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Master Shake, Frylock, my little homie Meatwad
Lotus on the beats, yeah we heavy in the streets
Squad got the whole planet in the palm of our hands
It's time for the Aqua TV-

Aqua Teen Hunger Force, (also known by various alternative titles), (2001–15) is an animated television series from the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming block. The show follows the exploits of three anthropomorphic fast food items: Master Shake, the milkshake; Frylock, the carton of French fries; and Meatwad, the aptly named wad of meat.


[Shake picks up Meatwad on a treadmill and throws him through a wall]
Master Shake: He said stop running on his TREADMILL! [Breathes heavily]
Frylock: Damn. Uh...Shake?
Master Shake: The words you're looking for are "Thank" and "You". Put 'em together and they make a nice sound.
Frylock: You okay out there, Meatwad?
Meatwad: No, man! He threw me through a damn wall! OOOH, He broke your treadmill.
Master Shake: So I did, Do something about it.
Frylock: No... No...
Master Shake: Yeah that's what I thought.

Shake's Muscles: Carl! Get your fat ass out here with my muscle juice!

The DudiesEdit

Carl: Go on into the kitchenette. Nuke me up a pepperoni cheddar hot sleeve.
Master Shake: Then I can be cool like-like you?
Carl: ...We'll take this one hot sleeve at a time.

Master Shake: Frylock said it's cool to have responsibilities.
Carl: No. You know what I say to that? You crush responsibilities like Angus Young at Donnington!

Merlo Sauvignon BlancoEdit

Merlo: Suck Him Dry!

(Merlo, Shake, and Meatwad Leaves for Golf)

Frylock: Wait a minute, You're not The Mind Mosquito Are You?
Mind Mosquito: Yeah it's me Bitch!

Banana PlanetEdit

Working StiffsEdit

Meatwad: Yep I can buy all the cable TV I want
Carl: What, you outta your mind? You pay money? For cable? *laughs*
[Master Shake, Meatwad, and Carl turn to the camera]
Master Shake, Meatwad, Carl: You're stupid


[The Aqua Teens have witnessed a skinless creature appear after Shake plays a pair of bongos]
Frylock: What the hell was that thing?!
Master Shake: The rhythm created it, from probably my magic playing. Like in the um, uh the Matrixes when eh, uh you see the numbers everywhere...Well I'm actually The One.

[Frylock has shot a hole in Carl's pool]
Carl: Hey! Dumbass Patrol! How 'bout you stick your palm-palm finger in this friggin' hole? 'Cause I'm in the middle of my water aerobics [pops open a beer].


Master Shake: I was just down at the pond feedin' the ducks...baking soda and vinegar. 'Cause I heard that could, you know, potentially blow 'em up.

Master Shake: Hey bimbo!
Freda: Oh, me?
Master Shake: Yeah! I'm talkin' to you, whore! What do you think you're doin' on my turf?
Freda: Oh, I'm just trying to explode ducks with baking soda and vinegar. [She releases a duck that explodes in mid-air] It appears we have a lot in common
Master Shake: You're a woman. Women want me. I'm what we have in common. Do you wanna hear my demo, little lady?
Freda: I would love nothing more

Storage ZeeblesEdit

Piranha GermsEdit

Master Shake: [comes home all beat up] I've scored some serious sky miles!
Frylock: Man, you look terrible, Shake!


Ignignokt: Attention Emory and Oglethorpe
Err: Bow to us!
Ignignokt: While you were hypersleeping we conquered your race of Plutonians and now you are our slaves
Emory & Oglethorpe: What?
Err: Bow to our knees!
Emory: Ah man
Ignignokt: Yes, and as your new rulers and kings we have a new mission for you
Oglethorpe: Oh no
Err: Shush! We do the talking! [chugs a beer] And the drinking!

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