The Amazing Panda Adventure

1995 film by Christopher Cain

The Amazing Panda Adventure is a 1995 family adventure film about a 10-year-old American boy called Ryan Tyler (played by Ryan Slater), who travels to China and has to take a panda cub to the reserve so it can reunite with its mother. This film was distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures under their Warner Bros. Family Entertainment label.

In theaters, the Looney Tunes short, "Carrotblanca", was shown before the film.

Directed by Christopher Cain. Produced by Lee Rich, John Wilcox, Gary Foster and Dylan Sellers. Story by John Wilcox and Steven Alldredge.

Ryan Tyler

  • I've seen naked women before. A, I have cable TV. B, I just happen to be quite a lady's man.
  • Relax, I'm an American. My life revolves around electronics. I think I can handle it.


Ling: You are a Mormon!
Ryan Tyler: Mormon? I think you mean "moron".

[Ling finishes telling Ryan the folklore about the black marks on pandas and four sister mountains who look over them]
Ryan Tyler: It's a bunch of bull.
Ling: It's not a story about bull, it's a story about panda.
Ryan Tyler: No, what I mean is, it's not true.
Ling: My grandfather doesn't lie!
Ryan Tyler: Well, if the 4 sisters are real, how come the panda bears are going extinct?


  • Stephen Lang as Dr. Michael Tyler
  • Ryan Slater as Ryan Tyler
  • Brian Wagner as Johnny
  • Yi Ding as Ling
  • Wang Fei as Chu
  • Lan Yu as Mr. Xu, the inspector
  • Isabella Hofmann as Beth Tyler
  • Zhou Jian Zhong as Po
  • Yao Er Ga as Shong
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