Tiny Toon Adventures

American animated television series

Tiny Toon Adventures is an American animated comedy television series that was broadcast from September 14, 1990 through December 6, 1992. It is a cartoon set in the fictional town of Acme Acres, where most of the Tiny Toons and Looney Tunes characters live.


Buster: I'm Buster Bunny!
Babs: And I'm Babs Bunny!
Buster & Babs: No relation.

Buster: (after being created) Say, how about drawing me a best friend? A buddy, a compadre? Someone I can talk to, rabbit to rabbit? [The artist paints in Babs] A GIRL??!!!
Babs: Welcome to the 90's.

Buster: I made a list of everything we need for a hit TV show.
Babs: Let's do Tiny Toons instead.

Babs: Do you like my ears better up or down?

Buster: Do your ears look better dry or wet?


Shirley the Loon: Ohm, what a loon I am... Ohm, what a loon I am...

Fifi La Fume: Zere are many fish een ze sea, but you are zee only one for me!

Buster: Hey! What about the interview, Monty?
Babs: Yeah, we had a deal! You can't do this!
Montana Max: Sure I can! Because i'm rich, and you're not! (laughs)

Fifi La Fume: Coupe DeVille! I have been juiced!

Fifi La Fume: Oh, zat is so sad!
Babs: Will you do it, Fifi?
Fifi La Fume: Of course I will. (sniffling) Oh, ze poor leetle child! (cries)

Fifi: Ooh la la! Mon petite, skunk hunk! Beware my leetle chocolate croissant! Fifi eez going to cover you up!

Narrator: She came out strong.
Fifi: Hold Me!
Narrator: But something about her lingered. She was a girl. She was a mystery. She was...
All: A skunk!
Narrator: Calvin Acme's Depression.
Fifi: Le sigh.
Narrator: You've got a smell so strong, nothing can cover it up.

Babs: I just can't help myself!

Buster: I can't marry all three of your daughters; that's bigamy!
Big Daddy Boo: No, that's big o' ME!

Babs: So let's give 'em the magic chant!
Buster:There once was a girl from Nantucket...
Babs: Not that chant

Shirley: Like, try our wiki-waki punch! It's served in the shell of a once living coconut that is now dead! You murderers.
Buster: We try to have a vacation and we end up having a guilt trip.

Fifi La Fume: Le sob! Le really big sob! Le boo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!

[On a dating show]
Elmyra: Bachelor number two. We're at an expensive restaurant, and you find you've forgotten your wallet. Who was the twelfth president of the United States?

Babs: I didn't think you missed me.
Buster: I did. I'm nothing without you. You're my better half.
Babs: Yeah, but my better half is nothing without your half.

[Calamity Coyote takes Mary Melody's inner tube while she was reclined, causing her levitate for few seconds]
Mary Melody: Huh? [falls on the ground] Ow!

[Calamity Coyote tries catch Little Beeper but fails and Beeper appears behinds him with a card in the beak]
Little Beeper: Beep Beep!
[Calamity jumps and whacks himself in the head]
Little Beeper: [appears in front of Calamity while he's confuse] Meep Meep!
Calamity Coyote: [up off himself and looks Beeper angry] Grrrr!
[Beeper drops a package on Calamity's foot]
Calamity Coyote: Ohh! Ow! Ouch!

[Calamity is shown in the back of a moving van waving goodbye to his old home, crying]
Wile E. Coyote: (narrating) Ah yes. And then came another big day. Your father had taken a new job in the city & you were moving away. You wouldn't see any roadrunners in the city.
[Beeper is seen in the back of a moving van & Calamity sees him]
Beeper: Beep Beep!
Wile E. Coyote: Or would you?

Wile E. Coyote: (after falling on the ground) Don't I get anything flashed in front of my eyes?
[Wile E. gets ran over by a truck driven by Beeper]

Babs: Thanks for rescuing me. [imitates Arnold Schwarzenegger.] You're my knight in shining armor.
Buster: Did you really mean all that stuff about your better half?
Babs: [normal voice] Let me show ya. [goes to kiss Buster on the lips, but she and Buster catch a glimpse at the audience.] Sorry, kids, this is private. [pulls down a black screen over the screen, and they are heard kissing.]
Plucky Duck: Say, Shirl, give you any ideas? [gets kicked through the black screen.] Feel free to change the channel.

