binoculars.)
Shaggy: Like, dig those crazy symbols on those Gigantico doors.
Scooby: (terrified) The dream world.
Shaggy: The what world?
Velma: The dream world. The keys. Everything we saw, it finally makes sense.
Daphne: Professor Karen did say that the dream world would show us what we needed to find.
Fred: And it showed each of us the keys.
Velma: And what they were for.
Daphne: The fourth key is the element of air.
Scooby: The third key is the element of earth.
Fred: The second key is the element of water.
Velma: And the first key is the element of fire. Each one of the 4 keys opens a gate leading down. That first gate is covered with alchemy symbols for air.
Daphne: But if that's the first gate, why is it attached to the fourth key?
Fred: Because it's in reverse.
Shaggy: Of course it is. Like, why would any of this make sense?
Velma: It makes perfect sense, Shaggy. We're working outside in. (shows the 4 keys from the backpack) This is the fourth gate. The next one will be the third. And then the second. And then ultimately the first.
Daphne: And then... the Evil Entity.
(Shaggy and Scooby are shuddering)

Come UndoneEdit

Nova: (narrates) A beginning is a very delicate time, much more so an ending. Know that this is the year 10,191. We, the Annunaki, travel between layers of the many universes. We came to help you grow, evolve. But not all of us are good. Some are evil wanting to feed on your energies. This most evil of all is imprisoned in a crystal sarcophagus between worlds so he can cause no harm. This evil desires to devour worlds. He manipulated groups of humans to set him free: The Mayan Hunters of Secrets and their jaguar, Spot, The Fraternitas Mysterium and their donkey, Gordo, The Alianzo Mysterio and their skunk, El Fuchy, The Mystery Gang with their bull Tiny, The Benevolent Lodge of Mystery and their orangutan, Mr. Peaches, They Mystery Fellowship and their cat, Whiskers, Mystery Incorporated and their parrot, Professor Pericles, and the current Mystery Incorporated and their special companion, Scooby-Doo. The time of Nibiru has come. The moment the planets align, the evil one's strength will be the greatest Free in your world, he will grow more powerful every second. He will destroy your city, your planet, your universe. Only one stands in his way: Scoobert Scooby-Doo.

Evil Entity: (laughs) Free! Free! I have been trapped too long. (grabs Scooby-Doo)
Fred: Hey! What are you doing to Scoob? Hey!
Scooby: Shaggy, help! (Fred and Shaggy tried to save Scooby but the Evil Entity hit them away from him.)
Evil Entity: Do not fight. The dog must die and be reborn as a vessel to my darkness. You're a fool. I shall walk this world a giant.
Scooby: Never! (breaks free)
Pericles: Nein! Nein! Forget the dog! Consume me. Give me the power!
Evil Entity: So be it.
(The Evil Entity seizes Pericles and pours its essence into his body, causing him to grow into a dark green giant)
Pericles: (laughs) After all these years I am unstoppable! (laughs again)
Shaggy: Dude! Somehow that parrot just keeps on getting creepier.
Pericles: I shall finally be rid of the Mystery Incorporated kingdom.
(The Evil Entity proceeds to subdue his consciousness)
Pericles: (last words) Aah! Something's wrong! What--WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME? AAAAAAHHHH!
(The Evil Entity killed Pericles, mutate the parrot's body into a massive squid-like monster with horns and laughs)
Ricky: Professor Pericles?
Evil Entity: The bird is gone. I am flesh now! Flesh!
Judy: (last words) Oh, mighty one!
Brad: (last words) We are ready to serve.
Evil Entity: Good, for I hunger. (consumes Brad and Judy to increase its own strength, the gang is shocked.) I am your master now. (The Kriegstaffelbots answered in German language) Bring the humans closer so that I may feast upon them and grow powerful enough to break my bonds. (The Kriegstaffelbots aim at the gang.)
Daphne: I think now would be a very good time to--
Fred: Run!
(The gang and Ricky flee but Shaggy stopped.)
Shaggy: Like, Scooby-Doo! Where are you?! (starts running)
Evil Entity: (laughs)
(Scooby-Doo attempted to destroy the Evil Entity with the Heart of the Jaguar. It's broken.)
Scooby: Uh-oh!
Evil Entity: (laughs again, almost grabbed Scooby-Doo while he's running away from him.) You cannot escape! You are powerless against me!

