Baby Looney Tunes

American animated television series

Baby Looney Tunes is an American-Canadian animated television series|animated television series. depicting toddler versions of Looney Tunes characters.

Season 1 Edit

Taz in Toyland / A Secret Tweet Edit

Comfort Level / Like A Duck to Water Edit

School Daze / Things That Go Bugs In The Night Edit

Creature From The Chocolate Chip / Card Bored Box Edit

Time And Time Again / May The Best Taz Win Edit

Mine! / Sylvester The Pester Edit

Cat-Taz-Trophy / Duck! Monster! Duck! Edit

The Brave Little Tweety / The Puddle Olympics Edit

A Lot Like Lola / Mother's Day Madness Edit

Daffy: [infuriated] That does it, Taz! You can't build this up anymore!
[Taz's eyes start tearing up with sadness as he's about to cry]
Bugs: Uh, oh.
Tweety: Granny?

Takers Keepers / To Tell The Tooth Edit

Spinout / Snow Day Edit

[Taz lost his ability to spin and starts bawling into tears]
Bugs: [consoling him] What's up, little doc?
Taz: [crying] TAZ NOT SPIN!

Shadow Of A Doubt / Christmas In July Edit

Bruce Bunny / Leader Of The Pack Edit

Flower Power / Lightning Bugs Sylvester Edit

Flush Hour / I Strain Edit

The Sandman Is Coming / Some Assembly Required Edit

All Washed Up / Did Not! Did Too! Edit

Sylvester: Hey, everybody!
Lola: What is it, Sylvester?
Sylvester: You know how Granny said no playing until we're all washed up? Well, Taz won't take his bath.
Daffy: Hold on there, whiskers. You mean, nobody gets playtime until everbody's squeaky clean?
Melissa: I guess that's always been the rule.
Bugs: Welp, sounds like there's only one thing we can do. We've got to get Taz into the bathtub.
Lola: But, how, Bugs?
Bugs: Well, uh, first thing's first, has anyone seen my diaper?

Bugs: Come on, Taz, your turn for a bath.
Taz: No bath!
Lola: You gotta take a bath, Taz. Granny says so, or nobody gets playtime.
Taz: Uh-uh! No wanna!
Daffy: Step aside, I'll handle this. Now, look here, fur ball. You don't have to take a bath.
Taz: I don't?
Daffy: No, you could take a shower! Anything with soap and water involved! Please! I'm begging ya!

Bugs: Now, look what you did!
Lola: What who did?!
Bugs: You!
Lola: Me?! The least you could do, is say you're sorry!
Bugs: You're the one who ought to be sorry!
Lola: If that's how you're gonna be, I'm taking my blocks back!
Bugs: That's how I'm gonna be, because that's how…you're being!
Daffy: Well, isn't this a nice bucket of peach pits? There they go, taking our fun with them.
Sylvester: Now, what are we gonna do?
Tweety: Maybe there's a way to put this whole thing back together.
Daffy: And how are you gonna do that?
Tweety: Hmm… Bugs and Lola love playing hopscotch, right? So, here's what we're gonna do.

Tea And Basketball / Taz You Like It Edit

Band Together / War Of The Weirds Edit

The Harder They Fall / Business As Unusual Edit

Mr. McStuffles / Picture This! Edit

Hair Cut-Ups / A Clean Sweep Edit

Daffy Did It! / The Pig Who Cried Wolf Edit

New Cat In Town / The Magic Of Spring Edit

Sylvester: [sighs] Kisses and cookies. What more could the world's cutest pussycat want?
[The baby Tunes are surprised to see a baby skunk has shown up]
Sylvester: What is that?
Granny: A new friend who's come to play. This is Baby Pepe.
[The other baby Tunes, except Sylvester and Daffy, rush towards Baby Pepe, greeting him]
Bugs: Hi, kid. I'm Bugs. This is Taz.
Taz: [offering Baby Pepe a cookie] Mmm. Yum-yum, eat cookie.
Lola: [rubbing Baby Pepe's cheek] Isn't he the cutest?
Tweety: Very, very cute, indeed. [gives Baby Pepe a hug]
Lola: Come meet Sylvester. Yeah, you're gonna be friends. [sets Baby Pepe in the baby carriage with Sylvester]
Sylvester: [takes the cookie as Baby Pepe tries to take it] Hold on, brother. That's mine! [Baby Pepe climbs on his face to get the cookie] Watch the face! Watch the face!

