Scooby-Doo (film)

2002 film directed by Raja Gosnell

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Scooby-Doo is a 2002 live-action film based on the Hanna Barbara cartoon Scooby-Doo. 2 years after a clash of egos forced Mystery Incorporated to close its doors, Scooby-Doo and his clever crime-solving cohorts Fred, Daphne, his best friend, Shaggy, and Velma are individually summoned to Spooky Island to investigate a series of paranormal incidents at the ultra-hip Spring Break hot spot.

Directed by Raja Gosnell. Screenplay by James Gunn.
He lives and he is unleashed(taglines)


  • Scooby-Dooby-Doo!
  • [repeated line] Raggy!
  • Scrappy! Down! Sit! Bad Scrappy! [Scrappy roars in his face]
  • Me? Don't you mean Melvin Doo?

Norville "Shaggy" Rogers

  • Scooby-Doo, where are you?
  • [to Daphne] Like, Scoob and me don't do castles. Because castles have paintings with eyes that watch you, Suits of Armor you think's a statue, but there's a guy inside who follows you every time you turn around. [Scooby shows Daphne what Shaggy actually means]
  • Like, dude. [Scrappy: What?!] You're a bad puppy! [moves the pincer to rip the Daemon Ritus from Scrappy's chest to free the rest of the protoplasms]

Scrappy Cornelius "Dappy" Doo

  • Correction. The new, improved Scrappy! Because I, Scrappy-Dappy-Doo, have absorbed enough energy to rule the world with my all-powerful army! And I brought you here, puny and pathetic Mystery Inc, to witness my moment of triumph! All I need to complete my transformation is… Scooby-Doo!
  • Seize them!
  • [to Scooby] Gotcha! You look so much bigger on TV!
  • Let's finish this puppy! Now!
  • [to Scooby after turning back to normal] Come on, I can still take you! Put 'em up you mangy mutt! I'll… [Scooby rolls his eyes and punches Scrappy into a wall] Aah! Is that all you got?! [Scooby shrugs at the viewers]
  • Oh, get over it! So I got a little cranky!
  • [last words] I would've gotten away with it too, if not for you meddling sons of… [the police angrily slams the helicopter door shut just as he narrowly swears as Daphne gasps in shock]


Velma: Jinkies! Fred? Come in, Fred. Fred! Can you hear me?
Fred: Fredster here, Velms.
Velma: Shockingly, Daphne's been captured again. That's okay. When the Luna Ghost rounds the corner with Daphne, Shaggy and Scooby will pop out of the barrel--
Fred: And you'll activate the conveyor belt, spilling the vat of oil onto the floor.
Velma: Just remember my plan.

Velma: Daphne? Are you OK?
Daphne: I am so over this damsel-in-distress nonsense.
Fred: Uh, where's Shagster?
Shaggy: Like, I'm right here, man.
Scooby: Me, too.
Shaggy: Hey, Scoob, that was fun. Let's grab another skateboard and, like, do it again, huh?
Scooby: Yeah! [chuckles]

Reporter: Pam, any comments for us?
Pamela: This is a victory for any celebrity who wants to make a quality, ecologically-friendly action figure.
Reporter: Fred, what's the secret of your success?
Fred: Teamwork. I do a tremendous amount of teamwork... and I always have a plan. Come on.
Velma: [dejected] Yeah, my plan.
Fred: I knew from the beginning there was never a phantom. The Luna Ghost is, in fact...
[Fred unmasks the Luna Ghost]
Shaggy, Velma and Daphne: Old Man Smithers?
Pamela: The creepy janitor?
Fred: Smithers wanted revenge after you refused to go out with him.
Smithers: How could you, Pamela? I am a lover boy of George Clooney-an proportions.
Reporter: Fred, how was the ghost able to fly?
Velma: I can answer that. Watch. [she and Fred reveal what Smithers was wearing under his costume.] These balloons fill with a highly potent helium synthesis, [presses button, causing his balloons to inflate] giving the Luna Ghost his weightless appearance.
Smithers: I would've gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling kids and your dumb dog! I'll get you for this!
Scooby: Scooby-Dooby-Doo!

