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SheSaid Kenya (Q114) - Nov 2022


There are 1042 women listed as Kenyan on WikiData - query here:$6s

Of those women on Wikidata, 27 women are featured on English Wikiquote – query here:$6t

Here you can see in the table below that some women were missed in the earlier Wikidata query as their Wikiquote page not being linked to their WikiData item.

Of those women on Wikidata, 713 women are featured by an article on English Wikipedia and Swahili – query here:$6w

Here are the remaining 329 women who are on WikiData but are not featured on either English or Swahili Wikipedias:$6$

There is no wikiquote portal for Swahili.


Table shows Kenyan Women that are listed on WikiData and have Wikipedia articles, but not are not on Wikiquote.

Wikidata Item link Name of Kenyan Woman Occupation English Wikipedia Swahili Wikipedia Linet Masai long-distance runner Tegla Loroupe long-distance runner Stella Mwangi singer Catherine Ndereba long-distance runner Sabina Wanjiru Chege politician Gloria Muliro singer Onejiru singer Rebecca Samaria Lolosoli environmentalist Suzanna Owíyo composer Dekha Ibrahim Abdi activist Margaret Okayo athletics competitor Edith Masai long-distance runner Ruth Bosibori athletics competitor Mercy Myra musician Princess Jully conductor Violet Barasa volleyball player Rosemary Wahu Kagwi actor Ato Malinda artist Esse Akida association football player Cece Sagini singer Fatuma Ali Saman educator Josephine Kulea nurse Wanjiku the Teacher actor Jamila Abbas businessperson Serena de la Hey sculptor Safia Sheikh Adan politician Nice Nailantei Leng'ete celebrity Wanjeri Nderu human rights activist Gladys Ngetich scientist Halima Adan human rights activist Kawira Mwirichia artist Fatuma Gedi politician Cynthia Wandia entrepreneur Grace Emily Akinyi Ogot writer Charity Ngilu politician Awino Okech academic Sheila Mwarangu chief executive officer Mercy Achieng association football player Kagure Wamunyu Teresia Mbaika Malokwe scientist Esther Akoth singer Pamela Jelimo middle-distance runner Fidelis Wainaina activist Henrie Mutuku singer Ikal Angelei politician Janet Wanja volleyball player Jessica 'Jecca' Craig environmentalist Joyce Cherono Laboso politician Linah Kilimo politician Lorna Laboso politician Lucy Kibaki politician Magdalene Odundo ceramicist Fatuma Ibrahim Ali politician Ingrid Mwangi photographer Vera Sidika model Kakenya Ntaiya academic Nana Gichuru photographer Muthoni Gathecha actor Janet Kirina actor Lizz Njagah actor Fatuma Abdulkadir Adan lawyer Judy Thongori lawyer Patricia Kihoro actor Rosemary Karuga artist Wanjira Mathai environmentalist Shailja Patel actor Mwana Kupona writer Marjorie Oludhe Macgoye writer Achieng Abura singer Agnes Pareiyo politician Beth Wambui Mugo politician Ida Odinga First Lady Zain Verjee journalist Nyota Ndogo musician Vivienne Yeda Apopo lawyer Phyllis Omido environmentalist Mkamzee Mwatela actor Nini Wacera actor Maureen Koech actor Mumbi Maina actor Serah Ndanu actor Wanja Mworia actor Naomi Ng'ang'a actor Emma Miloyo architect Linet Masiro Munyali actor Wendy Kimani actor Sanaipei Tande singer Sarah Chepchirchir athletics competitor Milcah Chemos Cheywa athletics competitor Catherine Kirui athletics competitor Joyce Chepkirui athletics competitor Edna Kiplagat long-distance runner Viola Kibiwot athletics competitor Jeruto Kiptum athletics competitor Nancy Langat athletics competitor Eunice Jepkorir long-distance runner Janeth Jepkosgei middle-distance runner Sylvia Jebiwott Kibet long-distance runner Priscah Jepleting Cherono long-distance runner Mary Jepkosgei Keitany long-distance runner Sally Barsosio long-distance runner Rita Jeptoo long-distance runner Joyce Chepchumba long-distance runner Salina Kosgei marathon runner Magdaline Chemjor athletics competitor Isabella Ochichi long-distance runner Pamela Chepchumba athletics competitor Delilah Asiago athletics competitor Angel Wainaina actor Susan Sirma athletics competitor Iness Chepkesis Chenonge athletics competitor Naomi Mugo athletics competitor Agnes Jeruto Barsosio athletics competitor Agnes Kiprop marathon runner Ajuma Nasenyana model Gladys Kipkemoi athletics competitor Mercy Cherono long-distance runner Caroline Kilel athletics competitor Grace Wanjiru athletics competitor Alice Timbilil athletics competitor Hellen Obiri athletics competitor Mercy Wanjiku athletics competitor Florence Kiplagat athletics competitor Lydia Cheromei athletics competitor Hilda Kibet long-distance runner Susan Chepkemei athletics competitor Pauline Konga long-distance runner Meave Leakey university teacher Philes Ongori athletics competitor Emily Chebet athletics competitor Wangechi Mutu painter Jackline Maranga athletics competitor Isabellah Andersson athletics competitor Sharon Cherop athletics competitor Grace Momanyi athletics competitor Lucy Wangui athletics competitor Lucia Kimani marathon runner Anastasia Ndereba athletics competitor Selina Chirchir athletics competitor Jemima Sumgong marathon runner Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor writer Joyce Aluoch judge Margaret Wangari Muriuki athletics competitor Joan Jepkorir Aiyabei athletics competitor Lineth Chepkurui athletics competitor Hellen Chepngeno athletics competitor Queen Jane singer Doris Changeywo athletics competitor Hellen Kimaiyo athletics competitor Nguriatukei Rael Kiyara marathon runner Eva Monley film producer Julia Mombi marathon runner Rose Kosgei athletics competitor Mirella Ricciardi photographer Gladys Cherono long-distance runner Helah Kiprop marathon runner Hellen Mugo marathon runner Valentine Jepkorir Kipketer marathon runner Irene Jerotich Kosgei marathon runner Irene Kwambai athletics competitor Jane Ngotho athletics competitor Joan Root cinematographer Rose Chelimo athletics competitor Mercy Obiero athletics competitor Lenah Cheruiyot athletics competitor Meriem Wangari marathon runner Ngina Kenyatta politician Elizabeth Andiego boxer Ruth Kutol athletics competitor Pamela Mboya political activist Mary Oyaya actor Alice Chelangat athletics competitor Desta Girma Tadesse athletics competitor Saba Douglas-Hamilton zoologist Anne Spoerry physician writer Brackcides Khadambi volleyball player Conjestina Achieng boxer Daisy Jepkemei athletics competitor Faith Kipyegon athletics competitor Gladys Wamuyu athletics competitor Irene Jelagat athletics competitor Margaret Ogola physician writer Pauline Korikwiang athletics competitor Purity Cherotich Kirui steeplechase runner Wanuri Kahiu screenwriter Judy Kibinge writer Elena Aberdeen Shikoyi rugby union player Achieng Ajulu-Bushell film director Agnes Awuor politician Cecilia Wairimu singer Amina Mohamed lawyer Anna Ali nun Beatrice Jepchumba athletics competitor Philo Ikonya writer Jane Kiptoo long-distance runner Salome Chepchumba athletics competitor Carolinda Witt double agent Cecily Mutitu Mbarire politician Charity Waciuma writer Cherono Koech athletics competitor Dorothy Ooko activist Grace Wahu Margaret Kenyatta politician Elizabeth Muthuka athletics competitor Elizabeth Ongoro politician Elizabeth Rumokol athletics competitor Elspeth Huxley writer Esther Murugi Mathenge politician Eunice Jepkoech Sum athletics competitor Evelyne Nganga athletics competitor Faith Chemutai athletics competitor Faith Macharia athletics competitor