Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island

1998 film by Hiroshi Aoyama

Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island is a 1998 film about the gang reuniting to find true supernatural phenomena.

Directed by Jim Stenstrum. Written by Glenn Leopold.
This time, the monsters are real!  (taglines)

Simone LenoirEdit

  • [about Scooby] Who brought this is dog?
  • Get this beast off of me!
  • [revealing her true nature] Very clever, Velma, but it's too late. [chuckles sinisterly]
  • These wax dolls do come in handy.
  • I've been getting away with it for 200 years. [chuckles evilly]
  • [explaining her true plot] Ah, it's simple. Every harvest moon, I must drain the life force from victims lured to my island to preserve my immortality.
  • [last words] I've had enough of that meddling dog!

Lena DupreeEdit

  • My name is Lena. Lena Dupree.
  • [gasps] I didn't know you had a dog (Scooby).
  • [revealing her true nature] Sorry, Fred. I really do like you.
  • [to Fred about Scooby & Shaggy] I heard that, Fred! Those two simpletons? We didn't even bother making wax dolls of them! Ha! A waste of time and magic wax!
  • Sounds like Jacques has found your frightened friends (Scooby & Shaggy).
  • I've had years of practice.
  • [last words] Jacques is in trouble!


  • I'm happy to see y'all. [chuckles evilly]
  • Oh, quit yer grovelin', Snakebite.
  • [last words] Going somewhere? What's the matter, cat got your tongue? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


[Velma unmasked the moat Monster, revealing it to be none other than...]
Shaggy: [gasps] Like. It’s Mr. Beeman, the real estate agent.
Scooby: Mr. Beeman?
Velma: Yeah! He was printing millions of counterfeit dollars in the basement with his printing press. What we originally thought was Moldova, was really green ink. [Velma removed the gloves, revealing it to be green ink] See.
Mr. Beeman: And I would’ve gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for that’s big dog and you meddling kids!

Daphne Blake: What I need is a real, live ghost.
Velma Dinkley: That's an oxymoron, Daph.

Simone: We've uttered a curse on the pirates. To destroy them as they had destroyed our island. Our wish was granted. We became cat creatures and destroyed the pirates! Only afterwards, did we discover that invoking the Cat God's power had cursed us as well.
Lena: Over the years, boats continue to come to our island. One was full of spice traders who started a pepper plantation. The plantation flourished---
Simone: At least, until the Harvest Moon.

Daphne: Fred, are you...
Lena: ...Alright?
Fred: Yeah, thanks.

Daphne: Freddie, what on Earth are you doing?
Fred: Uh, Scooby and Shaggy...
Shaggy: ...Saw another ghost. (opens the door) In here.
Daphne: I don't see anything.
Shaggy: Like, in the mirror. It's some civil war guy.

Shaggy: Zoinks! Like, what's happening to them?!
Velma: Their spirits have been avenged, Shaggy. So they can finally rest in peace.


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