Catherine Ndereba

Kenyan marathon runner and Olympic medalist

Catherine Nyambura Ndereba (born 21 July 1972) is a Kenyan marathon runner. She has twice won the marathon at the World Championships in Athletics and won silver medals at the Summer Olympic Games in 2004 and 2008. She is also a four-time winner of the Boston Marathon. Ndereba broke the women's marathon world record in 2001, running 2:18:47 at the Chicago Marathon.

Catherine Ndereba


  • "Covid-19 has taught us a lot of lessons. You might be very talented, yes, but at times, depending on circumstances, you may find yourself having nowhere to utilise your talent. It’s been long since the athletes had a meaningful competition and this should serve as a lesson for the future."
    • "Four-time Boston Marathon champ tells athletes to embrace education", The Star (August 28, 2020)
      • If I have nothing to sacrifice, I have nothing to gain.
      • I don't run anybody else's race. When the gun goes off, I must evaluate with my own body and see. Then, as the race develops, I run accordingly. So you can say that I do not have a set tactic for any race.
      • I still do intense interval training. I like miles and quarters best. In races I can set my mind, and I believe I could break 2:20 again.
      • From the Bible I have learned if you want something good, you must sacrifice.

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