Plucky: Don't try this at home, kids. This should be done only by trained, professional idiots.

Bugs Bunny: (to Buster) By the way. I love your show! (to audience) Eh, Warner Bros. paid me to say that.

Buster: Take away your props and costumes; what would you be?
Babs: Naked.

Daffy Duck: [to Bugs Bunny] This is your revenge for all those Rabbit Season signs I put up every year, isn't it? Sadist!

Babs: So you're a detective. A shamus. A sleuth. A P.I. A peeper.
Buster: And you must be a thesaurus.

Buster: Guys, when dealing with a date's parent, small talk is unavoidable. Rule #9: Pick a topic you're comfortable with! [to Babs' dad] Gee, sir, you must displace a great deal of water when submerged!

Babs: Possums.
Buster: Gators.
Babs: Dinner theatre.
Buster: Main course.
Babs: Options?
Buster: One.
Babs: Bolt?
Buster: Bingo.
Babs: Ready?
Buster: GO!

[Babs is mocking the other toons]
Fifi La Fume: (giggling) Do someone else!
Babs: Hmmm... (as Fifi) Bonjour, my leettle cheese brioche of love. I hold all my men smellbound.
Fifi La Fume: (angry) I am not like zat at all!
Babs: Le sigh, my boyfriends have stood me up more times zan ze French National Anthem.

Buster: Over here, Barbara Ann Bunny!
Babs: Don't call me that!

[Babs seduces Buster]
Babs: Why, Buster Bunny, are you falling for me?
Buster: You might say that!
[they go over a waterfall]
Buster: I got ya! I got ya!
Babs: But who's got you?
[Superman flies in and saves them]
Superman: I do, kids!
Buster: Hey, pal, this is our story!
Babs: Yeah, get your own video!
Superman: It's your call.
[Superman lets them go]

Fifi La Fume: Oh, my totally awesome beau, you are like ripe brie in my arms!

Fifi La Fume: Alone again! Poor, poor Fifi! No one loves you! Le boo! Le hoo! Le boo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!

Buster: Y'know, Babsie, in this moonlight, you look just like Morey Amsterdam.
[Buster squirts Babs with a water gun]

Plucky: [being dragged by a bus] I'd better stop this. I might get to like it.

Babs: Pandemonium doesn't reign around here... it pours.

Fifi La Fume: I may be witty, I most certainly am pretty, but I am NOT A KITTY!!!!

Plucky: [gets hit by an anvil] Ah... That actually felt... good...

Babs: I'm tiny, not toony. I am a human gooney.

(Babs gets inside her burrow while being chased by Buster with his blue water pistol, runs across the company spinning them in circles, and runs into the room where her mother feeds a baby rabbit, then screams and sits on her mother's lap and grabs the bottle and sucks on it, causing the baby to cry)
Babs's Mother: BUSTER BUNNY! (the baby stops crying) DON'T YOU DARE squirt Babs with that water pistol inside the burrow. That kind of thing is for OUTSIDE PLAY! (grabs Babs and Buster by the ears and throws them outside of the burrow)

Buster: Uh oh, there's a hole in the plot!
Babs: Big enough to run a mack truck through!
[they stare at Sneezer]
Sneezer: Hey, it's not my fault! (giggles)

Big Daddy Boo: Dearly beloved. We are gathered here today, to join this rabbit and thease gatorets in a.....
[Buster is crying trying to escape the 3 girl gators]
Buster: I always cry at weddings. [sobbing in fear]

Babs: [is lost in New York] They'll make a TV movie out of this starring Eve Plumb! 'Babs: Portrait of a Teenage Toon'!

Buster: Thanks, I owe you one.
Babs: Oh, are we gonna start counting now?