Evil Entity: You underestimate my strength. I should consume you and grow in power!
(The gang look each other, the Kriegstaffelbot aim at them, Ricky decapitates it with a sword.)
Daphne: Way to go, Mr. E.
Ricky: Run, kids! Get out of here now!
(The Evil Entity grabbed Ricky.)
Velma: Hang on, Mr. E! We'll save you!
Ricky: (last words) It's too late for me, Velma. Save yourself!
(The Evil Entity consumed Ricky.)
Evil Entity: Now it is your turn! (tries to grab the gang but its tentacles are blocked by a shield of blue energy that appears around them.)
Shaggy: Like, what was up with that?
Evil Entity: I need more. (speaking in German)

(Scooby-Doo receives a vision from Nova's Annunaki.)
Scooby: Nova. What do I do? The heart of the jaguar is broken.
Nova: The spear was never the heart of the jaguar. The heart of the jaguar is something else, Scooby-Doo. At the right moment when the heart is clear, you will know what to do.
Scooby: Seriously, just tell me what to do?
Nova: You will know. You will see. You will feel. (disappears)

Scooby: The heart is us. It's always been us.
Velma: Jinkies! Scooby's right. It can't devour us now and it couldn't touch us earlier, remember?
Daphne: Not when we stood together.
Fred: The 5 of us.
Velma: Our friendship.
Daphne: Our love for one another.
Shaggy: Like, that's the true heart of the jaguar.
Scooby: And that is something that monster can never take away. Something it can never defeat. It's now or never. Let's do this.

Velma: Wait. Think it through. The Entity is still drawing power from the crystal sarcophagus.
Daphne: It's some kind of portal between dimensions.
Fred: That means if we shatter it, then we cut that thing's lifeline.
Evil Entity: (still consuming people) I must restart! Bring me them!
Fred: Gang, as a team. Go!

(The gang grabs the remains of the Heart of the Jaguar spear and races towards the sarcophagus.)
Fred: Daph! (gives the staff to Daphne)
Daphne: Velma! Catch! (gives the staff to Velma)
Velma: Shaggy! (gives the staff to Shaggy)
Shaggy: Finish him, Scooby-Doo!
(Shaggy throws the staff in the air, Scooby-Doo launches the staff with a final kick into the crystal sarcophagus.)
Evil Entity: (gasps)
(The crystal sarcophagus is broken, opens up a vortex)
Evil Entity: NOOOOOO!!!
(The vortex begins to suck everything into it, except for the gang)
Evil Entity: (last words) No! It cannot be! IT SHALL NOT BE! WHY? WHY? WHYYYYYYYYYYY!!!
(The vortex causes a galaxy implosion and a bright light)

(The gang watches the town normal and untouched.)
Shaggy: Like, whoa! Dudes!
Velma: The town looks untouched. We--we did it!
(The gang celebrates)
Velma: We saved Crystal Cove!
Fred: We destroyed the monster!
Daphne: Let's celebrate!
Scooby: Yeah, celebrate.

Velma: With no actuality of wave function collapse, alternative histories and futures are real. I know why everything's different. We destroyed the Entity and by destroying it, it was as if it never existed. So, everything is touched, all the evil, all of the curse, all of the losers in rubber masks and the dumb monster attractions, none of it ever happened. By destroying the Evil Entity, we created an entirely different timeline.
Daphne: Our neighbors, our families, they've never been negatively influenced by the Evil Entity.
Shaggy: It's come undone, all of it. Our actions created a better world where we all have normal and productive lives.
Daphne: Lives that really aren't ours.
Fred: Worse than that, gang, we've created a world without mysteries.
Velma: What kind of a world doesn't have mysteries?
Fred: A world where we don't belong.
(The gang feels sorry)
Daphne: What do we do now?
Fred: Well, I just got this disc from Miskatonic University. Might as well see what it is.

(Velma puts the disc into the laptop. Video starts.)
Harlan Ellison: Harlan Ellison here. You can call me Mr. E. I know who you kids are and I know that you created an alternate timeline by destroying that Evil Entity. How do I know this? How you ask in your purblind ignorance? It's obvious as antlers on a Chihuahua. I'm a genius! All my years of writing speculative fiction has hyper tuned my psychic mnemonic connection with alternate dimensions. That's why I am able to remember every timeline ever created. And believe me, this has happened before, but you kids have slipped the time stream with me. Very rare. You're very strange. That's why I sent you this message. I've taken up residence as professor of sub-nuclear sciences at Miskatonic University. (shows the university from the window) I want you in my class next semester. I've already got you all admitted, even that weird dog. There's a lot of meddling to do and a lot of mysteries out there that need solving. Don't miss it.
(Video ends. The gang is surprised.)
Fred: Hold the phone!
Daphne: Jeepers!
Velma: Jinkies!
Shaggy: Zoinks!
Velma: Miskatonic University! Amazing!
Daphne: But it's all the way on the other side of the country.

Daphne: How are we going to get there?
Fred: We'll drive, starting right now. And we'll stop and solve every mystery we find along the way.
Scooby: Ooh! A mystery solving road trip! Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy!
Shaggy: Like, can we also stop and eat at every burger place and pizza joint we find along the way, too?
Fred: Absolutely. But first, we need to do something about this van.
(The gang starts painting the van.)

(Last lines)
Nova: (still possessed by the Anunnaki) Thank you, Scooby-Doo. You are the bravest dog that ever lived.
Scooby: Scooby-Dooby-Doo!
(The gang drives off into the sunset.)

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