Flomena Chepchirchir athletics competitor Gabriela Trzebinski artist Irene Mogaka marathon runner Jane Wanjiku athletics competitor Josephine Owino basketball player Julia Longorkaye athletics competitor Kalpana Rawal judge Kawango Agot researcher Kingwa Kamencu politician Margaret Wanjiru politician Marjorie Wallace journalist Mary Nakhumicha Zakayo athletics competitor Masha Mapenzi singer Maureen Jelagat Maiyo athletics competitor Mildred Alango taekwondo athlete Miriam Were physician Moraa Gitaa novelist Nakhumicha Zakayo athletics competitor Olga Marlin writer Peninah Jepchumba athletics competitor Peris Chepchumba politician Phoebe Boswell artist Rebecca Nabutola politician Rose Jepchumba athletics competitor Rose Tata-Muya sprinter Ruth Kinuthia beauty pageant contestant Ruth Waithera athletics competitor Sally Kosgei politician Stella Kilonzo accountant Tekla Chemabwai sprinter Wambui Otieno politician Wanjiku Kabira writer Wanjiku Mugane lawyer Winnie Kaburu politician Zeituni Onyango engineer Fran Marshall tennis player Agnes Tirop athletics competitor Asha Makuto volleyball player Caroline Chepkoech Kipkirui athletics competitor Everlyne Makuto volleyball player Stacey Chepkemboi Ndiwa athletics competitor Janet Kisa long-distance runner Joy Nakhumicha Sakari athletics competitor Mercy Moim volleyball player Nancy Chepkwemoi athletics competitor Purity Cherotich Rionoripo long-distance runner Raychelle Omamo lawyer Cecilia Wangechi Mwathi mathematician Lidya Chepkurui athletics competitor Hawa Essuman screenwriter Winny Chebet athletics competitor Ruhila Adatia-Sood journalist Pascaline Wangui athletics competitor Mercy Joseph badminton player Jane Brotherton Walker taxonomist Hyvon Ngetich athletics competitor Mary Wacera Ngugi athletics competitor Maria Awori swimmer Musimbi Kanyoro academic Emily Biwott athletics competitor Sally Chepyego Kaptich athletics competitor Ruth Jebet long-distance runner Eva Donde swimmer Veronica Nyaruai athletics competitor Betsy Saina long-distance runner Dorothy Nditi politician Kethi Kilonzo lawyer Nancy Wambui athletics competitor Adema Sangale business executive Hyvin Kiyeng Jepkemoi athletics competitor Lilian Kasait Rengeruk athletics competitor Philomena Cheyech athletics competitor Helen Gichohi environmentalist Laila Macharia lawyer Susan Mboya businessperson Speranza Ndege teacher Joyce Omondi singer Phyllis Kandie diplomat Sonia Birdi politician Margaret Gakuo Kenyatta politician Naomi Shaban politician Peris Tobiko politician Anne Waiguru politician Judy Wakhungu politician Shukran Hussein Gure politician Margaret Muthwii academic Nuria Sheikh Farah civil servant Grace Kiptui lawyer Margaret Wambui athletics competitor Joan Kipkemoi Rotich steeplechase runner Ruth Mumbi human rights activist Wangui wa Goro writer Joyce Wambui Njuguna powerlifter Grace Jelagat Kipchoim politician Okwiri Oduor writer Sylvia Brunlehner swimmer Carole Wainaina businessperson Emily Ruto cricketer Margaret Ngotho athletics competitor Veronica Rodrigues biologist Tecla Namachanja Wanjala peace activist Shanta Gaury Pathak businessperson Jane Wanjiru Michuki lawyer Rebeka Njau writer Olive Mugenda academic Justina Chepchirchir athletics competitor Virginia Nyambura athletics competitor Rosalyn Nandwa politician Gina Din businessperson Muthoni Likimani writer Irene Chepet Cheptai athletics competitor Rosefline Chepngetich athletics competitor Jacinter Shikanda athletics competitor Visiline Jepkesho athletics competitor Viola Cheptoo Lagat athletics competitor Francisca Koki Manunga athletics competitor Alice Aprot athletics competitor Margaret Chelimo Kipkemboi athletics competitor Marianne J Kitany politician Janet Rono athletics competitor Rachel Ruto politician Sarah Hassan actor Hazel de Silva Mugot writer Ednah Chepngeno volleyball player Leonidas Kamende volleyball player Miriam Syowia Kyambi artist Jacqueline Makokha volleyball player Judith Serenge volleyball player Maria Kochwa volleyball player Margaret Indakala volleyball player Doris Wanjala volleyball player Faith Osier researcher Helena Waithera actor Ruth Maingi actor Nancy Nyongesa volleyball player Bilha Chepchirchir volleyball player Wangechi singer Brenda Wairimu actor Philister Jebet volleyball player Joan Mwandihi volleyball player Gladys Nasikanda volleyball player Roselidah Obunaga volleyball player Mary Wagaki marathon runner Peggoty Mutai chemist Jinna Mutune film director Nancy Waswa volleyball player Agnetha Chelimo racewalker Violet Makuto volleyball player Catherine Wanjiru volleyball player Mercy Wesutila volleyball player Emily Wesutila volleyball player Eve D'Souza actor Ng'endo Mwangi physician Niira Radia chairperson Mary M'Mukindia chemist Phoebe Ruguru writer Peres Jepchirchir long-distance runner Cynthia Jerotich Limo long-distance runner Everline Kimwei long-distance runner Violah Jepchumba long-distance runner Rebecca Nandwa writer Rosemary Odinga entrepreneur Nancy Kiprop athletics competitor Sarah Onyango Obama educator Evelyn Wanjiru singer Esther Passaris politician Yasemin Can long-distance runner Beatrice Chepkoech athletics competitor Nduku Kilonzo businessperson Gladys Kipsoi athletics competitor Celliphine Chespol athletics competitor Esther Ratugi judoka Vivian Aquino association football player Muthoni Kirima military officer Sabrina Simader alpine skier Mary Esther Were beauty pageant contestant Linda Kwamboka businessperson Lucy Gichuhi lawyer Lily Koros Tare accountant Sheila Chelangat athletics competitor Lydia Stephens athletics competitor Joyce Odhiambo sprinter Rebecca Kamau swimmer Emily Muteti swimmer Judy Kiyeng athletics competitor Maximila Imali athletics competitor Joan Chelimo Melly long-distance runner Emily Cherotich Tuei athletics competitor Margaret Karembu scientist Mary Muthoni Nyanjiru activist Adelle Onyango journalist Jane Catherine Ngila chemist Elizabeth Chesire athletics competitor Phyllis Wakiaga lawyer Chereno Maiyo athletics competitor Lucy Wambui Murigi athletics competitor Attiya Waris writer MaryJane Mwangi businessperson Sauda Rajab businessperson Teodosia Osir lawyer Susan Oguya businessperson Kellen Kariuki businessperson Iddah Asin lawyer Esther Kiplagat long-distance runner Agnes Odhiambo businessperson Sylvia Mulinge businessperson Carole Kariuki businessperson Carol Musyoka businessperson Catherine Igathe businessperson Shitsama Nyamweya neurosurgeon Borna Nyaoke-Anoke scientist Naomi Rono economist Valentine Nekesa businessperson Safina Madhani squash player Khaaliqa Nimji squash player Nelly Tuikong businessperson Angela Ndambuki actor Roslyne Akombe politician Fatumah Ahmed air force officer Nancy Onyango businessperson Vanessa Kingori editor Evelyne Khatsembula athletics competitor Flora Mutahi chief executive officer Gertrude Mbeyu Mwanyanje politician Joyce Chepkoech Korir politician Jane Wanjuki Njiru politician Gathoni Wamuchomba politician Purity Wangui Ngirici politician Fatuma Zarika boxer Rose Mutiso physicist Jane Munene-Murago film director Esther N. Ngumbi researcher Jennifer Mbuta archer Elizabeth Ngugi nurse Hope Mwanake scientist Nancy Chelangat Koech middle-distance runner Christine Ongare boxer Lorna Irungu television presenter Ruth Oriango'o member of parliament Chebet Lesan businessperson Edith Kimani reporter Ciarunji Chesaina university