Elmyra Duff: (to Furrball) You're not going to learn anything floating at the bottom of the pool. (pulls Furrball out of the water of the inflatable pool)
Buster: (runs in) Gang way! Coming through! Pardon me!
Babs: (runs in also) Oh great! Just what I need! (grabs the inflatable pool)
Elmyra Duff: Hey, Miss Bunny Head-Head! (Babs stops running) That's MY baby kitty pooly-wooly! (Furrball tries to cut his tail from Elmyra's grip, but doesn't do it) I want it!
Babs: You want it?
Elmyra Duff: (jumps and stomps her feet) I do! I do! I do! I do!
Babs: It's all yours, sister! (turns the inflatable pool upside down and over Elmyra's head, which causes the water to spill, then Furrball gets free from Elmyra and takes off his flippers and runs away)
Elmyra Duff: Come back! (chases after Furrball) We've got sky-diving lessons at 4:00!

Montana Max: You can't do this to me! I'm rich! I'm important! I'm a Republican!

Babs: Happy Independence Day!
Buster: And as Ben Franklin once said: "let's bolt."

Fifi La Fume: Zis grape juice has a full body, no?

Babs: What do you know about Honey?
Hamton: Uh... it's sweet, and Winnie the Pooh has a problem with it...

Plucky: [as BatDuck] I feel pretty.

Fifi La Fume: Leettle boys are such children!

[Buster comes to Thirteensomething to end an "endlessly endless family secret"]
Edward: This is great!
Producer: You are so lost.
Edward: No, dear, you are lost.
Producer: [with hearts in her eyes] Oh, Edward, kiss me!
[she wrestles him for a kiss]
Edward: AAAAAH!

Babs: [after seeing Montana Max cut rabbit actors down with a chainsaw] Oh that's sick!
Buster: Boo! Get it off.
Montana Max: Hey what are you doing? Put me down! This will be a Christmas classic! [after being thrown out of the theater] THIS IS CENSORSHIP! I'LL SUE!

Gotcha: [after the octopi chant Yo-ho-ho. Yo!] Must they yo-ho-ho so much?
Octavius: Would you rather they sang the score of Annie?
Gotcha: Carry on.

Granny: Now Elmyra, can you tell me how to use trigonometry when animating a dog in a catfight?
Elmyra Duff: First, you animate the animals, paying attention to the soft furry coats on each one, and then you put them to cuddly parts, so you want to squeeze them, and love them, and hug them forever! Oh, and you also use trigonometry.
Granny: That's very sweet.....and very (moves her head close to Elmyra) WRONG!! 12,000 page-term paper due Monday.

Fifi: It isn't over 'til the fat lady sings!
Roseanne Barr: [sings the National Anthem loudly] O'er the land of the free, and the home of the brave!
[she falls off the balcony and lands on Fifi, spits, and pouts]

Fifi La Fume: Monsieur director Plucky, someone has parked in your very private parking space!
Plucky: Who?! How dare, who?! Nobody parks in my space! Nobody!

Fifi La Fume: Crepe suzette! Bugs Bunny eez doing Buster's dance!
Shirley the Loon: Like, I had no idea Buster was so totally cool!

Elmyra Duff: (inside the station wagon) WHERE MY KITTY RAN AWAY?! I WANT A KITTY-WITTY HEAD!
Announcer: Welcome to Wild Safari Zoo. For your safety, please make sure that all your doors and windows remain locked at all times. Because you know, wild animals can be very very dangerous.
Elmyra Duff: (looks out the window) Aminals? (sees a cheetah) Ooh! A kitty! Or to be more precise, a cheetah. (presses her hands on the window glass) Kitty, kitty, kitty!
Announcer: We hope you are enjoying Wild Safari Zoo. May I repeat, so that Warner Bros. won't get sued if anyone really does this. (Elmyra opens the power window) DO NOT GET OUT OF THE CAR!
Elmyra Duff: (steps partially outside the car on the windowsill and jumps out anyway and lands on the ground) Bye-bye! (the car disappears in the distance) I'll just die if I don't get a kitty! It's my obsession.

