Vivienne Yeda Apopo

Kenyan banker and business attorney

Vivienne Yeda Apopo is a Kenyan banker and business attorney. She is the current Director General of East African Development Bank (EADB) [1]. She assumed that position on 15 January 2009. [2] She also currently serves as a member of the board of directors of the Central Bank of Kenya, since 14 March 2011. [3]

Quotes edit

  • “These economies are heavily indebted in terms of the pipelines and refineries that have been developed to exploit those resources.”
  • "This infrastructure will now need to be written down in value over a much shorter period or abandoned altogether."
  • “The question is how do we work with the private sector to recover the necessary financing and diversify the economy?”
  • “Can we reuse some of the technologies we use for other economic activities to recoup some of the investment already made in economies dependent on fossil fuels?”

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