Shaggy: I'm sorry, dude. Look, ah, I'd love to help you out, you look like a really nice guy. It's just we're not detectives any more.
Man: Oh, no. I've been sent by my employer, Mr. Emile Mondavarious, to invite you to his world-famous amusement park, Spooky Island.
Shaggy: Oh, we don't go near any place with "spooky," "haunted," "forbidden," or "creepy" in the name.
Scooby: Or "hydrocolonic."
Shaggy: Right, or "hydrocolonic," but that's for a whole different reason, man. [starts to walk away]
Man: [starts after Shaggy] Mr Mondavarious would like you to solve a mystery. He'll pay you a fee of ten thousand American dollars.
Shaggy: Yeah, it's just materialism's not really our bag, man.
Man: He'll provide you with free air fare?
Shaggy: No thanks.
Man: Room and board?
Shaggy: thanks.
Man: And...all you can eat. [Shaggy smiles dreamily]
Scooby: [in disbelief] All you can eat? [falls over]

Shaggy: Boy, oh, boy, those sure do look like Scooby Snacks.
Mary Jane: I know they're for dogs, but they're 100% vegetarian and I love them.
Shaggy: Like, me too!
Mary Jane: Far out. I have never met another person who loves Scooby Snacks.
Shaggy: Me neither.
Mary Jane: I'm Mary Jane.
Shaggy: [too shocked to speak] Like that is my favorite name.
Mary Jane: Really? No way.

Mr. Mondavarious: I'm Emile Mondavarious, the owner of the amusement park.
Velma: You seem less...
Shaggy: Spooky!
Velma: Than we'd have guessed.

Velma: What's the problem, exactly?
Mondavarious: I believe somebody is casting a spell on the students. Now listen and look around. Can you notice any difference between those arriving and those departing?
Daphne: They look like sober, well-behaved college kids.
Mondavarious: Precisely. And they didn't before they came. They've changed. In other words, a magic spell.

Brad: Carol! Hey Carol, how's the island?
Carol: [with an angry tone] Are you tricking on me?
Brad: Carol, it's me. It's Brad. We've known each other since we were, like, three--
Carol: [suddenly lifts up Brad in air] Back off my grill, son.
Brad: [screaming in pure terror as Mystery Inc. watches in horror] CAROL, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!
[She throws Brad in front of Mystery Inc. and Mondavarious, then walks away with the other kids; Brad crawls away in fright]
Mondavarious: I'm terrified. And if the young people come off the barge, the people I love the most, they are in danger.
Velma: I'm gonna solve this one first.
Fred: Not before I solve it first.
Mondavarious: Well done.
Daphne: You guys are gonna look like total, total idiots when you're captured and I'm the one saving you.

[in flashback; while in Mystery Machine van, Scrappy-Doo enters]
Scrappy: Scrappy-Dappy-Doo!
Scooby: Hey!
Scrappy: Ghosts don't stand a chance with me. Let me at 'em! I'll rack 'em! I'll sock 'em!
Fred: Scrappy, for the thousandth time, there's no such thing as ghosts.
Scrappy: Sure, there are. And when I find them, I'll give them a dose of puppy power! [starts peeing on Daphne] Ta-da!
Daphne: [gasps; disgusted] Oh, god! He's peeing on me!
Scrappy: Ooh.
[Fred applies his brakes to Mystery Machine van, Scrappy faceplants into the window.]
Velma: [voiceover] That little egomaniac had flipped his lid.
Fred: [angrily] Scrappy, I told you, no urinating on Daphne!
Scrappy: It was an accident!
Fred: You were marking your territory!
Scrappy: You don't have the scrote for this job, pally! Now listen up, losers. The time has come to appoint me your unquestioned leader. Either that, or I'm outta here!
Scooby: [while they look at each other] Hmm...
Scrappy: What's the idea? [gets kicked off the Mystery Machine van, rolls away] You can't do this to me! People adore me! [kicks the suitcase] Ow! Mind as cute as a Powerpuff Girl. I'll get my own TV show.