teacher Purity Ngina Idah Waringa sports journalist Nyawira Muthiga zoologist Jane Kibii athletics competitor Eva Warigia business executive Sanda Ojiambo administrator Ogutu Okudo businessperson Editar Adhiambo Ochieng women's rights activist Beatrice Waithera Maina journalist Emma Mbua paleontologist Celeste O'Connor actor Geraldine Waruguru aircraft pilot Theresia Kyalo lawyer Rachael Muema association football player Rita Kavashe businessperson Catherine Kamau actor Kagendo Murungi film director Brillian Jepkorir Kipkoech long-distance runner Jane Karuku chief executive officer Inviolata Mbwavi activist Winnie Kiiru biologist Esther Mombo theologian Susan Jeptooo athletics competitor Freda Nkirote archaeologist Mimi Cherono Ng'ok photographer Jane Tapsubei Creider novelist Philomena Njeri Mwaura writer Carolyne Adalla writer Elizabeth Akinyi boxer Wanjuhi Njoroge businessperson Gladys Ekaru Emaniman athlete Gaudencia Makokha volleyball player Yvonne Wavinya volleyball player Naomi Too volleyball player Jackline Chepkoech athletics competitor Vivian Cheruiyot long-distance runner Sally Kipyego long-distance runner Priscah Jeptoo long-distance runner Ory Okolloh lawyer Juliana Rotich social entrepreneur Diana Kipyokei athletics competitor Waceke Wanjohi university teacher Eva Ngigi–Sarwari businessperson Jackie Nyaminde actor QueenArrow professional gamer Hannah Okwengu judge Patricia Kingori researcher Mercyline Anyango association football player Chelule Chepkorir Liza politician Tecla Chebet Tum politician Christine Ombaka politician Joyce Akai Emanikor politician Gladys Jepkosgei-Boss Shollei politician Beatrice Kahai Adagala politician Lilian Cheptoo Tomitom politician Mercy Wanjiku Gakuya politician Rachael Kaki Nyamai politician Aisha Jumwa Karisa Katana politician Mary Wamaua Waithira Njoroge politician Jayne Njeri Wanjiru Kihara politician Charity Kathambi Chepkwony politician Millie Grace Akoth Odhiambo lawyer Margaret Kobia politician Susan Tanui long-distance runner Gladys Chesir Kiptagelai long-distance runner Shikoh Gitau computer scientist Sheila M'Mbijjewe accountant Zainub Verjee artist Pauline Kaveke Kamulu long-distance runner Ruth Chepngetich athletics competitor Brigid Kosgei long-distance runner Gladys Musyoki sprinter Millicent Ndoro sprinter Petra singer-songwriter Amina Abubakar scientist Fancy Chemutai long-distance runner Asha Ismail human rights activist Seraphina Nyauma athletics competitor Yvonne Mburu researcher Umra Omar consultant Sharon Lokedi long-distance runner Evelyn Gitau immunologist Makena Onjerika writer Paula Kahumbu ecologist Alice Kalonzo-Zulu banker Mumbi Macharia poet Beatrice Chebet athletics competitor Nana Gecaga businessperson Christina C. Hicks researcher Marianne Mwaniki economist Anne Kiguta journalist Nerima Wako-Ojiwa politician Lily Mabura writer Esther Muchemi businessperson Wawira Njiru businessperson Deedan Muyira actor Gaudencia Aoko religious leader Anne Mungai documentary filmmaker Nanjira Sambuli researcher Jackie Chirchir business executive Karen Kandie business executive Alice Wairimu Nderitu analyst Catherine Kiguru business executive Asenath Bole Odaga novelist Connie Maina business Lizzie Wanyoike businessperson Racheal Njoroge businessperson Valary Jemeli Aiyabei marathon runner Kathryne Maundu lawyer Chelagat Mutai politician Catherine Karita businessperson Martha Mbugua lawyer Margaret Ireri businessperson Elizabeth Bukusi physician Nanjala Nyabola writer Eva Cherono long-distance runner Kanze Dena journalist Caroline Mwatha human rights activist Rose Ogega businessperson Rebecca Mbithi lawyer Elizabeth Wathuti environmentalist Cindy Amaiza student Teresia Mbari Hinga university teacher Elsa Majimbo comedian Lydia Akoth association football player Dorcas Shikobe association football player Neddy Atieno association football player Mwanalima Adam association football player Cynthia Shilwatso association football player Jentrix Shikangwa association football player Vivian Nasaka association football player Judith Osimbo association football player Mercy Airo association football player Lucy Akoth association football player Wincate Kaari association football player Stella Ahono association football player Topister Situma association football player Rosemary Aluoch association football player Jemimah Kariuki physician Nzambi Matee scientist Jacqueline Mutere director Janet Otieno gospel singer Jihan Abass businessperson Lilian Awuor association football player Enez Mango association football player Lorna Nyarinda association football player Phoeby Okech association football player Merceline Wayodi association football player Anita Soina environmentalist Lydia Kurgat marathon runner Leah Malot athletics competitor Paskalia Chepkorir Kipkoech athletics competitor Florence Wambugu zoologist Helena Kirop marathon runner Angelina Kanana athletics competitor Beatrice Omwanza athletics competitor Peninah Arusei athletics competitor Florence Barsosio marathon runner Rose Cheruiyot marathon runner Hellen Jemaiyo Kimutai marathon runner Anitha Jepchumba Kiptum athletics competitor Ann Karindi Mwangi athletics competitor Anne Kosgei marathon runner Anne Nyokabi Muhoho politician Lydia Rotich athletics competitor Auma Obama screenwriter Dorcas Nakhomicha Ndasaba volleyball player Caroline Kwambai athletics competitor Caroline Chepkwony marathon runner Caroline Rotich marathon runner Diana Sigei Chepkemoi athletics competitor Ruth Wanjiru marathon runner Doreen Nabwire association football player Winfred Omwakwe model Georgina Rono marathon runner Emily Chepar Kimuria athletics competitor Esther Wanjiru athletics competitor Avril actor Margaret Northrop swimmer Meryem Akdağ long-distance runner Sheila Chepkirui long-distance runner Norah Jeruto athletics competitor Jackline Chepngeno athletics competitor Joyciline Jepkosgei long-distance runner Adut Bulgak basketball player Shehzana Anwar archer Lonah Korlima Chemtai-Salpeter athletics competitor Selah Jepleting Busienei athletics competitor Jane Omoro long-distance runner Teresa Wanjiku long-distance runner Mary Chemweno athletics competitor Alice Muthoni Wahome politician Mary Abukutsa-Onyango horticulturist Lavina Martins badminton player Catherine Omanyo member of parliament Betty Kyallo entrepreneur Mary Wangari Wamae lawyer Angella Okutoyi tennis player Peninah Musyimi lawyer Anne Muraya businessperson Milka Chepkorir project manager Risper Alaro business executive Victoria Sabula lawyer Nah Eeto musician Marylize Biubwa LGBTQI+ activist Mary N. Getui university teacher Judith Korir athletics competitor Irene Mrembo Njoki politician Betty Korir lawyer Joyce Ann Wainaina businessperson Samantha Mugatsia actor Anne Karanja businessperson Fancy Cherono athletics competitor Nasim Devji business executive Nyokabi Kenyatta businessperson Mary Moraa athletics competitor Jackline Wambui track and field official Edinah Jebitok athletics competitor Hellen Syombua sprinter Nelly Jepkosgei athletics competitor Jemimah Gecaga businessperson Francisca Chepkurui sprinter Maria Brunlehner swimmer Amani Gracious singer Mercy Wanyama basketball player Josephine Ojiambo ambassador Rosemary Wanjiru long-distance runner Beth Koigi entrepreneur Rosemary Chepkorir Sang scientist Faith Ogallo taekwondo athlete Veronica Waceke actor

