New Looney Tunes

American animated television series

New Looney Tunes (known as Wabbit: A Looney Tunes Production in its first season) is an American animated television series from Warner Bros. Animation. It premiered on September 21, 2015, on Cartoon Network, and later premiered on October 5, 2015, on Boomerang. It ended on January 30, 2020.

Season 1 edit

Buddha Bugs edit

Now and Zen edit

The Inside Bugs edit

Yosemite Sam: Hey! You ain't the regular getaway driver!

Sun Valley Freeze edit

St. Bugs and the Dragon edit

Sir Littlechin: I am Sir Littlechin, dragon slayer. I'm here to slay dragon.
Bugs Bunny: No dragon here, doc. Just a rabbit and a very noisy squirrel.

Leaf It Alone edit

Wile E. Coyote: You've messed with the wrong suburban home owner, buddy! [chuckles]

The Bigfoot in Bed edit

World Wide Wabbit edit

Yosemite Sam: There! A cloud just like you said! [jumps off the balloon] Yee-Haw!
Bugs: Hey! You forgot your hat! [drops the bowling balls and the hat]

Bugs: Oh-ho! The tables have turned!

For the Love of Acorns edit

The Game is a Foot edit

The Grim Rabbit edit

The Wringer edit

Yosemite Sam: How about this. [puts a few horseshoes in a boxing glove] Sam! You're a garbage eating troll! [winds his fist and punches himself]

White House Wabbit edit

Bugs: Really. The slightest movement!
Leslie: The very slightest.
Bugs: [starts dancing] Like this?
[Music starts playing as Bugs dances.]
Leslie: Hey!
[Bugs gets chased by Leslie all the way to the lasered barricade surrounding the carrot patch. Bugs stops, but, Leslie slips in the barricade and gets punctured by the darts.]
Leslie: Gobble, gobble! [he faints]

Bugsbarian edit

Not Lyin' Lion edit

Ice Ice Bunny edit

Bugs Bunny: Hey, Bambi, how about you cool it with the coolin'?
Winter Stag: I am not Bambi.
Bugs Bunny: Let me guess, Dancer? Prancer? Donner? Oh, Blitzen!
Winter Stag: Oh, stereotyping. Don't you have some eggs to paint?
Bugs Bunny: Touché. However, your snow stocking antlers have me confused on your identity.
Winter Stag: I'm not a reindeer, I'm a snow deer. I'm the Winter Stag. I bring the snow.
Bugs Bunny: I thought Old Man Winter did that.
Winter Stag: What?!
Bugs Bunny: Or Jack Frost or Mother Nature?
Winter Stag: Oh, so a human has to do everything. I have been doing this job forever!
Bugs Bunny: But aren't you a tad early? Summer just started.
Winter Stag: Oh, I thought I'd get an early start. Everyone loves winter. Now if you'll excuse me.
Bugs Bunny: [As he touches the Winter Stag's tail] Hey, Stag Abbey!
Winter Stag: Ah, nobody touches the tail!
[He freezes Bugs with his antlers, walks off, then he comes back, charging at Bugs and butts him to a mountain]

Wabbit's Wild edit

All Belts Are Off edit

Wanbit's Best Friend edit

Annoying Ex-Boyfriend edit

Bugs Bunny: Hey, bird boy! Keep it down! I'm trying to sleep over here!

Bugs vs. Snail edit

To Catch a Fairy edit

Bugs: What is this? Everyone Complain Day?! [his stomach growls] I gotta get something to eat!

Bugs in the Garden edit

Scarecrow edit

Scarecrow: Achoo!
GPS: Bless you!
Bugs: That wasn't me!

Scarecrow: [sarcastically] Ooh, scary barnyard animals.
Bugs Bunny: [Ringing the triangle] Come and get it.
[The farm animals starts to eat the scarecrow's giant foot, but the scarecrow, but the farm animals follow him and ate the scarecrow's entire giant body which leaves him to only his head]
Scarecrow: Woah, hey! Oh!

Painter Paint Hare edit

The Spy Who Bugged Me edit

Hareplane Mode edit


Bugs: Imagine that! I guess this new version still has some bugs in it! [laughs, rings a bell] Next!