Daphne: We did it!
Fred: Yes, we did.
[They kiss, but Daphne suddenly breaks off]
Daphne: Fred, cut it out!
[They both smile at each other]

[Scooby and Shaggy sit in the dining room of the Spooky Hotel]
Shaggy: How groovy is this, man? Spooky Island finally came through with its all-you-can-eat deal! And there's nobody I'd rather gorge myself with than you, Scooby-Doo.
Scooby: Aww. My best friend.
Shaggy: You're my best friend, buddy. And you're beautiful like a beautiful piece of pizza. [Shaggy eats a piece of pizza with a hot pepper on it. He gulps it then spits it out as Scooby chuckles] Zoinks! These peppers are, like, hot!
Scooby: Wimp.
Shaggy: Wimp? Do you think you could handle it? Then why don't you put your mouth where your mouth is?
[Shaggy pushes a jar of hot peppers toward Scooby, who picks it up and sniffs the peppers]
Scooby: OK.
[He gulps all of the peppers down his mouth, puts the jar down, and sighs]
Scooby: Huh?
[Scooby twitches]
Shaggy: Scooby, are you feeling OK?
[Scooby screams as smoke huffs out of his ears]
Scooby: Oh, no!!!!
Waitress: [as Scooby grabs a jug of water from her platter] Hey!
[Scooby gulps the water. He grabs a plate from a waiter's tray and fans his tongue with it. People start to watch as he then repeatedly bangs his head on it, leaving each dent from his face]
Shaggy: Here you go, dude! [Shaggy grabs a bottle of ketchup. He pulls out Scooby's tongue from his mouth and squirts ketchup on it. As Shaggy lets his tongue go, Scooby sighs with relief] Like, how'd that taste, man?
Scooby: Mmm! Delicious!
Shaggy: Well, garcon, let's get two more! [Shaggy grabs two jars of hot peppers, one for him and one for Scooby. They take off the lids and clink them together] On the count of 3. (Ready?)
Both: 1… 2… 3!
[Just as they gulp down the peppers and scream, smoke wafts out of the eyes of the modeled tiki at the hotel entrance outside]

Velma: Fred, I can't believe you took credit for my plan again.
Fred: Velma.
Daphne: Some plan. The ghost pawed me for an hour and a half!
Fred: Daph, look. It's not our fault you always get kidnapped.
Daphne: I do not always get kidnapped! Can't believe you say that to me.
Velma: Oh, please. You come with your own ransom note. [Daphne angrily snatches Velma's glasses off her face in retaliation] Hey, my glasses!


  • He lives and he is unleashed
  • Zoinks!
  • Throughout The Ages, One Hero Has Cowered Above The Rest.
  • The New Doo 2002
  • Be Afraid. Be Kind of Afraid.
  • Doo Happens June 14
  • A Hero Will Rise. On Four Legs.
  • Where Are You?
  • The Gang's All Here
  • Get a Clue.
  • The Ghouls Are Revolting.



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Teaser Trailer

[The trailer starts with the Warner Bros. Pictures logo, which is tinted blue and a little wavy too. The shield then transforms into a full moon which ripples as if reflecting on a lake as a thunderstorm is heard. The camera pans up to a mansion with bats flying around]
Announcer: Throughout the ages, there has been 1 hero standing watch over us all.
[The camera quickly zooms in and pans to an open window toward an upper level]
Announcer: 1 hero protecting mankind whenever he's needed.
[The camera then moves toward the top of some stairs]
Announcer: He moves in the shadows. Cloaked in mystery.
[The camera quickly zooms down the stairs to a room with a globe]
Announcer: And now, in the summer of 2002, he'll be called upon yet again to save the world.
[The camera then pans over to a window which turns out to be a silhouette of Batman as lightning flashes outside. A record scratch is heard when the camera turns to reveal none other than Scooby-Doo looking out the window. Scooby turns to the viewers]
Scooby: Who, me? Uh-uh.
[The view transitions to a green-like background as text saying "2002" and "The New Doo" appear then zoom away. The film's title zooms out, along with more text saying "June 14". The view fades to black as the film's U.R.L. and the Warner Bros. Pictures print logo appear for a few seconds, along with the website "", then fade away]
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