Big Daddy Boo: Well, skin me alive and call me luggage!

Elmyra Duff: Kiss yourself! Kiss yourself! Kiss yourself!

Plucky: [reclining on the beach while Hamton builds a makeshift boat] Ahh, Mango juice. [the ship's mast falls on Plucky]

Buster: See, Babs? I told you music was the universal language!
Babs: And here, I thought it was Esperanto!

Buster: I hate flying! I hate flying! I hate flying!

Babs: So you never learned to dance, huh?
Buster: What can I say? I'm a trendsetter!

Fifi La Fume: Sacre pew! Can you do something with my hair?

Fowlmouth: [at the movie concession stand] Goobers or Raisinets... Goobers or Raisinets... Ain't that the eternal question. [gets thrown away by the impatient man at the counter] Guess I'll never know the eternal answer!

[after Johnny Pew gives Fifi's photo of him away to Bimbette]
Fifi La Fume: Zat was my photograph! I cannot believe you!
Johnny Pew: Yeah, well, I am pretty unbelievable.
Fifi La Fume: You are nothing but a selfish, worthless waste of skunk! You, monsieur Pew, STINK! [Kicks Johnny out of the theatre and everyone cheers]

Fifi La Fume: If looks could kill, you would not be feeling so well, eh?

Elmyra: Why, Monty, what's the matter?
Monty: You're what's the matter! You're a complete waste of space! You have a personality that rivals spore mold! On the evolutionary chart, you rank someplace between head cheese and toaster ovens. You're a cruise to nowhere! A null! A void! A 0!
Elmyra: Just what are trying to say?
Monty: [growls] I don't like you! Read my lips! I... DON'T... LIKE... YOU!!!
[crushed, Elmyra shatters to pieces, then sweeps herself into a dustpan]

Big Boo: [about Buster] Look, he's got no pants!

Babs: I always get what I want, even if I don't really want it.

Montana Max: Y'know, you're really not like a toaster oven, more like a microwave; and I'm sorry I called you spore mold, and maybe if no one was around, I'd consider dancing with you.
Elmyra Duff: Friend?
Montana Max: Yeah, okay, I guess.
Elmyra Duff: Oh, Monty-wonty, I knew it! I knew it! You do love me! Let's cut a rug, buggie!
Montana Max: Me and my big mouth!

Hamton J. Pig: Sometimes a guy gets real shy when he asks out a girl that he likes (gulp) ehh, know what I mean Fifi?
Fifi La Fume: Hmph! I think ze whole idea of proms and dates eez a lot of sexist, outdated, how-you-say, hooey!
Hamton J. Pig: Gosh, that's too bad, Fifi. I was kinda hoping you'd be my date. Oh, well.
Fifi La Fume: Bless you, mon petite bacon of pig! I thought no one would ask me! (kisses)

Elmyra Duff: I love cats, I love kitties, squeeze 'em into itty-bitties!

Babs: Oh, Buster, I never got a chance to tell you...
Buster: Shh! I feel the same way.

Fifi La Fume: Le boo! Le boo hoo! Le boo hoo hoo! I will never get his autograph!

Furrball: (crying) No! Poor little Sweetie! Gone! Gone forever! It's not fair! I wanted to eat her!

(Elmyra's parents arrive and the animals block their path, forcing them to a halt, and then the animals open the doors and throw Elmyra's parents out of the car)
Mrs. Duff: HEY!
Mr. Duff: What are you doing?!
(the animals get inside the Duffs' car and drive away and take it for joyride as a revenge for Elmyra's abuse)
Elmyra Duff: I lose more kitties that way!

Plucky: Only Warner Bros. would throw a luau inside a volcano.

Elmyra: (catches Johnny Pew) Ooo! I got myself a kitty! Who love my stinky kitty head? Say hello to Mommy Elmyra!
Johnny Pew: (attempts to run away from Elmyra) OH NO!
Elmyra: (reaches out and grabs Johnny Pew by his tail) Oh yes! I'm going to change your diapers, and give you a bath, and even potty train you, you stinky kitty face man!

