Alice Phoebe Lou

South African singer-songwriter

Alice Phoebe Lou (born 19 July 1993) is a Berlin-based South African singer-songwriter. She has released three EPs and four studio albums. In December 2017 her song "She" from the film Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story was included on the Oscars shortlist for Best Original Song. Lou spent her childhood on west coast of the Cape Peninsula in South Africa and attended a Waldorf school.

Alice Phoebe Lou at Rocken am Brocken 2022

Song lyrics


Written by Alice Phoebe Lou, unless otherwise noted

  • And there is a place where we one day will delve
    Where there's no more walking on eggshells
    Where ideas are for free, oh it's the place to be
    Your great mind's no longer the minority
    I'll see you there with your hands in the air
    Where the canvas is bare
    And there's no more despair...
    and I'll see you there
    • Berlin Blues, Track 1 on Momentum - EP (2014)
I swim out of the window and into the night, I am smiling... I am glowing from inside
  • But don't leave that fiery heart behind
    Take it along for the ride
    And don't leave that fiery mind behind
    Take it along for the ride
    And...I'll have to say fair well so long
    • Fiery Heart, Fiery Mind, Track 3 on Momentum - EP (2014)
  • She looked out out to the horizon
    She didn't have much left to see
    Greed had taken the trees away
    Greed had taken the bees away
    ...She looked up to where there should've been stars
    • She, Track 9 on Live at Funkhaus (2016)
  • Oh society... You took it away from me
    When you brainwashed me with formulas of how I should be
    Shaped me and raped me of my individuality
    Schooled me and fooled me
    Told me what I could and could not see
    Took me and shook me
    Of my urges to be free
    • Orbit, Track 2 on Orbit (2016)
  • Music came back to your ears
    And you danced and you danced
    For all of the years
    You’d forgotten how
    To live for the now
    • Haruki, Track 5 on Orbit (2016)
  • It's all lies
    And my limbs have danced for the Amsterdam sunrise
    With not one restriction and not one disguise
    Monotony is what I despise
    Integration to society would be my demise
    It's all lies
    • Amsterdam, Track 7 on Orbit (2016)
  • Days move on and times they change
    In a blink of an eye things rearrange
    We're moving
    We're sucked in and we're spat out
    On the other side of the rabbit hole
    But we find our way
    Find our way
    Do you want to be just a machine in this crazy society?
    Pick the lock
    Grab the reigns
    Forget there ever were chains
    'Cause there never were chains
    • Orbit, Track 8 on Orbit (2016)
  • I stand here with all my love
    Uncover the windows
    Let in the light
    Grab the hand that's reaching out...
    This world can cater for us all
    When the sun rises, it rises for us all
    • Paper Castles, Track 10 on Orbit (2016)
  • On days you'd sail away
    I would try to find my own way
    On days you'd sail away
    I would try to find my own way home
    • Drive By, Track 1 on Sola - EP (2017)
  • The moon was full and it left me howling
    My head was spinning and my heart was growling
    I received crimson stains on my sheets that morning
    The world felt big and the tides were moving
    • My Outside, Track 2 on Sola - EP (2017)
  • I saw you throw your hands in the air and say a prayer
    Your eyes closed, your nose breathing in the salty air
    There was nothing you could do to make me love you anymore
    • Ocean, Track 4 on Sola - EP (2017)
  • All you had to do was see me
    Really see me
    Recognize the workings of my mind
    And then touch me
    Like something holy
    And then touch me
    Like something that is now but could never be
    • Something Holy, Track 6 on Paper Castles (2018)
  • Oh, remind me of your name again
    As you take me on that train again
    Back to the pavements that we walked, and walked
    Oh, the drugs that made us talk and talk
    And I'll take you dancing, I'll take you round and round
    I'll lead you to the hilltops, and I'll take you on the ground
    • Nostalgia, Track 2 on Paper Castles (2019)
  • Every plant given life by His hands
    Every stone placed to build pathways in the sand
    There was a magical feeling surrounding that land
    A mystical feeling surrounding that land
    • Fynbos, Track 5 on Paper Castles 2019
  • I've got so much to say
    And yet nothing comes close
    To the way we communicate
    When we don't say a word
    I hear you clearly without sounds
    Oh, I don't need these ears when you're around
    • Underworld, Track 1 on Child’s Play (2021)
  • There's an empty space whеre you once offerеd yourself to me
    My mom knows I'll be alright, but she'll be glad I'm home
    She's always casting spells for me
    Keeping guard for me, working hard for me
    I swim out of the window and into the night
    I am smiling, I am screaming, I am glowing from inside
    • Glow, Track 2 on Glow (2021)
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