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1942 American animated Disney drama film directed by David Hand

Bambi is an animated feature produced by Walt Disney. The film is loosely based on the 1923 novel Bambi, A Life in the Woods by Austrian author Felix Salten. The plot centers on a baby fawn who grows up in the wild after his mother is shot by hunters.

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  • If you can't say somethin' nice.., [pauses, for drama and because both Thumper and the actor who played him couldn't remember his line] don't say nothin' at all.
  • "Eating greens is a special treat. It makes long ears and great big feet. [to Bambi, aloud] But it sure is awful stuff to eat. [looks at his mother and turns to Bambi] [whispering] I made that last part up myself.
  • [after thumping his foot by a old trunk] I’m thumpin'. That’s why they call me Thumper! [his echo comes on 'call me Thumper'] Thumper! [his echo comes on 'Thumper!']

Bambi's MotherEdit

  • You must never rush out on the meadow. There might be danger. Out there, we're unprotected.

The meadow is wide and open, and there are no trees or bushes to hide us. So we have to be very careful. Wait here. l'll go out 1st. And if the meadow is safe, l'll call you. (To Bambi about her former mate)

  • Yes. I know.
  • Everyone respects him. He is the oldest deer to have lived. He is very brave and very wise. That's why he is known as the great Prince of the Forest.

The Great PrinceEdit

  • [to Bambi] You're mother can't be with you anymore. Come, my son.
  • [to Bambi] It is Man. He is here again. There are many this time. We better go deep into the forest. Hurry! Follow me!


Faline: He's kinda bashful, isn't he, mama?
Ena: Well, maybe he wouldn't be, if you'd say "hello".

Bambi's mother: [last words] Faster! Faster, Bambi! Don't look back! Keep running! KEEP RUNNING!

Friend Owl: Nearly everybody gets twitterpated in the springtime. For example, you're walking along, minding your own business, then, you're looking neither to the left, nor to the right, when all of the sudden, you run smack into a pretty face. WHOO-WHOO! [Flower jumps into Thumper's lap in shock] You begin to get weak in the knees, your head's in a whirl! And then you feel light as feather, and, before you know it, you're walking on air! [mimes walking on the air] And then, you know what? You're knocked for a loop! And you completely lose your head!
Thumper: Gosh, that's awful!
Flower: Gee whiz!
Bambi: Terrible!
Friend Owl: And that ain't all, it could happen to anybody. So, you'd better be careful. It can happen to you, and you! [looks at Flower] Yes, it can even happen to you.
Thumper: Well, it's not gonna happen to me.
Bambi: Me neither.
Flower: Me neither.

Young Bambi: Mother, what are we going to do today?
Bambi's mother: I'm going to take you to the meadow.
Young Bambi: Meadow? What's the meadow?
Bambi's mother: It's a very wonderful place.
Young Bambi: Then, why haven't we been there before?
Bambi's mother: You weren't big enough.
Young Bambi: Mother, you know what?
Bambi's mother: What?
Young Bambi: We're not the only deer in the forest.
Bambi's mother: Where did you hear that?
Young Bambi: Thumper told me.
Bambi's mother: Well, he's right. There are many deer in the forest besides us.
Young Bambi: Then, why don't I ever see them?
Bambi's mother: You will. Sometimes.
Young Bambi: On the meadow?
Bambi's mother: Perhaps. Hush now. We're almost there. [Bambi and his mother arrive at the meadow]
Young Bambi: [becomes excited] The meadow!! [starts running out]
Bambi's mother: Wait! Bambi, wait! [stops him] You must never rush out on the meadow. There might be danger. Out there, we're unprotected. The meadow is wide and open, and there are no trees or bushes to hide us. So, we have to be very careful. Wait here. I'll go out first. And if the meadow is safe, I'll call you. [Bambi hides in the brush]

Thumper's sisters: Good morning, Prince Bambi!
Thumper's mother: Good morning, young prince.
Young Bambi: Hello. What's you eating?
Thumper's sisters: Clovers. It's awfully good!
Thumper: It's delicious! Why don't you try some? [Bambi grabs a bunch of clovers with leaves and stems on them] No, no! Not that green stuff! Just eat the blossoms! That's the good stuff! [Thumper goes to eat the blossom until his mother call him]
Thumper's mother: Thumper! [Thumper stops]
Thumper: Yes, mama?
Thumper's mother: What did your father tell you?
Thumper: About what?
Thumper's mother: About eating the blossoms, and leaving the greens.
Thumper: Oh, that one. [clears throat] Eating greens is a special treat. It makes long ears and great big feet. [to Bambi] But it sure is awful stuff to eat. [whispers] I made that last part up myself.

[Some pheasants are hiding from Man in the reeds]
Pheasant 1: [listening] Listen! He's coming!
Pheasant 2: Hush.
Pheasant 3: Be quiet.
Pheasant 1: He's coming closer!
Pheasant 3: Be calm. Don't get excited.
Pheasant 1: We'd better fly!
Pheasant 2: No, no, don't fly! Whatever you do, don't fly!
Pheasant 1: He's almost here! I CAN'T STAND IT ANY LONGER! [the other pheasants watch sadly as she flies and immediately gets shot]

About BambiEdit

  • The first movie I ever saw was a horror movie. It was Bambi. When that little deer gets caught in a forest fire, I was terrified, but I was also exhilarated. I can't explain it.


  • Walt Disney's multiplane technicolor feature
  • Love Comes To The Forest Folk . . . and to you, in one of the world's greatest love stories !
  • Rediscover the wonder of this beautifully crafted animated film. [1982 re-release]
  • Enchanting Entertainment for Everyone! (1966 re-release)
  • BUBBLING WITH Laughter! TINGLING WITH Excitement! SPARKLING WITH Delight! (1966 re-release)
  • 5 HAPPY SONG HITS... to Warm Your Heart! (1966 re-release)
  • A great love story.

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