Babs: Something's on my foot. AAAAAAH! IT'S THE CREEPING UNKNOWN! IT'S NOT OF THIS EARTH! Buster, you gotta save my foot. It's my lucky rabbit's foot!
[Buster pulls Byron Basset off of Babs' foot]
Buster: It's Byron!
Babs: Who knew.

(Fowlmouth gets "thrown" into the movie "Skunknophobia")
Horatio: What do you mean by talking through the movie?!
Fowlmouth: AAH!!
Actress: (enters) At this rate, we'll never get to my scene!
Fowlmouth: Then the crowd should thank me! You no-talent, dadgum excuse for a dadgum actress!

(Dizzy Sobs)
Shirley: Like, why the bummber vibes Dizzy?
Dizzy Devil: In summer, Dizzy shed. If Dizzy spin, Dizzy be naked.
Shirley: You need to get in touch with your inner feeling Dizz, dont deny yourself. Spin, for the sheer joy of spinning!

Shirley the Loon: Mondo distress signal! Buster and Babs are, like, in peril! I'd rescue them if I didn't have this summer job.
Fowlmouth: Hey Shirley! How's about going to the dadgum movies with me?
Shirley: Like go bowl for dollars.
[She rolls Fowlmouth into a ball and throws him to the Volley Ball course were Little Beeper, Sneezer, Bookworm, Concord and other kids are playing Volley Ball]

Fifi La Fume: Dear diary, I am so happy! I think I may boo hoo!

[Arnold and his date, Arnolga, dance]
Buster: Now, there goes a cute couple.
Plucky: Yeah, but a couple of what?

Fifi: I would die for you!
Johnny Pew: I know, but that won't be necessary. You can just carry my stuff. (Johnny tosses stuff on Fifi)
Fifi: Oh, somebody pinch me.

[in a Frankenstein parody]
Elmyra: My ultimate petsie-wetsie is almost complete! All that's missing is... the brain! Dizzygor! Give me the brain!
[Dizzy opens a jar and deposits Brain from Pinky and the Brain in Elmyra's hand]
Brain: The obvious nature of this pondering belittles us all.
Elmyra: Ooooooh! I'll play with you later!

[Buster and Babs are trying to get past Ralph the studio guard]
Buster: This guy must've never seen a cartoon in his life!
Babs: Either that, or he has a pathological hatred for rabbits.
[A limousine drives by, knocking the bunnies aside, and comes to a stop. Ralph stands by a window that opens to reveal Jessica Rabbit's leg.]
Ralph: Dah, morning, Roger.
Roger Rabbit: Yes, p-p-pleasant, isn't it?

Plucky: [directing the episode "Kon Ducki"] Action!
Hamton: Aaaah, mango fruit! [The mast falls on him]
Plucky: CUT cut cut cut cut cut, cut cut! Not fruit, JUICE! Mango juice! Let's do it again! Action!
Hamton: Aaaah, mango drink! [The mast falls on him]
Plucky: Juice! Mango juice!
Hamton: Aaaah, mango liquid refreshment! [The mast falls on him]

Aaaah, mango wango! [The mast falls on him] I'll take Charley Weaver to block. [The mast knocks him out of the chair]

Plucky: You imbecile! You call yourself an actor!? Gimmie that! [sits in the chair] You open the bottle and say, "Aaaah, mango juice!" [The mast falls on him] Print that.

[Babs dresses herself to look like Plucky.]
Plucky: Who do you think you are?!
Babs: My name is Plucky Duck.
Plucky: My name is Plucky Duck!
Shirley: Déjà vu! It's to tell the truth!
Babs: I'm Plucky Duck!
Plucky: I'm Plucky Duck!
Babs: No, I am, and I'm a silly green duck with an ego the size of Cleveland!
Plucky: I'm the silly green duck with the ego the size of Cleveland!
Babs: You're right!