Bugs of Steel edit

Big Troubles edit

Manner Maid edit

Bugsfoot edit

[Bugs and Bigfoot escape the hazmats, using the satchel as a parachute.]
Bugs: We did it! [His stomach growled] After all that, I never did get my breakfast!

Grim on Vacation edit

Carrot Before the House edit

Trunk with Power edit

Snow Wabbit edit

Aromatherapist edit

Wile E.: How many times have I told you--
Bugs: --To keep lids on your garbage cans?!
Both: Because, it stinks!
Wile E.: How hard is it to keep your stench on your side of the fence?!
Bugs: My stench?! How dare you!
Wile E.: Well, it's coming from your side of the bushes!
Skunk: Doesn't anyone knock anymore?
Both: SKUNK!!

Raising Your Spirits edit

Dust Bugster edit

Computer Bugs edit

Oils Well That Ends Well edit

Your Bunny or Your Life edit

Misjudgment Day edit

Splashwater Bugs edit

Fwee Wange Wabbit edit

Beaver Fever edit

Coyote.Rabbit.Squirrel edit

Bugs: C'mon, Squeaks! Let's get out of here!
Wile E.: What?! You're gonna leave just like that? Fine! Go!

Pain and Treasure edit

Office Rocker edit

Theodore Tasmanian: What are you doing here, Bugs?
Bugs Bunny: Uh, it's Prank Week.
Theodore Tasmanian: No can do this year.

Survivalist of the Fittest edit

Bugs: [sniffs at the camera, twitches his eyebrows, laughs, until he hears Tad Tucker coming.] Uh Oh!

Bugs: Remember, a family of rabbits!

Tad: Mommy, Daddy, Mommy, Daddy, Mommy, Daddy, Mommy, Daddy, Mommy, Daddy, Mommy, Daddy, Mommy!

The IMPoster edit

Bugs: See you later! Oh. Hey! You forgot your...Magic hat. Hmm. Don't mind if I do. [puts the magic hat on] Carrots, Hear me! Mischief I weave. Come to me, this Hallow's Eve. [nothing happened] Well. It was worth a shot.

Bugs Over Par edit

Bugs: So, then I says, "Maybe you just need a little hare at the front!"

[Bugs has received the silver jacket and Leslie goes insane.]
Bugs: Sheesh! I just came out here to have a little fun! And now, I'm going home with this ugly silver jacket!
Leslie: [crazy shouts] Carry my bags, Lilylegs! Yes! The best gets out of Leslie P. Lilylegs! [laughs hysterical, two men carried him away]
Bugs: Don't worry, Leslie! The nice man will fit you with a special jacket of your very own!

Fast Feud edit

Sir Littlechin: Griffin Hunter edit

Bugs: C'mon, Squeaks! This oughta kill four and a half minutes!

Bugs in Time edit

[Some kind of portal appears on Bugs.]
Bugs: You see, kids! This is what happens there, if you don't keep your positive attitude.

Airpork Security edit

Home A Clone edit

Bugs On Ice edit

Bugs: Oww! I think I got a foot cramp! Don't you hate it when that happens?

Bug Scouts edit

For Whom the Bugs Trolls edit

To Beach His Own edit

Five Star Bugs edit

Yoga to be Kidding Me edit

Rabbits of the Lost Ark edit

Appropriate Technolagy edit

Wile E. Coyote: I just can't function without electricity! Nothing is turned on! I need buttons to press, screens to watch, ELECTRONIC STEMULATION! [sobbing]

Wile E. Coyote: [he is getting hungry] I'm starving! I could eat a.......wait! You're free range and organicly grown, aren't you?
Bugs Bunny: Now hold on, bub. I don't like where you're going with this!
[Wile E. starts to feel his inner coyote instinct starting to emerge. He visions Bugs as a hamburger]
Bugs Bunny: You...[gulp] you okay, Wile E.?
[Wile E. holds up a sign that says "Yup" and then he howls]

