Scooby-Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf

1988 film by Ray Patterson

Scooby-Doo! and the Reluctant Werewolf is a 1988 TV film about Shaggy is turned into a werewolf, and it's up to Scooby, Scrappy and his girlfriend to help him win the contest.

The New Scooby-Doo Movie You'll Howl For! (tagline)


  • Oops, sorry.
  • Uh-oh. He catching up.
  • Oh, no. The train.


  • I don't know why she is so uptight. [transforms into a werewolf] Just because... [transforms back to normal] I have a little case of... [transforms into a werewolf] hiccups.
  • Like why do girls always scream in these dreadful horror movies.
  • Some people can choke up anything.
  • [while being chased by the crowd] Look, I know I'm not handsome, but I'm no monster!
  • [after the crowd chases him again] Not again! Like, this is nuts!


  • Shah-Gee? Shah-Gee?! What kind of a name is Shah-Gee?
  • [attempting to stop the monsters from fighting] WAIT A MINUTE!
  • Wolfgong, drop a cage. [Wolfgong drops a cage on himself] Not on you, stupid, on them!
  • Silence!
  • I'm such a dirty guy.
  • [to Shaggy] Now, you're beginning to bug me. [to the crowd] Your nerves bug me too.
  • What's the matter with all of you?! How could you let that werewolf make monster monkeys out of you?! Put those pedals to the metal!
  • [singing] Pardon me, boy, is this the Transylvania choo-choo?
  • [talking about Vanna] Her mind wanders, and she just goes along for the ride.
  • Sorry, that's not a away supposed for come out?!
  • [tricking Shaggy into taking a detour into the tar pits] Shaggy's road is the pits. Tar pits, that is.
  • That's what he thinks. (sing song) We're back!


  • Brunch: Ah, yes, allow me translate. Crunch said "Top ho, everyone."
  • Brunch: He said "Ta-ta for now."
  • Brunch: We have the master's reluctant werewolf!
  • Googie: Go, Shaggy, go! Don't be a bum! Leave the other guys in the dump! Yay, Shaggy!
  • Googie: Go, Shaggy, go! Keep up the pace! Go all the way and win the race! Yay!
  • Googie: Way to go, Shaggy! Give it the guts! You're gonna finish number 1! Yay, Shaggy!
  • Googie: Shaggy, don't drink too fast. You'll get the hiccups.


Vanna Pira: [reading about Shaggy] It says he's an American, and he's cute.
Dracula: A cute werewolf? Bah, the Hunch Bunch will take care of that.
Vanna Pira: Oh no! Not the Hunch Bunch!
Frankenstein: Not the Hunch Bunch!
Swamp Monster: Ohhhhh yuck!
Witch: They're so awful!
Frankenstein: And so horrible!
Dracula: Yes! [laughs] The Hunch Bunch!

Dracula: Get off, Crunch, you monster mush mouth! I want to speak with Brunch.
Brunch: Yes, Your Evilness, we had a spot of bad luck this evening. But never fear, we'll bank your werewolf tomorrow night or our name isn't the Hunch Bunch.
Dracula: You better or your name will be Mud. Or maybe even Blood.

Crunch: Master!
Brunch: Master, wha-what are you doing here?
Dracula: Aha! I am not here. This is my image transmitted by my Bat Laser. How do I look? [opens his cape, revealing to lose his pants]
Brunch: I think you lost something in the transmission, sire.

Crunch: Movie monsters. Ah, phooey!
Brunch: Yes, I quite agree. They don't resemble us in the least.

Brunch: Hello, what's this? Oh, it's you, master.
Dracula: Yes, well, where is my Shah-Gee werewolf?
Brunch: Over there, you buffooness.
Dracula: Excellent. Well, what are you waiting for? Go and get him.
Brunch: Well, there's one minor problem, sire. It seems he has the hiccups.
Dracula: Hiccups? Hiccups? Big deal! So what if he has the hiccups? [sees Shaggy transforming from normal to werewolf] Oh no, convertible werewolf. You get rid of his hiccups fast or I'll put bombs in your humps.
Brunch: Rest assured, sire. We'll have him back at the castle within the hour.

Scooby-Doo: There's a monster on the loose.
Shaggy: There's two of them, and the crowd thinks one of the monsters is me.
Scooby-Doo: You? No. [laughs with Shaggy, who is also laughing, and accidentally hiccups, but transforms into a werewolf] Oh, it is you!
Shaggy: What?!
Scooby-Doo: Look.
Shaggy: Oh no! Oh no! I'm a werewolf! Scooby, old buddy, old pal, what do I do? Scooby? [sees Scooby attempting to run away] Get back here! You gotta help me, Scoob, old friend, old pal, old dear good buddy.
Scooby-Doo: Okay.

Googie: Stop this car, you yucky monster! What did you do to Shaggy?!
Shaggy: Like knock it off, Googie! I am Shaggy!
Googie: Oh no!

Googie: Oh, Shag, you poor dear! Why would such a thing happened to you?
Shaggy: Like how should I know? Phew. I guess we lost them.


  • The New Scooby-Doo Movie You'll Howl For!

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