[From Buster And Babs Go Hawaiian, as the two try to rent a car and learn, to their horror, the clerk is Elmyra]
Elmyra: Wait! Come back! I have so much love to give and SO MANY CARS TO RENT!!

[From a Kids' WB! promo cross-advertising with Histeria!]
Announcer: Throughout our history, we have been witnessed to such great pairings as Bugs and Daffy, Batman and Superman. Now comes the greatest pairing of them all - Father Time and Plucky Duck!
Plucky: Don't look at me, I just work here.

God: So Harvey, this is where we came in. Any questions?
Harvey: Uh, yeah. Uh, how come he's, he's not wearing any pants?
God: Harvey! Oh no! It's worse then I thought. Buster's about to throw himself out of the picture.
Harvey: Uh-oh.

Harvey: Thinking about throwing yourself out of the picture, eh?
Buster: So what if I am? Who cares? I wish I was never on Tiny Toons.
Harvey: [harvey's ears zap] Ya got your wish. There's no Buster Bunny on Tiny Toons.
Buster: You're out of your mind. Warners would never let me off my contract. [Lightning suddenly strikes his contract]
Babs: That reminds me, I'm still mad at you. What were you whispering to her about anyway?
Sher: (Buster starts to speak, but then Sher cuts in) He wanted to know what to get you for Christmas.
Babs: Oh. [Chuckles nervously] So what she suggest, a tatoo?
Buster: No, this! [Plants a spectacular kiss on Babs, then twirls her back to her feet]
Babs: Oh. (Then melts in joy)

Fowlmouth: Aw dadgum it! I spilt some (bleep bleep) milk all over my (bleep bleep) feathers!
Buster: Did I say "little" problem?
Fowlmouth: I mean if I had a nickle for every (bleep bleep) time I spilt some on my clothes I'd be a rich (bleep bleep bleep) guy! (bleep bleep)! I don't believe this (bleep)! What!? I (bleep) don't believe it! I got my (bleep) lunch all soggy and....(burps). Pardon me.
Buster: Fowlmouth swears so much his beak has been declared a toxic waste dump.
Fowlmouth: Aw (bleep) Buster. Look what I did. (bleep bleep). Now Shirley will never (bleep bleep) give me the time of day.
Buster: Uh uh. Not until you clean up your mouth.
Fowlmouth: I (bleep bleep) just got to ask her to the dance this Saturday.

Plucky: (after Buster beats him at Pac-Man) Hey! You put out my eye!
Buster: Aw relax. Just blink & you'll be fine.

[Beeper zooms up and give Buster and Babs two Carrot and Mushroom pizza's]
Beeper: Meep Meep!
Buster: What took you so fast? (gives Beeper money for the pizza)
Beeper: Beep Beep! (runs off)
Buster: Little Beeper is a guy who adds new meaning to the expression "fast foods". (takes a bite of pizza)
Babs: But his line of work has real hazards.
Buster: Particularly, the one called Calamity Coyote.

[Calamity is looking up info on roadrunners on his computer]
Computer: Roadrunner's are very vain & can not resist mirrors.

[Babs is wearing a hooded cape like Little Red Riding Hood, as she carries a pile of logs along with her]
Babs: [to the audience] Okay, okay. So, I have big feet. Sue me.

Narrator: [about Elmyra] Although the diver is alone in the bottom, all of our ancestors partake in this death-defying risk.

[the full version of the "I Could Choke On A Grape" music cue plays in the background, as Fifi's Ancient Greek ancestor, the Skunk Goddess, relaxes on the floor of her palace in Ancient Greece and rests her right hand behind her head and her left hand on her growing belly, while Plucky's Ancient Greek ancestor, the Duck Servant, who is dressed up in a light blue and bright green toga, fans her with a large pink fan, and Hamton's Ancient Greek ancestor, the Pig Servant, who is also dressed up in a light blue and bright green toga, feeds her grapes as her favorite food]
Skunk Goddess: [to the audience] I could choke on a grape.