SheSaid Namibia (Q1030) - Nov 2022


The following information has been gathered from Wikidata, Wikiquote and Wikipedia in the English, Afrikaans and German languages.

There are 194 women listed as Namibian on WikiData - query here:

Of those women on Wikidata, 2 women are featured on English Wikiquote – query here:

Of those women on Wikidata, 146 women are featured in an article on Wikipedia (en:wp + af:wp + de:wp) – query here:

– 146 articles on English Wikipedia – 11 articles in Afrikaans Wikipedia – 82 articles in German Wikipedia

Here are the remaining 40 women or who are on WikiData but are not featured on either English, Afrikaans or German Wikipedias:


The table shows the Namibian Women listed on WikiData and with Wikipedia articles, but not on Wikiquote.

Wikidata Item Link Name of Woman English Wikipedia Afrikaans Wikipedia German Wikipedia Occupation Odile Gertze model Agnes Limbo politician Blythe Loutit botanical illustrator Christi Warner singer Clara Gowases politician Ella Kamanya politician Esty Amukwaya association football player Gal Level singer Gustaphine Tjombe politician Hansina Christiaan politician Helvi Mpingana Kondombolo Inge Zaamwani-Kamwi businessperson Lady May singer Lempy Lucas politician Lovisa Mulunga association football player Lucia Witbooi politician Lydia Katjita politician Marelize Robberts model Marlice van Vuuren environmentalist Merlin Diamond athletics competitor Monica Nashandi diplomat Pashukeni Shoombe politician Priscilla Beukes politician Riana Nel singer-songwriter Rosa Kavara politician Stella Kavendjii musician TeQuila singer Teopolina Mushelenga politician Uilika Nambahu politician Carmen Bassingthwaighte athlete Helena Ndume ophthalmologist Sabina Mossolow singer Kerstin Gressmann tennis player Steffi van Wyk beauty pageant contestant Martha Namundjebo-Tilahun businessperson Gladys Kahaka biochemist Chermaine Shannon sport cyclist Irene Steyn sport cyclist Heletje Van Staden sport cyclist Annelise Koster artistic gymnast Susanna Eises association football player Liniques Theron tennis player Helga Kohl photographer Lavinia Haitope athletics competitor Ugochi Nwaigwe basketball player Sally Boss Madam singer Richardene Kloppers teacher Elizabeth Amukugo politician Ellen Namhila Nicky Marais artist Margaret Courtney-Clarke photographer Angelina Immanuel Anicia Peters computer scientist Albertina Johannes sprinter Fiina Amupolo Beverly Uueziua association football player Elizma Nortje tennis player Maxie Minnaar politician Girley Jazama actor Germina Shitaleni politician Mercia Geises businessperson Chanique Rabe fashion designer Behati Prinsloo model Michelle McLean beauty pageant contestant Rosalia Nghidinwa politician Agnes Samaria middle-distance runner Beata Naigambo marathon runner Juanita du Plessis singer Gaby Ahrens sport shooter Libertine Amathila politician Sade Gawanas politician Faustina Caley politician Helalia Johannes athletics competitor Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah politician Gwen Lister journalist Barbara Kahatjipara model Elaine Trepper politician Elizabeth Mongudhi athletics competitor Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana politician Marlene Mungunda politician Rosina Hoabes teacher Venantia Otto model Monica Dahl swimmer Angelika Muharukua politician Anna Mungunda domestic worker Bience Gawanas lawyer Neshani Andreas writer Katrina Hanse-Himarwa politician Rosa Namises politician Michelle Vorster sport cyclist Zenatha Coleman association football player Sophia Shaningwa politician Elizabeth Khaxas writer Gharde Geldenhuys gymnast Jolene Jacobs athletics competitor Lucia Iipumbu politician Joy Udo-Gabriel athletics competitor Sonja Smith writer Beatrice Masilingi athletics competitor Itah Kandjii-Murangi civil servant Maike Diekmann rower Fransina Kahungu politician Emma Theofelus politician Tanyaradzwa Daringo Christine Mboma runner Bridget Pickering film director Clara Bohitile politician Doreen Sioka politician Elma Dienda politician Emma Tuahepa politician Hendrina Afrikaner politician Hulda Shipanga midwife Ida Hoffmann politician Jacqui Shipanga association football manager Johanna Benson athletics competitor Laura McLeod-Katjirua politician Lesedi Sheya Jacobs tennis player Loide Kasingo politician Lucia Basson politician Nora Schimming-Chase politician Alina Armas athletics competitor Pauline Dempers politician Sylvia Schlettwein writer Monica Geingos businessperson Vera Adrian sport cyclist Kovambo Nujoma politician Hilma Nicanor politician Margaret Jacobsohn environmentalist Margaret Mensah-Williams politician Ngohauvi Lydia Kavetu politician Orla Venter athletics competitor Ottilie Abrahams teacher Penehupifo Pohamba politician Petrina Haingura politician Silvia Makgone politician Tjipekapora Herunga athletics competitor Veronica de Klerk activist Veweziwa Kotjipati association football player Thomalina Adams association football player Uerikondjera Kasaona association football player Lorraine Jossob association football player Lena Noreses association football player Stacey Catherine Naris association football player Agnes Kafula politician Cassia Sharpley model Beatrice Sandelowsky archaeologist

SheSaid South Africa - Oct 2022


There are no wikiquote portals in isiXhosa, isiZulu or Sesotho – there are only Wikiquotes for English and Afrikaans.

There are 3,462 women listed as notable South Africans on WikiData.

Of those 22 women – 0.6% – are featured on either English Wikiquote (20 women) or Afrikaans Wikiquote (4 women). You can see who they are here:

In comparison … 2,388 or 69% of those women listed in WikiData do not have an entry on either Wikiquote, but do have an article on Wikipedias in English, Afrikaans or isiXhosa. You can find them here:

  • 40 of these women have articles on isiXhosa Wikipedia
  • 745 have articles on Afrikaans Wikipedia
  • 2,077 have articles on English Wikipedia
  • Only 20 women have articles on all three of these language Wikipedias

Here are the remaining 1,053 women or 31% who are on WikiData but are not featured on either English, Afrikaans or isiXhosa Wikipedias:

Articles added during WikiAfrica Heritage SheSaid Cape Town

  1. Brenda Fassie
  2. Cat Hellisen
  3. Ami Faku
  4. DJ Zinhle
  5. Gladys Thomas
  6. Charlotte Maxeke
  7. Sisonke Msimang
  8. Winnie Madikizela-Mandela
  9. Zozibini Tunzi
  10. Shado Twala
  11. Stacy Hardy
  12. Redi Tlhabi
  13. Bridgette Radebe
  14. Gladys Mgudlandlu
  15. Simphiwe Dana
  16. Albertina Nontsikelelo Sisulu
  17. Colleen Higgs
  18. Zanele Muholi
  19. Rayda Jacobs
  20. Msaki
  21. Amy Kleinhans
  22. Rachel Zadok
  23. Topaz Page Green
  24. Caster Semenya
  25. Bonang Matheba
  26. Ângela Ferreira
  27. Adelaide Tambo
  28. Mohale Mashigo
  29. Cathy O'Dowd
  30. Annie Silinga
  31. Adriana Marais



This table represents South African women on WikiData with articles on English, Afrikaans, and Xhosa Wikipedias (but not on Wikiquote).