Pork in the Road edit

Squeaks Upon a Star edit

Mile Hi Grub edit

Pole Position edit

Thirst Things First edit

Bugs Of Chance edit

Bugs for Mayor edit

The Lepra-Con edit

Squeak Show edit

Rodeo Bugs edit

Slugworthy's Mega Mansion edit

Wile E.'s Walnuts edit

Just One of Those Days edit

Mooch Housin' Syndrome edit

Sir Littlechin: Unicorn Hunter edit

Erin Go Bugs edit

Proud to Be a Coal Miner's Wabbit edit

Cabin Fervor edit

Bugs: Yeah! Well. I may smell, but, your puppety stinks! [hears his stomach growl]

The Grand Barbari-Yon edit

Giant Rabbit Hunters edit

Amusement Pork edit

Now You See Me, Now You Still See Me edit

'Tis the Seasoning edit

Winter Blunderland edit

Ear! We! Go! edit

Hare Band edit

Bugs in the Petting Zoo edit

[Elmer Fudd's first appearance.]
Bugs: Nothing like starting your day than with a little tai chi! Gives me quite awareness of myself and my surroundings!
Elmer Fudd: Excuse me!
Bugs: [yelps, notices Elmer Fudd] You really caught me off Guard!
Elmer Fudd: I'm Elmer Fudd! And I was wondering if you might intewested in joining my animal menagewie!

Hawaiian Ice edit

Quiet the Undertaking edit

Bugs Bunny? edit

Bugs: [notices other rabbits] Hot Dog! Other rabbits!

Wet Feet edit

There's a Soccer Born Every Minute edit

Bugs: We got rid of that obstacle, but, that was the...Goal!

Pork Lift edit

[Bugs sings a song about Bubblewrap, to the tune of the Blue Danube]
Bugs: I rolled out the wrap, Toe pop, toe pop, I rolled out some more, Finger pop, ear pop, I spread it around, Finger pop, butt pop, I'm not slowing down, Leap leap, bounce bounce, It's everywhere now, I pop with mop, I wrap up the pig, And he goes plop, I climb up so high to the sky, Then, I take a swan dive
Porky: (Screams)

Thes in the City edit

Elmer's Fuddage edit

Angelo the Mighty Flea edit

Gorky Pork edit

Hard Hat Hare edit

Porky's Duck-Livery Service edit

Bugs: Never send a pig to do a rabbit's job!

The Wabbit Who Would Be King edit

Season 2 edit

Pigmallian edit

Bugs the Gladiator edit

A Duck in the Penthouse edit

Tour De Bugs edit

Knight and Duck edit

The Color of Bunny edit

Sam and the Bullet Train edit

Swine Dining edit

Love is in the Hare edit

Valentine's Dayffy edit

Bigs Bunny edit

Bugs: Looks like we got a fan! [his stomach growls] I can't believe we went through all that, and we still didn't get anything to eat.

Wahder Wahder Everywhere edit

Porky the Disorderly edit

Game, Set, Wabbit edit

Lucky Duck edit

Daffy: Looks like she's got the Duck of the Irish!

Free Range Foghorn edit

Foghorn Leghorn: I can’t stand the city. So loud and noisy, and everybody’s walkin’ and talkin’ and jibber-jabberin’ in your ear.
Daffy Duck: But you’re jibber-jabbering in my ear.

Love it or Survivalist It edit

Bugs: Hello! Bugs Bunny here! This week, I'm gonna be showing you how to renovate Tad Tucker's bloated ego!

Tad Tucker: Just listen to the soothing sounds of those crickets out there!
[As it turns out, Bugs was using his ears to imitate a cricket.]

Bugs: When someone messes with your house, the first thing you do is change the locks .

The Porklight edit

Best Bugs edit

Lewis and Pork edit

Daffy the Stowaway edit

The Superscooter 3000 edit

Hazmats #1: Wait a minute! There's a rabbit on that scooter! Get that, scooter!

[Pepe Le Pew's debut]
Squeaks: [squeaks indistinctively].
Pepe Le Pew:

Hoggin' the Road edit

Timmmmmmbugs edit

Easter Bunny Imposter edit

Bugs: It's go time! [Suits up] The Hunter is About to become the hunted!

