1995 animated short film

Carrotblanca is a 1995 Looney Tunes animated short film. The short is a spoof of the 1942 classic film Casablanca, starring Warner Bros.' Looney Tunes characters. It was originally shown in theaters alongside The Amazing Panda Adventure (in North America) and The Pebble and the Penguin (internationally).

Directed by Douglas McCarthy. Produced by Timothy Cahill and Julie McNally. Story by Timothy Cahill and Julie McNally.


Penelope: Please play it for me.
Daffy Duck: I hope you don't mean that Knock on Wood song. I've got a splitting headache.
Penelope: You know, my favorite song.
[Daffy looks at the camera and plays a single note]
Bugs Bunny: [appears out of nowhere] I thought I told you never to play that song!

Bugs Bunny: Of all the juice joints in all the towns in all the countries in all the worlds she picks this one.
Daffy Duck: I know what you mean. I had a girl once. She dumped me for a poodle supply salesman.


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