Wikidata Item link Name of South African Woman Occupation English Wikipedia Afrikaans Wikipedia Xhosa Wikipedia Ângela Ferreira artist Abbie Park Ferguson teacher Abigail Keats fashion designer Abigail Kubeka actor Abigail Pietersen figure skater Ada Booyens athletics competitor Ada Cherry Kearton singer Adah Almutairi academic Adel Weir squash player Adelaide Tambo politician Adele du Plooy fencer Adina actor Adri Schoeman sprinter Adriana Marais biologist Melissa Camp singer Aimee Barrett-Theron rugby union match official Akhona Nyiki cricketer Alba Bouwer writer Albertina Nontsikelelo Sisulu politician Aleah Stanbridge composer Aletta Beck writer Aletta Bezuidenhout actor Aletta Norval political theorist Alex Binaris model Alex McGregor actor Alexandra White rower Alexa Pienaar squash player Alexandra Fuller squash player Alexis le Breton cricketer Alice Kinloch writer Alice Krige actor Alice Pegler taxonomist Alice Phoebe Lou singer Alicia Bezuidenhout cricketer Alicia Pillay tennis player Alicia Smith cricketer Alida Neave tennis player Alide Dasnois journalist Alison Dare field hockey player Alison Hodgkinson cricketer Allerley Glossop artist Allina Ndebele weaver Ally Kuylaars cricketer Allyson Lawless engineer Alta Kotze cricketer Aletta E. Schutte researcher Alys Fane Trotter artist Alyssa Conley sprinter Amma Naidoo freedom fighter Amalia Uys actor Amanda Black singer-songwriter Amanda Coetzer tennis player Amanda Dlamini association football player Amanda Kotze sprinter Amanda Mthandi association football player Amanda Mynhardt netballer Amanda Sister association football player Amanda Strydom actor Amanda Taylor swimmer Amanda Weltman writer Ambra Gambale artist Amelia Blossom Pegram writer Ami Faku singer Amica Hallendorff swimmer Amina Cachalia politician Amina Desai businessperson Amor Vittone singer Amore Bekker author Amra-Faye Wright actor Amy Jacot Guillarmod botanical collector Amy Jephta screenwriter Amy Kleinhans model An-Li Pretorius sport cyclist Anastasia Tsichlas sports executive Anchen Dreyer politician Andile Dlamini association football player Andisiwe Mgcoyi association football player Andre Malan cricketer Andrea Stelzer model Andriëtte Norman singer Anel Alexander actor Anel Oosthuizen athletics competitor Angela de Jesus television producer Angela Hawken economist Angela Makholwa writer Angelique Gerber actor Angelique Taai cricketer Angie Motshekga politician Anika Smit athletics competitor Anina Burger cricketer Anja Marais photographer Anke Erlank sport cyclist Anke Pietrangeli singer Anli Kotze field hockey player Ann Mortifee singer Anna Amelia Obermeyer biologist Anna Böeseken writer Anna Bliss teacher Anna Breytenbach communicator Anna Coutsoudis scientist Anna de Brémont writer Anna de Villiers writer Anna Elizabeth Botha politician Anna Karen actor Anna M. Louw writer Anna Neethling-Pohl actor Anna Petronella van Heerden physician Anna-Lise Williamson virologist Anna-Mart van der Merwe actor Annari Viljoen badminton player Anne Kellas writer Anne Landsman writer Anne McKenzie athletics competitor Anne Stears cricketer Anne van Zyl educator Annelie Botes writer Annelie Lotriet politician Annelie Minny cricketer Anneline Kriel actor Annelisa Weiland actor Anneri Ebersohn athletics competitor Annerine Wenhold sport cyclist Annette Cowley-Nel swimmer Annette Lovemore politician Annette Van Zyl tennis player Annie Botha politician Annie Silinga activist Annique Theron businessperson AnnMarie Wolpe academic Anoeschka von Meck writer Anriette Schoeman sport cyclist Anrune Liebenberg athletics competitor Ansolet Rossouw model Ansuyah Ratipul Singh writer Anthea Stewart field hockey player Antoinette Lombard social worker Antoinette Louw actor Antoinette Pienaar actor Antoinette Uys badminton player Anusuya Chinsamy-Turan paleontologist Anzel Solomons chess player Arabella Elizabeth Roupell painter Ariane Nel athletics competitor Arja Salafranca writer Asavela Mngqithi actor Ashleigh Simon golfer Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio sport cyclist Ashley Callie actor Ashlyn Kilowan cricketer Asnath Mahapa aircraft pilot Audrey Blignault writer Audrey Jackson cricketer Augusta Vera Duthie botanist Aura Lewis singer Auriol Batten botanical collector Averil Maud Bottomley botanical collector Ayabonga Khaka cricketer Ayakha Melithafa environmentalist Ayanda Bans politician Ayanda Borotho actor Ayanda Dlodlo politician Azana singer-songwriter Babalwa Ndleleni weightlifter Babes Wodumo singer Babette Brown writer Baleka Mbete politician Bambanani Mbane association football player Bandile Mdlalose activist Barbara Adair writer Barbara Cairncross cricketer Barbara Creecy politician Barbara Hogan politician Barbara Jeppe painter Barbara Masekela writer Barbara Pike painter Barbara Redshaw athlete Barbara Trapido writer Barrie Lambert physician Basetsane Kumalo entrepreneur Bathabile Dlamini politician Beata Bena Green film actor Beatrice Marshoff politician Beauty Dlulane politician Belinda Bozzoli politician Belinda Dermota cricketer Bernadette Coston field hockey player Bernette Beyers sport cyclist Berni Searle photographer Bernice Carr Vukovich tennis player Berrell Jensen artist Bertha Egnos composer Bertha Gxowa politician Bertha Mkhize teacher Bertha Solomon politician Bess Nkabinde judge Beth Diane Armstrong sculptor Betsie Verwoerd politician Bettie Cilliers-Barnard artist Bettie du Toit political activist Bettine van Vuuren zoologist Beulah Thumbadoo businessperson Beverley Abrahams politician Beverley Naidoo writer Beverley Palesa Ditsie activist Beverly Botha cricketer Beverly Lang cricketer Beverly Mould tennis player Bianca Amato actor Bianca Buitendag surfer Bianca Erwee athletics competitor Bianca Mann artistic gymnast Bianca Wood field hockey player Billie Tapscott tennis player Blanche Nash swimmer Blyde Smit actor Bobbie Heine Miller tennis player Bobs Coghill Haworth painter Boity Thulo actor Bokang Montjane businessperson Bonang Matheba actor Bongeka Gamede association football player Bongi Makeba singer Bongi Ndaba screenwriter Bongi Sithole politician Bongiwe Gangeni businessperson Bongiwe Msomi netballer Bonnie Mbuli actor Bontle Modiselle actor Brümilde van Rensburg actor Bree O'Mara writer Brenda Fassie singer Brenda Gourley professor Brenda Kirk tennis player Brenda Lindiwe Mabaso-Chipeio businessperson Brenda Ngxoli actor Brenda Williams cricketer Bridget Masinga actor Bridget Pitt novelist Bridget van Kralingen entrepreneur Bridgette Radebe businessperson Bridgette Tlhomelang politician Bridgitte Hartley kayaker Brigitte Cuypers tennis player Brigitte Mabandla politician Bronwyn Law-Viljoen writer Bucie singer Buhlebezwe Siwani artist Bulelwa Tinto politician Busi Kheswa historian Busi Mhlongo singer Busisiwe Ndimeni association football player Busiswa Gqulu singer Buyelwa Sonjica politician Buyisiwe Sondezi physicist Caitlin Rooskrantz artistic gymnast Camilla Waldman actor Candîce Hillebrand actor Candice Boucher model Candice Breitz photographer Candice Burch politician Candice Forword field hockey player Candice Lill sport cyclist Candice Morgan beauty pageant contestant Candice Pillay singer-songwriter Candice Swanepoel supermodel Candis Angelene singer Caren Pistorius actor Cariba Heine actor Carin Visser politician Carina Horn athletics competitor Carina Nel actor Carina van Zyl field hockey player Carla Liesching photographer Carla Oberholzer sport cyclist Carla Swart sport cyclist Carla Viktor model Carmel Schrire archaeologist Carmen Solomons model Carol Joyce canoeist Carol Thomas gynaecologist Carole Gildenhuys cricketer Caroline Bijoux chess player Caroline Gibello photographer Caroline Jack field hockey player Caroline Keer nurse Caroline Wöstmann ultramarathon runner Carolyn Hamilton historian Carolyn Parton artist Carolyn Williamson microbiologist Monserrat Z. Vegaa actor Carrol Boyes artist Caryn Bentley field hockey player Cashandra Slingerland sport cyclist Cassie Kozyrkov computer scientist Caster Semenya association football player Cat Hellisen writer Catherine Constantinides environmentalist Catherine Taylor politician Cathlene Labuschagne politician Cathy Henkel film director Cathy O'Dowd motivational speaker Cecil Higgs artist Cecile Cilliers writer Cecile van der Merwe chess player Cecilia Makiwane registered nurse Cecily