Easter Tweets edit

Hoarder Up edit

Cougar, Cougar edit

Bugs: Pizza Delivery for Mrs Cougar!
Miss Cougar: Mrs?! [laughs] It's just Miss. Oh. Aren't you a cute little [sniffs] Tender Rabbit!
Bugs: Wait. What?!
Miss Cougar: Oh my! Your big strong arms must be exhaust and juicy from carrying those boxes. [purrs].

The Wedding Quacksher edit

The Food Network edit

A Duck in the Aquarium edit

The Breezehammer edit

Quantum Sheep edit

Houston, We Have a Duck Problem edit

10-4 Good Bunny edit

Gold Medal Wabbit edit

Cyrano De Bugs edit

Point Duck Percent edit

Sir Littlechin and the Kraken edit

Crouching Porky, Hidden Daffy edit

King Nutininkommen edit

Greenhouse Gasbag edit

AbracaWabbit edit

Bugs: I said, I put him back together, but, I didn't say how.

Ponce De Calzone edit

For the Love of Fraud edit

Not So Special Delivery edit

One Carroter in Search of an Artist edit

Bugs: AMATEUR!!!

[The animator draws a dancing rabbit next to Bugs]
Bugs: [unimpressed] This is your animation? Are you trying to scare the children?

Bugs: [as the animator draws a baby bonnet on his head, a diaper around his waist and a rattle in his hand] As soon as this cartoon is over, I'm off to St. Louis for a series of personal appearances. [the animator draws a pacifier and sticks it in his mouth and spits it out; annoyed] Ha, ha. I get it. You think I'm being a baby. Fine! You want to work off-script? What's your vision for this cartoon?

Bugs: [as the animator draws Foghorn Leghorn's head on his body] I say, I say, this is not my head, son! [the animator then draws Porky's head on him] Does this look like the face for this kind of body? [the animator draws a fully weighted body on him; stammers] Knock it off! [the animator draws his body back to normal and with Sylvester's head] Thanks. Oops! Listen, you super silliest scribbler, you give me back my head or I'll sue you silly!

[This short was inspired by Duck Amuck and Rabbit Rampage, with Bugs as the victim, and in the end, the animator tormenting Bugs throughout the cartoon, was Daffy Duck]
Daffy: This animation thing is a lot easier than they said it would be! Ain't I a stinker?

The Duck Days of Summer edit

Etiquette Shmetiquette edit

Tweety: I tawt I taw a puddy quack!
Daffy: I made it! I finally become a real lady!
Tweety: I did! I did taw a puddy quack!

Daffy in the Science Museum edit

Tad the Bachelor edit

Bugs: Hawaii, Huh? Let's make sure it's a date they'll never forget!

Bugs: Remember, Folks. He ate an entire family of rabbits. Not one, not two, but five. Five makes a family.

Bugs: Don't worry, Folks. There's still love waiting for Tad. [a shark comes up and chases Tad] Unfortunately, she's a real man-eater. [winks]

Affaire Du Jour edit

Top Bugs edit

Slugsmoby edit

Rhoda Rage edit

Bugs: [yells like a maniac] The thrill of victory! And the agony of the cheat!

Good Duck to You, Cirque edit

Then Things Got Weird edit

Duck Duck Ghost edit

[Daffy and Porky slide out of the Haunted house near Bugs Bunny.]
Bugs Bunny: Eh. Everything okay, fellas? You look like you seen a ghost.
Daffy Duck: It's horrifying terrifying!
Porky Pig: A Ghost was chasing us!
Daffy Duck: Cobwebs Everywhere! Glowpatches!
Porky Pig: There was nowhere to turn!
Daffy Duck: Stay as faraway as you can!
Porky Pig: From the Haunted House!
Both: Across the street!
Bugs Bunny: Across the street? But, that's strange. That house burned down ten years ago.
[Daffy and Porky look and see that the house had indeed vanished as Bugs Bunny predicted.]
Both: Huh?! [they run away, screaming]
Bugs Bunny: [laughs] Those two! What maroons! They're letting All Hallow's Eve get up to their skin! [laughs, suddenly, a ghost came up] Someone should tell them that there's no such thing as ghosts! [laughs] Oh. The houses. Oh boy! [laughs, takes deep breaths, a ghost gave him a piece of candy] Oh. Thank you. [Laughs, realizes something] GHOST! [runs away]

Acme Instant edit

Wile E. Coyote: [he receives a package at his door] How could Acme deliver something so quick?
Road Runner: Meep, meep!
[Wile E. sees the Road Runner by his door working as an Acme delivery bird]
Road Runner: Meep, meep! [zooms off]
[Wile E. stutters]
Wile E. Coyote: I don't know why, but something deep inside tells me I must destroy that bird.