Sylvester: Hey, wait! That's-that's--
Daffy: [through hand puppet] That's your place? That's supposed to be you?
Sylvester: No, I was just… I was--
Daffy: That's right. You were, as in, used to be the cutest cat in town. Not anymore. He is. I know what you feel like. I used to be the cute one too. [sighs] Face it, pal. When you get grown up like us, they just don't love you anymore.
Sylvester: [determined] I'm not growing up that easy.

[Bugs sits alone at the kitchen table, moping sadly over his magic show failure]
Granny: Bugs? Is that the end of the magic show, dear?
Bugs: Granny, I don't even think there is such a thing as magic. Not anymore.
Granny: Of course there is, Bugs. There's magic everywhere. And with a little more practice, I'll bet you could be the best little magician there ever was.

Bugs: Now that's what I call, magic. Turning a plain old backyard into a big symphony orchestra.

Who Said That? / Let Them Make Cake Edit

Daffy: [incredibly angry] You little… [squeak] !! You're nothin' but a… [squeak] ! I never wanna play this… [squeak] game, EVER AGAIN!
[The other baby Tunes are shocked at Daffy's outraged swearing by saying a bad word]
Lola: What did you just say?
Daffy: I don't what the… [squeak] you're talking about.
Lola: That word! What does it mean?
Daffy: I don't know. It's a new word I just learned. You should try it.
[Granny enters the play room]
Baby Tunes: Hi, Granny! How the… [squeak] are you?
Granny: [surprised with shock] Oh! My goodness, little ones, where did you hear a word like that? [The babies all point to Daffy; disappointed] Daffy, I'm surprised at you using such word.
Daffy: What the… [squeak] is wrong with using a word like [squeak-squeak-squeak-squeak] ?

For Whom The Toll Calls / Cereal Boxing Edit

Mind Your Manners / Petunia The Piggy Bank Edit

A Pastime For Petunia / Pouting Match Edit

Wise Quacker / Yours, Mine...And Mine, Mine, Mine! Edit

Loose Change / Act Your Age Edit

[Daffy is sitting at the table with a cereal box and cereal bowl of Wheat Doodles]
Sylvester: [takes a seat at the table] Whatcha eating?
Daffy: I'm not eating anything.
Sylvester: What's that stuff in your bowl?
Daffy: It's some kind of new cereal that Granny bought.
Sylvester: A new cereal? Is this some kind of joke?
Daffy: If it's a joke, I'm not laughing.

Sylvester: I'll swing on my swing like I always do. [falls on his back as the swing breaks] That never happened before. [starts bawling into tears]
Tweety: Did you hurt yourself, Sylvester?
Sylvester: [sniffling] No. I'm not hurt.
Tweety: Then why the weepy eyes?
Sylvester: Because my swing is broken.
Tweety: But look, there's another swing right here next to you.
Sylvester: But, this is the swing I always use, and now it's broken. [gets up and runs into the house]
Tweety: Well, never look a gift swing in the mouth… or something like that.

Who's Your Granny? / The Tattletale Edit

The Yolk's On You / Baby-Gate Edit

Never Say Try / Pair O' Dice Lost Edit

Melissa The Hero / The Trouble With Larry Edit

The Littlest Tweety / In Bugs We Trust Edit

Cool For Cats / Time Out! Edit

Present Tense / The Neat And The Sloppy Edit

Tell-A-Photo / Move It! Edit

Season 2 Edit

These Little Piggies Went To The Market / Now Museum, Now You Don't Edit

Take Us Out To The Ballgame / Clues Encounters Of The Tweety Kind Edit

A Bully For Bugs / The Wheel Deal Edit

Daffy: Tell them what happened!
Bugs: Nothin' happened. Just forget it.

Oh Brother, Warehouse Art Thou? / Flu the Coop Edit

Blast Off Bugs / Baby Brouhaha Edit

Log Cabin Fever / A Mid-Autumn Night's Scream Edit

Are We There, Yet? / Save Our Cinnamon Edit

Lights! Camera! Tweety! / Backstage Bugs Edit

Bend It Like Petunia / Cock-a-Doodle-Doo-It! Edit

Wrong! / Win, Lose Or Daffy Edit

A Turtle Named Myrtle / There's Nothing Like A Good Book Edit

The Dolly Vanishes / Duck's Reflucks Edit

Stop and Smell Up The Flowers / Firehouse Frolics Edit

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