Norden writer Celeste Ntuli actor Celia Evans field hockey player Ceridwen Dovey writer Chanel Simmonds tennis player Chanelle Scheepers tennis player Chantal Botts badminton player Charlbi Dean film actor Charlene Du Preez sport cyclist Charlene Leonora Smith journalist Charlize van der Westhuizen cricketer Charlotte Maxeke politician Charmaine Weavers high jumper Charne Bosman athletics competitor Charné Griesel judoka Chere Burger dressage rider Cherise Taylor sport cyclist Cherry Adair novelist Cherry Wainer singer Cheryl Carolus businessperson Cheryl de la Rey psychologist Cheryl Roberts table tennis player Cheryllyn Dudley politician Cheyna Tucker squash player Cheyna Wood squash player Chichi Letswalo actor Chloé Dépouilly figure skater Chloe Tryon cricketer Chrisna Bootha netballer Chrissie Viljoen sport cyclist Christa Ramasimong field hockey player Christelle Bosker athletics competitor Christia Visser singer Christina Brabetz musician Christina Jasson politician Christine Barkhuizen le Roux poet Christine Kalmer athletics competitor Christine Platt urban planner Christine Qunta writer Chrysoula Argyros painter Cindy Brown field hockey player Cindy Eksteen cricketer Cindy Nell model Claire Cowan cricketer Claire Johnston singer Claire Nitch squash player Claire Penn researcher Claire Robyns writer Claire Terblanche cricketer Claire-Louise Leyland politician Clare Abbott illustrator Clare Loveday composer Claudette Schreuders sculptor Claudia Cummins artistic gymnast Claudia Henkel model Claudia Heunis hurdler Cofield Mundi singer Colla Swart photographer Colleen Higgs writer Colleen Orsmond rower Colleen Piketh athlete Connie Chen golfer Connie Ferguson actor Constance Bapela politician Constance Georgina Tardrew botanical collector Constance Stuart Larrabee photographer Corlia Fourie writer Cri-Zelda Brits cricketer Cristina Boshoff singer Crystal Warren writer Crystal Donna Roberts actor Cynara Coomer surgeon Cynthia Fraser political activist Cynthia Jele novelist Cythna Letty painter Désirée Talbot singer Désirée van der Walt politician Dada Masilo ballet dancer Daisy de Melker nurse Daleen Terblanche cricketer Dalene Matthee writer Dane van Niekerk cricketer Daniella Pellegrini actor Danila Botha journalist Daphne Courtney actor Daphne Hasenjager sprinter Daphne Rooke writer Daphney Hlomuka actor Dawn Cavanagh activist Dawn Faith writer Dawn Lindberg singer Dawn Moe cricketer Dawn thandeka king actor Deanne Bergsma ballet dancer Debbie Carr cricketer Debbie Schäfer politician Debby Hughes cricketer Debora Patta television producer Deborah Bell artist Deborah Fraser singer Deborah Poynton painter Deidré Baartman politician Dame Deirdre Hutton civil servant Deirdre Wolhuter actor Delaine Mentoor water polo player Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters model Dene Simpson canoeist Dene Smuts politician Denise Darvall Denise Frick psychologist Denise Hallion dressage rider Denise Reid cricketer Denise Robinson politician Denise Sheer researcher Denise Weyers cricketer Denise Zimba actor Deshun Deysel businessperson Desiré du Plessis high jumper Desiré Wilson racing automobile driver Desiree Ellis association football player Dhaya Pillay judge Dhayendre Moodley researcher Diana Aviv business executive Diana E. H. Russell professor emeritus Diana Ferrus writer Diana Page artist Diane Awerbuck novelist Diane Swanton sport shooter Diane Todd actor Diane Victor printmaker Dianne Bevelander university teacher Dianne Emery sport cyclist Dianne Kohler Barnard politician Dianne Stewart writer Dianne Van Rensburg tennis player Dierdré A. Snijman botanical collector Dikeledi Moropane sprinter Dilana actor Dina Lebo Phalula athletics competitor Dineo Seshee Bopape artist Dinesha Devnarain cricketer Dipuo Peters politician Dirkie Chamberlain field hockey player Tracy Splinter writer DJ Roxxi disc jockey DJ Zinhle disc jockey Dolly Rathebe actor Dominique Koster sprinter Dominique Scott athletics competitor Dope Saint Jude singer-songwriter Dora Nginza nurse Dora Tamana activist Doreen Mantle actor Doreen Southwood artist Dorethea van der Merwe criminal Dorice Fordred actor Doris Bloom artist Doris Gwendoline Helliwell pianist Dorothea Bleek botanical collector Dorothea Fairbridge editor Dorothy Barclay botanical illustrator Dorothy Black actor Dorothy Kay painter Dorothy Nyembe politician Dricky Beukes writer Drienkie van Wyk shot putter Dudu Myeni businessperson Duduzile Ngcobo actor Dulcie Hartwell trade unionist Dulcie Howes ballet dancer Dulcie September politician Dulcie Wood cricketer Duma Nokwe lawyer Ecca Vandal musician Edana Romney screenwriter Edith Layard Stephens botanist Edna Maskell athletics competitor Edna Molewa politician Eileen Haddon writer Eileen Hurly cricketer Eileen Küpper singer Eileen Keegan ballet dancer Eileen Krige anthropologist Ela Gandhi politician Elaine singer Elaine Proctor screenwriter Elaine Rosa Salo human rights activist Elaine Winter sprinter Elana Meyer long-distance runner Elani Landman squash player Eleanor Kasrils activist Eleanor Lambert cricketer Elena Santos association football player Elga Balk figure skater Elinda Vorster athletics competitor Elinor Sisulu writer Elisabeth Eybers writer Elise Muller writer Elizabeth 'Nanna' Abrahams politician Elizabeth Akehurst cricketer Elizabeth Anne Voigt curator Elizabeth Connell singer Elizabeth Klarer ufologist Elizabeth Mafekeng trade unionist Elizabeth Maria Molteno human rights activist Elizabeth Prinsloo swimmer Elizabeth Sneddon academic Elizabeth Thabethe politician Elizabeth Triegaardt ballet dancer Elizabeth Weber writer Elize du Toit actor Elize Kotze netballer Elizna Naudé athletics competitor Ellaphie Ward-Hilhorst painter Elleke Boehmer literary critic Ellen Cawker bowls player Ellen Hellmann anthropologist Ellen Kuzwayo writer Elma Davis bowls player Elma Postma actor Elmarie Gerryts pole vaulter Elme de Villiers badminton player Elné Owen sport cyclist Elna Reinach tennis player Elriesa Theunissen cricketer Elsa Joubert writer Elsa Leviseur architect Elsa Pooley botanist Elsie Elizabeth Esterhuysen botanical collector Elsie Garrett Rice botanical illustrator Elsie McDonald bowls player Elsie Vaalbooi linguist Elspeth Denning field hockey player Elvira Wood fencer Elza van den Heever singer Emily Visagie swimmer Emma Chelius swimmer Emma Huismans writer Emma Mashinini politician Emmah More politician Ena Murray writer Enhle Mbali Maphumulo actor Epainette Mbeki politician Erica Green sport cyclist Erin Burger netballer Erin Gallagher swimmer Erin Hunter field hockey player Erin Sterkenburg climber Esmé Berman writer Esme Emanuel tennis player Esmé Frances Hennessy writer Esmari van Reenen sport shooter Esme Steyn athlete Esta TerBlanche actor Esther Arunga lawyer Esther Barsel politician Esther Brand athletics competitor Esther Mahalangu painter Estie Wittstock athletics competitor Ethel de Keyser activist Ethel May Dixie painter Eudy Simelane association football player Eugenia Shi-Chia Chang politician Euodia Samson actor Evadne Baker actor Eve Palmer botanist Evelina Tshabalala mountaineer Evelyn Mase nurse Evette de Klerk sprinter Evne Webber cricketer Faith de Villiers choreographer Faith Muthambi politician Faith Nkesti businessperson Faith47 artist Faldela Williams writer Faniswa Yisa actor Farida Karodia writer Fatima Chohan politician Fatima Dike writer Fatima Hajaig politician Fatima Meer writer Fatima Seedat women's rights activist Fawzia Peer politician Fawzia Rhoda politician Felicia Kentridge lawyer Felicia Mabuza-Suttle businessperson Ferial Haffajee journalist Fifi Cooper rapper Fikile Ntshangase environmentalist Filipa Carmo da Silva singer Finuala Dowling writer Fiona Ayerst photographer Fiona Butler field hockey player Fiona Coyne television presenter Flavia Senkubuge physician Florence Ellen Hewitt zoologist Florence Masebe actor Florence Mkhize politician Florence Waren dancer Florence, Lady Phillips art collector,_Lady_Phillips Floretta Boonzaier psychologist Frances Baard politician Frances Gamble geographer Frances Hargreaves actor Frances Jane Pringle educator Frances Margaret Leighton botanical collector Francina Susanna Louw missionary Franja du Plessis singer Freda Levson political activist Freda Linde writer Freddie van der Goes swimmer Frene Ginwala politician Frida