When Marvin Comes Martian In edit

The Knight Time Is the Right Time edit

The Pepé Le Pew Affair edit

Claudette: Wait a minute! This is too easy! [sprays her perfume, revealing lasers.] A laser-guided alarm system. Luckily, I'm a bronze medal winning Olympic gymnast. [starts getting through the lasers, but, stops for a moment, to position her backside] Wasn't worked out in a long time! [reaches the pedestal where the crown is, uses her laser lipstick to cut the glass.] A lady always come prepared! Now to get that crown! [she reaches the crown, only to find Pepé Le Pew holding the crown] What the?! Let go of the crown, skunk!
Pepe Le Pew: But, Then, I would have to let go of two beautiful things. The crown and you!
Claudette: Your charms don't work on me! The only charms I care about are on the crown! [throws Pepé Le Pew to the lasers, thus setting off the alarm]

Hamsters edit

Bugs Baked edit

Vampire Me Love edit

The Tad Tucker Workout edit

Bugs: Oh. I'm gonna push Tad Tucker, Alright. Push him real good!

Bugs: Remember, Folks. He ate a family of rabbits.

Bugs: Tad Tucker was right! Working out can be a real grizzly experience!

Canadian Bacon edit

Bugs Bunny Saves the Universe edit

Daffy: Get in! No time to explain!
[a grabber grabs Bugs and the robot ball into the spaceship.]
Bigfoot: [deep voice] Hey! Lady! [spits, normal voice] Hello, Lady! Just keeping my breath minty fresh!

Hip-Hop Hare (Parts 1 and 2) edit

Gettin' Your Goat edit

Spelunkheads edit

Loon-Raker edit

Pepe Le Pew: Agent Double Le Pew, reporting for duty! I have landed on ze moon! [sees Claudette] Hello! What is this?

Angry Bird edit

[This short was inspired by Hyde and Go Tweet, where as Tweety became a monstrous bird.]
Wile E.: Eureka! I done it again! My giganto ray, patent pending is complete! Another brilliant invention in the mind of Wile E. Coyote!

Area Fifty-Run edit

Porker in the Court edit

Tad the Skydiver edit

Duck of the Flies edit

Daffy in the Bayou edit

Bugs the Sherpa edit

You Can't Train a Pig edit

Copy Quack edit

Sir Littlechin and the Phoenix edit

Looney Luau edit

Amaduckus edit

Fowl Me Once edit

Foghorn Leghorn: Don't worry. I gotcha! Played a little ball in the Bush-Leaves! Crowd nicknamed me the Miss! Cuz, every time, I went up to the plate, I swung and miss.

Daffy the Gaucho edit

Free Slugsworthy edit

Love Makes Me Daffy edit

Genghis Cal edit

You're Kiln Me edit

Better Lake Than Never edit

Deduce, Part Deuce edit

#1 Grandpa edit

Bugs: He's looking a little fried!

Porky and Thes (Parts 1 and 2) edit

Men in Quack edit

Littlechin and the Wood Fairy edit

Bugs: [twirls around] Who knew Tasmanian Devils were allergic to mint!

Taz: Wood Fairy? [sticks out his tongue with an opened dictionary that has the page "Tasmanian Devil".]
Littlechin: "Tasmanian Devil"?! But that rabbit told me you were a Wood Fairy! [he and Taz glare at Bugs]
Bugs: [nervously] Hello…?

Tweet Team (Parts 1 and 2) edit

Sylvester: Who ships butter like that?

Downton Wabby edit

Fowl Me Twice edit

Hare to the Throne (Parts 1 and 2) edit

Lola Bunny: Tis I… Lola! Auntie of dragons!
Bugs Bunny [amazed by the appearance of Lola]: Yowsers! [mesmerized] I want to become an Uncle of dragons!