[A mail truck reads "I brake for coyotes". We see the Road Runner in front of the truck, who sticks his tongue out at it]
Road Runner: Beep Beep!
[The mail truck runs over the Road Runner]

Fowlmouth: Listen ears, I'm (bleep bleep) in love! I got to get Shirley to be my lovebird! Help me, will ya? WILL YA?
Buster: That's my weak spot. Venerable poultry.

Buster: Golly gosh Buster? F.M. you just said 3 whole sentences without swearing!!
Fowlmouth: Sure. There's little kids here ya know. What, do you think I'm crude or something?

Sylvester: (to Furrball) Bring back a mouse & your portrait will hang with the great ones. Better yet, make it a mouse sandwich. I missed lunch.

Fowlmouth: Pardon me. Gang way. Excuse me you walking area code. Could you move your...OW! Dadgum it! Excuse me! Dadgum it! You rude dadgum....Hmm. Cheap way to get snacks though.

THUD Announcer: The audience is now deaf.

Elmyra: [in sing-song voice] I'm going to get my bunny! I'm going to get my bunny!
Calamity: Shhhh!
[Buster takes a carrot from Calamity's trap but it does not work]
Elmyra: It didn't work! Your fancy smanchy trap didn't work! [throws basket of carrots in Calamity's mouth] It didn't work, and why didn't it work!!??
Calamity: Uh oh.
[Calamity spits the carrots out of his mouth]

[Beeper hands Calamity a slice of pizza. Calamity eats it and in shock bursts into tears and holds up a sign saying "Hot chilli pizza!" He launches in the air with his mouth burning and falls to the ground as Buster and Babs arrive in an ambulance]
Buster: Well toonsters. That's it for part time jobs. [He and Babs carry Calamity in the ambulance]
Babs: Because keeping Calamity healthy is a full time job. Hit it Beeper!
[Beeper in the drivers seat mimics a siren sound]
Buster and Babs: So long.
[Ambulance drives off as Beeper appears in a black background as the cartoon closes]
Beeper: Beep Beep! [runs off]

Hamton's mom: Why Plucky. Did you want to come on our trip too?
Plucky: No no. No mam. [sniffles] I'll just spend my summer here. Alone and forgotten. [cries]
Hamton: Gee dad, can't we take Plucky with us?
Plucky: Oh please, please, please!
Hamton's dad: [chuckles] Why sure.

Fifi: Excuse moi sort of nerdy coyote, but did you see a boy skunk come by?
[Calamity shakes his head "no"]
Fifi: Le sigh. Alone again. Natural boo. [sobs and walks off]
[Calamity feels sorry for Fifi as Beeper scares him mimicking a car horn. Calamity jumps up and falls down]
Beeper: Ha ha ha ha! [runs off backwards mocking Calamity in sing-song voice] Na-na-na-na-na!
[Beeper crashes into a parking meter]

Granny: Hamton, how do you expect me to get a proper temperature when you take the thermometer out of your mouth to sing?
Hamton: Oh, that wasn't me, it was my frog. (to the dead frog) Come on! Sing, sing! (to Granny) You remember? (sings) Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gal!

[Granny and Beeper are sitting at a computer]
Granny: What's the solution, Little Beeper?
Beeper: Honk!
Granny: WRONG!

Roger Rabbit: P-p-p-please, You have to let me on your show! I've got to keep my wife in glitter paint!
[Roger pulls out a frying pan and starts hitting himself on the head with it]
Roger Rabbit: Look! I'm wacky! Zany! Toony!
[Trap door opens under Roger and he falls in, screaming]
Buster: We're auditioning new characters for the show.

The Roach: Hey I'm the Roach man, and you guys are a bunch of (bleep bleep bleep bleep)!

[The Looney Tunes are having a school meeting in the teacher's lounge]
Foghorn Leghorn: I say, I say that's a joke!
Daffy: Woo hoo, woo hoo!
Road Runner: Beep Beep!
Tweety: I taught I taw a putty tat!

Coyote Kid: You just made a big mistake rabbit!

Plucky: I hope you like it hot!
Coyote Kid: The hotter, the better!



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