Blumenberg sculptor Frieda Lauth botanical illustrator Frith van der Merwe ultramarathon runner Fulu Mugovhani actor Funeka Soldaat activist Gabeba Baderoon writer Gabisile Hlumbane association football player Gael Jean Campbell-Young actor Gail Louw writer Gail Nkoane Mabalane actor Gcina Mhlope actor Gcina Nkosi actor Gena Löfstrand athletics competitor Geneviève Waïte singer Genevieve Hofmeyr film director Genevieve Morton model Georgia Papageorge land artist Georgiana Solomon suffragette Georgina Grenville model Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi politician Geraldine Pillay athletics competitor Gerda Roux archer Gerda Steyn athletics competitor Geronay Whitebooi judoka Gertrud Theiler entomologist Gertrude Shope politician Gezelle Magerman athletics competitor Gill Marcus politician Gille de Vlieg photographer Gillian Condy painter Gillian Sanders triathlete Gillian Slovo writer Gina Athans model Gisèle Wulfsohn photographer Giselle Swart tennis player Gita Ramjee researcher Gladys Mgudlandlu teacher Gladys Thomas writer Glenda Gray physician Glenda Swan tennis player Gloria Thato association football player Gloria Williamson cricketer Glynis Barber actor Glynnis Breytenbach lawyer Golda Schultz opera singer Gonda Betrix equestrian Grace Legote rhythmic gymnast Grace Kekulu Tseke politician Granny Alina impostor Grazjyna Engelbrecht field hockey player Greer Stevens tennis player Grizelda Cjiekella politician Gugu Dlamini HIV/AIDS activist Gugu Gumede actor Gugulethu Zuma-Ncube actor Gwen Griffiths athletics competitor Gwen Mahlangu-Nkabinde lawyer Gwendoline Malegwale Ramokgopa politician Gwendoline Joyce Lewis botanist Hannah Muller water polo player Hannah Botha actor Hannah Pearce field hockey player Hannelie Coetzee photographer Hanri Strydom cricketer Hanrie Louw field hockey player Harriet Manamela actor Hazel Crane businessperson Hazel Jenkins politician Hazel Redick-Smith tennis player Hazel Sive biologist Heather Segal tennis player Heather Clark surfer Heather Ford researcher Heather Zar physician Heide Seyerling sprinter Heidi Botha fencer Heidi Dalton sport cyclist Heidi Holland writer Helen Davies cricketer Helen Fleming rower Helen Joseph politician Helen King physician Helen Lamoela politician Helen Makhuba politician Helen Sebidi illustrator Helen Zille politician Helene Muller swimmer Henda Swart mathematician Hendrietta Bogopane-Zulu politician Henrietta Rose-Innes writer Henriette Grové writer Henriette Moller judoka Hermien Dommisse actor Hermina Geyser high jumper Hester Bekker bowls player Hestrie Cloete athletics competitor Hetta Empson painter Hilda Bernstein writer Hilda Tloubatla singer Hildah Magaia association football player Himarsha Venkatsamy actor Himla Soodyall geneticist Hixonia Nyasulu businessperson Hlengiwe Mkhize politician Hlubi Mboya actor Igle Gledhill physicist Ilana Kloss tennis player Ilene Hamann model Illana May singer Illse Davids field hockey player Ilse Hayes athletics competitor Ilse van Staden rugby union player Ilze Hattingh tennis player Imogen Wright software developer Agatha Cilliers politician Ina Lu beauty pageant contestant Ina Millman painter Ina Plug archaeologist Inez Clare Verdoorn botanical collector Inge Theron entrepreneur Ingrid Andersen writer Ingrid Boulting actor Ingrid Jonker writer Inke van Wyk field hockey player Ipuseng Ditshetelo politician Irene Bowder Peacock tennis player Irene Charnley businessperson Irene Grootboom activist Irene van Dyk netballer Irma Joubert writer Irma Stern painter Irmgard Bensusan athletics competitor Irvette van Zyl athletics competitor Isabel Jean Jones journalist Isabel Le Roux athletics competitor Isabella Motadinyane writer Ischke Senekal athletics competitor Ishtar Lakhani human rights activist Isobel Agnes Arbuthnot botanical collector Isobel Dixon writer Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri politician Izette Griesel athlete Jabulile Nyawose trade unionist Jacki McInnes artist Jackie Martin sport cyclist Jackie Sedibe military officer Jacolene McLaren field hockey player Jacqueline Mofokeng politician Jacqui Benkenstein field hockey player Jade Fairbrother model Jana Cilliers actor Jana Nell cricketer Jane Alexander artist Jane de Wet actor Jane Duncan academic Jane Dutton journalist Jane Elizabeth Waterston physician Jane Mandean athletics competitor Jane Taylor novelist Janet Kelso biologist Janet Lawless athletics competitor Janet Lindup ballet dancer Janet Semple politician Janet Suzman actor Janette Deacon archaeologist Janice Josephs athletics competitor Janice Limson scientist Janine van Wyk association football player Jann Turner screenwriter Jannie de Beer bowls player Jannie du Toit amateur wrestler Jay Anstey actor Jean McNaughton cricketer Jean van der Poel historian Jean-Leigh du Toit field hockey player Jeanette Myburgh swimmer Jeanne Goosen poet Jeanne Zaidel-Rudolph composer Jeannette Unite photographer Jenefer Shute novelist Jeni Couzyn writer Jenna Challenor long-distance runner Jenna Dreyer competitive diver Jenna-Anne Buys figure skater Jennifer Ferguson politician Jennifer Fry badminton player Jennifer Gove cricketer Jennifer Hodson canoeist Jennifer Mundel tennis player Jennifer Radloff computer scientist Jennifer Thomson university teacher Jennifer Wilson field hockey player Jenny Maakal swimmer Jenny Morris chef Jenny Preece squash player Jenny Runacre actor Jenny Wilson field hockey player Jermaine Seoposenwe association football player Jesse Nikki February chess player Jessica Haines actor Jessica Marais model Jessica Nkosi actor Jessica Pengelly swimmer Jessica Roux swimmer Jessica Steck tennis player Jessica Sutton actor Jessie Duarte politician Jill Adams scientific illustrator Jill Adler mathematician Jill Borresen archer Jill Brukman swimmer Jill Farrant researcher Jill Hackland bowls player Jill Trappler artist Jillian Becker writer Jo Ractliffe photographer Jo-ane Van Dyk javelin thrower Jo-Ann Strauss actor Jo-Anne Reyneke actor Jo-Anne Richards journalist Joan Brickhill stage actor Joan Hambidge writer Joan Harrison swimmer Joan Metelerkamp writer Joan Morice veterinarian Joan Swart psychologist Joanna van de Winkel sport cyclist Joannette Kruger tennis player Jodi Balfour actor Jodi Bieber photographer Jody Williams singer Johanita Scholtz badminton player Johanna Brandt spy Johanna Cornelius writer Johanna van der Merwe Voortrekkers Johannie Maria Spaan biologist Johke Boezaart field hockey player Johmari Logtenberg cricketer Josephine Barnard cricketer Josie Palmer politician Josie Wood librarian Joy Irwin cricketer Joy Packer writer Joyce Barker singer Joyce Grant actor Joyce Piliso-Seroke politician Joyce Sikakane writer Juanita du Plessis singer Juanita Terblanche politician Juanita van Zyl cricketer Juanita Venter sport cyclist Judith Mason painter Judith Sealy archaeologist Judith Sephuma singer Judy Croome writer Judy Ditchfield actor Julia Anastasopoulos designer Julia du Plessis athletics competitor Julia Mavimbela activist Julia Nicol librarian Julia Rosa Clark teacher Julia Russell swimmer Julia Vincent swimmer Julia Willand volleyball player Julia Wipplinger tennis player Juliet Prowse actor June Drummond writer Junita Kloppers-Lourens politician Justine Palframan sprinter Justine Robbeson javelin thrower Jyoti Chetty fencer Kajal Bagwandeen film actor Kamini Pather photographer Kandyse McClure television actor Kaneez Surka comedian Kara Janx fashion designer Karabo Dhlamini association football player Karabo Mathang-Tshabuse entrepreneur Karabo Poppy Moletsane illustrator Karen Botha athletics competitor Karen Dudley restaurateur Karen Hultzer archer Karen Jennings author Karen Muir physician Karen Roberts field hockey player Karen Schimper tennis player Karen Symons field hockey player Karen van der Veen athletics competitor Karen Zoid singer Karima Brown journalist Karin Kortje singer Karin Melis Mey athletics competitor Karin Prinsloo swimmer Karin Prinsloo karateka Karin Schimke journalist Karin Swart cricketer Karina Gerber modern pentathlete Karla Mostert netballer Karma-Ann Swanepoel singer Kate Beavon swimmer Kate Christowitz rower Kate Molale politician Catherine O’Regan judge Kate Otten architect Kate Roberts triathlete Kate Woods field hockey player Katharine Blake actor Katheryn Meaklim swimmer Kathleen