Ory Okolloh

Kenyan activist, lawyer, and blogger

Ory Okolloh Mwangi is a Kenyan activist, lawyer, and blogger. She is Director of Investments at Omidyar Network.

Ory Okolloh

Quotes edit

  • I spent a lot of my early blogging career sort of highlighting all the ills of the government in Kenya and all the corruption and problems.
  • I always ask the question: As more Africans are going online, are they finding content that is meaningful and relevant to them, or are they just consuming from everywhere else. As Africans, we have the capacity to generate our own content.
  • I believe in the power of ideas. I believe in the power of sharing knowledge.
  • Blogging requires consistency, and you need to have some time on your hands, which I don't really have.
  • We can't entrepreneur our way around bad leadership. We can't entrepreneur our way around bad policies. Those of us who have managed to entrepreneur ourselves out of it are living in a very false security in Africa.
  • Life is too short to play-act if you don't have to.
  • Anyone who has been successful and has knowledge to share is a potential mentor.

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