Season 3 edit

Sir Littlechin and the Giant edit

The Wrong Brothers edit

Weiner Lose edit

Yankee Doodle Bunny edit

The Meanie and the Genie edit

In Cold Fudd edit

North Pole Position edit

Papa's Got a Brand New Sam edit

Lifestyles of the Wealthy and Obnoxious edit

Bugs: Oh. I'm gonna give Tad Tucker a ride Alright. A ride to Crazy-Town!

The Starship Mentalprise edit

State Fair and Balanced edit

Bugs: What do you think was gonna happen? Sam was going to win.

Pussyfoot Soldier edit

Quack to the Future edit

OctoPepe edit

No Thanks Giving edit

Elmer Fudd: Bet you thought I was gonna twip and fall, didn't you? But, I didn't! [laughs]

Bugs: What's up, rock?

DarkBat edit

[Pete Puma, Claude and Sylvester, the Cat trio appears.]
Minnesota Rats: Cats! Run and hide for your lives, fellas!
Hubie: Wait. Why are we always running?
Bertie: And hiding?
Minnesota Rats: Because, we're mice! It's what we do.
All: [screams and runs away].

Yosemite Samson edit

Puppy's Got Claws edit

Driving Miss Daffy edit

Second Fiddle edit

Point Beak edit

Cal the Viking edit

Rhoda's Road House edit

Claire de Loon edit

Daffy Duck: Motivational Guru edit

The Towering Hamsterno edit

Pepé Le Pew: Uh. Should they be chewing on those wires?
Hans: [notices the hamsters chewing the wire of the dynamite, speeding up the countdown] You fools! You'll blow us all to smithereens!
Claudette: Sounds like our cue to leave!
[They raced out of the room, Claudette ties herself with a hose.]
Claudette: Quick! Hold on to me!
Pepé Le Pew: I will and I will never let go!
Claudette: Ugh!
[They jump out of the building as the dynamite explodes.]
Pepé Le Pew: Le Phew!
[The Hamsters fall down.]
Hans: I will have my revenge!

Viktor the Science Swede edit

Dorlock and the Disorient Express edit

Regatta de Rabbit edit

When Irish Eyes are Swinin' edit

Bugs Bunny: Oh. Look. An Irish Piñata!

Bunny Man edit

Quagmire of Solace edit

[The jack in the box rattles and it falls, and it opens up revealing an Elmer BloFudd's head.]
Elmer BloFudd: [laughs evilly] I see you fell into my wittle twap! There is no alpha machine! It was just a clever wuse to get you into this dangerous swamp so I can destroy you once and for all! '’[laughs evilly as his face turns red, meaning that the Jack in the Box is gonna explode.]
Claudette: Le Pew! Look out!
[They got out of the way, as the jack in the box explodes.]

Coyote Under Construction edit

The Bunny and the Goon edit

Model T. Fudd edit

Victory Clasp edit

Bugs: Alright, Squeaks! Victory! [does the victory clasp] Whoo-Hoo!

Lola Rider edit

Lola: This time, when Rhoda hit the road, the road hit back! Yeesh!

Daredevil Duck edit

Planet of the Bigfoots (Parts 1 and 2) edit

Cold Medal Wabbit edit

No Duck Is an Island edit

Daffy: Hello, spring break! One whole week of nothing but, sun, sun and coconuts!

My Kingdom for a Duck edit

Finders Keepers, Losers Sweepers edit

Daffy Crackpot edit

Fashion Viktor edit

Bugs: Viktor was nice! But, I just wasn't all impressed by, his fall collection!

Sam the Roughrider edit

Fool's Gold edit

Bonjour, DarkBat edit

Renaissance Fair-Thee Well edit

CinderPorker (Parts 1 and 2) edit

You Ain't Nothin' But a Foghorn edit

The Pepe Who Came in from the Cold edit

Smoothie Operator edit

Slugsworthy's Slop House edit

Cal-umbus edit

Bugs: [comes out with a monkey] And then, the guy says, "You don't understand! Jumps is my dog!" [laughs with a monkey]

Porky Pigskin edit

Riverboat Rabbit edit

Bugs: This Captain is going down with or without his ship.