Annie Lansdell painter Kathleen Dixon Huntley Gordon-Gray botanist Kathleen Russell swimmer Kathleen Satchwell judge Kathleen Taylor field hockey player Kathryn Smith artist Kathy Bidwell bowls player Kathy Keeton actor Katie Poluta tennis player Katinka Heyns actor Katlego Danke actor Katryn Kruger model Kayla de Waal field hockey player Kaylene Corbett swimmer Kaylin Swart association football player Kelli Shean golfer Kelly Anderson tennis player Kelly Khumalo actor Kelly Madsen field hockey player Kelly-Anne Wilson fencer Kelsey Egan screenwriter Kendra Oluchi Etufunwa model Keneiloe Molopyane archaeologist Kerishnie Naicker businessperson Kerri Laing cricketer Kerry Bee field hockey player Kerry Jonker sport cyclist Kerry-Lee Harrington badminton player Kerryn Hulsen hurdler Kesaveloo Goonam physician Kgomotso Christopher actor Kgomotso Itlhabanyeng netballer Kgothatso Montjane wheelchair tennis player Khabonina Qubeka actor Khadija Sharife journalist Khanya Mkangisa actor Khanyi Dhlomo editor Khanyisa musician Khanyisile Litchfield-Tshabalala politician Khaya Gqibitole writer Khetoane Modjadji politician Kholosa Biyana association football player Khosi Ngema actor Khumbudzo Ntshavheni politician Kiara Nirghin scientist Kieka Mynhardt mathematician Killie Campbell historian Kim Berman artist Kim Engelbrecht actor Kim Grant tennis player Kim Labuschagne tennis player Kim Price cricketer Kirsten Beckett artistic gymnast Kirsten Blair cricketer Kirsten McCann rower Kirsten Miller novelist Kirstie Thomson cricketer Kirstin Jean Lewis archer Kirti Menon Dorothy Black translator Klara du Plessis writer Koketso Moeti entrepreneur Koketso Tlailane association football player Koleka Putuma poet Kopano Matlwa physician Krotoa interpreter Kui Kinyanjui journalist Kyla-Rose Smith singer Kylie Ann Louw association football player Lady Skollie artist Lady Zamar singer Laetitia Rispel academic Lalela Mswane model Lamiez Holworthy businessperson Landi Swanepoel model Lani Groves musician Lara Logan war correspondent Lara van Niekerk swimmer Larraine Segil writer Laura Jansen van Vuuren military officer Laura Ranwell swimmer Laura Rossouw tennis player Lauren Beukes writer Lauren Henry figure skater Lauren Liebenberg novelist Lauren Mellor model Lauretta Ngcobo writer Laurette Maritz professional golfer Laurika Rauch singer Le√°n Coetzer artist Leana de Bruin netballer Leanda Hendricks archer Leandra Smeda association football player Lebo Mathosa singer Lebogang Mabatle association football player Lebogang Mashile actor Lebogang Motsumi writer Lebogang Ramalepe association football player Lebohang Kganye photographer Lee-Ann Liebenberg model Lee-Ann Persse rower Lee-Anne Liebenberg actor Lee-Anne Pace golfer Leigh-Ann Naidoo beach volleyball player Leighshe Jacobs cricketer Leila Anderson artist Leila Reitz politician Lejeanne Marais figure skater Leleti Khumalo actor Lenise Marais field hockey player Lentheng Helen Mekgwe politician Leoni Kingsbury badminton player Leonie Joubert journalist Leonora van den Heever judge Leontine Sagan actor Lerato Kganyago actor Lerato Mahole field hockey player Lerato Mbele journalist Lerato Moloi actor Lerato Walaza actor Lesego Motsepe actor Lesle-Ann George field hockey player Lesley Beake writer Lesley Carstens canoeist Lesley Rae Dowling singer Lesley Rochat photographer Lesley-Ann Brandt actor Leslie Korkie cricketer Letago Madiba association football player Letitia Sibeko politician Letoya Makhene actor Letta Mbulu singer Lettie Viljoen writer Levona Lewis cricketer Liesbeth Schlumberger organist Liesel Dorothy field hockey player Liesl Ahlers actor Liesl Jobson writer Liesl Laurie beauty pageant contestant Liesl Tommy actor Liezel Gouws athlete Liezel Huber tennis player Liezel Roux athletics competitor Lihle Dhlomo actor Lillian Louisa Britten taxonomist Lillian Ngoyi politician Lin Sampson journalist Lina Spies writer Linda Barnard tennis player Linda Moss politician Linda Motlhalo association football player Linda Mvusi actor Linda Olivier cricketer Linda Shannon squash player Lindiwe Hendricks politician Lindiwe Mabuza politician Lindiwe Mazibuko politician Lindiwe Sisulu politician Lindiwe Zulu politician Lindsay Armstrong writer Lindsey Carlisle field hockey player Lindsey Collen writer Lindy Rodwell zoologist Linky Boshoff tennis player Lira singer Lisa Brice artist Lisa Fugard actor Lisa Marshall tennis player Lisa Swerling writer Lisa-Marié Deetlefs field hockey player Lise Gregory tennis player Lise Olivier sport cyclist Liz Gordon tennis player Liz McDaid environmentalist Liz McGregor journalist Liza Brönner singer Liza Grobler artist Lizaan du Plessis tennis player Lize Heerman singer Lize-Mari Retief swimmer Lizel Moore triathlete Lizelle Lee cricketer Lizelle Muller squash player Lizette Etsebeth discus thrower Lizzie van Zyl Londeka Mchunu actor Lonell de Beer cricketer Loraine Victor athlete Lorcia Cooper actor Loren Wulfsohn swimmer Lorna Trigwell athlete Lorna Ward cricketer Lorraine Botha politician Louisa Bolus botanical collector Louisa Motha activist Louise Barnes stage actor Louise Carver singer Louise Guthrie artist Louise Juta bookseller Louise Prinsloo author Louise Smit writer Louzanne Coetzee athletics competitor Lucinda Backwell academic Lucinda Evans human rights activist Lucinda Gibbs tennis player Lucy Katherine Armitage Chippindall botanical collector Lucy Mvubelo teacher Lulama Xingwana politician Lulu Dikana singer Lungelo Mpangase actor Lungile Shongwe actor Luntu Ntloko field hockey player Lusanda Mbane actor Lusizo Makhubela-Mashele politician Luthando Shosha broadcaster Lydia Baumbach university teacher Lydia Kompe politician Lydia Mokgokoloshi actor Lyn Wadley archaeologist Lyndall Gordon writer Lyndall Jarvis model Lynette Burger sport cyclist Lynette Jansen sport cyclist Lynique Beneke athletics competitor Lynn Freed writer Lynn Jolie Kiro tennis player Lynn Sing cricketer Lynne Brown politician Lynne McCarthy actor Mabel Jansen writer Mabel Malherbe writer Mabel Atkinson academic Madelaine Petsch actor Madelein Lotter cricketer Madeleine Masson writer Madge Bester activist Madosini musician Madrie Le Roux tennis player Magda Wierzycka entrepreneur Magdalena K. P. Smith Meyer biologist Magdalena Sauer architect Magdalena Swanepoel athletics competitor Maggie Chapman politician Maggie Laubser painter Maggie Resha political activist Maggie Sotyu politician Magogo kaDinuzulu music artist Maite Nkoana-Mashabane politician Majaji politician Makaziwe Mandela businessperson Makgotso M actor Makhadzi singer Makhosazana Xaba writer Makhosi Khoza politician Maki Skosana factory worker Makobo Modjadji politician Makoma Lekalakala environmentalist Makoma Modjadji politician Malaika wa azania writer Mamarumo Marokane actor Mamela Nyamza choreographer Mamello Makhabane association football player Mammule Rankoe artistic gymnast Mamokgethi Setati mathematician Mamphela Ramphele writer Manaka Ranaka actor Manche Masemola Mandisa Maya judge Mandy Loots swimmer Mapaseka Koetle Nyokong actor Mapaseka Makhanya long-distance runner Mapaseka Mpuru association football player Marcel Winkler athletics competitor Marcelle Manson field hockey player Marcelle Matthews figure skater Marcia Letsoalo cricketer Marda Vanne stage actor Maretha Maartens writer Mareze Joubert tennis player Margaret Bakkes writer Margaret Gardiner journalist Margaret Ghogha Molomo environmentalist Margaret Harriman swimmer Margaret Hunt tennis player Margaret Lawder botanist Margaret Legum economist Margaret Levyns taxonomist Margaret Mary Smith physicist Margaret Morphew tennis player Margaret Roberts herbalist Margaret Scott ballet dancer Margaret Singana singer Margaret Sixel film editor Margaret Brenda Vertue priest Margaret Visser writer Margaret Wild writer Marguerite Poland writer Mari Rabie triathlete Marié Heese novelist Maria Bird screenwriter Maria Elizabeth Holland botanist Maria Elizabeth Rothmann writer Maria Olsen actor Maria Rantho politician Maria Wilman geologist Mariaan de Swardt tennis player Marian Shinn politician Marianna Brummer tennis player Marianne du Toit writer Marianne Fannin painter Marianne Kriel swimmer Marianne Pretorius mountaineer Marianne Thamm writer Marie Du Toit actor Marie Huchzermeyer urban planner Marie Koopmans-De Wet philanthropist Marie Linde writer