Dorlock, P.I. edit

To Be the Flea, You Gotta Beat the Flea edit

The Wild Blue Blunder edit

Bugs: Time for me to hit the silk! [gets out a parachute] That's pilot lingo for parachute! [jumps from the plane] Geronimo!

Thomas Fuddison edit

Hiccups and Downs edit

Bugs and Porky: He's a great guy! But, living with him would've been the worst! [laughs, hiccups]

Foghorn Foods edit

Cruise Control edit

Versailles's Matters edit

Bugs: [After getting kicked out] [Walks off, comes back] Which is French for, "Of course, you know, this means war!"

Elmer Fudd: [as he was forced to do King Louis XIV (Blacque Jacque Shellacque)'s feet] Oh. This wittle piggy went to market! This wittle piggy stayed home!
Blacque Jacque Shellacque: And this little piggy went... [Pretends to cry as he hits his footmen with his foot] All ze way home!

Bugs: And that little piggy went... [Mimics the crying] All the way home!

Frank Lloyd Wrong edit

King Bugs and the Island of Lunacy (Parts 1 and 2) edit

Bugs Bunny: [speaking in a royal accent] In the midsts of another glorious adventure, the sun is shining, the wind is in our sails and my crew is throwing up over the side of the ship. [Porky and Daffy were puking over the side of the boat] [back to his normal accent] C'mon, Guys! This is no time to be seasick. You gotta help me on my quest to find the Sword of Rothgar!
Daffy Duck: Did you say, the Sword of [pukes] Roth...
Porky Pig: [pukes] ...Gar!

Bugs Bunny: My plan may have not gone perfectly but it sure worked out to a tea.

Swamp and Circumstance edit

Safari, So Goodie edit

It's Snout or Never edit

From Dusk Till Dog edit

Close Encounters of the Duck Kind edit

O.M. Genie edit

Brothers in Harms edit

Rhoda Derby edit

Lake, Rattle and Roll edit

It Paint All It's Cracked Up to Be edit

Samurai Bugs edit

Duck in the Mist edit

The Loonies (Parts 1 and 2) edit

Dorlock Vice (Parts 1 and 2) edit

Armageddon Outta Here (Parts 1 and 2) edit

Wile E.: Amateurs!
Bugs: Wile E.!
Wile E.: Coyote!

Substitute Porky edit

Viktor the Psychic edit

Viktor: [broken down and confessing his scheme]: I’m not Viktor the Psychic! I’m just Viktor the Lying Person!

Formula One Bunny edit

Daffy Goes to Hollywood edit

A Duck in the Laundromat edit

Primo Bugs-erino edit

The Silly Six (Parts 1 and 2) edit

PunkinHead: Hey, Curt! Look. [A sign reads Yokel Pond Up Yonder] There's a pond up yonder!
Curt: I wanna go skinny-dipping!
[Curt and Punkinhead goes off for a little swim.]
Yosemite Sam: Not again! Ooh. I gotta do everything myself!

Bugs: Fellas, I know we had our differences.
Yosemite Sam: Differences?! You blew me up with dynamite!
Elmer Fudd: Why, you shoved a beehive in my gun and I got stung all over!
Blacque Jacque Shellacque: You tricked me into putting on tiny underpants that squeezed and chafed me some!
Bugs: But you've got bigger problems 'cause there's a crazy toaster salesman who's gonna blow up Tombstone Falls!
Blacque Jacque Shellacque: What a dastardly fiendish evil plan! I really wish I had thought of it.
Yosemite Sam: Yeah! I'm jealous!
Elmer Fudd: But, wait! He can't destwoy Tombstone Falls! It has all the best banks to wob!

Out of Towner Alien Encounter edit

Marvin: I don't know why. But, I suddenly have the urge to buy everything!
Bugs Bunny That's right! Hit it, Rhoda!

Down Horace-Scope edit

The Magnificent Millicent edit

The Wrong Stuff edit

Undercover Bunny (Parts 1 and 2) edit

The Legend of Burrito Monday (Parts 1 and 2) edit

Actor Sean Astin: Burrito bless us everyone!
Everyone: And salsa to all!

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